dipankarlfaraone, please ping14:01
lfaraonedipankar: yessir?14:02
dipankarSir.. :P14:02
dfarningthanks guys, this channel is logged so if any one else has the same questions we can refer them back to the logs.14:03
dipankarWell dfarning and lfaraone , like I was saying , should we revert back to s-p-s 0.88.0 on ppa14:03
lfaraoneI said you could do it, tell other people on the mailing list the workaround, and if other users have problems implement to more difficult solution.14:04
dipankarok lfaraone I am on it. I will delete the existing package once I am ready with the new one. But I don't have the last unedited 's-p-s' package from ppa14:05
dipankari.e. the oldest that I have is the one in which neeraj made the new upstream release14:06
lfaraonedipankar: no worries, just use jonas's. or don't put one at all in there if the one in the Ubuntu archive works.14:06
dipankarlfaraone, what about the copyrights and the debian folder?14:07
lfaraonedipankar: run 'debcheckout sugar-presence-service-0.88' and you should have the copy of the package as it is in Debian.14:08
lfaraonedipankar: which includes debian/* etc.14:08
dipankarlfaraone, thanks a lot. I will start working on it. Just in case I get the same error of '.orig' file..14:09
lfaraonewell, then you need to download t he upstream tarball with "debian/rules get-orig-source" or "uscan --force-download --rename"14:10
dipankarbtw lfaraone , I guess you are here for sometime. I will try to work things out as quickly as possible14:13
lfaraonedipankar: okay14:13
dipankarokay lfaraone , I have copied the debian folder into the source tree of the directory14:25
dipankarNow I have to make changes in the changelog and control files14:25
lfaraonedipankar: what changes need to be made? you already have 0.88.0-1 from debcheckout.14:27
dipankarlfaraone, It was in my documentation to change those files. It not required then I will leave it blank14:28
dipankar* it -> If14:29
lfaraonedipankar: well, you usually only change them if you are making other... changes.14:29
dipankarGot it like patching, lfaraone ?14:29
lfaraonedipankar: exactly.14:30
dipankarlfaraone, I also think I don't have to use the command "debian/rules get-orig-source" or "uscan --force-download --rename" to get the rules file14:30
dipankar'cause that is already there in the debian folder.14:31
lfaraonedipankar: those commands get the upstream tarball, not the rules fule.14:31
lfaraonedipankar: although if you're using the git repository, it already should have information on how to recreate the tarball internally.14:32
lfaraonedipankar: when using git, you use "git-buildpackage" rather than "debuild" so it handles that for you.14:32
lfaraonedipankar: not a problem.14:33
dipankarlfaraone, that means if I use 'git-buildpackage' then I don't have to bother about the .orig file being present or not..14:34
dipankarunlike debuild14:34
lfaraonedipankar: in this case, yes.14:35
lfaraone(if I recall correctly)14:35
lfaraonedipankar: but that only works for packages that are maintained in git, and only if the tarball was imported before at some point. which is probably the case here. if it weren't, and you got the same message warning about a missing orig.tar.bz2, you'd still have to download it as indicated previously.14:36
dipankarhmm... ok lfaraone14:38
lfaraonedipankar: confusing enough for you? :D14:38
dipankarlfaraone, you got that buddy..14:39
dipankarI was gonna compress the package that I downloaded from the debian using 'debcheckout' to a .orig file14:39
dipankar'cause I got it in a directory/uncompressed form14:40
dipankarlfaraone, shall proceed like I said above?14:41
lfaraonedipankar: you mean to an .orig.tar.bz2 file? no.14:43
dipankarnope.. to a .orig.tar.gz..14:43
lfaraonedipankar: you usually don't create the original upstream tarball (the .orig.tar.{bz2, gz, lzma} file), you use the one provided *upstream*.14:44
dipankarbecause I am having only a source tar ball named 'sugar-presence-service-0.88.0.tar.bz2'14:44
lfaraonedipankar: the orig is supposed to be te unmodified source from the people who release the software.14:44
lfaraonedipankar: okay, you downloaded that from the sugarlabs site, right?14:44
dipankarOhk.. That means it should not have the debian folder14:45
dipankar@ your question: yes14:45
lfaraonedipankar: it means you shouldn't create it yourself. :)14:45
lfaraonedipankar: just rename sugar-presence-service-0.88.0.tar.bz2 to sugar-presence-service-0.88_0.88.0.orig.tar.bz2 or whatever it is supposed to be called.14:45
lfaraonedipankar: the Debian build process will accept an orig.tar.* in bz2, gz, and lzma formats. Since Sugar Labs uses bz2 upstream, we're keeping it with a terminal ".bz2" at the end.14:46
dipankarok.. Also should that be kept in the directory where I am making the package?14:46
lfaraonethe orig.tar.* should be in the directiory above the directory that contains the debian/ folder and the unpacked sources.14:47
dipankarjust to cross check I have the following lines in the rule file now:14:48
dipankarinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/upstream-tarball.mk14:48
dipankarinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/utils.mk14:48
dipankarinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/python-autotools.mk14:48
dipankarinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk14:48
lfaraonedipankar: yes.14:49
lfaraonedipankar: here's an example of what my directory tree looks like: http://sprunge.us/SbRK14:51
lfaraonedipankar: this is for another package, but the idea is the same.14:51
lfaraonedipankar: (ignore the "-> ..." and the last line, that's just to save space on my disk)14:51
dipankarok lfaraone, that was helpful. But I guess the '.debian.tar.gz' and '.tar.gz' will be generated after building the package.14:56
lfaraonedipankar: that is correct.14:57
dipankarlfaraone, building package using command git-buildpackage15:00
dipankaroops.. have to install it first. :)15:01
dipankarlfaraone, I am getting this error msg : /home/dipankar/work9/sugar-presence-service-0.88.0 is not a git repository15:02
lfaraonedipankar: are yoi in the directory that contains the debian/ directory?15:03
lfaraonedipankar: what does "ls .git" tell you?15:04
dipankarlfaraone, here is the o/p: ls: cannot access .git: No such file or directory15:04
lfaraonedipankar: okay. so this isn't the directory that was created with debcheckout, right?15:05
dipankarno.. that I downloaded somewhere else15:05
lfaraonedipankar: okay. git-buildpackage only works in the directories that contain git repositories. I thought you were working in that directory...15:06
lfaraonecd into that one and run "git-buildpackage"15:06
dipankarok lfaraone, now I can run the command.. but i get the following o/p:15:08
dipankartest -x debian/rules15:09
dipankarrmdir build15:09
dipankarrmdir: failed to remove `build': No such file or directory15:09
dipankarmake: [cleanbuilddir] Error 1 (ignored)15:09
dipankarrm -f debian/stamp-makefile-build debian/stamp-makefile-install15:09
dipankar/usr/bin/make  -C build  -k distclean15:09
dipankarmake: *** build: No such file or directory.  Stop.15:09
dipankarmake: [makefile-clean] Error 2 (ignored)15:09
dipankarrm -f debian/stamp-makefile-check15:09
dipankarrm -f debian/stamp-autotools15:09
dipankarrmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty build15:09
dipankarrmdir: failed to remove `build': No such file or directory15:09
dipankarmake: [makefile-clean] Error 1 (ignored)15:09
dipankarrm -f debian/cdbs-install-list debian/cdbs-package-list debian/stamp-copyright-check debian/stamp-buildinfo15:09
dipankarrm -f debian/stamp-autotools-files15:09
lfaraonedipankar: please don't paste into the channel. use something like http://paste.ubuntu.com so it's readable :)15:09
dipankarPristine-tar branch "pristine-tar" not found15:09
dipankarpristine-tar: successfully generated /home/dipankar/sugar-presence-service-0.88_0.88.0.orig.tar.bz215:09
dipankar dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -D -us -uc -i -I15:09
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: set CFLAGS to default value: -g -O215:09
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: set CPPFLAGS to default value:15:09
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: set LDFLAGS to default value: -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions15:09
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: set FFLAGS to default value: -g -O215:10
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: set CXXFLAGS to default value: -g -O215:10
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: source package sugar-presence-service-0.8815:10
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: source version 0.88.0-115:10
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: source changed by Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>15:10
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: host architecture i38615:10
dipankardpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: dh-buildinfo15:10
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: warning: Build dependencies/conflicts unsatisfied; aborting.15:10
dipankardpkg-buildpackage: warning: (Use -d flag to override.)15:10
dipankardebuild: fatal error at line 1340:15:10
dipankardpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -D -us -uc -i -I failed15:10
dipankardebuild -i -I returned 2915:10
dipankarCouldn't run 'debuild -i -I'15:10
dipankarwon't happen again15:10
lfaraonedipankar: no worries, it's just messy.15:10
lfaraonedipankar: the "Unmet build dependencies" line means that there are some packages needed to build the s-p-s package that you are missing.15:11
dfarningdipankar, are you familar with git?15:11
lfaraonedipankar: to fix that, run "sudo apt-get install PACKAGE_NAME". In this case, "sudo apt-get install  dh-buildinfo"15:11
dipankarsorry lfaraone, i have never used git15:12
dfarningit is very useful.... but really confusing (at first) source code management system.15:12
dipankarI have always built packages using 'debuild'15:13
dfarningdipankar, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software) is a good introductory link.15:14
dipankarlfaraone, done : sudo .. dh-buildinfo15:14
dipankarlfaraone, dfarning, now git-buildpackage in running but it is not completing. Error: gpg: /tmp/debsign.L9VUNP6g/sugar-presence-service-0.88_0.88.0-1.dsc: clearsign failed: secret key not available15:18
lfaraonedipankar: that is just because you're building a package without modifying it.15:19
dipankarI guess the maintainer name has to do something with this error..15:19
dipankarin the control file15:19
lfaraonedipankar: you can ignore that for now, and sign the file manually with "debsign -k<Your GPG Key ID Here> <Path To File To Sign>"15:20
dipankarlfaraone, not that thing..15:20
dipankarlfaraone, its not working15:25
dipankardebsign: Only a .changes, .dsc or .commands file is allowed as argument!15:25
dipankaroops.. lfaraone I was leaving a flag15:26
dipankarwhich all files are to be signed??15:27
dipankar.changes, .dsc and .commands??15:27
dipankardfarning, are you there?15:28
lfaraonedipankar: well, if you sign the .changes file it'll also sign the .dsc file.15:28
lfaraonedipankar: .commands is not relevant for our purposes.15:28
dfarningdipankar, yes15:28
dipankarok.. got it15:28
lfaraonedipankar: you don't need to sign the .changes file until we're getting ready to upload.15:29
lfaraonedipankar:  I usually like to test the .deb first on my local system to confirm that it is functional.15:29
dipankardfarning, i thought I got disconnected.. thats why pinged you.. :)15:29
lfaraonedipankar: then you do a source build with "git-buildpackage -S" (like when you did "debuild -S"), sign the resulting sugar-presence-service-0.88_0.88.0-1_source.changes and dsc, and dput the changes.15:29
dipankarok.. lfaraone.. Test before you upload..15:30
dipankarI will remember that15:30
dfarningdipankar, I think lfaraone is also helping jussi with some channel admin stuff that I did not understand:)15:31
dipankarok dfarning. Got it..15:31
jussiyeah, Im just waiting on one command15:31
dipankarhi jussi15:31
jussihi dipankar15:32
lfaraonedfarning: I'm not a founder for #ubuntu-sugarteam, but you, dogi, jelkner, and morgs are.15:32
lfaraonedfarning: so you'd have to run that.15:32
dipankarhey lfaraone, dfarning. I removed the existing sugar-presence-service from my computer and installed it again from the .deb I just created. The problem is still occuring15:35
lfaraonedipankar: use "file-roller sugar-presence-service-0.88_0.88.0-1_all.deb" , look in "data", and tell me what's inside the "usr" folder.15:36
lfaraonedipankar: when I attempted the above, I have "usr/share/[...]" and a "usr/bin/sugar-presence-service" file15:37
dipankarThe file is EMPTY!!15:38
lfaraonedipankar: hm?15:39
dipankarLet me try installing again lfaraone15:39
dipankarstill the same lfaraone15:41
lfaraonedipankar: so when you do the following sequenece of commands you encounter the same problem? "cd `mktemp -d`; debcheckout sugar-presence-service-0.88; cd sugar-presence-service-0.88; git-buildpackage; cd ../; sudo dpkg -i sugar-presence-service-0.88_0.88.0-1_all.deb"15:42
lfaraonedipankar: copy and paste that into your terminal.15:42
dipankarlfaraone, done.. but I am now at different working dir : dipankar@dipankar-laptop:/tmp/tmp.OlNS6Lu9GU$15:48
dipankarhey lfaraone, I have to go somewhere.. how about I meet you in 20-25 minutes?15:50
lfaraonedipankar: no worries. I might be AFK by that point, though.15:50
dipankarOh yeah.. So what to do after this15:51
dipankarYou just send in the steps..15:51
dipankarwhen I will return I will carry them out15:51
lfaraonedipankar: sure. it also might be worthwhile to work through http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar/GettingStartedGuide and let me know where you find it confusing or have trouble.15:52
dipankarbrb in 20 minutes15:55
dipankardfarning, lfaraone : I am back16:33
lfaraonedipankar:  yep?16:33
dipankarlast step I have done is: dipankar@dipankar-laptop:/tmp/tmp.OlNS6Lu9GU$16:34
dipankarI am here16:34
dipankarlfaraone,  ^^16:34
dipankardfarning, lfaraone : why using git this time?16:36
lfaraonedipankar: we were using git before, no?16:37
lfaraonedipankar: please copy and paste what's in your terminal into a pastebin such as paste.ubuntu.com16:37
dipankarlfaraone, as far as I remember, we used debuild to make packages16:37
lfaraonedipankar: git-buildpackage invokes debuild16:38
lfaraonedipankar: we're going to be moving to using git for all our packages, it has the benefit of providing a version control system for our changes (via having all of the functionality of a git repo)16:38
dfarningdipankar, debuild is a 'standard way' of building packages.  git and git-buildpackage add a _very_ helpful layer of source code management to the process.16:39
dipankarhmm.. lfaraone, here is the terminal status : http://paste.ubuntu.com/454510/16:40
lfaraonedipankar: okay, so the first command took you into a temporary directory.16:41
dfarningdipankar, git is what the debian-olpc team (mainly jonas) uses.  There are long term advantages to using the same tools as upstream.16:41
dipankargot it16:41
lfaraonedipankar: the second checked out the upstream sources and the third entered the directory16:41
lfaraonedipankar: then we invoked git-bp to build the package, and installed it using dpkg16:41
lfaraonedipankar: so now you should have installed the version of s-p-s that is in debian-olpc's git.16:41
lfaraonedipankar: do you have a sugar-presence-service binary now?16:42
dipankarlfaraone, I am confused with which file you are referring binary to.. does binary refer to .dsc, .changes files?16:43
lfaraonedipankar: sorry, I mean you should now have a sugar-presence-service program installed in your computer.16:45
lfaraonedipankar: "which sugar-presence-service" should return something.16:45
dipankarok.. lfaraone now the problem of 's-p-s' not found is gone16:46
dipankarbut lfaraone a new error is showing up:16:46
dipankarImportError: cannot import name env16:47
dipankarFile "/usr/share/sugar-presence-service/main.py", line 25, in <module>16:47
dipankar    from sugar import env16:47
dipankarlfaraone, I guess that problem is due to the reason that I have not installed 'usr' on my laptop16:48
lfaraoneoh fsck.16:49
dipankarlfaraone, what happened??16:49
dipankarlfaraone, did I do something wrong?16:50
lfaraonedipankar: no, I made a mistake. nothing to do with you.16:51
dipankardfarning, I suppose it was planned out to move the packages to git..16:52
dipankaras you mentioned in the ubuntu mailing list dfarning16:52
dfarningdipankar, yes. I think that working as closely as possible to debian will reduce the amount of time and effort we spend in maintain mode.16:54
dfarningdipankar, much better to spend that time improving sugar on both projects.16:55
dipankardfarning, ok..16:56
dipankardfarning, you are the boss!! :)16:56
dipankardfarning, Just kidding16:57
dipankardfarning, lfaraone : i'm going for dinner..17:05
dipankarwill join in 15 minutes17:06
dipankarso dfarning : is the package ready for uploading to ppa?17:20
dfarningdipankar, sorry every one came home from swiming lessons and was hungary for lunch:)17:30
dipankardfarning, its alright!17:30
dfarningwill we back as soon as the littles two are sleeping.17:30
dipankardfarning, lfaraone : I managed to start Sugar from Applications->Education->Sugar..18:06
dipankarthanks to both of you lfaraone and dfarning18:07
dfarningdipankar, awesome. I am trying now.18:13
dipankarthe new package is not uploaded yet18:13
dipankarI tried it from the package that I made on my laptop18:15
dfarningdipankar, ok, no hurry.... I am just looking forward to seeing it work:)18:15
dipankardfarning, shall I send you the package .deb file?18:16
dfarningdipankar, sure that would be good.18:17
dipankardfarning, please accept the file18:24
dipankardfarning, you there?18:30
dipankardfarning, I am very exhausted today.. :( I need to catch some sleep. Will contact when I wake up.18:32
lfaraonedfarning: I'm ready when you are for a call, either today or tomorrow. you have my GV#.23:35

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