Viper550Is there a quote icon in breathe?01:06
thorwilgood morning!07:24
kwwiithorwil: guten morgen07:31
* thorwil had quite a bit of vuvu in the neighborhood yesterday evening07:32
kwwiithorwil: I can imagine07:40
thorwilpeople are suddenly so musical. enough for a single note and no discernible rhythm :)07:41
kwwiilol, it's like the samba groups07:41
kwwiithere is always one idiot with a whistle07:42
knomekwwii, lol :D07:57
HundIm having problem with a Murrine theme. Im trying to use a image for the "Active" (?) function, like when someone sends me a message via Pidgin the button should change image, for now the text just gets bold. My panel.rc file: http://pastebin.com/nawLVJZK09:09
zniavreHund,  did you try prelight instead of active ?09:12
Hundzniavre: Im not a experienced user at the coding part. So I have no clue what youre meaning. :P09:14
zniavreho sorry, but i do not know if what you want is possible easily09:16
kwwiiHund: you need to use the pixmap engine if you want to load an image11:01
Hundkwwii: Okey. Im almoust finished with the theme, the other images are working but I cant get that function to work. The image only appeare (and starts fading as it should) once I hovered my mouse.11:04
kwwiinot sure if you can do what you want with changing code11:04
Hundkwwii: It works with other themes. But it will do with a color to. I just dont want a bold text, its easy to miss it if you have like 1 billion windows on the panel. :)11:12
vishHund: you can specify text style11:12
Hundvish: The text is fine. I want some kind of background to. pixmap or color doesnt really matter.11:13
thorwilholy shit: http://alittlebitweird.com/_blog/The_A_Little_Bit_Weird_Blog/post/Amazing_What_You_Can_Do_With_A_Ball-Point_Pen/11:55
knomenice, but i've seen similar stuff before12:00
knomeafter internet, not even internet can amaze you12:00
thorwilknome: feeling desensitized today? i heard inhaling through the wide end of a vuvuzela helps12:05
knomei'm actually waiting to out of this city12:06
knomeoops, missed the verb12:06
thorwilknome: where to?12:15
thorwili heard tuvalu is great if you like to swim12:28
knomethorwil, countryside12:39
thorwilknome: cool. does that involve some elk riding?12:41
knomethorwil, no, i'm afraid12:44
thorwiltoo bad12:44
knomethorwil, grilling, sauna, swimming in a lake, boardgames, good company, maybe a beach...12:45
knomehmm, must not forget beer12:46
thorwilhmm, yeah, that sounds good12:46
knomenot much, but some12:46
thorwilkwwii: i just saw ivanka added lilypond to the tools mentioned on the FCShowcase wiki page. isn't that a bit too removed from actually producing the stuff we want?13:34
thorwilif not, i have someone who would like to see his pet project in there, too. http://www.denemo.org13:35
kwwiithorwil: yeah, I kinda thought the same thing13:41
kwwiithorwil: you might mention it to her :-)13:41
thorwilwould, if she was on irc.13:43
kwwiior read her email :p13:45
thorwilwhat, she does do that?13:45
knomewhy in the earth has wacomcpl been removed from lucid14:38
thorwilknome: there's no wacom-tools in lucid, seems to be have been merged in. linuxwacom dropped serial support for the version you need for the newer x-server15:14
thorwilso i had a lot of fun finding about about that, to then build a patched driver module15:14
knomelucid fails.15:30
doctormokwwii: Hello16:03
kwwiidoctormo: hi16:06
doctormokwwii: I figured we better stay in touch about the free culture show case on dA16:07
doctormokwwii: Thanks for the affiliation request16:07
kwwiidoctormo: indeed16:08
kwwiidoctormo: it seemed logical :-)16:09
kwwiidoctormo: I'd like to get the word out, going to blog about it and such16:09
doctormokwwii: Sorry I missed the UDS session, I think I was in another room.16:09
doctormokwwii: Otherwise I would have recommended just setting up a new gallery folder in the existing group.16:09
kwwiidoctormo: no worries, I think we have a good plan of attack, we just need to get the word out16:09
kwwiidoctormo: yeah, I thought about that but we need to be able to end the process, etc16:10
kwwiimaybe in the future that would be a better way to go16:10
doctormokwwii: How will you end the process in this instance?16:10
kwwiidoctormo: at some point in time we will cut off submissions and vote on the short-list16:11
kwwiifrom which the finalists will be chosen16:11
kwwiidoctormo: essentially, we will run it like we did the flickr photo contest in the past16:13
doctormokwwii: I think I can show you how to set that up with just a gallery folder16:14
kwwiihrm, I'd need to talk to ivanka about changes16:15
kwwiiI am afraid we've already announced it, etc16:15
kwwiidoctormo: the plus point of creating a gallery folder in #ubuntu-artists is that there are already members16:16
kwwiidoctormo: the down-side for Canonical is that we don't own that group16:16
kwwiialthough generally speaking that should not be a problem :-)16:16
doctormokwwii: OK if you look at the galleries: http://ubuntu-artists.deviantart.com/gallery/16:17
doctormokwwii: I've set it up so that all the existing galleries are same, you have to be a member to submit to them and they get approved before going through.16:18
doctormoBut the new gallery folder is different, anyone can submit and they get automatically approved, 4 per day max.16:18
kwwiihrm, the 4 per day is a limitation16:18
doctormokwwii: I can set it to anything, unlimited is also an option16:20
kwwiidoctormo: I think ideally we want to allow as many as possible to anyone16:20
kwwiimyself and others will have to patrol it daily16:21
doctormokwwii: That would be 4 per person, per day.16:21
kwwiithat sounds like enough16:21
kwwii4 per person is certainly enough, on a per day basis16:21
doctormoBut you could easily duplicate these settings for your new group, or I can make you an admin of the current group.16:22
kwwiidoctormo: but would you give us the rights to also control things?16:23
kwwiidoctormo: I have to cook dinner for my son, he is singing in the chior this evening....will you be online a bit later?16:24
doctormokwwii: Of course, you want control rights over just the folder or more than that, it's up to you, I know your accountable and you've signed the CoC right?16:24
kwwii(and hour or so)16:24
kwwiidoctormo: lol, yeah16:24
doctormoI will be online16:24
kwwiicool, I will ping you when I am back16:24
ivankahi doctormo16:53
ivankadoctormo: it would be very cool if we could send up the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase as a gallery in the ubuntu-artwork group16:53
ivankadoctormo: kwwii mentioned16:54
doctormoivanka: Yep, we've got the basic thing there http://ubuntu-artists.deviantart.com/gallery/2566768317:06
ivankadoctormo: I know it is within the ubuntu-artists group, but is it worth calling it the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase gallery? For the purposes of talking about it etc?17:10
doctormoivanka: Of course, call the gallery what ever you like.17:11
ivankadoctormo: do I have rights and the like?17:11
doctormoAnyone can add to it, no one has to be a member of ubuntu-artists first, so it doesn't really matter how it's advertised.17:11
doctormoivanka: I've sent out admin invitations to you and kwwii now, you'll be able to manage the gallery and see various admin pages.17:13
ivankadoctormo: thank you17:14
ivankaI will update my blog post and wiki page17:14
thorwilivanka: good evening. i saw you added lilypond to the FCShowcase wiki page. i think it is a bit far away from the results that we want. rather for an optional step, not an immediate part of the workflow18:37
ivankathorwil: I just added it as a creative tool,  maybe we could make composing a sub-section of audio?18:38
thorwilivanka: if you want a long list and not just a few pointer to the most important tools18:39
thorwilivanka: also, i have to wonder if the tools should be spun off that page. we already have https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation/Software , though that is admittedly a bit hidden18:42
ivankathorwil: The tools do make that page rather long18:43
ivankathorwil: so I think it would be better to make more of a big deal out of them somewhere else18:44
ivankathorwil: but I would like to keep lilypond18:44
thorwilivanka: ok, i'll add denemo to your lilypond :)18:44
ivankathorwil: ok :-)18:45
thorwilivanka: if you don't mind, i will take the tools and merge it them to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation/Software. and afterwards look into moving the link in Documentation to the top18:47
ivankathorwil: that seems very sensible18:48
ivankathorwil: what are your thoughts on how we classify all the audio and video stuff?18:50
thorwilivanka: hmm, you'll see my thoughs once i moved stuff ;)18:51
ivankathorwil: :-)18:51
ivankathorwil: ok - I will leave you to weave magic18:51
coz_has anyone seen darkmatter recently??19:10
knomecoz_, logs say last said something may 28th19:12
coz_hope he is ok19:13
doctormokwwii: Is this acceptable blog entry: http://doctormo.org/2010/06/24/free-culture-gallery/20:54
kwwiidoctormo: looks perfect20:55
doctormoPublished to the planet20:55
kwwiiexcellent, thanks!20:56
doctormokwwii: Does this Culture Showcase have a theme?21:01
kwwiidoctormo: no, it can be anything and everything21:26
kwwiiwell, within reason that is :p21:26
doctormokwwii: It helps to give people a prod with inspiration, so I've done this: http://ubuntu-artists.deviantart.com/blog/33090159/21:29
kwwiidoctormo: sounds good21:31
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