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ogasawarakees: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/597075/comments/20 , I posted the test kernel in that comment01:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 597075 in linux (Ubuntu) "2.6.35 hangs at boot due to regression in i915 or intel_agp (affects: 1) (heat: 3382)" [Undecided,Triaged]01:27
ogasawarakees: I've gotta bail for a few hours but let me know (either here or in the bug) if that kernel boots or hangs01:28
psusijjohansen, you remember that screwed up memory problem I was talking about the other night?  it's back... and I found a thread on the maverick testing boards and think it correctly identifies the cause as ureadahead doing a profile and mounting the debugfs... funny though though, is that the slab info doesn't seem to show the allocated memory anywhere03:22
psusison of a bitch... it's the fscking trace buffer...03:36
ckingmorning lag07:30
lagMorning :)07:30
* lag has a fuzzy head :)07:30
jjohansencking, lag: good evening and good night :)07:33
dmarkeyanyone know where i can get the config.gz for http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.34-lucid/08:41
amitkdmarkey: don't you see it in /proc/config.gz when you boot the kernel?08:42
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dmarkeynope, aint there08:43
dmarkeycant waste precious memory on that it seems :)08:44
sorendmarkey: All Ubuntu supplied kernel packages should be accompanied they their config in /boot/config-<version string>08:47
dmarkeyah yes, there we go08:51
VanessaEquestion:  I have a Dell Inspiron 9200 laptop.  All components seem to work fine except USB.  The kernel detects it, but no devices are recognized.  Nothing I plug in seems to get any reaction at all, except that power to the port seems to work.08:55
VanessaEno USB-related messages of any kind are added to dmesg except during the kernel's initial scans of the USB controller/hub.08:56
dholbachhey guys09:49
dholbachwe're planning Ubuntu Developer Week right now - would anyone of you interested in talking a bit about kernel team workflow, getting fixes in, dkms or anything else?09:50
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep is the preliminary schedule09:50
ograapw, up early ? 12:56
smbogra, Heh, its just one hour difference in tz12:56
apwcking, http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-bugs-forwarded@lists.debian.org/msg13966.html13:09
apwthis might be what is triggering which seems like a miss implementation of the backoff mechanism13:09
ckingapw, that's great - thanks!13:09
apwcking, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=50908913:10
ubot2Debian bug 509089 in dhcp3-client "dhcp lease negotiation takes longer than necessary" [Normal,Open]13:10
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apwcking, that bug has the patches, and it looks like if we had them you'd need a configuration change too in /etc/something13:11
ckingapw, hopefully awe can pick that work up as it's his kinda domain13:14
* cking punts13:14
apwcking, yep13:14
* cking lunches13:28
tgardnerccheney, that last commit 41440ffe21f29bdb985cab76b2d0b06d83e63b19 didn't build. Am investigating13:45
ccheneytgardner, ok13:47
DavieyHey!  Is there an informal freeze date for the A2 release?14:39
ccheneytgardner, Daviey's question is in relation to potentially getting the kernel fixed for the issue we are investigating before A214:42
tgardnerccheney, dunno about a fix yet. today is likely the last day that ogasawara will accept patches for A214:43
ccheneytgardner, ok14:43
ccheneyDaviey, see ^14:43
tgardnerit depends on _what_ the fix is.14:43
tgardnerccheney, plan a lucid kernel for your UEC A2 release14:44
tgardnerplan on*14:44
ccheneyer ok14:44
tgardnerccheney, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/mainline/41440ffe21f29bdb985cab76b2d0b06d83e63b19-maverick/linux-image-2.6.32-020632g41440ff-generic_2.6.32-020632g41440ff_amd64.deb14:58
ccheneytgardner, thanks14:58
ccheneytgardner, appears good, test still running15:05
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tgardnerccheney, k, lemme know for sure.15:06
ccheneytgardner, i'm doing an extra test this time to make sure that lack of the error means its actually fixed, may take about 30m, will let you know when i'm done, that kernel though didn't show the error message expected15:35
tgardnerccheney, ack15:35
* ccheney had to reinstall his node controller due to breakage, so he can make it run an instance using the image that was supposedly properly registered15:37
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ccheneytgardner, it got a bit more involved my cloud controller apparently forgot how to see nodes so i am reinstalling it too16:07
ccheneytgardner, once that is done i will test the 701791c to make sure it still fails and then retest 41440ff to see it works and then run the instance, assuming it can see the NC again16:08
tgardnerccheney, ack16:08
tseliotapw: I've sent both of my patches for radeon to the kernel mailing list16:08
ogasawaratseliot: The second email doesn't seem to include the patch, "Add support for the ATIF ACPI method to the radeon driver"16:11
tseliotogasawara: oops, let me attach the patch then16:12
ogasawaratseliot: you mention it's been accepted upstream and should land in 2.6.36 which is great.  Is the patch residing in an upstream maintainers tree at the moment?16:12
ogasawaratseliot: if so, could you point us to which tree and commit just so we can track it16:13
tseliotogasawara: AFAIK they're trying to see if they can include it in 2.6.35 (if Linus agrees)16:14
ogasawaratseliot: Ooo even better16:14
tseliotpatch sent16:14
MaximLevitskywhat udev maveric will eventually use?16:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 590783 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 1 other project) "Lucid sfc stable updates from (affects: 1) (heat: 241)" [Medium,In progress]16:48
gnarlsconklin, Are there newer things than there are already in or did that not get updated with the upload?16:54
sconklingnarl: I'm not following you16:55
gnarlsconklin, I just saw you posting the sfc update bug number16:56
gnarlsconklin, And the current proposed kernel wold contain some updates to sfc from 2.6.3316:56
sconklinThat's one of the patches I'm putting on my branch for you to inspect, and I was adding the buglink, and the bug was marked incomplete, so I asked Tim about it16:56
dholbachwe're planning Ubuntu Developer Week right now - would anyone of you interested in talking a bit about kernel team workflow, getting fixes in, dkms or anything else?16:56
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep is the preliminary schedule16:57
sconklingnarl: that's interesting because the patch applies16:57
gnarlsconklin, Hm, maybe I so much was about to do it that I thought I had ...16:57
sconklingnarl: I'm about to fetch a fresh tip and reapply them, let me try that16:57
gnarlsconklin, Ok. It could really just be that I thought to have done without actually having done so16:58
sconklingnarl: possibly, because there was no APPLIED message sent and it was not marked as acked in patchworks16:58
gnarlsconklin, So you better just ignore me16:59
gnarlsconklin, Cannot see anything sfc related applied recently16:59
sconklingnarl: at my peril . . . :)16:59
sconklingnarl: yes, it applied ok, and I've just pushed to the stable-lucid branch in my repo on zinc. If that passes your inspection I will apply those patches to the master and push to the distro repo17:01
gnarlsconklin, Ok let me look right away17:02
sconklinin sconklin/ubuntu-lucid.git17:03
gnarlThat would have been my guess17:03
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gnarlsconklin, Ok, two things which sadly will cause work for you, sorry about that. First (simpler) in the patch from Keng-Yü I'd add his signed-off-by (as he should have done). As those patches are actually in 2.6.33.y I would take those add a buglink, our acks and your sob. So we really follow the specific updates instead of one monolithic patch.17:09
sconklingnarl: add a buglink, our acks and my sob to what?17:15
sconklin2.6.33y patches somewhere?17:15
gnarlsconklin, to the patches you would export from the 2.6.33.y tree17:15
sconklinoh, I see.17:16
apwgnarl, does he know about your mass patch updater script17:16
sconklingnarl: well ok, that's why we're doing it this way. Let me refactor it and then you can look again17:16
apwie, about exporting them as patches using that to add acks to the right ones etc and them git am ing them back onto the branch17:16
gnarlsconklin, yes. You know you can get only those by git log (or format-patch) with the path added?17:16
gnarlapw, Since yesterday, he should I beleive17:17
sconklingnarl: yes, thanks, though17:17
gnarlIf I did not dream again17:17
apwgood enough :)17:17
sconklinno, we talked about it yesterday17:17
* bjf will brb17:18
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sconklinThe Best Buy chumby-like ARM device is intentionally hackable, and $179 USD http://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=114017:35
ccheneytgardner, the 41440ff is good17:41
tgardnerccheney, ack17:41
ccheneytgardner, verified with a running instance after rebuilding my cloud17:41
tgardnerccheney, did you reverify the other versions? Or do you think it necessary ?17:42
ccheneytgardner, i don't think its necessary, i saw something in the log for 41440ff that i thought might mean it was still broken but differently, but its running ok17:42
ccheneytgardner, the older failed ones showed the pad block corrupted issue17:43
ccheneyi can do a quick smoke test to make sure its broken on 701791c17:43
tgardnerccheney, k, I'll start the next build in the meantime17:43
ccheneyshouldn't take more than 10m to verify its actually broken17:43
apwtgardner, homing in on a bug ?17:49
tgardnerapw, bisecting to see when the UEC guest kernel stopped loading17:50
apwis this one where we seem to have a kernel interaction with uec, with the java bit ?17:50
apwgetting close yet ?17:51
tgardnerapw, oh yeah, we're homing in on it. perhaps 3 or 4 more kernels17:51
ccheneytgardner, its in pending state now, will wait a couple minutes to make sure it is stuck17:51
tgardnerapw, bug #58886117:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 588861 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 4 other projects) ""pad block corrupted" error when trying to register an image with 2.6.34 kernel (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58886117:52
ccheneyapw, we're down to 2 days of commits, which may be a lot for the kernel (not sure the exact number in between)17:52
tgardnerccheney, 641 commits left after this next build17:53
apwccheney, could be lots, could not be all depends 17:53
ccheneyheh ok, yea i thought they get a pretty large amount per day17:53
ccheneyshould be less than 10 kernels anyway :)17:53
ccheneymaybe we'll get lucky17:54
ccheneyok i'm calling 701791c bad its still not starting and had the same pad block corrupted message17:54
tgardnerccheney, wfm17:55
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sconklingnarl: I just pushed a new stable-lucid branch to my repo, which should address the things we talked about.18:40
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gnarlok looking18:40
ccheneytgardner, new kernel failed to build also, not sure if its the same issue as before18:43
tgardnerccheney, it is, I've corrected it and am continuing the build18:43
gnarlsconklin-lunch, sfc patches look good. The sob of keng-yü should be reordered to be the first one. then the acks and you sob18:43
tgardnergnarl, what does keng-yu have to do with the sfc patches?18:44
gnarltgardner, nothing. thats another patch18:44
gnarlI might have been a bit ambiguous there18:45
tgardnerhmm, just a bit18:45
tgardnerccheney, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/mainline/23eb3b64b5e44680c867e165fe1cd18e57fba255-maverick/linux-image-2.6.32-020632g23eb3b6-generic_2.6.32-020632g23eb3b6_amd64.deb18:54
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sconklingnarl: should I that one thing (kengyu sob) and push to distro?18:59
gnarlsconklin, sure go ahead18:59
ccheneytgardner, thanks19:00
tgardnerccheney, lunch, back in 20-3019:02
ccheneytgardner, ok19:02
ccheneytgardner, that one looks good as well, will run an instance since you will be gone for a bit19:10
sconklingnarl: pushed, you can review it if you want and make sure it's ok19:15
gnarlsconklin, np. a sec19:15
gnarlsconklin, Looks fine by me. So we will see that tomorrow as a new pre-proposed if apw has not broken things while fixing them. :-P19:21
keesogasawara: gah, sorry, I got it wrong.  .35-1.1 works, .35-2.2 fails.  I've updated 597075 to reflect this.19:28
ogasawarakees: cool, maybe less to look at then19:28
ogasawarakees: if I recall correctly, 2.6.35-1.1 was -rc1 based and 2.6.35-2.2 was -rc2 based19:29
keesoh good, I was worried it would be worse.  :P19:29
tgardnerccheney, ack, will start the next build19:33
ccheneytgardner, thanks, just had phone call, sorry for the lag19:41
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ogasawarakees: http://people.canonical.com/~ogasawara/lp597075/9553426/ , whenever you have time to test20:02
ogasawarakees: the deb has an odd 2.6.34 version name but please test anyways20:02
keesogasawara: rebooting, brb20:07
keesogasawara: 2.6.34-020634g9553426 fails20:12
ogasawarakees: k, I'll kick off the next build20:12
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ogasawarakees: just fyi, I'm putting notes in the bug20:14
ogasawarakees: no need for you to respond20:14
keesogasawara: okay, cool.  was just going to ask if you wanted me to reply here, the bug, or both.  :)20:14
tgardnerkees, would expect a powerpc qemu schroot to work? It seems to get hung up in /usr/bin/make20:16
keestgardner: I've never tried that -- does the qemu emulator actually work for that?20:19
tgardnerkees, yep, I can get into the schroot, its breaking on Hardy, gonna try Maverick20:19
keestgardner: I've done armel and mips, and both of those were fine.  yeah might be a ppc-specific glitch.  the emulators are a little weird.20:19
tgardnerkees, we're doing a bunch of armel schroots20:20
tgardnerogasawara pounds the hell out of 'em :)20:20
jjohansen-> Lunch20:23
ogasawarakees: http://people.canonical.com/~ogasawara/lp597075/734b415/20:38
ogasawarakees: no hurry20:40
* ogasawara lunch20:40
tgardnerccheney, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/mainline/79a56ed0e11c7d924762062a0e2a46b87014498d-maverick/linux-image-2.6.32-020632g79a56ed-generic_2.6.32-020632g79a56ed_amd64.deb20:42
keesogasawara: 734b415 boots ok20:42
ccheneytgardner, yep rebooting into it now :)20:42
tgardnerccheney, you must be tailing the build log20:42
ogasawarakees: ok nice, I'll kick off the next20:43
ccheneytgardner, refreshing the page occasionally20:43
ccheneyseemed to hit it at just the right time, heh20:43
keesogasawara: your build will be done before my disk checks finish. :P20:43
ccheneytgardner, bad20:47
tgardnerccheney, ack20:48
ccheneytgardner, how wide is the range now, ~ 150 ?20:56
tgardnerccheney, Bisecting: 169 revisions left to test after this20:57
tgardnerccheney, I'm also working on moving the build scripts to a much faster machine. They are unfortunately somewhat specific to zinc.20:59
* apw looks bashful ... its on my list21:00
ccheneytgardner, great :)21:01
tgardnerapw, what is BUILD_CONFIG_OVERRIDE ? I can't find it21:03
apwits an old way of setting the config in older releases, replaced by OVERRIDES21:05
apwnote that we put the data in OVERRIDES and the point BUILD_C_O to it, backwards compatible21:05
tgardnerapw, I'm trouble getting schroot to digest that command line21:05
apwwell you can drop the variable for any release where git grep doesn't find it in debian*21:06
tgardnerapw, ah, seems much happier without that21:07
apwtgardner, i must admit in a lot of my scripting i change things into21:07
apw{ echo "commands" } | chroot /bin/bash21:07
tgardnerapw, duh, that looks like a simple work around. I've even done it for other cases. why didn'tI remember :)21:08
apwtgardner, heheh always the way ... good luck21:09
tgardnerapw, I've got it building on emerald. it runs circles around zinc21:10
apwtgardner, nice ... that should get u moving what about 3x the speed21:13
tgardnerapw, closer to 10x21:14
apwi'll bet, you might want to also setup a ccache in the shell that you run it from too21:15
apwbet that'll speed up the second one21:15
tgardnerapw, actually, I've done some benchmarking with ccache on the emerald class machines. It doesn't really save much. In a few runs I found it made only about 10 seconds difference21:17
apwinteresting .. 21:18
tgardnerI think the disk is fast enough....21:18
tgardnermultiple spindles and all21:18
tgardnerogasawara, are you doing anything on emerald.mills? I think I'm gonna revert to the Lucid kernel. 21:20
ccheneywow 10x faster is nice, then i might be the slow factor :)21:27
ogasawarakees: http://people.canonical.com/~ogasawara/lp597075/9962c92/21:39
ccheneynew image :)21:43
tgardnerccheney, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/mainline/e33c01972239fee4696679ae5f7d1f340f424999-maverick/linux-image-2.6.32-020632ge33c019-generic_2.6.32-020632ge33c019_amd64.deb21:43
ogasawarajjohansen: the atop patch set, is that something the server team is hoping to land in Alpha2? or can it wait post Alpha221:50
tgardnerogasawara, it needs some more study as I think its a bit crackful21:50
jjohansenogasawara: it needs debate21:50
jjohansendefinitely not alpha221:51
ogasawarajjohansen: cool, cuz I didn't want to have to slam them in :)21:51
tgardnerjjohansen, do they have a good use case?21:51
jjohansentgardner: hrmm, when I asked they said it was something that had been repeatedly requested and would be really nice to have21:52
jjohansenI will but jose, a ttx for specific use cases21:52
tgardnerjjohansen, repeatedly ? first I've heard of it21:52
jjohansenwell, I guess its more of a server thing21:53
jjohansenI hadn't heard of it until a couple weeks ago21:53
keesogasawara: 996 fails21:54
jjohansenthere is a bug filed from 2007 though21:54
jjohansenBug #13415921:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 134159 in atop (Ubuntu) " atop Kernel patch doesn't work (heat: 3)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13415921:54
jjohansentgardner: also not that it is a nice to have, it isn't a hard requirement21:55
tgardnerjjohansen, thats not exactly a bug.21:55
ogasawarakees: ack, will build the next21:55
keesogasawara: thanks :)21:55
jjohansentgardner: no, but it shows some time line of interest21:55
ccheneytgardner, bad21:55
tgardnerccheney, ack21:55
tgardnerccheney, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/mainline/951c30d135390a108f102b0f6e3cfa6241f2a1aa-maverick/linux-image-2.6.32-020632g951c30d-generic_2.6.32-020632g951c30d_amd64.deb22:17
ccheneytgardner, bad22:22
tgardnerccheney, ack22:22
tgardnerccheney, I'm breaking for a couple of hours. I've started the next cycle. If successful it should copy bits to zonc.22:24
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jjohansenogasawara: hey on the AA patch rebase, instead of splitting kees's patch I could probably just move it to after the AA patches and fix the AA conflict if that would be easier for you22:27
ogasawarajjohansen: no worries, I've already got it applied to my local tree.  I kept it split like you had it22:29
jjohansenogasawara: cool22:29
ogasawarajjohansen: just finishing up test builds, then will do a few boot tests and upload22:29
jjohansenokay let me know if you need anything22:29
keesogasawara, jjohansen: hopefully that should change when I request Yama get pulled into maverick.  I'll have a patch that bolts it to AppArmor so hopefully it won't cause conflicts.22:30
ogasawarakees: cool22:31
tgardner-afkkees, does that mean we'll drop the other soft/hard link patches?22:31
jjohansenkees: cool, let me know if you want any help on it22:31
keestgardner-afk: yeah, the symlink/hardlink/ptrace stuff will be done via Yama, and then I'll add a patch to bolt Yama into the kernel somehow.. maybe not against AppArmor since that would mean running SELinux on ubuntu would lose the protection.22:32
tgardner-afkkees,  oh, 'cause we can't yet chain or stack LSMs ?22:33
keestgardner-afk: yup :(22:33
sbeattiekees: clearly you need to take eparis' patch against selinux. :-)22:37
keessbeattie: that too22:38
* ccheney is somewhat confused, trying to read through the commits that are in between what is good and bad and found it seems 2.6.32 was released in the middle of that, and thought we already proved 2.6.32 was good22:40
ccheneymaybe i didn't look at the right spot22:41
ccheneyhmm yea i didn't, but i don't see the commit in the list on the web ui22:42
ccheneyogasawara, is there a way using the git.kernel.org to see all commits between two git revisions?22:43
ccheneythe log for the commits i mean22:43
tgardner-afkccheney, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/mainline/476d42f138ba82389a92a894d8a630a70d36278f-maverick/linux-image-2.6.32-020632rc5g476d42f-generic_2.6.32-020632rc5g476d42f_amd64.deb22:44
=== tgardner-afk is now known as tgardner
tgardnergot delayed by a t-storm22:44
ogasawaraccheney: hrm, not sure how to do that via the web22:45
ccheneyogasawara, ok22:45
ogasawaraccheney: if you have a local clone of the git tree I can give you the command22:45
ccheneyah ok, i thought maybe there was way to do it on the web interface22:45
ogasawaraccheney:  there might be, I'm just unaware22:45
ogasawarakees: http://people.canonical.com/~ogasawara/lp597075/7648fa9/22:48
ccheneythe timestamps seem out of order but its probably because the commit i am looking at is part of a merge22:49
ccheneytgardner, bad22:49
tgardnerccheney, ack22:50
erichammondjjohansen & co: Haven't chatted in a while.  Hope things are going well.  I have a client who runs Asterisk on Amazon EC2 using Ubuntu 10.04.  He's having problems with choppy voice and limits on the number of concurrent phone calls per server because of the 100Hz Ubuntu kernels on EC2.  Back in 2009 we discussed this and you were interested in building a 1000Hz kernel for him to try, but things sort of fizzled out as other prioriti22:50
erichammondHow should I or he go about making the request for a test 1000Hz Ubuntu kernel for EC2?22:50
* ccheney thinks the next one should be in the 10 commit range :-)22:51
tgardnerccheney, Bisecting: 18 revisions left to test after this22:51
jjohansenerichammond: file a bug against maverick and subscribe me and ttx22:51
ccheneytgardner, do you have a way to pastebin the log of those commits?22:51
erichammondjjohansen: Cool, will do.  No chance for Lucid given the development process?22:52
jjohansenI think it unlikely22:52
jjohansenbut maverick kernels will be supported on Lucid22:53
tgardnerccheney, https://pastebin.canonical.com/33985/22:53
erichammondjjohansen: Fascinating, thanks.22:53
tgardnererichammond, they already are, look in the kernel-ppa22:54
erichammondtgardner: What already are what?22:54
ccheneyheh probably one of the big merges in the list :)22:55
tgardnerThe Maverick kernels are already being built for Lucid: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ppa/ubuntu22:55
tgardnererichammond, or a better URL is: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa22:55
erichammondtgardner: I see, thanks.  This Asterisk/EC2 user would still need ones built with 1000Hz for EC2 which is a different process, I believe.22:56
keesogasawara: 7648fa9 boots ok22:56
tgardnererichammond, its worth trying just to see if the scheduler fixes help, HZ setting not withstanding22:56
erichammondtgardner: We were told that back when upgrading from Jaunty to Karmic and now he's running Lucid.  Are there significant changes between Lucid and Maverick?22:57
ogasawarakees: cool, will kick off the last test build22:57
tgardnererichammond, oh yeah, though I don't have hard numbers.22:58
erichammondtgardner: Cool.  He sounds very motivated, so I'll provide him with instructions on how to test with Lucid against the Karmic kernel on EC2.  I guess I'll need to get the new kernel modules installed on a new image as well as RightScale integration, and so on.23:03
tgardnererichammond, I assume you know how to do that? 'cause I sure done :)23:03
=== bjf is now known as bjf[afk]
ccheneytgardner, build failed23:07
tgardnerccheney, I fixed it, its copying right now23:08
tgardnerccheney, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/mainline/5db5d64277bf390056b1a87d0bb288c8b8553f96-maverick/linux-image-2.6.32-020632rc3g5db5d64-generic_2.6.32-020632rc3g5db5d64_amd64.deb23:09
tgardnerccheney, now I'm really gone. back in an hour or two23:10
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ccheneytgardner-afk, prelim looks good23:14
ogasawarakees: http://people.canonical.com/~ogasawara/lp597075/9908ff7/23:20
* ccheney guesses at the next one failing since the log entries point that way23:23
keesogasawara: 9908ff7 fails23:31
ogasawarakees: ack23:31
keesogasawara: does that leave us at the end, or is there one more?23:32
ogasawarakees: I lied, I thought that was going to be the last test build, kicking off one more.23:33
keesogasawara: cool.  I wasn't sure how to part the git bisect output23:33
ogasawarakees: once we isolate the commit, I'll have you do two more tests.  one with a mainline tree with the commit reverted and one with the maverick tree with the commit reverted.23:34
ogasawarakees: it's down the following 3 commits23:38
ogasawara9908ff736adf261e749b4887486a32ffa209304c drm/i915: Kill dangerous pending-flip debugging23:38
ogasawara9a7e8492d17394a81d5534abf90b5b2ada7ea3c0 drm/i915: Storage class should be before const qualifier23:38
ogasawara7648fa99eb77a2e1a90b7beaa420e07d819b9c11 drm/i915: add power monitoring support23:38
ogasawarakees: the first you confirmed is bad, the last you confirmed is good, and I'm building the middle one as we speak23:38
ccheneytgardner-afk, yea 5db5d64 is good23:40
ogasawarakees: http://people.canonical.com/~ogasawara/lp597075/9a7e849/23:52
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