hallynKaffien: i've been using it (with xfs) ever since00:01
hallynit was a brand new laptop drive00:01
hallynand yes, i don't know what to make of it being the default everywhere.  it scares me tbh00:02
hallynbut then until btrfs is ready...  :)00:02
owen1aptitude search mysql shows me only 3 packages (using lucid). why?00:59
lukehasnonameyou odn't have an updated package manifest?01:15
lukehasnonameI don't know owen101:15
owen1lukehasnoname: sudo aptitude update solved it01:30
alissai am installing Ubuntu (server edition) from a netboot image on a single-disk machine.  i want to know if i can wipe the entire disk during the install.  that is, does the installer boot up so that everything is in ram or is it still working off the disk?01:32
alissaok, forget the previous question.  can i setup LVM at installation time *without* using the guided option (which uses the whole disk)?   i would like to preserve my boot partition and use LVM for the rest of the disk.01:46
ChmEarlalissa, the flexible way to install like that is to use debootstrap01:57
ChmEarlalissa, the ISO and netboot installer always force you to do certain things01:58
ChmEarlalissa, so take your disk out and piggyback it to another Ubuntu install and use debootstrap01:59
alissachmearl: i am quite limited in what i can do because this is a remote server and i do not have direct physical access.02:00
ChmEarlalissa, you say 'preserve boot partition'. What OS is there now?02:00
alissachmearl: if something goes very wrong, i can ask someone to physically access it, but i prefer not to.02:00
alissachmearl: well, i am not talking about the MBR, but an actual partition on the drive (/boot).  i have grub2 installed with a couple Ubuntu versions installed.02:01
alissachmearl: i have used the netboot installer over a serial console before.  so i know that works.  but now i want to setup LVM.02:03
alissachmearl, i am not sure if the lvm tools are included in the netboot installer (i guess they are since it's the lucid version and the module is included in the kernel?).02:04
ChmEarlalissa, you need one partition /dev/sdb1, pvcreate, vgcreate, then lvcreate in mass02:05
ChmEarlactually /dev/sda202:05
alissachmearl: yeah, i think i understand what you're saying.  assuming /boot is on /dev/sdb1, then in the installer i drop to shell to wipe out the rest of the disk and create a /dev/sda2 partition.  then do the lvm *create steps?02:07
ChmEarlalissa, thats an expert scenario. I'm lost using a shell in the installers02:08
alissabut will the installer be able to reload the partition table so that later i can see lvm's logical volumes and specify them for the /home, /, etc. for the new installation?02:08
ChmEarlalissa, after running debootstrap, I do a chroot, then I have all the freedom I need02:08
alissai am not so familiar with debootstrap, what is it exactly?02:09
ChmEarlalissa, you can do 99% of a new OS install, while running in your current setup02:10
ChmEarlalissa, many Ubuntu/Debian folks blog about it... thats how I learned to use it02:11
alissaok, i will do some searching on it.  sounds like a useful tool.02:11
ChmEarlalissa, you can point debootstrap at an ISO or a net repo02:12
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JanCalissa: I suppose you aren't really netbooting?02:22
alissajanc: you mean using a PXE boot?  no, i am not doing that.  the kernel and initrd.gz files are saved on my local disk.  i boot up from them.  that starts the installer and it downloads the packages i need from the internet.02:29
JanCright, because in case you could netboot it wouldn't be an issue to try if it works or not  ;)02:30
* JanC loves hosting companies that provide PXE boot options... :-)02:31
JanCoh, and debootstrap just copies a basic Debian/Ubuntu system into a directory (normally a mounted partition) so that if you chroot it after that, you can install & configure whatever you need02:33
JanCand once you think it's ready, you can use it as /02:35
JanC(of course, better make sure it works, or you have some backup boot option in case it doesn't)02:35
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ccheneyDaviey, got two bisections into 2.6.32 so far, hopefully will have the kernel patch identified tomorrow morning04:09
clustywhat is the easiest way to install ubuntu on a pc with no cdrom and winXP?04:20
jmarsdenA usb stick, if the PC will boot from one?04:21
clustyor get some usb stick and install stuff on it04:21
clustyjmarsden: hmmm04:21
clustywanted to buy http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1688322000604:21
clustysome silent machine for a torrent box basically04:22
yipdwhi all -- trying to install couchdb in Ubuntu Server 10.04 32-bit, hitting a dependency cycle in x11-common: https://gist.github.com/4d9289cc97a935277640#file_gistfile1.txt05:23
yipdwanyone know what the cause of this might be?05:24
yipdw(also, if anyone knows why couchdb depends on x11-common via -- I think -- xulrunner, that'd be great.  as far as I know couchdb has no browser dependencies)05:25
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Callum__Old drives are SO bitchy :>07:10
twbyipdw: for libjs, I think07:11
Callum__this 2x 80GB SATA RAID array isn't co-operating with me... the failed drive annoys the operating system to hell since it can still be detected and causes I/O errors while trying to back up the data on the array07:12
Callum__so I've had to shut down the system for a while to disconnect the drive and now I'm backing up the data without any problems so far...07:12
Callum__of course I back up the data on this thing regularly but since I've copied some rather important stuff to it today and then the drive failed after that and it hasn't backed up automatically of course07:13
Callum__this is a timely death, actually... I have two much newer 160GB drives I've wanted to replace the two 80GB drives with for a couple of days and I've finally found the time to replace the two 80GB drives...07:14
Callum__so instead of standard back up I am dd'ing the good drive's data and am going to dd it onto the brand new 160GB07:15
Callum__and THEN back up essential data07:15
Callum__the things you do for not having any money :< if I had the money I would replace all this with brand new 1TB drives07:16
yipdwtwb: yeah, I found out it was for spidermonkey07:19
yipdwtwb: seems like I'm not the first to complain about couchdb dragging in X, so I guess packagers are working on this07:19
twbx11-common is not X07:20
yipdwwell, ok, couchdb dragging in support libraries for X07:20
twbInstalled-Size: 56807:20
twbx11-common is not a support library, either.07:21
yipdwI thought it was filesystem infrastructure07:21
yipdwI mean, either way07:21
twbIt's a bunch of trivial files such as the symlink /usr/bin/X11 -> .07:21
yipdwcouchdb in no way depends on anything X07:21
twbIf you think it's worth anyone's time to save 600 bytes, file a bug report on launchpad07:22
yipdwit's not so much about saving 600 bytes as it is trying to remove that dependency error07:22
yipdwwhich occurs on a freshly-updated 10.04 instance07:23
yipdwand yes, several bug reports have been filed about this07:23
willembCan someone tell me more about what this landscape thing does on a technical level?07:34
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twbwillemb: it's basically a closed-source Canonical-run version of puppet.07:40
cjsSo what do I need to do to convince the 10.04 installer to wipe out any thought of any sort of previous RAID partitioning that had been on a disk, and just start afresh?07:48
cjsIt seems somehow to keep bringing back my old raid configs.07:49
cjsHmmm. Maybe mdadm....07:49
twbcjs: write zeroes to the disks07:57
cjsI tried that, at least to the first 4GB of the (500GB) disks.07:58
cjsIt seems as if the installer is still discovering an md on boot.07:58
cjsI'm guessing that there's a spare md configuration block later on in the disk that it's finding?07:59
twbmd writes to the end of the partition, IIRC07:59
cjsAh, so if I just do the last gig or so as well, that should do it? Now I see.07:59
cjsMaybe I should just write zeros to the whole thing, to be safe. My second install did seem to work, until I tried to boot, and it suddenly couldn't find the root. Turned out that somehow lvm had mounted volumes with the names of the previous install.08:01
willembtwb:  Thanks.  I guess you can only manage ubuntu machines with it.08:04
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twbwillemb: someone could port the landscape client (which *is* open) to another distro...08:04
angelete2i've instaled 10.04 server. during instalation process i set up my raid and lvm volumes, but i've tried to change them manually later on. but any time i boot my manual config is overriden with the installation one.where is this config stored in order to erase it?08:06
cjsWhat do you mean, "overridden"?08:09
cjsAnd what did you try to change, and how did you do so?08:11
angelete2by default it created a raid1 on /dev/md_d008:11
angelete2i stopped it and created minen on /dev/md008:11
cjsOften, this is due to changing stuff under /etc and so on, but not updating the initramfs(es) on the boot partition.08:11
angelete2but when i boot agan, /dev/md0 is not present but /dev/md_d008:12
angelete2how do i do this?08:12
cjs"minen"? What's that?08:12
angelete2s/agan/again/ sory08:12
cjsOof. So what partitions was the RAID1 created upon? (It must have been something like, e.g., /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1.)08:14
angelete2they are /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdc1, they both exist and have the correct partition type08:15
sorenkirkland: I considered that for about half a second and then rejected the idea. If it finds the block devices, it should be able to find the partitions.08:15
cjsAnd this isn't your root or anything, right? Your system runs fine, but just won't mount these extra data partitions?08:15
sorenkirkland: ..so I'm /very/ curious what exactly makes the difference. Very odd.08:16
cjsI think you probably want to do "mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sdb1" and the same for sdc1. Then re-create your raid.08:16
angelete2i've already done it with same result08:16
angelete2but, i'll do it now08:16
cjsangelete2, well, if it's any comfort, I've given up trying to recover mine in any way but to dd zeros across the entire disks from beginning to end, and then re-installing.08:17
angelete2now mdadm --create -level=1 -n 2 /dev/md0 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc108:18
cjsmds seem to have a tendency to come back even if you wipe the partition table and the first parts of all of the partitions on the disks.08:18
evidenthi everybody. I am about to install daemontools on my server but having problems building the package: http://pastebin.org/355939 Can anybody help me and tell me why it isn't working? I didn't find out which packages are necessary to build/run it...08:30
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evidentanybody an idea?08:44
angelete2evident: does the package have any configure file?08:45
sorenevident: Why don't you just install the package?08:45
evidentwell didn't I just install it? I just went by the guide on the daemontools website itself...08:47
evidentdownload, gunzip, tar and package/install08:47
evidentthere isn't a configuration file or at least I don't find one08:48
sorenevident: No, no. sudo apt-get install daemontools08:48
* ttx refrains from making a pun on evidence.08:48
evidenti can't because the daemontools arent available in apt-get08:49
sorenWhat makes you say that?08:49
sorenWhich version of Ubuntu are you running?08:49
sorendaemontools have been packaged since Jaunty (9.04).08:50
twb17:11 <angelete2> by default it created a raid1 on /dev/md_d008:50
evidentahh ok08:50
twbThis is because 10.04 is Too Clever08:50
twbNow that you can have partitions within md devices, mdadm --assemble --scan thinks it should assemble the entire disk as a RAID1, and I don't yet know how to stop it.08:51
evidentif you're on a 9.04 or 10.04 server could you maybe tell me whether there are prerequisites for daemontools?08:52
twbIs daemontools basically just start-top-daemon?08:52
twbOh, and some of upstart08:52
twbevident: why are you trying to use daemontools?08:53
evidentservice management through the supervise program is my goal...08:53
evident(automatic restart if some service has crashed and so on)08:53
twbevident: why don't you use upstart for that?08:53
ttxevident: the 10.04 package doesn't have any build-depends08:55
evidentnever heard of upstart... :D I just know inittab and init.d and I was told supervise would be best for things like that...08:55
twbevident: upstart is the init system that 8.04 and 10.04 ship ALREADY, and it has the functionality you're asking for BUILT IN.08:55
ttxevident: you can have a look at the lucid source package at: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/daemontools/lucid/files08:55
twbI wouldn't recommend ANYTHING written by djb if there was a sane alternative.08:56
angelete2twb, i've completly remove the default md_d0 array09:04
angelete2i created min09:04
angelete2i have updated initramfs09:04
angelete2but md_d0 reappears!09:04
twbI realize that.09:04
angelete2twb: 10.04 is NOT too smart09:04
angelete2md_d0 : inactive sdc1[1](S)09:05
angelete2how do i set my system not to use md_d0???09:06
angelete2i want my raid as i configure manually!09:06
twb17:51 <twb> [...] I don't yet know how to stop it.09:06
trapmaxangelete2: have you tested that there are no md superblocks on your drives before creating md-devices09:08
angelete2how do i test it?09:09
angelete2after recreating my  array09:09
trapmaxmdadm --misc --help09:09
angelete2i erase my partitions, and create new ones (writing discs after erasing them)09:09
trapmaxyou also have to remove md-blocks09:09
trapmaxi had the same thing a while ago09:10
angelete2No md superblock detected on /dev/md_d0.09:10
trapmaxtry /dev/sda1 etc09:11
twbAll I know is that with new, blank HDDs, in partman I created two partitions on each disk, then assembled each pair into RAID1 arrays, and when I booted the system, it assembled the entire disk as md1 and tried to assemble md0 as a degraded array containing only /dev/md1p109:12
angelete2trapmax: on both /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdc1 mdadm -E displays some info, i'm gonna do --zero-superblock on them09:13
angelete2and stop md_d0 and recreate md0 on my own09:13
twbActually, I lie; one disk was entirely blank, the other had a SCO 5 install in the first 1.2 GiB.09:13
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Psi-JackDoes anyone know if lsb-init scripts all start before upstart, or at the same time, or what?09:32
Psi-JackI'm trying to get an upstart script to start before apache2 does because it initiates a glusterfs mount apache needs.09:32
corpsei just got a new router today, i have gotten most of my services working again except my ssh. when i try to log in via putty i get "server unexectedly closed the connection" and when i try to restart ssh i get "ssh: connect to host restart port 22: connection timed out"09:35
trapmaxPsi-Jack: just configured my tomcat init-scripts to start after database. it was fairly easy with "update-rc.d <init-script> defaults 22"09:53
trapmaxand my postgresql has "defaults 20"09:54
Psi-JackSo, basically, you used the upstart-job wrapper script to make sure it started?09:54
trapmaxpossibly. not familiar with consept upstart....09:56
skoefguys, i've update my kvm-host, and now my kvm-client suddenly has apt-get issues10:07
skoefin fact: my kvm-client has all sorts of network issues, and apt-get update segfaults10:07
skoefalso, the client complains about: kernel: [40713.005075] no vm86_info: BAD10:07
skoefthis problem emerged since i dist-upgraded the kvm-host last night10:07
skoefgoogle hints in the direction of an issue with virtio10:08
skoefbut i can't find a conclusive answer10:08
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ttxEveryone: if you spot some abusive package dependency that end up installing loads of crap on a server, please file it against the Server papercuts project at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/server-papercuts11:00
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uvirtbotNew bug: #598063 in setserial (main) "package setserial 2.17-45.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59806312:36
Danawar1 Hello Ubuntu Server where is the best place for me to store my websites for apache as the default site is in /usr/share/apache2/ should i store them there?12:43
Danawar1In fact ther are two default websites there is one in /usr/share and one in /var/www which one is the real site?12:46
ElTonerinoI'd go with /var/www12:48
Danawar1Thanks ill change that and see what happends12:48
trapmaxDanawar1: look for "DocumentRoot" in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default. /var/www is the default setting12:48
Danawar1Further down in that file it also talks about the file in use share12:50
Danawar1Alias /doc/ "/usr/share/doc/"12:51
Danawar1    <Directory "/usr/share/doc/">12:51
Danawar1Not quite sure what that means? = [12:51
Davieysmoser: Can you grab me when you come online please :)12:52
ttxDaviey: grze seems to imply compiling/running with GWT 1.6.4 might work ? Did you try that ?12:53
trapmaxDanawar1: id defines an alias /doc/ to your apache server eg. http://your.domain/doc/12:53
Davieyttx: Oh certainly.. i wouldn't be raising the issue if it worked.. i'm composing a reply.12:53
Davieyttx: The other solution is to remove the support which requires >1.6.412:54
Davieyttx: The way i found it was a FTBFS for euca', looked at the reason why.. opened the GWT jar, and found that it was trying to import classes which didn't exist.. Checked upstream GWT to see them there.12:55
DavieyWhich mean't that i was pretty confident they were using a newer version12:55
Danawar1Ok trapmax thanks for your help!12:55
trapmaxDanawar1: then it, i think on default settings, denies access to that directory from all other addressess except
Davieyttx: Considering grze seems to think they haven't used incompatiable stuff... why on earth are they developing against 2.0.*?!12:55
Danawar1Ohh i dont understand that yet =[12:56
ttxDaviey: that's a rhetorical question ?12:56
Davieyttx: no, a serious one. :)12:56
ttxI can't answer that :)12:57
Davieyttx: Oh :)12:57
Davieyttx: Perhaps you took your eye off the "ball"? :P12:57
ttxDaviey: lowkick, 10yards penalty12:58
Davieyttx: heh, sorry :).. I haven't seen it yet.12:58
xperiahello to all. i have inserted new hard disks in to the free slots of the raid array in to my Computer and also added them to the existing ext4 raid array. In the BIOS Config this new disks are also a part of the exisiting array but when i boot into ubuntu i allways have the old disk size and disk usage. I dont see any new Disk Space. Sombody told me that i need to change the Partiton table...13:00
xperia...and such things. Is this right ?13:00
xperianeed rally help with this problem13:01
Davieyxperia: Using mdad soft RAID?13:02
Davieyxperia: fake raid, or hardware raid?13:03
RoyKDaviey: what is "fake" raid?13:03
RoyKand what is "hardware" raid?13:03
DavieyRoyK: bios raid.13:03
LinusUHi! I'm having a very strange problem with apache2 on Ubuntu 10.04 and was hoping to get some help. The problem is my RewriteRules wich works correctly if put in a .htaccess file, but that does not work when I put them in a <VirtualServer>. Plz help :)13:03
xperiaDaviey: thanks for the reply. i am using hardware raid. it is the HP Proliant 530M G2 Raid Array 530013:03
RoyKDaviey: we just use zfs :D13:03
DavieyRoyK: Hardware raid is when it's a dedicated RAID controller, and not done using the main CPU.13:03
RoyKway better13:03
DavieyRoyK: apples vs oranges.13:04
RoyKDaviey: I know, just teasing, because it's still software doing it, but on a dedicated cpu13:04
DavieyRoyK: If you know, why are you asking? :S13:04
RoyKDaviey: no way - read this first, then tell me hw raid is so good... http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/download/Community+Group+zfs/docs/zfslast.pdf13:04
Davieyxperia: okay.. if it were me, i'd recommend booting the server using a desktop livecd, and using "gparted"13:05
xperiait is just strange that i dont see the additional free space from the new disks with "fdisk -l" and so on. had expected to see at least this way the new space in "/dev/cciss/c0d0p1"13:05
DavieyRoyK: thanks.  I'll add that to my todo.. but until then zfs isn't a recommended solution for Ubuntu server.13:06
Davieyxperia: I would have expected that also.. will be interesting to see what gparted thinks of it.13:06
Davieyxperia: I have a distaste for HP Raid :(13:07
xperiaDaviey: have booted the Server also with Live CD and started Gparted but i dont see also there any new space. its show me the same old size and disk usage as before i have inserted any new harddisk. Hav ejust opened Gparted and checked it again.13:07
xperiaDaviey: it looks really that hardware controller are a pain on the other side i just did not want to waste cpu for this thing13:08
Davieyxperia: hmm.. What RAID style are you using?13:09
Davieyxperia: I agree.. this RAID is better than bios raid.13:09
xperiaas i have a fast hardware controller that can do this normally really good. My Raid Controller is "HP Proliant Raid Array 5300" for the "HP Proliant 530M G2" server13:10
RoyKDaviey: I know...13:11
xperiaDaviey: here it is http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/servers/proliantstorage/arraycontrollers/smartarray5300/index.html13:11
xperiatrue name "smart array 5300"13:12
RoyKxperia: those controllers are decent13:12
RoyKxperia: ah - your old partition table holds the old geometry13:13
RoyKyou should see a larger drive for the raid volume in /proc/partitions13:13
RoyKcheck that first13:13
xperiaRoyK: yes others have told me this too. it looks like i have to do something with the partition table13:13
xperiayou are allready the second one who told me that now. will check that now with the /proc/partitions13:14
xperiaRoyK: okay have checked /proc/partitions and it show the same numbers as allways. no bigger disk space or anything like that. old partition size with also same swap partition13:16
ElTonerinoLinusU, I take it you have "RewriteEngine On" in your <VirtualServer> bit?13:17
LinusUYes I have; just got help in the #httpd channel and the problem was that in <VirtualHost> the pattern should start with / but it shouldn't start with / in .htaccess13:18
ElTonerinook, good to hear you got it sorted.13:19
Davieyxperia: Sorry, i was trying to find out what the RAID schema is.. is it RAID-1, RAID-5 etc?  I'm wondering if that new disk is actually a mirror, or a hot spare13:19
xperiaDaviey: thanks again for your reply. i have the existing array as raid 1 configured13:20
Davieyxperia: How many disks did you have before, and how many do you have now?13:20
xperiaat the time before i have ubuntu installed.13:20
Davieyxperia: What size were they, and what are they now :)13:20
LinusUElTonerino: Thanks!13:21
xperiaDaviey: before i had 5 disks with a space of total 42GB now i have total 10 Disks13:21
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Davieyxperia: In RAID 1?  Using LVM?13:22
xperiawell i have one partition ext4(42GB) and i extended partition that holds the swap Partition with 1 GB13:24
xperiaLVM i think i dont use13:24
Davieyxperia: Hmm... can you double check you are using RAID1?13:24
xperiawell okay let me reboot and go to the raid config tool13:25
Davieyxperia: cool, thanks13:26
sommermorning everyone13:29
xperiaDaviey: the bios say "One Logical Drive, Raid 0, 42GB". booting now with the Server Service CD in to the server Raid Config Tool called "Smart Start13:30
xperiathe bios should show much more disk space than 42 GB. this 42GB are the old Size13:31
Davieyahh RAID 013:32
Davieyxperia: RAID 0 isn't generally recommend if you want redundancy13:33
jpdsIt doesn't do redundancy.13:33
Davieyexactly :)13:33
xperiaOkay i am now in the "HP ACU (Array Configuration Utility" it show me for the Smart Array 5300 in Slot 1 -> Parallel Scasi Array 1 ->  Logical Drive 1 42.4GB Raid 0, Unused Space 42.4GB13:35
xperiaahhh have clicked now oon the logical array and got a window where i can extend the size :-)13:36
Davieyxperia: But take note, if a disk breaks.. you get to keep all the broken bits with RAID 013:36
bogeyd6raid 0 always comes back to bite you13:37
xperiai am a very newbee related to raid. want only to have maximal space13:37
xperiathinked raid 0 is best for that but i still get only 50% of the disk space13:37
xperiathe backup i do to a external disk13:38
bogeyd6you were warned :x13:39
xperiacan configure the existing array as follow "Raid 0, Raid 1+0, Raid 5, Raid 6 (ADG)" Stripe Size atm 128 KB13:39
xperiawhat is best if i may ask. need a lot of disk space and ofcourse security13:40
jpdsxperia: RAID 5.13:40
bogeyd6I cn say that in certain applications it doesnt matter. Where speed is the only concern raid 0 is hands down the best. We used to have a huge database farm with over 500 racks of servers. We had two servers that kept transaction logs running 15k disks in raid 0 with 2gb raid memory13:40
jpdsxperia: I suggest reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID13:42
xperiaokay see that raid 0 is best as long not some of the disks crash. what i just dont understand is why i dont have the maximal disk space with raid 0. if i am not wrong raid 0 is just stripping13:42
RoyKstriping, yes13:44
bogeyd6xperia, realistically you probably gonna see like 90% of the disk space with the overhead and all that13:45
xperiaokay will stick at the moment with raid 0 but it looks heavy dangerous if something goes wrong13:45
pnunnplus only 90% of the smallest disk if there not the same size.13:45
RoyKbogeyd6: 10% overhead with raid0?????13:45
RoyKbogeyd6: the partition table and the filesystem metadata doesn't take much13:45
bogeyd6RoyK, dont make me slap you13:45
RoyKbogeyd6: so with a 1TB drive, you can only use 900 gigs for data? if so, you have chosen a very bad filesystem, written in QBASIC or something13:46
bogeyd6./ignore royk13:47
bogeyd6woops, there we go13:47
=== chris_n` is now known as chris_n
bogeyd6no wait i take that back royk13:47
xperiapnunn: that looks like it is the problem. i have three of 10 Disk that are only 9 GB.13:48
bogeyd6i think with your boot partition, your swap, your overhead, and etc on his small disks i think that if you had 200 and you see 180 you are doing good13:48
xperiaso if i have say 10 Disk 7 of them are all 100GB and the rest only 3x10GB the total size will be probably then be 10 Disks a 9 GB ?13:49
RoyKwell, anyone, don't listen to bogeyd6 on this - what he probably means (or was supposed to mean if he knew it) is that if you get a 1TB drive, that 1TB drive is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes, whereas the OS thinks 1TB is 1TiB or 1,099,511,627,776 bytes, so that 1TB harddrive is reported to be something like 900GiB13:49
pnunnThats right xperia... all raid stuff works better with disk the same size (same disks infact)13:50
bogeyd6RoyK, thanks for proving me right :)13:50
profixcan anyone says to me how can I start/stop/restart apache2 by another user (neither my user nor www-data) ? Thanks13:50
RoyKbogeyd6: not proving you right, sir13:51
pnunnprofix.. you need root or su.13:51
RoyKbogeyd6: you said there was overhead eating 10% - there isn't13:51
pnunnsorry.. sudo13:51
bogeyd6RoyK, you just said 1tb = 900gb13:51
RoyKbogeyd6: next time, you can use my explaination instead of babbling about overhead13:51
profixI cant add this user on www-data group ?!?13:52
bogeyd6RoyK, naw, i got people like you to do my heavy lifting13:52
RoyKno, I said 1TB is like 900GiB or 1,1TB is like 1TiB13:52
DavieyRoyK: You may not realise this, but you are appearing to be somewhat rude.13:52
xperiapnunn: thanks a lot. will look then to buy disk with same size next time. very good tip from you. learned again something new13:52
RoyKDaviey: you might not realize this, but mr bogeyd6 here is not very polite either13:52
pnunnwelcome xperia... as I said.. best to use exactly the same disks.13:52
profixpnunn: I cant add this user on www-data group ?!?13:52
RoyKDaviey: when I just explained his mistake, he keeps on going that he was right in the first place13:53
pnunnnot following you profix..13:53
bogeyd6Daviey, dont feed the trolls13:53
pnunnthough you were after a different user? not you or www-data13:53
profixpnunn: I don't understand...13:53
DavieyRoyK: I am asking you to stop it please.13:53
pnunnprofix, best way to stop services (only way in most cases) is as root.. either sudo or su.13:54
RoyKDaviey: please - I'm not the one trolling - I'm pointing out facts, where bogeyd6 is telling people stuff that's not true. there is no 10% overhead in ext313:54
profixbut if I write sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop by another user I can't stop it...13:54
bogeyd6pnunn, also if they are rhel veterans, then can install the service command13:55
profixit says to me:  Stopping web server apache2                                                  apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName                                                                          [ OK ]13:55
pnunnprofix, then you have an odd config somewhere.. root is god... you might need to kill it <sudo pkill apache2>13:55
bogeyd6profix, thats normal on a base install13:56
pnunnprofix, that is stopped correctly.. the error isn't relivant to stopping the service.13:56
bogeyd6profix, you can add servername to the config and fix that13:56
pnunn[OK] is the clue.13:56
profixbogeyd6: how can I fix this error ?13:57
pnunnprofix,, its not an error, just a warning.13:57
bogeyd6profix, sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf13:57
profixit isn't stopped...I can view the example page under localhost:8013:58
pnunnprofix, you probably have many instances running.. <ps -A> will show you.13:58
profixpnunn: yes, but the service is runnig...13:58
profixpnunn: it's not stopped...13:58
pnunnyou need to kill them.13:58
pnunnpkill apache213:58
pnunnor killall apache213:58
bogeyd6profix, put ServerName blah.blah.blah   in the bottom of that file, save it, sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart13:59
xperiaDaviey: RoyK: thank you both a lot. have rebooted ubuntu now and checked /proc/partitions. it show now all the new disk space. need now only to extend the existing parttition so it use all the new disk space13:59
Davieyxperia: Great!13:59
profixpnunn: Operation not permitted when I kill13:59
xperiathat is now the critical part but i guess the best is when i reboot the server with the live cd and use gparted. yeah will do that14:00
bogeyd6profix, if you care enough check out http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#servername14:00
RoyKxperia: make sure you have a backup before changing the partition table14:00
smoserDaviey, here now.14:03
xperiaRoyK: thanks works now all right. you are all great here. awesome people ! learned a lot today about raid stuff. love you all14:29
xperiahave now my new disk space and can work again14:29
Danawar1Hey Ubuntu server i have a website on my computer with firefox it is all centered but if i open the same site in internet explorer or my windows machine it is all left justified how can i fix this?14:42
* Pici thinks about flooding with pastebin links14:45
smoserit is interesting isn't it14:45
smoseri should have pastebinned a list of those links14:45
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ccheneyDaviey, er how do i know for sure that the image registered properly?15:08
ccheneyDaviey, i looked deeper at the log file and on the times it did not complain about the pad block corrupted error it had a different error message15:08
* ccheney isn't sure if that is also bad or if it worked around the issue15:09
ttxccheney: you'd have to use it15:10
ttxto confirm that it's "really" registered15:11
ttxi.e. run aninstance from it15:11
ccheneyttx ok15:12
* ccheney will do that with this sort of good image, heh15:12
ccheneyttx, is this what it normally shows? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/454473/15:16
* ttx checks with his deep UEC log expertise15:16
ccheneyi have my NC broken somehow so can't easily test to see if an instance will run15:18
ttxccheney: I's have to run a lucid UEC to compare15:19
ccheneyat least not without doing a reinstall, had this happen before and euca_conf won't add it back :-\15:19
ccheneyoh ok, nm15:19
ttxideally you should try to run an instance from it -- that's the only way to confirm it's really done15:19
* ccheney sees if he can make his nc work without a reinstall15:21
* ccheney wonders if his nc is having problems as the lock lights are all lit and one is blinking15:23
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
* ccheney wonders if he can just blow away the nc and have it work, hopefully the cc isn't the one that is broken15:30
ccheneywould be nice if eucalyptus would realize the images weren't registered properly in the first place, heh15:37
* ccheney taking a few min break while his NC reinstalls so he can test the lack of error means success theory ;-)15:38
hggdhyo Daviey, thank you for the fast packaging15:42
hggdhI am testing it right now15:42
ccheneystupid cc still doesn't see a nc once i reinstalled it15:54
ccheneyDaviey, is maverick current in a usable state other than the kernel?15:55
ccheneyDaviey, i was wondering if i should try reinstalling alpha 1 or use the current daily15:56
ccheneyDaviey, since i have to reinstall anyway15:56
Davieyccheney: Hmm. either way tbh15:56
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ccheneyi know when i tried before daily was broken due to the groovy issue (i think) i assume that is resolved now?15:56
Davieyccheney: But yes, current will work- if you tackle the kernel15:56
Davieyccheney: ah, dammit15:57
Davieythat will be fixed by the end of the day.. it was waiting on a 1.7 upload15:57
Davieybut 1.7 will be delayed.15:57
Davieyso i'm pushing a seperate one later today with just the groovy fix15:57
ccheneyoh no problem will just reinstall a1 to be sure it works, i need to run an instance to see if this kernel i am testing is good or broken differentl15:57
Daviey(but you know it's just a symlink away!)15:57
ccheneyDaviey, yea for whatever reason it still didn't seem to work well for me after doing that15:59
Davieyccheney: Really?!15:59
ccheneyDaviey, and i don't want to debug two problems at the same time :)15:59
DavieyWhat happend?15:59
ccheneyDaviey, iirc i had this same stupid nc disappearing issue15:59
Davieyccheney: Agreed.. but that fixed it for me.. so i need to know if there is another issue15:59
ccheneywhich started happening to me on a1 as well15:59
ccheneyhopefully its not another issue, i will try to replicate once i finish the kernel issue16:00
Davieyccheney: sounds good!.. keep up the awesome16:00
ccheneythanks :)16:00
* ccheney needs a clone for the old OOo stuff16:00
ccheneyi think a lot of the sru bugs are fixed by the new ooo-build for openoffice.org, so hopefully i will just need to write up the reports and get them to take the new 3.2.1 version for it16:02
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fishcookeranyone on jeos_10.416:06
fishcookerjeos 8.04 on the end life ..16:08
ShinhanI cant start dnsmasq. It exits with "failed to bind DHCP server socket: Address already in use". When googling I noticed I should run netstat -ap and look for other dhcp services, but I notice nothing with "dhc" in its name, only named, samba, winbindd, stuff like that16:15
Shinhando I need some special options to make dnsmasq work with samba or is something else problem? and how can I find it?16:16
Shinhanif this is not the right place to ask this can someone at least tell me where I can ask it and hope for the answer?16:22
RoyKfishcooker: last I checked, jeos 10.04 wasn't out yet16:25
ccheneyShinhan, forum16:25
Shinhanno answers in 5 hours :(16:25
Shinhanbtw, when I want to add something on the forums, and there are no replies, is it better to edit my message or double post?16:25
Shinhan(after 5 hours)16:25
ccheneyShinhan, lsof -i might help16:26
RoyKany idea when 10.04 LTS is released for upgrade?16:26
ccheneyShinhan, but i don't know anything about dnsmasq setup16:26
fishcookerthankyou royk for the quick reply16:26
ccheneyRoyK, 10.04.1 i think16:26
RoyKdo-release-upgrade on 8.04 doesn't want to upgrade anything16:27
RoyKccheney: ok, any idea when that is scheduled?16:27
fishcookeri've got the 10.4 repo on my hardisk16:27
ccheneyRoyK, jul 2916:27
fishcookerapt-get dist-upgrade16:27
fishcookerrun flawlessly16:27
RoyKccheney: thanks16:27
Shinhanlsof -i doesnt show anything. OK, I'll post on the forums and hope for the answer, thanks16:27
RoyKfishcooker: I guess jeos 10.04 will be out around 10.04.1 time, then16:27
ccheneyShinhan, oh also make sure you run that as root or via sudo16:28
ccheneyShinhan, otherwise you will only see ports your user has open16:29
Shinhanlol, that was it. I see something now16:29
Shinhansamba, named, apache2, rpc.statd and portmap16:29
ccheneyShinhan, you are trying to start dnsmasq as root too, right?16:30
ccheneyok, not sure what the problem would be then16:30
Shinhansudo /etc/init.d/dnsmasq start16:30
ccheneyer looking closer it says failed to bind _DHCP_ server socket that seems wrong somehow16:31
ShinhanI had DHCP server and client installed before installing dnsmasq, but I have since removed them16:31
ccheneymaybe its trying to communicate to a non-existent dhcp server/client on the box, might need to check its config setup16:31
Shinhandnsmasq has DHCP integrated, he should be doing it himself16:32
ccheneyah ok, yea i have no idea what it is doing :)16:34
MattercoI need a little help, I cannot get apache2 to start, looks like I have two instances of apache running.16:35
* ccheney uses his dd-wrt router for dnsmasq duties16:35
Shinhanmy router aint dd-wrt :(16:35
ShinhanOTOH, I'm not convinced I actually need DNS caching. It was a suggestion from somebody on forums, and now I cant set it up. I think I just need DHCP16:37
fishcookerroyk: 10.04.1 time... i saw there was jeos 8.04.1 8.04.2 then the last 8.04.3... is it 4 month periodicaly out of release16:38
RoyKfishcooker: as ccheney mentioned above, 10.04.1 will be released jul 29. at this time do-release-upgrade will start to work from 8.04LTS. I guess this also means Canonical won't flag 10.04 stable enough before that time, meaning they probably won't release Jeos 10.04 before then.16:41
MattercoI cannot get Apache2 to start beca16:41
Mattercouse I already have a rouge instance of Apache running, how do I isolate and stop a version of apache2 from running? http://paste.ubuntu.com/454509/16:41
RoyKfishcooker: btw, 8.04.4 is the latest 8.04 release16:41
ccheneyi'm not sure if this is accurate but it seems to not be separate anymore: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147282516:42
ccheneyttx, do you happen to know the answer to that?16:42
* ttx looks16:43
ccheneyapparently its: "From 8.10 onwards JeOS comes as part of the Server install CD, just hit F4 at the install screen and select 'Install a minimal virtual machine'."16:43
ccheneyttx, about if jeos is now minimal server install?16:43
ttxccheney: yes, it's now delivered as an alternate install mode through F416:44
ccheneyttx, thanks for the clarification :)16:44
ccheneyfishcooker, see ttx above16:45
fishcookerthanks 4 the quick info royk+ccheney+others, i've got the mine x.xx.316:45
fishcookerLoL ttx too16:45
dgs45Hello can someone give me a hint?16:50
dgs45I run Ubuntu 10.4 LTS16:50
RoyKfishcooker: apt-get dist-upgrade will take you to 8.04.416:50
ccheneyDaviey, apparently i had decided to upgrade my a1 setup at some point which was how it broke16:51
dgs45and my tape drive is not shown16:51
Davieyccheney: aaahhh16:51
ccheneyDaviey, i have older kernel than i had before reinstall so i know i must have upgraded it16:51
fishcookerroyk: on the hardy repo... i suppose16:51
ccheneyi don't remember what i did as far as upgrading, if it was just installing the new kernel or a full upgrade, but its working atm at least16:51
dgs45does anyone know how to get my tape running?16:52
dgs45is there someone using a tape drive?16:52
nomoahi I try to enable system limits (/etc/security/limits.conf), I can enable the use of limits.conf with /etc/pam.d/files with ("session    required   pam_limits.so"), but what about start-stop-daemon?16:53
SpamapSdgs45: what do you mean your tape drive "is not shown" ?16:53
Davieyccheney: Times like this, i'd love archive snapshots :)16:53
SpamapSsmoser: ping16:53
dgs45I have no /dev/sg* or /dev/st* showing up in my system16:53
dgs45lsscsi only shows CD Rom16:54
nomoaIt seems start-stop-daemon does not set limits listed in /etc/security/limits.conf, is it a sort of pam module I could configure or something else?16:54
SpamapSsmoser: Can you explain the work item for "and attach an elastic IP" ? Doesn't that happen by passing --addressing ?16:54
nomoaside note : start-stop-daemon when used with chuid16:55
dgs45I had a similar issue on 6.xy LTS but its long ago and don*t remember how i solved it16:55
smoseri will admit to not really knowing what --addressing does.16:55
SpamapSsmoser: me neither. ;)16:55
SpamapSthe help is not very much use16:55
smoserbut what i want is to launch an instance, assign an address 'ec2-associate-address', connect...16:56
dgs45what may i do to get the tape running its an HP Storageworks 92016:56
dgs45the SCSI Controller is an HP p410i16:56
SpamapSsmoser: oohh I didn't see ec2-associate-address16:56
smoseruec-run-instance-and-wait actually has an implementation16:56
smoserSpamapS, how close are you to having something commit/packageable ?16:57
SpamapSsmoser: I keep forgetting to look in there for the examples.. every time I do I avoid bugging you. ;)16:57
smoseri'd like to get something into cloud-utils today16:57
SpamapSsmoser: I think the one now is packageable. check it out, it forks for the ssh+console verifying16:58
RoyKfishcooker: yes, with a local repo, you won't get much updates unless you script that as well16:58
smoserbut i'm not going to be around for the afternoon into evening, probably be able to check in 9:00 eastern16:58
RoyKfishcooker: use the official repos - that's why they're there16:58
ccheneyDaviey, is it considered safe to reboot the cc without rebooting/shutting down the NC first?16:58
dgs45noone can give me hint with my tape issue16:58
ccheneyDaviey, or what is the proper method to cycle the cloud without any risk of corruption16:58
RoyKdgs45: does lshw show the tape drive?16:59
dholbachhey guys!16:59
dholbachdo you need more contributors to the ubuntu server action?16:59
ccheneydholbach, yes, please see ttx :)17:00
dholbachif so, what kind of stuff should they be doing?17:00
ttxdholbach: you mean generally ?17:00
dholbachI was just thinking that it might be a good idea to give a session at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep about whatever your contributors should be doing17:01
dholbachwe still have a few open slots17:01
* ttx delegates to his community experts, mathiaz and Daviey17:01
* ttx -> eod17:01
ccheneyDaviey, also is there a way to kill a instance that is stuck shutting down?17:01
ccheneydholbach, Daviey is here but iirc mathiaz is gone this week to a conference17:02
ttxdholbach: I might be convinced to do a server papercuts session.17:02
ttxthough ISTR the timing was suboptimal for me -- will have a look and confirm17:02
dholbachttx: do you want to block a slot already?17:03
ttxdholbach: will look into it tomorrow morning17:03
dholbachthanks ttx17:03
ttxdholbach: shoudln't prevent Mathias from doing a generic "contribute to Ubuntu Server" session17:03
dholbachyeah, that or pick a few server specific packaging things (init scripts, upstart stuff, have a look at some web service packaging stuff, etc.)17:04
dholbachthere's a lot of interesting stuff going on in server land17:05
ttxdholbach: mark me for the Thu 1800UTC slot, that's the only one I could do17:05
Davieydholbach: I think it's fair to say the server team will do *somethign*, so at least reserve us a session.. i know they are going fast!!17:05
dholbachttx: will do, thanks a bunch17:06
Davieyttx: Are you still here?17:06
dholbachDaviey: shall I block out another one?17:06
ttxDaviey: ... yes ...17:06
Davieyttx: -> msg17:07
Davieydholbach: It's up to you.. the server team rocks, we could fill the whole week's session with the bags of awesome we have.17:07
dholbachthen: BRING! IT! ON!17:08
dgs45lshw lshw shows anything but not the drive17:10
dgs45hpacucli shows two controllers and tells mew about a drive17:10
dgs45just used the hpacucli diag command17:11
Davieydholbach: Server > Community :P17:11
Davieyerr, "Community Team"17:11
dgs45HP CISS Driver (v 3.6.20)17:13
dgs45do I have to compile a new kernel with the actual version of the HP CISS driver?17:13
dholbachDaviey: if you have ideas which server sessions we could add, I'm all for it :)17:16
dgs45no one who knows tapes well on Ubuntu?17:17
ccheneydgs45, probably best to ask on the forum17:18
dgs45yes i should17:19
dgs45hpacucli gives me the tapedrive serial :) it must be somewhere17:20
dgs45could it be that I have to change IRQ on my SAS Controller?17:20
ccheneylast time i used a tape drive was probably 12+ years ago17:20
dgs45if I know the controller the LUN and ID may I map it somehow manual? I thought there was a way to force it somehow17:22
dgs45may I map my drive manually17:24
dgs45I know the scsi lun and all of it so it should be possible, hpacucli shows me the drive on the p410i17:25
dgs45is there a possible update to the latest cciss driver?17:36
RoyKdgs45: using a kernel.org kernel will give you all the new stuff, but without automatic updates17:39
dgs45are there Ubuntu kernels?17:39
RoyKI didn't think the cciss drivers changed much17:40
RoyKdgs45: a linux kernel is a linux kernel, more or less17:40
dgs45on 10.4 it is 3.2017:40
dgs45and actual is 4.6 or so17:40
dgs45Last updated Thu Oct 29, 2009 latest version is 4.6.20-22 These are meant for 2.6.26 or later kernels17:41
dgs45and in 10.4 there is 3.2017:41
dgs45I thought 10.4 was Kernel 2.6 or so?17:41
RoyKdgs45: have you checked which vewrsion is in 2.6.34?17:42
RoyK10.04 uses 2.6.2317:42
ccheneyjust finished verifying 41440ff works with a running instance, so now on to the next bisection :)17:42
RoyK10.04 uses 2.6.3217:42
dgs45so the ciss driver is not meant for the Kernel running in 10.417:42
dgs45but is still there ???17:44
dgs45I don*t understand this17:44
RoyKdgs45: listen, ubuntu uses linux-2.6.32 with some custom patches. it uses the drivers in 2.6.3217:44
RoyKyou can use the kernel.org kernels, mostly without problems17:45
RoyKbut you will have to build it yourself17:45
dgs45I will try to17:45
RoyKlemme check which cciss driver is in there17:45
dgs45I think how to build is in some readme, isn*t that complicated17:46
dgs45I saw 3.2017:46
dgs45cciss 3.2017:46
dgs45how to see which cciss is in kernel org kernel?17:47
dgs45thank you I was there reading through17:48
dgs45so I may use the debian source to build one17:48
RoyKshould work17:48
dgs45oh lucky me :)17:48
PiciWhats the proper way to enable/disable services now that upstart has taken over?17:49
RoyKwhat was the reason for taking services out of sysv boot and into upstart in the first place?17:49
cybrocop_Hi all. I am having a problem with UEC... registration seems to be broken.17:50
cybrocop_Here is some background: http://open.eucalyptus.com/forum/cc-not-able-registersee-nodes17:50
cybrocop_I went to #eucalyptus first and I was told that Ubuntu has re-wired registration so I should bring up my issue here:17:51
cybrocop_There is another problem that is probably contributing to my registration issue.  eucalyptus-cc and uec-component-listener do not start during system boot. I have to start them manually each time.17:52
cybrocop_kirkland/smoser/others...: Can you give me some assistance on how to troubleshoot this?17:52
cybrocop_Here is a "snapshot" of the problem: http://slexy.org/raw/s21Fvc4hwy17:53
dgs45thank you RoyK17:57
ccheneyDaviey, we're down to 641 commits, so if i remember my math right that would be less than 10 kernels to go worst case17:59
ccheneyDaviey, so hopefully by the end of the night we will have the commit identified18:00
Davieyccheney: ROCKING!18:01
cybrocop_This bug  (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+bug/504704) seems to have been fixed at some point...18:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 504704 in eucalyptus "[lucid] On CC-only setups, eucalyptus-cc fails to start at boot (upstart issue)" [High,Fix released]18:14
cybrocop_"This bug was fixed in the package eucalyptus - 1.6.2~bzr1166-0ubuntu2"18:14
cybrocop_How can I find out if the packages I have contain the fix or no?18:14
cybrocop_The fix was issues sometime in Feb... and I have the most up-to-date packages from lucid-updates.... Is there any way to know if the fix has made it to lucid-updates yet?18:17
Davieycybrocop_: If you are running a version >bzr1166-0ubuntu2, then you should have the fix :)18:29
cybrocop_Daviey: When I do a dpkg -l, the eucalyptus-cc package is listed as 1.6.2-0ubuntu30. How can I correlate that with bzr revisions?18:31
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Davieycybrocop_: 1.6.2-0ubuntu30 came after bzr1166-0ubuntu218:33
Davieycybrocop_: so you should have the fix18:33
cybrocop_Daviey: OK. Thanks. Is there any way I can verify this myself int he future? For instance, can I tell from the naming convention?18:33
Davieycybrocop_: Checking the changelog is a good start :)18:35
Davieycybrocop_: ie, http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/e/eucalyptus/eucalyptus_1.6.2+bzr1230-0ubuntu2/changelog18:35
Daviey(you can also get that the changelog through aptitude)18:35
Davieycybrocop_: $ aptitude changelog eucalyptus18:36
cybrocop_Daviey: Thanks a million.18:38
Davieycybrocop_: np18:38
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rbergerAny idea how to get the hostname (as reported by hostname -f) is a FQDN on Eucalyptus / UEC? Right now hostname is just set to a representation of the IP address with no domainname. This breaks a lot of packages. Any idea where in the Eucalyptus / UEC boot process the hostname gets set? On my UEC setup
rbergerreturns a pure IP address not a hostname or a FQDN19:29
rbergerI'm running the official Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid amd64 pretty much from a recent daily build19:30
cybrocoprberger: You should enable DNS. I think there is a config file option  DISABLE_DNS19:39
cybrocoprberger: which is set to Y by default.19:39
rbergercybrocop I did do that and followed the instructions for DynamicDNS19:39
ruben23hi i installed ubuntu-server 8.04 and suddenly i get this error message----> http://pastebin.com/vmgvW4xg19:39
cybrocoprberger: It didn't work?19:40
rbergercybrocop It did some nice things for accessing the instances from outside the cluster (FQDN to ssh and such) but it didn't change the behavior of what hostname -f returns or
Danawar1Hi Ruben23, what are you trying to install it to?19:40
ruben23Danawar1:im just running the installation cd on a server hardware box thats all19:41
cybrocoprberger: sorry, don't know how to fix that but you might also want to try asking on #eucalyptus. I'd be interested to know the answer as well.19:41
Danawar1Ruben23: I'm guessing its just not detecting the harddrive/s19:42
rbergercybrocop I'll ask again on #Eucalyptus, but they suggested the same thing you said and then no more info.19:43
ruben23 Danawar1: yes thats the problem19:43
ruben23the HDD is sata seagare baracuda 7100 rom19:43
Danawar1Ruben23: Is the server hardware box near you?19:43
ruben23its bedide me19:43
ruben23beside me19:44
Danawar1Ruben23: Is it possible for you to feel if the hard drive is spinning?19:44
ruben23ill do it19:45
Danawar1Ruben23: Does the hard drive appear in the BIOS, Is the hard drive making weird noises?19:48
RoyKruben23: try to boot on a live cd and see if it sees your drive20:03
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bogeyd6-someone should slap the openoffice.org developers. Does read-only really mean you cant copy from the file?20:26
ccheneybogeyd6-, i can copy out of a file just fine when in read-only mode20:30
bogeyd6-ccheney, using ubuntu 10.04 ?20:31
bogeyd6-i get prompted thats its read only before i can copy20:31
bogeyd6-allows no changes to be made to file20:31
bogeyd6-i have to save it to use it unprompted20:31
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ccheneybogeyd6-, yea, you can also switch files into read only mode by just clicking on the button in the toolbar20:33
ccheneybogeyd6-, i also tried removing the write bit on the file and opening it and let me copy text out as well, i am using 10.04 with an odt file20:34
ccheneyOOo version 1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4.120:34
RoyKbogeyd6-: openoffice usage isn't really a -server issue20:35
* ccheney happens to be the OOo maintainer which is why he is answering the question :)20:35
bogeyd6-RoyK, still jaded?20:35
ccheneybut yea not server related :)20:36
RoyKbogeyd6-: not at all20:36
bogeyd6-ccheney, yep, on same one20:36
ccheneyhmm no idea what is going on with your system20:36
bogeyd6-actually this is a server related issue and one i am needing help for royk20:36
ccheneyyou are running ubuntu not a different variant?20:36
bogeyd6-ubuntu 10.04 desktop, using a file off a share from an ubuntu 9.10 server running samba20:37
RoyKbogeyd6-: how can openoffice be a server issue?20:37
ccheneybogeyd6-, oh in that case i know the exact problem :)20:37
ccheneybogeyd6-, i need to do a SRU of coreutils and add locking exclusion for cifs20:37
bogeyd6-and there we go20:37
ccheneyi'm not sure why it wouldn't let you highlight text though20:37
bogeyd6-RoyK, please stop mayng, i took you off ignore to be nice. yet you continue to embarrass yourself :(20:38
ccheneyit definitely wouldn't let you work with the file much due to the locking problem20:38
ccheneyworkaround before then is to mount the cifs with nobrl option20:38
bogeyd6-aye aye ccheney20:38
RoyKbogeyd6-: bugger off - put me back on ignore if you like - I gave you a solution for your "10% overhead" and you still told me I was wrong - may I ask who's trolling?20:39
bogeyd6-ccheney, like a charm20:39
ccheneyi'm not sure if that is 100% safe for all other apps, but it fixes OOo for the moment anyway20:39
ccheneynobrl turns off byte range locking20:39
bogeyd6-ahh, this is much better20:39
bogeyd6-a million space thank you's ccheney20:39
bogeyd6-ccheney, this is OT but my life just got alot easier working on these inventory files20:41
bogeyd6-one day i will task a tech with converting them into mysql20:41
ccheneyso apparently this bug happened because it went from being mounted as smbfs (or something like that iirc) to 'cifs' and coreutils has no concept of what a cifs partition is, so when trying to see if its a remote fs it just spit out hex to my test20:42
ccheneyit will be fixed in maverick as soon as the OOo that was uploaded a while back gets built20:42
bogeyd6-ccheney, do you work on the backports?20:42
bogeyd6-3.2.1 fixes alot of bugs our users get20:43
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ccheneybogeyd6-, well the ones in my ppa yea, but i usually don't have time to do them, i am going to try to get 3.2.1 into 10.04.120:45
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ccheneydown to 169 commits now21:02
kozmundI'm attempting to give a set of people sftp only chrooted access using "ForceCommand internal-sftp" and "ChrootDirectory" and everything works great except that I can't figure out whether it's even possible to get a umask other than 022. Anyone mixed internal-sftp and umask before?21:03
chewbrancahi I'm looking into a good AMI platform to use on EC2, and I started playing around with EBS ubuntu 10.04 images, particularly this one: http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/entry.jspa?externalID=3101 but I'm a little confused as to why it won't run on a small instance, my target is generally m1.large which it works fine on, but I would still like to be able to use the standard small instance in particular situ21:30
chewbrancaations, any thoughts?21:30
kozmundAs frequently happens, I figured it out shortly after asking. Using pam_umask to set the umask for the internal-sftp users and overriding it in /etc/profile for login ssh users.21:30
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chewbrancahrmmm... on that note, I can't even find an EBS image that works with a small instance21:35
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ccheneyjust reduced the git test to ~ 80 commits21:56
ccheneyand we now know it was on dec 8 200921:57
ptingchewbranca, small instances are x86 instance; hence, your can't run that image because it's amd64... try to find the x86 equivalent22:00
ptingchewbranca, you can find a complete list of images @ http://alestic.com/22:02
chewbrancapting, yeah that's where I first saw ubuntu AMIs22:03
chewbrancaoh ok, just bad docs, threw me off: http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/entry.jspa?externalID=310222:04
chewbrancathat's the 32bit equivalent to the first AMI I linked22:04
chewbrancabut it has the same description as the 64 bit AMI22:04
chewbrancahrmm.. so that complicates things, one thing I liked about the EBS stuff is making it very easy to scale up and start small, I guess you can do the same thing, but just not start with the 'small' instance22:09
ArcticoonGreetings, everyone. I'm trying to find out the files / packages in Ubuntu server for ip6tables functionality. I'm familiar with CentOS/RHEL where "service ip6tables" and "/etc/sysconfig/ip6tables" restart the service and house the rules, but I can't find the corresponding functionality anywhere in the docs for Ubuntu 10.04.22:18
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ptingchewbranca, if you plan on switching between small and large instances, i would try to utilize puppet http://www.puppetlabs.com/ or something. it'll make the transition more seamless once you get all of it configured22:25
chewbrancapting, yeah I've been looking into chef and puppet, I'm building a rails based framework right now, and I'm trying to rebundle an AMI to release so there is a full system configured to run this platform, so unfortunately, I think I just have to duplicate it for 64bit and 32bit, but I could use chef and puppet to facilitate maintaining those setups22:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #598275 in munin (main) "munin-node fw_conntrack plugin reports incorrect critical threshold" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59827522:31
EtienneGIf I want to use the Ubuntu Server CD to install a machine that I access using a serial console (cannot do netboot install; don't ask); will the ISOLINUX language selection splash screen and graphical menu interfere?22:56
ccheneyapparently git is confusing me, it looks like the patch causing the problem may be older than i thought :-\23:06
ccheneythe git log on kernel.org doesn't seem to match up exactly with the bisection list for some reason23:06
ccheneybut we are down to 18 now23:06
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jjohansenccheney: if tgardner is bisecting mainline kernels then it should23:25
ccheneyjjohansen, hmm ok23:25
jjohansenccheney: if he is bisecting some version of ours it might not23:25
ccheneyis this considered the right place to look?23:25
ccheneyif so then he seems to be bisecting something else23:26
jjohansenyeah that is linus23:26
jjohansens/linus/linus's tree/23:26
jjohansenlinus never rebases23:26
jjohansenccheney: sorry I haven't been following to closely23:28
ccheneyno problem23:28
freddy_dudewhat are some of the tools i can check my server for security holes, issues ?23:34
jmarsden|workfreddy_dude: See http://sectools.org/23:40
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hallynjdstrand: just wondering, do you know our libvirt compiles --without-esx?  Is there any background to that, or is it just how it's always been?23:45
freddy_dudejmarsden|work: thanks23:46
jmarsden|workfreddy_dude: You're welcome.23:46
cybrocopIs there any way I can Munin to measure web site response time?23:52
cybrocopOr is Munin not the right tool for that? Or maybe I need additional tools + munin23:53

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