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ograslangasek, did you re-enable the omap netbook builds ?16:17
* ogra wonders where http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-live/20100624/maverick-netbook-armel+omap.img comes from, it shouldnt exist16:18
slangasekogra: I haven't touched the crontab at all16:57
ograi wonder where that image comes from :)16:57
slangasekogra: from what I see, *you* haven't touched the crontab either16:58
slangasekat least, those jobs are all still enabled16:58
ograpitti disabled the omap builds ages ago16:59
ograat least he said so16:59
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ScottKogra: I've been getting 3 armel build failure mails a day for kubuntu-netbook.17:08
ScottKDid sync source and sync source new get done today?17:09
ograScottK, well, there shouldnt be any builds for kubuntu on omap either17:10
ograsince we're completely changing armel builds17:10
* ScottK wonders why he gets the mails then?17:11
ograbecause apparently something still builds them17:11
ograindeed omap is still in the crontab17:13
ograbut the kubuntu entry is odd17:13
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cjwatsonhmm, it's import freeze isn't it17:24
cjwatsonI suppose I had better do a sync run17:24
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