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thorwilhi wers, vish, mpt, godbyk-android213:01
mptHello everyone13:01
wershi thorwil13:01
mptI'm sorry ivanka, charline, and djsiegel aren't here, I don't know where they are t.b.h.13:02
thorwilmovable bermuda triangle?13:02
mptMillbank Triangle13:03
* thorwil whistles scary melody13:03
mptIs godbyk-android2 actually here?13:04
wersokayyy. what do we have for today? :)13:05
mptWell, I was going to invite godbyk to talk about his ideas for a usability book13:06
wersusability book, huh? what is this exactly about?13:07
thorwilmpt: we have been missing him in the -manual channel, lately13:07
mptWe've been talking a bit about how to present the human interface guidelines13:07
mptand Kevin suggested the possibility of having a more general book for design and usability in open source13:07
mptBut I think, as with the interface guidelines, there's a lack of people with time to write13:09
thorwilmpt: would be great, if combined with an online version and at least the option of some collaborative editing. could be done with one or 2 full timers plus only few now-and-then collaborators ;p13:09
mptoh, only one or two full-timers? :-)13:10
mptKevin suggested this book as inspiration: http://www.uidesigns.com/13:11
thorwilmpt: one is serious, 2 is mocking maybe a little bit ;)13:11
mpthi aday13:12
adaympt: hey, sorry i'm late13:12
wershi aday :)13:13
mptApart from that, we seem to have a lack of ideas at the moment.13:14
adaywers: hi :)13:14
mptAnd I will be away on holiday the next two Thursdays, so I won't be able to run these meetings.13:14
thorwilmpt: unless there's a competent, yet crazy person out there, not in this circle. godbyk has to know himself, but i think the manual project can easily eat his available time in the foreseeable future13:14
* vish takes note to squeeze stuff from mpt before his vacation ;p13:15
thorwilno lack of ideas, just a lack of ones that we can tackle, realistically13:15
vishmpt: lack of ideas? maybe we need more of folks from the ayatana ML ;p13:16
* thorwil knows he starts to sound like a broken record, but can't help it13:16
adayme and some of the gnome design types have started drawing up some personas. is that something we could tackle?13:16
mptyes, that's a possibility13:16
thorwilvish: SABDFL is my hero. +1, look at that funny picture i madez you!13:16
mptWe've talked at a couple of UDSes (Jaunty and Karmic, I think) about personas, but we didn't produce any in public13:17
vishthorwil: pff , fanboyee ;)13:17
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werssomething's bugging me about the panel. i'm not sure if this is the right time to discuss it, though13:18
adaympt: we've drafted some and i'm planning to do some interviews13:18
vishaday: personas would be great thing to work on13:18
mptaday, great, are the drafts published anywhere?13:18
adaythe main challenge for me is getting interviewees13:18
adaympt: it's happening on google wave... we could move the content somewhere else though13:18
adayor just add interested parties13:19
mptI'm an interested party13:19
adaympt: got a wave address?13:20
mptaday, matthew.thomas13:20
adaydone. anybody else?13:21
mptthanks aday13:21
thorwilo/, too13:21
wersallancaeg *at* gmail13:21
mptSomething else Kevin and I discussed over the past week is setting up a basic user testing template (Do people understand what your program does? How long does it take for them to do something useful with it? etc)13:23
mptto encourage the UX advocates to do some user testing, even informally13:23
wersmpt, that's interesting. do you have a draft template as of the moment?13:24
wersand what user testing tools do you have in mind?13:24
mptno, I haven't13:24
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mptJust sitting beside someone as they try out the program13:25
mptand asking them to do various things13:25
mptnothing complicated13:25
mptHave any of us run a user test before? I know aday has sat in on one we did at Canonical13:25
* thorwil 's experience is limited to seeing lots of folks stumble through quarkXpress, freehand, photoshop and ms office13:26
wersi havent yet, but I've seen a morae session before. that's what we're trying to duplicate through the FOSS Usability Testing Suite13:27
* vish neither13:27
wersactually, my office might buy Morae very soon and we're planning to have user testing as a service next week. i'll see what I'll learn out of the experience13:27
adayit doesn't have to be as complicated as using screen recording software. you can just watch and make a few notes13:28
mptok, so I will try to persuade charline or someone to write up a basic template, if I don't have time to do it myself13:28
adayit's amazing how much you can learn that way13:28
wersaday, i agree, especially if the persona the participant represents thinks very differently from you13:28
mptI'll also see if I can persuade ivanka to run the meeting the next couple of weeks.13:29
thorwilthe people thinking different became very clear to me, a hit with a basebal bat couldn't have been clearer13:30
mptIn the meantime, thanks for turning up. :-)13:31
thorwilmpt: found ivanka. she just has been in the wiki, free culture showcase :)13:31
thorwilnp, after all, that's all i manage13:31
wersfor user testing, we can use gtk record my desktop or Istanbul in the meantime.13:34
wersand just run it with the sound recorder13:34
wersfor TAP13:34
werscasually observing the usage of the software is nice, but it's better to document the test so others can also give their feedback13:35
adayi'm the ux advocate for nautilus (apparently). i'm planning to blog about that soon. i'll try and put something in there about usability testing13:37
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werssorry got dc. did a miss anything?13:51
wersaday, you remember the app centrism discussion? :)13:52
adaywers: yeah! you moved forward with that at all?13:53
wersaday, i want to pursue it13:54
wersi'm actually planning to talk about it at GNOME.Asia13:54
wersI'll explore it a bit more and maybe borrow your ideas. I'll quote you if I talk about them, of course :D13:54
adaywers: cool. i've been talking with some designers about document management away from the file system. would love to see that happen13:55
adaywers: no need to quote me. just buy me a beer ;)13:55
wersaday, nice. I actually emailed dylan mccall. he's still interested13:55
wersaday, lol. shipping costs would be more expensive :P i'll just quote you13:55
adaywers: great. i was excited about his project. that could be a big part of whatever solution we come up with13:56
adaywers: there's also the stuff that's planned for unity, though i haven't seen many specifics13:57
wersaday, cool! you mean, solution to app centrism issue?13:57
wersaday, that' nice. what is it exactly?13:57
adaywers: i'm primarily thinking about document management outside the file manager13:57
adaywers: what's unity? the new ubuntu netbook thang13:58
wersaday, oh. you meant, that (which is your suggestion on the thread) could be a solution (to the document management issue), correct?13:58
wersaday, i meant, what's the solution on unity exactly? is there a specific app addressing the issue?13:59
adaywers: i hear they're planning to use zeitgeist for file management14:00
wersaday, oh. you mean, the engine right? so just the backend but not Activity Journal?14:01
adaywers: yes. no indications of what the front will look like yet14:01
wersif so, how will this address the issue? will it display filetype-specific options?14:02
adaywers: dunno! we might be on slightly different wave lengths on this one... i'd like to see you slides or whatever when they're done14:05
wersaday, oh. let's just wait for it :)14:06
adaywers: we'll i'd like to try and collaborate with unity if possible. it would be great if gnome could use some of the work they're doing14:07
aday*we'll -> well14:07
wersaday, that's exactly what i was thinking. we could use some upstream love. i was actually wondering if you were involved in unity, but weren't talking about this upstream. hehe14:08
wersbut you mentioned that you're waiting for them so I figured. haha14:08
wers'cause the thing with this is, it's not a netbook-specific issue. the GNOME desktop can use it14:09
werswhich makes me think, why doesn't GNOME have a netbook interface, unlike KDE? ok nevermind. offtopic. lol14:10
adaywers: well that depends. they might have a very restricted set of use-cases. we'd have to discuss it14:11
wersyep. let's just talk about it in the right venue14:12
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sbrAny metting15:06
sbrIs anyone here?15:09
czajkowskisbr: what meeting are you looking for http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar15:11
sbrthe java meeting15:11
sbrczajkowski: the details on the meeting says 15 - 16, so maybe it is registered wrong15:17
czajkowskisbr: I've no idea sorry I've never seen that meeting15:17
sbrczajkowski: okay thanks, I will try at 1515:18
sbrAny meetting?16:07
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