rjg_Everytime I try to stream a video via xine, it says buffering, gets to 100%. Then, instead of playing the video, it just leaves the xine logo where the video should be. can someone help me?03:46
stlsaintrjg_: do you have codecs to play the video?03:47
stlsaintrjg_: whats the video format?03:47
rjg_No idea for either - how would I find that out? I have trouble with any non-flash embedded video (in a web page).03:48
stlsaintrjg_: where are you streaming from?03:49
rjg_Anywhere on the web? Here's a random example: http://web.me.com/lalocreme/Lalo_Creme/More-1.html03:50
stlsaintrjg_: that was a bad example...are you unable to view youtube videos?03:53
rjg_no, youtube is fine03:53
rjg_it's only things that require xine that give me issues03:53
stlsaintrjg_: well really xine isnt *required* for anything that any other media player can do...can you be a bit more specific?03:54
rjg_any video (Like the link I just posted - can you explain why it's was a bad example? I'll try to find another one) that's embedded in a web page but does NOT use flash, and instead calls in xine does not play.03:55
stlsainthello hotfloppy03:57
zkriessehi hotfloppy03:57
zkriessehey stlsaint03:57
rjg_stlsaint: Here's another example of a video that refuses to play: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/ondemand/newtalent/music/sacha_involved?bgc=C0C0C0&nbram=1&lang=en&bbram=1&ms3=4&ms_javascript=true&bbcws=1&size=16x903:57
zkriessestlsaint: you still like wiki?03:57
hotfloppyhello guys..03:57
hotfloppysuch a warm welcome in here.. i like :)03:57
stlsaintrjg_: i am missing plugins for this vid...probably whats wrong with yours03:58
stlsaintrjg_: what browser are you using?03:58
stlsaintwin_2_linux: sup03:58
rjg_firefox 303:58
stlsainthotfloppy: first time in this channel03:58
stlsaintrjg_: you have any plugins installed?03:58
rjg_stlsaint: nope03:59
zkriessehotfloppy: cool03:59
hotfloppystlsaint: yeap.. just know that theres beginner channel for ubuntu .. lol03:59
stlsaintrjg_: can you try downloading opening the file via vlc or movie player04:00
stlsaintrjg_: im really leaning to codecs/plugins missing04:00
hotfloppyis someone use my nickname in here ?04:00
stlsainthotfloppy: yep yep04:00
rjg_is there any way I can findout which ones are missing and just install them?04:00
stlsainthotfloppy: no, its impossible for two identical nicknames to be used04:01
hotfloppystlsaint: yeap.. just curious.. i thought someone else use my nickname and do $hit in here.. lol..04:01
stlsaintrjg_: i think you need a text/html plugin....again i say THINK...not that i know for 100% sure04:02
rjg_ok, I might be back later - I'm going to go troll synaptic.04:03
zkriessehotfloppy: if you want to keep this nick type /msg nickserv help register04:03
hotfloppyzkriesse: register already :)04:03
zkriesseok cool04:03
hotfloppyzkriesse: just afraid if someone use 60sec period to do something stupid :P04:04
stlsaintzkriesse: wiki, yea why whats up?04:07
zkriessestlsaint: well if you wanna help out with bt wiki stuff join #ubuntu-beginners-wiki04:07
hotfloppyguys, by using APTonCD, can i just burn everything i already installed or do i need to redownloading ?04:08
hotfloppyi got a limited bandwidth usage here.. so, its convenient enough if i can put all the archive into the CD/DVD04:09
stlsaintyes thats what aptoncd does04:10
stlsainttake packages and install them onto another system, though i think that you will still need internet connection04:11
hotfloppystlsaint: means i need to redownloading all those packages again ?04:11
stlsainthotfloppy: correction, you can move those packages *without* internet connection04:12
stlsainthotfloppy: http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/04:12
stlsainthotfloppy: so yes you can backup your programs and install them again (with dependecies) without internet04:14
hotfloppystlsaint: thats great.. im going to check it.. be back later..04:15
hotfloppygot this error while loading the package on APTonCD -> FATAL -> Failed to fork.04:22
hotfloppyits seem like APTonCD is not Debian based friendly..04:23
stlsainthotfloppy: what distro are you running?04:25
hotfloppyubuntu 9.0404:26
_CommandeR_sweden way = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwlATf9xse4&feature=player_embedded04:31
stlsainthotfloppy: did you download the tar or deb?04:31
hotfloppystlsaint: apt-get04:32
stlsainthotfloppy: either network issue on aptoncd's end or on your end04:33
hotfloppystlsaint: theres no workaround ?04:35
stlsainthotfloppy: download deb and install via it04:36
hotfloppystlsaint: okay..04:38
win_2_linuxhow do you perm disable touchpad, i've tried synclient touchpadoff=1 and it works for while but the touchpad re activates again04:42
hotfloppystlsaint: nothing in http://sourceforge.net/projects/aptoncd/files/ :(04:42
win_2_linuxi prefer to use usb mouse04:42
stlsaintwin_2_linux: the drivers for the touchpad are found via synaptic...maybe removing them will disable it04:43
stlsaintwin_2_linux: does your touchpad not have a lock button on it?04:43
hotfloppywin_2_linux: try checking on System > Preferences > Mouse. go to TouchPad tab, untick the Enable Touchpad.04:44
hotfloppywin_2_linux: i'm currently using ubuntu 9.04.. might be different on the latest version ;)04:45
stlsainthotfloppy: http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/download.html try from here04:46
hotfloppystlsaint: will point to the same address as i gve04:48
hotfloppywin_2_linux: is your problem fixed ?04:48
stlsainthotfloppy: the server must be down atm04:49
stlsainthotfloppy: try at another time04:50
hotfloppystlsaint: okay.. thanks04:51
stlsainthotfloppy: aptoncd has been up and down for quite some time i believe04:54
hotfloppystlsaint: so, theres no aptoncd anymore ?04:56
andreiHi. How do I make xchat start by connecting auto and connecting to this channel?05:29
duanedesignto auto connect to channels..05:29
duanedesignandrei: its been awhile since i used it but does Ctrl+S will give you the networks list.05:30
duanedesignIn the Server list, select the Network you want to auto-connect to, click Edit and turn ON the "Auto connect to this network at startup" checkbox.05:33
andreiit does. i check Skip network list05:33
andreiAnd for the channel?05:34
andreiAnd how do I send whisper?05:35
LalithaHi, How do i get the output of the soundcard to the input of audacity so that i can record it ?05:36
duanedesignandrei: # Open the Xchat and click the Xchat menu (top left), selecting Network list05:38
duanedesign# Scroll down to Ubuntu Servers, then click edit. Highlight the auto connect button.05:38
duanedesign# Click the button to the right of the "favourite channels" box05:38
duanedesign# Close Xchat, reload and check this works for you05:38
duanedesign# Click add, then type #ubuntu05:38
duanedesignhello Lalitha , you might try the # Open the Xchat and click the Xchat menu (top left), selecting Network list05:39
duanedesign# Scroll down to Ubuntu Servers, then click edit. Highlight the auto connect button.05:39
duanedesign# Click the button to the right of the "favourite channels" box05:39
duanedesignsorry all05:39
duanedesign# Click add, then type #ubuntu05:39
duanedesignLalitha: you might try padevchooser05:40
duanedesignLalitha: it is in the repositories05:41
duanedesignafter you launch it an applet will appear in your top panel. It has a few different control panels05:41
duanedesigni think the 'Volume Control' is the one you want05:42
duanedesignstart Audacity and open the Volume Control. you can see what app is using what sound card05:44
duanedesignLalitha: ^05:45
duanedesigngood luck, off to read a bit05:45
Lalithaduanedesign, thanks.05:56
drew212what makes ubuntu different from debian?06:14
win_2_linuxgood question06:15
win_2_linuxwell i'm going  bye06:16
=== bgs100 is now known as bgs000
Lalithadrew212, ubuntu was derived from debian.06:33
Lalithadrew212, If am correct , Ubuntu is by a great company canonical.. but Debian is just managed by the users themselves/06:34
drew212Lalitha: yeah, i was more looking for the software differences, but there really isn't much difference06:35
Lalithadrew212, I too am a beginner. But what i know is, whenever in a site that provides a downlaod for debian, it works on ubuntu too.06:35
Lalithacoolbhavi, "ChanServ gives voice to coolbhavi" what does this mean ?06:38
drew212Lalitha: yeah, i try to stick with software packaged by ubuntu though, i help with debugging and it makes things easier.06:39
coolbhaviLalitha, hi! it gives the voice privilege to a user of the channel.06:40
Lalithacoolbhavi, voice priv = able to make replies ??  So i too have that pri ? But why didn't that apepar to me when i logged in xchat06:40
Lalithacoolbhavi, sorry . But i am new to ubuntu. But still, i use #ubuntu and #ubu beginners. will i be banned for using both ?? :'(06:43
coolbhaviLalitha, No! donot worry for discussing this topic head over to #ubuntu-beginners-team06:44
Peter____Anything going on in here? Or are well just staring at blankness?08:07
ibuclaw!seen bodhi_zazen08:07
ubot2I have no seen command08:07
ibuclawHi there Peter____ :-)08:08
Peter____hi :)08:08
Peter____So I was wondering, is this a good place to ask a question about hibernation--I really have searched the hell out of the Ubuntu forums and tried a ton of things with no resolution08:10
ibuclawPeter____, hibernation is a wee bit low-level. And I doubt can receive any sort of resolution in short timeframe... at least, not without causing side effects / other quirks to pop up :-)08:12
ibuclawPeter____, you can use https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspendHibernateResume08:14
ibuclawfor reporting a bug on your hardware08:14
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UbuntUserHi everyone! Could you help me? I've donwloaded a Ubuntu 10.4 cd image but I haven't got any CDs on this moment. Is there any problem if I burn it in a DVD-R? (This may seem silly but I've never done before :S) Thanks!!16:03
hobgoblinthat is fine UbuntUser16:03
Silver_Fox_No issue with that16:04
duanedesign'lo all16:05
Silver_Fox_Please be aware that the DVD will use a higher burn speed16:05
Silver_Fox_But should be fine :D16:05
UbuntUserOk. I'll do it. Thanks you very much16:06
phillwi use dvd-r's as i cannot get ubuntu to burn a cd at a slow speed :-\16:07
phillwthey work just fine :-)16:07
Silver_Fox_Think I am just old school then. Slower the better in my book :)16:07
duanedesignSilver_Fox_: yeah that is what i have always followed as a general 'rule of thumb'16:08
Silver_Fox_UbuntUser,  You could also choose to burn to USB16:09
Silver_Fox_Though that may not be what you would want :)16:09
dragondonfounds this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31878916:51
dragondonI'm getting "no space left on device" when I run "sudo cp ~/NewBiosFiles/* /tmp/cdr", anyone got a moment to quick review the steps from that link?16:51
=== bgs000 is now known as bgs100
hobgoblindragondon: I'd be checking the output of df -h first - if it means nothing pastebin it to paste.ubuntu.com17:01
dragondonyeah, filled up the temp dir....annoying as this is for a CD-rom based flash....ugh...17:03
hobgoblindragondon: try this first sudo apt-get autoclean17:04
hobgoblinmight clear enough room - that said you're obviously close to the limit anyway - and also check the trash17:04
hobgoblinif still not enough room after that you could clear all of the apt cache17:05
hobgoblinsudo apt-get clean17:05
dragondonhobgoblin: thanks, am gonna try just cp'ing the only file I need (1MB).17:06
hobgoblindragondon: k - well when you get odd issues on boot it could well be the lasck of space - make a note of the commands, you might need them soon anyway :)17:09
dragondonhobgoblin: thanks, can't make it any worse that the already corrupt BIOS....17:10
andreiis forwarding all my ports in my router a security hole?17:28
duanedesignandrei: yes17:31
duanedesignandrei: A DMZ or De Militarized Zone is a way of forwarding to one PC all ports17:31
duanedesignthis almost always solves the problem in that the ports needed will be opened to the host computer. The considerable downside of this method is that the "dangerous" ports used by hackers to probe and penetrate insecure computers will be forwarded as well.17:32
andreii think i saw that in my router admin page (DMZ) but why is it security hole? aren't my ports closed on my machine?17:32
jmburgessandrei: if you are running a local firewall on your machine and manage it correctly than you are fine17:35
jmburgessbut most people don't run a local firewall if they have a router, putting that machine in the DMZ is really opening it up to the world17:36
andreithe reason is this. i work as a it technician in a university and my boss suggested i learn linux - that's why i installed it in my home machine. now the network is administered by a firm and if i want to put a linux machine at my workplace to play around with it a little more... i dont want to call them every time i need a port forwarding. that's the reason for the question. will they do it17:38
iceflatlineAnother option would be triggered ports and/or UPnP17:41
andreiport knocking17:42
jmburgessupnp is much less secure than dmzing and then just running your own firewall17:46
jmburgessYou can run your own firewall, you just have to be aware of the responsiblitiy of it17:46
jmburgessLike if this is just a box you want to play around with, it probably makes sense to use it with the DMZ so you can learn firewalls and such17:48
andreiBut an attacker can only damage that perticular computer right? I - actualy we because i have 2 colleagues that we want to set up a linux server and hook 2 3 computers to it just to play around and learn. We have a room full with stacks of old pc's17:48
jmburgessI mean especially of there isn't anything really important on it, it shouldn't be too bad if you do get hacked17:48
andreiThat ^^^ yes17:49
andreigather experience17:49
jmburgessit depends on the attack, but generally yes, it is possible to spread the hack to windows PCS though17:49
andreiboss wants us to take over the network administration17:49
jmburgess.  but those viruses generally come from opening emails and forwarding them to people17:49
andreiit's a fine piece of os apart that i spent 3 days to get my network and sound running17:50
andreiWhy do i have to import music after every shutdown in rythmbox17:53
jmburgessummm you shouldn't have to,are you changing the loc. of the music dir17:55
andreiok after i import something then all the other music shows17:55
andreiwhen i first fire rythmbox nothing is in17:55
andreican i play music in terminal?17:56
holsteincheck out mp3blaster :)17:57
holsteinif you install vlc player, you can use cvlc from the command line17:59
ubot2Factoid 'aplay' not found18:00
andreiOh oh...what is the linux telnet program18:03
andreiOh no linux has porn popups too18:05
jmburgessandrei: but they come from websites, not random viruses18:06
=== Guest32331 is now known as compiledkernel
andreihow do i whisper?18:08
andreiar is that red text not whisper18:08
andreino shockwave in ubuntu? it does not appear in software center18:26
hobgoblinnope - no shockwave18:30
andreiwindows +118:31
hobgoblinI'm not interested in windows, nor what it has or doesn't have,  in the slightest andrei18:32
holsteini think its shockwave -1 :)18:33
holsteinsend an email18:34
holsteinlet whatever site or service know that you cant use there product from linux18:34
todd81hello, I am new to linux and have a question about conifiguring it on my laptop18:54
todd81I have a Vaio VGN-FS740/W and i cannot get the function keys on it to work18:55
todd81There are buttons for controlling the volume, brightness, etc18:56
todd81I'm using the latest version of Ubuntu.  I just installed it last night18:56
todd81I searched on the internet about this issue and I cant find any answers for the latest ubuntu version.  It looks like this involves entering commands into the terminal.  I know nothing about the linux command line19:03
mathaytodd81: I'm using a Vaio VGN-FZ190 and my function keys don't work either. They haven't since 7.10.19:06
mathaytodd81: to be honest, I'm not sure if there is a fix. I'll run a quick search.19:07
zkriessehello todd81 and howdy mathay19:07
mathayHey zkriesse19:07
todd81Here is a much easier question to answer.  How much RAM should I have for Ubuntu?  I have 512mb right now and I know I need more.  this laptop can handle upto 2gb.  Would 1gb be enough just for basic internet use?  Is 2gb a waste of money?19:10
zkriessei'd go with 219:11
zkriessejust because if you decide to do a bit more graphic intensive stuff down the road you can19:11
zkriesseand it never hurts to have more ram19:11
* zkriesse runs on two19:11
mathaytodd81: I'm having trouble finding anything. I know it has been an issue.19:13
todd81It sounds like a driver problem.  I'll check back later on and see if there is a solution19:15
mathaytodd81: you could always file a bug report/look for the problem on Launchpad. I've been too lazy to do that. ;[19:15
todd81how do I do that?19:16
mathayWell, first go to https://launchpad.net/ and sign up/in.19:19
mathayAnd then go here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs19:22
mathayLook for the problem you're experiencing and you can subscribe to the bug.19:24
mathayActually, this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/6628 is the issue I have.19:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 6628 in Ubuntu Dapper (and 1 other project) "FN keys not working on vaio VGN-FS215E (heat: 11)" [Medium,Invalid]19:24
mathayIt's no longer invalid, according to Launchpad.19:25
zkriessehello win_2_linux19:26
mathaytodd81: I hope I haven't sufficiently confused you, lol.19:26
zkriessemathay: well if we don't overwhelm him maybe we can recruit!19:27
mathayzkriesse: to what??19:27
_CommandeR_wup wup o/19:27
hobgoblinly mathay19:27
mathayzkriesse: I'm not even on the team. :p19:28
goodtimehey fellas19:28
hobgoblinmathay: more not team than team in this channel :)19:28
mathayhobgoblin: ah, yes. I follow now. I'm moving slow today, haha19:29
zkriesseit's the URUKHAI!!!19:30
zkriessehow goes it hobgoblin19:30
win_2_linuxwhen i put down the lid on my laptop and reopen it I can't bring it back up, no matter what setting I use I researched on the web saw some thread but no one seemed to have a solution at that time?19:30
hobgoblinslowly winding down to nighttime zkriesse19:30
goodtimekeep it open19:30
zkriessewin_2_linux: are you suspending it?19:30
zkriessehobgoblin: ah19:31
todd81i was away for a few minutes.  I'm going to look into that.  thanks19:33
win_2_linuxcan ubuntu handle tar.bz2  files?19:37
hobgoblinwin_2_linux: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression19:38
hobgoblinwin_2_linux: your suspend issue will need more information - laptop model might help, ram, swap and what you've done19:39
win_2_linuxhobgoblin dell d600 not sure about swap used wubi to install it to play with it until i can do a total clean install19:47
zkriesseOh Wubi eh?19:47
zkriessethink that might be an issue mathay ?19:47
win_2_linuxyes, wubi lol19:48
ddecatorwubi never had issues back when i used it (until windows messed it up :/)19:48
win_2_linuxhow do you compile from source lol i'm trying to install xchat 2.8.8 since the version in the repository is old an dhas a bug in it19:49
win_2_linuxkind of figured so i guess i'll just have it shutdown then19:54
zkriessehello aleixosk20:00
aleixoskhi guys20:00
aleixoskI asked here a few weeks ago about samba...  somebody gave me this link:20:01
aleixoskand well, my pc is still not visible on my local netwotk :-/20:03
aleixoskif I go to System -> Preference -> Personal File Sharing and click the top choice “Share public files on network”, only my "Public" folder is shared, nothing else...20:05
win_2_linuxhow come ubuntu doesn't recognize ./configure20:06
aleixosksamba has been giving me headaches since I first installed ubuntu... so a little help would be nice :)20:07
aleixoskwin_2_linux, did you browse to that directory?20:09
win_2_linuxaleixosk  it worked sorry20:12
win_2_linuxis kde better than gnome20:17
jmburgesswin_2_linux: hahahahaha, not a question anybody except for you can answer20:17
jmburgessaleixosk: what isn't working with samba?20:18
win_2_linuxjmburgess i suspected you would say that lol20:18
jmburgesswin_2_linux: yeah I have switched back and forth throughout the years.  MY current favorite is gnome but I still checkout KDE once and while to see if I like that20:19
jmburgessI also run a alot of light weight interfaces so I only really run gnome one machine20:20
aleixoskwin_2_linux, you can also compare yourself and see what you like: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kdegnome20:21
aleixoskjmburgess, my pc doesn't appear on the local network. Well, I'm sharing nothing and I don't know why....20:25
jmburgessaleixosk:ok are you able to ping that server from another comp?20:28
aleixoskjmburgess, yes, I am20:37
win_2_linuxi decided to install it20:38
win_2_linuxto check it out20:38
win_2_linuxanyone know how to get text to speech to work for ventrillo?20:39
jmburgessaleixosk: and are you sure you are sharing things on the server?20:50
aleixoskerr... yes?20:51
aleixoskjmburgess, at least two folders are being shared...20:52
duanedesignwin_2_linux: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=983221:07
jmburgessaleixosk: hmmmm have you tried connecting directly to it from windows21:17
jmburgesssuch as \\ipaddress21:18
aleixoskjmburgess: no I haven't.... Should I try it tomorrow?21:32
aleixosktoday it's too late :P21:32
bobo123...it is never to late, to push things to tomorrow ;-)21:54
jmburgessyeah try that tomorrow22:07
aleixoskjmburgess, ok, I'll try that.... thanks and until tomorrow22:16
zkriesseah hello compiledkernel22:27
zkriessewelcome suprengr22:28
=== compiledkernel is now known as Guest89362
zkriessehello Danawar122:30
suprengrzkriesse: hi to you too, can't stay... currently in conversation on other channel22:49
bobo123hi suprengr and zkriesse. nena problema today, or?  :-)23:07
zkriesseme? have a problem?23:08
zkriesseno not at all..i help with problems not ask them23:08
bobo123if my problem is that there are missing features in nautilus filemanager and would like an recommendation of an IDE to use to modify the source, am I beyond beginner then?23:10
zkriesseWell that depends upon how you define yourself23:10
zkriesseWe help all levels of 'Buntu knowledge here...not just a beginners level23:11
suprengrbobo123: sorry for delay... any ideas on restoring Firefox default/ normal system fony in Firefox [lucud]???23:14
suprengrbobo123: fony = font23:14
zkriessesuprengr: What did you do?23:15
zkriessesuprengr: Changed the font on yourself and wanna change it back. Is that it?23:15
suprengrzkriesse:   I use [& have so done through 3 ububun versions witjh no probs].  I noticed after an update that at sign-on i was also offered a KDE session23:18
zkriesseOk what now?23:18
suprengrzkriesse: ...tried it, only use was command line or Alt-F2 so I[using synaptic]also downloaded KDE basic....  tried it.,,, hated it as much as previous KDE live CDs] and ... absoloutelty removed all traces of KDE23:21
zkriessewhat did you try though23:22
zkriessewhat do you use the com line for?23:22
phillwsuprengr: you can head over to http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome to remove all of kubuntu23:23
bobo123ok good to know. if you know a nice IDE that isn't dependent on java, I like to hear about it.23:24
suprengrzkriesse: all was removed  ...for some reason however - Firefox is now using a KDE type font for menu-bar, menus and default page dispaly...  it doesnt work with my current pair of eyes so ik'm23:24
zkriessesuprengr: did you remove the KDE package from the Software Center?23:25
zkriesseBecause if so you really didn't remove it23:25
bobo123zkriesse: I suppose that any settings change in firefox you make is easily finded and restored to default in the about:console23:25
suprengrphillw: will have a look and try... cheers23:25
zkriessephillw: I was just gonna post that23:25
suprengrzkriesse: yeh... guessed that...  ;D23:25
zkriessephillw: gotta love the cat23:26
phillwzkriesse: he's one real cool dude :-)23:26
zkriessephillw: I think i've talked to him a couple of times...not sure though23:26
phillwalthough, as he's a mod, I suppose I should call mib 'Sir' :p23:27
suprengrps i used :   sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop23:27
zkriessesuprengr: you need to use the WHOLE command23:27
zkriessephillw: I forget his nick23:28
suprengrzkriesse:   que????23:28
zkriessesuprengr: because if you don't you'll still have leftover packages23:28
zkriesseunless there is some you wish to keep23:29
phillwzkriesse: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41680223:30
phillwsuprengr: the whole command string is quite long !!23:30
suprengr...yek i use kpassx& scribus... but never had prob over 3 distros until i got curious...23:30
suprengrzkriesse: but they can be reinstalled after... on assumption that before my curiousty killed the cat all was ok#23:32
zkriesseThey can23:32
zkriesseDon't worry. Just ran that same line myself yesterday23:32
zkriesseand once before on a different time..no issues either times23:32
suprengrzkriesse: cheers,,, that givesconfidence23:33
suprengrzkriesse: thanks23:33
zkriesseNo prob23:33
zkriesselet me know how it goes my friend23:33
suprengrwill do...23:34
suprengrsigning off now to 1/ sleep & 2/ do the dirty7 on kde ;)23:35
win_2_linuxwhats the dirty723:35
zkriesseand hello to you win_2_linux23:36
stlsaintwin_2_linux: dirty?23:37
stlsaintaye, i see now23:37
win_2_linuxyeah someone said they were going to do the dirty7 on kde23:37
zkriesseI'm assuming that means windows 723:38
zkriessewin_2_linux: Hey just a thought..do you wish to keep your current nick?23:38
stlsaintzkriesse: on kde??23:38
zkriesseI give up23:39
win_2_linuxit wasn't me23:39
stlsaintthats impossible, unless your referring to a virtual machine...other than that he is watching porn!23:39
win_2_linuxzkiesse why do you ask23:39
zkriessestlsaint: ooh...hey join -wiki again23:39
zkriessewin_2_linux: just asking because if you do i'd register it with nickserv23:39
win_2_linuxactually i was thinking of changing it, to something like23:41
=== win_2_linux is now known as totallinuxnoob
stlsainttotallinuxnoob: thats actually a pretty common name in various forms!23:41
totallinuxnoobthe one i was going to do is rather totallinuxnoobfromwin23:42
totallinuxnoobbutond't want to be ridiculous23:42
totallinuxnoobif were if i were going ot go with my old nick from years ago it would be /kendoggie23:42
=== totallinuxnoob is now known as kendoggie
kendoggielol had that nick for a long time23:43
stlsaintkendoggie: first name basis eh?23:43
kendoggieor my wow name talios23:43
=== kendoggie is now known as talios
talioswho stole my wow nick23:43
stlsaintanother wow player who came to linux before you23:44
taliosyeah but its the name of my mage there can't be two talio's23:44
zkriessetalios: please don't do multiple nick changes in channel23:44
talioswell i can go on my lock23:44
=== talios is now known as Ezzaravvri
stlsaintEzzaravvri: i ask that you do name chosing in another environment and do not spam this channel (please)23:45
stlsaintaye, didnt mean to shew the poor lad off23:48
zkriessestlsaint: aye23:49
Ezzaravvriyou didn't23:49
stlsaintseymour: hello23:50
Ezzaravvriso i can't register a nick until i decide which one or one's i'd prefer lol23:50
stlsaintzkriesse: yes?23:50
=== seymour is now known as Guest8762
zkriessehello sey23:51
zkriessestlsaint: I mean aye to your above line about scaring him off23:51
stlsaintEzzaravvri: to prevent the IRC gurus from coming down on you yes i would suggest only regsitering the nick you choose and maybe a few as grouping nicks23:51
zkriesseEzzaravvri: type /msg nickserv help register when you choose you nick of choice23:52
zkriesseEzzaravvri: and if you wish to have a different nick you can group it to your account by changing to that nick and if it's not already in use you can type /msg nickserv group23:52

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