nigelbpopey: No clue what benjamin is trying to say04:34
aramorning all06:55
nigelbgood morning ara :)06:57
aramorning nigelb06:57
dholbachgood morning07:00
ddecatormorning ara and dholbach07:05
aramorning ddecator, dholbach07:05
dholbachhey ddecator, hi ara07:05
dholbachhow are you all doing?07:05
ddecatordoing good :), yourself?07:05
nigelbsmashing day today, I just learned my latop has motherboard issues :/07:06
dholbachslowly waking up and doing a bit of sponsoring07:06
* dholbach hugs nigelb07:06
pleia2nigelb: are you able to get it fixed?07:06
dholbachthat sucks :/07:06
nigelbpleia2: they'll give it today to the motherboard guys and then give me an estimate if it can be fixed and how it will cost etc07:06
pleia2nigelb: good luck!07:07
ddecatorsorry nigelb :(07:07
nigelbpleia2: thanks, I definitely need lots of luck07:07
nigelbddecator: thank you :)07:07
nigelbdholbach: truly sucks, can't package a thing :/07:07
nigelbFor the Record: HP sucks!07:08
ddecatornigelb: nah, sometimes if you send them a broken comp, it takes them so long to fix it they send you a new one...then the old one repaired :)07:08
nigelbmine is out of warranty, so its gone to my company's hardware guys07:09
ddecatorthen that's not likely :(07:09
nigelbyeah, I just hope it fixed and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to fix07:10
ddecatoror they replace it for you07:10
dholbachhey czajkowski08:38
czajkowskidholbach: morning08:38
czajkowskidholbach: hows you?08:43
dholbachgood good, thanks08:43
dholbachhow 'bout you?08:43
czajkowskicatching up on work08:44
czajkowskihad to put things to the side for last couple of weeks, studying for jobs and interviews08:44
dholbachyeah, I can imagine08:45
popeymorning all!09:35
dholbachhey popey09:36
nigelbpopey: good morning :)09:38
dholbachjames_w: who should I pester for a UDD session for UDW? :-D09:48
nigelbdholbach: I think the target would be james_w ;)09:49
nigelbhe explains it better than anyone :)09:50
dholbachnigelb: I thought james_w might have some new friends who could do it too :)09:50
nigelbaha :)09:51
dpmgood morning all!10:21
dholbachdpm: hi Alter10:21
dpmhey :)10:21
dholbachdpm: denkst Du "Extending the Launchpad API" wäre 'ne gute Idee für UDW?10:21
dholbachdpm: vielleicht könnten wir Adi und Freunde einspannen :)10:22
dholbachdpm: hast Du gestern Fußball geguckt? :)10:22
dpmdholbach, ja, aber UDW ist genau in der LP EPIC Woche (LP Sprint)10:22
dholbachdpm: eine Stunde sollten die Jungs doch Zeit haben :)10:23
dholbachda sitzen dann alle in einem Raum und können Tipps geben :)10:23
dpmdholbach, nee, gestern könnte ich nicht, ich hatte die Hochzeit :)10:23
dholbachahhhhhhhhh, stimmt!10:23
dholbachwie wars?10:23
dpmdholbach, sehr lustig, war sehr cool10:23
* nigelb looks at channel and goes O_O10:23
dpmdholbach, sie hat um 20:00 angefangen10:24
dholbachdpm: das Spiel war auch nicht so besonders - gegen England müssen die Jungs sich mehr anstrengen10:24
czajkowskidpm: how many languages do you speak.....10:24
dholbachczajkowski: all of them10:24
dpmhey nigelb :) Nothing secret here, you can use google translate10:24
nigelbno wonder he's the translations coordinator10:25
dholbachdpm picks up the slack when the translation teams are lazy10:25
nigelbdpm: was there something about a wedding?10:25
dpmczajkowski, Catalan, Spanish, German, English, no more10:25
dpmdholbach, lol10:25
dholbachdpm: it was clear that "Catalan" was first10:25
dholbachdpm: Terrorist!10:25
dpmnigelb, yeah, I went to a wedding last night10:25
czajkowskidpm: is there a massive difference in Catalan and Spanish ?10:26
nigelbThe fun starts when we start talking in a language that google translate can't translate :D10:26
randa_czajkowski: oh yes10:27
czajkowskinigelb: google never fails :)10:27
czajkowskiranda_: Aloha ;)10:28
randa_czajkowski: big difference IMO, I speak Spanish and don't understand a word when people speak in Catalan, I understand Portuguese though, easier :)10:28
czajkowskiahh ok10:28
dpmczajkowski, yeah, a bit. The grammar has many common points, but many words are different and are also pronounced differently. People living outside the Catalan-speaking territories don't understand the language unless they've been living for a while there or see it written (when written one can most of the time figure what the different bits mean)10:29
dholbachczajkowski: try this in google translate "Dir kënnt natierlech och eng Fro stellen oder an der Sandkaul ronderëmspillen. Dir kënnt Iech natierlech och registréieren." :)10:29
* dholbach should go back to recruiting UDW speakers10:29
czajkowskinever seen that happen10:30
czajkowskidpm: interesting, thanks10:30
nigelbczajkowski: wanna bet?10:34
czajkowskinigelb: dholbach just showed me10:34
dholbachthat was luxembourgish :)10:34
nigelbI can show 2 of the language I speak which don't translate in google but transliterate with google :)10:35
dholbachjcastro: nice diagram10:37
dholbachjcastro: should we talk about adopt-an-upstream at UDW? maybe qense would like to participate as well10:39
nigelbdholbach: I was thinking of a talk about ubuntu and upstream - something comprehensive10:40
dholbachnigelb: that'd fit in quite well with adopt-an-upstream10:40
dholbachgiving an overview of how to interact with upstreams, then go into detail and see what kind of best-practices the adopt-an-upstream programme gives10:41
nigelbIn that case +1 :)10:41
dholbachjames_w: you think we'll still be friends after Sunday?10:56
james_wdholbach: lets hope so :-)10:58
popey /ignore dholbach10:59
dholbachDon't mention the war!10:59
popeyprobably highly inappropriate, I'll stop now10:59
dholbachpopey: you're British, you're excused10:59
* popey hugs dholbach 11:00
* dholbach hugs popey back11:00
dholbachto each their own very specific humour, eh? :)11:00
popeyapparently so :)11:03
paultagdholbach: I think I understood the luxembourgish. Please tell me I'm not halucinating, and that it's kinda like German?11:28
paultagotherwise my breakfast had some funny stuff in it11:28
paultagOh christ, that was German11:28
dholbachit was luxemburgish, not german11:31
paultagIech == Ich ?11:32
paultagdholbach: well now I feel special :)11:32
paultagdholbach: sheeet, den i shold lik type lik da kidz 2day do nd say itz anuther language11:33
dholbachpaultag: Iech = you (accusative, 2nd person plural or 2nd person singular in a formal way)11:36
paultagwie du?11:36
paultagHold on, I need to go to work11:37
dholbach"Sie", but in accusative11:37
paultagdholbach: odd, is it like that in German as well?12:00
paultagI've never heard that12:00
dholbachpaultag: yes, Du is 2nd person singular, informal, like if you know that person well12:04
paultagWell, yes -- als mann "duzen" kann12:04
dholbachpaultag: Sie is 2nd person plural or 2nd person singular, formal12:04
paultagdholbach: I mean the word "Iech" -- that is Unique to Luxemburgish ?12:05
paultagdholbach: how do they say "Ich" ?12:05
paultagmust get confusing?12:07
paultagAhha, danke dholbach :)12:07
czajkowskisounds like yer saying ick for something icky/not nice12:07
dholbachno, I can't write or speak luxemburgish very well, but I gre up close to it12:07
paultagczajkowski: NO!!12:07
dholbachczajkowski: 'ch' is like the 'ch' in "Loch Ness"12:07
paultagczajkowski: I hear so many of the kids in my German class go eeeshhh12:07
dholbachnot 'k'12:07
paultagczajkowski: and I want to punch them in the face12:07
dholbachoh, yeah, it can be 'sh' too12:08
dholbachit's confusing12:08
czajkowskipaultag: you're a tad violent chap aren't you, I see the irony in this coming from12:08
* dholbach should go back to recruiting UDW speakers12:08
paultagczajkowski: No no! I'mm quite non-violent, but when I hear that, all bets are off12:08
czajkowskidholbach: if you tweet about it later on and prmote UDW cna you use #locoteams to let locos know12:08
czajkowskithe tag is taking off12:08
paultagOh yeah, I heard LoCo teams rock12:09
greg-gjcastro: councils within loco teams?12:46
doctormoGood morning all13:05
paultagshalom doctormo13:05
nigelbdoctormo: morning :)13:05
paultagdoctormo: how goes?13:06
doctormopaultag: I've been asleep for at least 18 hours, all it as well as it could be I guess.13:06
paultagdoctormo: well done :)13:07
doctormopaultag: Although I'm glad someone _finally_ told me how to spell "whether", I was getting sick of spelling it "weather" and knowing it was wrong.13:10
doctormoOnly took 20 years.13:10
nigelbpaultag: poke13:28
paultagnigelb: howdy :)13:28
nigelbwhat did you change in the package recently? 1.0 to 3.0 (quilt) ?13:28
paultagnigelb: that's not on the master branch13:28
paultagnigelb: there is a source-3 branch we were working on beside the mainline 1.013:29
nigelberr, there are only 2 ways I've hit this error13:29
paultagnigelb: http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/fluxbox.git;a=summary13:29
nigelbone was when my source package name was wrong and 2 was something to do with moving to quilt13:30
paultagtag@wintermute:~/TrashFolder/fluxbox/debian$ cat source/format13:30
paultagtag@wintermute:~/TrashFolder/fluxbox/debian$ cat README.source13:31
paultagThis package uses debdiff to apply patches to the fluxbox source.13:31
paultagyeah, it's not quilt13:31
paultagsomething else is going wrong, me thinks13:31
nigelbpaultag: what is the name of the source package?13:33
nigelbpaultag: gah, change fluxbox_1.1.1+dfsg2.orig.tar.bz2 to fluxbox_1.1.1+dfsg1.orig.tar.bz213:34
paultagnigelb: Dennis ( A DM on this package ) did that13:35
paultagnigelb: not sure why -- is that causing the issues?13:35
nigelbpaultag: he also corrected it in changelog13:35
nigelbbut he forgot to correct the source package name13:36
paultagnigelb: in the control, yes?13:36
paultagthat can't be right13:36
nigelbwhen you don't have same name as last entry in changelog, it assumes native13:36
paultagnigelb: I've never delt with this before -- what do I have to change?13:37
nigelbpaultag: change name of source package to match with name in last changelog entry13:37
paultagI see it now13:37
paultagnigelb: thanks :313:37
nigelbpaultag: We all make same mistakes :)13:38
paultagnigelb: it was friken' dennis13:38
paultagnigelb: he does not know how to use git and he is making this package so unstable. I don't know how he is a DM13:38
paultagbut I should have caught that, it's as much my fault as his13:38
paultagnigelb: mind posting that answer to mentors so that people don't jump on me? :)13:39
nigelbhehe, ok :)13:39
paultagnigelb: holy shit, that's another issue that is in there13:40
paultagnigelb: I'm going to kill dennis13:40
paultagthanks nigelb :)13:41
nigelbpaultag: I think you already got jumped13:42
paultagsure did13:42
nigelbpaultag: about time you kicked your team mate ;)13:42
paultagnigelb: I'm not happy with him, but what can I say. He is a DM and I'm still just a hacker. He must know a bit more then me anyway13:42
nigelbpaultag: Not really.  He conviced someome that he knows more than others which is a bit different from actually knowing it13:43
paultagthat's why I'm going to wait :)13:43
paultagno sense in tainting the system because I don't want to wait another few months13:44
cjohnstondpm: ping14:28
paultagnigelb: poke14:30
nigelbpaultag: pong14:30
paultagnigelb: I'm still having issues. I've tried almost every permutation. I've changed the directory I'm working in, source archive name and control file all to values that I understood as sane, and the dsc is still showing up as native14:31
nigelbpaultag: ask in #ubuntu-motu?14:32
nigelbthere are a few DDs around all the time :)14:32
paultagnigelb: I feel like they would get upset because it's debian :)14:32
paultagOh, humm14:32
nigelbpaultag: NO WAY14:32
nigelbif they do, we'll fix that.  Since the package flows down to ubuntu too14:32
nigelbpaultag: or ask on oftc #debian-mentors14:33
nigelbpabs should be around14:33
paultagnigelb: I got banned from there14:34
paultagnigelb: I tried to join but I was not identified14:34
paultagnigelb: first thing I tried to do14:34
nigelbpaultag: meh, about time you registered on oftc ;)14:34
paultagnigelb: That was the problem14:34
paultagnigelb: I am, and I have been14:34
paultagnigelb: but I was using mibbit14:35
paultagnigelb: and forgot to identify, and it auto-banned me14:35
paultagso I emailed the list14:35
paultagnigelb: worked it out15:02
paultagnigelb: turns out the dir structure is fucked15:02
paultagnigelb: all resolved now :)15:02
dpmcjohnston, pong15:11
cjohnstonhey there dpm.. any chance of being able to do the info about translations this week for the community contribute page? ;-)15:13
dpmcjohnston, yeah, I'll see if I can do it tomorrow morning15:15
cjohnstonawesome.. thanks!15:16
dpmnp :)15:20
jcastrohey dholbach15:23
jcastroon PatchesForwarding15:23
jcastroI think there should be a "where to send patches upstream"15:23
doctormojcastro: I'm trying to sort out why the design team have created a deviantArt group for the free culture show case instead of using the existing deviantArt community.15:58
doctormoDo you know anything about the FCSC?15:58
jcastroI was at the session15:59
czajkowskiakgraner: any idea why https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Abbreviations?action=show  now redirects to a UWN page?15:59
jcastroas I was keen to hand it off15:59
jcastrowhat do you mean by "existing deviantart community"?15:59
jcastrowas there an ubuntu one already on there?15:59
jcastroanyway, the guy to ask on that is kwwii, he's running that16:00
czajkowskijcastro: is kwwii anywhere on irc btw16:00
jcastrohe's on german time16:00
czajkowskiah hr ahead of me so16:00
czajkowskijcastro: what irc channel is best to find him16:01
vishczajkowski: #ubuntu-artwork16:01
czajkowskivish: cheers16:02
jcastroI am glad vish knew16:02
jcastrowimer is more my real life drinking buddy at UDSes, I don't really talk to him much on irc16:02
jcastrowhich is weird16:02
doctormojcastro: http://ubuntu-artists.deviantart.com/ <- I've posted this community to the plannet several times16:02
czajkowskinow we all know, didnt know about that chanel16:02
jcastrodoctormo: you should probably let him know16:03
vishdoctormo: kwwii knows about that group , he is in it as well iirc16:03
vishi vaguely recall we had thought about using that deviant art group16:06
vishat the session16:06
doctormovish: Did I miss that session?16:06
vishdoctormo: i think so, i dont recall you in it.  but throwil was the one who mentioned the deviant art group iirc16:07
doctormovish: I think I had a gc conflict, sorry about that, should have marked it as required.16:08
czajkowskisurely having two groups and two irc channels is a duplication16:08
vishczajkowski: two irc channels?  , freeculture  has a channel as well?16:12
czajkowskivish: #ubuntu-artists and #ubutu-artwork16:13
vishczajkowski: #ubuntu-artists seems non-existent , but #ubuntu-artwork has been there for a *very* long time ,and has always been listed in the artwork wiki http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork , and in the irc channel list16:16
czajkowskivish: just noticed as it's on that deviantart page16:17
doctormoI didn't know there was an #ubuntu-artists irc channel16:39
doctormoThe #ubuntu-artists thing on deviantArt is not a channel, it's just the dA terminology for a group there.16:40
dholbachjcastro: hey16:45
dholbachjcastro: so… UDW adopt-an-upstream - what do you think?16:45
jcastrodholbach: just schedule me wherever you want. :)16:45
dholbachjcastro: do you think qense will be interested too?16:46
dholbachjcastro: if qense doesn't I'd be up for it as well16:46
jcastroyeah, but I don't want to volunteer him without him showing interest16:46
jcastroschedule me for now and when I see him next I'll ask16:47
jcastrodholbach: while you're hassling DX16:47
jcastrooh, nm, I was going to say hassle someone about unity16:48
jcastrobut that's probably better for openweek16:48
dholbachjcastro: alright - I'll put you in there for now and we an add qense or me later on16:48
dholbachjcastro: which date and time?16:48
jcastro1800 Friday!16:49
* dholbach hugs jcastro16:51
dholbachjcastro: I don't think we made enough noise about adopt-an-upstream yet, so that's going to be good :-)16:51
jcastrodholbach: I have like 3 queued up blog posts on it16:51
* jcastro is aware he is behind today16:51
dholbachoh nice16:52
dholbachhey jono16:52
jcastrojono: may I punt the UDS content stuff to tomorrow? I need to get these work items out for upstream contacts out17:04
czajkowskijono: I sent you a mail today introducing you to a guy in ireland doing his thesis on Ubuntu, Ubuntu is very new to him17:06
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day17:21
dholbachI have a BBQ to attend17:21
* dholbach hugs you all17:21
dholbachif you can chase up develop-y people for develop-y sessions for UDW and add them to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep beers will be on me next time we meet :-D17:21
jonojcastro, no worries, tomorrow is fine17:37
jonothanks czajkowski17:37
czajkowskijono: Its kinda weird so much stuff I've taken for granted is a new curve for the 2 guys doing their thesis on Ubuntu/open souce tis rather interesting17:38
jonoI know what you mean17:39
jcastrojono: sometime today I'd like a quick chat towards the end o the day17:46
jonojcastro, np17:49
doctormoczajkowski: Do you know why he decided to do a thesis on Ubuntu and not on FOSS or one of the other easier subjects?18:23
Technovikingjcastro: ping18:25
jcastroTechnoviking: yo18:26
Pendulumdoctormo: I would think something on FLOSS and FLOSS communitties would be too broad for a thesis18:27
Technovikingjcastro: Is there anyone at Canonical that works with vendors to add Ubuntu to a supported version of Linux18:27
TechnovikingI'm starting a massive project and want to do it under Ubuntu, but the vendor supports only RedHat18:28
czajkowskidoctormo: I think Ubuntu is easy18:29
TechnovikingThis will be the second big Linux project I wanted to use Ubuntu but may have to use RHEL18:29
jcastroTechnoviking: I think Boris.18:29
jcastroTechnoviking: I'll PM you his email, he'll at least be able to point you in the right direction18:29
Technovikingjcastro: thanks dude18:29
czajkowskidoctormo: I did wth others talk on open source I chose Ubuntu, others chose ruby, business in floss, but the 2 guys like Ubuntu and I've said I'll help where I can18:29
czajkowskidoctormo: plus I dont go down the route of GNU/FLOSS conversations with new people as they tend to be put off18:30
doctormoczajkowski: I don't understand your sentence.18:30
doctormoYour first one18:30
czajkowskidoctormo: sigh 4 of us gave talks on open source to masters students. covering different aspects, 2 guys are now doing their project on Ubuntu/community.18:30
czajkowskiTechnoviking: can you moderate two mails to the forums council please18:31
czajkowskiTechnoviking: Thank you, and any update on the Hebrew ?18:31
doctormoAh I see, two students who you gave talks to are not doing projects on Ubuntu/community.18:31
czajkowskidoctormo: I did blog about this both the giving the talks and the projects the 2 guys are doing18:32
Technovikingczajkowski: no, Ryan is in severe baby mode.. I think the birth can happen anyday now.18:32
czajkowskiTechnoviking: grand, thank you18:33
akgranerczajkowski, have no idea but looks like it's been that way since early 2009 - ask nhandler18:43
Technovikingjcastro and jono: "Making Ubuntu Support a Choice for Vendors" maybe a good session for the Community/Server tracks at the next UDS18:46
doctormoTechnoviking: One of my friends here in MA is trying to set up a new business for computer support, focusing mostly on Ubuntu. I'm interested to see where it goes.18:49
Technovikingdoctormo: coolness, I'm wanting vendors that make software for Linux consider other options for "offcially support" than RHEL18:50
akgranerczajkowski, after looking into it further - looks like it redirects b/c UWN now maintains the glossary of acronyms and abbreviations as we come across new ones in our stories/posts/articles and on the mailing lists - let me know if you need more information - see the history of the page as well :-)18:51
doctormoTechnoviking: I believe that's a matter of costing the testing procedures along with the skills required to do it, against the expected revenue.18:51
jcastrojono: I am available whenever, just lmk which communication method you would prefer19:57
jonojcastro, cool, lets talk this afternoon, I have calls most of the day19:58
jcastrono worries19:59
=== cyphermox_ is now known as cyphermox
jcastrodoctormo: great job sorting the deviantart stuff!21:15
doctormojcastro: Thanks, got everyone who needs it admin access and some nice blog entries.21:16
jcastro<-- EOD22:08
doctormoBye jcastro22:09
akgranerwho hoo - only 7 slots still open for Developer Week :-)23:27
* akgraner looks through the sessions and notes whose proverbial doors need knocking on :-)23:29

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