jonoarand, it happens when I click a toolbox item00:09
jonoit starts fine00:09
jonoin maverick00:10
arandjono: I was clicking about, painting, selecting, etc. With no problem. I may not be on the latest version if there was updates in the last day though..00:11
jonoarand, odd00:16
arandjono: Thos was a i386 kvm machine.. Which seems to have bigger problems that that all of a sudden (kernel panics), so an updated test might take a while from my side.. :/00:18
jonoarand, sorry to hear that00:20
arandWell, just have to step back a while in snapshots.. got some update-downloading to do now..00:22
arandjono: Seems to be no gimp updates at that though, so if anything did break it recently it wasn't a gimp-package fault, not directly at least I guess..00:24
arandjono: amd64 on your side? Apport manages to catch it?00:28
jonoarand, apport doesnt catch it00:29
jonoI am going to do some more testing in a bit00:29
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arandjono: Nope, all upgraded and gimp seems as stable as ever, at least on this here instance.01:31
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pranay_09hi, while downloading any package via synaptic manager in ubuntu if i go for system shutdown, then the system does not inform me that some downloading is going on . so how can i incorporate this feature ?03:51
micahgpranay_09: file a bug?03:52
pranay_09micahg: where?03:52
micahggood question :)03:52
micahgpranay_09: you can always file just against ubuntu and add the needs-reassignment tag if you'03:54
micahgre not sure03:54
pranay_09micahg: ok03:55
pranay_09micahg: acutally i wanted to know that how can i work upon it?03:55
micahgpranay_09: ah, ok03:55
micahgpranay_09: well, all the sources are available either as source packages or in bzr, I just don't know which package this would be03:56
micahgpranay_09: maybe someone else will know03:57
pranay_09micahg: ok, so where should i search for such package , any idea?03:59
micahgpranay_09: looks like gnome-session might be it03:59
micahgpranay_09: also, you might want to check bugzilla.gnome.org to see if anyone's filed such a request or if there's a partial patch03:59
pranay_09micahg: k, thanks :)04:00
micahgpranay_09: np04:00
Chipzzmicahg: are you seriously proposing patching gnome-session for that?05:09
micahgChipzz: nope05:10
micahgChipzz: but if someone wants to make a patch, should I stand in their way?05:10
Chipzzthen why is it a bug against gnome-session?05:11
micahgChipzz: I don't think he's going to file a bug, I misunderstood, he wanted to work on it05:11
Chipzzif you're wasting their time because that patch has 0 chance of being accepted, yes05:11
RAOFThere's an existing mechanism for making this work, by the way.05:11
micahgwhere was everyone an hour ago?  I was just trying to help :-/05:12
Chipzzplaying WoW :P05:12
micahguser's still here, anyone want to talk to pranay_09 about it?05:12
RAOFpranay_09: You could make that work with an app that registers with the session-management protocol - one of the things that protocol does is send a “I'd like to shutdown now” message to all clients, which can block the shutdown.05:13
micahgRAOF: thank you :)05:14
pranay_09RAOF: thanks for that05:37
LucidFoxChipzz> WoW \o/05:46
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dholbachgood morning07:00
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j1mcdholbach: i'm not sure if you've had a chance to look at the packaging guide emails yet, but let me know if you have any questions.07:36
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dholbachj1mc: not yet, I'm sorry - I've been drowning in emails and work, but I'll do my best to get to it today and I'll reply to them07:37
dholbachj1mc: thanks a bunch for helping me out!07:37
j1mcdholbach: no worries.  i'm looking forward to the project.  i think having good packaging docs will go a long way in helping ubuntu.07:37
dholbachdefinitely - I look forward to having a good discussion about it, that's why I wanted your and the doc team's advise07:38
j1mci'm sure we'll be seeking out your input quite a bit as things get started.07:39
j1mci'm off to catch a few Zzzz's07:39
dholbachsleep tight07:39
dholbachArneGoetje: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)08:03
ArneGoetjedholbach: THANK YOU! :)08:18
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pittiGood morning08:42
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NCommanderstgraber: ping, do you care about Ithanium1 support in Ubuntu?08:45
StevenKNCommander: s/h//08:48
NCommanderStevenK: it burns less when I spell it wrong.08:49
StevenKYes, but the pain will never fade.08:49
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arasoren, hello :)10:08
arasoren, is there a way to use vmbuilder without debootstrap (i.e. copying from a base image)10:09
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dholbachsoren: you could give a session at UDW about vmbuilder and stuff! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep is the preliminary schedule :-D10:12
dholbachsoren: … and how VMs are good for you10:12
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sorenara: Yes.10:31
sorenara: It has a --existing-chroot option or something like that.10:31
sorendholbach: I'm afraid I'm in meeting all that time.10:32
dholbachsoren: it was worth a try :)10:32
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sorendholbach: It was, yes :)10:32
sorenara: ...so if you first run VMBuilder with "--only-chroot" it gives you the path to the chroot it built. Subsequently, you can add a "--existing-chroot=<the path you got from --only-chroot>" and that should save you a bunch of time.10:34
arasoren, thanks!10:41
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seb128jdong, hi12:03
seb128jdong, is there any chance you could do some sru reviews this week?12:03
seb128slangasek, ^ or you?12:04
seb128other sru teams member are busy with other things atm and the queue is a bit stalling12:04
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zygadholbach, where does ubuntu developer week take place? #ubuntu-meeting?13:31
dholbachzyga: #ubuntu-classroom13:32
zygathanks :)13:32
dholbachzyga: I'll send a mail to all speakers explaining it a few days inadvance :)13:32
zygadholbach, I added this to my calendar so that I can keep track13:33
dholbachthanks again zyga!13:33
hoareguys, any wubi developers here?13:39
LucidFoxIs it possible to make gcc or clang to reject C++ incompatible C features?13:40
zygaLucidFox, gcc has some switches that spit warnings for C-okay C++-notokay code but I'm not sure if it really covers all cases13:42
ebroderWhat causes the loopback interface to get started on an upstart system? Does it happen through the normal net-device-added -> network-interface -> ifup chain?13:42
LucidFoxI wonder13:55
LucidFoxIs there a standard way for doing automatic PPA daily builds from a VCS?13:56
hoareguys, any wubi developers here?14:02
nigelbLucidFox: like daily builts?14:16
arandLucidFox: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyBuilds might have some info there in the links..14:16
dupondjepitti: you there ?14:16
pittidupondje: hello14:17
dupondjepitti:  :) could you check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pybootchartgui/+bug/596475 ?14:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 596475 in pybootchartgui (Ubuntu) "Upgrade to upstream version r141" [Wishlist,New]14:18
seb128dupondje, the debdiff is weird, the changelog mentions new options but there is no code for those?14:20
pittidupondje: right, what seb128 just said, was going to ask the same14:21
pittidupondje: and we already fixed the find bug yestrday14:21
pittioh, pybootchartgui has an interactive mode as well?14:22
* pitti was only ever looking at the produced .pngs14:22
dupondjepitti: yes :) if you scroll now, it zooms directly14:22
dupondjepatch fixes that it zooms only when CTRL is entered :)14:22
pittiah, that directly reads the .tgz14:22
dupondjeseb128: those 'new options' are also in the current versions ... Didn't know if I needed to add the info in latest changelog14:23
dupondjeas its a new upstream version, with the ubuntu changes included ...14:23
seb128dupondje, well changelog describes what changed14:23
seb128dupondje, it's weird to describe things which didn't change in the new entry ;-)14:24
pittidupondje: ah, then you should perhaps indent it properly14:24
pittidupondje: so the --crop-after bits were previously cherrypicked as patches?14:24
pittibut right, if we already got them, no need to repeat, it's only confusing14:24
dupondjeIt was just to make clear we kept the upstream delta in the new version :)14:25
LucidFoxarand> So basically, I'd need my own build server... okay14:26
arandLucidFox: TO be honest I have no idea, I just found the wiki page and it looked relevant ;)14:27
pittidupondje: oh, that is a delta of our's? then it shouldn't be in the changelog at all IMHO14:29
dupondjethose are changes that are made in the ubuntu package only indeed, not in upstream14:30
seb128dupondje, changelog is to indicate changes, if those are in the previous version we will indicate if we drop them, otherwise we assume that we keep what was done before14:31
seb128dupondje, you would have to do a summary of all the changes at every upload otherwise ;-)14:31
pittiah, so it's not really that magic; just seems to be a terribly slow eog :)14:33
dupondjeseb128: Want sure :) ah well, just remove the lines then ^^:)14:35
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dokobarry, ScottK: just disable the profiled build on the archs where it does fail15:46
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ScottKdoko: OK.  Will do.15:46
barrydoko: thanks15:46
apacheloggerdoko: do you happen to know why binutils(-gold) does not use update-alternatives for ld diversion?15:46
dokoapachelogger: because alternatives are evil for anything other than editor or www-browser15:47
apacheloggerhm, ok :)15:48
dokoyou can't see from logs what was really used, makes understanding bug reports harder, etc15:48
superm1slangasek, so today's 06-24 build is doing that same thing with the hash sum mismatch again.  could you perhaps temporarily reschedule it at a different time so as to avoid this conflict until that proper locking can be put in place?15:50
ScottKpitti: Would you please rescore python2.6.  I need to find at all the archs it's going to fail on before I upload it again.15:52
apacheloggerdoko: well, you do not see this with the current approach either, do you?15:53
dokoapachelogger: why not?15:53
apacheloggerI mean, binutils-gold will dpkg-divert ld and then the builder will just use ld as usual15:53
dokoapachelogger: no, you know it's gold, if binutils-gold is installed15:55
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apacheloggerdoko: not if the user manually messed with the link that is, which is likely considering dpkg-divert is from a user perspective not exactly usable15:58
apacheloggerespecially considering that one might not want to use gold for everything15:58
dokoapachelogger: a user always looses when manipulating things directly15:58
* sebner waves at pinky apachelogger 15:58
apacheloggerJust to give this context. The kdepim team is thinking about using gold for in-development builds for various reasons and the concern was raised that one should probably be able to switch easily.15:58
apacheloggersebner: o/ lo15:59
dokoapachelogger: then you should use -B<directory with ld>15:59
apacheloggerdoko: thanks for the chat :)16:00
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flupkeScottK, hi, I posted a bug about qtmultimedia missing in python-qt4, you asked me to see what they think of it on debian... There has been no activity on it since june 7, and people on #debian said me to stop spamming about it, so I think qtmultimedia will be deprecated before being integrated on debian :)16:18
ScottKflupke: The bug just discussed on #debian-python (on OFTC) just a little bit ago.  I'd suggest joining.16:21
flupkeScottK, ok, done16:24
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ximionsiretart: ping17:05
siretartximion: what's up?17:05
ximionfirst of all: hi! (glad that I finally found you) I packaged the music visualisation library projectM for Debian to replace the old, orphaned packages in sid. The packaging was accepted as pkg-multimedia-maintainers project...17:07
siretartximion: ah, yes, I've seen your query yesterday, and reviewing your projectm package is indeed still on my todo list17:08
ximion...but I still need someone to review the packageing. On the multimedia-maintainers mailinglist I was told to try to contact you ^^17:08
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siretartwe use the channel #debian-multimedia on irc.debian.org for the team pkg-multimedia17:09
ximionoh, I wasn't sure if you got my message - Konversation did some really weird stuff that day.17:09
siretartoh, I see. no problem17:09
siretartI think I'll find time to review/sponsor it tomorrow17:09
ximionthe debian-multimedia channel throws me out: invitations only.17:09
siretartare you sure that you're on the right irc network?17:09
siretartnot freenode, oftc17:10
siretartas said, irc.debian.org17:10
ximionshould read the wiki page more carefully...17:11
ebrodermvo: Whenever you're around, if there's anything I can do to move bug #594206 forward, let me know - I'm happy to help17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594206 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager disables third-party repositories with suite suffixes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59420617:13
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ScottKdoko: I'm a bit worried what to do about python-defaults and the ICE on ia64.  If I merge python-defaults from Unstable, then that will make python-minimal uninstallable on ia64 won't it?17:14
ebroderIs there a reason that intrepid is still in archive.ubuntu.com? Are unsupported releases not getting moved to old-releases.u.c anymore?17:15
dokoScottK: well, then delay the merge until this is fixed17:17
Piciebroder: I know that intrepid's packages were *just* moved to old-releases, so there may be some time for them to be removed from archive.u.c17:17
ScottKdoko: OK.  Maybe I should talk to the Ubuntu gcc maintainer about fixing it then ... :-)17:17
ebroderPici: Oh! So they are. I hadn't noticed that yet. Awesome17:17
Piciebroder: ports was there before, but i386 just got there today.17:18
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ScottKdoko: Bug filed.17:25
dokoScottK: please make sure to include the .gcda file together with the preprocessed source17:26
ScottKdoko: I don't have hardware, so no way I can do that.17:27
dokoanother reason to drop ia6417:27
ScottKNext cycle you probably get that wish.17:27
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_melvin__cyphermox, Hi. is it possible to make two ore mor openvpn Connections with NetworkManager at the same time?17:56
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cyphermox_melvin__: hi! sadly, no. only one vpn connection at a time. I think that has been discussed on the NM mailing list however and there may be work towards that... thanks for reminding me I wanted to make a call for testing for the new NM version18:03
_melvin__cyphermox, can i make a feature request somewhere?18:04
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cyphermox_melvin__: yes. please bring it up on the gnome bugzilla project for NetworkManager or on the mailing list, see http://live.gnome.org/NetworkManager18:08
_melvin__cyphermox, ok. Thank you18:09
faleI think here (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/ubuntu-dev-tools/trunk/files) there is the script that canonical suses to create iso images... but I dunno the name :(18:09
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DktrKranzmvo: have you had occasion to look ad python-apt merge for gdebi?18:51
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mvoDktrKranz: yes, the maverick version should already be fine18:55
mvoDktrKranz: the diff between maverick and debian-sid is tiny18:55
DktrKranzmvo: so, it should be fine to merge and upload for you? I can have a look18:57
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mvoDktrKranz: not sure I understand correctly. what I try to say is that the maverick python-apt version should be fine for gdebi. the remaining delta for python-apt is so small that its not worth a upload at this point IMO18:59
DktrKranzmvo: I mean if it's ok to merge gdebi's python-apt branch into trunk19:01
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mvoDktrKranz: ohh, I misunderstood. sorry. let me look at this branch19:01
mvoDktrKranz: I assume you mean  lp:~mvo/gdebi/python-apt0.8-port   ?19:03
DktrKranzmvo: exactly19:04
mvoDktrKranz: yeah, that should be fine :) if you could also give it a bit of testing, that would be much appreciated19:05
mvoDktrKranz: I thought you meant the "python-apt" package merge between debian and ubuntu :)19:05
mvothats why I was confused19:05
DktrKranzI should have expressed better, sorry19:06
DktrKranzI'll give it a try19:06
DktrKranzif my tests are fine, is it ok for you to merge and upload in Debian, then sync in maverick?19:06
DktrKranz(I'll take care of the process)19:07
mvoand thanks a lot for this :)19:07
DktrKranzcool, thanks :)19:07
ebrodermvo: Did you see my message earlier about bug #594206?19:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594206 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager disables third-party repositories with suite suffixes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59420619:07
mvoebroder: I have not seen this one, let me have a look19:08
ebrodermvo: It's a followup to the Sources.AllowThirdParty option. I just wanted to offer to help with implementation if there was any way I could19:08
mvoebroder: thanks, could you please put a example sources.list in there? just so that there is something to test against?19:10
ebrodermvo: Will do19:10
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mvoebroder: odd, from the code it looks like it should work19:23
mvoebroder: let me create a test case for it19:23
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sorenslangasek: Can I borrow your brain for two minutes? I want to help this guy, but my upstart-fu is not strong enough: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/35093619:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 350936 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "Should shut down domains on system shutdown" [Low,Triaged]19:52
slangaseksoren: the only problem I see there is that the last line of the job shows that there are timing issues in his script19:55
slangasekwhy isn't 'virsh destroy' synchronous?19:55
sorenslangasek: Sorry, my phone rang..20:03
sorenslangasek: "virsh destroy" should be synchronous.20:04
slangaseksoren: ok, then why does he have a sleep at the end? :-)20:04
sorenslangasek: His problem is that apparantly libvirt gets shut down before his script gets to finish.20:04
slangaseksoren: anyway, 'stop on stopping foo' definitely blocks the killing of process foo20:04
slangasekthat doesn't prevent something outside of upstart from killing the process, but I don't know what would do that20:04
sorenslangasek: Ok. Hm..20:05
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sorenslangasek: Oh, wait.20:06
sorenslangasek: This is "start on stopping foo".20:06
sorenslangasek: ..but that shouldn't matter, should it?20:06
slangasekright, that too20:06
sorenslangasek: Well, thanks. I'll see what we can come up with :)20:11
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falehi guys21:00
falesome times ago, someone in this channel linked me to a script/set of scripts, that canonical uses to create the official ubuntu CDs, is there anyone that could pass me that link again, please?21:02
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keesanyone (slangasek, cjwatson, siretart) know if emacs22 can be synced with debian yet?  what's the state of the "emacs" metapackage, etc?22:16
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slangasekkees: that was discussed recently on ubuntu-devel, right? Aren't we meant to get rid of emacs22 in favor of emacs23?22:33
keesslangasek: I assume22:34
keesslangasek: but I wasn't sure what needed to happen there.22:34
slangaseknor I22:34
seb128slangasek, thanks for the sru review ;-)22:52
slangasekseb128: still ongoing...22:58
seb128slangasek, that's appreciate, thanks for reviewing some of the waiting uploads, after that round I should be mostly done for lucid .1 and focus on maverick so there will be less desktop changes coming ;-)23:01
seb128slangasek, that's appreciate, thanks for reviewing some of the waiting uploads, after that round I should be mostly done for lucid .1 and focus on maverick so there will be less desktop changes coming ;-)23:01
seb128urg, sorry23:01
* seb128 dislike touchpad clicky randomly when typing...23:02
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kees  570 root      16  -4 17536 1232  304 R  100  0.0  10:40.58 udevd23:06
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encodechey all23:22
encodeci want to understand how packages work23:24
encodecby that i mean...23:24
encodecwho compiles them23:24
encodechow are they added to package system23:24
cjwatsondevelopers upload source packages; they're compiled by automatic build servers23:25
cjwatsonplease expand on your question23:25
encodecwell i guess in linux its just a ./configure make script..23:26
cjwatsondpkg-buildpackage  is the official entry point23:26
cjwatsonunpack source package, cd into unpacked tree, run dpkg-buildpackage -b23:26
cjwatsonthat calls debian/rules with various arguments, behind the scenes23:26
cjwatsonand debian/rules takes care of whatever the specifics of the package are.  not everything is ./configure && make23:27
encodecok ok23:27
seb128cjwatson, hey23:28
encodecwhat describes the dependencies, destination paths and such things?23:28
seb128cjwatson, I know you are busy atm but did you get kenvandine's email about his upload rights for desktop set?23:29
cjwatsonencodec: debian/control describes dependencies, although many of them are worked out dynamically by dpkg-shlibdeps23:29
cjwatsonencodec: destination paths are done by a mix of things; it's easiest to run dpkg-buildpackage on a package and watch its output23:29
verb3kis it possible to build gst-ffmpeg with an already installed version of ffmpeg (instead of the one in the source tree)?23:29
cjwatsonsometimes it's the upstream build scripts (Makefile or whatever), sometimes debian/*.install, sometimes manual commands written directly into debian/rules, it varies23:30
seb128cjwatson, seems he's having limited access to upload dx components atm, we can deal with sponsoring but still it would be nice to get that sorted23:30
cjwatsonseb128: I did get it, at the moment I have it queued for right after I'm off this OEM project23:30
cjwatsonI know it's blocking him, sorry about that :(23:30
seb128cjwatson, oh, no need to be sorry, I though I would check because he said he didn't get a reply from you yet23:31
seb128cjwatson, I know you are busy, we are done for this week updates so really no hurry ;-)23:31
seb128cjwatson, thanks23:32
cjwatsonmm, I tend to reply only when I'm done23:32
cjwatsonmaybe I should adjust that habit23:32
seb128cjwatson, I was not sure if that was a one command to run from you side but you missed the email or if you queued it for after busy time23:32
cjwatsonit's a few commands plus some thought23:33
cjwatsonI'll need to go through adjusting exception lists23:33
seb128ok, thanks for the update, as said that was rather a status checking than a need to get this done now23:33
Sarvattsiretart: are you around by any chance? gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg (and vlc) are built against libavutil49, and the libavutil-extra-49 package in the maverick archive is an empty package outside of docs23:41
encodeccjwatson, thx for all the fish23:41
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Sarvattnot sure what to do since libavutil49 isn't built in ffmpeg-extra anymore, should all this stuff just be rebuilt against libavutil50? totem is pretty unusable because of it since it can't find codecs23:43
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