bjsniderSarvatt, let me know when the code for the nvidia_supported script is finished03:41
ionIt isn’t?03:51
bjsniderthe script is finished but its integration into the packaging scripts is not04:15
bjsniderbecause the usage of the script has changed04:15
bjsniderthe most recent package simply disables the script and adds a hardcoded modaliases file04:16
ionAh, indeed.04:45
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PhoenixSTFhi guys21:08
PhoenixSTFsorry i dont know where to ask this21:09
PhoenixSTFbut im having troble with ATI 10.6 flgxr driver instaltion21:09
PhoenixSTFafter instalation it wont recognize the grafic card, and there is no xorg.conf21:10
PhoenixSTFsorry and thanks in advance21:13
Sarvattif anyone comes in with problems with ati 10.6 like that guy did they need to run sudo aticonfig --initial23:25

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