macoReminder to US-based folks: Ohio LinuxFest CFP closes next Wednesday http://ohiolinux.org/cfp10.html16:30
* czajkowski is going to the Ubuntu hour next wednesday to meet Orla who won the Ubuntu women competition, by all accounts she's still thrilled 16:32
pleia2vish: any update on our logo?18:56
* pleia2 isn't sure where that was left off18:56
vishpleia2: yeah , troy contacted akgraner and mentioned he was re-doing it. i think she might know more18:57
pleia2ok, thanks :)18:57
akgranerpleia2, I'll email Troy this afternoon and see where he is on it..19:56
pleia2akgraner: thanks, can you Cc: me on it? (that way I don't need to bug you about it :))19:57
akgranerhmmm I thought I had CC'd you ... that's weird.. but sure...19:57
akgranerpleia2, weird that I didn't not that I would include you...19:58
akgranerI hope you know what I mean...19:58
pleia2I wasn't really involved much with logo stuff before, but now it's a blocker for our new website design so I care more ;)20:00
AlanBellis it dependent on the font?20:32
AlanBellivanka was talking about letting us know when that might be released this week20:33
pleia2might be, I think we need the letters for "women"21:04
AlanBell<ubottu> Current time in Etc/UTC: June 24 2010, 20:03:5721:04
AlanBellI need the letters for "UK"21:04
pleia2anyone care to volunteer to chair the meeting in ~1.5 hours? I can do it if required, but I'm at work so having my attention diverted is a possibility21:24
AlanBellpleia2: can you do the acl magic on http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/Agenda please21:25
AlanBelland http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/June2010/Agenda for that matter21:26
pleia2done, and updated to point to June21:26
pleia2ok, I shouldn't do this on too many pages since it's a pretty wide open acl21:27
pleia2but done there too21:27
AlanBellcan an ACL line be in an <<include>> I wonder21:28
pleia2I don't think so21:28
pleia2but getting things sorted with the sysadmins is a wiser approach to take21:28
AlanBellactually moin groups would work rather well21:31
pleia2the plan is to have all the members of the UW LP team have full access, I thought it had actually been implemented but now it's unclear21:34
dindapleia2: is it too late to add an item to the agenda?21:34
pleia2so their lp ids would be added to the group21:34
pleia2dinda: nope, go for it21:34
dindapleia2: just tryinhg to get support for my menotring project21:35
* dinda curses typing skills today21:35
pleia2oh sure, feel free to add it near the user days announcement :)21:35
AlanBelldinda: that is exactly why I wanted the agenda unlocked :-)21:37
dindaAlanBell: :)21:37
AlanBellpleia2: right now without asking anyone we could set up a page with a list of launchpad ids that are trusted to edit regular pages and refer to that page as a group in the acl21:39
AlanBelland another page for people who can edit the home page and the header etc.21:39
pleia2AlanBell: yeah, but I am in the middle of working with the sysadmins to fix things, so that would take time and complicate the current testing21:39
pleia2if it gets really drawn out we'll consider something like that, but currently we're the lp group acl guinea pigs21:40
pleia2and I don't want to make it more confusing to figure out than it already is :)21:40
AlanBellsure, if someone is already on it then lets do it that way.21:41
pleia2it's been locked down for weeks, I am hoping a few days more won't be too much of a hassle21:41
pleia2especially now that we have a temporary work-around21:42
AlanBellindeed, I just wasn't aware that the lp group plan was in progress21:42
dindaso one hour to meeting time?  i'm time-zone impaired :)22:06
pleia2yep :)22:06
dindaok, brb22:06
pleia2ok, I have a conference call but I'll be back for the meeting22:14
elkyHmm, new job messes up availability for this lot of meetings. D'oh.22:26
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 22:00. The chair is pleia2.23:00
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pleia2hey everyone23:00
pleia2The meeting agenda is here: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/June2010/Agenda23:00
dindacongrats to the newly elected pleia2 and elky!23:00
pleia2[LINK] http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/June2010/Agenda23:00
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/June2010/Agenda23:00
pleia2thanks :) as akgraner mentioned in her email a poll went out for the other two candidates23:01
pleia2so if you didn't receive a link to th new poll, be sure to follow up with her23:01
akgraner30 people have voted so far in the new poll only 33 voted in the other original poll...23:01
dindaakgraner: wow - those #s are lower than I would have thought23:02
akgranerme too...:-/23:02
pleia2[TOPIC] Blueprint Progress23:03
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Blueprint Progress23:03
pleia2akgraner: did you want to talk about this one?23:03
akgranersure  -23:03
akgranerSo we still need work on the Mentoring program23:04
akgranernot sure where we stand with making sure the description of the program stands23:04
akgranerto make sure everything we have written about it correctly identifies what we are doing23:05
pleia2I'm waiting on Pendulum to get some drafts to me so I can review23:05
akgranergreat! :-)23:05
pleia2I'll touch base with her to find out where we are23:05
akgranerThe Marketing Plans across the board are almost complete and will be added to various wikis next week23:06
pleia2[ACTION] pleia2 to follow up with Pendulum regarding Mentoring Docs draft23:06
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  pleia2 to follow up with Pendulum regarding Mentoring Docs draft23:06
pleia2great :)23:06
dindaakgraner: can you give us a preview of what's in the marketing plan?23:06
akgranersure - basically...  we need to makes sure we use all social media and what we don't have set up we need to set those up23:07
akgranerwe need to use the Community resources in place23:07
akgranersuch as mailing list, Forums, Fridge, UWN and blogs on the planet23:07
dindais there a tag like czajkowski # locoteams one?23:07
akgranerwe have #ubuntuwomen23:08
akgranerand maco created an identia group for it23:08
macothat was a loooong while ago23:08
pleia2we already use all these resources pretty well, so mostly this is just documenting it and making sure it gets done every time?23:08
akgranerI have created a check list - as well as a list of professional print and online resources as well23:09
akgranerAlso ways to backwards plan - as suggestions not as a set in stone howto23:10
dindasounds great23:10
akgranerso all that will get added next week - pleia2 can you put me down for an action item on that23:10
pleia2[ACTION] akgraner to complete draft of team Marketing Plans23:10
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  akgraner to complete draft of team Marketing Plans23:10
akgraner(I was horrible about emailing people reminders for action items - sorry y'all)23:11
akgranerThere is also - Ubuntu-Women.org - Work with the design team to define the design direction and Ubuntu-Women.org - Move static pages to the wiki23:11
akgraneras  well as Ubuntu-Women.org - Identify content to be re-developed23:11
pleia2yeah, that's all ongoing, no real updates since the post to the list23:12
akgranerpleia2, and elky can speak to those better than I23:12
pleia2we're waiting on the logo to really do a design23:12
akgraneryep - I will see where that sits and CC you all on the email23:12
pleia2thanks :)23:12
pleia2which is the last item in the blueprint, so sounds like we're chugging along through these things alright23:13
pleia2any other comments on any of the blueprint things?23:13
akgranerI don't have anything23:13
pleia2[TOPIC] 100 New Ubuntu Users Project23:14
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  100 New Ubuntu Users Project23:14
pleia2dinda: you're up!23:14
dindathis is an attempt to jump start some mentoring23:14
dindathe UW group included23:14
pleia2[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/100UsersProject23:14
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/100UsersProject23:14
dindajust trying to get support for others and make the project known23:15
dindaakgraner: can you add to weekly newsletter?23:15
akgraneryep - already there for this week :-)23:15
dindadidn't know if there was someone else in the group who wanted to help steer the UW side of the project23:15
dindaI'm trying to focus on education and teachers personally but anyone or group is welcome to participate23:16
pleia2I don't have time to help steer, but I'd be happy to tell more folks about it23:16
jledbetter_So we just do it and update the table?23:16
dindathat's it - just makes notes of when you introduce a new person to ubuntu23:16
dindait's a tangible way to show that we are reaching out to others23:17
dindano personal identifiers need to be posted, I just used initials23:17
dindabut if folks also want to join Laucnhpad group that's great too23:17
dindaI think it will be fun to see how quickly we can reach 100 new people23:17
pleia2dinda: I don't remember, did you post about it to the loco-contacts list? since loco teams are pretty much in the business of spreading ubuntu I think if they can be convinced to participate they'd be really strong contributors23:18
dindathen we can talk about ways to move to the next level with the mentoring project23:18
dindapleia2: I don't think I did, didn't want to spam so was trying to mail to each group as I remembered them23:18
* pleia2 nods23:18
dindaand I'm once again attempting to add my blog to planet23:19
dindaI keep getting stuck at the hackergotchi stage ;)23:19
akgranerdinda I think this project would also be a great way to test the marketing and creating buzz plan :-)23:19
pleia2dinda: I'd be happy to help out if you get stuck again, I've helped a few people through the process23:19
dindaakgraner: yip, exactly23:19
akgranerdinda, I found a great tutorial on youtube  for creating those23:20
akgranerI'll send you link23:20
dindanice, thanks23:20
dindapleia2: is this something I can maybe work with Pendulum on in the mentoring area?23:20
akgranerbut I don't think I created one this last time - I just made the pic the right sise23:20
pleia2dinda: yeah, I think that'll fit in nicely23:21
dindagreat, let's start spreading the word and get to 100 x 100!23:21
dindathanks all23:21
pleia2[ACTION] dinda to talk to Pendulum about Mentoring & 100 Users Project relationship23:21
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  dinda to talk to Pendulum about Mentoring & 100 Users Project relationship23:21
pleia2thanks dinda :)23:22
pleia2[TOPIC] Announcements23:22
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Announcements23:22
pleia2Ubuntu User Days on July 10th is an IRC-based event in #ubuntu-classroom which has a bunch of classes geared toward regular users (instead of developers or contributors)23:23
pleia2[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays23:23
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays23:23
pleia2darn "s" in the url :)23:23
pleia2the following week, starting July 12th, Developer Week will happen in #ubuntu-classroom: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek23:24
pleia2any other announcements?23:24
akgranerwe are looking for session leaders for Developer Week23:24
pleia2akgraner: how do you apply to lead a session?23:25
akgranergo to the prep page (let me get the link)23:25
akgranerand add the session you want to lead23:25
dindaUser Days is already full and confirmed - nice work23:25
akgranerthere are 7 slots still open for Developer Week23:26
* AlanBell notes a regexp in mootbot that needs fixing for https23:27
pleia2thanks akgraner23:27
pleia2I think the only other update I have is wiki stuff23:27
pleia2we had it locked down for a couple weeks, but we're not actively working with the canonical sysadmins to set up an access control list that we'll have greater access to manipulating moving forward23:28
dindawas this the same issue/group that caused the whole need for the invites room?23:29
pleia2part of this includes having ssh access on the server where the wiki resides, which is going to help us do things like lock it down ourselves if the need arises again (no panicking to contact sysadmins)23:29
pleia2dinda: yep23:29
pleia2luckily it just means we now have better security, and hasn't been a huge hassle since wiki admins always had access and I was able to add more admins23:29
dindaI never saw news about that whole incident - was there a conscious decision to just keep it out of sight and let it blow over?23:30
pleia2we're still working out the kinks of the new wiki ACLs, but hopefully it'll be all sorted soon, if you need anything updated on the wiki just nudge elky, akgraner or myself and we can help with changes23:30
pleia2dinda: yeah, it's pretty much the way you have to handle trolling, they want attention23:31
pleia2so we just have to deal with it quietly and move on23:31
pleia2anyway, the channel is open again and we have a procedure for handling this kind of thing23:33
pleia2plus a lot of people were added to the invite list, so it shouldn't be so bad if it happens again23:33
pleia2I'm inclined to wrap up this meeting unless anyone has anything else to add23:34
akgraner+1 for wrapping up :-)23:34
pleia2great :) thanks for coming everyone!23:35
akgranerCongrats to pleia2 and elky!  and Thanks for a great 6 months everyone... Reminder new poll ends on Monday!23:35
pleia2you did a great job akgraner, thanks again!23:35
jledbetter_akgraner, Thank you :)23:36
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 22:36.23:36
pleia2AlanBell: so when does Mootbot-UK replace old mootbot? :)23:37
AlanBellactually it won't23:37
AlanBellbut the really new mootbot will totally rock23:37
AlanBellit is going to be a supybot plugin23:37
pleia2ah, nice23:37
AlanBellso written in python rather than TCL23:37
AlanBelland will support utf-8 for all the locos23:38
* pleia2 nods23:38
AlanBelland it won't be a separate bot, it will be a facility that the loco bots can all provide23:38
AlanBellall the ubottu clones23:38
akgraneroh that's cool23:38
pleia2yeah, that'll be great :)23:39
AlanBellanyhow night night all o/23:39

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