Viper550almost done00:53
Viper550saas just gotta get the footer in01:15
Viper550anyone here02:24
Viper550knome, yeah right :)02:26
Viper550knome, http://iidxfreak.com/forum/index.php trying to make thos work02:38
knomeso what is not working?02:38
Viper550the font sizes02:41
Viper550http://ubuntu.kuzeko.com/forum.html trying to be close to02:41
knomedid you notice that the forum post titles are inside <h2> ?02:42
Viper550earlier I had not imported the stylesheet... watch02:42
Viper550refresh, and you get a more correct look, but then the footer turns to mush02:43
knomeare you at all familiar with css? :P02:44
Viper550mostly, but I don't know what's going on, I was trying to make a version of the CSS stripped down to just what was needed to render the header and footer, simply because I wanted to theme the rest using fluxbb syntax02:46
knomeanyway, i think i'll have to hit the bed02:46
knomei'll be back tomorrow and can look into it if you still have that problem02:46
knomesee you! :)02:47
cjohnstonnewz2000: ping14:28
newz2000hey cjohnston, what's up?14:38
cjohnstonis the wiki gonna get a face lift at all?14:39
newz2000cjohnston: that seems to be a popular question today14:39
newz2000or recently14:39
newz2000yes, it will be my next project, probably starting next week but definitely done by the end of July14:39
newz2000the uncertainty comes from needing to work with the design team on it14:41
newz2000Mark keeps them running at full capacity so there's always unpredictability regarding time frames14:41
Viper550good morning15:53
Viper550stas, having an issue in webkit16:17
stasViper550: shoot16:18
Viper550the navbar isn't RIGHT at the top. It works correctly in gecko though16:18
Viper550and I mean the sub-navbar (brdmenu)16:18
Viper550works fine on the mockup16:20
Viper550stas I'm putting it up on launchpad now16:33
stasViper550: remove overflow: hidden from #brdmenu ul16:40
stasand put it to #brdmenu16:40
stasalso set brdmenu to height: 40px;16:41
stasshould work16:41
stasnewz2000: http://planet.ubuntu.ro/16:44
Viper550stas, does! thanks :)16:45
newz2000stas: awesome!16:45
stasi'need to clean up a bit the branch (got a lot of romanian there) and will ask for merge after16:46
newz2000stas: cool, I know jdub will be excited16:46
staswe'll see :)16:47
Viper550we just need to get the footer and header pixel perfect first16:48
newz2000Viper550: are you doing this?16:50
stasViper550: push the branch so we can see if there's something we can help with16:52
Viper550already did16:54
Viper550also I just updated just now, there's now a different post icon look16:59
Viper550maybe someone could also help fix up brdwelcome, I'm gonna commit again17:21
Viper550newz2000, yes. I'm making a fluxbb theme17:47
stasnewz2000: the planet venus theme is in repo18:11
Viper550that's what its called? Venus?18:13
stasis planetplanet rewritten18:14
Viper550oh wait ... I thought the actual theme we're all using18:14
Viper550stas I'm fixing the branch, it didn't have every file yet18:36
Viper550stas, now the launchpad repo has the content in it18:44
stasViper550: ok, ill take a look at it19:14
Viper550stas http://imgur.com/urEom.jpg got it19:39
Viper550oh, and fluxbb 1.4 has RSS built-in19:41
Viper550stas, now we need to get the footer and header pixel perfect19:52
stasViper550: check out the http://planet.ubuntu.ro/19:52
Viper550I saw19:52
stasyou will see a border19:52
stasadd the same to your theme19:52
stasotherway its too white19:52
Viper550different font too?19:52
stasyou can keep the font but i would use the same19:53
stasthe border is important for eyes especially :)19:53
Viper550looks hotter19:54
Viper550looks uglier to me with that font set19:55
Viper550"font-family: Helvetica,Arial,'Liberation Sans',FreeSans,sans-serif; "19:55
Viper550stas also, delete your copy, re-pull it, and upload it again, I changed the folder structure on the repository20:05
Viper550cause I changed the name to Light20:08
Viper550stas, we now just need to get the css for the footer working20:53
Viper550anyone here who can help?21:31
Viper550alejandraobregon, don't let me gooooo22:06
Viper550anyway, anyone still here?22:23
Viper550lol.. anyway that theme is almost done, I just need to get the footer in22:25
stasguys who's on ie here?22:28
knomestas, i've got ie collection installed in vbox22:28
stasknome: can you test a webpage for me?22:28
knomewith which ie?22:29
stasknome: any of them22:29
stasthough 7/8 is ok22:29
knomejust a moment22:29
Viper550I use Firefox nightly, sorry22:29
knomei'll fire up vbox22:29
Viper550but I got IE 822:29
staslooks like planet venus doesn't play well in ie22:29
stasan encoding issue22:29
Viper550stas, eew, you're right22:30
staswill report upstrean22:30
Viper550while in other news, my fluxbb theme is almost done22:30
Viper550I got it up in launchpad now22:32
newz2000Viper550: I'd love to see another screenshot or a working demo22:35
Viper550how to make a working demo22:36
Viper5501. install fluxbb 1.4 final22:36
Viper5502. bzr branch lp:~viper550/ubuntu-website/ubuntu-fluxbb-theme22:36
Viper5503. Upload the resulting Light.css and Light folder in the styles directory22:36
newz2000how to make a working demo for someone who has only 90 seconds?22:37
Viper550newz2000, http://iidxfreak.com/forum/ go here22:37
newz2000More software should come with a tool to pre-populate it with valid data22:38
Viper550next thing I need to do is get the footer working22:38
newz2000That looks really good, the theme looks clean and highly readable22:38
Viper550but I'm having issues getting the footer working exactly like the mockup22:39
newz2000Viper550: in your demo, what is the box next to "This goes somewhere"?22:40
Viper550new posts icon is orange (plus "[ New posts ]" comes up next to the title22:41
newz2000oh, I see. So an icon will show up there once it's properly configured?22:41
stasknome, Viper550 can you try again?22:41
Viper550actually, that's just the icon that comes up when the forum is a link elsewhere22:41
newz2000oh, I see22:42
Viper550this system just uses solid css-based blocks as their post icons by default22:42
Viper550hit f5 on index and watch22:42
knomei'm away from vbox already. Viper550 ? :P22:43
newz2000So I have a little issue with this theme, but it could be because there's no real content there yet22:44
Viper550IE8 + Windows Vista = work22:44
newz2000And unfortunately it's one of those hard-to describe problems22:44
newz2000but there's a general feeling of mis-alignment, chaos or messiness22:44
stasViper550: thanks22:44
Viper550hmm, does the forum even need the main footer?22:44
Viper550http://iidxfreak.com/forum/index.php anyone wanna help me get this footer spaced right?22:49
newz2000Viper550: what's wrong with it? Looks lovely. ;-)22:50
* newz2000 has to find the firebug equiv for chrome22:50
stasnewz2000: there's firebug light that works OK with it22:51
newz2000I just found the chrome developer tools, I think it'll work22:51
stasexcept those suck :)22:52
Viper550there's a gap22:52
newz2000Viper550: get rid of the margin on dd first22:53
newz2000#page-footer a { text-decoration: none; }22:54
Viper550got it22:55
newz2000try adding to that rule above display: block; width: 100%; border-bottom: 1px dotted #333;22:55
Viper550http://imgur.com/siPDP.jpg is what I was talking about22:55
newz2000ah, ok22:55
* newz2000 goes back to reading up for his lesson in packaging tomorrow22:56
Viper550god I'm starting to just HATE em23:01
stasnewz2000: juse before you disappear, are there any other request for wordpress theme, or we can mark it as stable? Ubuntu-ro community is eager to start rebuilding ubuntu.ro this weekend23:01
newz2000stas: From what I've seen I'm ready to see it in the wild, should we call it a public beta?23:02
stasi'm all for it23:02
newz2000I'm in.23:02
stasalso, we mentioned some wordpress plugin for launchpad integration23:02
stasany news about it?23:02
newz2000just a moment23:02
stashaving that will definetely make people wanna move to wordpress23:03
Viper550fluxbb `1.4 has rss support, but you'll need to change the urls for it23:03
Viper550*but it uses different urls for it23:03
stasViper550: just add a footer like the on in planet's theme, dont copycat it only if there's no real reason for that23:04
Turlnewz2000: hi, may I pm you?23:04
newz2000Turl: you may23:04
Viper550I'm just making this a template that can be adapted by the other sites23:04
stashaving it simply with some contact info and powered by i think is enough for a forum23:05
stasViper550: there's a template for that already, so it might be overhead23:05
Viper550that's what I'm making it from23:05
newz2000let's remember to have a discussion about footers soon. I wonder if we can help each other (loco teams) SEO wise by leveraging that footer properly23:06
stasnewz2000: +1 some link exchange would be really awesome23:06
newz2000Is there some way we can make a todo list so that before any theme leaves beta we have it figured out and implemented?23:06
newz2000we'll have to remember to look there...23:07
newz2000another way might be to taget a bug for a milestone, which may be more work and no guarantte we'll remember it either. :-)23:07
stas:) ok, also true23:07
newz2000ok, lets just remember it. One of us won't forget23:08
stasabout that, I think I can write some app on google app engine that can pull randomly some community links and generate a js that can be included on any webpage23:09
newz2000well, search engines ignore JS like that, so it will only have partial usefulness23:09
stasdidn't know that...23:10
stasso we should offer a plugin for each cms23:10
=== newz2000 changed the topic of #ubuntu-website to: The Ubuntu Web Presence Team | We have an email list | see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website for more info | TODO: policy on footer SEO before any theme leaves beta
newz2000stas: Maybe just have a default value that includes some good links in it23:11
stasdepends if there will be somebody to maintain that list23:12
Viper550trying to make footer-links not padded23:12
* stas brb gone after donuts23:12
newz2000Viper550: padding on your dd23:13
newz2000I mean margin23:13
newz2000I'm like some college student who doesn't want to do their homework and is looking for a distraction23:14
* newz2000 goes back to reading about packaging23:14
Viper550whatever I do isn't working23:15
newz2000oh, maybe it's the ul23:15
newz2000ul.footer-links: padding-left: 0;23:16
Viper550okay, now I can't get the dt back in the right place23:21
newz2000stas: when you get a chance, see if you can access this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/wordpress-launchpad-integration23:29
newz2000and thsi one: https://code.launchpad.net/wordpress-teams-integration23:30
* stas back, no donuts, got vaffles23:44
stasnewz2000: got both, reading the code now23:46
Viper550power outage23:48
Viper550but I'm back now23:49
Viper550all I must do now is get the footnote positioned right23:52
stasnewz2000: i can see that wordpress-teams-integration is not finished23:57
stasalso the openid uri doesn't repond and some required files are missing from repo23:58

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