trinikronohey does anyone know where the default time for inactive monitor times in gnome power manager are set, in ubuntu or upstream i have this bug 371195 that i would like to get triaged00:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 371195 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Blacklight stays lit (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37119500:22
trinikronohey guys02:19
trinikronoif i have a bug filed a against a package02:19
trinikronoand it says that is crashed on resuming from hibernation, should i file it against linux also?02:20
hggdhtrinikrono: what crashed? The application, or Linux?02:23
trinikronohey hggdh, the application , in this case it was checkgmail02:24
trinikronoi meant if to file it against the kernel also (linux package)02:24
hggdhtrinikrono: right now I see no reason to open a task for linux02:25
trinikronowas jut curious here02:25
hggdhwhat might have happened is (something like) checkgmail tried to use the network just after resuming, it was not yet there, and the appl crashed02:26
hggdhuntil something can be tied to kernel resume, this is still only an application issue02:27
trinikronohggdh: next one bug 151226, i believe this bug can be closed now02:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 151226 in checkgmail (Ubuntu) "Synaptic recommends libsexymm2, which is useless (missing Perl bindings) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15122602:27
trinikronothe question is weither it is invalid or fix released02:28
trinikronosince it works fine now02:28
trinikronoit is a pretty old bug they filed02:28
hggdhtrinikrono: state it is working on <release>; the bug was opened against Hardy, it seems. Hardy desktop is still supported02:31
hggdhtrinikrono: it is not invalid, anyways, this is a real bug. It can go to either wontfix or fix released02:33
hggdhfrom where it is now02:33
hggdhbut I would still keep it open02:33
trinikronoi was thinking fix released02:33
trinikronowe dont have a response for fix released?02:35
hggdhtrinikrono: sorry, got busy02:54
trinikronowell i found a nice one on the responses page02:54
trinikronoi am sending out gentle reminders on bugs now02:54
hggdhtrinikrono: usually, when (say) a Lucid bug gets fixed on the Maverick version, we willclode the bug fix released02:54
hggdhbut, in this case, this was opened on Hardy, and lagged unresolved until Lucid02:55
trinikronowell its okie now02:55
hggdhso... yes, you can close fix released. BUT -- make sure you write down the workaround in the bug description02:55
trinikronono workaround now02:56
trinikronoit just works now :D02:56
trinikronobefore they where complaining about dependcies when installing the package02:56
trinikronobut now it works fine02:56
micahghggdh: hi :) are you familiar with a lack of context menu on indicators?02:56
hggdhhi micahg. I guess you mean the lack of left-click actions?03:08
micahghggdh: right click :)03:10
hggdhmicahg: sorry, the usual confusion on left-handed people ;-)03:10
hggdhmicahg: IIRC, this is proposital -- there should not be any need of conext menus on indicators03:11
hggdh(which, I agree, is a major change in paradigm)03:12
micahghggdh: right, I was wondering if you could pen a canned response quoting that lack of need, I see bugs frequently reporting the issue03:12
hggdhmicahg: oh. K. I will research the official explanations, and try something03:13
micahghggdh: thank you, feel free to hand off to someone else that might know more :)03:13
hggdhmicahg: easy, everybody knows more than I do :-)03:13
micahghggdh: you know that's not what I meant ;)03:14
trinikronoexcuse me guys03:23
trinikronoisnt firefox 3.6 in lucid?03:24
micahgtrinikrono: yes03:24
trinikronolol? bug 59769103:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 597691 in ubuntu (and 1 other project) "Please push to latest FF (3.6.*) (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59769103:25
* micahg wishes people would stop filing those03:25
trinikronowhat is the issue here?03:25
trinikronoclearly i am confused lol03:25
micahgtrinikrono: actually, I think the user just wants the latest zeitgeist03:25
trinikronoso its a package request for zeitgeist?03:26
micahgtrinikrono: not really sure03:26
micahgtrinikrono: you could ask the user to clarify the request03:28
trinikronofor real03:28
trinikronoima gonna use the !vague thing03:28
trinikronoalso can i assign it to firefox?03:29
micahgtrinikrono: k03:29
trinikronoor just make sure what he is doing first03:29
micahgtrinikrono: please no unless it's a firefox request03:29
micahgtrinikrono: thanks03:29
drew212micahg: do you have time to tell me what should be in a proper bug report?03:30
micahgdrew212: bug or crash report?03:30
micahgdrew212: k, so, a proper crash report will contain a coredump that can be retraced by the retracer03:31
micahgdrew212: what03:31
micahgdrew212: what's uploaded is a .crash file by apport03:31
micahgdrew212: the problem is not everyone's machine can generate these03:32
micahgdrew212: the alternative is a  local gdb backtrace03:32
micahgdrew212: questions?03:32
drew212aren't there times where apport fails?03:32
micahgdrew212: yes03:32
drew212so how can we tell whats a good one and whats a bad one?03:33
micahgdrew212: well, the retracer will tell you if it can't do the job (i.e. *-retrace-failed tags)03:33
micahgdrew212: otherwise, you might see some of the files from a .crash attached to a bug w/out the coredump and stacktraces03:34
drew212so how do we get a local gdb backtrace if it fails?03:34
micahg!backtrace | drew21203:34
ubot2drew212: To get a backtrace of a failing application please read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace03:34
drew212are there times when apport gets a successful backtrace but it doesnt contain the information needed?03:36
micahgdrew212: yes, flash can be a good example03:36
drew212is there anything in the files i should look for? (an example would probably be beneficial)03:37
micahgdrew212: well, it takes practice to read a backtrace03:38
micahgdrew212: the stacktrace and threadedstacktrace files should be what to look at03:38
drew212micahg: ill hit you up if i have any questions later, thanks! ;-)03:41
micahgdrew212: k, np03:41
micahgdrew212: it took me quite a while to be able to read the stacktraces usefully03:41
trinikronomicahg: what should i do if users complain about a memory leak in a application in a bug03:49
trinikronowhat i mean is what to ask for03:49
micahgtrinikrono: which bug?03:49
trinikronobug 38226703:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 382267 in checkgmail (Debian) (and 1 other project) "memory leak (affects: 5) (heat: 37)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38226703:50
micahgtrinikrono: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valgrind03:50
micahgtrinikrono: there should be a response for it too03:51
trinikronoyes vlagrind  i was wondering what that was lol03:51
micahghggdh: still around?03:53
trinikronoand providing i get the op to get a valgrind log03:57
trinikronowhat will we do with it micahg03:57
micahgtrinikrono: that I don't know :)03:57
trinikronoi must say it looks like quiet alot of work to do03:58
micahgtrinikrono: memory leaks aren't easy things to fix04:02
trinikronoshould i look for a upstream bug now?04:02
trinikronomicahg: it appears to be upstream also, so i will go and put the link to the upstream bugtracker04:08
micahgtrinikrono: great04:09
ddecatorlooks like micahg does a good job of taking my place ;)04:38
micahgddecator: ?04:38
trinikronoi was writing so much my pen died04:39
ddecatormicahg: you're doing a good job of answering the questions of both of my students, haha04:39
micahgddecator: ah, wanna take my 2?04:39
* micahg hasn't contacted them yet04:39
trinikronoi am one04:39
ddecatormicahg: oh, didn't know you had two04:39
micahgddecator: yeah, and I can't handle any right now, all I can do is answer quick Qs04:40
ddecatorsounds like the admins are doing a good job04:40
ddecatormicahg: well i appreciate you helping them out :)04:40
micahgddecator: np, we help each other :)04:41
trinikronoddecator: you know i am now reading about the launchpad email interface, its good right?04:41
ddecatortrinikrono: i've never actually used the email interface, but i've seen comments submitted that way04:41
trinikronoddecator: maybe because your inbox is beyond repair lol?04:42
ddecatortrinikrono: haha, only at the moment. i keep meaning to tackle all of my bugmail, but other things keep coming up04:43
trinikronoddecator: you ever had to track a memory leak?04:43
ddecatortrinikrono: can't say i have..04:44
ddecatortrinikrono: other than watching top to see if memory usage skyrockets04:44
trinikronoi found one in checkgmail bug 38226704:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 382267 in checkgmail (Debian) (and 2 other projects) "memory leak (affects: 5) (heat: 38)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38226704:44
trinikronoso far all i did was add a bug tracker and put !valgrind04:44
ddecatortrinikrono: looks good so far :)04:47
trinikronoi wanted to try out the email interface, but it says i need to sign messages =\04:52
trinikronoi use gmail04:52
ddecatorsign like with a pgp key?04:53
trinikronoyes, i regeistered the one in launchpad04:53
micahgtrinikrono: you can use gmail w/Thunderbird for signing04:56
trinikronowhat about evolution?04:57
micahgtrinikrono: idk, probably05:01
ddecatorseems like there would be a way05:01
* micahg is on the Mozilla Team, not GNOME :)05:01
trinikronolol you guys dont use the email interface much?05:01
* ddecator uses gmail in prism :)05:01
trinikronolooks like im with you guys on the thunderbird bandwagon05:21
ddecatori can't get used to tb until it has conversation style threading05:23
micahgddecator: well, you get message based threading05:23
ddecatormicahg: yah, i enabled that, but i didn't like it as much05:24
nigelbmicahg: how do I change default template for thunderbird mails?05:43
nigelbfile-> save as -> templates doesn't work :/05:43
micahgnigelb: probably in preferences05:43
trinikronohey is it hugday today?05:53
nigelbif its thursday in your tz, yes05:54
ddecatorso yes :)05:55
ddecatoridk if i ever got an email saying what the focus is..05:55
* micahg got the emails but forgot05:57
micahgfontconfig :)05:57
ddecatorhuh...i wonder if my filter accidentally caught it05:58
ddecatorhuh, the one from two bugdays ago did, but i never got one for today's :(06:00
trinikronoapparently you can just reply to the bug email address and it comes up in launchpad with pgp keys or anything06:22
trinikronoi mean none06:22
ddecatoryah, it shows up as a comment06:27
trinikronoso how do we triage font bugs lol?07:37
trinikronoi saw something in QA wiki that said i should assign myself to a bug until a bug triaged, does that stand?08:14
kermiactrinikrono: only assign yourself to a bug report if you intend to fix the bug08:33
trinikrono:D, thats what i thought must be a old wiki08:34
kermiactrinikrono: have you got a link to that wiki page?08:34
trinikronoapparently thats how they used to do it08:35
kermiacok, thanks trinikrono08:36
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trinikronois there any triagers online09:28
kermiactrinikrono | !ask09:34
kermiachaha fail09:34
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:34
trinikrono:D does dpkg reconfigure fontconfig-config work for you in lucid?09:35
trinikronodoesnt work for me in jaunty09:35
trinikronoor look at bug 34966309:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 349663 in fontconfig (Ubuntu) "debconf options still present but not working (affects: 12) (dups: 3) (heat: 50)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34966309:35
kermiactrinikrono: that command doesn't appear to do anything for me on Lucid either.09:39
kermiactrinikrono: I experienced the same behaviour as the last comment in that bug report09:40
trinikronoso just to find a upstream bug then we can triage it?09:44
kermiactrinikrono: yup, that seems like the right way to go (although I'm def. not an expert in that package). FWIW asac set that bug to triaged over a year ago & somone (wrongly) changed it to confirmed09:50
trinikronoso you will put it back to triaged and  i will close it?09:52
trinikronoouch and they say to use it on a wikipage09:55
kermiactrinikrono: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig" (from the wiki page) worked for me10:07
trinikronowell apparently they pulled the -configure10:08
trinikronokermiac: you still there, bug 539008 i think can wishlist10:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 539008 in fontconfig (Ubuntu) "Microsoft Sans Serif maps to Thai font even on european setups (affects: 2) (heat: 38)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53900810:20
trinikronoor ask that they test in maverick10:21
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vishxteejx: you had me confused for a sec there ;)10:57
vishxteejx: i usually close 3-4 bugs together :)10:57
xteejxvish: Ohhh right didn't realise thought you'd missed 1 :)10:58
chilicuilhi there, I've seen here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/Planning that today is gonna be a hug day, I wonder what time is gonna be the meeting if any, what I need to do to help?, this will be my first first time11:31
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smallfoot-why i get sata errors on my disk if my cd drive is plugged in?13:20
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seb128pedro_, hey14:13
pedro_bonjour seb12814:13
seb128pedro_, how are you?14:13
seb128pedro_, busy today? ;-)14:13
seb128pedro_, I've a mission for bugsquad ;-)14:14
pedro_seb128, like always ;-)14:14
pedro_seb128, sure, what's the mission? ;-)14:14
* pedro_ listen14:14
pedro_reading works too14:14
pedro_morning kamusin14:15
seb128pedro_, so gst0.10-python has some 139 bugs registered14:15
seb128I noticed that yesterday and wait "no way so many people use that"14:15
seb128pedro_, so it seems checkbox files all the "sound is not working correctly" bug there for some reason14:15
seb128pedro_, could somebody try to figure what would be the right component for those bugs, it's not gst0.10-python in any case14:16
seb128pedro_, and maybe reassing all the current bugs to that component or something14:16
seb128pedro_, and make sure checkbox got updated to stop doing that?14:16
pedro_seb128, yeap I'll coordinate something to move those bugs from there and ping cr3 about the checkbox part14:17
* pedro_ kicks cr314:17
kamusinhey pedro_ :)14:17
pedro_thanks seb12814:17
pedro_kamusin, ready to squash some bugs on the bug day?14:19
kamusinalways ready haha (go go go #chi)14:23
genuxhi all, if someone going throught a bug from start to finish today ?14:36
genuxso that I can follow what you are doing ?14:36
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vishpedro_: did the bugsquad/BC mailing list get the mail about the mentorship student pruning mail i sent a few hrs ago?15:49
* vish seems to be having problem with mail15:49
pedro_vish, yes! thanks for the update ;-)15:50
vishpedro_: cool ,thanks..  files a bug in rt :)15:50
vish* /me15:50
vishi dont seem to be getting copies of the mails i send :/15:51
pedro_is your alias linked to a gmail address?15:52
pedro_i don't get any copy i send trough my gmail account15:52
pedro_seems its designed to be that way...15:52
vishpedro_: yeah , gmail.15:52
pedro_well could be the same15:53
vishhmm.. so not a bug15:53
pedro_vish, there's maybe something to check/uncheck in the web preferences though15:54
vishpedro_: i checked that in the mailman mailing list prefs but still it doesnt work , and the mails to the lp mailing list [BC] should have worked.. seems gmail is doing something ;)15:55
* vish checks gmail prefs , probably something hiding there15:56
vishpedro_: thanks for the confirmation, about gmail thingee..15:56
pedro_vish, if you find it  please let me know ;-)15:56
vishpedro_: sure thing15:57
* vish had asked nigelb and he scared me .. 15:57
vishnigelb: pff15:57
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Picijpds: *poke*, got a question about old-releases.u.c16:11
Picijpds: Is it worth filing a but/rt ticket about old-releases' intrepid backports/proposed missing packages for i386 arch?16:15
jpdsPici: ŧ16:15
jpdsPici: Which packages is it missing for example?16:15
Picijpds: All of them? There simply isn't a binary-i386 folder in (for example) http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-backports/universe/16:16
jpdsPici: Ports is there, the [now un-]supported intrepid archive is yet to be moved over.16:18
Picijpds: Ah. Okay.16:18
jpdsPici: Can you try again? We've moved the x86 stuff across.16:35
Picijpds: You didn't need to do it now... but it looks good at-a-glance to me.16:36
jpdsPici: Sooner is better than later™.16:37
Picijpds: Thanks16:37
jpds[Though intrepid will sit on archive.u.c for a little longer]16:37
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psusibugs are not the place for help requests right?  so if someone has managed to mess up their system but otherwise does not really have a bug to report, should they be sent to the ubuntu forums for help and the bug report closed?18:24
dutchieperhaps there should be a bug against whatever allowed them to mess up their system ;)18:24
psusiI mean like if say, they filed a bug report against nethack because they were playing that when their system crashed, and now they can't boot or access the filesystem and are asking for help repairing the system to boot or at least recovering their data... that doesn't really belong in a bug report does it?18:28
ddecatorpsusi: if it's a support question, there is a "Covert to Question" link that can turn the report into a question on LP Answers18:30
psusihrm.. maybe you could take a look at bug #598086 and see what I mean...18:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 598086 in dmraid (Ubuntu) "system stops booting after message JDB: barrier-based sync failed on md1-8 - disabling barriers ... wrong # of devices in RAID (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59808618:31
psusithis doesn't actually have anything to do with the dmraid package...18:32
EricJsimilar to a problem of mine, tho.18:32
psusiso you think I should convert it to a question?  but what is the question and what package?  since it doesn't really have anything to do with dmraid...18:35
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psusihrm... the help page on lp says that after 2 weeks of being in needs information state, questions are supposed to automatically expire, but that does not seem to be happening...19:23
elopiopedro_: are you available now?19:24
pedro_elopio, hey, yes ;-)19:24
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htorquehello, a "New" bug was fixed with an update - should i mark it "Fix Released" or "Invalid"?21:27
BUGa_LegendSekeryou don't21:28
BUGa_LegendSekerLP should do it21:28
BUGa_LegendSekerif the package states the bug21:28
htorqueno it doesn't, the bug is "New"/"Unconfirmed"21:29
psusiif it was fixed intentionally it will automatically be marked fix released.. if the user just finds that the problem does not occur with a new version, that is different21:30
htorquei _assume_ it was fixed due to an intentionally fixed other bug (a race condition - the bug(s) i'm talking about are SIGSEGVs)21:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 598260 in pavucontrol (Ubuntu) "pavu control lost icon (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]21:34
BUGa_LegendSekercan anyone please confirm? thanks in advance21:34
xteejxEvening all21:56

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