edvarddo any of the lightweight image viewers have a print function?02:08
edvardi just figured out ristretto can't print02:09
edvardor photoprint02:13
edvardi'll request the risretto devs add a print function02:13
knomeright, so it's that easy02:14
knomeshould've known02:14
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gnomefreakhow do i change the login screen from xubuntu to gnome(ubuntu default)?12:25
drizzt_gnomefreak, remove xubuntu-gdm-theme12:34
gnomefreakdrizzt_: thanks12:35
gothenburgxubuntu <312:35
Sysi#xubuntu ♥ :P12:36
drizzt_xubuntu dead :D12:38
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes; please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ultimate Edition12:39
gothenburgubuntu is not good at all12:56
gothenburgArch <3 ;)12:57
bazhanggothenburg, try #xubuntu-offtopic ; this is xubuntu support12:57
Sysirolling configuring12:57
gothenburgbazhang: jävla tjöt12:58
bazhanggothenburg, that language is unacceptable here12:58
drizzt_what's tjoet?13:01
bazhangsome very bad language13:01
homebrewciderhey there, have xubuntu 10.04 running, I have a FAT32 partition mounted at /media/FAT32, was working fine. Now though, it's suddenly decided to appear as readonly to my current user. any ideas on how oto get it writable again?13:16
Sysihow do you mount it?13:16
homebrewciderit's owner is root now (read/write), with group as root, read only13:18
Sysiso you need to edit /etc/fstab13:19
Sysiyou need to add there uid=1000 if you want it to be mounted as first user13:19
Sysii can't remember actually where it needs to be placed, just line13:20
homebrewciderthe fstab file used to be a long winded file13:21
homebrewcidernow it's just 3 lines13:21
Sysimine isn't that long13:21
homebrewciderfirst time I've checked it in ages13:22
Sysiit depends how many partition you have13:22
homebrewcidercpould the upgrade to 10.04 have something to do with that?13:22
homebrewcidergot it sorted13:26
homebrewciderthanx mate13:26
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paddy_Every time i log on lots of applications start, how do i stop this?17:11
knomepaddy_, close all the applications, and when you get to the logout menu, select "save session"17:25
knomepaddy_, then login again, and logout again straight away, but uncheck the box17:25
raevolanyone know where xscreensaver is started from? i need to modify the startup command, and it's not in the xfce autostarted applications19:22
mr_pouitraevol: /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc19:23
raevolgood god19:24
raevolthanks mr_pouit, got it logging now, hopefully i can figure out what this crash is19:28
residentgreyhola, anyone know what happens such that the volume is always muted on load now, and doesn't get set to the current level21:24
residentgreyI still run 9.1021:25
Sysiit's fixed in lucid :)21:26
Sysigoogle propably find something, it was so common21:26
residentgreyI had no problems until a week ago21:26
residentgreyok thought to ask here first, google sometimes leads me astray with other interesting stuff21:27
RebusI have a server (unbuntu 10.04 & fwbuilder) on VMWare. I installed XFCE for maintenance purposes. But every time i start this server it loads the login welcom screen of XFCE.21:37
RebusI want to have just a startup prompt and want to start XFCE on a command line21:37
RebusHow to establish that? And how to get rit of all the X11 software which is not used during operation hours21:38
hamza_any body to help?22:16
knome!ask | hamza_22:17
ubottuhamza_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:17
hamza_i want to install the applet netspeed22:18
hamza_i am under xubuntu 9.1022:21
Rebusto hamza_: Be more specific, what´s the problem?22:25
hamza_the problem is that i m trying to install and use the GNOME applet "netspeed", but i cannot22:26
hamza_so can you give steps to follow or smtghing?22:27
knomehamza_, try adding the "xfapplet" applet22:27
hamza_yes i had already install it22:28
knomehamza_, add it to panel, installing is not enough.22:28
hamza_the package xfce4-xfapplet-plugin22:28
hamza_can you tell me how to add it to panel?22:30
knomehamza_, right click the panel and click "add new items", from the dialog select xfapplet22:30
hamza_yes that's true22:31
hamza_thank very match22:31
Lartza_My friend has Xubuntu on a netbook and he can't suspend nor hibernate23:12
Lartza_Some yellow text comes to screen and the system freezes23:12
Lartza_shutdown and reboot work23:12
Lartza_Like... regularily I mean23:13
raevolxscreensaver is locking up on my frequently :( i'm pretty sad that such a buggy piece of software made it into xubuntu23:42
raevolwhy was gnome-screensaver removed?23:45
raevoli see, dependence on gnome-session23:47
raevolwell... i always manually lock my computer, so i'll just switch23:47
raevoli home an xfce screensaver can be developed, i see that that was discussed23:47
raevoloff to test23:48

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