alketWhat does MOTU do ?02:20
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU02:21
alketSo what do you do, i mean how do you maintain them, where do you find them ?02:21
* arand is not a motu by the way...02:23
alketanyone ?02:27
arandalket: Mainly packages comes from debian, some patching/merging is done if necessary, and they're stuck in ubuntu, or a new *upstream* version is taken into ubuntu and merged into the current packaging, or a whole new application is packaged from scratch... For general details, the wiki would likely be the place, ubuntu, or debian's which should be more exhaustive I gues..02:27
alketthankyou arand02:28
arandAnd as you may have noticed, this is one of the more quiet times for this channel..02:31
alketthis is actually my third time over a long time02:32
alketI always wanted to get involved in something for ubuntu02:32
alketnever had a right place02:32
lfaraonecould someone take a look at this diagram I generated about the versioning/basing of a debian/ubuntu/ppa package? It's at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/103749/loadupp.svg04:03
micahglfaraone: usually a good idea to use 1~ppa1 instead of 1ppa1 in case a sync is possible04:08
lfaraonemicahg: would'nt ~ppa1 mean that the -1 would trump?04:09
micahglfaraone: yep04:09
micahglfaraone: am I reading it wrong04:10
lfaraonemicahg: I mean "if this package is in the archives and you are making modifications to it"04:10
* micahg guesses he should have asked what modif means :)04:10
lfaraonemotdif == changes beyond a rebuild. release means a New Upstream Version.04:11
micahglfaraone: ah, than it looks fine, but I'm not officially a dev, so my opinion doesn't carry too much weight :)04:12
lfaraonemicahg: well, I'm officially a dev and I still am not sure. getting the magic hand logo on your LP profile doesn't grant you all knowledge of the universe, just the mastery of it :D04:14
ScottKlfaraone: If you are taking an existing version, making changes to it, and putting it in a PPA, I usually us +ppa1 at the end.04:17
lfaraoneScottK: okay. is +ppa1 better than ppa1? (since I've told the folks I've been mentoring to use the latter <_<;)04:19
ScottKFor #6 I'd call it 1.2-1ubuntu1~ppa1.04:19
ScottKlfaraone: Functionally it's the same.  I think +ppa1 is clearer.04:19
micahganyone care to sponsor a no source change rebuild for gjs?04:20
lfaraonemicahg: sure. rationale?04:24
lfaraoneand/or bug :D04:24
micahgbug 597944 :)04:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 597944 in gjs (Ubuntu) "libgjs needs a rebuild for xulrunner-" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59794404:24
lfaraoneScottK: for No-Change Rebuilds, I can just increment the debian revision part by "build1", so it'd read "-1ubuntu3build1", right?04:26
ScottKlfaraone: If there's already an ubuntuX revision, just increment that.  Use -1ubuntu4.04:26
ScottKThe only reason to use XbuildY is the sync scripts know it's OK to sync over that.04:27
ScottKIf it's already got real changes, that's not relevant.04:27
nigelbdidrocks: I'm without my comp :( can you do it without me?04:31
dholbachgood morning07:00
coolbhavigood morning dholbach07:02
dholbachhi coolbhavi07:04
coolbhavihi dholbach07:05
micahgdholbach: do you have time to sponsor a no source change rebuild?07:15
dholbachmicahg: on it already07:15
micahgdholbach: wow, w//out a bug number even :)07:16
dholbachmicahg: I usually do a bit of sponsoring in my morning07:16
dholbachmicahg: so I just grabbed ~10 bugs and I'll work on them while reading up on other stuff07:16
micahgdholbach: awesome, thanks, can you click the retry on gnome-shell after gjs builds?07:17
dholbachmicahg: can you remind me of it when gjs has built?07:17
dholbachmicahg: I usually don't keep track of builds and wait for them to happen07:17
micahgdholbach: k, don't worry then, I'll just ping seb and let him know07:18
dholbachor just ask in here once gjs has built07:18
dholbachany motu or core-dev should be able to do it07:18
dholbachrock on micahg07:18
* micahg will send an email...07:19
didrocksnigelb: sure, will do, no worry :)08:43
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nigelbdidrocks: So sorry I can't help with it. My motherboard got fried :/08:44
didrocksnigelb: no pb, it's quite easy, I'll do it ;) hope you will find another motherboard soon08:44
kaushalis sun-java6-jdk update 20 available with hardy 8.04 server ?08:54
jmarsdenkaushal: use rmadison to find out... looks like it to me... rmadison -s hardy-updates sun-java6-jdk    says:    sun-java6-jdk | 6.20dlj-0ubuntu1.8.04 | hardy-updates/multiverse | amd64, i38609:20
kaushaljmarsden: can i install rmadison ?09:24
kaushalwhich package contains rmadison ?09:24
jmarsdenkaushal: To answer the question "what package contains file X" use http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and its "Search package contents" form.09:27
kaushaljmarsden: sure09:27
kaushalwhich repos contain sun-java6-jdk ?09:27
kaushalis it multiverse or universe or main or restricted ?09:27
jmarsdenThat answer is there in the rmadison output I quoted.09:28
BlackZdholbach: could you be more clear for bug #597882 ?09:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 597882 in ettercap (Ubuntu) "Please merge ettercap 1:0.7.3-2 (universe) from debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59788209:38
dholbachBlackZ: you forgot to merge a portion in debian/rules09:40
dholbachBlackZ: the 'cp ...' calls in debian/rules are now missing09:40
dholbachBlackZ: the result is that they are not installed in the resulting package any more09:40
dholbachBlackZ: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/50821473/merge.debdiff does not touch debian/rules at all09:41
BlackZdholbach: looking09:41
dholbachWho could give a session on anything that a new developer would find useful at the next Ubuntu Developer Week?09:56
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep is the preliminary schedule09:56
dholbachwarp10, quadrispro, DktrKranz: ^ a job for the Italian mafia? :)09:59
warp10ehy dholbach! Is this an offer we can't refuse? :P10:00
dholbachI hope so ;-)10:00
* dholbach hugs warp1010:01
* warp10 hugs back dholbach10:01
quadrisprodholbach, I'm sorry but in this period I'm getting crazy with my exams...10:01
* quadrispro hugs everyone10:02
warp10dholbach: well, maybe someone among DktrKranz, gaspa and me can arrange something10:03
dholbachquadrispro: all the best with the exams then! when are they going to be?10:03
dholbachwarp10: that'd be awesome10:03
Rhondadholbach: I think you can count on me, I just haven't figured out what would be the best time for me, or started preparing anything. %-)10:03
quadrisproon july10:04
dholbachRhonda: just pick a slot on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep then :-D10:05
quadrisprountil the end of July I'll be really, really, really, really [...] busy10:06
dholbachquadrispro: all the best!10:06
quadrisproI've planned to come to Berlin in August, but I don't know now10:06
quadrisprothank you10:07
BlackZdholbach: fixed10:07
dholbachquadrispro: let me know when you're there - I might be gone for parts of August, but maybe we can meet for a beer or something10:08
dholbachBlackZ: I'm a bit busy now, but maybe I get a chance to have a look later on10:08
dholbachBlackZ: somebody else might be quicker :)10:09
BlackZhey huats10:09
huatshello BlackZ10:09
quadrisprodholbach, yep, thanks!10:10
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DktrKranzdholbach: it's not "Mafia", we consider ourselves "those @Roadhouse" (hi quadrispro!) ;)10:11
warp10dholbach: could you elaborate about your proposal? What should we speak about, in details?10:11
quadrisproohhh! roadhouse...10:11
dholbachwarp10: anything you'd like really - the audience will be developers, but I guess primarily new contributors who are interested in development10:11
dholbachwarp10: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Previous shows sessions we had before10:12
dholbachthat might give you a few ideas10:12
BlackZroadhouse lol10:12
warp10DktrKranz, gaspa: any idea?10:12
gaspawarp10: let's try, come on ;)10:12
gaspa( nope, no idea :P )10:12
dholbachhey gaspa10:12
dholbachor https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training/Logs too10:13
warp10gaspa: sad, but I appreciate the enthusiasm! :P10:13
gaspa hi dholbach ;)10:13
quadrisproohh, too many italians here10:15
gaspaquadrispro: don't you appreciate ? ;)10:16
quadrisprogaspa, No, I don't definitely :D10:16
warp10quadrispro: come here between 16:00-18:00 today: you won't find any, I suppose :P10:16
quadrisprowarp10, you're right: I'll be watching TV, hoping to see a goal of Slovakia10:18
warp10quadrispro: uh?10:18
gaspadholbach: uh, why deleted: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1001/BeautifulCode ?10:20
* gaspa was intereset :)10:20
* warp10 believes quadrispro has a bad fever or some kind of strange pathology10:20
dholbachgaspa: rockstar couldn't make it10:20
gaspaah, pity10:21
dholbachrockstar could probably give it this time!10:21
gaspadholbach:  we (me and warp10) will sign for a slot, probably the last of one day... (20utc is quite suitable with family stuff)10:33
gaspaabout the topic, we'll submit one asap, ok?10:33
dholbachgaspa: awesome - can you please block the slot you like already, so nobody else goes and takes it?10:33
* warp10 nodsa10:34
* warp10 nods*10:34
gaspadholbach: after launch-time. ;) have to check agenda and such.10:34
dholbachgaspa: alrightie10:35
warp10gaspa: do you have an agenda?10:37
gaspawarp10: yup, anna is my agenda ;)10:38
warp10gaspa: yeah, I imagined it :P10:43
gaspadholbach: isn't there a harvest instance somewhere?10:46
dholbachgaspa: no, we're working on the new one and we'll get it deployed soon10:47
dholbachgaspa: http://code.launchpad.net/harvest10:47
dholbachgaspa: it's a rewrite that will make more fun to use and work on10:47
dholbachgaspa: I'm reviewing a big change by dylanmccall, a SoC student, then it'll be just "waiting on IS" :)10:50
dholbachgaspa: but you can check out lp:harvest and easily have a look at it already10:50
dholbachthere's an INSTALL file that explains everything10:50
gaspaok, thanks.10:50
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dholbachtumbleweed, neversfelde, dobey: hey guys - you were among the last folks who got into ~ubuntu-dev - could you imagine giving a session at Ubuntu Developer Week about your experience or suggest a good topic or talk about anything related to development that'd interest new contributors? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep has the current list of topics and the preliminary schedule - we still have open slots :-D12:00
tumbleweeddholbach: sure, I'll give it some thought12:07
* dholbach hugs tumbleweed12:08
dholbachtumbleweed: let me know which slot on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep would suit you and I can block it out12:08
dholbachtumbleweed: also if you want to give the session together with somebody else, that'd be cool too12:09
tumbleweeddholbach: lol12:31
tumbleweeddholbach: I don't have anyone in mind for combined session. Rhonda's dh suggestion is something I could do - otherwise my primary knowledge is python packaging12:34
dholbachtumbleweed: that sounds great to me12:40
dholbachtumbleweed: you rock, Rhonda: you guys could work with each other on that :)12:46
RhondaI'm not sure if tumbleweed has an idea what I am longing for - I don't want to cover debhelper itself but rather look under the hood. :)12:52
tumbleweedRhonda: how far under the hood?12:53
shadeslayerhehe ...12:54
Rhondatumbleweed: as far as "dpkg --build debian/$PKG .."  ;)12:54
Rhondatumbleweed: Like e.g. in http://git.deb.at/w/pkg/beep.git/blob/f17681:/debian/rules12:55
tumbleweedRhonda: ok, in that case I did miss the aim of your suggestion12:56
* Rhonda hides. :)12:56
tumbleweedRhonda: it's a lot of ground to cover in an hour12:58
LaneyI reckons that a "how to work with Debian" sesh could be good12:59
RhondaLaney: I was asked to do it - by someone who considered me a MOTU. :)13:00
Rhondatumbleweed: Sure. I'll see how far I can get.13:00
Rhondatumbleweed: Actually I want to start off with "ar x foo.deb" and explain the three files you get from that. ;)13:00
LaneyRhonda: that's a good sign that you should become one :)13:00
tumbleweedoh, so you intend to do it? I thought from your suggestion that you wanted the talk but didn't want to give it13:00
Laneyi'm going to steal a slot13:01
RhondaNo, dholbach asked me what I could help with and I throw that catch phrase at him. He just blindly copied it into the wiki, putting me in the action point. %-)13:01
RhondaLaney: Well, but that takes time, nothing doable in two week's time, including talk preperation. :)13:02
LaneyI didn't mean that UDW was a deadline for it13:02
Laneyyou can talk about your experiences from the other side anyway :)13:02
LaneyI booked it in... would be good to give it jointly with a DD ;)13:03
dholbachand if it doesn't work out for UDW, we can always do it for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training/ :-D13:03
RhondaMight contain some critisism (me: "Please send patches you deem usable for Debian back." they: "Received bad feedback once, stopped doing that." me: "Not every DD is like that." they: "You can't know beforehand, and I'm annoyed." )13:04
RhondaLaney: Not sure that might be so productive. :)13:05
juli_Hi everybody. I'm trying to create and install Maven POMs for the osgi framework (libequinox-osgi-java) according to http://wiki.debian.org/Java/MavenRepoHelper.13:05
juli_I've never done this before so need some review and help. Could someone take a look at debdiff I created for this package: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eclipse/+bug/59803913:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598039 in eclipse (Ubuntu) "add maven poms and register jars in maven-repo" [Low,New]13:05
tumbleweedjuli_: there was a talk on that at a previous developer week: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1001/JavaLibs13:06
Laneybdrung: ^^^^^13:06
Laneyjuli_: Your diff isn't based on the latest Maverick version, and you spelled maverick wrong in the changelog13:07
Laneyfurthermore, since this package is in sync with Debian I suggest you send the change to the BTS rather than launchpad13:07
nigelbLaney: I was the person who asked Rhonda to talk about working with Debian, if you want to team up him or DktrKranz it would be great :)13:07
juli_Laney, thanks, I suppose guys from eclipse will change it anyway.. it is just a early draft to understand how to do this13:08
nigelbLaney: I also assumed Rhonda was MOTU - about time he became one right? ;)13:08
Rhondanigelb: assuming a him, too? ;)13:08
* Rhonda . o O ( I know it's complicated with me )13:08
nigelbRhonda: oh, you're a she? sorry13:09
Laneya "here's how to make me a happy Debian maintainer" bit would be nice13:09
Laneyif I do "what you need to install to forward patches easily"13:10
Laney(& how to do it)13:10
nigelbLaney: So, you're up for a session about Debian right? ;)13:14
bdrungLaney: we (the DOA team) track the launchpad bugs, too13:14
Laneynigelb: yes indeed13:15
Laneybdrung: I don't know what the DOA team is13:15
RhondaLaney: I think I could do that part about "make me a happy Debian maintainer"13:15
nigelbLaney: orbital alignment team or something13:15
nigelb*something like that13:15
bdrungjuli_: please come to #eclipse-linux or #debian-java (the second one is on OFTC) to discuss your patch - it should go upstream to eclipse-build13:15
RhondaLaney: Just tell me how many lines you want to spare me so I can type it out beforehand and just c&paste with specific irssi delay settings. :P13:16
nigelbRhonda: haha13:16
juli_bdrung, ok, thanks13:16
bdrungLaney: Debian Orbital Alignment Team = eclipse team ;)13:17
Rhondanigelb, Laney: hey, I wouldn't be good as sysadmin if I wouldn't be lazy in specific approaches to do work. :)13:17
LaneyThere might be an amount of question answering to do too ;)13:17
Laneybut I'll keep you informed13:17
RhondaSure, questions are tricky to prepare. I don't have one of these James Bond tape recorders that rewinds itself to the appropriate position and can predict all upcoming questions.13:20
RAOFThe Orbital Alignment Team would bee cooler if it _actually_ was in charge of our orbital headquaters :)13:20
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paultagHey MOTU. I'm having issues with upstrem packaging. It's saying it's native when it's not. I just posted to the debian-mentors ML and got a few responses. I am source 1, and I have been tweeking my working directory name, source tgz name, and changelog to all match for about 2 hours now. I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas?14:33
shadeslayerpaultag: ok14:35
shadeslayerpaultag: dir name can be package-version14:35
shadeslayerpaultag: tarball has to be : package_version.tar.gz14:35
paultagshadeslayer: well I have a twist ( al-la M. Night )14:35
paultagshadeslayer: It's dfsg2-1 because of a license issue14:36
shadeslayerdfsg ?14:36
paultagshadeslayer: debian free software guidelines14:36
Laneydo you have the orig.tar.gz in the right place?14:36
shadeslayerpaultag: btw were you at linux tag?14:36
paultagLaney: I thought I did. I tried a few different ones, dfsg1, dfsg2, 2-114:37
paultagshadeslayer: No, wish I was!14:37
shadeslayerpaultag: ah ok :P14:37
paultagLaney: it still bombed on me, I'm pretty lost, I don't know much with dfsg repacking, but I was kinda forced to do it14:37
Laneyplease pastebin the output of "debuild -S"14:37
paultagOne sec.14:38
shadeslayerpaultag: btw youll need to add get-orig-source in your rules file14:38
paultagLaney: whoh, I'm getting an error message i've never seen before. Let me rtfm on this, I'll poke you when I feel good about it :)14:38
Laneythere's usually something buried in that output about it becoming native14:39
paultagLaney: I was only using dpkg-buildpackage, so I might have missed it. One sec, I want to make sure I'm not doing something really bad here :)14:39
paultagLaney: OK. this is getting odd. Let me pastebin my session.14:40
paultagLaney: http://pastebin.com/Ad52pmyh14:41
shadeslayerLaney: is debian import freeze in effect?14:41
shadeslayerand is universe included in import freeze?14:42
LaneyI don't know, but universe will be included ye14:42
Laneypaultag: see, that's quite clear14:42
Laneyyou have to name your orig.tar.gz what it wants14:43
paultagLaney: look at the rest14:43
paultagLaney: I copied the name that it expected ( ctrl + c ) and did an ls on ../ on it14:43
paultagLaney: it's there and in the right format14:43
Laneyno, it's in the wrong place14:43
Laneymove it onel evel up14:43
paultagLaney: I ran that in the debian folder, that would be outside my vcs14:43
paultagLaney: is that how it should be?14:44
Laneythe orig.tar.gz should be in the parent directory of the root of your packaging14:44
Laneyie debian/../..14:44
paultagLaney: thank you, let me do that :)14:45
paultagLaney: that did it! Thanks a ton :)14:49
Laneyno probs boss14:50
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EricBaHello, is there a motu who has some time to review my package? It's already reviewed by one motu. My programm is a wallpaper changer for gnome. - http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/cortina - It was already advocated by one reviewer.. so this won't take much time to review.15:22
umangEricBa, You don't need to write on #ubuntu-motu at the same time. If you package is included in Debian, it will be synced into Ubuntu as well.15:32
micahgdholbach: thanks for trying for the upload, idk why it fails, I thought that was patched, I'll look into the merge16:30
dholbachmicahg: awesome - thanks16:45
gastonsIs it possible to use optional dependencies in a control file?16:47
gastonsDepends: openjdk-6-jre | sun-java6-jre16:47
micahggastons: yes16:51
gastonsOk thanks. Is this documented anywhere? I looked at the debian policy manual and it just explains the different keywords.16:52
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ari-tczewtumbleweed: I see a lot of remaining merges in sponsors-queue, do you plan make it more less?17:46
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tumbleweedari-tczew: I haven't joined the sponsors team yet18:32
tumbleweedari-tczew: but right now I'm just trying to keep my head above water, work-wise18:33
gesertumbleweed: you don't need to join the sponsors team to be able to sponsor (you just can't unsubscribe the sponsors team from bugs)18:35
tumbleweedgeser: right, but I should join anyway. applies.18:35
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* Rhonda . o O ( dejavu? EricBa asked again? )20:08
RhondaHmm, gastons left, otherwise I would have suggested policy 7.1 for a read. :)20:09
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