h00kThe Ubuntu Wisconsin team had discussion of moving our mailing list from lists.ubuntu.com to a Google Groups page.  One reason for this is we don't have access to the administration panel on the mailing list and I've heard recovering this can take years.  Are any other groups using Google Groups for this type of thing?02:58
h00kand I totally think I got the wrong channel.  Woo!03:00
rwwh00k: #ubuntu-locoteams ;P03:01
h00krww: yeah...I'm a moron.03:01
wzssyqacan i get an ubuntu member cloaks? https://launchpad.net/~wzssyqa06:21
rwwjussi: ^^^06:32
jussioh yeah, I was doing it and got distracted by someone kicking a bot... hang on a sec... :P06:33
wzssyqajussi: thx06:34
jussicould a staff member please cloak wzssyqa with an ubuntu/member cloak? niko KB1JWQ nhandler VorTechS etc06:37
jussiwzssyqa: you need to wait for a staffer to actually action that.06:37
wzssyqajussi: o,thx06:38
KB1JWQStand by plz. :-)06:39
jussiwzssyqa: ^^06:49
wzssyqajussi: yes,i see it,there is no need to relogin,haha06:49
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wzssyqahow long should i wait for my ubuntu mailbox?16:37
vishwzssyqa: around 2 days16:42
wzssyqavish: o,now i have wait for more than 50 hours, is there something wrong?16:43
PiciI vaugely remember waiting a week, but I could be mistaken.16:43
vishwzssyqa: sometimes it takes a while https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail16:43
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