SonsumI'd like to be an author for the ubuntu manual. I've got TEx Live 2009 all installed but when I try and make Ubuntu-Manual-en.pdf it states that I'm missing en.po04:36
SonsumAnybody know what I did wrong?04:36
SonsumWow. Nevermind. Got it. Ignore the noobishness.04:55
thorwilgood morning!07:24
thorwilgood morning ubuntujenkins10:04
ubuntujenkinswow we are quite today :)15:03
nisshhubuntujenkins: must have been because i have been out all day and afk :)15:09
ubuntujenkinsheh, i am afk alot at the moment as well15:09
nisshhbecause of the soccer?15:10
ubuntujenkinsno just other bits and bobs to do now i am at home15:10
nisshhyea, iv been busy working on my python fu and also working on some projects of mine15:12
nisshhgonna be exciting over the next few months15:12
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: / godbyk-sagan ping21:10
ubuntujenkinsthe channel is a sleep21:11
flanA single sleep?21:24
ubuntujenkinshello shrini and flan people are awake.21:31
shrinihello ubuntujenkins21:31
ChrisWoollardI just came across the following link.21:46
ChrisWoollardThey are harvesting info to get the download.21:47
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: yep I asked them to add a link to our site a couple of days a go21:47
ubuntujenkinswich is not on the bottom of http://www.ubuntugeek.com/download-free-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx-pdf-guide.html21:48
ChrisWoollardYep. It is a bit cheeky21:49
ubuntujenkinsI don't know why people feel the need to harvest info for our work. thats two sites that do it now. Shows our work is good i guess21:50
godbyk-saganHey, ubuntujenkins.21:51
ubuntujenkinshey you are alive :P21:51
ChrisWoollardUnfortuanatly personal information is valuable21:51
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-sagan: what is happening as far as the font for the greek manual21:51
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: yea they ask for address etc21:52
godbyk-saganwhat's up with the fonts in the greek manual?21:52
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-sagan: linux libertine gives us 3 errors21:52
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: really?  I thought linux-libertine had full greek support.  do you have the errors handy?21:52
ubuntujenkinshttp://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/elerrors numbers 3,4,6 they are the same error21:53
godbyk-saganoh, and it seems that both sites I've seen distributing our manual are forwarding to the same underlying site.  I can only guess they get some referral fees or something out of it.21:53
ubuntujenkinsi can't compile here as I get japaniese letters in the evince index pane21:54
ubuntujenkinsalso kevin can you mail me the ubuntu-manual-el.tex file you are using. as are using one that c7p and i have is not the same as the one for builds.ubuntu-manual.org21:56
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: I think #3 may be okay as long as the Greek looks good (especially the placement of accents, etc.).21:56
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: #1 can be safely ignored.  We're not using a bibliography, so no worries.21:57
godbyk-sagan#2 we should attend to and make sure the cross-references are correct.21:57
ubuntujenkinshow is that done just build it again?21:57
godbyk-sagan#4 is telling us that there aren't any old-style numbers in italic.  I'm not sure where this occurs, so I'll have to look into it.  If it's printing the regular lining figures instead, it should be okay.21:58
godbyk-sagan#5 can be ignored.  it's just latex being snarky.21:58
ubuntujenkinsok cool, we are very close with greek21:58
godbyk-sagan#6 is the same as #4.21:58
* ubuntujenkins nods21:59
godbyk-saganand #7 can probably be ignored.21:59
* ubuntujenkins nods again21:59
ubuntujenkinsany thoughts on my japanies letters in evince22:00
godbyk-saganJapanese letters in evince? We're working on a Japanese translation already now?22:00
ubuntujenkinsno i get them in the index for what ever language i compile for22:01
ubuntujenkinsnot sure about english22:01
godbyk-saganthat's quite strange.22:01
godbyk-saganlet me give it a shot here.22:02
godbyk-sagan(though I don't know if everything's setup on my laptop or not. guess we'll find out.)22:02
ubuntujenkinsI am using the packages, so I don't know what it is. I need to solve it as it is a bug in them effectivley22:02
godbyk-saganrunning bzr pull now. could take a while. (my parents' internet connection is slow.)22:03
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: are the indices on the builds.ubuntu-manual.org site okay?22:03
godbyk-saganif so, it may be a problem with your packaged xindy compared to my tug2009 xindy.22:04
godbyk-sagan(didn't you have to jump through some hoops on the xindy stuff.  wasn't xindy not packaged originally?)22:04
ubuntujenkins I am just trying an older version of xindy it is in debian22:05
ubuntujenkinsc7p: hello22:05
c7poh godbyk is home :d22:05
godbyk-saganc7p: only for a little bit.22:05
c7pnice :P22:05
godbyk-saganI've been swamped at work the past week or two trying to get people up to speed on things before I take off.22:05
godbyk-saganI'll be leaving tomorrow evening for about a week.22:06
c7pi know :)22:06
godbyk-sagan(Hopefully, I'll return with lots of fun TeX-related things we can make use of.)22:06
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-sagan: thanks for fitting us in your secdule22:06
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: lol. no problem.22:06
c7phow much time do you have now?22:06
godbyk-saganI just got back from running errands today.  I'm hanging out at my parents house for a couple days.22:07
godbyk-sagan(So I'm away from work where they can only harass me via IM and email.)22:07
godbyk-saganI should be around for a few hours (coming and going a little bit).22:07
c7pdo you want to chill out or we can arrange some things?22:08
godbyk-saganI can try to help with some things, but I'm on my laptop, so I'm somewhat limited in what I can do.22:09
godbyk-sagan(I don't think I have everything set up here.)22:09
ubuntujenkinshmm an older version of xindy no help22:09
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: here''s the version of xindy I'm running (on my laptop, at least):22:10
godbyk-sagan$ xindy --version22:10
godbyk-saganxindy release: unknown22:10
godbyk-saganxindy script version: 1.1322:10
godbyk-saganxindy kernel version: 2.322:10
godbyk-saganxindy run time engine: x86_64-linux-gnu, version 2.222:10
godbyk-saganCLISP version 2.48 (2009-07-28) (built on pcl321.mppmu.mpg.de [])22:10
godbyk-sagan    architecture: X86_6422:10
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-sagan: this is what i get http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/90026/__________________ubuntu_10_04_012_N7SQXq.png22:10
ubuntujenkinsthis is what i just tried22:10
ubuntujenkinsxindy release: unknown22:10
ubuntujenkinsxindy script version: 1.0822:10
ubuntujenkinsxindy kernel version: 2.322:10
ubuntujenkinsxindy run time engine: x86_64-linux-gnu, version 2.222:10
ubuntujenkinsCLISP version 2.44 (2008-02-02) (built on excelsior.roeckx.be [])22:10
ubuntujenkins    architecture: X86_6422:11
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: weird.22:11
godbyk-saganso it's the pdf index.22:11
godbyk-saganthat's not a xindy thing.22:11
godbyk-saganthat'd be from the hyperref package.22:11
ubuntujenkinsyea sorry, should have explained better22:11
c7pgodbyk concerning the greek manual I think we are finished22:12
c7phave you read a message that I sent you before some days about the todo things ?22:12
ubuntujenkinsc7p: / godbyk-sagan we have two pages to remove from before the index22:13
c7pubuntujenkins: actually topo fixed all these bugs22:13
godbyk-saganc7p: I glanced at it and then flagged it for review later. :)22:13
c7pok :)22:14
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: yeah, there's some odd bug in the \printindex command or somewhere along the way.22:14
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: I had to jump through some hoops to fix it in the final English edition, as I recall.22:14
ubuntujenkinsyea i recal you saying22:15
godbyk-saganthere are other customizations I made to the final English edition that didn't get reincorporated to the translated editions.  (and I didn't want to anger the translators by updating the pot file so late in the game.)22:17
godbyk-saganthat's why we have all these little things to do by hand.22:17
c7pgodbyk-sagan: so is there any material that needs translation for the official release of the translated manual ?22:20
ubuntujenkinshmm, godbyk-sagan I have gone back to older packages and no luck on this japanise letters22:24
* c7p brb 22:25
godbyk-saganI don't recall what extra stuff has already been translated.22:26
godbyk-saganWe have the new copyright page text in there?22:26
godbyk-saganAnd the colophon text.22:27
godbyk-saganI think those are the two big things that I added.22:27
c7pgodbyk-sagan: yes have translated these stuff22:29
ubuntujenkinsany suggestions on the letter problem22:30
c7phave you installed the latest version of xindy ?22:31
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: not yet. It seems like it may have to do with either the fonts or with hyperref.22:32
ubuntujenkinsyea i am thinking fonts i am trying to guess at what to install rather than the whole texlive-full and blowing th edownload limit at home22:32
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: try a different font for your UI stuff.22:33
ubuntujenkinssurely that will make no diffence if the builds.ubuntu...org ones work?22:34
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: ah, good point.22:35
ubuntujenkinsI am trying texlive-fonts-extra22:35
godbyk-saganI don't expect that's have an effect, since we're not using the tex fonts.22:36
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: I just built it on my laptop and the bookmarks look okay.22:39
ubuntujenkinsare you using the packages or source?22:40
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins, c7p: another thing we have to translate [for all translations]: the word 'Colophon' (as it appears in the bookmarks list).22:41
godbyk-sagan[I think there's another couple bookmarks I added to the final English addition. I'm gonna check as soon as I get the code checked out on my laptop.]22:42
ubuntujenkinsalso license its the only thing that is still ok in mine22:42
ubuntujenkinsthe word "license"22:42
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: where do you see that?22:43
ubuntujenkinsdon't worry i think that may be done. I messed up and lost the *el.tex file. i did make clean22:44
godbyk-saganokay, I'm feeling like an idiot.  do you see the lucid-e1-en branch (or lucid-1e-en.. however I spelled it)?22:45
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: ah, right. just run 'bzr revert ubuntu-manual-el.tex' to get it back.22:45
ubuntujenkinsI have the file in an e-mail as c7p sent me a newer one22:46
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-sagan: can you run me a list of what packages you have installed which start with ttf please22:52
ubuntujenkinsdon't worry its not a font as the others look ok22:53
godbyk-saganback now22:58
c7pgodbyk-sagan: should i mail you the translation of the word "Colophon" or should I tell it to you here on channel ?23:02
godbyk-saganc7p: Email it to me. (Just to ensure irc doesn't mangle it.)23:05
dutchieirc is awesome at unicode23:06
godbyk-sagandutchie: fair enough. but is xchat? or my xchat font?23:07
dutchieønły 1 wæy ŧø finð øúŧ23:08
godbyk-saganHeh.. now see, that makes no sense. ;-)23:08
dutchiewfm in irssi23:08
godbyk-saganIt works here, too.23:09
dutchieŧ←þ→nŋ ł→ŧħ ŧħe ¢øµþøße ĸe← ħełð ðøłn łøøĸß æłeßøµe23:09
dutchie”↓ŧ ↓n¶eæðæ”łe23:09
c7plol it's greek to me hahaha23:11
ubuntujenkinsI see a mess of letters23:13
c7pso do I, dutchie how did you managed to type these characters ?23:14
godbyk-sagandutchie: which key have you set as the compse key?23:14
godbyk-saganThat might work, I don't think I ever use that key.  Or maybe the Windows context menu key or something. That definitely never gets used.23:14
ubuntujenkinswhat is that key for? I ahve never ever used it23:15
c7pwell i can't find it on keyboard !23:15
godbyk-saganwhich one? the windows context menu key? it pulls up the right-click menu for whatever thing has focus.  (on windows at least.)23:15
dutchiethe windows key is used for shortcuts (and is generally called "super")23:16
dutchietry super+a for example23:16
c7pah we call it with other name :P23:17
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-sagan: am i using the script you gave c7p to compile it or am i using make *el.tex23:19
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: you *should* be able to use make blah-el.pdf23:20
godbyk-saganthe compile script is obsolete now and shouldn't be used.23:20
ubuntujenkinsI feel I am asking idiotic questions but I am getting "make: `ubuntu-manual-el.tex' is up to date." what do i remove to make it run again?23:22
ubuntujenkinsdoing make *el.tex23:23
godbyk-saganpdf not tex23:23
ubuntujenkinsIts late :)23:24
godbyk-saganexcuses, excuses!23:24
c7pthat's exactly what I thought :P ubuntujenkins23:24
ubuntujenkinsI have to get up early tomorrow :/23:24
c7phaven't you finished the exams?23:25
ubuntujenkinsyea, I have some stuff for my job23:25
ubuntujenkinsyou have to love the crossover guys, I am not even a paying customer i a just trialing and they are letting me test a nighly build. Their service is great23:26
ubuntujenkinsthey have be very helpfull with my problems23:26
godbyk-saganFound it! https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lucid-1e-en23:27
godbyk-saganI'm not crazy after all!23:27
dutchienight all23:27
c7pg' night dutchie23:27
godbyk-saganLaunchpad was filtering the list of branches (and only showing the active branches).23:27
godbyk-saganG'night, dutchie.23:27
ubuntujenkinsnight dutchie23:27
godbyk-saganCool. What're you using crossover for, ubuntujenkins?23:28
* ubuntujenkins wispers office 2007 and macros23:30
ubuntujenkinsI have office due to uni23:30
ubuntujenkinsand there is a cool excel thing that i have found23:30
ubuntujenkinsI am a scout leader and there is a very good spread sheet to help with organising. Cross over apears to be the best way to save rebooting23:31
godbyk-saganI just run Office under Windows under Virtualbox OSE.23:32
ubuntujenkinsthey are the only place that supports macros but it takes, 90 mins to load the spread sheet this nigthly takes 2-3 aparently23:32
godbyk-sagan(I had to purchase a copy of Office the other day because we have to use some Word doc forms for uni and OOo wasn't saving them very well.)23:32
ubuntujenkinsmy laptop would die doing that. virtual box23:33
godbyk-saganyeah, it's pretty resource intensive.23:33
ubuntujenkinsI e-mailed them and he said it does open honest it takes 10+ minutes though.23:33
godbyk-saganI only use it on my new PC (which has lots of CPU cores and processors).23:33
ubuntujenkinsmy laptop will do linux boxes in vm but its not a fan of lots of installs in a row23:34
c7pg' night guys and kevin have a nice time at the latex evening :)23:44
godbyk-saganc7p: thanks!  see ya later.23:45
ubuntujenkinswow it did load faster but the macros do not work :( "out of memory"23:48
godbyk-saganah, bummer.23:48
godbyk-sagantime to upgrade. :)23:48
ubuntujenkinsI wish I have to buy loads of stuff before i start my job23:48
godbyk-saganwhere's your job again? (I think you told me before.)23:48
dutchiei'm not very good at going to bed23:49
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: I do that all the time23:49
godbyk-sagandutchie: Me neither (among so very many other things).23:50
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-sagan: enginerring student at cummins23:50
ubuntujenkinsbig engines23:50
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: ah, cool.23:50
dutchiebeats my prospective job at carphone warehouse23:51
dutchiestupid android and it's long "Starting download" time23:52
dutchieer, its23:52
dutchiestuff it, bedtime23:53
dutchieactually this time23:53
godbyk-saganare they ever going to release froyo?23:54
ubuntujenkinsI thought it was out? I am sure fab was on about it on linux outlaws23:55
godbyk-saganwell, I think people have been downloading an unofficial version.23:55
godbyk-saganbut they haven't pushed the update over the air yet.23:55
ubuntujenkinsi see, you and your nexus one :)23:57
godbyk-saganyep! :)23:57
godbyk-saganbtw, if anyone has any good recommendations for a linux-based tablet or an awesome (open) ebook reader, let me know.23:58
godbyk-saganI bought a netbook/tablet the other day, but have to send it back as the battery won't recharge.23:58
ubuntujenkinsget a wee tab, when they come out23:59
ubuntujenkinswe-tab actually23:59
godbyk-saganwhen are they due out?23:59
ubuntujenkinsages :(23:59

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