h00kGreetings from #ubuntu-us-wi02:24
kermiti recently dawned on me that describing locations based on their governing body may be in conflict with the interests of the describer04:09
kermitlike these local ubuntu channels04:10
tonyyarussoThat sentence made little sense.04:31
sparklehistoryStill doesn't really make sense to me.04:35
_diablough. I'm sorry for you h00k04:38
_diablokermit: yup. that's true.04:39
h00k_diablo: regarding?04:39
h00k_diablo: living in WI?04:39
_diabloh00k: yeeeah04:41
h00k_diablo: hey, man, Wisconsin is a cool place and doesn't afraid of anything04:41
_diabloh00k: ahhhh, a fellow b-tard. I like it :)04:42
h00kionno what you're talking about...04:42
h00kwell done04:45
kermiti was just wondering why regional ubuntu groups are segregated along governmental districts04:49
_diablokermit: because it's easier to organize in regions.04:51
kermit'upper midwest' or 'minneapolis' is a region. "US" and "minnesota" are governmental districts04:52
kermiti was wondering if the subtle hat tip to the local governments was intentional04:53
kermitthough the US is pretty stable, in some areas the local governing body changes borders and names rather often, so there's extra overhead for what benefit i don't know04:55
_diablokermit: do other countries even have subdivisions? I thought it was only the US05:02
kermit_diablo: how should i know, i'm american05:06
_diablokermit: I think I remember reading about that05:07
kermitits just like with country TLDs, many have dissapeared.. i'd hate to have had a website under them.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tld#Historical_domains05:10
tonyyarussoWould you prefer we be Ubuntu-89W-through-93W-and-43N-through-49N?05:14
kermithehe, i would, but i can see how i'd be in the minority there05:14
kermitupper midwest would be better05:14
sparklehistoryMinneapolis is also a governmental district, btw05:15
kermiti wasnt totally sure on that one05:15
_diablokermit: city gov't06:05
kermit_diablo: i'm not 100% clear but it seems like it existed before it incorporated06:07
_diablokermit: gov'ts do not incorporate06:08
_diablocity charter made it a government06:08
_diablomexico existed before they had a constitution, doesn't change the fact that they're a nation06:08
kermiti mean, i think the area was called minneapolis before it was a governed independantly06:09
kermitbut i'm not sure06:10
_diablokermit: of course it was. see my mexico analysis above06:41
kermiti have that feeling of disagreement yet i dont think we're disagreeing on anything06:55
_diabloagreed :)07:00
_diablotonyyarusso: let's step outside.07:01
kermitlet's settle this with a race! http://play.typeracer.com/07:01
kermiter http://play.typeracer.com/?rt=trkermit407:02
* tonyyarusso just spent the last two hours typing political stuffs - needs rest07:03
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: What sort of political stuffs?07:04
tonyyarussosparklehistory: SQL queries and a crapton of e-mails.07:05
tonyyarusso(We're trying to coordinate a fundraising e-mail ASAP)07:05
_diabloanyone here have any tips on using irssi?22:26
tonyyarusso_diablo: uh, always run it in screen?  What sort of tips?23:55

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