robclarkGrueMaster: not sure which kernel you are on.. but one obvious thing to sanity check... some recent defconfig from kernel-omap4.git had VRAM defaulting to zero.. so if you didn't give some bootargs you wouldn't get any framebuffers00:00
robclarkyou could try something along lines of: vram=8M omapfb.vram=0:8M00:00
robclark(for example)00:00
GrueMasterrobclark: I'm using the same bootargs as I was for 2.6.34.  vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x720MR-16@60.  And this is on the beagleboard (omap3).00:01
robclarkahh.. ok.. that should be not the issue then00:01
GrueMasterThis is kernel 2.6.35-6.  It is scheduled to hit the pools on Friday.00:02
robclarkdo you even get the penguin at bootup?   Or nothing at all on dvi?00:03
GrueMasterNothing on dvi.  See my error post a few lines back.00:03
GrueMasterrebooting to 2.6.34 kernel is fine.00:04
robclarkhmm, is kernel config not enabling any DSS devices?00:06
robclarkI think it does not go thru this loop at all:  for_each_dss_dev(dssdev) { ... }00:07
robclarkmake menuconfig, and then Drivers -> Graphics -> OMAP2/3/4... -> and then hopefully there is some DVI option00:08
GrueMasterNot sure.  Let me check the output against 2.6.3400:10
GrueMasterMaybe it has something to do with "# CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS_RFBI is not set"?  I haven't tweaked the kernel in several years (since 2.4.xx times).00:30
GrueMasterBut I did see that in the config.00:30
GrueMasternevermind.  same in 2.6.3400:31
GrueMasterInteresting.  I'm reviewing my bootlogs from earlier 2.6.35 test kernels, and I am seeing the same error in 2.6.35-RC1 raw kernel (no ubuntuisms).00:33
GrueMasterogra_cmpc: What's the score?01:13
MartynMy bamboo board was DOA01:14
GrueMasterwhich one is that?01:14
ojnAMCC 440EP eval board?01:21
NCommanderdamn it, just missed Martyn05:07
Belvadiany softkey pad application available for arm...05:35
ograNCommander, so your gobject-introspection "fix" ...07:58
NCommanderogra: yes?07:59
ograNCommander, did you check the dependencies and what changed in them between 0.6.12-1 and 0.6.12-1ubuntu1 ?07:59
NCommanderogra: dyfet did.07:59
ograsince this is not a gobject-introspecion issue but an issue with any build dep07:59
ograi'd rather see us fixing the real issue than changing the code that didnt change before the breakage08:00
ogralooking at the deps i'd suspect glib08:00
ograbison, flex and friends didnt change between the two uploads08:00
NCommanderogra: we need gobject-introspection fixed, you've already said that, I'm glad to hunt for the actual cause of the breakage, but I'm happy to work around it08:00
NCommanderogra: dyfet said he checked it08:01
ograi'm not sure it wont break it on all other arches08:01
NCommanderogra: I threw it in a PPA, built on everything08:01
ograyou are changing XML that hadnt changed08:01
NCommander(devirtualized PPA)08:01
NCommanderI only changed the XML to reflect the changed vairable names in the C code08:01
ograyes, but does that change work on all other arches ?08:01
* ogra wouldnt even know how to verify that08:02
NCommanderogra: I ran the test suite on all arches08:02
ograin any case something in a dep changed, just hacking variable definitions in the gobject code doesnt seem like an appropriate fix08:02
ograi'm not talking about the test suite08:02
ograbut about the binaries using the code08:02
ogratelepathy for example08:03
NCommanderogra: I didn't change any code expect code used in the test suite08:03
ograwas seb128 pulled into the discussion by dyfet as i asked ?08:03
NCommanderogra: I didn't see any communication from dyfet to seb128. I was waiting for him to show up to pin ghim on desktop08:03
ograhmm, i asked dyfet a week ago at the meeting to discuss it with seb :/08:04
ogra(and agin this week)08:04
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Belvadidialpad application in ubuntu avaliable..08:41
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ograNCommander, do you remember the former name of the "source" commnad in old u-boot ?12:07
ograseems enabling hush shell didnt get me source12:07
NCommanderogra: TI's u-boot might predate that command being added12:08
ograits 1.1.412:08
NCommanderMarvell was 1.3.412:08
ograthats really bad12:08
NCommanderyour trying to execute the boot.scr, right?12:08
NCommanderdo imi *offset* where you loaded it12:08
NCommandersee if panda's u-boot recongizes it as a boot script12:09
ograPANDA # imi 0x8030000012:09
ogra## Checking Image at 80300000 ...12:09
ogra   Image Name:   Ubuntu boot script12:09
ogra   Image Type:   ARM Linux Script (uncompressed)12:09
ogra   Data Size:    163 Bytes =  0.2 kB12:09
ogra   Load Address: 0000000012:09
ogra   Entry Point:  0000000012:09
ogra   Verifying Checksum ... OK12:09
ograPANDA #12:09
NCommanderpossible autoscr12:09
NCommanderthat might have been the old command for source12:10
NCommander(it shouldbe in help)_12:10
ograits not12:10
ogra(in help)12:10
ograi see test and other hush commands12:11
NCommanderits possible that its just not implemented12:12
NCommanderWhich means we're screwed12:12
ograi see "go" but that hangs x-loader if i run it12:13
NCommanderit wouldn't be super-difficult to backport a the necessary commands12:13
NCommandergo is used for jumping to an offset12:13
NCommanderautoscr is there on blaze?12:14
* NCommander hasn't checked12:14
NCommander(or source)12:14
ograhmm, gumstix uses 1.1.4 and has autoscr12:15
NCommandersounds like something went horribly wrong12:16
* NCommander grabs the source12:16
ograaha ... i see (~CFG_CMD_AUTOSCRIPT...12:29
ograPANDA # help13:00
ogra?       - alias for 'help'13:00
ograautoscr - run script from memory13:00
ograI WIN !!!13:00
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mpoirierGrueMaster ?14:43
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GrueMastermpoirier: pong.  Still waking up, though.15:22
mpoirierGrueMaster: good morning.15:22
mpoirieryour beagle board, it is a C4 ?15:22
mpoirierI assume so.15:23
GrueMasterYes.  Store bought, as it were.15:25
mpoirierdid you upgrade your MLO and u-boot ?15:26
mpoirieror are they stock ?15:27
GrueMasterI believe I am running what is on ogra's image.15:27
mpoirierdo me a favor please.15:28
mpoirierboot the board (power cycle) and give me the date you get on the very first line that come up on the screen.15:28
mpoiriermine is:15:28
mpoirierTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.2 (Feb 19 2009 - 12:01:24)15:28
GrueMasterThat's the xloader15:31
mpoirieryes, indeed.15:31
GrueMaster  15:32
mpoirierplease confirm that you have used the USB EHCI on this board.15:32
mpoirierthe normal looking USB port, next to the SD card slot.15:32
GrueMasterof course.  That's how I have keyboard, mouse, ethernet, etc.15:33
mpoirierdavidm set me a C4 two weeks ago and USB did not work off the box.15:34
mpoirierOk I'm thinking, hw failure happens...15:34
GrueMasterI'm fully hooked up here.  Only thing not in use is the otg port.15:34
GrueMasterand svideo.15:34
mpoirierYes, don't use OTG.15:34
mpoirierso I purchase one from Sparkfun and got it yesterday...15:34
mpoirierit too has a problem with USB.15:34
GrueMasterI'm aware of that.15:35
mpoirierthat is interesting - aware of what ?15:35
mpoirierUSB problems with bb  ?15:35
GrueMasterBug #56664515:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 566645 in linux-ti-omap (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "OTG configuration is broken on omap kernel (affects: 2) (heat: 64)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56664515:35
mpoirierindeed, OTG is not in yet.15:35
mpoirierBut both my C4 boards, USB EHCI is not responsive.15:36
mpoirierI was wondering if you were seeing the same thing...15:36
GrueMasterAre you running with a powered hub?15:36
davidmmpoirier, two boards with fail sound funny, perhaps your USB hub is not working with the hardware?15:36
mpoirierIt does work when hooked up to the C2 board...15:37
GrueMasterWhere are you powering your board from?15:37
mpoirierpower supply, not OTG.15:37
mpoirierI'm wondering if u-boot isn't doing something special to enable the port.15:38
mpoirierSomething I wouldn't have.15:38
mpoiriertwo failure on two boards, this isn't right.15:38
GrueMasterI have my system booting the uboot from nand when I am running lucid.  It is the stock uboot.  When I am running maverick, it runs a newer version.  Both work fine with USB.15:39
mpoirierThe maverick uboot, it is on SD card ?15:40
mpoirierPlease email it to me...15:42
rsavoyeis there another channel for non ARM ubuntu netbook issues ?15:42
GrueMasterActually, just pull down ogra's test image.  http://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/developers/15:43
GrueMasterrsavoye: #ubuntu-mobile15:43
GrueMasteror #ubuntu-desktop may help15:43
rsavoyeI was trying to get a USB install to a Sylvania G netbook to work, it can't find vesa15:44
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ograGrueMaster, #ubuntu-mobile is dead15:49
ogranetbook issues go to #ubuntu-desktop or for the efl version to us15:50
rsavoyeit may be dead, but there is a pile of people15:50
ograyes, we're in the process of either closing it or finding a new adopter15:51
ograthe ubuntu mobile team doesnt exist anymore15:51
rsavoyeah... that;s right15:52
GrueMastermpoirier: if you have any kernel testing that needs to be done, just ping me and I can test in my environment.  I would like to test fixes to some of these critical  bugs as soon as they are available, instead of waiting for the next kernel bump.16:14
mpoiriervery well.16:14
GrueMasterBTW, the daisy chain fix works well, thanks & kudos.16:16
amitkwas it just removing CPU_IDLE from the Kconfig?16:16
mpoirierthis is just a big hack and shouldn't be considered to be the real thing.16:17
mpoirierremoving CPU_IDLE just avoids touching the flaky code.16:17
GrueMasterSometimes it is things like this that need to be done to keep the rest of the teams moving forward while a real fix is pursued.16:18
mpoirierI have no problem with doing that either..,,.16:19
GrueMasterIt enables people like me to find and report new and annoying bugs.  :P16:19
mpoirierbut the real fix is still eluding me.16:19
mpoirierand all this time that I'm not fixing other problems...16:20
ogrampoirier, ask koen in #beagle, probably he knows about it and has a patch16:20
ograhe is a great source of information if it comes to kernel issues with omap :)16:20
mpoirierogra: you seems to know something I don't...16:20
ogralag, what was your trick to make HDMI or DVI work on omap4 ?16:21
amitkpush it in harder?16:21
* ogra remembers you talked about that a while ago16:21
lagIt doesn't16:21
ograIt doesn't ?16:21
lagIt doesn't work16:21
ograneither of the ports ?16:22
lagDVI isn't meant to work16:23
ograrobclark, didnt you say there was a trick to make HDMI/DVI work on the panda ?16:23
lagHDMI just doesn't16:23
lagThere was a hack to make it work with HDMI/DVI converter16:23
lagBut I haven't tried that, as I don't have the cable16:23
prpplaguelag: you hdmi isn't working?16:24
prpplaguelag: which kernel release are you using?16:24
prpplaguelag: L24.7 ?16:24
armin76real men use serial16:24
prpplaguearmin76: hehe indeed16:24
armin76prpplague: gimme omap4!16:25
ograprpplague, we're all using the ubuntu kernel16:25
lagSerial works like a peach16:25
ograprpplague, which should be based on something newer than L24.7 afaik16:25
ogralag, serial doesnt help with images :)16:25
robclarkogra: I'm not sure if DVI is up yet.. HDMI works well (at least on the monitor that I have)16:25
robclarkfor L24.7 kernel, you need some bootargs so you have more than 0MB for framebuffer..16:26
prpplaguethe HDMI inteface can be used with a DVI monitor with no problems16:26
* armin76 tests :D16:26
robclarkfyi: vram=8M omapfb.vram=0:8M16:26
ograthats all ? no resolution ?16:26
prpplaguelag: most likely you need to allocate some mem for the framebuffer per robclark 's suggestion16:26
* ogra tries16:26
prpplagueogra: for hdmi it will autodetect the best resolution16:26
ograsweet !16:27
prpplagueogra: for dvi you will need to specify the mode and resolution16:27
lagSounds good16:27
ogramy monitor has both16:27
prpplaguelag: if you are using the hdmi but with a dvi monitor your will need to specific some additional bootargs16:27
lagI'm not16:28
lagI'm using real HDMI16:28
lagOnce my kernel is up again, I'll try those extra args16:28
prpplaguelag: ahh ok16:29
lagCould that be the source of the "SYNC_LOST_DIGIT" messages I receive?16:29
lagThey swap my system rendering it unusable16:29
lagbut 59229516:29
lagbug 59229516:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 592295 in linux-ti-omap (Ubuntu) "omapdss DISPC error: SYNC_LOST_DIGIT (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59229516:29
ograomapfb omapfb: failed to allocate framebuffer16:30
ograomapfb omapfb: failed to allocate fbmem16:30
ograomapfb omapfb: failed to setup omapfb16:30
ograomapfb: probe of omapfb failed with error -1216:30
robclarkogra: someone was seeing that yesterday16:31
robclarkCan you post your .config?16:31
ograand i see the SYNC_LOST_DIGIT message too at the end of the boot16:31
prpplaguerobclark: i was about to ask the same16:31
lagogra: One is fine16:31
lagIt's expected16:31
lag10,000 is not16:31
robclarkFrom looking at code, I think that error comes if the kernel is somehow built w/o any DSS drivers enabled..16:31
ograrobclark, http://pastebin.com/HeBHjaAS16:33
robclarkogra:  hmm.. that looks somewhat ok..  CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS_HDMI=y16:35
ograthe monitor is definately initialized but i dont see any output16:36
prpplagueogra: do cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb016:36
ograi have no shell atm16:37
prpplagueogra: oh16:37
robclarkactually, ogra, I think your error is different from one yesterday.16:37
prpplagueogra: why not?16:37
lagogra: How many messages do you get?16:37
robclarktry change CONFIG_OMAP2_VRAM_SIZE=4 to CONFIG_OMAP2_VRAM_SIZE=816:37
ogralag, only one16:37
lagThat's fine then16:37
lagNo problem16:37
robclark4mb is not sufficient for 1920x1080x4byte/pixel16:38
ograprpplague, because i dont have a rootfs atm :)16:38
lag/* When we enable digit output, we'll get an extra digit16:38
lag * sync lost interrupt, that we need to ignore */16:38
ograrobclark, so it reads the EDID of my monitor and automatically takes the highest res. it finds ?16:38
prpplagueogra: so how are suppose to know if the hdmi is working?16:38
prpplagueogra: correct16:38
ograprpplague, kernel messages on tty016:38
lagfirst frame  as it takes long time to decode but it later recovers*/16:39
* lag tries again16:39
lagfirst frame  as it takes long time to decode but it later recovers*/16:39
prpplagueogra: you are trying to run the hdmi as the console?16:39
robclarkogra..  yeah..  but it should reduce the framebuffer size if it doesn't have enough mem..16:39
lagfirst frame  as it takes long time to decode but it later recovers*/16:39
ograprpplague, indeed16:39
robclarkso you should see some resolution like 1920x54016:39
lagfirst frame  as it takes long time to decode but it later recovers*/16:40
robclarkbut maybe after some limit it gives up at trying to resize the framebuffer16:40
lag/*commenting below code as with 1080P Decode we see a sync lost digit for16:40
lagfirst frame  as it takes long time to decode but it later recovers*/16:40
lagGot it16:40
lagStupid leading /16:40
ograrobclark, hmm, my monitor might not do such odd resolutions in HDMI mode16:40
robclarkhmm, ok.. that could be the issue I suppose16:40
prpplagueogra: can you pastebin your bootlog?16:41
ograif i boot with serial console i can grab it, yes16:41
ograone sedc16:41
* prpplague looks16:42
prpplagueogra: edit your .config file, turn off DSI and set the number of framebuffers to 116:45
prpplagueogra: also turn on the omap2 fb debug support16:46
ograwell, i wont compile any kernels now :)16:46
* ogra is busy working on images, but i'll file a bug for the kernel team to fix it16:46
prpplagueogra: oh16:47
prpplagueogra: is the kernel source for what you are using available somewhere?16:47
ograi usually dont touch kernels if i can avoid :)16:47
prpplagueogra: ahh16:48
* prpplague looks16:48
ogracooloney maintains it, lag gives him a hand16:48
* prpplague downloads and builds16:48
* prpplague needs a brake from the mailing list flame wars16:49
prpplaguejkridner1: morning16:50
prpplagueogra: i'll have a look at the build and test16:50
hrwhi prpplague16:52
prpplaguehrw: greetings16:53
hrwogra: why mem=463M?16:55
ograhrw, thats in the u-boot defaults, i just kept them16:55
prpplaguehrw: the blaze/sdp team were using that value, i never did get an answer for why16:55
ojnprpplague: i thought it was for legacy reasons, to set memory aside for dspbridge crap?16:56
ojnI ran our machines just fine without mem= on the bootargs16:56
prpplagueojn: ahh, that might be true16:56
hrwprpplague: maybe they had problem with second 512M?16:56
prpplaguehrw: the blaze/sdp doesn't have a second 512M16:57
hrwthats why16:57
ojnu-boot passes the amount of memory in the proper atags, no need for bootargs.16:57
ograwell, its in the panda u-boot defaults16:58
ojnwe had 1GB working too (well, 768MB, highmem support was busted back when I tried it last).16:58
ojnogra: Should be bug reported, probably.16:58
ograbut i'll remove it in the ubuntu package if its not needed16:58
ograwell, in ubuntu we use boot.scr everywhere to set bootargs so i dont really care16:58
prpplagueojn: on which platform?16:58
ojnprpplague: custom boards16:59
robclarkprpplague and all:  463M is the value for 512M boards..  some memory needs to be reserved for coprocessors16:59
robclarkin future, syslink will reserve this at boot time using normal kernel memory allocation APIs..17:00
robclarkbut that isn't implemented yet17:00
prpplaguerobclark: ahh dandy17:01
robclarkbtw, is there already u-boot/x-load patches for 1gb panda?17:03
mpoirierGrueMaster: where do I get ogra's test image ? The one you are testing with.17:05
ogrampoirier, people.canonical.com/~ogra/jasper/17:05
ogrampoirier, note that updating the kernel doesnt work automatically yet17:06
ograand that it uses .34 still17:06
hrwah.. toys17:06
mpoirieri'm only interested in the u-boot.17:06
prpplaguerobclark: no not yet17:06
mpoirierwill I find it in there ?17:06
GrueMasterOops.  Sorry about that.  wrong link in the copy buffer for some reason.17:06
prpplagueogra: kernel building now17:06
GrueMasterUse ogra's link.  There are only two files there.17:07
ogrampoirier, uboot is in the image17:07
mpoirierogra: ok thanks.17:08
GrueMastermpoirier: You can mount the boot partition with sudo mount cmdline-maverick-armel+omap3.img mnt/ -o loop,offset=$((32256))17:09
GrueMasterSaves time from having to write the image to SD.17:09
mpoirierI would have just mounted the image.17:09
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hrw|gonehave a nice rest of day17:13
ogrampoirier, oh, i mis-read above, you want u-boot ?17:14
mpoirierI just need uboot.17:14
ograjust dpkg -x the .deb17:15
mpoirierogra; thanks.17:16
mpoirierogra:  the cmdline-maverick-armel+omap3.img image, what format is it ?17:16
GrueMasterIt is a SD image.  2 partitions.17:17
ograits a two partition img to dd to the SD card17:17
mpoirieryes, but if I want to mount it live on my file system...17:17
mpoiriera simple mount -o loop fails.17:17
mpoirierusing "file" on the image yields:  x86 boot sector; partition 1: ID=0xc, active, starthead 1, startsector 63, 144522 sectors; partition 2: ID=0x83, starthead 0, startsector 144585, 867510 sectors, code offset 0x017:17
mpoirierhaven't seen that before.17:18
GrueMasterThen you need to find the starting byte of each partition (parted will give you this) and mount with -o loop,offset=<start byte>.17:18
prpplagueogra: definetly some weirdness going on with that kernel soruce17:18
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mpoirierogra: ok.17:18
ograprpplague, well, its an ubuntu kernel with the TI patches on top17:18
* prpplague digging into it17:18
ograprpplague, afaik sebjan maintains it on the TI side17:18
GrueMastermpoirier: I'll send you a link on how to do this.17:18
mpoirierGrueMaster: I just got it with the offset command you sent me above.17:20
mpoirierI get it now.17:20
prpplagueogra: interesting, straight out of the box with the defconfig, the kernel fails to compile17:22
ograyou need to build it like a debian package17:23
ograit runs various scripts to assemble the different config snippets17:23
jkridner1hi prpplague.  I should free up here shortly and can swing by if you let me know where you are at.  still don't have the LCD. :(17:24
prpplaguehuh? you don't use the defconfigs?17:24
ograprpplague, no17:24
prpplaguejkridner1: E-2126 , just down from geralds office17:24
ograprpplague, there is an ubuntu (non arch specific) config and there is an arch specific one17:25
ogramust be somewere in the debian dir, i guess soemone from the kernel team can explain it better than me17:25
ograto build it you definately need to run "fakeroot debian/rules <whatever target you want to build>"17:26
prpplagueogra: i'll dig around and see what i can find17:26
ogradebian/rules is the makefile17:26
prpplagueogra: guess we need to know how to test the ubuntu kernels17:26
ograprpplague, we'll soon have daily images17:26
ograso you can just install the image and regulary upgrade the kernel17:26
prpplagueogra: well i don't like not knowing, i just assumed ubuntu built the kernel just like the rest of the world, hehe17:27
prpplagueogra: i mainly do kernel dev17:27
ograit builds it slightly similar to debian17:27
prpplagueogra: so i need to be able to hack17:27
ograwell, the kernel team maintains it in a git tree like any other kernel dev does :)17:28
ograjust the build process is different since its wrapped in packaging stuff17:28
prpplaguei'm sure there is a doc somewhere that describes the process17:29
ograprpplague, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile i think17:32
* prpplague looks17:32
ogra"Build the kernel (when source is from git repository, or from apt-get source)"17:33
ograthats the section you want17:33
prpplagueyea, reading over that now17:34
ograyou need beefy hardware though (we do not cross compile)17:34
prpplagueyea looks there are some "multi-boot" issues17:35
prpplagueok, here is the bit17:38
prpplagueogra: they have the DPI picodlp enabled in the config17:38
ograprobably a blaze leftover17:39
ogralag, ^^^17:39
prpplagueogra: so if you have that enabled along with the HDMI, you need to change the number of framebuffers to 2 instead of 1, and in addition you need to allocate enough memory for both, 16 is probably enough, but a safe value is 3217:39
ogralag, can you take care that cooloney gets that info ?17:40
mpoirierGrueMaster: moving to ogra's u-boot fixed my USB EHCI issue - thanks.17:42
ogragreat :)17:42
* prpplague retests with the common config17:46
davidmmpoirier, both boards are working now?17:47
GrueMasterMust be a u-boot<>kernel combination issue.  I haven't tried the new kernels on the old system.17:48
prpplaguegood lord that common image is giant17:55
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mpoirierdavidm: both boards are working now.17:57
prpplagueogra: yea looks like the same issue with the common config, they have 3 different dss drivers enabled, DSI, DPI and HDMI, but only have 2 framebuffers allocated18:01
prpplagueogra: easiest is to just use 32MB for the framebuffers, that should work fine18:02
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sebjanprpplague: we want to have a single kernel image/defconfig for both blaze and panda, so we need to have picodlp activated, right? Are there changes to apply to the config according to you?18:05
prpplaguesebjan: assuming i am using the right config per the instructions, the vram needs to be increased to a min of 16, preferable to 3218:06
ogra_cmpcwell, we have enough ram, 32 should be doable18:07
sebjan... and in case we want to use the serial only ;), we can force a lower value in command line then, right?18:08
ogra_cmpcno idea if there is a cmdline override :)18:09
prpplaguesebjan: correct18:10
ogra_cmpcdoes the vram value override the kernel default ?18:10
prpplagueogra_cmpc: on the command line it does18:11
prpplaguesebjan: i emailed you the config i am using18:11
ogra_cmpcah, great, so you only need to change boot.scr18:12
sebjanprpplague: great thanks, I'll take this change18:14
prpplaguesebjan: np18:24
=== bjf is now known as bjf[afk]

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