Seeker`bazhang: what did he sa?00:11
IdleOnesomething about cyber sex00:11
bazhangSeeker`, usedsockpup/gnaa guy?00:11
bazhangpretty nasty stuff00:11
Picibazhang: google was a bit hazy on the first thing he said, care to elaborate?00:12
IdleOnebasically translate to Im getting real horny00:13
IdleOneor rather I am getting myself.....00:13
PiciWell, thats all I needed to press the button.00:14
macoi read it as "anyone want to ___ with me to make cyber?"00:14
macoi didnt know the verb though00:14
IdleOnemaco: the sentece before that00:14
bazhangthat was the second bit. doubt you need to leave that ban for long00:14
macoIdleOne: oh00:14
bazhangstaff have been notified and are watching him00:14
PiciGoogle said: 19:10:04 <? UsedSockPup> I'm very rich warming00:14
ubottuxangua called the ops in #ubuntu (UsedSockPup)00:14
funkyHatI was hovering over the button for a few minutes before he said that, but I didn't understand it either00:15
IdleOnePici: yeah google translate is good but often mis-translate intent00:15
* maco keeps an eye on the lady chan00:15
macoif he knows it exists, thats the logical next step00:16
PiciI think I'll leave this ban on for a while this time.00:16
bazhangbet he's klined00:16
PiciI'm watching in #defocus, we'll see.00:17
Picioh, he was devoiced.. hrm00:17
bazhangalso in ##linux00:17
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Vin73 said: ubottu: I did, it is fine03:28
h00k@mark Kane_Hart Bad attitude, language, trolling, threatening to ban evade if he gets banned from #ubuntu04:12
ubottuThe operation succeeded.04:12
h00kI'm having a converstaion with Kane_Hart at the moment, I don't feel -q'ing him04:17
h00k*I don't feel comfortable04:18
h00kfollowing conversation, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/454242/, I set -q04:22
h00kIdleOne: are you around?04:34
IdleOnewhat's up ?04:35
h00kIdleOne: just note my marks above, with Kane_Hart04:38
h00kif I head out for the evening04:38
IdleOnesaw it and read :)04:38
h00kIdleOne: cool, alright. Just want to make sure04:39
tritiumGood evening.04:39
h00ktritium: hellow, hellow.04:39
tritiumHi, h00k.04:40
h00ktritium: I actually don't know that I've ever talked to you before04:40
tritiumh00k: I don't believe that we have.  Nice to meet you.04:40
h00ktritium: and you as well04:40
IdleOneevening tritium04:40
tritiumThanks.  I've been on paternity leave for the past year, so I've not been very active.04:40
h00ktritium: I'm an op on probation (op for #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic)04:41
h00kon probation because I'm new04:41
h00kThanks :)04:41
tritiumYep, I figured that.  :)04:41
IdleOnethat's what they all say :P04:41
* h00k throw IdleOne downt he stairs04:42
h00kkeep it quiet down there04:42
IdleOneI think I broke my @04:42
h00kI lol'd04:42
h00kDad, "What's so funny over there?"04:42
h00k(yes, I live with my Dad yet. I'm 22, living alone is expensive)04:43
h00kI didn't even try to explain it.04:43
IdleOneh00k: I have been back with my parents for 1.5 yrs04:43
IdleOne35yrs old04:43
h00kIdleOne: It happens04:43
IdleOnethings happen04:43
h00kI don't judge.04:43
IdleOnedad asks me also when I lol04:44
IdleOnetry explaining " I broke my @" to someone who doesn't know irc04:44
h00ktritium: Where do your ops reside?04:48
tritiumh00k: #ubuntu, #ubuntu+1, this channel, #ubuntu-offtopic, etc.04:51
h00ktritium: cool. I'm surprised I've never meet you before04:52
tritiumLike I said, I've taken the past year or so off, for the most part.04:52
h00kI suppose that's when I've been the most active04:53
tritiumBefore that, though, I've been an op since 2005.  I was in the first group of ops chosen for #ubuntu.04:53
h00ktritium: have you been active with anything at all since then, any other names you've gone by?04:53
tritiumThat was back when I was in grad school, when (surprisingly) I had more time.04:53
h00kthat is quite surprising, actually :D04:54
tritiumh00k: I've been involved in a number of things over the years, from MOTU, to ops, laptop testing team, and most recently the NM LoCO.04:54
h00kokay, cool.04:55
tritiumHow about you?04:55
h00kI'm the Wisconsin LoCo team leader (as of the last 7 months or so), I've filed some bug reports...um...I suppose that's about all04:56
tritiumOh, and no, I've not gone by any other nicks in a long time.04:56
tritiumh00k: ah, that's excellent.04:56
h00kwhich hasn't been updated in a while, now that I look at it (the wiki)04:57
tritiumNo worries.04:57
h00kAnyway.  Hello.05:00
tritiumI'm off to bed.  Have a good night, h00k.05:16
IdleOnenight tritium05:17
tritiumGood night, IdleOne.  :)05:17
h00ktritium: good to meet you, take care05:20
tritiumh00k: you too!05:21
IdleOnedoyle could be an issue in -ot05:29
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up (this is a test, and might not detect a full banlist correctly, please report problems to LjL): 456)06:10
jussi!ops | please review your bans!06:19
ubottuplease review your bans!: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!06:20
ubottujussi called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (please review your bans!)06:20
tonyyarussoI can count my bans on my fingers...06:23
jussitonyyarusso: awesome that you learned to count :P06:23
* jussi hugs tonyyarusso06:24
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up (this is a test, and might not detect a full banlist correctly, please report problems to LjL): 451)06:28
bazhangsame here. 5 bans06:28
jussisomeone got time to go remove some old +e's?06:29
jussiit should have been fixed but doesnt look like it06:29
bazhangthere are 3 jussi06:30
mneptokis there any blanket verdict on nicks with "fcuk" (or the like) in them?07:22
jussimneptok: not really, but unless they are really offensive, or acting offensively then we leave them07:25
jussifcuk is the brand, however, fcukmneptok wouldnt really be acceptable imho.07:25
mneptokdepends on how good you are at it.07:26
mneptokdo a good job, i might look into moving to .fi07:26
LjLplease, keep an eye on jkalex05 and possibly Joshmuffin in #ubuntu - might not be trolling, but there's certainly inappropriate stuff going on11:18
ikoniaok it11:25
ikoniaon it11:25
smallfoot-hey op guy13:00
smallfoot-can you remove my ban from #ubuntu+113:00
smallfoot-i been banned there ever since i was little13:00
smallfoot-its long time13:01
smallfoot-maybe since intrepid ibex or hardy13:01
h00ksmallfoot-: I'd love to help, however, I don't have jurisdiction there.13:02
smallfoot-oh :(13:02
h00kBut, if you hang for a few, I bet somebody else can help13:03
smallfoot-hope so13:03
h00kAlso, while you're waiting, you can review the Guidelines, because whoever unbans you will surely ask you to review them again13:03
h00k!guidelines > smallfoot-13:03
ubottusmallfoot-, please see my private message13:03
smallfoot-they angry cuz im upset and whining and mean13:04
bazhangsmallfoot-, that was just in May, not a year or two ago.13:05
bazhangsmallfoot-, of this year13:05
smallfoot-like for example, in Maverick where is VLC 1.1.0? Nvidia 256? nowhere to be found!13:05
smallfoot-that cant been in may, i havent used irc in long time13:05
bazhangsmallfoot-, it's a channel for debugging, not complaints13:06
smallfoot-well im pissed off that i run Maverick, its supposed to have latest stuffs, but it dont have VLC 1.1 or Nvidia 256 driver13:06
bazhangsmallfoot-, people who wish to file bugs against the development version13:06
bazhangsmallfoot-, I see no reason to let you back  in to #ubuntu+1 as you seem to miss the point of the channel13:07
smallfoot-oh ok13:11
smallfoot-but they should make an #ubuntu-whining or #ubuntu-complaints channel13:11
bazhangsmallfoot-, no.13:11
smallfoot-why not?13:12
smallfoot-i get pissed off that i dont have vlc 1.1 or nvidia 25613:12
PiciBecause that is not constructive in any way.13:12
bazhangsmallfoot-, as there is nothing else to discuss, please /part the channel13:12
smallfoot-all my friends on windows have that, but i have ubuntu so im the loser stuck with old stuff13:12
LjLuhm, why don't we have a !puregnome factoid anymore?13:13
LjLPici: oh13:13
PiciLjL: It was causing a situation where you needed to be a power user to fix.13:14
smallfoot-my friend on Windows have VLC 1.1 and Nvidia 256 drivers, but in Ubuntu you never have latest software, you only have old outdated software.13:15
smallfoot-my friends laugh at me13:15
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.13:15
LjL!puregnome is <reply> To remove most KDE packages, you can types « sudo apt-get autoremove kdelibs5 ». You may find possible left-over packages by typing « dpkg -l | grep '^ii.*kde' ».13:16
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, LjL said: !puregnome is <reply> To remove most KDE packages, you can types « sudo apt-get autoremove kdelibs5 ». You may find possible left-over packages by typing « dpkg -l | grep '^ii.*kde' ».13:16
ubottuIn #ubuntu, AAA said: ubottu  i2c is the 2 wire bus that monitors most modern computers. it is a a simple bus that just reports that facts13:16
smallfoot-yeah, because everyone knows Ubuntu is so much more stable than Windows, right? what is that? a kernel panic? PulseAudio messing up again?13:16
LjLmay want to ask tsimpson for other candidate packages for removal13:16
PiciLjL: If you don't mind, we'd like to test that first, and/or talk to tsimpson about it.13:16
LjLi see you have a client. bye13:17
bazhangsmallfoot-, please don't idle here13:20
smallfoot-next time put VLC 1.1 and Nvidia 256 in ubuntu13:21
smallfoot-else you only have old legacy crap junk software from 199013:21
smallfoot-like VLC 1.0 and Nvidia 195, its like Windows 3.1113:22
bazhangx0x (jungli) ban evading again13:22
h00kwhat channel?13:24
bazhang#ubuntu h00k13:24
bazhanggot him in PM13:25
Picibazhang: I gave him the appeals link yesterday.13:25
bazhangPici, okay; he has so many shells and alternate IP addresses, I was hoping to convince him to just stop13:26
MamarokVLC 1.1 just came out a few days ago...13:28
bazhangstaff may wish to know he is ban evading in multiple freenode channels13:28
bazhangsomeone said there was a PPA for it Mamarok13:28
h00kperhaps smallfoot- should join a packaging team or write a letter to nvidia.13:29
h00kat least it's constructive.13:31
Pici"<?mooey> hey im not that dude, im some other dude"13:32
* h00k copies, pastes into document he has running.13:32
Pici"<?mooey> how you knew im that guy?"13:34
marienzbazhang: do you know ~which channels he's evading in?13:35
marienzmatching evaders against bans is a hassle :)13:36
bazhangmarienz, at the very least ##linux and #ubuntu ; I suspect ##windows as well. Have him in PM now and he 'promises' never to ban evade again (for the nth time)13:37
marienzyeah, I already poked ##linux-ops about him13:37
bazhangx0x jungli and now blockcold13:37
marienz(jungli has used the nick blockcold before, and the ubuntu folks are positive this is indeed him)13:39
Mamarokbazhang: yes, but requesting something that has just been released to be in official repos is a bit exagerated, seriously13:39
bazhangyep, I've got him in PM as blockcold right now, he just nicked from x0x a bit ago13:39
h00kPici: oh, I now see the mooey ban evasion in #ubuntu+1 :D13:39
Picibazhang: I have him as mooey still13:40
bazhangMamarok, sure is; keep in mind that smallfoot- has been an issue for many many years13:40
marienzerr, wrong channel13:40
bazhangPici, that was jungli? ha, interesting13:41
* h00k has to run to work13:41
marienzthat "... and the ubuntu folks are positive this is indeed him" line was supposed to go to ##linux-ops :)13:41
bazhangmarienz, :)13:41
bazhangPsi-Jack has the goods on him indeed13:41
Picibazhang: Hes a ##linux op?13:42
marienzpsi-jack is, yes13:42
PiciOh, neat.13:42
bazhangPici, yep, online most of the time13:42
marienzand I try to track a few #-ops channels a bit and relay information like this back and forth13:42
marienzassuming you don't mind :)13:43
Picimarienz: No, thats great.13:43
bazhangthanks mucho marienz :)13:43
funkyHatIt's a conspiracy!13:43
marienzhe's in a bunch of channels, but yours and ##linux are the only ones I actually know he's probably banned from.13:44
Picibazhang: oh. no, jungli != mooey.  I was confused.13:44
bazhangaha he is smallfoot- , and yet right before he was removed, he was told about the PPA for VLC latest14:00
Picibazhang: really?14:01
Picibazhang: Wait, who is who?14:01
bazhang<arand> mooey: I know Philip5 has it in a PPA https://edge.launchpad.net/~philip5/+archive/extra14:01
bazhang <mooey> arand, thanks14:02
bazhangmooey appears to be smallfoot- Pici same exact 'second class citizen' language14:02
Picibazhang: Oh, I know that,.14:03
Picibazhang: They also share the same isp.14:03
bazhangPici, okay. odd that he would complain when he got the PPA and all.14:04
h00knice topic.14:31
PiciI was mashing at `fortune -s` for a while.14:31
jpdssmallfoot- in #launchpad.15:52
jpds /kill him.15:52
h00koh lord.15:52
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (ibm)16:07
Picisorry, lag.16:24
ikoniame too16:24
lfaraoneHi. I accidentally typed some sensitive information into a logged channel. Can I have it expunged from the logs?16:50
Picilfaraone: Hmm.. I suppose you'd need to send an email to rt@ubuntu.com with your request, as they manage ubuntulog.16:52
lfaraonePici: mk.16:53
jpdsDepends on which channel it was in.16:54
Picisorry, I assumed that it was one of our main channels.16:54
Picilfaraone: Which channel was it?16:55
lfaraonePici: #ubuntu-sugarteam16:55
Picilfaraone: Then yes, rt would be the correct contact.16:55
=== apachelogger is now known as brokenl00gR
Pici!who > r000t17:46
ikoniawhat just happened18:31
Piciikonia: eh?18:32
ikoniaoh, it looked like a super mass join18:32
jpdsknome: usage: ssh [-1246AaCfgKkMNnqsTtVvXxYy] [-b bind_address] [-c cipher_spec]18:32
ikoniaI wonder if it was my connection though18:32
knomejpds, hah :)18:32
Piciikonia: nah, the bots would have complained18:32
ikoniahence why I was worried18:33
ikoniaI thought I'd missed it18:33
PiciI asked handjob to switch his nick, he doesn't want to.  Hes being considerate otherwise.  ideas?19:40
PiciOh well, he left19:48
IdleOnethe nick is inappropriate, we ask them to switch as a courtesy and wether they are being polite and helpful in the channel does not excuse the poor choice of nick. imo19:53
IdleOnewhen they refuse to change nick we can still give them a notice that we will be removing them.19:54
ubottuIn ubottu, IdleOne said: badnick is The Ubuntu community is dedicated to keeping it's support forums (IRC, Mailing lists and Web forums) family friendly. Please consider your choice of nickname carefully. Don't use words that can be considered sexual in nature or bad language, such as curse words. Please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines and http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/. Thank you.20:05
h00kan alias could also just eb !nickname20:07
IdleOnefeel free to edit for length/better wording :)20:07
h00kPici: what is abhi_nav needing help with?20:08
Picih00k: I'm not sure.20:08
* h00k shrugs20:09
PiciIdleOne: thanks20:09
abhi_navok I am here20:09
IdleOnehello abhi_nav20:09
Pici(and I am gone)20:09
IdleOneHow can we help you?20:09
IdleOnelater Pici have a good afternoon20:09
abhi_navthis is what I asked on #freenode but no one is there:20:09
abhi_navi am facing lots of problem due to look alike nicks. its like they show something on comedy film on twin brothers. one do mistake and other is scolded. what to do? now if i change my nick, but its my identity now. how can my frnds know me if i change my nick?20:09
abhi_navPici, you are going? dont go. I wll not harm you. :(20:10
h00kI believe it was humor regarding the join, and then announcing he was here20:10
IdleOneabhi_nav: if people are impersonating you on freenode you can talk to freenode staff about it.20:10
abhi_navyou people have gone throuhg this lot. can you suggest something me? should I change nick?20:10
abhi_navh00k, :)20:11
abhi_navIdleOne, there is no one who is able to help there currently.20:11
IdleOneas far as your friends knowing who you are if/when you change nick you will have to let them know20:11
abhi_navIdleOne, what you suggest? should I change nick?20:11
h00kabhi_nav: you can consider registering nicknames similar to yours, I guess.20:11
abhi_navh00k, ok20:11
IdleOneabhi_nav: /msg nickserv help group20:11
IdleOnethat should give you some info20:12
abhi_navIdleOne, yah ok20:12
IdleOneanything else we can help you with today?20:12
abhi_navno not actually. now I have to decide whether to change or not chang nick. thankyou all20:13
IdleOneabhi_nav: also remember that freenode staff are very busy and they may not always be around to answer immediately. be patient :)20:13
abhi_navPici, are you angree on me? Please dont. I just making sure that you noted my poing.20:13
abhi_navIdleOne, ok20:13
abhi_navok I go now. thank you all. :)]20:13
IdleOneanother happy customer20:14
IdleOneHow many is that now? 7 in 5 years?20:14
h00kPici: He left20:14
rahul_ hey! guys i'm getting an error while using virtualbox that module vboxnetflt no found ,,so pls guide me what to do next..i've tried reinstalling the progrma as well as running the command vboxdrv setup20:18
Picirahul_: This is not a support channel.20:19
IdleOnerahul_: I believe there is #vbox you can ask in20:20
gnomefreakPici: is there a way i can check if i have open bans?20:20
Picignomefreak: I use a bookmark like this to check for myself: http://ubottu.com/bans.cgi?query=pici&kicks=off&oldbans=off&bans=on&oldmutes=off&mutes=on&floods=off20:21
Picignomefreak: change query=pici to query=gnomefreak20:21
gnomefreakPici: thanks20:21
gnomefreak im scared :(20:30
Picignomefreak: hmmm?20:31
gnomefreaki dont remember who that is20:31
gnomefreakbut it was mine20:31
PiciThats okay.20:31
PiciIf they're going to come back and be a problem, we'll just ban them again.20:31
gnomefreakok works for me20:32
IdleOneyeah! keeps us busy20:32
IdleOnejustifies my salary also20:32
PiciInteresting ban there.20:32
gnomefreaki still cant find the hack to give funny output on wrong passwords20:33
gnomefreaklooking since dec20:34
gnomefreakcan i trade ubot2 for another one? please20:50
* gnomefreak guessing he cuaght the short straw when the bots were picking20:52
gnomefreakmozilla 53461721:02
ubottuMozilla bug 534617 in Search "Bing is not on available search engines" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53461721:02
gnomefreakthanks you21:03
h00k!bing | gnomefreak21:31
ubottugnomefreak: ban21:31
gnomefreaksee that is the smart bot ubot2 is dumb as sa box of rocks21:31
gnomefreakubottu: attack h00k21:32
* h00k cuddles ubottu 21:32
gnomefreakhe will learn :)21:33
bazhanggoing to remove undead if he/she continues21:34
gnomefreakoops forgot the /21:35
* IdleOne slashes gnomefreak 21:36
gnomefreakat least it knows someone is watching21:36
bazhangjoobong is undead21:36
bazhangwoo teamwork21:43
bazhanglooks like you had that banforward ready and waiting21:43
bazhangor are the fastest typist in the known IRC universe21:43
IdleOnebazhang: I had faith he was going to mess up. I waited after you asked that he speak english hoping he would comply21:44
bazhangjoobong, hi21:44
joobongbazhang you are a bch21:45
* gnomefreak never did learn how to forward21:45
IdleOnejoobong: that sort of language is not acceptable21:46
IdleOnePlease read http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/21:46
joobongyou shup21:46
IdleOnegnomefreak: with chanserv.py /cs kf nick #channel21:46
bazhangjoobong, that is unnecessary21:46
joobongyou too21:46
gnomefreakIdleOne: i use auto_bleh but havent looked for it in there21:46
bazhangjoobong, if there is nothing you require here, please /part the channel21:47
joobongjust close your mth21:47
IdleOnegnomefreak: you hold the hammer in here don't you?21:47
gnomefreakIdleOne: i am one of many21:47
joobongdo not give a fk21:47
IdleOnelooks like joobong is not going to be cooperative21:48
joobongso what21:48
gnomefreaki cant read the ebonirc21:48
gnomefreakand no i spelled it wrong :(21:48
bazhanghe is banforwarded so will return soon21:49
gnomefreakbazhang: he wont last long21:49
bazhanggnomefreak, thanks21:49
gnomefreakrfeghertyjukiytr: please lets not do this again. be nice let us know your problem and maybe we can resolve it21:50
rfeghertyjukiytryou mean me21:50
gnomefreakyes you21:50
rfeghertyjukiytrok i am sorry but can you not send insulting messages to me please21:51
gnomefreaki didnt21:51
gnomefreakspelled wrong but nice21:51
gnomefreak gnomefreak (please come back when you can be more appoirate)21:51
gnomefreaksee nice21:51
rfeghertyjukiytrall right i am very sorry anyway21:52
rfeghertyjukiytrgnomefreak i am sorry21:52
gnomefreakthank you21:52
gnomefreakone sec please21:53
gnomefreakrfeghertyjukiytr: ok can you please come back in 24hours and we will discuss your ban and how we can resolve it.21:54
gnomefreakrfeghertyjukiytr: thank you, if there is nothing else can you please /part21:55
rfeghertyjukiytrgnomefreak i think it is already solved i will never say anything like that21:56
gnomefreakrfeghertyjukiytr: we will revisit it in 24 hours is that ok?21:56
rfeghertyjukiytrok but where is your region21:57
rfeghertyjukiytri live in kuwait and it is 12o'clock now21:57
gnomefreakrfeghertyjukiytr: 24 hours on your clock will work. 24 hours is 24 hours no matter wher eyou are21:57
gnomefreakthan this time tomorrow21:57
rfeghertyjukiytrok nice to meet you gnomefreak21:58
gnomefreaklike wise21:58
rfeghertyjukiytrbye and see you tomorrow21:58
bazhangwhoa nice21:58
gnomefreakIdleOne: can you please leave a message in bt so mine makes more sense22:00
* gnomefreak not doing so wonderful today. i really dont whant to have to revisit this before 24 hours, if im not here please feel free to work it out with him22:00
gnomefreakbrb smoke22:01
gnomefreakbazhang: ill be back. joobong i asked you to come back in 24 hours22:01
ikoniaI'll speak to him in pm now (fabiomixas)22:01
gnomefreakikonia: thank you assuming its him22:02
ikoniait's not joobong just another time wasting person22:02
joobonghey bazhang i am sorry about before22:07
ikoniajoobong: you where asked to come back in 24 hours - why are you back here again22:07
joobongcan i not22:08
bazhangjoobong, its okay. come back in 24 hours22:08
bazhangto discuss removal of your ban22:08
joobongi think there is no need to discuss i already said that i will never say things like that22:09
bazhangjoobong, okay then. come back in 24 hours and we can discuss.22:10
joobongplease can we be friends22:11
bazhangjoobong, there is nothing else to discuss right now, you are correct.22:11
bazhangjoobong, sure, no problem22:11
joobongthank you and sorry again22:11
bazhangsee you in 24 hours22:12
bazhangthanks :)22:12
gnomefreakhes done for today i guess?22:14
bazhanguntil the next auto rejoin, yes22:15
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (Guest22212)23:09
bazhanghe's already in -ru and not talking, he knows which is which23:23
Jordan_Uuser "FACK" in #ubuntu.23:47
ubottuwildbat called the ops in #ubuntu (FACK)23:49
bazhangjoobong, hi23:56
bazhangyou're 23 hours early23:57
joobongall right what are you doing in here23:57
bazhangjoobong, please read the topic23:57

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