jazzhello: ive a few questions is anyone available?18:39
jazzis there only "alternative install" download dvds?18:40
holsteinhey jazz18:40
holsteinthe alternate is what we got18:41
jazzholstein:  hello18:41
holsteinyou can install from the live CD18:41
holsteinand add the ubuntustudio packages18:41
holsteincheck out18:41
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation18:41
jazzi was making sure i downloaded the proper iso...18:41
holsteinjazz: i ran into a glitch18:41
holsteinwith the installer18:42
holsteinif you run into any errors, let me know18:42
jazzthe install was not what im used to  being new from karmic...18:42
holsteinthe text-based installer18:42
holsteindoes the job though18:42
jazzwhen all was said and done,... i couldnt get online18:42
jazzi thought something was wrong, ..aye. wireless...18:43
jazzwhere i am at  right now i am using "someones" signal and it comes and goes)18:43
holsteinubuntustudio doesnt install the net applet18:43
* holstein looks18:44
jazzat home though... i have my own network18:44
holsteinif you want the gnome net applet18:44
holsteinyou can get online wired18:45
holsteinand do18:45
holsteinsudo apt-get install nm-applet18:45
jazzwere i to wait till i go home and reinstall i should get t...18:45
holsteinsearch for it in synaptic18:45
holsteini have been told it is on the DVD18:45
holsteinif you cant get online18:45
holsteinyou can use the DVD as a repository18:45
holsteinand install from it18:46
jazzso its on the dvd just not automatically installed?  or should i reinstall back at home where i have the internet18:47
holsteinjazz: why were you planning on reinstalling?18:49
holsteinjust for the net issue?18:49
jazzno, after installing  i get an error  about my hdd18:50
jazzit has bad sectors and things windont tell you about... :(18:51
holsteinyeah, you might want to sort that out18:51
jazzi use kubuntu right now for everything else18:52
jazzis it possible to dual boot ubuntu studios and linux mint 9?18:53
holsteinyou might want to read about http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-74733.html18:53
holsteinjazz: its linux, you can do whatever you want :)18:53
holsteinyou can add the ubuntusutdio packages to kubuntu18:54
holsteinif you prefer KDE18:54
jazzi really do.. :)18:55
holsteinif you go to synaptic18:55
holsteinor however you install packages18:55
holsteinand search for 'ubuntustudio'18:55
jazzalthough nautilus does split window with f3 from what i read18:55
holsteinyou can read about the meta-packages18:55
holsteinyou dont want the ones for the theme-ing18:55
holsteinyeah, F3 does that :)18:56
* holstein had to test it just now though18:57
holsteini use the tabs18:57
jazzwill i then have a choice on login for ubuntu studio and kde?18:57
holsteinyou'll just log into kubuntu18:57
holsteinand the ubuntu-studio packages will be installed in there18:58
holsteinjazz: you can just install what you want18:58
holsteinJACK ardour blender .... whatever18:58
holsteinthats all ubuntustudio is really18:58
holsteinjust a collection of multimediea packages18:58
holsteinwith a distrobution installer too that has a nice gnome theme18:59
holsteinjazz: are you insterested in audio? video? graphics?18:59
jazzvery ,much18:59
holsteinall of it...18:59
holsteinyou could do19:00
jazzi have been working on an album with AbletonLIVE and Reason 4.019:01
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins ubuntustudio-graphics ubuntustudio-video19:01
holsteincheck out that link19:01
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation19:01
holsteinand this one https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/PackageList19:01
jazzif for example i have already blender and inkscape it will just update them right?19:02
holsteinprobably not19:03
holsteinit would be the same versions i would think19:03
holsteinits all coming from the same repositories19:03
holsteinfor example19:04
holsteininstalling the meta-package ubuntustudio-graphics19:04
holsteinhas the same effect as installing...19:04
holsteininkscape blender gimp gimp-data-extras gimp-gap gimp-ufraw gimp-plugin-registry f-spot scribus fontforge gnome-raw-thumbnailer xsane wacom-tools hugin agave yafray synfigstudio19:04
holsteinall seperately19:04
jazzknow for some reasom my kubuntu hdd, when i boot up i get a no such partition grub rescue...but its the only os on that particular hdd19:05
holsteinkubuntu 10.04?19:05
jazzi get it now.. fresh install is much more convenient than chasing the individual packages19:06
jazzaye.. 10.0419:06
holsteinsometimes its as simple as running 'sudo update-grub'19:06
holsteinyou might want to read through19:06
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub219:06
jazzim on my mint hdd wich still has mint8..19:06
holsteinif your in a working system19:07
holsteinin theory19:07
holsteinif you run update-grub19:07
holsteingrub should go and find all the other OS's19:07
holsteinand give them an entry19:07
holsteingive all the kernels an entry i should say19:08
jazzisnt it all the same linux kernal? just different companies?19:08
jazzred hat, debian, SUSE, ubuntu ...etc?19:08
holsteini think its safe to assume on some level the kernels are similar19:09
holsteinbut even ubuntu maintains several different kernel versions19:09
holsteinthey can be quite different19:10
holsteinfor example19:10
holsteinon what hardware support the distros choose to include in the kernel version19:10
jazzis that what makes lucid "find" more wireless cards than karmic or jaunty?19:13
holsteinsome additional support could have been added19:14
holsteinalso, older ones can be taken out19:14
jazzwhen i began using ubuntu i had 2 weeks to wait for karmic i downloaded jaunty and used the live disc, ubuntu studios seems to have everything i would want a computer for personally19:15
holsteinyeah, its nice19:15
holsteinand you might not like gnome19:15
holsteinbut the artwork and themes are really nice19:15
jazzi like the sound board wallpaper..19:17
holsteini use to get that really dark gnome theme on other boxes too19:17
jazzwill 40gig hdd be enough? for everything with a freshinstall?19:17
holsteinnow there are some nicer dark themes in the standard install though19:18
holsteinjazz: that should be plenty for the install19:18
holsteinand then some19:18
holsteinjazz: you will need some space for audio/video files19:18
holsteinassuming how much of that you want to be doing19:18
holsteini like to record to a seperate drive though19:18
jazzsweet, ill do a fresh install of ubuntustudio i have a 250gig hdd wich has my "crap"19:19
jazzits treated as an external only its an internal drive19:20
holsteini finally added my drive to /etc/fstab19:21
holsteinso it would be mounted automatically19:21
holsteini wasnt sure about how i wanted the system to work long-term19:22
jazzi'll probably add some "programming" and "web development" items  to the mix...is there i didnt think to look, an email client in there as well?19:22
holsteinthunerbird should be there19:22
holsteinand whatever lucid is using by default19:22
holsteinevolution? i think19:22
holsteinif not, you can install whatever you want19:22
jazzyeah i wasnt sure about KDE either but now i think i will miss my widgets...plasmoids. though i didnt use many i like a clean empty desktop19:23
* holstein uses gnome19:24
holsteini dont like KDE much19:24
holsteinseems too heavy for my older hardware19:24
holsteinBUT thats what linux is all about19:24
holsteinand AFAIK19:24
holsteinin ubuntustudio19:24
holsteinyou should be able to install KDE without much trouble19:24
holsteinyou could try 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'19:25
holsteinkubuntu zubuntu and lubuntu are all meta-packages now too19:25
holsteinjust read what packages are about to be removed19:25
holsteinyou might lose a lot of the ubuntustudio themeing19:25
jazzmy  brother does artwork and i do music. and he aslo does jokesayers.com (not a plug)19:26
jazzso i have been thinking about ubuntu studio  while learning  a new os19:26
holsteinits great19:26
holsteinyou might enjoy http://opensourcemusician.libsyn.com/19:27
jazzwow  i had a glitch, all the last12 lines  jumpped  up at once19:27
holstein^^ (that is a plug)  :)19:27
holsteinjazz: in what?19:28
holsteinthe installer?19:28
jazzthemeing? meaning  my choices of themes  or  programs to  create themes?19:31
jazzwhat  is this?19:31
holsteintheres a different splash screen19:31
jazzi have a "demo song" on sound cloud. i dont have the link at moment. but i did it to check it out19:32
holsteinand login screen19:32
holsteinwith ubuntustudio19:32
jazzno the "plug" link you sent?19:32
holsteinand i bet installing kubuntu-desktop will want to remove that stuff19:32
holsteinand im not sure how that would work19:32
holsteinBUT if you want KDE, that can happen19:33
holsteinand you should be able to have both KDE and GNOME19:33
holsteinand whatever else you want19:33
holsteinand choose between them at login19:33
jazzi try to avaoid chosing at login,...een dual booting19:33
jazzeither in haste i end up loggin in to the usual, you know?19:35
holsteinnice to have the options though19:35
holsteineasily availalbe19:36
jazzsweet! i found recover grub 2 via live disc in one of the links you provided19:36
holsteinthats where i would start jazz19:36
holsteinif its borked19:36
holsteinyour not going to bork it any more19:36
jazzwhat distro do you use?19:36
holsteinand your DATA is still going to be there19:37
holsteinif you need to recovery it19:37
holsteinjazz: im running ubuntu on everything now :)19:37
holsteini got a server install19:37
holsteina xubuntu box running as a headless server19:37
holstein3 ubuntu lucid installs running the ubuntustudio packages19:38
holsteinand a netbook remix19:38
holsteinand a 10.10 test install of ubuntustudio19:38
jazzi have kubuntu on one hdd and (soon) ubuntu studio on another...unfourtunately i cant run two ide drives at once the mothorboard dont have the extra slot...19:41
holsteini think thats a nice way to go though19:41
holsteinin a test environment19:41
holsteini use to do that too19:41
holsteinjust hot plug whatever OS i wanted to use19:41
jazzi thank you for you time,....and help.19:47
holsteinjazz: anytime19:47
holsteinlet us know how it works out for you :)19:47
* jussi hi 5's holstein for excellent support once again21:12
holsteinjussi: :)21:13
tucemiuxwhat is the proper way of installing real time kernel in lucid?23:21
vladatucemiux, I'd like to hear that too23:41
vladain addition - is preempt the same as realtime?23:42
tucemiuxvlada, i think were supposed to install the headers and then the kernel but Im not sure, I tried it once and apparently I didnt do it correctly23:42
tucemiuxvlada, preempt means  you have a real time kernel23:42
vladatucemiux, then I got it installed with ubuntustudio by default23:43
tucemiuxvlada, karmic I think has it by default but not lucid unless you did an upgrade to lucid23:43
ScottLvlada, tucemiux   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/RealTimeKernel23:44
vladaI have it without changing anything23:44
vladaLinux ubuntu 2.6.32-23-preempt #37-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Jun 11 10:19:07 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux23:44
ScottLpreempt is not real time by the way23:45
vladaScottL, thanks23:50
tucemiuxScottL,  sup, how youre doing, you know how to apply the real time kernel on lucid?23:52
ScottLtucemiux, vlada : let's be careful about the real-time kernel, it brings its own additional problems with it23:56
ScottLwhy do you feel that you need it?  are you trying to achieve lower latency?23:56
ScottLabogani (the ubuntu studio project kernel guy) recommoned trying (in order): -generic, -preempt-, -lowlatency, -rt23:57
ScottLif you are running a laptop you may want to keep either -generic or -preempt because it doesn't sacrifice power savings on the battery23:57
ScottLsince lucid i have been recording with the -generic kernel and it has served me rather well, but i'm using a desktop computer with delta-44 (pci card)23:58
tucemiuxScottL, thanks for the advice, I'll tr it with the generic kernel then23:59
ScottLto install these, all you need to do is search for them in synaptic and install it, it will handle the rest tucemiux23:59

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