alketHow to get involved ?02:34
DarkwingDuckHey alket how are you this evening?02:35
alketDarkwingDuck: sleepy, its midnight, thank you, how about you02:35
DarkwingDuckAbout the same. :) Where were you looking to get involved with?02:36
DarkwingDuckSystem or Wiki?02:37
alketWhich one is prefered for begginers ?02:37
DarkwingDuckWhat distro do you use/want to assist in the documentation?02:37
DarkwingDuckIt could go either way. :)02:37
alketUbuntu of course02:37
alketis this Ubuntu Doc channel ?02:38
DarkwingDuckKubuntu? Xubuntu?02:38
DarkwingDuckLubuntu? Or, the GNOME side of Ubuntu?02:38
alketahh I see02:38
DarkwingDuckOkay. :) If you want to help with the System docs here is a good place to start. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation02:39
jjessealso an introduction email to ubuntu-doc mailing list02:39
DarkwingDuckWas getting to that jjesse thanks. :)02:39
DarkwingDuckOh, BTW, jjesse... I'm moving to Northern Indiana.02:40
jjessehaha no problem02:40
DarkwingDuckFort Wayne.02:40
jjesseoh cool02:40
jjessethat's not that far away from me02:40
DarkwingDuckAbout an hour south of MI on I-6902:40
DarkwingDuckI know. I grew up in LaGrange County02:41
alketWhat is this : Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily   digest? 02:41
jjessein a mail list there are two options02:41
jjessereceive every email that is sent to the list02:41
alketCan i change it latter ?02:41
jjesseor receive a batch of every email sent tat day02:41
alketIm in mailing list02:43
DarkwingDuckalket: Send a introduction email.02:44
DarkwingDuckalket: Do you know XML and DocBook?02:44
alketIm intrested to know how this works02:45
alketdoes somebody tells me what to do, or i must pick02:45
alketI know what XML is , and I can edit it02:46
DarkwingDuckThere is a whole section on where to get started here. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation02:46
DarkwingDuckNow, I have been in your place. Just find something you want to learn and help with and read all you can on how to do it.02:46
alketim am familiar with PHP02:46
alketbut I have no idea waht DocBook is02:46
DarkwingDuckIntro to DocBook02:47
alketWhat to write in Subject ?02:48
DarkwingDuckIntroduction or, anything... if I recall I wrote Greetings. :)02:50
jjessethe easiest way is to start reporting bugs on launchpad02:50
jjesseso read the help that is included on ubuntu 10.04 and start reporting bugs02:50
jjessetypos, grammer problems, incrorrect things02:51
alketok jjesse thank you02:55
alketDarkwingDuck: thank you02:55
j1mcalket: you don't really need to know docbook right away02:59
j1mcyou can learn it over time02:59
alketyou guys are great03:02
jjessewe try03:02
alketits a long time that I wanted to get involved into MOTU team03:02
alketthey never respond03:02
jjessebut srsly j1mc is right03:02
jjessestart reading the documenation and report bugs thats the best way03:03
jjesseand how i got started03:03
j1mcalket: do you have an account on launchpad?03:04
alketjjesse: I will start from tomorrow03:04
j1mcdo you know how to get the documentation source files?03:04
alketthats my summer job :p03:04
alketj1mc: sorry, No i dont03:11
j1mcalket: sometimes people have filed and fixed bugs in docs that appear on help.ubuntu.com, so it's better to look at the most recent sources for bugs.03:12
j1mcfor example... you can read help.ubuntu.com, notice something that you think needs to be corrected...03:13
j1mcbut before filing a bug, you check to see if it has been fixed in the current draft of the docs.03:13
j1mcalket: here's some info on getting the sources: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository03:14
alketthank you03:14
j1mcyou're welcome!03:15
alketI can't get GPG of bazzar03:16
j1mcwhat are you trying to do?  what command did you issue?03:17
j1mci think i've heard some stuff about the ubuntu keyserver being a bit slow lately.  ??03:17
j1mcnot sure though03:18
alketthe previous link that you posted03:18
alketInstalling Bazaar03:18
j1mcalket: just type: sudo apt-get install bzr03:19
j1mcthat should do it - you don't need to use the PPA03:19
jjesseand then bzr branch lp:ubuntu-docs03:19
j1mcjjesse: the instructions tell him to do "bzr whoami..."03:19
jjesseoh yeah03:19
jjessebzr whoami first03:20
j1mcand launchpad-login [username] first03:20
jjesseall of that will connect bzr to your lp username03:20
alketthere is no launchpad-login03:22
alketjust launchpad-integration03:22
j1mcalket: type in the command " bzr launchpad-login alketii "03:23
j1mcwithout the quotes03:23
j1mci don't think it gives you any kind of message after you type that03:24
j1mcbut it tells bzr, "hey, when I try to do something with bzr, use alketti as my launchpad username!"  :)03:24
alketnow i must register SSH03:24
alketI cant create my publick key03:31
alketInvalid public key03:31
jjesseyou did the ssh-keygen?03:31
alketI did this https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair03:32
jjessewhen you do ssh-keygen -t rsa what happens?03:32
alketGenerating public/private rsa key pair.03:33
alketEnter file in which to save the key (/home/alket/.ssh/id_rsa):03:33
alket/home/alket/.ssh/id_rsa already exists.03:33
alketOverwrite (y/n)? y03:33
alketEnter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):03:33
alketEnter same passphrase again:03:33
alketYour identification has been saved in /home/alket/.ssh/id_rsa.03:33
alketYour public key has been saved in /home/alket/.ssh/id_rsa.pub.03:33
jjesseand you've gthen uploaded your key to launchpad?03:33
alketfingerprint ?03:34
alketor Random Image ?03:34
zkriessealket: you want the fingerprint03:35
jjessefrom your launchpad page under the key section you upload it03:35
alketi want my SSH03:35
jjessewhen you click on the yellow icon for SSH keys, you should go to a page to upload the key03:36
alketbut the command03:36
alketssh-keygen -t rsa03:36
jjesseopen up the key in gedit03:36
alketjust outputs the fingerprint and random image03:36
alketwhich one of them ?03:37
jjessegedit /home/alket/.ssh/id_rsa.pub and copy the whole thing into the laucnhpad section under add a key03:37
jjesseand select import03:37
alketor i must do this Invalid Publick key :S03:39
alketInvalid public key again03:43
alketI dont know why03:43
alketok see you tomorrow03:49
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zkriessemdke: ping22:27
mdkezkriesse: (In case I'm not around at the moment, please provide a bit of information about what you want and I will respond when I get back)22:27

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