arandA kernel build that I want to stick in a PPA is at least 21G *in-build-size*, is there a cap for builds on PPAs?00:06
tsimpsonarand: 2GB, unless you ask for more01:12
tsimpsonon https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad01:13
tsimpsonand is it really 21GB?!01:13
dlynchis it a known problem that keyserver.ubuntu.com could be down? (or is a DNS problem for me?)01:13
wgranttsimpson: 21GB is presumably the build size.01:15
wgrantNot the size of resulting binaries.01:15
wgrantBut yes, Ubuntu kernel builds can easily get that large.01:15
tsimpsonright, it's too late for me to understand simple english apparently01:15
wgrantI'm not sure how big the PPA VMs are, but they should be sufficient.01:15
wgrantIf not, you'll find out when the build fails.01:15
arandwgrant: Ok, I spoke to someone who's kernel build failed for that reason some time ago, but I've also had people reporting success, so I'll see then the build log comes down I guess..01:23
idnar<exarkun> I either have ~/Projects/ProjectName/{trunk,branch1,branch2,...} or ~/Projects/ProjectName/{trunk,branches/branch1,branches/branch2,...}01:35
idnarexarkun: I guess this is a bit OT, but I assume you're not using Combinator with the former layout; what /are/ you using for sys.path management, if anything?01:35
exarkunidnar: Sometimes I just edit the .pth file directly01:58
exarkunidnar: I don't have many projects like that that I actually use combinator to manage at all though01:58
idnarexarkun: mmm01:58
idnarexarkun: I find Combinator is the easiest way to get the project I just checked out onto sys.path, but maybe I should start doing something else instead01:59
idnarthe PROJECT_NAME/branches/BRANCH_NAME layout is rather inconvenient with bzr01:59
exarkunidnar: Lemmie know if you figure something else out02:03
20QAA96AQi rebooted my pc, forgot to write my ssh key password down. is it stored somewhere in plaintext on lucid?02:12
exarkunThe passphrase for your encrypted ssh key file?02:13
exarkunI sure hope not.02:13
20QAA96AQyes.. something i blurted out, wrote it down somewhere02:13
20QAA96AQugh found it02:13
wgrant20QAA96AQ: Writing down passwords like that is very unwise.02:32
idnarwgrant: I dunno, only keeping it in your head seems equally unwise02:42
wgrantidnar: One may result in your inability to access services.02:42
wgrantThe other may result in others' inability to access your services.02:42
wgrantothers' *ability*.02:42
idnarI guess you have to decide which of those is worse in your particular case02:43
dlynch20QAA96AQ, try the program revelation, it works like a charm03:14
apwcan anyone tell me how i use a Private PPA as a PPA to install packages from09:01
apwor are they, as it seems, completely useless even if you are subscribed to them09:03
noodles775apw: is it your own private ppa, or someone elses? Either way, you need to be added as a subscriber by the owner of the archive, and then you'll be sent an email.09:03
apwnoodles775, i am a subscriber to the private PPA yes09:03
wgrantIf you're subscribed, visit https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+archivesubscriptions09:03
wgrantClick on the 'View' link next to the relevant archive, and that will give you URLs.09:03
apwwgrant, wow yes thanks09:04
noodles775apw: so you shoudl have received an email which would have the above link ^^ (maybe a mail error, or is it in your spam folder?)09:04
apwnoodles775, mail error i think, the team that got subscribed and subscribed me meant that i didn't get the email09:04
apwbut the link is the right thing!  thanks09:04
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napsterCan anyone get me a offiline reference manual ?09:53
napsterof gettext utils?09:54
sjamaanHi. Why is https://bugs.launchpad.net/dulwich/+bug/589522 not shown on my subscribed bugs page: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~peter-bex/+subscribedbugs ?10:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 589522 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "git import for http://chicken.wiki.br/git/chicken-core.git fails (dup-of: 588724)" [Medium,Triaged]10:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 588724 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "Reads first 2 bytes more than once (affected: 3, heat: 21)" [Medium,Triaged]10:19
sjamaanyeahyeah, silly bot10:19
wgrantsjamaan: Duplicate and closed bugs are hidden from listings by default.10:26
wgrantAnd, as you can see, 589522 is marked as a duplicate of 588724.10:27
wgrantBug #597710:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 5977 in Launchpad Bugs "Person's Bugs pages unexpectedly exclude closed bug reports (affected: 28, heat: 359)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/597710:27
sjamaanwgrant: But I'm subscribed to that one through the duplicate, it says10:28
sjamaanI do get notifications10:28
wgrantsjamaan: Yeah, but +reportedbugs only shows direct subscriptions.10:31
wgrantIt probably shouldn't.10:31
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jpds /1210:51
bluesI have problem with url11:36
bluesit gives me "Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server."11:37
blues"Try reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode. "11:37
bluesI'm letting you know: D11:37
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bluesam I doing something wrong?11:38
jmlblues, not that I know of.11:43
jmlblues, the diff you have there is very big though.11:44
jmlblues, when I download the diff it works for me11:45
bluesjml: I don't see any link for diff download....11:46
jmlblues, search for "Download diff"11:47
bluesjml: ok - but https://code.launchpad.net/~jajcus-jajcus/upstart/state-save-stable there is no such link11:54
jmlblues, I meant on https://code.launchpad.net/~jajcus-jajcus/upstart/state-save-stable/+merge/27053/11:54
bluesjml: 502: Bad Gateway11:56
jmlblues, it works for me.11:57
bluesjml: on second try it worked for me too12:01
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legnaleurchello, i created a new ppa repo. for half month ago, but it lacks Release.gpg in the repo. do anybody know what can i do for this problem?12:39
Meztrying to run launchpad - failing at starting postgres again12:51
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maxblegnaleurc: Signing will happen only after you first upload a package to the repository13:00
asacho ... i cant access the +archivesubscriptions page of my user anymore: no permission13:01
legnaleurcmaxb: but i had upload a source to that repo already ...13:01
maxbWhich PPA?13:01
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legnaleurcmaxb: http://ppa.launchpad.net/legnaleurc/foolproofproject/ubuntu/dists/karmic/13:02
maxbIn that case, I guess it's just a race between the key being generated for the new PPA, and the package publication13:03
maxbIt should be signed properly after the next change you make that causes the Release file to be republished13:04
legnaleurcmaxb: will it posibily fixed if i simply re-upload the packages?13:06
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DeeJay1hi, could someone take a look at what's wrong with https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~deejay1/+recipe/daily/+build/60 ?13:26
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czajkowskimrevell: ping15:26
mrevellHey czajkowski, how's it going?15:26
czajkowskinot bad, was that you who just tweeted on lauchpad?15:27
mrevellczajkowski, Aye, that's me.15:27
czajkowskiwell from launchpad ac?15:27
czajkowskimrevell: trying to get locoteams using #locoteams tag to get more of them involved and get feedback, might be of some use15:28
mrevellAh cool :)15:28
czajkowskiaye tis kkinda working to see what teams are doing15:29
czajkowskibut if more folks use it we can get greater feedback15:29
smallfoot-launchpad sucks, everytime i try report bug it fucks up15:48
smallfoot-Timeout error15:49
smallfoot-(Error ID: OOPS-1636K2329)15:49
macolanguage :(15:49
smallfoot-fix launchpage15:49
jpdssmallfoot-: Please be civil.15:51
smallfoot-sorry you cant report bugs cuz there is a bug that prevents you from reporting bugs15:51
jmlsmallfoot-, which page were you using to try to report a bug?15:54
jmlsmallfoot-, thanks.15:57
jmlsmallfoot-, that's a known bug. see https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/426946. If you know the package that the bug is on (or you can make a good guess), then I'd suggest filing a bug there.15:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 426946 in Launchpad Bugs "Filing a bug on Ubuntu causes timeouts (affected: 2, heat: 12)" [High,Triaged]15:58
deryckjml, smallfoot- Actually, I thought we were in pretty good shape for filing a bug now.  Sometimes lesser access packages will need a reload before it will go through, due to cache.16:00
deryckunfortunately, we loose all the form data on reload.16:00
deryckedge may have some fixes not on lpnet yet, though.16:00
jmlderyck, good shape, even for filing a bug on Ubuntu directly?16:01
deryckjml, yup16:01
jmlderyck, that's awesome :)16:01
deryckthere was a more recent bug.... let me see.16:01
jmlwell, apart from the  issues on lpnet, of course16:02
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deryckjml, yeah, so the bug you cited above is about the dupe search timing out.  Which is hard to fix.  The OOPS you just linked should be fixed in 10.06 rollout.16:04
jmlderyck, ahh ok.16:04
smallfoot-edge worked better16:08
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rowinggolferI've started a new launchpad project https://launchpad.net/qt-o-fax and I can't get project downloads to work.16:33
rowinggolferhas this facility been withdrawn?16:33
rowinggolferah.. no matter I have to make a release.. I remember now.16:34
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bladernr_Hey, can someone clue me in about merging branches via bzr and launchpad?19:06
bladernr_I and another guy have branches of the same project and we're working on the same thing, so instead of us working at opposite ends, we just want to choose one of our branches and use that for development19:07
bladernr_What I'm trying to figure out, is can he push code into my branch (it's public, but under my name) or can he do  merge request and specify my branch as the project (instead of the main project)19:07
bladernr_we're just trying to figure out how to get to where we're only working out of one branch together, since we're collaborating on what really amounts to the same pieces of the same tool.19:08
james_wbladernr_: you can create a project and both of you can push branches to that project under your own name19:10
bladernr_Is that kosher if we're just adding enhancements to an existing project?19:11
james_wso you could push to lp:~bladernr/project/some-branch and he can push to lp:~his-id/project/some-brnach19:11
bladernr_I thought about doing it that way, but didn't want to end up with what would look like forks of existing projects19:11
james_wyou can live perfectly happily like that if you like, and merge between the two of you if you like19:11
james_wyou can also create a merge proposal from your branch that would request that he merges in to your branch19:12
bladernr_hrmmm... then he'd have to branch and merge all his changes every time though, yes?19:12
james_wthere is another way though, and that is to create a team, with both you in it, and then push a branch to lp:~team-id/project/some-branch19:12
james_wthen both of you can push to that one branch19:12
bladernr_hrmmmm.... actually Option 3 seems like the best option... that way we can be a bit more public about it too (we're working on adding applications to Mago)19:13
james_wif this is a project you are starting then you can also nominate that branch to be lp:project so that everyone else knows that's the focus of development19:13
james_wbladernr_: is the intention to get these merged in to mago as you go, or will it be a fork that lives for a while on its own?19:13
bladernr_For now, I think the idea is to get one application added with working test cases, propose that, and then start on another application19:14
james_wand you want to collaborate on that one app to start with?19:15
bladernr_not sure how long it will live though, to be honest... hopefully no more than a month or so19:15
james_wok, sounds like you want a team19:15
james_wso either pick a team you are already both part of that is suitable, or create a new team for this purpose19:15
james_wonce you have that set up you can push either your current branch or his to lp:~team-id/mago/add-foo-application19:16
james_wthen you can merge the other branch in to that and push again19:16
james_wthen you can both work on that branch as you like19:16
james_wonce it is ready then you can propose that branch for merging in to lp:mago and start a new one, again under the team19:16
bladernr_excellent.  Thanks for the advice :)19:19
james_wI'm stepping out for dinner now, someone else will be glad to help if that wasn't clear19:20
psusithe launchpad help file QuestionLifeCycle states that a question in the open or needs information state for 2 weeks will be automatically expired, but that does not seem to be happening19:27
psusiI'm looking at questions that have been sitting there for months and are still open and needs information...19:27
psusiis the documentation wrong or should I file a bug against lp?19:30
jelmer_psusi: please file a bug19:32
psusidoing so now...19:32
jelmer_psusi: thanks19:33
psusiis there a way to manually edit the status of a question?19:33
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jelmer_psusi: yeah, you should be able to click on the yellow icon next to the status to change it19:57
jelmer_psusi: I think you have to be in the team that owns the project to be able to do that though19:58
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l0nwlf00:31:07 l0nwlf-MBP:~/Desktop/python-email6/Doc$ bzr push lp:~anand-shashwat/python-email6/email620:33
l0nwlfssh: connect to host bazaar.launchpad.net port 22: Operation timed out20:33
l0nwlfbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug20:33
l0nwlfI am behind proxy20:33
l0nwlfhow can I make lp work ?20:33
lifelessyou need to get port 22 to be permitted20:36
l0nwlflifeless: that is not in my hands :(20:38
l0nwlflifeless: if I can bypass it, things will be resolved20:38
lifelessthere are third party tools that may help20:38
lifelessthat can open a tunnel through proxies20:38
lifelessyou would then use20:38
l0nwlflifeless: any tool you recommnd (OS is OSX)20:39
lifelessas your URL20:39
lifelessand have the tunnel connected to bazaar.launchpad.net port 2220:39
lifelessl0nwlf: I'll have a quick look and see if I recognise any names20:39
l0nwlflifeless: thanks20:40
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psusiI can't seem to convert a bug to a question... keep getting Error ID: OOPS-1636C264321:03
psusijelmer_: well I'm a member of ubuntu-bugsquad, so I can normally edit bugs... and I can edit other aspects of the question, just not the status... can only ubuntu-dev members change the status of a question?21:08
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