geverahello guys...02:00
geveraneed lil help)) anybody?02:00
arandDo give details, to simplify helping.02:01
geverai have a 64 satelite laptop02:03
geverarunning maverick with gnome02:03
geverathe most anoyng thing that i cant play the video format files..avi, divx and other ones...the sound is payed but there is no proper video at all..tryied different players..02:06
geverai found on forums couple ideas of solving the problem but it didnt work02:06
arandI don't have much clue on that myself, but a genreic response is: Search LP for the bug, if nonexistant, gather information and report one yourself. Do mention and link to forum resources if they are relevant (since they didn't work, they might probably not be)02:11
geveraok...thanks. is there any safe way to downgrade to 10.04  without losing any data and keep all my settings untouched?/02:13
geveraat least data??02:15
arandOf course you can backup home, reinstall lucid and then copy it back, but that's not downgrading in my mind, but reinstalling.02:18
arandOr if you tell the instaler to use current /home but not format it..02:18
geveramy bad..reinstalling. hope its gonna work..at least solve my problems with maverick02:21
lukehasnonameAnyone notice Empathy's buddy status icons are monochrome now?02:49
psusieveryone is seeing the bluetooth and power icons show in the indicator applet when they shouldn't right?  is there a bug filed for it yet?03:14
lukehasnonamepsusi, Ya, I noticed that.03:35
lukehasnonameAlso, the indicator applet and the regular icon panel take up whitespace where icons used to be03:35
lukehasnonameso they're wider than needed.03:35
psusiseems to be a regression in the new release of indicator-applet... I installed the previous one from lucid-proposed and it's fixed... going to file a bug unless one already exists03:36
lukehasnonamepsusi, Go ahead. Search for an existing bug first. And if you file one, paste the link here and I'll subscribe to it03:37
lukehasnonamepsusi, do you use empathy?03:38
psusilukehasnoname, no03:38
KukuNutwhy is the upgrade today wants to install plasma-netbook and a bunch of games I don't want on my desktop 10.10?05:36
Ian_cornebecause they're default maybe?05:37
KukuNutthis is not a netbook05:37
Ian_corneare you running netbookremix?05:37
KukuNutthis is a big box05:37
KukuNutktouch?? why??05:47
ltspadminon thin client machine not getting 1024x768 resolution ubuntu thin client. motherboard is intel 865gvlf and monitor is 500G07:04
Ian_corne!search eclipse08:05
ubottuFound: code08:05
ActionParsnipyo yo yo08:45
ActionParsnipguys, what is the default font for the system menus etc please08:45
ActionParsnipGot it, nm08:51
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vistakiller1how can i upgrade to maverick with update-manager?11:37
Lazy_"update-manager -d"11:38
vistakiller1is not working11:39
vistakiller1it is work but is not appear the option for upgrade11:39
mvovistakiller1: try setting /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades from lts to normal11:58
vistakiller1ok done it11:59
Ian_cornewierd, was full-upgrade'ing11:59
vistakiller1anyone knows to use vi?11:59
Ian_corneit said it didn't want to install a package which was recommended11:59
Ian_corneI installed it by hand11:59
Ian_corneand then upgraded again11:59
Ian_corneand it didn't have any conflicts..11:59
Ian_cornewhat could cause this?12:00
arandvistakiller1: [i] to insert [esc] to cancel [:wq] to write and quit, [:q!] to quit without writing, that what you're asking?12:00
vistakiller1i try this12:01
vistakiller1i choose esc first12:01
vistakiller1but when i try to press w and after q12:01
arandmind the [:] as well12:01
vistakiller1thanks :D12:02
vistakiller1i dont see it :P12:02
vistakiller1thanks a lot because i try to edit a shoutcast radio to my media player machine12:02
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dart_hi...i am getting a flashing white screen on unity interface...how can i solve this???12:23
dart_is there a way to solve flashing white screen in unity interface?12:29
BUGabundowhat the heck is this Ubuntu One bar doing in nautilus?12:37
BUGabundoI don't even have U1 client installed12:37
BUGabundo31642    59396K   59764K            0K                      100% nautilus12:55
BUGabundogotta love e-sata12:55
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lucas-arghello guys im using kernel 2.6.35 im getting this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/454421/13:18
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lucas-argFATAL: Error inserting ramzswap (/lib/modules/2.6.35-5-generic/kernel/drivers/staging/ramzswap/ramzswap.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)13:22
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mooeywhy isnt VLC 1.1 in maverick?13:25
mooeywhy isnt Nvidia drivers 256 in maverick?13:26
yofelnvidia 256 should be in maverick soon13:26
mooeyits not there yet13:26
mooeyit better be13:26
mooeycuz im waiting ,and its not there13:26
yofelit's in the x-updates ppa if you really need it13:26
mooeywindows users already have it, but ubuntu not13:26
mooeyubuntu is always second-class citizens13:26
lucas-argis maverick stable enough yet?13:27
mooeywindows always have the latest software13:27
mooeyand ubuntu only have old legacy outdated software13:27
mooeyyeah, maverick is pretty stable (in my VM)13:27
yofelmooey: that's not the place to discuss this13:27
arandIf you need it, package and compile it yourself, the option is always there.13:27
mooeyin windows i never need compile anything myself, why in ubuntu you need compile things yourself? always second-class citizen13:28
yofelvlc 1.1 isn't even in debian unstable yet, and I don't think we package that ourselves13:28
mooeywell you should have some boys that can do packaging so you dont have to rely on the hard work of debian13:28
yofelmooey: ask nvidia why they don't supply a .deb package? Their installer is overly forceful and can't be cleanly removed13:28
arandmooey: I know Philip5 has it in a PPA https://edge.launchpad.net/~philip5/+archive/extra13:28
mooeyarand, thanks13:29
Pici!appeals > mooey13:29
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arandHurm, whereabout are the daily alternate CDs hiding?14:59
arandSeems like there are none on cdimage..15:00
bazhangarand, only see the amd64 and i38615:01
arandYea, tha's the live one's I'm after the d-i:s15:02
bazhangnot for the past two days it seems15:02
arandhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ Is completely empty :(15:02
bazhang6/23 and 6/2415:03
arandAnd 22 is gone, meep, was just about to take btrfs for a spin :(15:05
BUGabundoget the DVD15:05
BUGabundoit has alternate15:05
arandDVD was rolled the day before btrfs support was added, it's not possible to update d-i before installing is it?15:09
BUGabundoit should be15:14
BUGabundoI used to did that before I get dailies15:14
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=== BUGabundo_writin is now known as BUGabundoWriting
zniavrehttp://img408.imageshack.us/img408/2590/capture22.png > im not sure to like this new nautilus/ubuntuOne feature17:32
PiciI'd like to see a 'stop bugging me' button.17:33
sebsebsebzniavre: Won't effect me :)  I don't use Ubuntu One :)17:52
BUGabundoWritingI get that too18:05
BUGabundoWritingI'm FOOO18:05
BUGabundoWritingI don't even have u1 client18:05
patdk-wkheh, I have never seen it bug me18:10
patdk-wkand mine is disabled and never use it18:11
BUGabundoWritingstarted today18:11
sebsebsebBUGabundoWriting: oh so the message will come up saying Ubuntu One is disabled18:13
sebsebsebeven for people who aren't using it?18:13
BUGabundoWritingI never EVER used it18:13
sebsebsebNince one Ubuntu :D18:13
sebsebsebBUGabundoWriting: same here18:13
BUGabundoWritingmind fileing it?18:14
* sebsebseb might have to update the vm, just to get the error :D18:14
* patdk-wk boots maverick to test :)18:14
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: for Ubuntu One message?18:14
sebsebsebI guess i'll need to install all the updates first though, before  getting such a message18:14
BUGabundoWritingwhat do you need?18:14
sebsebsebBUGabundoWriting: What does who need?18:15
BUGabundoWritingno idea18:15
* BUGabundoWriting is lost18:15
patdk-wkheh, 91 packages to upgrade18:15
vishBUGabundo-Writing what? ;)18:20
BUGabundoWritingwhat what?18:20
coz_hey guys18:20
vishBUGabundo is Writing what?18:20
BUGabundoWritingan android article for our site18:20
sebsebsebSo who will do btrfs in the final?  :D18:21
vishsebsebseb: will do?  well , you can do now itself ;)18:21
sebsebsebvish: I know it can be done now18:21
vishbutterest ;p18:22
* sebsebseb may never put Ubuntu on this computer ever again, don't know yet18:22
* sebsebseb wonders how long it will be on other for18:22
sebsebsebvm testing of 10.1018:22
patdk-wkwhat you using these days?18:22
sebsebsebso yeah when I do a alpha 2  vm, i'll do btrfs however18:23
vishsebsebseb: ah , i forget that you use arch[?] right ? and like trolling Ubuntu people ;p18:23
sebsebsebvish: no I don't use Arch18:23
patdk-wkheh, ubuntuone client upgraded :)18:23
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: Mandriva at the moment,  not 100% happy with it, but fine for my computer useage like pretty much any Desktop Linux distro nearly.  Also  the Plymouth boot is great, works properly and all, unlike Plymouth on other computer :(18:24
BUGabundoWritingbe afraid18:24
BUGabundoWritingVERY afraind18:24
patdk-wkthere it is, ubuntu one ad displayed :)18:24
sebsebsebpropritary driver or not for nivida, and Plymouth is far from perfect on there18:24
Ian_corneBUGabundoWriting: what site?18:24
patdk-wkhmm, I had very bad stuff from mandriva18:24
BUGabundoWritingIan_corne: androidpt.com18:24
* sebsebseb wonders if Plymouth will be better in 10.1018:24
vishsebsebseb: why wondering? are you going to be installing Ubuntu 10.10? ;)18:25
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: I might go PC Linux OS in the next year or so,  or  try and install Fedora again or something.  don't know yet,  I mean on this computer18:25
sebsebsebvish: the other computer will have 10.10 if its good enough18:25
sebsebsebif not it will stay 10.04 for now18:25
sebsebseband 10.04 on there is also set up to look like before :)  yes some of us actsaully like the old human clear looks brown theme the one before 9.1018:26
sebsebsebwith Gnome icons :)18:26
vishsebsebseb: oh , well , lets keep this channel for 10.10 discussion , seems more of off-topic to discuss fedora/mandriva there18:26
sebsebseband shut down and log out in the system menu,  and automatic shut down feature after a minute, once telling it to shut down, and that kind of thing :)18:26
sebsebsebvish: I only mentioned that since I was asked what I was using18:26
patdk-wksebsebseb, when I upgraded, it kept my look, and didn't change mine at all :)18:26
sebsebsebanyway from what I know about 10.10 so far,  I don't think it will be for me that much.  However thats great that it will have a even better installer, well from what I read anyway.18:27
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: when I upgraded it moved the icons in the human theme to the left in that odd order as well, but then just apply the theme again, and problem solved :D18:28
patdk-wknever had that issue18:29
patdk-wkbut I wasn't using the human theme, I have long ago customed it18:29
htorquedoes https://launchpad.net/builders/ work for you? tried it the last two days but i always get oopses18:29
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: yeah well I don't want to customize much if at all really,  I like good defaults, had that no problem before 10.04, and oh I know 10.10 will come with more stuff that I won't like.  so more stuff to remove :(18:30
sebsebsebabove no problem, except for  how I had to remove  the edited fusa,  but other then that yeah18:30
patdk-wkhmm, that ubuntuone bar is annoying, and don't see any way to remove it (but then this is the ubuntu+1 channel hmm)18:30
sebsebsebactsually  I ended up using blubuntu for GDM before  9.10, and then with 9.10 and 10.04 I use KDM instead :)  and  I guess it will be like that for 10.10 as well,  since  GDM 2 really does suck in Ubuntu18:31
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: i'll get the updates18:31
sebsebseband I guess its just a bug18:32
sebsebseband will disappear soon18:32
sebsebsebwhen theres a fix18:32
* patdk-wk isn't fond of gdm, and using mutlible screens really confuses it (expecially if one isn't on or connected)18:32
patdk-wkit just randomly sometimes displays on my laptops extra screen port, instead of the main laptop screen18:32
patdk-wkbut I do like gnome, and can't stand kde18:33
BUGabundoWritinganyone reporting the U1 bug?18:33
BUGabundoWritingI know its gonna be tagged it's a Feature not a bug18:33
patdk-wkbut this is u1 channel :)18:33
BUGabundoWritingbut I DON'T WANT IT THERE18:33
BUGabundoWritingthis is you+118:33
BUGabundoWriting#ubuntuone is another thing18:33
patdk-wkI know, just playing18:33
sebsebseband Plymouth in 10.04 is like  alpha/beta software, for loads of us with propritary Nivida or ATI cards, but even when I don't hae the propritary Nivida driver installed, its not always how it should be.   Shame Plymouth is half baked or whatever in 10.04.  Plymouth is awesome in Mandriva, but I never did with the propritary driver.  Anyway nice grpahical boot up or hit esc for the verbose/text mode :)18:33
* sebsebseb hopes Plymouth will be better in 10.10 for people with propritary drivers or otherwise18:34
patdk-wksebsebseb, I just uninstalled plymouth from all my machines18:34
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: yes I done that18:34
sebsebsebI got the text boot, but18:34
BUGabundoWritingsebsebseb: dude you are soooo anoying :S18:34
patdk-wkbug, but he wants windows, where it's all done for him :)18:35
sebsebsebwell  text boot instead of plymouth theme is ugly, like  how Grub 2 is ugly by default as well18:35
sebsebsebvery black18:35
* arand never had much problem with plymouth...18:35
sebsebsebsince monitors are black18:35
patdk-wkI could care less about pretty or ugly, I just need to see the messages scroll, without getting wiped off the screen18:36
patdk-wkand plymouth doing screen clears annoy me when attempting to find issues18:36
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: Desktop Linux as my primary OS  since 2004, and yes a bit before first version of Ubuntu.  So Windows no thanks!18:36
arandAnd once upon a time I used tom mind not having boot messages, I don't anymore..18:36
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: yeah when it boots up,  it will say stuff on the screen,   but it won't be there for long18:37
patdk-wkarand, I mind, but then, I'm running it on 40 some servers and several workstation18:37
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: without plymouth theme and such18:37
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: Plymouth is in the server edition as well?18:38
sebsebsebwow that sucks18:38
sebsebsebpeople on the server edition won't be installing propritary Nivida or ATI  drivers18:38
sebsebsebor not normally anyway18:38
patdk-wkbeen using linux since 199418:38
patdk-wkusing it for a workstation back then wasn't fun18:38
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: yeah  back then, people would have to really know what  they are doing with it18:39
patdk-wkmost servers have ati video cards built into the motherboard18:39
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: Anyway as much as Canonical would like companies to use the server edition and even pay for support,  business is more likely to use,  Debian,  CentOS, or even Redhat I guess18:41
patdk-wkone business I do uses redhat18:41
patdk-wkI would never use centos18:41
patdk-wkand the customers are hating redhat, way too long between updates18:42
* sebsebseb thinks 10.10 will be much more of a netbook OS and well yeah Ubuntu Light OS as well, than a desktop or server OS, from what knows about so far18:42
patdk-wkeveryone is mainly complaining that php is way to old to run their websitesw18:42
patdk-wkI've also had nothing but issues with redhats subscription yum servers or whatever they are18:43
BUGabundoWriting!offtopic ?18:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:43
patdk-wkbug, don't want the channel to go to waste :)18:43
patdk-wkdid you open a bug?18:44
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.18:45
rsajdok /ignore #jakilinux all -public -actions19:07
ZykoticK9any ideas on gnome-shell not starting, getting output about mutter-warning API mismatch for libgnome-shell.so http://paste.ubuntu.com/454612/19:14
DrHalandoes anyone else have an ubuntu one bar at the top?20:59
BUGabundoWriting!info SUNBIRD20:59
ubottuPackage SUNBIRD does not exist in maverick20:59
patdk-wkeveryone does :)20:59
BUGabundoWriting*everyone* that did todays updates21:00
patdk-wkwell, as of 5hours ago :)21:00
zniavrenice they made indicator-network21:00
BUGabundoWritingpatdk-wk: I got it at 7am GMT21:01
BUGabundoWritingzniavre: don't look now, but *they* also broke the one in pavucontrol21:02
* BUGabundoWriting should have reported that 4 weeks ago21:02
patdk-wkit said the package was updated 2.5hours before we started complaining today about it :)21:02
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BUGa_LegendSekerthen it's new21:05
DrHalanindicator-network is using ConnMan right?21:12
DrHalanmh Network Manager is still nicer imo21:13
jcastroDrHalan: some new network-indicator stuff should be building right around now21:21
jcastrobut yeah21:21
* BUGa_LegendSeker files the paman bug21:24
BUGa_LegendSekerhey look.... ubuntu-bug has package name autocomplete21:25
gnomefreakyeah IIRC there is a bug on that, doesnt work well or something like that21:26
BUGa_LegendSeker[118982.950070] ata6: reset failed (errno=-11), retrying in 4 secs21:26
BUGa_LegendSekerI hate this kernel :(21:26
BUGa_LegendSekergnomefreak: WFM21:26
gnomefreakBUGa_LegendSeker: i havent tried it and it was per package as i recall21:27
BUGa_LegendSeker[119027.142536] ata6: softreset failed (device not ready)21:28
BUGa_LegendSeker[119027.142544] ata6: reset failed, giving up21:28
BUGa_LegendSekerstupid disk/kernel21:28
BUGa_LegendSekerwake up21:28
gnomefreakdid we ever get a UI to change grub splash?21:30
arandI guess there are tools out there, but as far as ubuntu goes, if anything it would be hardcoded ;)21:32
gnomefreakarand: well last i remember i had to do it by hand but since have forgotten how to21:33
BUGa_LegendSekercan anyone confirm please https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pavucontrol/+bug/59826021:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598260 in pavucontrol (Ubuntu) "pavu control lost icon" [Undecided,New]21:34
arandThat's just some hacking in /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme though21:34
DrHalanjcastro: wow can you tell me when its uploaded?21:34
jcastroit's uploaded just not built21:35
jcastroclick on the launchpad link21:35
jcastroand it'll show you if it's built for your arch yet21:36
jcastroDrHalan: whoops, that's for sound, wrong indicator, one sec21:36
arandgnomefreak: Dunno if http://members.iinet.net/~herman546/p20/GRUB2%20Splashimages.html still applies21:36
gnomefreakarand: thanks21:36
jcastroDrHalan: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/maverick-changes/2010-June/002301.html21:36
gnomefreakmaybe ubutu tweak21:36
DrHalanjcastro: thats again for sound. thanks anyways. didn't realize they changed something about indicator-sound21:37
DrHalanbut i dont really get this i have so much space in my top bar why do the put everyhing in submenus?...21:38
jcastroDrHalan: sorry, paste fail21:39
DrHalancool thanks21:40
DrHalanpidgin doesn't communicate with connmanager though...21:40
gnomefreakarand: found it it is called startupmanager21:42
gnomefreaki remembered :)21:43
BUGabundoforced to reboot to fix a pluged disk :(21:53
BUGabundothe SHAME21:53
BUGabundoat least it fixed gwibber/desktopchouch21:54
patdk-wkcouldn't hotswap the disk?21:57
BUGabundoso now I can't even mount it via CLI?22:02
BUGabundowhat the heck is happening with todays updates?22:02
Ian_cornethey be roaring22:02
BUGabundomount: you must specify the filesystem type22:07
BUGabundothe disk is dieing?22:07
patdk-wke-sata should be hotswap22:08
patdk-wkunless your using a crappy chipset :)22:08
patdk-wkhell, I hotswap esata and normal sata without issues on my system22:09
patdk-wkich10 based22:09
BUGabundounplug, plug22:09
BUGabundoseems fine now22:09
BUGabundoa$ dmesg  | pastebinit  http://paste.ubuntu.com/454679/22:09
BUGabundo[  724.427985] sd 5:0:0:0: [sdb] Unhandled error code22:10
BUGabundo[  724.427988] sd 5:0:0:0: [sdb] Result: hostbyte=DID_BAD_TARGET driverbyte=DRIVER_OK22:10
BUGabundo[  724.427992] sd 5:0:0:0: [sdb] CDB: Read(10): 28 00 00 00 00 3f 00 00 08 0022:10
BUGabundo[  724.428001] end_request: I/O error, dev sdb, sector 6322:10
BUGabundoa bunch of this22:10
patdk-wkis it suppost to be 150? or 300? sata22:12
patdk-wkwonder if the cable or contacts are bad22:12
BUGabundocould that be it?22:13
BUGabundo[ 1037.980259] EXT2-fs (sdb1): warning: mounting unchecked fs, running e2fsck is recommended22:13
patdk-wkif the drive supports 300, yes, and there are no jumpers on it22:13
BUGabundoguess I need to check it22:14
patdk-wkI don't have any drives that do 150, well, I never did22:14
patdk-wkI have computers that only do 150, so you have to jump the drive to force it to 150 mode22:15
BUGabundoill check for the jumpers when I turn it off22:16
BUGabundocan't umount it22:17
BUGabundoconsole in one of them22:17
BUGabundowdtvdisk contains a file system with errors, check forced.22:17
patdk-wkI was so happy I got a crapload of fibre disks and shelf to play with22:18
patdk-wkand they are as slow as scsi22:18
patdk-wkfibre channel just doesn't impress me at all22:18
BUGabundoI max this one out22:18
BUGabundoat around 50MB/s  writes22:18
BUGabundothe laptop is slower at 5400RPMs22:18
patdk-wkmy sata do 130MB/s writes22:19
patdk-wkat 7200rpm22:19
patdk-wkbut I mainly go for iops22:19
BUGabundoMaverick kernel kills my IO22:19
BUGabundowe had such a nice sheduller in lucid22:19
BUGabundoI could do 55MB/s and still access my laptop22:19
BUGabundonow, I'm killed by IO22:19
BUGabundodarn Baricades on ext422:19
patdk-wkswitch to btrfs :)22:22
BUGabundoI'm waiting to try it22:22
patdk-wkI should try it now22:23
patdk-wkbeen meaning to, just haven't gotten to it22:23
BUGabundome too22:23
BUGabundojpds: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/current/22:27
patdk-wkthe normal cd images work22:32
DrHalani don't really get the sense of replaceing the gnome-clock with the indicator clock22:32
gnomefreakguys http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/20100615/22:32
patdk-wkgnomefreak, so old :)22:33
gnomefreakits forbidden im assuming lack of daily. im assuming it has the same to do with the daily alt installer not being published22:33
gnomefreakwhy are you looking for lucid?22:33
gnomefreakmaybe that is why22:34
patdk-wkwhy would we be looking for lucid?22:34
gnomefreakpatdk-wk: look at the link you will see meercat at top and lucid images22:34
gnomefreakthey are all related not being published22:34
patdk-wkthat is what I'm getting22:34
gnomefreakyeah it works but the alt goes days without being published they come back for a day then they are not published again for a few days22:35
gnomefreakwhen the alts are published they are too big IIRC its 704mb22:36
patdk-wkdon't really care how big22:36
gnomefreakjust reember use a dvd to burn it on to :)22:37
patdk-wknot going to burn it :)22:37
patdk-wkwould be a complete waste of money :)22:37
BUGabundoyou burn media?22:37
BUGabundoI boot from grub, or VMs or usb22:38
* gnomefreak likes a simple setup doul boot cd/dvd for ISOs22:38
patdk-wkhave have octo-boot usb sticks22:39
gnomefreakbe back i think im going to make this a bit faster since it is late22:39
jpdsBUGabundo: The person to ask about that 403 is cjwatson.22:41
BUGabundo[2394:7341:2488680446:ERROR:media/audio/linux/alsa_output.cc(818)] Failed querying delay: Input/output error22:44
BUGabundogwibber now tries to play a sound!??22:44
patdk-wkgwibber is lonely22:44
patdk-wkhmm, cd is no good22:45
patdk-wkno btrfs on it22:45
patdk-wkhmm, I can install deb's on the live cd, nice, never tried that before22:46
patdk-wkI knew you could on the usb version22:46
BUGabundoit stays in mem22:47
Ian_corneit just puts it in your ram22:47
Ian_corneyeah :p22:47
patdk-wkya, I just never needed to before22:47
Ian_corneI've had a friend who was 'smart' enough to backup his files to his live cd22:47
BUGabundoI did it a lot22:47
BUGabundoeven from old LTSs22:47
Ian_corneobviously he ran out of memory :p22:47
BUGabundodid ram upgrades to point release before install22:47
* patdk-wk watchs brtfs go (boring, no progress bar)22:48
BUGabundoyou are REALLY doing it22:48
BUGabundoI have no extra media :(22:48
BUGabundoso can't put it anywhere22:48
BUGabundoneed to get a new 2T disk22:49
BUGabundocopy all stuff22:49
BUGabundoand redo partitions22:49
patdk-wkheh, backups, who needs it :)22:49
patdk-wkit's my maverick test system22:49
BUGabundoemail me one of those extra disks of yours22:49
patdk-wkthere is nothing useful on it22:49
BUGabundomy test maverick, its my MAIN system22:49
patdk-wkI just use it for random things, like firefox and stuff22:49
BUGabundowdtvdisk: ********** WARNING: Filesystem still has errors **********22:50
BUGabundothis is great :(22:50
patdk-wkconversion complete22:50
BUGabundooh man22:50
BUGabundoyou are doing a live conversion?!!?!22:50
* patdk-wk wonders what UUID I use22:51
patdk-wkmain or sub22:51
BUGabundo  PID     RDDSK    WRDSK  WRDSK_CANCEL                       DSK CMD     1/222:52
BUGabundo 8326     4524K       0K            0K                       68% fsck.ext222:52
BUGabundo 6690        0K     904K            0K                       14% zsync22:52
BUGabundo 6712        0K     672K            0K                       10% zsync22:52
BUGabundono wonder the laptop is crawling22:52
patdk-wkmaybe I should of made sure my initrd file had btrfs module in it first :)23:01
patdk-wkoh it does23:02
patdk-wkI wonder what is wrong then23:02
patdk-wksome issue with libcrc32c.ko23:07
patdk-wkUnknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)23:08
patdk-wkand dmesg doesn't say anything :)23:09
DrHalanwow btrfs has integrated backups/snapshots?23:10
* BUGabundo throws disk at the wall23:10
patdk-wkya, it never overwrites the sector23:10
BUGabundoDrHalan: yes23:10
BUGabundothat's its main point23:10
patdk-wkbut writes to a new sector :)23:10
patdk-wkshould also make ssd wear leveling very nice :)23:11
DrHalanwell the main reason for me to make backups is teh fear that my harddisk could fail. btrfs doesnt help there23:11
patdk-wkraid6 :)23:11
BUGabundoor 1+023:12
patdk-wkwaste of drives23:12
DrHalani have raid0 here combined with an external hd that i back up to with backintime23:12
patdk-wkany you can't loose any 223:12
DrHalanworks nice :923:12
patdk-wkif you need max speed raid10 is nice, if you just want safety, raid623:13
DrHalanwell g2g. have fun guys!23:14
patdk-wkya, crc32c module is missing23:16
patdk-wkand it should of been fixed 18months ago :(23:16
patdk-wkoh well23:16
patdk-wkadded crc32c to inittab, and it kindof boots23:19
patdk-wkwell it booted, but something going on23:19
patdk-wkmounted root readonly23:21
patdk-wkand I can't change it :(23:21
patdk-wkhehe, that made it work, removed the ro option from grub's linux kernel line23:24
patdk-wk/dev/disk/by-uuid/1704f1ff-0a08-4f66-a6b9-469439ab602b / btrfs rw,relatime 0 023:25
patdk-wk/dev/sda1 /boot ext4 rw,relatime,barrier=1,data=ordered 0 023:25
* patdk-wk wants to see a ubuntu desktop user convert to btrfs now :)23:47
* Ian_corne might23:47
Ian_cornelatest benchmarks show good things23:48
Ian_cornealtho I'm not to sure about the compression thing23:48
BUGabundowdtvdisk: ***** FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED *****23:54
BUGabundodisc lives23:54

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