happyfaceunop: yes, I want to view the console (tty) the ssh session is connected to.. I can do this already if I use ctr+alt+f1 then connect through ssh but I want to use a terminal emulator00:00
prowerhello :> i'm trying to watch a 1080p video in ubuntu 10.04...it's incredibly choppy even though i have the nvidia drivers installed for my card, and in windows 7 it plays properly :< is there some option in ubuntu that needs to be changed?00:00
macodoyle: search for packages starting with "openoffice.org"00:00
happyfaceprower: try VLC media player00:00
unopdibblego,  calling your script from /etc/rc.local and sudo  e.g.  sudo -u user /path/to/myscript00:00
dibblegounop, ok thanks00:00
prowerhappyface, oh, i did :> as well as totem and just plain mplayer, all three were choppy...now in windows 7 vlc plays it without any problems00:01
happyfaceprower: do you know which video drivers your using?00:01
doylemaco: looks good. Last time I uninstalled ooo it decided to remove every installed program on the computer. This time I made sure to check what was under the untouched category before applying.00:01
prowerhappyface: the nvidia closed-source drivers, version 195.36.24?00:02
p1l0t_When I change /etc/network/interfaces on my ubuntu 9.10 (yes I will upgrade when I fix this) server nothing happens in ifconfig... How do I find out where ifconfig it reading these settings from?00:02
happyfaceprower: mkv file?00:02
unophappyface, I would use screen for this -- it lets you reconnect to sessions.. otherwise look at 'retty' (but this can be buggy).00:02
happyfaceunop: I am using screen, I guess I could just attach to that... hmm00:03
prowerhappyface: mov is the file extension, it's a clip taken from a hi def camcorder :>00:03
unophappyface, yea, screen -d -r session_name00:03
happyfaceprower: have you tried other hd file types?00:03
happyfacethanks unop00:03
prowerhappyface: i tried saving it as mp4, then h264 with avi extension, but they were all pretty much the same00:04
basicerscreen -x00:04
basiceris the shit00:04
IdleOne!language | basicer00:04
ubottubasicer: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:04
sentrywhat is the name of the mac application00:05
alketI cant install thunderbird lightning addon in Ubuntu x86_64, is there any other way?00:05
unopsentry, which application?00:05
sentrything at the bottom of the desktop00:06
sentrylook just like the mac app00:06
bazhangsentry, dock?00:06
sentrymight be hold up00:06
blorghey,my laptop wlan is off , the button wont work, how can i get it back up??00:07
totorohi, i need setting up a wireless usb network adapter for this computer, i'm replacing the old one00:07
bazhangsentry, there are a number; cairo-dock avant window navigator and docky00:07
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=== cb-office is now known as cmdshftn
sentryavant window narr... I had a brain fart00:09
p1l0t_When I change /etc/network/interfaces on my ubuntu 9.10 (yes I will upgrade when I fix this) server nothing happens in ifconfig... How do I find out where ifconfig is reading these settings from?00:11
unopp1l0t, are you bringing the interface up after editing the interfaces file ?00:12
p1l0t_unop, yes00:13
p1l0t_unop it then appears unchanged..00:13
unopp1l0t, what did you change in the interfaces file?00:13
slackster10.04 comes with 2 social networking clients, but neither support IRC, also there is no dedicated IRC client??00:13
p1l0t_everything. I have it setup for ipv4 static address, with dns gateway, etc... When I load it in ifconfig it has ipv6 addy and not much else00:14
xanguaslackster: if you are talking about empathy it does supports irc00:14
UsedSockPupa mi me gustaría que un ingeniero de linux me metiera una papa caliento en el culo para estimular mi prostato00:14
UsedSockPupes que ando muy cachondo00:14
unop!es | UsedSockPup00:14
xanguabut is not a very usable irc client at my opinion00:14
ubottuUsedSockPup: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:14
slacksterxangua: ah, I was, and didn't see that it did. I'll give it another look over thanks00:14
UsedSockPupy quiero que me culeen con una papa00:14
xangua!ops | UsedSockPup00:14
ubottuUsedSockPup: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!00:14
UsedSockPupantes de cogerme00:14
p1l0t_I did have gnome installed on it before maybe it changed it somehow00:14
Picixangua: ty00:15
rikkimaruhow do you figure out what the columns mean in something like /proc/diskstats?00:15
unopp1l0t, is network-manager running?00:15
myrkhello, what is a bin file and how can you make it>00:15
slacksterxangua: I'm still not seeing it00:16
p1l0t_I wish there was a command or a file to read and find out where ifconfig is looking for its settings. Gnome does not even load anymore on here00:16
unopp1l0t, strace00:17
rwwp1l0t_: do you have network-manager installed? If so, it generally horribly breaks /etc/network/interfaces settings for me00:17
stercorMy sound works occasionally.  I don't want to reboot just to get some tunes.  The speaker on the top bar is <--- instead of <))).  What to do?00:17
unoprikkimaru, from the kernel documentation -- see http://lxr.linux.no/#linux+v2.6.34/Documentation/ABI/testing/procfs-diskstats00:17
p1l0t_It might be, can uninstall without repository connection? probably right00:18
claygon the netbook remix there are control icons, like minimize, maximize and terminate - but they are on the left , not the right like I would prefer - how do i change them back?00:18
p1l0t_does strace accept --more00:18
Dan11bCan anyone help me with my sound card?00:18
favilahey guys I was messing around and I deleted my /sbin/shutdown file. NAyway I can get it back with out reinstalling the OS?00:18
slacksterQuestion two. Can can I change grub boot order?00:18
rww!controls | clayg00:18
ubottuclayg: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side00:18
slacksterhow can I change grub boot order*00:19
rwwfavila: which version of Ubuntu are you using?00:19
favilarww, 10.0400:19
rwwfavila: sudo apt-get --reinstall install upstart00:20
favilarww cool thanks!00:20
Dan11banyone know how to get the sound to not be all distorted and crackling?00:20
p1l0t_network-manager is not installed it says00:20
rwwfavila: double-check it worked afterwards; I haven't actually done that before ;P00:20
p1l0t_strace ifconfig produces too much output I need a -more option or something :(00:20
slacksterslow tonight, or just, or just no helpers and all helpies :P00:21
favilarww okay will do00:21
bazhangslackster, grub2?00:21
osmosisi try to use screen and it says   Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.00:21
slacksterbazhang: yes00:21
p1l0t_I usually try and help some but I am in helpie mode right now00:21
zusim still getting     Err http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid/main Packages  404  Not Found  how can i fix this?00:21
bazhangslackster, checked the wiki yet?00:21
slacksterlol ^ :)00:21
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:21
unopp1l0t,  I would test the interface with something like.  sudo ifdown eth0; sudo ifup eth000:21
myrkhello, what is a bin file and how can you make it?00:21
slacksterbazhang: thanks00:22
MeanEYEzus, can you give me the ouput of 'dig ppa.launchpad.net'00:22
rwwzus: type "apt-cache policy" in a terminal and copy all of the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com/, then link the page it creates here00:22
favilabrb trying it now00:22
rwwMeanEYE: it's a 404 error, it's not DNS related.00:22
flintxdcc list00:22
p1l0t_failed to bring up eth300:22
MeanEYErww, really? :D00:22
rwwflint: this channel doesn't have an XDCC bot00:22
rwwMeanEYE: yes. If it's 404ing, it's already gotten to the server just fine00:22
polynicehello everybody!00:22
unopp1l0t, any other output there?00:22
MeanEYErww, don't be mad... pls...00:22
zusMeanEYE,   one sec00:22
polyniceit's mwen.00:22
Dan11bhow do i change the sound card drivers?00:22
MeanEYEzus, no need... rww is helping you :D00:23
p1l0t_Just usage info first, then the failed to bring up eth300:23
unopp1l0t, my guess is that your interfaces file might have an error then..  can you put it up on a !pastebin ?00:23
p1l0t_ifconfig can bring up eth3 though, just the settings are not right (except hwaddress)00:23
flintxdcc list00:23
macoDan11b: do you just want to install a newer version? there's a package with newer versions of alsa backported. linux-backports-modules-alsa-lucid-generic00:23
rww!list | flint00:24
ubottuflint: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »00:24
bazhangflint, wrong channel00:24
MeanEYEflint list00:24
macoDan11b: thats for 10.04. if using 9.10 then -karmic-generic00:24
polynicei've created a virtual machine running vista on my ubuntu but i can't access the shared olders.00:24
Dan11bi have 10.04 but i dont know what you just said heh00:24
p1l0t_unop on my netbook, the server has no Internet00:24
Dan11ball i know is my sound is coming out all distorted and cracking00:24
badytoHi! can anyone please help me? i need to record my sisters hollyday from camera, i recorded it with VLC, but no program wants to open the file :(00:24
macoDan11b: ok try installing the package i named. itll update the drivers00:24
zusrww,  thanks its comming one sec, im a bit slow..00:24
Dan11bk ill try it let you know in a few00:25
macoDan11b: system -> administartion -> synaptic package manager    <---- that program lets you install00:25
favilarww, thanks that worked!00:25
polynicei've tried: net use x: //vboxsvr/myfoldes_i_shared00:25
flintxdcc list00:25
rwwfavila: awesome :)00:25
polyniceit oesn't work.00:25
MeanEYEpolynice, did you try with \\vboxsrv :D00:25
badytoPlease can anyone help me?00:26
MeanEYEpolynice, use those \ :D it's a windows machine :D00:26
flintxdcc list00:26
zusrww, http://pastebin.com/LuLGW38h00:26
flintxdcc send list00:26
polyniceok. i gonna try.00:26
ljruff!vlc | badyto00:26
ubottubadyto: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs00:26
MeanEYEbadyto, how did you record exactly?00:26
bazhangflint, please stop that00:26
LjL!list | flint00:26
ubottuflint: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »00:26
ljruff!codecs > badyto00:27
ubottubadyto, please see my private message00:27
slacksterbazhang: I altered /boot/grub/grub.cfv  like it says not to, let's hope it works.00:27
Oerflint awesome downloads @ http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/00:28
slacksterlol, bbl00:28
imaginativeone_does anyone know how to use dropbox?00:28
Dan11bmaco which package do i wanna install once i run that program00:28
bsmith093does anyone know if easytag supports regular expressions and if so how do i use regex to tell it to strip the first 3 characters00:29
macoDan11b: linux-backports-modules-alsa-lucid-generic00:29
bsmith093opps i meant the first 3 characters in the title field of the mp3 metadata00:29
rwwzus: hrm. Run "grep -R launchpad /etc/apt/", pastebin that too. It'll give a couple of access denied errors, that's fine.00:29
wizard_2010hello all I no this in't really a question for here but I am at a lost, my itunes will not connect to the itunes store using winblows00:30
wizard_2010I have disabled firewall00:30
totorowizard_2010, ask in #windows00:31
rwwwizard_2010: try ##windows or ##apple00:31
wizard_2010how do i get in there00:31
rwwwizard_2010: /join ##windows00:31
p1l0t_strace ifconfig produces lots of no such file or directory statements...00:31
p1l0t_nmostly in /proc/net/...00:32
p1l0t_Can I repair my server install with the cd without wiping out my data?00:33
p1l0t_(no network can't back-up not sure last time)00:34
zusrww, http://pastebin.com/ypuX9k6W00:34
clctop1l0t_: it may give you that error if you dont have permission to 'execute' the folders00:35
rwwzus: the do-core PPA doesn't have any Lucid packages in it, so it's throwing an error.00:36
p1l0t_clcto I was using sudo00:36
p1l0t_oh the folders.. standby00:36
clctop1l0t_: oh ok nvm then00:36
p1l0t_It does seem like a permissions type problem though00:37
rwwzus: you can remove it by going to System -> Administration -> Software sources and unchecking it under the Other Software tab, or with "sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/do-core-*".00:37
clctop1l0t_: can you cd to the directory00:37
imaginativeone_join #iphonedev00:37
clctop1l0t_: do you see the files there?00:38
SangeethHow to resize my partitions??00:38
clctoSangeeth: gparted00:38
clctoSangeeth: although other tools exist, that is very easy to use00:38
porter1Would anyone happen to know how I can increase the size of the font in motif-based interfaces?00:38
p1l0t_Yes mostly 444...00:38
clctoSangeeth: backup anything before you do though00:38
Sangeethcicto : Ok... But, i can't do any mod on root...00:38
rwwzus: Lucid has the latest current version of GNOME Do, so I guess they never bothered updating the PPA.00:38
ZeikeI have a sun keyboard with special keys for 'cut', 'copy', and 'paste'.  Gnome recognizes these keys as things like 'XF86Cut'.  Anybody know of a way I can bind this to 'ctrl-c' or whatever so I can actually use these keys for those functions?00:39
zusrww,  with out the * at the end?00:39
clctop1l0t_: hmmm00:39
Sangeethcicto : I'm already using gparted only00:39
rwwzus: no, with. There are two different Do-related files in there00:39
tripelb(9.10) re  subtitleeditor  mencoder audacity  -- how do I tell if I do I have these installed?00:39
josehow can i install cedega?00:40
SangeethIs there anyway that i could resize my root partition???00:40
clctoSangeeth: certain filesystems do not allow you to shrink, others don't allow you to resize at all00:40
clctoSangeeth: not while it is mounted. go get a partedmagic cd00:40
SangeethCicto : what is it???00:40
clctoSangeeth: the ubuntu live cd will have it to, but it will take longer too boot00:40
tripelbI have an .avi file and a matching .srt file and they wont show subtitles in M'Player. The movie plays perfectly. (not in VLC though)  -- I want it to show the subtitles in M. Player.00:41
clctoSangeeth: its an L and google00:41
clctoSangeeth: most irc clients allow you to tab complete names00:41
lanzellothhi guys00:42
dav__xchat doesnt00:42
dav__i wish i could tab names00:42
Red-BeardI installed ubuntu, everything was going fine until I started up and now it locks up on the load screen.  I tried the recovery mode, did what I could in there, but still no difference.  I see the Ubuntu splash, and the red dots below it, and that's it.  Any ideas?00:42
lanzellothhow can i install newest gcc (4.4 something) on my 9.0400:42
p1l0t_irssi ftw00:42
Xcellxchat does00:42
Sangeethcicto : Will that be a bootable one???00:42
tripelbdav__, mine does allow me to tab name. 9.10 xchat with the X-symbol on the panel00:42
dav__im on xchat auqa00:42
dav__fer mac00:43
tripelbdav__, there is #xchat for help00:43
clctodav__: irssi ftw00:43
tripelbdav__, ask there they do both00:43
zusrww,  thanks that fixed me up.00:43
rwwzus: awesome :)00:43
clctoSangeeth: yes00:43
SangeethThanks a lot , Cicto...00:43
Sangeethcicto : You a developer???00:44
tripelb(9.10) re  subtitleeditor  mencoder audacity  -- how do I tell if I do I have these installed?    -====----  I have an .avi file and a matching .srt file and they wont show subtitles in M'Player. The movie plays perfectly. (not in VLC though)  -- I want it to show the subtitles in M. Player.00:44
clctoSangeeth: it will copy its files to ram then boot ... so it is faster than ubuntu live00:44
Sangeethcicto : Got it... :)00:44
clctoSangeeth: oh i was talking about parted magic, but yes the live cd is the bootable one, probably00:44
clctoSangeeth: cLcto00:45
mneptoktripelb: does the .srt have the *exact* same file name as the .avi?00:45
darklustI've recently installed a theme that relies on the gtk2-murrine package, and since then I cannot change the background of gnome without a forkbomb occuring and opening a ton of File Explorer threads. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I really don't know how the problem started.00:45
clctoif you type my name right i get a notification that says i have a new message. and no, not a developer although i do program00:45
Sangeethcicto : Yeah... Sorry... :(00:45
Sangeethcicto : What kind of???00:45
Sangeethcicto : What???00:46
mneptokSangeeth: clcto does source code audits looking for i vs l transpositions.00:46
Red-BeardIs there any sort of queue for asking questions?  I don't wanna spam my question or anything.  :P00:46
mneptokRed-Beard: just ask00:46
jellowHow can i devote all my cpu to an app ?00:47
Red-BeardI installed ubuntu, everything was going fine until I started up and now it locks up on the load screen.  I tried the recovery mode, did what I could in there, but still no difference.  I see the Ubuntu splash, and the red dots below it, and that's it.  Any ideas?00:47
lanzellothanyone know how to get newest gcc?00:47
clctoSangeeth:  ... what do you mean what?00:47
Sangeethclcto : And Sangeeth has no idea of what it is... But, thanks for your help clcto...00:47
clctolanzelloth: sudo apt-get install gcc ?00:47
jellowRed-Beard: start with no splash and see what errors (if any ) it picks up00:47
clctoSangeeth: no idea what what is00:48
lanzellothclcto, i need the newest version that is 4.400:48
Guest54446hi there00:48
arungupta_hello there00:48
mneptok!info gcc00:48
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.93ubuntu1)): The GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.3-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 64 kB00:48
Guest54446anyone need ubuntu help?00:48
lanzellothi have 9.0400:48
Sangeethclcto : Sorry, that was a wrong "what"... Meant to be sent to someone else... Sorry again...00:48
mneptoklanzelloth: see if it is in the backports repo00:48
clctolanzelloth: ah you are going to have to add an unofficial repo then i guess. thats why arch is better if you know what you are doing . rolling-release :D00:48
lanzellothmneptok, link?00:48
mneptoklanzelloth: no thanks. i already have a ton.00:49
lanzellothclcto, yeah, it's kinda urgent tho00:49
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging00:49
Red-Beardjellow: It just stops after something about one of my drives.  Dual boot FTL so I'm going to have to reboot to check the exact error message.00:49
Sangeethclcto : Thanks again :) :)00:49
arungupta_Starting a Ubuntu instance on EC2 as "ec2-run-instances ami-cf4d67bb -k ec2-keypair" gives "Client.InvalidAMIID.NotFound: The AMI ID 'ami-cf4d67bb' does not exist" ... any idea ?00:49
Red-Beardjellow: It just stops after something about one of my drives.  Dual boot FTL so I'm going to have to reboot to check the exact error message.00:49
mneptokclcto: personally i'd recommend sidux instead of Arch to Ubuntu users looking for a rolling release.00:50
jellowRed-Beard: Ok google the error if can't find anything come back00:50
clctomneptok: why? Arch rocks!00:50
* clcto uses archlinux00:50
mneptokclcto: because sidux is Debian based. familiar toolchain.00:50
Guest54446clcto, why use arch when you bun too00:51
phenomGuys, I have win 7/ubuntu installed dual boot. Upon upgrade to lucid, grub2 will no longer boot my windows partition. Any help?00:51
Red-Beardjellow:  It didn't seem like an error, it actually just seemed like it was part of the regular process.  I'll give it a whirl and bbiab.00:51
Red-Beardjellow:  Thanks00:51
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:51
aux_linux_accouncan anyone help me...my desktop icons are way offset to the edge of the screen. they should be like 50 pixels closer to the edge00:51
Guest54446phenom, what happened to your windows00:51
clctoGuest54446: + not grub200:52
phenomGuest54446, Nothing to my knowledge. It was working just fine befor I upgraded to lucid00:52
clctophenom: pastebin grub.cfg?00:54
phenomsure, one sec00:54
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount00:55
clctoadd in there where windows is located on your hard drive00:55
phenomclcto, http://pastebin.com/71qskK6L00:56
totoromy internet connection is very slow, i'm connecting to a router, any help?00:56
aux_linux_accoundoes anyone know how to change the desktop offset so that I can place icons closer to the edge of the screen? or at least point me in the right direction?00:56
=== jaime1 is now known as jaimed
Guest54446totoro, why is it slow00:57
MeanEYEaux_linux_accoun, am not sure what's the problem...00:57
clctophenom: root='(hd0,1)' should be 0 000:57
patcitocan I use the desktop iso to install ubuntu on an encrypted partition or do I need the alternate iso for that?00:57
aux_linux_accounI want to place my trash icon to as far right bottom as I can, but it only lets me go as far as the end - 100 pixels. Such that if I had a monitor with a width of 800 the farthest i can place an icon is 750px00:58
aux_linux_accounso there is a gap of 50 pixels from the edge of the icon to the end of the screen00:58
owen1aptitude search mysql shows me only 3 packages (using lucid). why?00:58
phenomclcto, ok, and set root='(hd0,2)' should be 0,1 I take it?00:58
phenomNeither one boots00:58
tripelbmneptok,  yes it does. I took the extra step of copying the name of the .avi file and pasting it as the name of the .srt file... in case there was an accent I was having vision-trouble focusing on (French)00:58
clctophenom: yes sda=hd0 partition 1 = 0 in grub, etc00:59
phenomclcto, Cool, let me give it a shot. thanks brb00:59
clctophenom: wait00:59
lanzellothso i'm gonna install gcc-4.4 and gcc-4.4-base for karmic for my jaunty00:59
miniuserwhat is the prefered way to upgrade to latest firefox?00:59
Guest54446miniuser, what firefox01:00
lanzellothshould i remove my current gcc (3.*)? is this just not gonna work?01:00
phenomstill here01:00
Gwarminiuser, use Fedora :p01:00
clctophenom: move the menuentries around to how you want them ... so you dont have to scroll down 5/6 to get to windows 701:00
rwwowen1: have you done sudo aptitude update recently?01:00
aux_linux_accounhttp://i.imgur.com/9N21I.png that is how far to the right I can place icons01:00
aux_linux_accounand there is still like 100 pixels to go01:00
owen1rww: no01:00
phenomclcto, Ahh ok. tbh, I'd rather leave win at the bottom heh01:00
frankS2Anyone else having problems with disconnections with iwl3945 drivers here?01:00
rwwowen1: that would be a good start01:01
clctophenom: the order they show there is the order they appear in the menu .. alright as you wish01:01
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Guest54446miniuser, r u using mac01:01
clctophenom: wait01:01
owen1rww: ok. it's a new EC2 instance, btw01:01
* phenom holds breath01:01
=== S`IRL is now known as Myst
clctophenom: neither worked before?01:01
phenomyes, they did before upgrade01:01
clctowell i mean after01:01
phenomI fear the install of grub2 broke it01:01
phenomcorrect,, they didn't work after upgrade01:02
Guest54446aux_linux_accoun, dude what ubuntu r u using01:02
rwwowen1: ah. I know nothing about EC2 stuff, but that's what I'd do if it were a Desktop install01:02
clctophenom: because windows vista should have booted windows 701:02
rww!u > Guest5444601:02
ubottuGuest54446, please see my private message01:02
Guest54446what irc is that01:02
aux_linux_accounits the one that comes packaged with evolution and stuff01:02
lanzellothhow can i add karmic's repos for my jaunty?01:02
MeanEYEaux_linux_accoun, your system looks sweet :D ... what theme it is...01:02
clctophenom: grub2 might have changed it so sda1=hd(1,1) ... but try and we can see when you get back01:02
aux_linux_accounits equinox01:03
aux_linux_accounand I use cardapio instead of the regular bulky menu01:03
owen1rww: works. thanks01:03
clctophenom: in the grub menu if you hit e you can edit the selected item01:03
aux_linux_accounbut I cant align the desktop icons far enough to the edges of the monitor. what gives on that!?01:03
MeanEYEaux_linux_accoun, private pls?01:03
aux_linux_accounyeah sure01:04
fuzzybunny69yhey guys does anyone have gnome-settings-daemon in their startup applications? I am just wondering what the command is.01:04
fuzzybunny69yfor Ubuntu 10.0401:04
inductiveloadhi! whenever I type a backslash, i get a metacity error saying "there was an error running ks do:"01:06
Guest54446inductiveload, can u uninstall metacity01:07
inductiveloadwith apt-get remove?01:07
Guest54446maybe reinstall it01:07
aux_linux_accounanyone know of any good themes while I'm here? not so much dark ones but light ones? I use Equinox now, but I thought Baery was cool until I noticed that it messed up the cursor and did skin over things in Synaptic01:08
clctoaux_linux_accoun: gnome-look.org01:08
aux_linux_accouneh, anything better than there :-P01:08
aux_linux_accounit's not as if I haven't looked, it's just that there isn't much thats nice01:08
clctoaux_linux_accoun: ... that is the biggest library01:09
aux_linux_accounI can draw a pretty kick-ass mock up but I don't know how to convert it into a theme01:09
clctoaux_linux_accoun: do some reasearch and have fun ... that is what linux is about01:09
aux_linux_accounI know, it's my biggest dislike of Gnome, the themes are all really poor unless its some kind of rip01:09
leoxagy12hi UPDATE I_Product SET I_IsImported='E', I_ErrorMsg=I_ErrorMsg||'ERR=VendorProductNo not unique,' WHERE I_IsImported<>'Y' AND C_BPartner_ID IS NOT NULL AND (C_BPartner_ID, VendorProductNo) IN (SELECT C_BPartner_ID, VendorProductNo FROM I_Product ii WHERE I_Product.AD_Client_ID=ii.AD_Client_ID GROUP BY C_BPartner_ID, VendorProductNo HAVING COUNT(*) > 1) AND AD_Client_ID=11 [SvrProcess_bcd8749f-a8e5-482d-96bc-bbdd95c53b8f]01:09
aux_linux_accounI don't have time lol01:09
ShrekLappyaux_linux_accoun, http://developer.gnome.org/doc/tutorials/metacity/metacity-themes.html01:09
aux_linux_accounoh cool thanks01:10
clctoleoxagy12: no no, i like it01:10
inductiveloadGuest54446: do i need to restart x?01:10
aux_linux_accounif only I could graphic design on Ubuntu (MEGA BURN! :-P)01:10
clctoleoxagy12: it adds some spice to this channel01:10
clctoaux_linux_accoun: gimp/inkscape01:10
Guest54446indieross, did u reinstall it?01:10
aux_linux_accounnothing compares to Photoshop in terms of my knowledge and years of experience01:10
aux_linux_accounalso, my ubuntu machine has a cracked screen!01:11
Guest54446inductiveload, did u reinstall it01:11
j3rgany hardware junkie here01:11
Guest54446j3rg, sup01:11
clctoaux_linux_accoun: gimp = photoshop. adobe just added a feature gimp has had for years01:11
leoxagy12clcto: yeah, right01:11
aux_linux_accounspeaking of, anyone know of any places to sell old hardware?01:11
clctoleoxagy12: :)01:11
aux_linux_accounaside from auction sites/craigslist01:11
j3rgGuest4446 can you tell me if Intel Turbo Boost is dependent on the mobo01:11
inductiveloadGuest54446: i  apt-get removed and then apt-get installed01:11
Joshua_Roberts_If I am trying to install an application that has older repositories listed, say for karmic, can I add those to lucid and expect the application to work?01:11
aux_linux_accounclcto beat me to it :-P01:11
* clcto is fast01:12
* aux_linux_accoun hasnt typed on this computer in like 2 years01:12
j3rgGuest4446: or is the technology just in the chip itself?01:12
lanzellothi used karmic's packages to install gcc-4.4 (and all dependencies) on my jaunty01:12
Guest54446inductiveload, ok try restart and see if it works01:12
clctoaux_linux_accoun: unless you know someone who wants it ... ebay is your best bet01:12
lanzellothbut i can't find where it is installed01:12
baba_bubbaclcto can sense what you are about to say before you say it :)01:12
aux_linux_accounthats beat :-(01:12
aux_linux_accounwell, friday look for some old stuff online :-P01:13
* clcto knew baba_bubba was going to say that01:13
aux_linux_accounI want to sell this old laptop for the money to buy one of those small baby computers to run a media server off of01:13
aux_linux_accounbut I think I'm kinda junking this room up, I'll stop with the off topicness01:13
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:13
j3rgGuest54446: Do you know if the Intel Turbo boost technology only denpends on the chip or the chip and motherboard01:14
inductiveloadGuest54446 no joy01:14
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BluesKajJoshua_Roberts_,the command to upgrade one's sources.list is , sudo sed -i 's/karmic/lucid/' /etc/apt/sources.list , but be sure to remove any ppas first01:15
=== gravy2 is now known as gravy
BluesKajJoshua_Roberts_, but you'll be upgrading your whole OS if do sudo apt-get update , afterwards01:16
puffBluesKaj: So, I was looking at my disk layout, and... the swap partition is at the *end* of the disk.01:17
puffBluesKaj: If I understand this properly, this means I won't be able to shrink swap and grow root.01:17
Joshua_Roberts_BluesKaj, I already am in lucid, I am trying to install Doomsday which only has karmic repositories.  I am having an issue with keyring.  It says it can't find it when I use 'sudo apt-get install kees-archive-keyring'  which I copied from the game install site.01:18
BluesKajpuff that's normal , of course you can shrink your swap01:18
claygdoes ctrl-alt-backspace no longer work?01:19
zuswasnt pitivi part of ubuntu now? or do i have to installit?01:19
clctoclayg: not by default01:19
yoyonedpuff: use a live cd, delete the swap, grow the root, add new swap to fill space01:19
puffBluesKaj: Shrinking the swap wasn't the goal, growing root was the goal.01:19
BluesKajclayg, it's been depacrated01:19
claygclcto, how do you enable it?01:19
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap01:19
puffBluesKaj: Maybe I'm misremebmernig this, but last I read about partitioning, the problem was/is that to partitions had to be contiguous chunks of disk.01:20
Joshua_Roberts_BluesKaj, you have solutions for this?01:20
puffBluesKaj: Is that incorrect?01:20
BluesKajpuff, well how else were doing to make room ? I would delete the swap first then increase the root to 2 g larger then rename the remaining 2g as swap01:20
inductiveloadguest54446: even a full system restart doesn't fix it01:20
puffBluesKaj: You didn't answer my question...01:21
MeanEYE<inductiveload> guest54446: even a full system restart doesn't fix it <-- looks like windows debugging :P01:21
catuxBuenas noches01:22
inductiveload:-p better suggestion?01:22
puffBluesKaj: If the disk's layotu is <beginning>root 5GB / home 10GB / bulk 30GB / swap 4 GB<end>, and partitions have to be internally continguous, then I can't grow root by simply shrinking swap.  I have to shift everything further down the disk.01:22
=== Edmund is now known as StLemur
geverahello to everybody01:22
claygsorry about that i lost that info, how do you enable the ctrl-alt-backsdpace xkill?01:22
Guest54446inductiveload, i see01:22
bopnetFala Galera boa noite01:22
BluesKajJoshua_Roberts_, actually if just add a karmic repos that holds the app , without needing a key would be best if possible01:23
happyfaceanyone find gnome-terminal causes high cpu when theres lots of scrolling going on?01:23
Guest54446inductiveload, do you have a screenshot01:23
inductiveloadyeah one sec01:23
clayghow is ctrl-alt-backspace enabled?01:23
rww!dontzap | clayg01:23
ubottuclayg: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap01:23
StLemurwhen it says "wiping swap space for security (this may take a while)" what's a while? It's been 25 minutes.01:24
bastid_raZorclayg: alt-sysrq-k is in place of it01:24
BluesKajpuff, which partition editor are you using ?...gparted should do the job I described01:24
Joshua_Roberts_BluesKaj, when I try to load synaptic I get an error that there is no public key available for the repo I added...01:24
=== Sedated_ is now known as Sedated
StLemurUsb install onto fresh 1tb drive.01:24
puffBluesKaj: I was expecting to use gparted.01:24
dominicdinadaStLemur: isnt it overwriting the disk multiple times? how big is the space ? 1mb 100mb 1gig ?01:24
StLemurDominicdinada: install disc is 8gb usb key, target drive is 1tb sata.01:25
puffBluesKaj: To be specific, can partitions consist of disk blocks that are not contiguous?01:25
SpeakersAnyone know of any populated cleaning forums out there?01:25
StLemurNever mind, it just finished01:25
dominicdinadaStLemur: well 1TB is alot of drive space... guess you shouldnt have chose to secure wipe it01:25
geveramy ubuntu software center does't work..trying to write n the searchbox anything and there is no response01:26
inductiveloadGuest54446: http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/9116/screenshot1gi.png01:26
geveracant find anything01:26
StLemurAll set, it's rebooting01:26
geveraany suggestions?01:26
dominicdinadaStLemur: In the future just realize it used to take house to format a 1 gig hd...01:27
claygawesome ubottu that is exactly the thing i was looking for01:27
clayghow about moving the maximize, minimize and close icons to the right liked they used to be an not on the left01:27
BluesKajpuff , the disks blocks are autosized by gparted to tje closest size allowed.01:27
IdleOne!controls | clayg01:27
ubottuclayg: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side01:27
Guest54446inductiveload, maybe try uninstall metacity?01:27
dominicdinadaBlah wow transfering 120gigs over the network is taking forever :(01:27
puffBluesKaj: Okay, but if the deleted/unpartitioned space is at the other end of the disk, how's that going to work?01:28
dominicdinada!fdisk | puff01:29
BluesKajpuff if you ask for 2 g , it might end up 1.96 or some such, the swap is traditionally at the end of the disk01:29
bopnetBoa noite galera01:29
tcolloganhi guys just a quick question i dual boot windows xp and 7 using the win 7 bootloader what would be the best way to triple boot?01:29
dominicdinada!gpart | puff01:29
dominicdinadadumb bot01:29
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:29
dominicdinadatcollogan: hat-trick booting :O01:30
IdleOneuser errors are often attributed to bot intelligence01:30
dominicdinadaI only have 70% network utilization grrr why....01:30
dominicdinada3 transfers at once from the server hmmm maybe 4 would work01:31
alissai am installing Ubuntu (server edition) from a netboot image on a single-disk machine.  i want to know if i can wipe the entire disk during the install.  that is, does the installer boot up so that everything is in ram or is it still working off the disk?01:31
Hammerhi, anybody having problems installing the 10.6 catalyst driver on lucid ?01:31
dominicdinadaalissa #ubuntu-server01:31
inductiveloadguest54446:ok i have backslash back now none of my windows have title bars and the cursor is stuck as an "X" and the terminal won't accept text01:31
dominicdinadaalissa: #ubuntu-server01:31
happyface!grub2 | tcollogan01:32
ubottutcollogan: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:32
BluesKajalissa yes and yes01:32
tcolloganthank you01:32
alissablueskaj: thanks01:32
Guest54446inductiveload, r u on a desktop?01:32
inductiveloadno alaptop01:33
inductiveloadis that what you mean?01:33
=== Gwar is now known as Gwar|zzz
BluesKajalissa, i assume a livecd is being used01:33
Guest54446yeah r u on a laptop01:33
inductiveloadyes, laptop, soory01:33
alissablueskaj: is there any reference you know of that talk about how the netboot image is being used?01:33
MindVirusWhen I press play on Rhythmbox I get a crackle for 1/4 of a second and then the play progress bar stops moving.01:34
BluesKajalissa, dunno, maybe someone else knows.... anyone ?01:34
alissablueskaj: no, i am using a netboot image.  that means, i download the kernel and initrd.gz on to the local disk and boot from them.  but the ubuntu packages are downloaded from the net and installed.01:34
MindVirusAny advice?01:34
mattgyverIm verifying the md5sum of a 3gig file that was burned to a DVD and its taking several minutes (10 so far) is this normal?01:35
mattgyverI should state It took like 1 minute on the computer itself01:36
BluesKajalissa, ok i understand01:36
clctomattgyver: probably. optical media is orders of magnitude slower than hdd01:37
Guest54446inductiveload, you could try install icewmm01:37
clctothat should have read order(s)01:37
mattgyverclcto, thanks just wanted to make sure01:38
BluesKajalissa, you should see the partitoning option once you begin the actual net install01:38
tcolloganalso with ubuntu is the internet the main source of apps?01:39
=== Longhorn|XP is now known as Longhorn
inductiveloadguest 54446: ok, i put metacity back because everytihng was totally borked witohut it, but now the backslash problem is back01:39
ShayneFalcoHello everyone. I have tried installing the latest version of Ubuntu on my old computer, twice, and the install works fine and it asks me to reboot. Once I reboot, the CD exits the tray and I get thousands of lines of errors. I wait a few seconds and the computer reboots. Then I get a black screen and a white scroll. That's it.01:40
ShayneFalcoAm I doing anything wrong? Anyone experienced this?01:40
cs_is this a help line?01:41
gravyShayneFalco: that's pretty vague. What sorts of errors?01:41
zatliteis there a way to view disk quota usage on gnuscreen's hardstatus line?01:41
clctocs_: not really a line ... but yet01:41
clctocs_: not really a line ... but yes *01:41
cs_haha ok01:41
alissablueskaj: yes, my concern is that the installer is running off the disk (and not in ram).  therefore, if i pick an option to erase the entire disk, i will hose the installation.01:41
clayglets say i'01:41
claygi'd like to reformat but keep the same installed programs, what is the command to save the setting files or what is the best way?01:42
deandoes anyone know why I can't extract .rar files?01:42
Guest54446inductiveload, maybe try system > preferences > keyboard01:42
MindVirusWhen I press play on Rhythmbox I get a crackle for 1/4 of a second and then the play progress bar stops moving.01:42
MindVirusAny advice?01:42
Typos_Kingdean:  what are you using for that?01:42
cs_so I'm using LiveCD on my macg5, as I have a linux drive that i need to access. Everything mounts fine (the Linux and the Mac Drive)... but when i try to copy it says the Mac drive is read only. Any idea how i can change it???01:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:42
BluesKaj!netinstall | alissa01:42
ubottualissa: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:42
clayghow do i make gnome my default session and not this crappy netbook remix ui?.01:43
inductiveloadguest54446: anything particular to do with it01:43
MrAlexandrowhat is wubi, i mean how does it install compared to grub, will it run from windows like a software or will you be able to run it from its own partition01:43
deanTypos_King, I have no idea, I just click extract here and it says archive type not supported or something01:43
Guest54446inductiveload, go to layouts and type in the box01:43
abetterswordfishAnyone know about conky, trying to edit the spacing in it01:43
inductiveloadguest54446: nope, still get that error01:43
clctocs_: that wasnt to you. i expected it to say something different.01:44
Typos_Kingdean:   well.. use an archiver app..... like ark or peazip, that'll open it, or just install unrar -> sudo apt-get install unrar01:44
antonio_hey everyone...01:44
Guest54446inductiveload, what layout is your keyboard01:44
gravyMrAlexandro: wubi installs a big file in NTFS01:44
clctocs_: open a terminal and say fdisk -l01:44
Typos_Kingdean:    chances are nautilus will do it, assuming you have unrar installed, which I'd think you do not01:44
alissablueskaj: ok, thanks for your help.01:44
inductiveloadunited kingdom01:44
gravyand mounts a filesys in that01:44
cs_no worries.... suggestions to my prob?01:44
abetterswordfishI need help with setting up conky config01:44
antonio_I'm trying to get stickam to work with my logitech camera...and its not working01:44
Guest54446inductiveload, maybe try usa01:44
MrAlexandrogravy: meaning that it runs from windows?01:45
jvm_hi. i activated a proprietary graphics and wireless driver on my system, and it displays "This driver is activated but not currently in use." for both of them. what do ive to do to actually use them?01:45
clctocs_: are you familiar with the terminal?01:45
abetterswordfishI need help with setting up conky config01:45
deanTypos_King,  thanks got it01:45
gravyMrAlexandro: it installs from windows, but iirc it does grub01:45
Hammerhey, i have installed the new catalyst driver (10.6) via the --buildpkg flag but accc shows that i have the old Driver Packaging Version (10.4) installed BUT 10.6 as Catalyst Version installed -what gives ?01:46
bp0I have a bad problem, whenever I am copying big files, the computer gets so slow and laggy, and applications freeze up and turn grey every few seconds01:46
cs_i know terminal, yes01:46
gravyMrAlexandro: I think its deal is no repartitioning and "easy" install from within Win01:46
bp0what is causing that?01:46
Hammeri did remove all previous drivers - the kernel module loaded *is* the 10.6 one01:46
cs_fdisk, then what?01:46
abetterswordfishLooking for nice soul to help me with conky01:46
clctocs_: which partition is your mac?01:46
cs_oh that i don't know01:47
MrAlexandrogravy: which is just what i would need as long as i can boot it as its own os and not as a vmware kind of if you know what i mean01:47
clctocs_: fdisk -l and look at the sizes01:47
abetterswordfishDoes anyone know how to edit spacing in conky config file?01:47
clctocs_: you may need to do sudo fdisk -l01:47
clayghow do i make gnome my default session and not this crappy netbook remix ui?.01:47
MindVirusAny advice?01:48
cs_ok i have the info01:48
cs_theres a lot of it01:48
clctopastebin it to me?01:48
abetterswordfishDoes anyone know how to edit spacing in conky config file?01:48
gravyMrAlexandro: yeah, it doesn't actually run from windows so sounds like it's what you want01:48
puffMindVirus: I'm drawing a blank, sorry.01:48
inductiveloadguest54446: ok, now backslash works (but the key moved), but the key that should be backslash on my keyboard is still broken01:48
cs_ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo fdisk -l01:48
cs_        #                    type name                  length   base      ( size )  system01:48
cs_/dev/sda1     Apple_partition_map Apple                     63 @ 1         ( 31.5k)  Partition map01:48
cs_/dev/sda2          Apple_Driver43 Macintosh                 56 @ 64        ( 28.0k)  Driver 4.301:48
FloodBot4cs_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:48
cs_/dev/sda3          Apple_Driver43 Macintosh                 56 @ 120       ( 28.0k)  Driver 4.301:48
MindViruspuff: It's OK.01:48
MindVirusDoes anyone else have advice?01:48
puffMindVirus: Try playing the same file with a different plaer?01:48
ZakatharantHow do I install the latest ATI Radeon X1200 Series driver for Lucid Lynx?01:48
clctono no no ... pastebin :(01:49
MindViruspuff: But I want to use Rhythmbox.01:49
puffMindVirus: Otherwise, I'd assume it's most likely something to do wtih codecs.01:49
sylbotokay how come i have so many viruses?01:49
Guest54446inductiveload, r u on ubuntu 10.401:49
clctocs_: http://pastebin.com/01:49
puffMindVirus: No, no, I mean, play it wtih a different player, verify that it's not the audio file itself that's the problem.01:49
jvm_hi. i activated a proprietary graphics and wireless driver on my system, and it displays "This driver is activated but not currently in use." for both of them. what do ive to do to actually use them?01:49
sylbothow do I stop them from coming inside my computer01:49
MindViruspuff: I know it's not the audio file itself.01:49
MindVirusI've played the files themselves many times.01:49
puffMindVirus: How?01:49
sylbotoops wrong channel01:49
puffMindVirus: Since the problem began?01:49
puffMindVirus: Step 1:  make sure it's plugged in.01:49
MindViruspuff: I'm trying to play my music that I listen to all the time.01:50
clctosylbot: too much torrentting porn01:50
Guest54446inductiveload, do you have another keyboard01:50
MrAlexandrogravy: thank you :)01:50
puffMindVirus: The simplst possible thing to do, to start, is play it with another player, and ensure that the file has not been corrupted.01:50
claygi'd like to reformat but keep the same installed programs, what is the command to save the setting files or what is the best way?01:50
MindViruspuff: Listen to me.01:50
MindVirusThe file has not been corrupted.01:50
MindVirusYou probably don't believe me.01:50
MindVirusI am right.01:50
FloodBot4MindVirus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:50
yudi1I need to access jfs partition with full permissions  from ubuntu 10.04, i can access it right now but cannot create any folders, how do I achieve this01:51
Guest54446inductiveload, you could try completely remove metacity to see if it works01:51
red-beardCan someone please help me with some questions regarding backing up?01:51
Guest54446inductiveload, then reinstall01:51
abetterswordfishCan someone help me configure conky?01:51
MindViruspuff: I have an entire library of music. On rare occasions Rhythmbox actually plays, but I have to sit there killing Rhythmbox and restarting it.01:51
Typos_KingMindVirus:    what's the filename?01:51
MindVirusTypos_King: karen_wants_creampie.wmv01:51
tic^!backup | red-beard01:52
ubottured-beard: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:52
inductiveloadguest54446; i did that, and it screwed all the windows, then i restarted, reinstalled, and restarted agian01:52
MindVirusTypos_King: I'm just playin'. It's my music library from my iPod. The filename is like KWAX.mp3.01:52
Typos_KingMindVirus:    .wmv is a video file, not a music one, not sure on Rhythmbox playing those :|01:52
ZakatharantI was playing a game named "Regnum Online" on my older laptop, running in Hardy.  No problems until the monitor started to go out on me (needs a new cable).  Now I have a newer laptop running Lucid Lynx, and the game says the video card (a newer version of what the old laptop had) is unsupported.  So I know the video card is not too old.  The options are find a better driver, or figure out a download for a DirectX update.  I'm usi01:52
red-beardThanks guys01:52
MindVirusTypos_King: Just a joke.01:52
red-beardI'll try that01:52
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abetterswordfishI would really appriate some help, i think this could be an easy fix for someone with knowlege01:53
Guest54446inductiveload, go to synaptic and select completely remove01:53
Typos_KingMindVirus:    what if you copy the file over to the HD and retry Rhythmbox? maybe is an iPod access issue01:53
geverais there any safe way to downgrade from 10.10 to 10.0401:53
IdleOnegevera: clean install01:53
Guest54446inductiveload, dont know if that will help though01:53
Typos_Kinggevera:   just reinstall :)01:53
geverawhat about all the date  and software?01:54
IdleOne!downgrade | gevera01:54
inductiveloadok doing it now01:54
ubottugevera: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.01:54
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yoyonedabetterswordfish: mayby you should just ask the question, and someone will answer you if they know.01:54
IdleOnegevera: join #ubuntu+1 and maybe someone there can help you with whatever issue you are having01:55
claygi'd like to reformat but keep the same installed programs, what is the command to save the setting files or what is the best way?01:55
abetterswordfishI am using conky, but atm the temp info is a bit close to the network info how can i increase the spacing?01:55
abetterswordfishusing the lucid links config01:55
jvm_hi. i activated a proprietary graphics and wireless driver on my system, and it displays "This driver is activated but not currently in use." for both of them. what do ive to do to actually use them?01:55
Typos_Kingclayg:   backing up your ~ folder01:55
yudi1how do I stop empathy from scrolling to the end all the time, i am trying to read old messages, very annoying01:56
MindVirusTypos_King: It works, but rarely.01:56
MindVirusTypos_King: So, the iPod is allowing access sometimes but not every time?01:56
abetterswordfishI am using conky, but atm the temp info is a bit close to the network info how can i increase the spacing?01:56
claygTypos_King, there was another way b ut i didn't record it , either a program or some command that sort of saved a list of the programs you had and made reinstalling them extremely easy, are you familiar with that other way?01:57
IdleOnejvm_: you have effects turned on in System > Prefs > appearance?01:57
puffMindVirus: The file may or may not have been corrupted, you haven't checked.  It's not like I'm asking you to perform brain surgery or get a second mortgage on your house.  Check.01:57
Typos_KingMindVirus:  thereabouts I'd think, not sure, I've heard from someone using iTunes that you can put files in, but can't get them back out, or it won't allow access, it'll only play, not sure how true that claim is01:57
inductiveloadguest54446: it still didn't work , just messed everything up again, and caused the same lack of window title bars and being able to do anytihng, then the problem came back when i reinstalled01:58
MindVirusTypos_King: That claim is true; you cannot copy music back from iTunes. That being said, that is only iTunes, because it is shitty software.01:58
MindVirusTypos_King: That has nothing to do with the problem at hand.01:58
MindViruspuff: How many files do you think I'm working with?01:58
MindViruspuff: Like 2?01:58
Joshua_RobertsI think that I am going to give up on playing doom for linux...01:58
MindViruspuff: Here, I'll play a local file.01:58
Guest54446inductiveload, maybe replace metacity with xfwm401:59
MindViruspuff: It's just that I know that isn't the problem.01:59
Typos_KingMindVirus:    then it may just be a Rhythmbox access issue, maybe if your reinstall it, it clears out any dependencies discrepancies01:59
dominicdinadaTypos_King: iTunes keeps all the files in a xml format... with randomly generated hashes for the coresponding file,author etc01:59
ExavionJoshua_Roberts: it works extremely well in DOSBox01:59
MindVirusTypos_King: If there are dependency discrepancies, updating my computer (which I do like hourly) would tell me.01:59
abetterswordfishI would really like some help editting a conky config file01:59
inductiveloadso i remove metacity and install xfwm4? anything else to do?01:59
Typos_Kingupdating a machine every hour?    goodness01:59
Guest54446inductiveload, pretty much that might help02:00
MindViruspuff: Playing a local file does the same thing.02:00
abetterswordfishIm not sure how to add spaces into conky02:00
MindVirusIt's a sound driver issue, puff.02:00
puffTypos_King, MindVirus:  As far as itunes, ipods, etc, yeah, when you put music on an ipod, ituens renames the file, possibly reencodes it, and extracts the track details and adds them to a database file on the ipod.  it's possible to extract music files back out, but you usually use a special script/tool to do it.02:00
dominicdinadaMindVirus: thats not exactly a good thing02:00
MindVirusdominicdinada: You'd think, eh?02:00
Typos_KingMindVirus:     I'd not count on that for files integrity checks per se02:00
puffTypos_King, MindVirus: Though I would assume that you could use an id3 tag tool to do the same, by hand.02:00
MindViruspuff: Or just any other iPod management software other than iTunes.02:00
dominicdinadapuff: it doesnt alter the file persay just the filenames to random generated strings02:00
MindVirusTypos_King: You told me to reinstall Rhythmbox....02:00
puffMindVirus: That's what "special script/tool" means :-).  I.e. not "cp"02:01
puffdominicdinada: nope, it can also reencode th efile.02:01
MindViruspuff: cp will still work; you just won't know what file you're downloading.02:01
puffdominicdinada: Depending on a number of factors.02:01
=== kev is now known as Guest46713
dominicdinadapuff: it does not reencode the file though02:01
inductiveloadguest54446: will it take over automatically? or do i need to change something?02:01
puffdominicdinada:  Believe that if you like.02:01
Typos_KingMindVirus:  yes, no relying on your upgrade madness as dependable for any files issues02:01
MindViruspuff: It does not.02:01
Joshua_RobertsExavion, but I don't know that my machine has enough power to run DOSBox...02:01
puffMindVirus: Believe that if you like.02:01
=== Guest46713 is now known as Lon3sword
MindViruspuff: No, you believe what you like.02:02
puffMindVirus: I believe what I know :-0.02:02
MichaelKohleris there any way I can force windows to not start positioned in a corner?02:02
bp0launchpad is always overloaded02:02
Joshua_RobertsExavion, at least not well..  games always seem to run slow02:02
MindViruspuff: Ahh, so you know because you know but I believe because I believe. Got it.02:02
dominicdinadapuff: I just backed up someones 177gig library to a network drive. I have no crappy A itunes and am able to play every file. Video,Mp3 that i randomly tried02:02
MindViruspuff: Check the gpod source.02:02
puffMindVirus: Though I do not have _first_ hand experience, I wasn't the embedded programmer on tha team.02:02
MindViruspuff: And that has nothing to do with it either.02:02
MindVirusIt's about the software.02:02
MindVirusThe iPod has an embedded MP3 decoder chip as well as AAC.02:03
MindVirusAny MP3 will work.02:03
Typos_KingMindVirus:   maybe your ipod is going south, dunno, I've had mp3 players  go down on me like that, errors when copying files, disk full when not, and after a few usb plugs in/out, kaput02:03
dominicdinadaTherefore it has not re-encoded the file, Furthermore it really is unlawful to do so seeing as when you purchase the song it is yours to do what you want with it02:03
puffdominicdinada: I didn't say that it *will* renecode the file, just that it may.02:03
MindVirusHere, let me help.02:03
ExavionJoshua_Roberts: Have you tried?  It uses fairly little resources, both CPU and RAM wise, and obviously HD wise.. it runs some games better than their native linux ports02:03
MindVirusThe problem is with my sound drivers.02:03
MindVirusSomeone please assist.02:03
dominicdinadapuff: wrong again02:03
FloodBot4MindVirus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:03
puffdominicdinada: Right again.02:03
antonio_anyone ever get a webcam to work in stickam?02:03
puffLook, let me boil it down for you;  I spent a couple years of my life worknig on a hardware product that wrote media files to ipods.02:04
MindViruspuff: What's it called?02:04
puffOne of the huge pains in the ass that I had to listen to the embedded guys talk about, again and again, was this problem.02:04
dominicdinadaMindVirus: Although when the mp3 format first came out long long ago i used it to rip and encode my cd's and i have a large amount of music that would not work on my ipod when i had it. This predated the Digital Music Rights signing/Act days02:04
MindVirusdominicdinada: I see.02:05
MindViruspuff: Do not PM without permission. It is rude.02:05
Typos_King /invite MindVirus #anger_management02:05
puffMindVirus: ?  first i've heard that one.02:05
dominicdinadajust ignore puff... he needs to read a book or get clued in02:05
* Typos_King ducks02:05
MindVirusTypos_King: ...?02:06
DragonRoseLol typo02:06
MindVirusTypos_King: It is rude.02:06
MindVirusIsn't it, everyone who gets PMed without permission?02:06
inductiveloadok, did it, and it broke again without metacity02:06
MindVirusOh well, my crowd isn't very talkative today.02:06
Guest54446inductiveload, do u have xfwm4 installed02:06
dominicdinadaAlmost nobody does it anymore without first asking02:06
MindVirusI just need to fix my sound drivers.02:06
Guest54446inductiveload, is metacity still installed02:07
inductiveloadit is now, because it breaks everything if it isn't02:07
Typos_KingMindVirus:    is no rather appropriate, but there are better etiquettes to explain such with one coming across as rude just as well02:07
Guest54446ok try killall metacity && xfwm402:07
marioshello people02:07
DragonRoseAsking permission for anything has been a taboo for a decade. Children these days just take.02:07
mariosI just installed the new ubuntu and need some help02:08
inductiveloadguest54446: ok that works02:08
dominicdinadaDragonRose: Agreed this is not the IRC of the late 80s02:08
Typos_KingDragonRose:    I don't disagree is inappropriate, but the way he's pointing that out, isn't really a hell lot better either02:08
inductiveloadbut will it stay that way when i restart?02:08
elmurcihola a todos, alguien podria ayudarme a solucionar el problema q tengo con el audio de mi portatil02:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:09
dominicdinadaTypos_King: How else do people get the clue without pointing them out in a fashion that there is a problem02:09
MindVirusAnyways, can someone help me with my sound drivers?02:09
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:09
MichaelKohlermarios: just ask your question, please02:09
magn3tsHow do I reinstall packages with apt-get? I'm kinda limited on options here seeing as I overwrote core system libs with 32 bit versions...02:09
Typos_Kingdominicdinada:    but just saying, I'd rather appreciate you keep it in the channel, politely, as opposed to rude02:09
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dominicdinadaTypos_King: :)02:10
marioscant get wirelles to work i cant choose to enable it on the manager02:10
MindVirusLook, I know it's not a problem with access.02:10
quesoIs there a way to clear out whatever caches the IP addresses associated with a given domain?02:10
MindVirusMy iPod is not broken.02:10
mariosbut it seems to work i think i meen my wirelles card02:10
mariosmarios@marios-laptop:~$ iwconfig02:10
MindVirusThe problem is my sound drivers.02:10
marioslo        no wireless extensions.02:10
marioseth0      no wireless extensions.02:10
dominicdinadamarios: What kind of WIFI NIC do you have?02:10
FloodBot4marios: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:10
marioswlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:off/any02:10
marios          Mode:Managed  Access Point: Not-Associated   Tx-Power=off02:10
DragonRoseBy the way testing irc on my new htc evo... I'm happy about performance!02:10
MindVirusWhen I do pulseaudio -k (kills pulseaudio) I get the same crackling that I do when I play a file through Rhythmbox.02:10
magn3tsHow do I reinstall packages with apt-get? I'm kinda limited on options here seeing as I overwrote core system libs with 32 bit versions...02:11
dominicdinada!wifi | marios02:11
ubottumarios: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:11
Guest54446inductiveload, try restart but if not02:11
Typos_KingMindVirus:     you can always try a -> sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-sound-base02:11
tripelbmneptok,  yes it does. I took the extra step of copying the name of the .avi file and pasting it as the name of the .srt file... in case there was an accent I was having vision-trouble focusing on (French)02:11
tripelboops dorry02:11
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:11
dominicdinadamarios: you need to find out your chipset, etc and might need ndiswrapper02:12
MindVirusIt asked me if I wanted ALSA or OSS.02:12
tripelbQUESTIOn: (9.10) re  subtitleeditor  mencoder audacity  -- how do I tell if I do I have these installed?    -====----  I have an .avi file and a matching .srt file and they wont show subtitles in M'Player. The movie plays perfectly. (not in VLC though)  -- I want it to show the subtitles in M. Player.02:12
red-beardI tried doing some reading on backing up, and there's a whole lot of options.  My need:  Something that will restore my system when I inevitably get to the point of not being able to boot into X again.  It's the reason I've been off/on linux since the early red-hat days.  I invest hours/days setting things up nice, then do something to screw everything up and waste hours/days trying to fix it (and never can).02:12
red-beardPlease help!02:12
mariosoh how can someone pm me02:12
mariosits too fast in here02:12
marioscant keep up02:12
mnemonmagn3ts: apt-get install package --reinstall02:12
dominicdinada!wifi | marios02:12
ubottumarios: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:12
dominicdinadaSTART THERE02:13
inductiveloadguest54446: how do i get xfwm4 to stay the active window manager?02:13
Guest54446inductiveload, does it go back to metacity?02:13
Guest54446inductiveload, ok run the gconf-editor02:13
MindVirusCould someone help with my sound drivers/pulseaudio?02:13
mariosis !wifi a command?02:14
MichaelKohlermarios: no, read the answer right under the !wifi02:15
aaroninfideldoes anywhere here know how to clear out the sessions on neatx in ubuntu 10.04?02:15
MichaelKohlermarios: what ubottu "has written"02:15
mariosdidnt see it02:15
inductiveloadguest54446: sorry, i closed the terminal with the "killall" bit in. what do i do in gconf-editor?02:15
dominicdinada!wifi | marios02:16
dominicdinadadid the bot split ?02:16
Guest54446inductiveload, go to desktop > gnome > applications > window manager02:16
dominicdinadamarios: here is the link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:17
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
mariosok thx02:17
aaroninfidelanyone here use neatx?02:17
imisomehow my kmail wants to launch a winebrowser when I click a link. can I somehow make it launch a firefox instead?02:18
inductiveloadguest54446: in the metacity options, in keybinding_commands, command_1 was ks do (the thing that was breaking). when i removed that, the error changed to "text was empty". seems that the backslash key is running a command?02:18
Guest54446inductiveload, yeah02:18
inductiveloadis there a way to remove that command binding totally?02:19
inductiveloadthat is the problem, tright?02:19
wildbatquesstion ~ it is possible to freeze a process and save it in a file and reboot etc, and restore it later time02:19
psusiwildbat, no02:20
imiwell, it's text/html content. I want it to be opened with firefox (and not by downloading a copy and open it, but open it as an url)02:20
imiwildbat: did you try hibernation?02:20
Guest54446inductiveload, try setting it to disable02:21
imibut don't expect 3d games to work this way. they might work, but don't expect to work02:21
inductiveloadguest54446: got it02:21
inductiveloadit works02:21
inductiveloadthank you!02:21
FloodBot4inductiveload: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:21
wildbatimi, hibernation are for the whole PC , i just want a process02:21
Guest54446inductiveload, cool np02:21
phuzionHey, I've got a box that keeps crashing on a semi-regular basis, any ideas on what would be good logs to check for the cause?02:21
wildbat!cn | weekend1202:21
ubottuweekend12: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:21
phuzionI don't know why, and can't figure it out02:21
red-beard!backup | red-beard02:22
ubottured-beard, please see my private message02:22
imiwildbat: attach a debugger and ...02:22
imiI don't know how to do that but it might be a solution02:22
MichaelKohleris there any way I can force windows to not start positioned in a corner?02:22
imiwhy isn't ok to save&quit?02:22
bergLNXhm, is there a way to take a screenshot with a timer?02:22
wildbatimi coz it don't save XD02:23
imibergLNX: yes, apps->accessorioes->screenshot tool02:23
bergLNXimi: oh, theres a dedicated screenshot tool :) sweet, thanks02:23
imiwildbat: then you still can use the debugger trick if you find out how to use it02:24
imibergLNX: your welcome02:24
decipherstaticanyone know when eclipse helios will be available for 10.04?02:24
wildbatimi, no idea how @v@;02:24
imidecipherstatic: if voluneers make it available02:24
imiwildbat: at this time, me neither02:24
decipherstaticimi: thanks02:24
phuzionOk, would a segfault from irssi cause a reboot by chance?02:25
imiphuzion: it could be possible, but it's very-very-very-very unlikely to happen. linux is just robust enough some userspace stuff won't kill it02:26
josea questiom02:26
phuzionimi: based on what my /var/log/messages is telling me, there was a segfault right around when my system rebooted itself02:26
FloodBot4jose: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:26
phuzionjose: stop flooding02:26
phuzionimi: Any idea on how to figure out the root cause of this?02:27
imiphuzion: it could be possible, but I'd like to suspect a kernel module02:27
iflema !ask | jose02:27
ubottujose: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:27
josewhuts a flood02:27
imianalyze the logs02:27
imithere may be something suspicious02:27
LeempI want to write an alias to execute a series of commands, in order. How would i do that?02:28
imiyou may even have a hardware error02:28
phuzionjose: entering multiple lines consecutively like you were doing.  Just type your question or messages on one line.02:28
imican I somehow make my kmail not to use winebrowser but firefox?02:28
phuzionimi: did you want to see the line from /var/log/messages?02:28
FrankLvHow can I config a user only for SSH tunnel usage?02:29
imimaybe there are several lines next to each other telling about what's happened02:29
josei just have a simple questin idk how all this stuff works02:29
phuzion!ask | jose02:30
ubottujose: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:30
phuzionimi: I'll pastebin the logs, one sec02:30
joseokkk lolz thats ubottu     i try to burn any thing that ubount or any other linux thing ona cdrw02:31
joseiit allwayss faills02:31
phuzionimi: http://pastebin.com/cgLB3eTY02:31
phuzionimi: that's just a small segment of the log, obviously02:31
imiphuzion: that crash is totally unrelated02:32
phuzionhow can you tell?02:32
imilook at the timestamps at the beginning of the lines02:32
imiyour machine went on more than a hour after the crash02:32
phuzionAnywhere else to start looking?02:33
aplundhmm.. I just had empathy crash but nothing appears in /var/crash ?02:33
aplundis there something I have to turn on?02:33
iflemajose are you creating the media from an iso or putting the iso on the media?02:33
josejust buring an iso02:34
phuzionusing what tool?02:34
josecdrw  astroburn02:34
phuzionand what OS are you burning from?02:34
imiphuzion: I don't know... i've seen several crashes where the syslogd wasn't able to write the causes to hdd. if it's a usual thing, maybe you should do a memtest02:34
iflemajose have you verified the image(s)? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM02:34
imiif it hapened once maybe you can ignore it02:34
phuzionimi: problem:  It's a rented server, so I can't necessarily do memtests very easily02:35
imithere's also tools to debug the kernel, but it's even harder02:35
josewin xp to make a laptop that had win xp work it die n yea llols it happens with anything i try to burn other02:35
phuzionimi: not exactly a one time thing, it's happened a few times in the past02:35
joseops nn same thing02:35
phuzionjose: try imgburn02:35
phuzionand set your write speed to the lowest it will go02:35
phuzionand have the program do a verify at the end02:35
joseyea i did02:35
imiphuzion: if it's a rented server, then go ahead and report it to the company providing your server02:35
phuzionimi: I don't know that it's hardware, though.  And I02:36
joseit says02:36
booleanor you could do a find / -type f and see it is a harddrive issue02:36
phuzionimi: I don't know that it's hardware, though.  And I'm responsible for the software.02:36
ubottuThe ubuntu key server is to be found at http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371. If this one is unresponsive you can use most other gpg key servers as well - for instance http://pgp.mit.edu/02:36
phuzionboolean: what does that do?02:36
magn3tsSigh, the keyserver is down02:36
imiphuzion: maybe you can ask02:37
joseyea i think it is cause all ma discks work on any other pc jsut not on this lap top btw this laptop has no op it used to be winxp02:37
booleanbasically it will list every file on screen thus modifying the meta-data thus access the file02:37
booleanif anything wierd popus from find(1) it might be sometbing02:37
booleanlike a corrupt fs instead02:37
imiI'd better like to run a memtest here or have someone to see the machine02:37
booleanthe syslogd does write to a file02:37
booleanand since you are getting no logs, it might be that02:38
phuzionI have logs, it's just that the system is crashing without generating any useful data02:38
phuzionAt least on the crash side of things.  When it boots back up, it logs dutifully.02:38
booleanthere is an option when one builds the kernel ( and it could be a module and you might be able to compile just that )02:38
josething is ma lap top has02:39
dsnydersHi all!  There's a pushd command and a popd command, but what about a command to swap the current and stacked directory (swapd?)02:39
josebeen able to02:39
booleanwhat this module does is take a dump of the kernel and memory and write a file for it02:39
Vin73hi I need some help with an issue I am facing while trying to install b43legacy driver02:39
josethe thing is that ma lap top has been able to run bootable discks02:39
booleanyou could examine that on the reboot02:39
p1l0t_If I use an encrypted hardrive, can I still serve a web page from it or would that be fail>02:39
Vin73I am booting from live CD02:39
phuzionp1l0t_: that should work, as long as the hard drive is decrypted when you wish to serve the page.02:40
josei can boot falcon 4 just fine min xp but i want something i can save on the hard drive nn not have all the booting stuff02:40
booleani believe you can use gdb(1) to examine it ... might be a process causing it02:40
dsnydersp1l0t, the httpd server would request the file (which the OS would decrypt) and transmit it to the client.02:41
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  check the abs guide and other bash guides -I seem tor ecall such a thing.. but cant recall ever using it.02:41
p1l0t_phuzion, dsnyders, thanks02:41
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  you can   cd /foo    then Somthing to just cd back to where you where at..02:41
wildbathow do i set the account "guest" auto logout after inactive like 5 min ?02:41
joseif any one canss  i wanna learn allot about linux in stuff i started by just puing peaces to geather when  i was smal but now i wanna learn how to do all this stuff stuff02:42
booleanp1l0t: u will get s potential delay with the serving of the file though02:42
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  'cd /etc'   ' cd -' goes back to my home here. :)02:42
Vin73hello can any of the members help me?02:42
DestinyAwaitsHey, Dr_Willis are you there.02:42
p1l0t_boolean thats ok this is just a home project not my work server02:42
josejluis987@gmail.com if anyones intrested in helping mee02:42
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  and cd - then goes back to /etc/02:42
phuzion!ask | vin7302:42
ubottuvin73: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:42
Vin73hi phuzion02:42
red2kic!manual | jose02:42
ubottujose: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:42
booleanp1l0t: kewl, the home ones are the funnest ones to do :)02:43
Vin73hi I need some help with an issue I am facing while trying to install b43legacy driver02:43
Dr_WillisVin73:  state the actual issues..02:43
Vin73I am booting from a live CD02:43
josething is i need the lap top fixed in like 3 days nn i need02:43
josessomething that can02:44
Vin73I would like to share the log file here....can you tell me how I could use a paste utility to upload the file to a pastebin?02:44
dsnydersHow do I install man pages for cd?02:44
red2kic!pastebinit | Vin7302:44
ubottuVin73: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com02:44
Vin73ok thanks02:44
booleanVin73: i should mention that any file you create when using a live cd will disappear on the next reboot, unless you are writing them directly to the harddrive02:44
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  many bash commands are 'bash built in' commands - and dont have man pages. Check the bash docs, and guides for info on them02:44
joseyea i wanna know how to make ma laptop save puppy linux02:45
trism_dsnyders: help cd02:45
Vin73ok boolean thqnkw for the info...I will try and post the log....02:45
booleanthe livecd fs is on a ramdisk ... thus on your memory so each reboot it will act like it did the first time02:45
Dr_Willisjose:  see #puppylinux channel. ?  if you mean have a 'save file' on a puppylinux setup.02:45
josei did thoo thnaks02:45
booleanVin73: kewl ... i like  logs :)02:45
p1l0t_boolean: yeah I can really have some fun with this one02:46
josei reall wanna learn allot bout pcss n stuff ive learned allout i though i knew ma way around lols i could fix any pc with the rcoevrdiscs but now this all maeks me see how much there is too learn02:46
trism_dsnyders: also, according to help pushd, pushd with no arguments may be what you want for swapd (it swaps the top two directories on the stack), I may misunderstand what you want though02:46
ddilingeranyone create mp4 streams with mplayer and MP4Box ?  i need to use MP4Box to hint the resulting mp4 so it can be streamed, but MP4Box crashes when i do the encoding with mplayer.  if i use mplayer to spit out y4m video and wav audio, use faac and x264 to encode, and then MP4Box to put back together no segfault, but the audio sync is way off.  trying to make streaming android videos02:46
* boolean is playing with Zimbra on a 8.04 server02:46
dsnyderstrism_, I didn't know the help  command existed.  However, it doesn't provide enough help in this case nothing on cd -02:46
red2kicjose: http://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/index_main.html02:47
booleanwhich is an exchange system but for linux02:47
Dr_Willisjose:  and puppylinux in many is not a good 'linux' to 'learn linux from' it has way too many of its own quirks. I suggest sticking with normal 'ubuntu'02:47
Vin73boolean: please share the complete command with me for pastebinit..the log file is /var/log/jockey.log02:47
magn3tsPlease, please, please tell me this is a joke? There's no longer a manual location box in nautilus?02:47
booleanreally nice features all running on OSS02:47
dsnyderstrism_, pushd by itself may be exactly what I'm looking for.02:47
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  hit ctrl-l or /02:47
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  and you can turn it on permently by some gconf tweak.02:47
magn3tsof course02:47
DestinyAwaitsI do have a question for you. Remember i asked you about the book on network administration. And u recommended me oreilly books first i bought that book but while i was reading the book i saw that the topics of the book were not explained in detail. For example ifconfig output was not upto the mark.02:47
magn3tsthanks for the tip02:47
Vin73boolean: hello02:47
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  been that way for.. err.. ages. :)02:47
trism_dsnyders: really? odd, this is what I get for help cd http://pastebin.com/kjnbW1aV02:47
magn3tsthere was a button in 9.10 :P02:48
joseo okk ill try ubount anagn is there any link that for a fact the download will be good02:48
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  yes. the button has been removed.  but not the feature. ctrl-l has worked for ages.02:48
booleanVin73: i dont remember them off hand ... man pastebin should give you what you need02:48
red2kicVin73: pastebinit /var/log/jockey.log ?02:48
phuzionboolean: nothing from find showed up weird02:48
magn3tsDr_Willis, ah I see02:48
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  i find the little 'pathbar' thing so annoying - i niormally enable the normal address bar. and leave it always on02:49
booleanphuzion: do a dmesg and the last few lines might reveal something ..02:49
josedoes any one have a toshiba tecra a102:50
booleansometimes the kernel captures something that the find(1) process might miss/02:50
Vin73red2kic: that does not work...I am booting from a live CD and apt-get fails for pastebinit with the error no package02:50
Dr_WillisVin73:  'sudo apt-get update' then try 'sudo apt-get install pastebinit'02:50
Vin73Dr_wills: OK02:51
booleanif the apt-get actually tells what file it is trying to get ... do a google search for it and dl it from there02:51
Dr_WillisIts also possibkle with a live cd. you can run out of ram :)02:51
josedoes any one have have toshiba tecra a102:51
dsnyderstrism_, I just gave pushd with no arguments a whirl.  It does exactly what I was looking for.  Oh, and with the help cd, I get the same info, which has nothing about the cd - command that Dr_Willis was mentioning, just cd -L and cd -P02:51
Dr_Willisone reason i always make swap partitions on all my hd's - for the live cd's top uise02:51
booleanlive cd will use a swap partition if it finds one ?02:52
phuzionboolean: http://pastebin.com/2e4Gd4d0 could you take a look at that and see if you find anything fishy?02:52
dsnydersDr_Willis, swap partitions on each drive... that's not a bad idea.02:52
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  cd -    is proberly a 'shortcut' to some other 'default' argument.  like 'su -' is shortcut for 'sudo -u root' (i think) or some other cases..02:52
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  yep. always omne at the end of every hd on every system i make. saved my backside a few times02:52
booleanphuzion: k02:52
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  even wiondows machines.. get one. :)02:53
josethank yew every one02:53
joseand if any one has time to try to teach any thing to a guy who is new to this jluis987@gmail.com thats ma email02:53
iflema!repeat | jose02:54
ubottujose: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:54
Vin73Dr_Willis: the connect fails when I try sudo apt-get update....but Internet connectivity is fine02:54
booleanphuzion: u do have a bunch of TCP errors ... network issues ?02:54
booleanjose: read and play02:55
julian_I'm trying to add a PPA to my system (Ubuntu 10.04)  Where do I put the signing key?02:55
booleanjose: pick something you want to try with your ubuntu and play with it02:55
Vin73Dr_Willis: hello02:55
red2kicjulian_: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:Dr_Willis" for an example.02:56
phuzionboolean: high traffic server, wouldn't surprise me02:56
phuzionboolean: then again, is that abnormal to have that many?02:56
red2kicjulian_: That'll add PPA + Signing Key in one swoop command.02:56
xanguajulian_: sudo add-apt-repository "ppa name" and it should be added automatically02:56
dsnydersboolean, good advice.  Too bad jose left before you provided it.02:56
julian_red2kic, I did that, but I'm getting an HTTP fetch error 7...couldn't connect to host.02:57
mekosanybody: when you set up apache2 server can people see it from the internet or just your intra net?02:57
booleanphuzion: dunno ... could have happened overtime or with one given connection02:57
booleanno time stamp :P02:57
p1l0t_mekos: depends on how you set it up - both are possible02:57
phuzionmekos: depends on your network setup02:57
julian_Another error I'm getting is "gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found."02:58
phuzionif you want to have it accessible over the internet, you would probably have to set up port forwarding02:58
dsnydersmekos, By default I think anyone who has tcpip access to your machine will see it.02:58
booleanmekos: it sounds like you are behind firewall with your own LAN ... only people on the same LAN with you can see it02:58
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yillkidHi ... I have a question . :)02:59
mekosboolean: on on a single computer -02:59
phuzion!ask | yillkid02:59
ubottuyillkid: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:59
boolean! pastebin02:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:59
red2kicjulian_: I see. Well, if you already added the PPA in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, you can "sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com KEYKEYKEY"02:59
mekosboolean: using ubuntu 10.0402:59
yillkidI want to chroot to a directory and run a shell script on here .02:59
yillkidSo my command is : cp my_shell /target_mount_point ; chroot /target_mount_point /bin/bash /my_shell02:59
booleanmekos: if you are not hooked up to any network .. only u will see it03:00
Vin73can anyone advise me on this one? sudo apt-get update fails for me because unable to connect to server...but Internet connectivity is fine03:00
xanguajulian_: or manualy download the key file from the PPA's web and import it thru synaptic03:00
Vin73I am booting from a live CD03:00
mekosboolean: can't get to it from the internet?03:00
booleanyillkid: u will need to ensure that the shell script is within that chrooted dir03:00
yillkidThat' no problem for excuting my_shll, but I can't chroot to the target_mount_point03:00
fishcookerviva england n german :D03:00
booleanVin73: u r on a live cd ... wont work03:00
yillkidboolean: Yes, I am sure, the script is excuting sucesslly, but I ust can't chroot to the target.03:01
Vin73boolean: I need to share some logs...if not pastebinit how else can I do it?03:01
julian_red2kic and xangua, i've tried starting from scratch and removed it from Update Manager/ Sources list and ran the command again.03:01
booleanmekos: is your computer directly conncted? then y but only if your service provider allows for incoming port 80 ( http ) ... most dont03:01
yillkidboolean: I still in my host root .03:01
p1l0t_mekos: You will have to make sure apache2 is setup to listen on port 80 for all IPs (*:80) and that port 80 is forwarded through your router to your computer.03:02
booleanVin73: cut and paste to channel.... but i think the max is 5 and most people wont like it03:02
mekosboolean: thanks, was afraid of that... p1|0t: alrighty, will check on that03:02
Vin73boolean: I will try and paste only the particular line....03:03
booleanyillkid: when you chroot a dir that dir become / ( root )03:03
yillkidboolean: yes, I know . :)03:03
booleanyillkid: take a look around see if the dir structure is the same after the chroot03:03
yillkidboolean: no, not tha same .03:03
p1l0t_mekos: yeah boolean makes a good point you may have to do some creative work to get around port 80 being blocked by your isp... like dyndns with a different port03:03
booleanyillkid: then your chroot worked!03:04
yillkidboolean: the script have run, but I still int the host .03:04
mekosp1|0t: ok, maybe just sack it - too tired03:04
booleanif the dir structures are different, you are in your chroot jail ...03:04
yillkidboolean: Sorry, I have still in the host.03:04
booleanok do this.03:05
booleanexit out of the shell03:05
booleantouch a file called file.tmp03:05
magn3tsSo who wants to explain this one to me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/454219/03:05
booleanthen do your chroot03:05
p1l0t_mekos: It depends on your ISP though, try it first. If it is just open a dyndns account and have one forward a different port03:05
booleanthen do an ls -l file.tmp03:05
p1l0t_mekos: is it working on your lan?03:05
p1l0t_mekos: oh yeah one computer right..03:05
mekosp1|0t: yes03:06
booleanbut do your chroot in a sub dir of where file.tmp is03:06
booleanthen do the ls -l file.tmp03:06
yillkidboolean: Sorry, the shell must run in the target.03:06
mekosp1|0t: was just tired of only having a blog -03:06
booleanif you don't see it .... your chrooted03:06
IdleOnemagn3ts: adobeair was not installed using apt03:06
p1l0t_mekos: is apache running now?03:06
magn3tsIdleOne, yeah, I feel like a genius. Already got it removed with dpkg03:07
mekosp1|0t: no03:07
tripelbQUESTIOn: (9.10) re  subtitleeditor  mencoder audacity  -- how do I tell if I do I have these installed?    -====----  I have an .avi file and a matching .srt file and they wont show subtitles in M'Player. The movie plays perfectly. (not in VLC though)  -- I want it to show the subtitles in M. Player.03:07
IdleOnemagn3ts: k then03:07
mekosp1|0t: sorry, got to leave - thanks for the talk - will return03:07
booleanVin73: if you are trying to installl some drivers on a livecd03:07
booleanit will do the same thing as the apt-get03:07
yillkidboolean: the content of "/" directory is the same, I am sure still in the host .03:07
tripelbQUESTIOn: (9.10) re  subtitleeditor  mencoder audacity  -- how do I tell if I do I have these installed?    -====----  I have an .avi file and a matching .srt file and they wont show subtitles in M'Player. The movie plays perfectly but without subtitles in M'player. -- I want it to show the subtitles in M. Player.03:08
booleanalright movie time03:08
yillkidboolean: for example .03:08
yillkidboolean: chroot /mnt/temp ls   <----- ls will list all "target" content, but I still in the host.03:09
Vin73boolean:DEBUG: no corresponding handler available for {'driver_type': 'kernel_module', 'kernel_module': 'shpchp', 'jockey_handler': 'KernelModuleHandler'}03:09
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:09
=== Sup|Lobby is now known as Guest84181
yillkidboolean: I want to chroot to the target AND run ls03:10
SlidingHornwtf, why'd everyone dump out?03:10
Vin73boolean: that is the error03:10
IdleOneSlidingHorn: it's a netsplit, when two servers get disconnected from each other03:10
IdleOneSlidingHorn: they will be back shortly03:11
IdleOnesee :)03:11
SlidingHornoic -- holy hell03:11
Guest54446what happened03:11
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:11
Vin73boolean: hello03:11
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Vin73can anyone help me with this error that I get while trying to install b43legacy driver from a live CD03:13
Vin73DEBUG: no corresponding handler available for {'driver_type': 'kernel_module', 'kernel_module': 'shpchp', 'jockey_handler': 'KernelModuleHandler'}03:13
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cutiyaryoutube.com is not working with my ubuntu03:13
cutiyarbefore  hours was good but suddenly do not open this website03:14
yillkidboolean: hello ..03:14
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:14
Vin73hello, can anyone suggest a solution?03:15
zz_every body good night03:15
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:16
SlidingHornVin73, did you check the md5 of the iso to verify that it's a good copy?03:18
Vin73SldingHorn: how I can do that?03:18
yillkid#chroot /mnt/temp ls, this command could list all the file/directory in /mnt/temp, but it can't chroot to the /mnt/temp. If I want to chroot to /mnt/temp THEN excute "ls" command, how I should do?03:18
Vin73SlidingHorn: I haven't checked it, because I don't know how to03:19
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iavhow can I set channel event filter for irc on telepathy?03:20
SlidingHorn!md5 | Vin7303:20
ubottuVin73: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:20
newbie007hi, does anyone know if it's possible to compile a program for a different architechure? Like I'm on ubuntu 64 bit but want to compile for openwrt 32 bit ?03:20
Vin73thanks let me chk03:21
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Colonel_panicanybody here ever work with conky?03:22
SlidingHornnewbie007, I don't think there would be a problem -- wait around for someone else to verify though03:23
SlidingHorn!anyone | Colonel_panic03:23
ubottuColonel_panic: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:23
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snarkster1im trying to blast a hard drive.. i did dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sdc and got response no dev/random03:23
Joshua_RobertsI never knew that linux could be so sexy,,  thanks Linux, Ubuntu, and openbox.... you have changed my life...03:23
RabbitManNewbie question: What's a good channel to ask about sync services that will allow me to sync calendar between Evolution on two different computers on ma home network?03:23
John_Albert I'm trying to launch multiple conky instances, but it's not working03:24
SlidingHornRabbitMan, I think rsync  see below:03:24
ubottursync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync03:24
snarkster1so no /dev/random anymore?03:24
John_AlbertI want to have conky elements on both sides of my screen03:24
John_Albert I've also tried using ${offset}, but that is not working either03:24
SlidingHornJohn_Albert, you gotta give details man...what errors, behaviors, etc...and keep it to one line03:25
RabbitManI was tinkering with multisync.  Do you think rsync is better?  (Goes to check it out)03:25
rwwsnarkster1: you want /dev/urandom. /dev/random blocks when there isn't enough entropy (randomness) in the system, and there sure as heck isn't enough to dd onto a drive.03:25
John_Albertwell, when I run the shell script, nly one instance of conky appears03:25
Joshua_Robertsis there a way to allow mouse over in tint2 to activate the window I am over in the taskbar?03:25
snarkster1rww thanx03:26
John_Albertanyone here familiar with this?03:26
snarkster1working perfectly03:26
SlidingHornJohn_Albert, maybe this will help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88599203:27
John_AlbertHaha yeah, I03:27
John_AlbertI've read all those pages03:27
ZakatharantCan someone assist me with updating my laptop's graphics drivers?  I just installed Lucid on this new laptop, using ATI Radeon graphics (integrated with the motherboard).03:27
John_AlbertI'm using a shell script posted in one of them03:28
SlidingHorn!anyone | Zakatharant03:28
John_Albertbut it's not working for me03:28
ubottuZakatharant: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:28
Vin73ubottu: I did, it is fine03:28
SlidingHornJohn_Albert, I'm not familiar with conky myself...but stick around and be patient & I'm sure someone will be able to help...if not, you can always post on the forums http://ubuntuforums.org03:28
Vin73ubottu: the hash matches exactly03:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:29
notmorewindowshi i need a program like devede but for codec xvid   , not winff neither transmageddon  because they suck many resources 100/100 my cpu.03:29
ZakatharantThat is the real question.  I diagnosed the problem down to that fault.  The only other thing it could be is an ancient video card that is incompatible with Regnum Online, which is absurd, given I was playing it on an older model laptop (under Hardy), before the monitor on it died.03:29
Vin73ubottu: hello03:29
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:29
SlidingHornVin73, that was a response I triggered the bot to say (about the md5) -- let's move on to the next possibility...did you burn the image @ low speed?  (about 4x is recommended)03:30
regeyaI have a bizarre question as usual.  I have drives that were originally in a Debian PPC machine, and it's not convenient to reformat/repartition the drive at this time.  Is it still possible, regardless, to install grub2?  It doesn't seem to like the mac (ppc) partitioning scheme.03:30
Vin73SlidingHorn: I used k3b on Fedora....I did not check the speed03:30
tripelbam I asking wrong: I'm been doing this about 4 times since 1 or so. QUESTIOn: (9.10) re  subtitleeditor  mencoder audacity  -- how do I tell if I do I have these installed?    -====----  I have an .avi file and a matching .srt file and they wont show subtitles in M'Player. The movie plays perfectly but without subtitles in M'player. -- I want it to show the subtitles in M. Player.03:30
Zakatharanttripelb: Have you tried VLC Media Player?03:31
* regeya grumble mutter03:31
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notmorewindows hi i need a program like devede but for codec xvid   , not winff neither transmageddon  because they suck many resources 100/100 my cpu.03:31
Blue1tripelb: http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=12903:32
tripelbZakatharant, VLC doesnt play the movie well. (and it doesnt show subtitles) there's some wobble in the pic / sound if I remember.03:32
tripelbBlue1, looking03:32
Vin73SlidingHorn: hello03:32
win_2_linuxhello all03:32
ZakatharantOk, back to experimenting on my own until I find out my own solution as usual regarding video drivers...I figured it'd be smarter to ask someone who is not a Ubuntu-newbie.03:33
SlidingHornVin73, i saw, i'm just not sure of the answer :-\03:33
tripelbBlue1, Zakatharant usually you just put the two files in the same directory. Obviously to me there is an error. I'd like to fix it. I dont know what the .srt should look like. I cant fix the .avi cause it's complicated.03:33
SlidingHornzakatharant...don't whine...it's not becoming, besides you didn't give many details and you were here for like 5 min -- if that03:33
xiaoti have a problem:03:33
xiaotcc1: warnings being treated as errors03:33
xiaotinit/main.c: In function ‘start_kernel’:03:33
xiaotinit/main.c:558: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments03:33
xiaotmake[1]: *** [init/main.o] 错误 103:33
xiaotmake: *** [init] 错误 203:33
FloodBot2xiaot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:33
Blue1tripelb: sorry that is the extent of my knowledge.03:33
xiaotanybody help me?03:34
Vin73SlidingHorn: ok...should i try something else? i checked k3b settings now and the speed seems to be not configurable03:34
tripelbBlue1, thanks. it's not closed captioning.03:34
notmorewindowshelp sos,  hi i need a program like devede but for codec xvid   , not winff neither transmageddon  because they suck many resources 100/100 my cpu.03:34
win_2_linuxproblem and question somehow I accidently deleted my panels, on line I found a command that brings them back pkill gnome-panel which works fine however  everytime i log out and log back in the panels are missing again and I have to do the whole command over again, so how do i get them to remain perm03:34
SlidingHorn!jp | xiaot03:34
ubottuxiaot: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい03:34
SpeirosI have a hard drive, in which there is nothing wrong with, but I can't seem to get it recognised on ubuntu.  It was the NTFS file system, but I changed it by formatting it to one of the other filesystems.03:35
rjg_Everytime I try to stream a video via xine, it says buffering, gets to 100%. Then, instead of playing the video, it just leaves the xine logo where the video should be. can someone help me?03:35
SpeirosIt says it can't mount the device.03:35
win_2_linuxsorry i'm trying to do the one line thing and not flood didn't mean for such a long paragraph03:35
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:35
Vin73SlidingHorn: hello03:35
Blue1win_2_linux: usually the .gconf files are re-created when you login if necessary.03:35
ddilingerSpeiros: recognize, or mount?  it is being recognized then as a valid block device in dmesg?03:35
gbillingsHow do i install the Smart Package Manager in ubuntu?03:35
SlidingHornVin73, sorry dude...already said I don't know what the problem is03:35
SpeirosOkay, let me retry, and I'll refer it back.  Thanks.03:35
John_Albert I'm trying to launch multiple conky instances, but it's not working03:36
Blue1win_2_linux: are you running 10.04 or 9.10?03:36
xiaotubottu .so does this bot help me?03:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:36
notmorewindowsall are blind in this site?  hi i need a program like devede but for codec xvid   , not winff neither transmageddon  because they suck many resources 100/100 my cpu.03:36
John_Albertthis is starting to feel like Conker's Bad Fur Day03:36
aplundhow do I flush bash's path lookup cache03:37
gbillingsxiaot: it cant help u :)03:37
SlidingHorn!patience | notmorewindows03:37
ubottunotmorewindows: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:37
SpeirosAt this stage, I can't see it in the file manager, although power is definitely running through it.03:37
SlidingHornnotmorewindows, and being rude isn't likely to get you more responses03:37
xiaothow i fix this problem?03:37
Speirosddillinger: Sorry, that message was for you mate.03:37
gbillingsSlidingHorn: where is a list of the bot commands?03:37
xiaotcc1: warnings being treated as errors03:37
xiaotinit/main.c: In function ‘start_kernel’:03:37
xiaotinit/main.c:558: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments03:37
xiaotmake[1]: *** [init/main.o] 错误 103:37
xiaotmake: *** [init] 错误 203:37
FloodBot2xiaot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:37
gbillings!pastebin | xiaot03:38
ubottuxiaot: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:38
rjg_gbillings : try sudo apt-get install insertnameofpackagehere   ......... I don't know what the name of the exact package your looking for is.03:38
notmorewindowsubottu what video converter you use for xvid?03:38
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:38
codebrainzaplund, I think bash uses the $PATH evnironment variable for path lookup, is that what you're talking about?03:38
gbillingsrjg_: thanks! nvr mind i got it now!03:38
aplundcodebrainz: "$ totem\nbash: /home/lund/local/bin/totem: No such file or directory"03:39
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:39
SlidingHorngbillings, http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi03:39
aplundcodebrainz: I just rm'ed it out of my local dir03:39
gbillingsSlidingHorn: i figured it out! yay!03:39
rjg_gbillings : try sudo apt-get install insertnameofpackagehere   ......... I don't know what the name of the exact package your looking for is.03:39
rjg_woops, sorry, hit the wrong button03:39
gbillingsrjg_: dont worry; i heard you!03:40
rjg_Everytime I try to stream a video via xine, it says buffering, gets to 100%. Then, instead of playing the video, it just leaves the xine logo where the video should be. can someone help me?03:40
codebrainzaplund, oh, i see, I think i encountered that the other day.  I guess a log-out of bash or reboot should do it03:40
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:40
aplundcodebrainz: not really an option03:40
notmorewindowsi need a list of video converters for xvid?03:40
gbillingsSlidingHorn: is there somewhere i can test our the bot?03:40
codebrainzaplund, can't log out?03:40
vc_vc_Vchi to all, any have video ATI/Nvidia HD?03:40
SlidingHorngbillings, type /msg ubottu blahblahblah...03:41
* SlidingHorn ignores notmorewindows for being a rude & ignorant punk03:41
aplundcodebrainz: no.  I want this session03:41
perlsyntaxI got a question i dial up and my modem hang up on me not sure why.03:41
gbillingsSlidingHorn: what irc client are u using? irssi does not suppot /msg?03:41
SlidingHorngbillings, xchat03:41
perlsyntax(exit code=16)03:41
perlsyntaxerror i get03:41
gbillingsSlidindHorn: is that in 'buntu repos?03:42
aplundhash -r03:42
SlidingHorngbillings, yes...  sudo apt-get install xchat03:42
codebrainzaplund, try PATH=$PATH03:42
gbillingsSlidindHorn: got it, thanks03:42
aplundperhaps I should try other sources than here first next time.03:42
codebrainzaplund, just try googling first03:42
SpeirosRude and ignorant punk.lol03:43
notmorewindowsslidinghong you are a fan windows, im sure03:44
gbillingsSlidingHorn: wait... how do i test ubottu?03:44
SlidingHorngbillings, you have to PM it03:44
Jordan_Uregeya: Grub2 should work fine with apple partition tables. What is the exact error you get?03:45
h00k!msgthebot > gbillings03:45
ubottugbillings, please see my private message03:45
rww!google > codebrainz03:45
ubottucodebrainz, please see my private message03:45
gbillingsh00k: thanks03:45
rmrfslashSo, I just got a Asus K42JV at work. Ubuntu runs abysmally on it. I had a Dell Studio XPS 16 which at first Ubuntu ran terribly, but things gained support over time.... took about 2 years of course. One detail that pretty much sucked from the day I got that machine was the ATI graphics. So we bought this laptop which has Nvidia, which has pretty good reputation on linux and we want to do GPGPU stuff... never realized how hit-or-mi03:46
=== hotfloppy1 is now known as hotfloppy
notmorewindowsignores notmorewindows for being a rude & ignorant punk03:46
SlidingHornrmr----how about you tell us the actual problem you're having instead of ranting?03:47
codebrainzrww 1) read the messages, 2) the best advice a newbie can learn is to google stuff first.  why should people here giving their time to help have to google stuff for people?  Anyway, recommendation noted03:47
pepeermrfslash, /j #opencl03:47
Joshua_Robertshow do I mount a network drive in linux from command line03:48
h00kcodebrainz: Telling people to "Google It" is not acceptable behavior here, as stated in the factoid. Please don't do it here.03:48
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.03:48
ech0Asushi, i'm on lucid and installed pidgin.. every time i sign into yahoo it crashes any ideas?03:48
rmrfslashProblem? I install Ubuntu 10.04 and install the restricted driver only to be left w/ a black screen upon reboot. Then I think "fine I'll boot into recovery mode and uninstall the restricted driver".... yeah right. It's like you have a 10ms window of opportunity to actually even get into the grub menu now from a blinking cursor.03:48
pepeeJoshua_Roberts, use mount.smbfs03:48
SlidingHornrmr-----hold shift when you power up to bring up grub menu03:49
notmorewindowsi cant to found a program so good like devede but for codec xvid....03:49
HowardTheDuckhey all.  i have a dual boot system and am upgrading the hard drive.  is there an easy way to just move all the data, os, settings, etc right over to the new one?03:49
SpeirosCould the problem be with the reading of my drive be that it is an external drive for a laptop, and I am trying to read it on a desktop?  Should that matter?'03:49
HowardTheDuckbtw the hard drive i'm upgrading to is the same size, just bigger cache, so, i'm not going to need to resize them03:49
rmrfslashOK, so say you get lucky right (holding down shift and grub feels like listening)? Then, you say boot in recovery mode... a whole plethora of garbage is printed to the screen and then the screen goes blank. Fun stuff.03:49
pepeeSlidingHorn, use tab for autocompletion. ex.: slid<TAB>03:50
rmrfslashSo say you actually get really lucky and get to a command prompt i.e. Ubuntu decides finally after a few hours that it actually will boot using low-graphics mode03:50
SlidingHorndoesn't sound like an ubuntu problem then if it's still doing that in recovery mode03:50
Joshua_Robertspepee, I get mount: can't find .smbfs in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab03:50
SlidingHornpepee -- I'm aware...I don't want to type his name03:50
hotfloppyHowardTheDuck: i think just backup the /home elsewhere than put it back is just enough..03:50
win_2_linuxanother question settiled the first, this one is miner,  how do i disable the touch pad on a lap top in windows it disables when i plug in a usb mouse but with linux both mouse and pad are working i hate touch pads03:50
rmrfslashyou install the graphics driver from nvidia... hah... still blank screen03:50
gbillingsnotmorewindows: english?03:50
mazda01please help, i can03:51
pepeeSlidingHorn, lol ok...03:51
DafreakAnyone know how to install synergy+ on ubuntu 10.04?  I went to the website and tried to install the .deb file but I get an error.03:51
Jordan_UDafreak: What error?03:51
mazda01i can't figure out what is backing up my home directory. i have looked in my crontab as well as roots and i don't see anything03:51
SlidingHornDafreak, yeah...what Jordan_U said03:51
rmrfslash.... and that's not even getting into configuring the touchpad, which... there's not even a tab for that in the Mouse config menu03:51
pepeeJoshua_Roberts, no spaces: "mount.smbfs"03:51
HowardTheDuckhotfloppy: huh?  i've got a windows install on here too, and what about my linux settings?  it's a bit more than just copying /home03:51
mazda01i check sbackup and also luckybackup but nothing is set to back up my home directory. any suggestions?03:51
notmorewindowsgbillings why?03:52
rmrfslashso it doesn't see the touchpad (yet the touchpad works)03:52
gbillingsinfo | synergy03:52
gbillings!info | synergy03:52
ubottusynergy: Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>03:52
ubottu'synergy' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, partner, stable, testing, unstable03:52
rmrfslashnvidia is more messed up than ATI ever used to be03:52
DafreakJordan_U:  An error about helper does not exist03:52
SlidingHornpowers goin03:52
rmrfslashall in all, this is a nightmare.03:52
HowardTheDuckwill gparted boot disk copy my hd directly to another hd03:52
HowardTheDuckmake an image, all that?03:52
notmorewindowsi cant to found a program so good like devede but for codec xvid....03:52
DafreakJordan_U:  Exact error is /tmp/synergy-plus-1.3.4-Linux-i686-1.deb could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences.03:52
mazda01pmagic will i think03:52
HowardTheDucknotmorewindows: devede converts my xvid to dvd...03:53
Speirosrmr: I am relatively new to ubuntu, and linux in general, but believe me, I have been through the frustration phase.  Still there are things I don't know how to do, like anything, but I can get the help now.03:53
win_2_linuxnotmorewindows correct03:53
sensaeAptitude search synergy?03:53
Joshua_Robertspepee, well smbfs wasn't even installed taking care of that now03:53
rmrfslashSpeiros: I've been using Ubuntu for a while03:53
notmorewindowshoward not devede dont convert to xvid03:54
Jordan_UDafreak: Either right click it and choose open with "gdebi" or open a terminal and run "sudo dpkg -i /tmp/synergy-plus-1.3.4-Linux-i686-1.deb"03:54
pepeeJoshua_Roberts, you wanna mount remote shared folders?03:54
hotfloppyHowardTheDuck: in linux, specific user settings' stored in /home/username .. so, i think if you backup the /home, your setting will remains..03:54
h00k!caps | gerber03:54
ubottugerber: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:54
Joshua_Robertsyes on the backup server03:54
rmrfslashSpeiros: I've seen the backwards stuff for too long to just stay quiet about it.... I've read the Linux Journal articles and sadly, they're 100% right03:54
pepeeJoshua_Roberts, ok, that's the command03:54
Speirosrmr: Ah.  It is frustrating when things don't work.  I even did a nono, and tried windows again, to the usual frustrations of things slowing down and my files being corrupted.03:54
h00kSpeiros: have you checked the Ubuntu Manual out?03:54
SpeirosAt least on here, I can keep my files03:54
rmrfslashSpeiros: and I feel bad about it. I want Ubuntu to be the Linux people always wanted. I've been hearing "year of the Linux desktop" for like 2 decades and it never happens03:55
Speirosh00k: No, I haven't.  Can you give me an address please?03:55
pepeeSpeiros, what's the problem?03:55
h00k!manual | Speiros03:55
ubottuSpeiros: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:55
DafreakJordan_U:  Used the terminal method and it works fine.  How do I configure or run it?  I dont see it in any of the applications or anything.03:55
gerberhow can i put youtuve video o ipod 30gb03:55
Jordan_UDafreak: Can't help you there.03:55
SpeirosThank you h00k03:55
h00k!ipod | gerber03:55
ubottugerber: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod03:55
DafreakJordan_U:  Ok, thanks for the help.03:55
Jordan_UDafreak: You're welcome.03:55
rmrfslashI've done my duty too and filed LOTS of bugs in launchpad03:55
h00kSpeiros: also, if you're new to Ubuntu, you can check out #ubuntu-beginners by typing /join #ubuntu-beginners03:56
Speirospepee: I have an external drive, which isn't able to be recognised by linux.03:56
pepeeSpeiros, usb?03:56
sensaeDafreak why not install the quicksynergy package? It has a GUI03:56
win_2_linuxoops sorry03:56
notmorewindowswin2linux  i need to turn to xvid03:56
rmrfslashBut it's like every release fixes some bugs and then brings in new bugs where there weren't any before. And then you hit a LTS and things are just completely messed up beyond belief and then it's like 1998 again.03:57
rmrfslashover and over and over03:57
pepeeSpeiros, let me help you. plug it and do this in the terminal/console: lsusb03:57
win_2_linuxi checked a button for disabling touchpad while typing and of course tried typing but touch pad is working03:57
gerberhow can i put youtuve video o ipod 30gb03:57
h00krmrfslash: Please keept he conversation Ubuntu support related in here03:57
Joshua_Robertspepee, how do I use it if all I know is the IP address?03:57
SlidingHorngerber, you've already been given information, please don't repeat yourself every few minute03:57
SpeirosPepee: I believe it is on there, but am unsure.03:58
h00kgerber: Please see the link that has been given to you03:58
pepeeJoshua_Roberts, man mount.smbfs03:58
pepeeJoshua_Roberts, or use google03:58
rmrfslashI single handedly got the Dell Studio XPS 16 working03:58
SpeirosLet me remove it and try the same command, to see if it is recognising it.03:59
SlidingHornrmrfslash, are you going to get to a point eventually and ask a question, or are you just here to rant...if that's the case, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic03:59
pepeeJoshua_Roberts, IIRC is something like mount.smbfs \\IP\shared /PATH -o <options>03:59
pepeeSpeiros, ok04:00
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.04:00
rmrfslashSlidingHorn: you know I actually pointed out like 6 different issues, questions right?04:00
Speirospepee: Yes, it is recognising it04:00
Speirossunplus technology04:00
pepeeJoshua_Roberts, you can google "smbmount" too, or "mount.cifs"04:00
win_2_linuxthanks for you help i found the solution for those who may want to or need to try it in the future04:00
win_2_linuxsynclient TouchPadOff=104:00
pepeeSpeiros, ok, it's being recognized04:00
pepeeSpeiros, now let's see if there's a module for it04:01
pepeeSpeiros, sudo fdisk -l04:01
pepeeno need to use sudo...04:02
SpeirosI think it is on there.  There is a linux swap / Solaris04:02
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
pepeeit is new? isn't formatted?04:02
ZeikeDoes anybody know how to bind one keystroke combination to another?04:02
Speirosand there is a drive in FAT3204:02
SpeirosI don't know which is which though04:02
SpeirosI only have one harddrive apart from the external one04:02
Dafreaksensae:  Is quicksynergy same as synergy+?04:03
pepeeZeike, IIRC xmodmap04:03
pepeeSpeiros, remove it and try again: fdisk -l04:03
h00kDafreak: No, synergy+ was picked up from stagnation on the Synergy project04:03
Speirospepee: Yep.04:03
HowardTheDuckwill gparted move all my data to a new hdd04:03
rmrfslashseems no one is hanging out on offtopic04:04
h00kDafreak: unfortunately, if you're having problems with Synergy+, you'll have to check their projet help information out, as that particluar program isn't in the repos04:04
rmrfslashanyone here using Nvidia GT 300M series graphics04:04
pepeeSpeiros, it the disk being recognized as swap/solaris?04:04
h00krmrfslash: Ask your specific question, you'll probably get a better answer04:05
SpeirosNo, there was another one as that, I think, as that was still recognised even after removing it.04:05
Dafreakh00k:  thanks.04:05
SpeirosIt is recognising it as sdc04:05
SpeirosSo I have found it, but don't know what to do about it.04:05
zatliteis zfs the only dedup file system available for 32 bit machines?04:06
=== PHANTOM is now known as Guest19260
pepeeSpeiros, is the disk being recognized by the BIOS?04:06
Kane_HartDoes this work for anyone? http://sharedlayer.com/04:06
Speirospepee: How do I find that out?04:06
pepeeSpeiros, oh, ok, forget it...04:06
WebDawgI have a machine.  Everytime I upgrade the kernel it messes with the boot menu so it does not auto time out.04:06
WebDawgWhat is the deal?04:06
rmrfslashAnyone here using an Asus K42JV with Nvidia Geforce GT 335M graphics who has tried to install the restricted driver and failed i.e. rebooted to a black screen and can't get into root consol recovery mode?04:06
Random832zatlite: the only who what?04:06
pepeeSpeiros, if ubuntu show the disk, then it is.04:06
h00krmrfslash: I suppose it's more specific. Which of the drivers did you install?04:07
pepeermrfslash, you have to edit the kernel boot command line04:07
Speirospepee: When I go to places, it doesn't show up on my computer screen04:07
SlidingHornKane_Hart, this channel is for ubuntu support only...you may want to see if they have their own channel or support forum04:07
pepeermrfslash, and remove "splash" and "quiet"04:07
zatliteRandom832; I'm interested in filesystems that will allow dedup option04:07
xray_tskHello. I bumped into a situation, when someone broke the support of previously worked soundcard. Update to the last version of ALSA helped, but it's a non-debian style! Should I post a report? Give a link, please.04:07
pepeeSpeiros, IIRC if it's not formatted, it will not be shown04:07
Kane_HartWhat the fuck are you sucking on SlidingHorn04:07
Kane_Hartbetter not be a dick04:07
Kane_HartI asked if a site worked04:08
SpeirosKane, language04:08
Kane_Hartnot for u to give me a hand job04:08
h00k!language | Kane_Hart04:08
ubottuKane_Hart: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:08
SlidingHorn!language | Kane_Hart04:08
FloodBot2Kane_Hart: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:08
rmrfslashpepee: the problem is, even if I get to the grub menu and begin booting into recovery mode eventually... right around the time it should ask you if you want a root console with networking or a root console without networking the screen goes black04:08
SpeirosBe respectful to others Kane04:08
SlidingHornwow...a lot of d-bags in here tonight04:08
Zeikepepee: I dont think xmodmap is going to help me04:08
pepeermrfslash, do what I told you, please04:08
rmrfslashh00k: not sure, all I can say is that it's the one that I'm prompted to install by Ubuntu shortly after installation.04:09
pepeermrfslash, s/do/try/04:09
h00k!guidelines > Kane_Hart04:09
ubottuKane_Hart, please see my private message04:09
FoolishOwlI'm trying out mutt, and I'm puzzled why it creates an empty Mail folder and a file "sent" outside that folder.04:09
pepeeSpeiros, ok, so you think the disk is /dev/sdc?04:09
rmrfslashpepee: it's not actually the problem. booting into recovery mode was only so I could try to install the Nvidia driver I downloaded from Nvidia, which I did, but it did not change the behavior i.e. blank screen on reboot04:10
Speirospepee: Yes, it is mate04:10
rmrfslashpepee: so I suppose booting into recovery mode is one of several problems04:10
=== upera is now known as Guest17762
SlidingHornKane_Hart, I wasn't being mean...I was simply informing you that your question was not ubuntu related and probably would be best served elsewhere...it's nothing personal, and attacking people isn't a good way to get help with whatever problem you're having04:10
rmrfslashpepee: but not the most troublesome, so I'm actually willing to ignore that one for now04:10
pepeermrfslash, if you can get the root console, you almost solved it.04:11
pepeeSpeiros, ok. again, it is formatted, or being recognized as swap/solaris? can you see something like /dev/sdc1?04:12
rmrfslashpepee: I don't think that solves the nvidia problem04:12
pepeermrfslash, remove the driver, and reinstall it correctly04:12
Speirospepee: Yes, it is recognised as /dev/sdc1, and it is in FAT32 format04:13
rmrfslashpepee: right now I'm at a fresh Ubuntu installation using the FOSS driver04:13
pepeermrfslash, by "correctly" I mean: read whatever toutorial you find about reinstallin the nvidia driver in ubuntu lucid04:13
pepeeSpeiros, well, you just need to mount it04:14
pepeeSpeiros, don't know how to do it correctly.... xD04:14
rmrfslashpepee: read a tutorial on installing a nvidia driver in lucid?04:14
Speirospepee:  Hmm, okay.  I did try this before, through mount manager once, but that was a while ago.  No, I don't mate.04:14
rmrfslashpepee: I thought you just use the restricted driver application04:14
rmrfslashpepee: and if that fails, you try to install the one directly from nvidia (of course you need to boot into recovery mode i.e. w/o X)04:15
pepeeSpeiros, but its something like sudo mkdir "/media/sdc1; mount -t vfat -o <some options here> /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1"04:15
rmrfslashpepee: is that incorrect?04:15
pepeermrfslash, you may need to uninstall the foss driver before installing it from nvidia04:16
Speirospepee: I don't understand.  Do I enter that data, but the data is missing some information?04:16
pepeermrfslash, Speiros, don't know the specifics. I just give 'generic' help.04:16
rmrfslashpepee: so that's not done by the restricted driver installer application that comes w/ Ubuntu?04:16
pepeeSpeiros, yes, you do need to know what options to use04:16
Speirospepee: No probs.  It's appreciated man.04:17
SpeirosI see04:17
pepeermrfslash, did you use jockey-gtk?04:17
rmrfslashpepee: no idea what that is04:17
Speirospepee: The options though, if I start with sudo mkdir "/media/sdc1, will that work?04:17
pepeeSpeiros, the options are between <>04:18
rmrfslashpepee: yes, that's what I meant when I was saying the "restricted drivers application"04:18
pepeeSpeiros, do this: install pastebinit: sudo install pastebinit04:18
Speirospepee: Where would I source the options?  I'll do the install too.04:19
pepeeSpeiros, and then do: cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit04:19
Speirosmissing destination file operand after pastebinit04:19
pepeermrfslash, well, it may be a bug on the program, don't really know04:19
rmrfslashpepee: I install Ubuntu 10.04, then jockey asks me if I want to install the restricted driver (which I do want) but when I do install it (through jockey) and reboot I just get to a black screen04:19
pepeermrfslash, try googling "install nvidia driver lucid command line"04:20
rmrfslashpepee: yes, now were getting to the root of my frustration04:20
pepeeSpeiros, sorry: sudo aptitude install pastebinit04:20
zushow was it i can change what torrnet is opened by default in Firefox?04:21
puffI'm having problems burning an ubuntu lucid disk.  http://pastebin.com/beHbTyRF04:21
red2kiczus: In Firefox Preferences (Applications).04:21
puffI've tried CD/DVD creator and Brasero, and about six different disks, all give me an error.04:21
duckwarsI'm trying to boot my friends old computer which I will try to turn into a home server, and nothing comes up on the monitor, but a yellow light on the front flashes (kind of slow, like a half second flash every 10 seconds), please any ideas?04:21
pepeepuff, check the md5sum of the iso image04:21
Speirospepee: Okay.  I have added both commands.04:21
SlidingHornzus: Edit > Preferences > Applications04:21
zusred2kic, thanks04:22
zusSlidingHorn,  thanks04:22
pepeeSpeiros, pastebinit returns a URL...04:22
Speirospepee: Yes.04:22
HowardTheDuckis there a way i can copy my ubuntu/win7 partitions to a new hard drive?04:22
Speirospepee: should I type it in here?04:22
pepeeSpeiros, yep04:23
h00kHowardTheDuck: yes, you can use the tool 'dd'04:23
dathku2does ubuntu unlock a locked account after some time period?04:23
h00k!info dd | HowardTheDuck04:23
ubottuHowardTheDuck: Package dd does not exist in lucid04:23
Cpt_Zyphdoes xubuntu support i586 proc?04:23
Speirospepee: http://pastebin.com/AiKE0iq104:23
HowardTheDuckh00k: yeah?04:23
puffpepee: Blech, md5sum doesn't match.04:23
h00kHowardTheDuck: type 'man dd' in a terminal04:23
zusSlidingHorn,  i dont see "torrents" anywhere04:23
HowardTheDucki'd like an easy way to do it, without having to reinstall grub if possible04:23
pepeepuff, you may want to d/l a new image hehe04:24
pepeepuff, also, IIRC, k3b will check iso images too, give it a try ;)04:24
h00kHowardTheDuck: you could 'dd if=/dev/sd1 of=/home/username/file.img' or similar.  The syntax can be found on the 'dd' page.04:24
pepeeoh, well, does anyone what options are needed to mount a FAT partition?04:25
red2kicHowardTheDuck: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem (See Drive Imaging)04:25
Speirospepee: I am happy to format the drive too, as it is blank04:26
Ziber<VirtualHost [2001:470:881a::5]:80>04:26
Ziber        ServerAdmin webmaster@jkurtz.net04:26
Ziber        ServerName flier.ziber.org04:26
Ziber        DocumentRoot /home/ziber/public_html/flier.ziber.org/httpdocs/04:26
Ziber        AccessFileName .htaccess04:26
FloodBot3Ziber: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:26
Ziber        <Directory /home/ziber/public_html/flier.ziber.org/httpdocs>04:26
SpeirosI formatted it previously, before I couldn't access it.04:26
SpeirosProbably the reason why I can't access it.04:26
pepeeSpeiros, no need to do that. I just don't know how to mount it correctly04:26
SpeirosI see04:26
pepeeSpeiros, trying google now... xD04:27
h00k!google | pepee04:27
ubottupepee: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.04:27
Speirospepee: Thanks.  With the url in pastebin, do I submit it?04:27
h00kSpeiros: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/04:27
Cpt_Zyphguys can anyone tell me if xubuntu would work on a i586 cpu machine?04:27
=== Razia is now known as RainbowEyes
IdleOneCpt_Zyph: yes04:28
SlidingHornCpt_Zyph, as far as I know, ubuntu supports all x86 platforms04:28
h00kCpt_Zyph: it should, yep04:28
pepeeSpeiros, nah, wait a second, please04:28
Speirospepee: no probs04:28
Cpt_Zyphok cuz all the other ubuntu and fedora releases do not04:28
andyzwebI am having a problem with the wireless card (BCM4311) disappearing after installing the drivers on a persario F500 with 10.04 and the 2.6.32 kernel04:28
Cpt_Zyphpuppy does but can't get wifi working i was told to try DSL or xubuntu ..04:28
Cpt_Zyphcould'nt see on the site were it said which cpus were too old etc04:29
Cpt_Zyphthank you04:29
DrakenineHi, I have the same question as Cpt_Zyph but for Backtrack ?04:29
pepeesudo mkdir /media/sdc1; mount -t vfat -o users,defaults,umask=000 /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc104:29
Gerwin!backtrack | Drakenine04:29
ubottuDrakenine: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)04:29
Cpt_Zyphand xubuntu 10.4 is the newest stable release?04:29
pepeeSpeiros, sudo mkdir /media/sdc1; mount -t vfat -o users,defaults,umask=000 /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc104:29
h00kCpt_Zyph: that is correct04:29
shro0msi am getting this message over and over when i run firefox through terminal: (firefox-bin:1696): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_drawable_get_display: assertion `GDK_IS_DRAWABLE (drawable)' failed.04:29
IdleOneCpt_Zyph: 10.04 yup04:29
Cpt_Zyphthank you sir04:29
shro0mswhats it mean?04:30
pepeeSpeiros, sorry, sudo mkdir /media/sdc1; sudo mount -t vfat -o users,defaults,umask=000 /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc104:30
qwiksilver711yes cpt04:30
pepeeSpeiros, then open nautilus and go to /media/sdc104:30
andyzwebthe odd thing is it dissapears from lspci04:30
Speirospepee: okay.  Will do.04:30
pepeeandyzweb, hardware problems?04:31
andyzwebpepee: it's difficult to say right now. I am going to boot into the liveCD and see if it will work04:32
pepeeandyzweb, did you tried browsing from a live cd?04:32
pepeeandyzweb, heh04:32
pepeetry other distros too04:32
andyzwebpepee: I have been able to get it to work strangely04:32
Speirospepee: How do I find nautilus?04:32
pepeeSpeiros, use whatever file manager you have04:33
SpeirosAh, okay04:33
John_Albertcan anyone give me some help with conky?04:33
pepeeSpeiros, nautilus, konqueror, dolphin, ...04:33
John_Albertanybody know about conky?04:33
IdleOneJohn_Albert: #conky perhaps?04:33
pepeeJohn_Albert, please, don't repeat.04:33
John_Albertyeah, I've tried in there04:33
John_Albertit's pretty dead04:34
Speirospepee: It says I have nautilus installed, but I can't find it on the applications or system04:34
IdleOneJohn_Albert: you are going to need to give the channel more detail about what you are trying to accomplish and errors you might be getting04:34
pepeeSpeiros, ALT+F2, type nautilus and press enter04:34
choonming_join #android04:34
DrakenineWhy i cant talk on back track channel ??04:35
h00k!register | Drakenine04:35
ubottuDrakenine: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode04:35
pepeeDragnslcr, try #offsec04:35
pepee* Cannot join #offsec (You are banned).04:35
flammenwurferToday, my ubuntu boxee box stopped booting normally.  It gets stuck at "fsck from util-linux-ng /dev/sda1: clean, ..."04:37
Speirospepee: Okay.  I am in SDC104:37
pepeeSpeiros, can you write on it?04:37
j800ryo, anyone know where xchat plugins/scripts are stored? :\04:37
IdleOnej800r: ~/.xchat204:37
=== _rwc is now known as _rwc_afk
h00kj800r: check the hidden folder ~/.xchat2 (/home/username/.xchat2/)04:38
flammenwurferI have an external hdd and if I comment out it's fstab entry the computer boots normally04:38
Speirospepee: No, it says the specified location is not supported04:38
andyzwebwhat other kernel boot options are there like noapic and irqpoll and other things like that04:38
=== kevr is now known as face
pepeeSpeiros, don't know what that message means , but if you can write on it, is because those mount options are incorrect...04:40
andyzwebis there anything ACHI related?04:40
hotfloppymy APTonCD crash while loading the packages.. FATAL -> Failed to fork. Whats seems to be the problem ?04:40
Speirospepee: I tried to copy files to it, but it gave me that message under show more details.04:40
pepeeandyzweb, http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt04:41
Speirospepee: the exact error message was "Error while copying to :/:.  There was an error getting information about the destination."  Then it said under show more details what I wrote.04:41
underdog1227Can someone tell how I can download the broadcom restricted hardware drive to a USB stick please?04:42
pepeeSpeiros, are you sure you are in /media/sdc1?04:43
IdleOneunderdog1227: packages.ubuntu.com maybe?04:43
=== face is now known as kevr
=== kevr is now known as face
Speirospepee: I will search again for media, and let you know mate04:44
Speirospepee: Yes04:44
underdog1227IdleOne: okay, let me try04:44
pepeeSpeiros, hmm ok04:45
Speirospepee: The file is in media, but relates to being under the main hard drive.  Is this how it should be?04:45
Sirbeblazedi need some help im new to ubuntu and i have 10.04 install with the latest kernel and everything set up fine except one thing i installed wine and i think it messed up my ntfs mounting because now i have drives that are not mounted but they are just copies of the drives that are mounted i uninstalled wine, still the drives are there any ideas?04:45
pepeeSpeiros, sudo umount -l /dev/sdc1; sudo mount -t vfat -o defaults,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000 /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc104:46
Speirospepee: okay04:46
Speirospepee: Should that be unmount or umount at first?04:47
pepeeSpeiros, did it work?04:48
Speirospepee: It says it is not mounted under umount, and then says for mount, "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error04:49
Speirospepee: Thanks for your help in this mate, whether it works or not man.  Much appreciated.04:49
pepeeSpeiros, format it.04:50
andyzwebwhat sort of troubbleshooting steps can help diagnose why hardware would not show up in lspci04:50
jhamboI'm running the "non OSE" virtualbox and it seems that I need to recompile the module almost every single day because of Ubuntu updates.  I never had to do that so often in debian.  Is Ubuntu really updating the kernel almost every day??04:50
pepeeSpeiros, use gparted, or something like that04:50
Speirospepee: Okay.  I'll see what I can do.04:50
muskask8Hello, I have a sound blaster ca0106 sound card, and when I first upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 there was sound, but now there is no sound. What do I do to fix this?04:51
pepeeandyzweb, did it work under the live cd?04:51
qwiksilver711muskask: are you sure you're not muted04:51
pepeejhambo, nope, ubuntu doesn't upgrade the kernel so often04:52
muskask8yes I've checked everything04:52
pepeejhambo, you may check your repos04:52
muskask8that I know of haha04:52
pepee** may want to check04:52
jhambopepee: just running whatever the default repositories are04:53
pepeejhambo, uname -r04:53
andyzwebpepee: not yet but there was some combination of options that got it to work earlier tonight04:53
jhambopepee: 2.6.32-22-generic04:53
pepeeandyzweb, try installing linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic04:54
flammenwurferCan somebody help me figure out why my comp won't boot when I have my external hdd entry in fstab?04:54
Speirospepee: Is it correct to format it back to the fat32 file system?  I want it to be able to be opened on various computers.04:54
=== felipe is now known as TheFin
pepeejhambo, 2.6.32-23-generic here04:55
flammenwurferIf i comment the entry out it boots fine, and if I then uncomment the entry and do a mount -a it mounts fine.  But if I try to reboot with it uncommented it hangs on boot.04:55
=== face is now known as kevr
pepeeSpeiros, hmm don't really know, but IIRC it will be fully compatible. anyway, you can try formatting it in windows04:56
muskask8Hello, I have a sound blaster ca0106 sound card, and when I first upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 there was sound, but now there is no sound. What do I do to fix this?04:56
kasansweatDoes anyone know of a quick way to toggle Samba shares on and off? I'd like them available when I'm at home, and unavailable while away. Something a little more elegant than the "steathcopter" script that shows up in google results.04:57
Speirospepee: It was successful.04:57
pepeekasansweat, stopping the service?04:57
Dangelmo1hi everybody!04:58
pepeeSpeiros, heh, good to know04:58
pepee!hi | Dangelmo104:58
ubottuDangelmo1: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:58
Speirospepee: And it is recognised in Places.  Man, thanks heaps!!  Are you in Aust?  I'll buy you a beer, but if not, I hope to be able to give back if the future ventures work out.04:58
TUplinkis there a way to use a webcam on another box maybe threw NFS?04:58
SwedeMikekasansweat: look into firewalling it at certain times, I'd imagine time based firewall rules are more common than time based availability of smb shares04:58
kasansweatpepee; yeah, that's essentially what that little script does -- given that ubuntu has come up with more elegant solutions (buttons and such) to other problems, I was just wondering if there was some manager or something out there that I've missed.04:58
pepeeSpeiros, just come back and help other people :D04:59
jhambopepee: all I'm saying is that in debian I had to run `/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup` only very rarely, whereas in ubuntu it seems like I run it almost every day (twice today).  It seems I have to run it most times after ubuntu installs "bug fixes".04:59
Speirospepee: Yeah, I will log this one and try to remember how it worked.  Thanks man.04:59
doyleHow long should it take to make koffice 2.1.2?04:59
pepeekasansweat, that's what I do. ubuntu is annoying in that sense...04:59
muskask8Hello, I have a sound blaster ca0106 sound card, and when I first upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 there was sound, but now there is no sound. What do I do to fix this?05:00
pepeeSpeiros, no problem05:00
Speirospepee: At this time, unfortunately, I am at the lower end of the seesaw, and the help is constantly flowing towards me.  One day maybe, I can pour it back.05:00
pepeemuskask8, try reconfiguring some packages05:00
muskask8like what?05:00
pepeeSpeiros, well, just do it if you can05:01
ech0Asusplease help.. http://pastebin.com/MFGvwwxA05:02
sweetpiflammenwurfer: try using the uuid in fstab instead of the partition05:02
pepeemuskask8, hmm something related to alsa...05:02
pepeemuskask8, don't really know, but you can try05:02
pepeemuskask8, also, check if the correct module is running05:03
giohello anyone for help05:03
pepee!help | gio05:03
ubottugio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:03
hotfloppygio: just ask..05:03
annodomini_Once I've added a PPA to my apt sources, how do I install a version of a package from that PPA?05:03
giogksu doesnt work for me05:03
hotfloppyflammenwurfer: use blkid tu check your devices UUID05:03
hotfloppygio: try gksudo05:03
gioit says import error gksu205:03
annodomini_In particular, I'd like to install the kernel from https://launchpad.net/~kamalmostafa/+archive/linux-kamal-scien in order to test if that fixes a problem with sleep on my laptop.05:03
pepeeannodomini, do a packages update05:03
ech0Asusi can't package anything now...05:04
gioso my applications wont start like synaptic package manager05:04
pepeeannodomini, oh, try searching for that specific package in the package manager05:04
giohttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1478382 plz look at the thread05:04
giothat gksu.py screwed something05:05
pepeegio, try reinstalling it05:05
gioreinstalling what05:05
pepeegio, from console: sudo aptitude reinstall gksu05:05
flammenwurfersweetpi:  I am already using the uuid, and actually the system has been working fine and I haven't changed anything.05:06
flammenwurferIt just started doing this today05:06
h00kgio: sudo apt-get install python-gtk205:06
annodomini_pepee: can you be more specific? Which package manager? What command should I run?05:06
pepeeflammenwurfer, what about not usng the uuid as identifier?05:06
gioit is already latest05:06
pepeegio, from console: sudo aptitude reinstall python-gtk205:07
pepeeannodomini, package manager, the app from which you can update your system05:08
sweetpiflammenwurfer: whats happening before it hangs?05:08
gioabout fprint it doesnt work always and keeps saying aes2501:error [dev_init] could not claim interface 005:08
ech0Asusi can't install anything now05:09
pepeeech0Asus, sudo dpkg --configure -a05:09
giopepee can i do something about it?05:10
pepeegio, did that command work?05:10
ech0Asusi have error still05:10
pepeegio, don't know what fprint is05:10
giono still it shows05:10
EdGredim using lucid lynx and am trying to figure how to updrage python from 2.6 to 3.105:10
pepeeech0Asus, paste the error on pastebin05:11
littlebearpepee: file print05:11
flammenwurfersweetpi:  if I use /dev/sdb2 instead of the uuid I get the same thing05:11
crdlbEdGred: what do you want 3.x for?05:11
puffI've downloaded lucid lynx, checked the md5sums, trying to burn a CD. I'm doing the burning on an intrepid 8.10 system, trying a varietry of burners (CD/DVD Creator, Brasero, GnomeBaker) and all are failing.05:11
ech0Asusbottom of there05:11
giopepee same error more gksu05:11
yipdwhi all -- trying to install couchdb in Ubuntu Server 10.04 32-bit, running into an x11-common dependency cycle -> https://gist.github.com/4d9289cc97a93527764005:11
yipdwanyone know of any tips to resolve this?05:12
crdlbEdGred: python3.1 is in the repositories, but there's really not much you can do with it yet05:12
puffGnomeBaker got the furthest, burned for several minutes then said "failed" with no more info.  booted up the Cd and ran the media check, found one error.05:12
puffBurned again, failed again.05:12
EdGredi have used apt to get it as well as gotten the source from the python site, yet when i type python in the term, its still using the old version, however, i can type in python3 and then i get the new version05:12
mikubuntuhelp!!! i have been having so much problems with the nvidia drivers on my friends install of 10.04, seemingly from problems between nouveau and lcd monitor.  so i just brought her a HUGE crt, but i still can't get the driver to work properly, only giving me 800 x 600 resolution.05:12
puffAny suggestions?05:12
pepeegio, where are you from?05:12
=== MoonFish is now known as ro2han
giodoes that matter05:12
pepeeech0Asus, sudo dpkg --configure -a , again05:12
pepeegio, maybe.05:13
pepeegio, paste the error on pastebin05:13
SlidingHornmikubuntu, have you checked this out (see below)05:13
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:13
scuniziyipdw: perhaps installing "X" will help resolv this..05:13
EdGredcrdlb: ive tried using the repo, but its no giving me v3 when i type python in a term, its still giving me v205:13
annodomini_pepee: do you mean synaptic, or ubuntu software center, or apt-get, or aptitude?05:13
hotfloppyanyone know where can i download APTonCD ?05:14
yipdwscunizi: xorg-server?05:14
giohttp://pastebin.org/355732 her it is05:14
yipdwor whichever the X server package is called05:14
hotfloppytheir official website seems to contains nothing05:14
puffI'd hate to have to resort to using a windows machine to burn my ubuntu Cds.05:14
s3ain gnome when i click places => search for files (what is that called? - so that i can file a bug report)05:14
annodomini_There are several different package managers, so I'm not sure which one you mean. And once I'm in it, how do I find the package from the PPA? I've tried using apt-get, but I can't seem to find the PPA that way.05:14
scuniziyipdw: yes.. whatever the x server package is called.. not sure myself but xorg-server sounds right.. search aptitude/synaptic/apt-get for x references05:15
ech0Asushttp://pastebin.com/pQGz9aLK new05:15
gioactually everything worked fine before that gksu.py thing05:15
yipdwscunizi: as far as I know, the xorg packages depend on x11-common05:15
pepeeannodomini, whatever package manager you use. in synaptic you can check the package version, and if you use apt/aptitude you can do something like: aptitude install <package>=<version>05:15
yipdwscunizi: so installing that will run into the same problem05:15
gioi shouldnt have tried that05:15
crdlbEdGred: that's normal; they're incompatible05:15
lewis1711just trying to set up wireless. when I input iwconfig, I am told that wlan0 power is off. how do I, er, switch it on?:)05:15
pepeepuff, install k3b05:15
scuniziyipdw: just a sec.. brb.. looking at apt-get05:15
pufflewis1711: ifconfig or ifup, or use gnome network-manager.05:15
crdlbEdGred: what do you want it for? python 2.x is still the primary series05:15
giohttp://pastebin.org/355732 pepee05:15
pepeegio, yeah, I can see05:16
yipdwscunizi: thanks.  btw, here's the results of installing xserver-xorg-core: https://gist.github.com/4d9289cc97a935277640#file_xorg_install05:16
scuniziyipdw: x11-common is in the repos05:16
giothis is one busy channel05:16
yipdwscunizi: yeah -- installing x11-common directly hits that same problem05:16
pufflewis1711: but be aware, ifconfig and ifup use different lock files, so if you use both, you can get quite confused.05:16
EdGredcrdlb: but should it update python to point to v3 instead of v2? and i need to compile something that uses python305:16
gioif i would know python i could atleast have seen that script05:17
ech0Asusthis is crazy i can't i believe i some how destroyed my whole package system tryin to reinstall pidgin..05:17
yipdwscunizi: i.e. https://gist.github.com/4d9289cc97a935277640#file_x11_common_install05:17
lewis1711puff: I see. am using xubuntu but that channel is dead. guess it's time for some heavy googling05:17
pufflewis1711: Er, not different lock files, but different files to store the current state. So if you turn wlan0 off with ifdown, then try to turn it on with ifconfig, it'll tell you it's already on.05:17
crdlbEdGred: no, that would break code that uses #!/usr/bin/python and expects python 2 (which is just about every python script on your system)05:17
crdlbEdGred: what is it that needs python 3?05:17
pufflewis1711: I'm more of a shell guy, but most people seem to use the gnome network manager appet.05:17
scuniziyipdw: perhaps do a full upgrade first with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:17
annodomini_pepee: I just get "E: Version '2.6.32-22.34~kamal~scien' for 'linux' was not found" when I try that05:18
scuniziyipdw: then sudo apt-get -f install05:18
pepeegio, you can't run gksu from root console...05:18
pufflewis1711: It should be up in your menu bar, usually near the right corner in vanilla ubuntu, and it looks like either a cell phone signal bars indicator (when connected) or like two overlapping PC icons.05:18
ech0Asushow do i clean apt-get up? it has this pidgin ppa and some key error everytime i try and install anything05:18
s3ain gnome when i click places => search for files (what is that called? - so that i can file a bug report)05:18
wrapsterwhile building python2.6 the build seems to hang with this..http://pastie.org/101683605:18
wrapsterany ideas?05:18
pufflewis1711: "sudo ifconfig -a" should show you all of the current details.05:18
mhaHow does one make NetworkManager not autoconnecting to any location it finds? I.e. By default when adding a new WLAN it should have auto connect off.05:18
mhaatm I am getting multihomed like crazy. I.e. ethernet + wlan.05:19
giosame from user console05:19
SlidingHornech0Asus, sudo apt-get -autoremove && apt-get clean05:19
pufflewis1711: With ifconfig, ti'd be "sudo ifconfig eth1 up" or "Sudo ifconfig eth1 down".05:19
pepeeannodomini, are you sure that "linux" is the name of that package?05:19
pufflewis1711: or "sudo ifup eth1" and "sudo ifdown eth1"05:19
lewis1711puff: this is xubuntu, so I don't think I have it. will try and download the gnome thing05:19
giopepee it doesnt matter05:19
pufflewis1711: Er, wlan0, that is... on mine, wifi is eth1.05:19
rwws3a: gnome-search-tool, part of gnome-utils package05:19
crdlbwrapster: why are you building python?05:20
lewis1711unknown interafce wlan0=wlan0 :/05:20
pufflewis1711: Which version?05:20
s3arww, thanks05:20
ech0Asusno good same error05:20
annodomini_pepee: It looks like it's the name of the package from the PPA linked to on the bug I was looking at: https://launchpad.net/~kamalmostafa/+archive/linux-kamal-scien05:20
wrapstercrdlb: i wanted to learn a few things regarding building of pkgs as im from solaris background.05:20
pepeegio, again, paste the output, but this time run it from normal console05:20
pufflewis1711: Some googlnig on: xubuntu  "network manager" turns up a number of hits that suggest xubuntu should have it.05:20
LittleWolfI'd like to ask for someone's kind assistant with what seems to be a Lucid freeze. I'd appreciate your time.05:20
lewis1711what's its bin name?05:20
scuniziyipdw: you tring that?05:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:21
doylelewis1711: I was getting that the other day. Just repeat the command a few times. Bring up the interface, bring it down, try again.05:21
annodomini_Which I got from this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/57867305:21
yipdwscunizi: yeah05:21
wrapstercrdlb: any ideas regarding the hang?05:21
pepeeannodomini, hmm strange... are you sure you configured the ppa correctly?05:22
giosaid same error05:22
yipdwscunizi: sadly, same error -> https://gist.github.com/4d9289cc97a935277640#file_update_and_force_install05:22
flammenwurferIs there some log that I can look at to see what is causing my boot hang?05:22
gioi have no idea how come it got screwed05:22
crdlbwrapster: nope, but you realize that ubuntu comes with python 2.6, right?05:22
scuniziyipdw: sorry I'm out of ideas.. if nobody here can help figure it out perhaps #ubuntu-server or ##linux05:22
yipdwscunizi: np, thanks05:22
Optimus55hey i've installed lamp with apt-get install lamp-server^, . Anyone know how to enable url rewriting?? the tutorials i found online seem to apply to a different version of apache05:22
yipdwscunizi: I suspect x11-common for ubuntu server is just screwed05:23
crdlbwrapster: I'm sure you could skip the tests, but that would be a bad idea, since you've likely built a bad binary05:23
pepeeflammenwurfer, #linux05:23
pepeegio, no idea, sorry05:23
s3arww, actually i dont think that's what i meant, is that a new part of gnome because in debian it's only in sid (unstable)05:23
scuniziyipdw: you could always install the desktop on top of server then disable the giu startup to eliminate the overhead05:23
tavisanyone here using pam_mount with 10.04 for cifs?05:23
LittleWolfOh, alright. Well, when I try to boot ubuntu, it says the following: fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 /dev/loop0: clean, 161511/1073152 files, 806297/4286464 blocks05:23
LittleWolfSo I checked on ubuntu's website and it had some advide about adding i915.modeset=1 to the grub bootloader, but it didn't resolve my issue.05:23
gioanyone else can help me regarding this?05:23
Optimus55anyone familiar with apache on ubuntu? i'm trying to load the url rewrite module and having problems05:24
muskask8Hello, I have a sound blaster ca0106 sound card, and when I first upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 there was sound, but now there is no sound. What do I do to fix this?05:24
pepeegio, try sudo dpkg --configure -a05:24
ddilingeroptimus: enable mod_rewrite in /etc/apache2/ and put your rules in .htaccess05:24
pufflewis1711: Usually it's in /usr/sbin/NetworkManager05:24
yipdwscunizi: I guess, but I was trying to avoid installing X stuff in the first place05:24
yipdwscunizi: I'm not entirely sure why the couchdb package depends on xulrunner; it doesn't need it 05:24
SlidingHornOptimus55, This will work on apache2: http://corz.org/serv/tricks/htaccess2.php05:24
ddilingeroptimus: apache has changed very very little, what you found is likely relevent05:24
ech0Asusguess i'll reinstall lucid yay05:25
scuniziyipdw: but couchdb needs it?  maybe there's a couchdb channel.. how do they run it in the cloud for ubuntu-one? AH that's another channel #ubuntu-one05:25
lewis1711oh I see puff. yeah that's up and running. i added a new wireless connection with it, but it's not connecting05:25
ddilingerhas ubuntu become windows?  when does a reinstall change anything :P05:25
giono help pepee05:25
wrapstercrdlb: then i dont want to skip the tests. .however im not sure why it occured though05:25
pepeeech0Asus, that dpkg problem is very common.05:25
h00kech0Asus: most likely, your problem can be resolved without reinstalling05:25
=== shade_ is now known as shade\
ech0Asuswell i just installed and i dont want to bang my head against a wall over pidgin05:26
pepeeech0Asus, try removing those packages and then reinstalling05:26
LittleWolfCan anybody give me some advice about my problem?05:26
ech0Asusi can't remove anything05:26
ech0Asusi can't isntall anything05:26
crdlbwrapster: you could run sudo apt-get build-dep python2.6 and try again; I still don't see what you hope to accomplish though05:26
ech0Asusi get an error with any package manager05:26
philsfI have a directory with many versions of several packages, that I keep archived to avoid unnecessary downloads in several boxes. Anyone know how can I delete the older versions I have already downloaded, so I keep only the latest of each package?05:26
pepeeech0Asus, before reinstalling those packages, update your system05:26
Optimus55SlidingHorn, thanks a lot, taking a look now05:26
pepeeech0Asus, *** don't reinstall ubuntu05:26
ech0Asuscan't update the system gives me the error05:26
philsfI can script some bash and some Perl, if someone kicks me in the right direction05:27
ddilingerech0Asus: temporarily remove(make backups) the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?05:27
sweetpiLittleWolf: whats your problem?05:27
pepeeech0Asus, remove the package...05:27
annodomini_pepee: Here are the commands I ran (though this is a new execution of them; I don't still have the original run in my history): http://paste.ubuntu.com/454256/05:27
ddilingerech0Asus: iirc anything involving ppk ends up in sources.list.d05:27
h00kphilsf: you can get bash support in #bash if that help05:27
tavisanyone here using pam_mount with 10.04 for cifs?05:27
gioanyone else have problems with gksu05:27
ddilingerphilsf: apt-get autoclean does that :P05:27
LittleWolfHi sweetpi! Well, when I try to boot ubuntu, it says the following: fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 /dev/loop0: clean, 161511/1073152 files, 806297/4286464 blocks05:27
LittleWolfSo I checked on ubuntu's website and it had some advide about adding i915.modeset=1 to the grub bootloader, but it didn't resolve my issue.05:27
pepeeech0Asus, I remember now, that problems occur when there are some incompatibilities between packages05:28
LittleWolfIt won't log or anything05:28
philsfddilinger, won't it delete everything?05:28
LittleWolfJust get stuck in that forever, I guess it's considered a freeze.05:28
ech0Asusi just tried to remove pidgin cause yahoo wouldn't work05:28
LittleWolfI just started using ubuntu today.05:28
philsfddilinger, or all packages older than X days, ftm?05:28
pepeeannodomini, sudo apt-get install linux="2.6.32-22.34~kamal~scien"05:28
ech0Asusnow i can't do shit05:28
h00k!language | ech0Asus05:28
ubottuech0Asus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:28
ddilingerphilsf: autoclean?  no autoclean just removes versions that are older than available in sources.list05:28
ddilingerphilsf: so if the package is still valid from ubuntu, it will stay in your local repo05:29
sweetpiLittleWolf: have you ever been able to boot into ubuntu?05:29
annodomini_pepee: Same error on that command.05:29
gioany channel ops?05:29
annodomini_pepee: Is there a way to check which packages a PPA provides?05:29
h00kgio: for which reason?05:29
rwws3a: umm? I'm actually using Debian squeeze right now, so it's definitely in there ;P05:29
ddilingerech0Asus: i just dont understand how those are related, what does yahoo doesn't work mean?  your web browser is broken(firefox, chrome, konqueror, etc.) ?05:29
giofor gksu problem05:29
pepeeannodomini, d/l and install that package manually05:30
h00kgio: ops aren't really for that.05:30
LittleWolfYes! Not that long ago! I have been following guides I found in the ubuntu forums, I was trying to make my windows files accesible from ubuntu, but I guess I messed that up. >.<05:30
mikubuntuhelp!!! i have been having so much problems with the nvidia drivers on my friends install of 10.04, seemingly from problems between nouveau and lcd monitor.  so i just brought her a HUGE crt, but i still can't get the driver to work properly, only giving me 800 x 600 resolution.05:30
ddilingerech0Asus: did you try backing up and cleaning out /etc/apt/sources.list.d ?  what is the exact output of 'apt-get update'  can you pastebin it?05:30
philsfddilinger, brilliant, thanks!05:30
pepeegio, just use sudo...05:30
red2kicgio: You don't call the police to help you with your kitchen sink leaking. :o05:30
ech0Asusi installed pidgin.. pidgin crashed on yahoo log in.. i attempted to uninstall pidgin and then install from pidgin.im's ppa package thing.. now it's all blah05:30
IdleOnegio: you might find that the non-ops are more knowledgeable in most cases :)05:31
h00kgio: what are you trying to run with gksu?05:31
annodomini_Also, is there any good way of debugging the sleep issue I'm having? From googling, this kernel looks like the most promising, but most people on the bug don't seem to be having much luck with this kernel.05:31
s3arww, im in lenny (http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=gnome-search-tool&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all&sourceid=mozilla-search)05:31
sweetpiLittleWolf: not sure if its related(ive had this problem) but since you mention the i915 option, try video=vesa i915.modeset=005:31
h00kgio: try gksudo update-manager05:31
ddilingerech0Asus: `sudo dpkg --purge pidgin` to remove pidgin.  Did you remove the ppk info from your apt sources.list yet?05:31
rwws3a: note the part where I said "part of the gnome-utils package". And if you're using lenny, you should be asking for help in #debian, not here.05:31
pepeeech0Asus, again, remove that package, do sudo dpkg --configure -a, do sudo aptitude update05:32
philsfnow, I'm having some trouble opening some applications. Ones I found out include acroread (from partner repo) and emacs32 (from main). They both return the following when run from the terminal: ** (emacs:19772): CRITICAL **: menu_proxy_module_load: assertion `dbusproxy != NULL' failed05:32
ech0Asuspepee what command do u suggest i do to remove the package05:32
pepeeech0Asus, what ddilinger says...05:32
s3arww, the bug is universal05:32
ddilingerech0Asus: did you use apt-add-repository to add the pidgin ppk, or how did you do that ?05:32
ddilingerech0Asus: dpkg --purge pidgin05:33
s3arww, so this?: http://packages.debian.org/search?suite=all&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=gnome-utils05:33
ddilingerwith a sudo in front likely05:33
s3arww, so reportbug gnome-utils ?05:33
rwws3a: ask in #debian05:33
lewis1711ok so if I do lshw and my wireless card is listed but there's no field specifying a driver, I need a driver? is that right/05:34
annodomini_pepee: Do you mean for me to download and install all 124 binary packages from that PPA manually using dpkg?05:34
s3arww, but im filing it in debian and ubuntu and gnome (just because im on debian as we speak doens't mean i dont have ubuntu machines)05:34
LittleWolfI have a question about that too, it says to add "i915.modeset=1" after "quiet & splash", but my ubuntu won't run unless it is on "nomodeset". So I permanently modified the bootloader to have nomodeset as a default. Do I have to add video=vesa i915.modeset=0 after where it says "nomodeset", or do I have to overwrite it?05:34
re182Could anyone help me with installing ubuntu and windows xp on two separate HDDs?05:35
pepeeannodomini, you wanna install the kernel? d/l the kernel package05:35
LalithaHi, How do i get the output of the soundcard to the input of audacity so that i can record it ?05:35
abhi_navre182, two separate hdd? then there shouldnt be any prblem? what is it?05:36
h00k!dualboot | re18205:36
ubotture182: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:36
sweetpiLittleWolf: if i remember right i915 was ignoring nomodeset, however if your trying to debug boot issues you should get rid of quiet and splash and add nosplash05:36
ech0Asusyea i used apt-add05:36
zuswhats the ubuntuone channel please (again?)05:36
ech0Asusi cleaned the sources.list dir05:36
mikedraven27who can send me a link to a tutorial for dhcp client config05:36
ech0Asussame issue still05:36
LittleWolfShould I change "nomodeset" for "nospalsh"?05:36
rwwzus: #ubuntuone05:37
sweetpiLittleWolf: you can leave nomodeset in there05:37
SlidingHornech0Asus, wait...what do you mean you cleaned the sources.list dir?05:37
zusrww, thank you,..05:37
ech0Asusyea .d05:37
ddilingerannodomini: if you want to see what packages a PPA provides browse to the location in your browser and look for a file named  Packages.gz or Packages.bz2  in that will be a listing05:37
pepeeannodomini, heh, you are trying to install a package that isn't in the repos...05:37
SlidingHorn....wasn't a yes or no question.....  :-\05:38
pepeeannodomini, all older versios are removed from repos05:38
ddilingerech0Asus: hmm, can you pastebin the output of sudo apt-get update ?05:38
re182Well, the problem is I've read the dualboot help and i'm still stuck at grub05:38
Roastedis there an program to convert pictures from .JPG to .jpg? I know it sounds stupid but I need to mass upload a lot of pics and the program only sees lowercase jpg.05:38
re182I've got my ubuntu as my main HDD, and the windows installation on slave.05:38
ddilingerRoasted: there is no conversion, its just the filename05:38
re182Both boot up if they're the primary05:38
Roastedddilinger, there has to be a converter, though..05:38
re182and the other isn't attached05:39
suboneWhich player can I use to view the current title number of a playing DVD?05:39
re182but together, they won't boot05:39
re182my bios tells me primary drive 1 (0?) isn't found.05:39
red2kicRoasted: The pictures don't need to be converted? The filenames only need to be renamed?05:39
ddilingerRoasted: if you want to change a dir from upper to lower case, something like:  for i in *.JPG;do mv $i $(echo $i|sed s/JPG/jpg/)05:39
vikasap How do I execute a single command on multiple computers simultaneously ?05:39
ddilingerRoasted: if you want to change a dir from upper to lower case, something like:  for i in *.JPG;do mv $i $(echo $i|sed s/JPG/jpg/);done05:39
crdlbRoasted: rename .JPG .jpg *.jpg05:39
lewis1711If someone can help me figure out whether the driver is loaded for my wireless that'd be great. different guides say different things. thankyou05:39
pepeeech0Asus, read this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18667205:39
re182my windows disc is the secondary drive, and the pin is set to slave...could that be a problem?05:39
crdlbRoasted: oops: rename .JPG .jpg *.JPG05:40
LittleWolfThanks sweetpi! I'm gonna go try it!! :)05:40
pepeeech0Asus, you don't need to reinstall ubuntu, it is a VERY common problem05:40
pepeeech0Asus, it's called *broken dependencies*05:40
sweetpiLittleWolf: np05:40
CuervoI have a asus 1005pr with a 1.66 ghz atom, single core, and ubuntu 10.04 is recognizing it as being dual core.05:40
red2kiccrdlb: "rename .JPG .jpg *.JPG" --> syntax error at (eval 1) line 1, near "." ? :(05:40
ddilingerech0Asus: not seeing any errors listed there, how about `sudo apt-get -f install` (should help resolve dependancies)05:41
SlidingHornre182, here's a few links to get you pointed in the right direction: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195275  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1285897  http://members.iinet.net/~herman546/p20.html05:41
rwwred2kic, crdlb: correct syntax: rename 's/\.JPG$/.jpg/' *.JPG05:41
red2kicrww: Cheers! \o/05:41
crdlbrww: oops, I have a different 'rename' here05:42
re182I understand I need to reinstall grub...but on the livecd ubuntu cannot see either drive.05:42
ddilingerbetter syntax: "for i in *.JPG;do echo $i $(echo $i | sed 's/JPG$/jpg/');done" slightly longer but reusable and the same on every shell :P05:42
red2kicrww: Why the $? (Curious)05:42
re182that is my problem, these instructions are useless unless ubuntu can see the two drives05:42
ddilingerbah do mv not do echo :)05:42
rwwred2kic: matches the end of the file name05:42
lewis1711I have added the wireless connection info to the net work manner but now the "enable wireless" option is disabled why is this?05:42
red2kicrww: Ah. Something I would want to learn eventually. :P05:43
SlidingHornlewis1711, what driver are you using?05:43
ddilingerred2kic: read regexp.info, has all the good parts :)05:43
ddilingerred2kic: err, http://regexp.info05:43
red2kicddilinger: That website looks useful. Thank you.05:44
lewis1711SlidingHorn: I do not know. how do I find this information? iwconfig does not give a driver but the device is there05:44
ik_in Debian your hostname is hidded if someone nmap u in the same LAN, in ubuntu it doesnt, how can i hide that value? ($ hostname)05:44
pepeesomeone should add that howto to ubottu05:45
SlidingHornlewis1711, post the output of the following command to http://paste.ubuntu.com  --  lshw -C Network    (don't direct it @ me, as I'm probably going to bed soon)05:45
sweetpilewis1711: lsmod | grep mac80211 will show the driver05:45
ennuihas anyone found a good ebook/pdf library app. like calibre but maybe a bit less clunky? :/05:46
lewis1711sweetpi: ah, it seems ath5k is up05:46
lewis1711or at least it's mentioned several times05:46
crdlbrww: the one I was going for is apparently called rename.ul on debian and derivatives05:46
re182Is setting the secondary drive pin (the windows one) to slave problematic?05:46
re182should i have no pin inserted and make the drive think it is also primary?05:46
rwwcrdlb: ah, okay. yeah, we have the perl one instead05:47
ddilingersecondary drive pin, wow classic hardware :)05:47
sweetpilewis1711: if i remember right.. if you bring the interface up manually networkmanager disables wifi management05:47
lewis1711ok, so my driver, ath5k is loaded (as evident in lsmod.) In the graphical network manager, I have added my key, my ESSID, and my encryption type (WPA). What is the next step?05:47
re182sorry, i'm a bit of a noob when it comes to dual booting seperate hard drives and I cannot seem to find anything about pin positions in the ubuntu guides05:47
lewis1711re182: for master and slave HD's? it's not OS specific05:47
philsfI'm having some trouble opening some applications. Ones I found out include acroread (from partner repo) and emacs32 (from main). They both return the following when run from the terminal: ** (emacs:19772): CRITICAL **: menu_proxy_module_load: assertion `dbusproxy != NULL' failed. The app window simply does not open. In the case of acroread, the app exits and returns to the shell, emacs remains open, but does not open the window. Later, if I try to shutdown05:47
philsfor reboot, I get a warning that emacs is not responding, and am asked to kill it05:47
lewis1711enable networks is greyed out in the little icon thing05:48
lewis1711*enable wireless networks05:48
LittleWolfI'm back sweetpi; unfortunately it did not work. D=05:48
ddilingerphilsf: do you use emacs?  could probably remove it05:48
sweetpilewis1711: try taking down the interface and restarting network-manager05:48
re182lewis1711: so what does that mean? it doesn't matter that the ubuntu drive is set to primary and has no pin, and the windows drive is set to secondary and has the slave pin?05:48
lewis1711re182: no it means you shouldn't search ubuntu for stuff about hardware pins:)05:49
lewis1711sweetpi ok05:49
sweetpiLittleWolf: did you get any more info by removing the quiet option?05:49
philsfddilinger, I do05:49
ddilingerre182: shouldn't make a difference.  I think windows has to be the master HD to boot, although thats from my time in winxp no clue about modern ones05:49
re182lewis1711: just asking for help, no need to be a douche05:49
re182ddilinger: thank you, i appreciate that.05:50
philsfddilinger, anyway, I use acroread to open PDFs inside firefox, and it gives an error everytime I try to open one05:50
lewis1711re182: I am not being a douche. I am telling you where to find information05:50
ddilingerphilsf: thats annoying.  Could try using okular to read pdfs(doesn't fix the problem, but its a possiblity)05:50
=== SpyderBite is now known as Spyder|zzz
ddilingerphilsf: okular is like, kde's pdf reader i think05:50
SlidingHornok...going to bed05:51
philsfddilinger, i only use acroread from firefox. otherwise I use evince05:51
vikasap How do I execute a single command on multiple computers simultaneously ?05:51
LittleWolfWhen I installed Ubuntu the first time, before I could even install it, it would just make my monitor sleep and I couldn't do anything except a forced reboot. So someone on the ubuntu forums adviced me to delete quiet splash, and replace them with nomodeset, and ever since it has worked. So on another advice, I modified my grub to include nomodeset as default so I wouldn't have to type it everytime.05:51
SlidingHorngood night & good luck to all you poor souls trying to help  ;-)05:51
ddilingerphilsf: convince firefox to use evince? :P  i cant even think of why acroread would be touching emacs05:52
philsfddilinger, I'm not assuming they05:52
philsfddilinger, I'm not assuming they're related :)05:52
philsfother than sharing a similar symptom05:52
compumandoes anyone here know of a way to encrypt an entire harddrive from ubuntu 10.04?05:53
ddilingerphilsf: oh? i thought you said they both output the same error code which had the emacs .c file listed :P05:53
philsfddilinger, they do, apart from the process name :)05:53
ddilingerphilsf: silly question, but dbus is running?05:54
ddilingerdbus-daemon that is05:54
LittleWolfThe freeze message I get is still the same as before.05:55
lewis1711thanks for your help sweetpi, that did the trick. now if only I could get it working on arch:/05:56
ddilingerLittleWolf: unfortunatly that freeze message isn't an error code, makes it hard to debug :(05:56
ddilingerLittleWolf: do you by chance have a giant HD attached?  my systems looks like its frozen on boot when its fsck's the 3G raid array05:56
philsfddilinger, pgrep returns 3 PIDs05:57
LittleWolfI was afraid so. I saw a post about something similar, it said it was a rather unique basis depending on the machine, etc. But I don't know anything about linux at all. I just learned today what the hell a terminal was. o_o05:57
ddilingerphilsf: hmm, that should be right ... dunno05:57
LittleWolfNo, I don't ddilinger. Unless 250 GB memory and 900mb RAM is considered massive.05:57
ddilingerlittlewolf: not really, a 250G drive should fsck fairly fast.  How long have you let it sit in the 'stuck' phase ?05:58
pepee!es | dan05:59
ubottudan: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:59
pepee!es | daniel05:59
ubottudaniel: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:59
LittleWolfAbout 20 minutes or so.05:59
ddilingerLittleWolf: if it is a fsck problem there is a simple way to hack arround it: sudo mv /sbin/fsck /sbin/fsck.orig;echo "#!/bin/sh" > /sbin/fsck;echo "true" >>/sbin/fsck;chmod +x /sbin/fsck05:59
LittleWolfAren't you suppoused to type sudo things on a terminal?05:59
ddilingerwell, yea all those cmds were supposed to be sudo, got lazy typing :P06:00
LittleWolfOh, wait. That Grub thing did offer an option to open a terminal, right?06:00
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
ddilingerLittleWolf: You will want to boot into "single-user mode" to disable fsck as i had mentioned,  put the number 1 at the end of your kernel options06:00
red2kicWhat is the best way to preserve my settings? (Ie, I want to test KDE, XFCE, Lubuntu --etc) -- Then when I'm done with it, I rollback to the previous setting?06:01
ddilingerLittleWolf: kernel options from grub, same part that says nomodeset06:01
ddilingerred2kic: hmm, easiest way?  add some users to your system06:01
=== TannerF is now known as TannerF-zzz
LittleWolfDo you mean "i915.modeset=1" ??06:01
ddilingerLittleWolf: the 1 goes on its own though, as a seperate option06:02
LalithaHi, How do i get the output of the soundcard to the input of audacity so that i can record it ?06:02
ddilingerLittleWolf: that tells the kerenl to go to runlevel 1 instead of 5 when it boots. runlevel 1 is maintinance mode and does very little before droping you to a shell06:02
LittleWolfSo, i915.modeset= 1 ?06:02
red2kicddilinger: The packages would be installed for all users. That work? One user get KDE, the other user get XFCE? It's not the approach I'm looking for. I wanted a virtual -- but a native virtual -- Without having to install it on the HDD? Meh.06:02
ddilingerLittleWolf: i dunno about your i915 command, but the same long line in grub that has the kernel options you just need to append the number 106:03
blondinkaнарод помогите планшет wacom подвисает при нажатие пера06:03
annodomini_pepee: Thanks for the help. Installing the linux-image-2.6.32-22-generic_2.6.32-22.34~kamal~scien_i386.deb package manually using dpkg worked for me, and thankfully, that kernel does work to fix the resume problem!06:03
ddilingerred2kic: well, if your just 'trying it out' for an hour or two adding a user, then deleting the user when done is the cleanest way without leaving a bunch of random files in your home dir06:03
nUboon2Ageblondinka: !russian06:03
annodomini_I think the reason nothing else was working is that that package is considered an older version than the released 2.6.32-2206:03
nUboon2Ageblondinka: !rs06:04
LittleWolfAt the very last just add the number 1?06:04
red2kicddilinger: I understand. What about packages? ;)06:04
ddilingerred2kic: the packages should be fine to all be installed in your system06:04
nUboon2Ageblondinka: ! russian06:04
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:05
nUboon2Ageabhi_nav:  thanks.06:05
abhi_navnUboon2Age, :)06:06
ddilingerred2kic: the packages (if installed through apt-get or aptitude or similar) will be available for all users.  Not quite sure what a native virtual means06:06
red2kicddilinger: Snapshots.06:06
red2kicddilinger: That's what I'm thinking. I'm reading stuffs at the moment. No sweat. :206:06
ddilingerred2kic: well, you can have gnome and kde installed, log out of kde and then log into gnome, although you cant have the gnome desktop and the kde desktop running for the same user in the same X display at once06:07
ddilingerthat can all be done on a single user, they store their configs in seperate directorys.  The graphical login manager should have a dropdown to select gnome/kde/etc if they are installed06:08
red2kicddilinger: If you have another X display, you can have it running KDE. Not the approach I'm looking for. What I want to do is snapshots. Basically, I like it, I saved it. Then I start messing around with it. No sweat. I go back to my pristine condition.06:08
ddilingerahh, well for the most part that can be acomplished by duplicating the configuration directories06:08
ddilingerred2kic: with a couple exceptions kde stores all its info in ~/.kde/06:09
ddilingerred2kic: so if you make a tarball out of that directory you can call that a snapshot06:09
ddilingerred2kic: not as familiar with gnome but its likely similar06:09
=== adante_ is now known as adante
ddilingeri think gnome uses ~/.gnome2 and ~/.gnome2_private06:11
ennuiMy machine has an OSX filesystem partition in addition to Ubuntu, Is there some way I can write to it? I don't have right permission and is it not possible to chown with the format of osx's filesystem?06:11
re182Okay...so i've sucessfully installed windows and ubuntu 10.04. Windows is the primary drive, ubuntu is the secondary drive.06:11
ddilingerennui: have you managed to mount the HFS drive?06:11
re182I followed the instructions here :https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD and when i reboot i get a "windows did not restart properly...blah blah safe mode etc"06:11
re182i do not get a grub menu.06:12
red2kicddilinger: It does. I'm just not looking to install any metapackages. I want to experience a standalone kde minimal + xfce minimal. Not to mention I heard good things about LXDE (maybe for my netbook).06:12
ennuiddilinger it is mounted. I can read from it but not write06:12
ddilingerennui: even with root?06:12
hdevalenceHi, I'm having a problem where the server GLX version is only 1.2 but I need >= 1.3. How do I fix this?06:12
doyleddilinger: would you suggest he use chown on it?06:12
ddilingerdoyle: chown? no06:12
ennuithough I'm not exactly sure what the chmod command should look like06:12
ddilingera chown across the drive would likely fubar macos06:12
jimre182, one possibility is grub was installed in a place that the machine boot doesn't cover at the moment06:13
re182how can i determine where it was installed?06:13
=== Guest52693 is now known as di_giorgio
jimhow did you install it?06:13
jimor how did it get installed? also which version of grub is it?06:14
ennuiddilinger: if I run gksudo nautilus the file browser still can't write do the external06:14
ddilingerennui: hmm, what does the 'mount' command say about your drive?06:14
ddilingerennui: between the ()06:14
ddilingerre182: sounds like grub didn't install onto the windows drive06:15
re182it was supposed to be on the windows drive?06:15
LLLLLA friend sent me a file of Linux Nero, how do I install it?06:15
ddilingeryea, grub has to go on the main boot drive i think06:15
re182in those instructions it says to mount the ubuntu drive, not the windows one.06:15
jimwhere do you want it installed?06:16
bullgard4Synaptic: "libgdata-google1.2-1  --  Client library for accessing Google POA through SOAP interface. This package is a client library to access Google services through a SOAP interface." What does 'POA' stand for?06:16
abhi_navLLLLL, is it a source or .deb?06:16
re182I want grub2 on the windows one i guess, because it's the main HDD and the one that has the MBR06:16
Big_D_271anyone having trouble downloading from Ubuntu?06:16
re182Big_D_271: I was earlier today, but not in the past few hours.06:16
abhi_navwhat is h/o?06:17
Big_D_271re182 thanks... i'm thinking it might be on my end!06:17
Aidar-Nagatohave anybody still got problem with ati drivers? even after clear install i can't install fglrx06:17
re182abhi_nav: it means hold on ;)06:17
ddilingerLLLLL: what kind of file is it?06:17
jimhalf order?06:17
abhi_navre182, ok06:17
LLLLLhold on06:17
re182so....i should use those instructions again, but this time install grub to the windows drive?06:18
jimI'm not so sure...06:18
razz1i am unable to connect my wireless printer brother hl2170w to set it up, it is available in the network section but keeps dropping when i try to connect06:19
jimI'm definitely a fan of booting all osses starting with the same drive06:19
razz1what does a monitor like symbol beside a wireless network mean?06:19
jimbut, maybe your bois can boot the other drive06:20
=== sarah is now known as Guest75492
re182V_V oh, internet.06:20
re182thanks jim, I'll try to install grub on the windows drive :)06:20
ddilingerhmm, i hadn't thought of that but yea, you could swap the boot order in your bios, boot the linux hd, adjust grub to install to the windows disk, then flip the bios back06:20
=== karthik is now known as Guest75267
LLLLLddilinger, abhi_nav ...its zip06:21
jimcan you fit an additional primary partition of say 25-50mb onto the drive?06:21
R3cur51v3I want to install Windows dual-boot; I have already installed Ubuntu. I'll need to resize my /home partition to do so, but it's an XFS filesystem. Do I have any options, or will I just have to do a complete reinstall?06:21
re182the windows one? yeah06:21
abhi_navLLLLL, right click on it and unzip first06:21
LLLLLfuck it06:21
LLLLLfor language06:21
FloodBot3LLLLL: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:21
LLLLLcrap it, it's for x8606:21
LLLLLneed to find another06:21
jimR3cur51v3, do you have enough space to store the contents of /home?06:22
zydomasonR3cur51v3: you can always backup it somewhere and recreate the partition06:22
=== zydomason is now known as DaZ
R3cur51v3jim, zydomason, yeah I have plenty of free space on a spare 1 TB harddisk06:22
jimI hate that xfs can't shrink... I bailed on it for that reason06:22
LLLLLis all Linux x86?06:22
ddilingerDaZ: lemme just grab those DAT tapes and starting backing up a TB home dir :P06:22
abhi_navLLLLL, no not all06:22
jimlllll no but some is06:23
ddilingerLLLLL: not all Linux, but linux runs x86.  Chances are you are on x86 right now (although not guaranteed)06:23
R3cur51v3and I know about dpkg --get-selections06:23
doyleLLLLL: well, theres the first 85 to consider06:23
jimwell it's really up to you06:23
re182so jim, are you saying i should partition some space on the windows drive and install grub to that?06:23
razz1anyone know how to connect a wireless printer in ubuntu, it keeps disconnecting on mine06:23
LLLLLI have Ubuntu 10.04 .06:23
ddilingerre182: you shouldn't need to, grub fits in the MBR06:23
R3cur51v3But I'll also have to reinstall VMWare and some other stuff, plus I'll have to transfer and retransfer the 60 GB worth of stuff in /home, plus just installing Ubuntu takes time06:23
jimif you have that 1 tb drive, I'd be looking pretty squarely at lvm06:24
abhi_navLLLLL, can you unzip that file?06:24
re182ddilinger: so there should be no problem mounting that one using the livecd instead, and installing grub to it?06:24
jimwell any of these solutions is going to take time06:24
ddilingerre182: wont be the same, i dont think06:24
masjokohii all06:24
re182gah. then how am i to install grub?06:25
masjokoany one can help me??06:25
ddilingerre182: i'm not 100%, but i think you need to boot your linux partition(can you adjust bios to boot second drive?) and run grub from inside it06:25
re182I can't adjust my bios to boot it, i just checked :|06:25
masjokohow to install graphic card aspireoNE ao532???06:25
masjokohow to install graphic card aspireoNE ao532???06:25
masjokocan help me?? please06:26
ennuiddilinger: mount -> /dev/sdc5 on /media/Backup type hfsplus (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)06:26
ddilingerennui: hmm, so that is proper as well,  hfsplus and rw . . . you should be good to write files as root, not sure whats going on there06:26
ddilingerre182: ok, so then you can boot your liveCD, mount the drive and chroot into it06:27
* R3cur51v3 sighs, time to reinstall Ubuntu yet again...06:27
re182but then how am i to install grub to the windows partition?06:28
bullgard4Synaptic: "libgdata-google1.2-1  --  Client library for accessing Google POA through SOAP interface. This package is a client library to access Google services through a SOAP interface." What does 'POA' stand for?06:28
re182I mean, if the computer turns on and XP is the primary drive, it will boot up windows06:28
ddilingerre182: well, actually windows installed a small boot loader in the MBR that forwards it to a boot record for the partition06:29
ddilingerre182: grub will replace the MBR, but still be able to forward to the XP partition to boot normally06:29
re182ahh, okay06:29
abhi_navhow to remove this error which I got while checking for updates: http://paste.ubuntu.com/454276/06:31
cyphaseis there a clean way to close an ssh connection to your machine? as opposed to killing the connection process06:31
ddilingercyphase: kill is clean06:32
ddilingercyphase: kill -9 is the unclean way06:32
cyphaseah, okay06:32
randerzwhat does clean v unclean mean?06:33
ddilingerdoing a normal kill doesn't do anything crazy, it just sends a signal to the process06:33
ddilingerthe process can ignore it if it wants, or shut down.06:33
ddilingerkill -9 tells linux to shut it down, doesn't care what the process thinks06:33
abhi_navplease help updation error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/454276/06:34
kermitfirefox is slow, what else should i use?06:34
abhi_navkermit, softfox06:34
kermitddilinger: chrome or chromium?06:34
randerzso usually a process will have a function for handling the shutdown signal06:35
kermiti like to support FOSS though, isnt chromium almost as good as chrome?06:35
randerzand can close "cleanly" - not leave any open file descriptors, etc.06:35
ddilingeri use google-chrome-unstable from the ppa06:35
ddilingerranderz: well, linux wont let it have hanging file descriptors when its closed. linux will clean that.  By cleanly it means that the process shuts itself down, as oposed to the operating system shutting it down06:36
abhi_navrww can you please help sove this issue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/454276/06:36
cyphaseranderz, i cant remember the exact circumstances, but i remember once i killed an ssh connection and the computer thought it was still logged on06:36
abhineshabhi_nav: what issuse06:36
abhi_navhow to remove this error which I got while checking for updates: http://paste.ubuntu.com/454276/06:36
bh3whey hey06:36
abhi_navabhinesh, ^^06:37
bh3wjust finished with my ubuntu install06:37
abhi_navbh3w,  :)06:37
ddilingerabhi_nav: you would do better posting one liners like that in the chat :P06:37
ddilingerabhi_nav: you need to do something with the apt-key command, but i dont know what06:37
abhi_navddilinger, hmmm. i was not sure how much lines it will occupy06:37
abhi_navddilinger, hmm06:37
Guest15891might be swtiching to vista from ubuntu06:38
randerzthanks ddilinger and cyphase06:38
Lalithaabhi_nav, Hi, can you help me please ?06:38
Guest15891cant find good software for it06:38
abhi_navLalitha, about what? dont pm. ask here06:38
Lalithaabhi_nav, I want to redirect the output of speakers to the audacity so that it can record it .06:39
abhi_navLalitha, dont know. i dont have audocity06:39
LalithaDoes anyone know how to redirect the output of soundcard to audacity so that it can record ?06:40
Lalithaabhi_nav, thakns for replying06:40
ddilingerLalitha: look into pulseaudio06:40
bh3wquick question06:40
bh3wwell two06:40
Guest15891bh3w, go06:40
abhi_navLalitha, ok06:40
ddilingerLalitha: with pulseaudio you can change the 'sink' at the flick of a button, the sink being where the audio goes06:40
ddilingerLalitha: if you want to record rather than play, you can make the sink be a .wav file06:40
bh3wone, how do i show what version i am running? and if i'm running with ubuntu, but want the KDE environment, what do?06:40
rod1hello! Does anyone know how to fix blue/purple tint when playing videos? (all video players do this to me)06:40
abhi_navbh3w, paste uname -a output here06:41
Guest15891bh3w, install kubuntu06:41
Lalithabh3w, synaptic > kubuntu-desktop06:41
abhi_navbh3w, you can install kde from ubuntu software cneter name is kubuntu-desktop06:41
trask_I'm having troubles deleting some files that got interrupted during a transfer to my external HDD. Getting "Cannot remove <file> Input/output error"06:41
bh3wLinux woody-laptop 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 23:05:12 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux06:41
ddilingertrask_: likely a fsck is necessary06:41
doyleHow many jobs can make process without suffering too much? make -j50 too much?06:42
Lalithaddilinger, I am going to try it now.06:42
ddilingerlalitha: i think pulseaudio is installed by default on ubuntu, you just need to start the 'padevchooser' applet to let you easily switch sinks, and install the wav file sink06:42
trask_ddilinger: umount first then run? It won't delete anything will it?06:42
Guest15891guys what does wubi do06:42
ddilingertrask_: fsck wont delete anything, although you may end up with files in lost+found and no names06:42
ddilingertrask_: but the files in lost+found were already screwed before fsck ran, fsck just puts them there because it doesn't know where they go06:43
Guest15891guys what does wubi do06:43
Lalithaddilinger, installed padevchooser06:43
ddilingernever heard of wubi06:43
bh3wi'm in synaptic06:44
bh3wbut the only thing for KDE is not the environment06:44
xray_tskskubi wubi du06:44
Guest15891xray_tsk, what?06:44
Pavel_10I've downloaded Wicd, but it didn't auto-remove knetworkkanager.  Both are currently running.  How can I safely remove knetwork manager?06:44
LalithaGuest15891, wubi installs ubuntu as a windows application and uses windows' bootloader. and it can later be uninstaled from control panel > add/remove prog06:44
abhi_navddilinger, solved. i do sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys followed by error hed number. and it is done!!!06:44
xray_tskjust kidding06:44
ddilingerabhi_nav: beautiful :)06:45
dmghi, is it better to install cron or anacron on Ubuntu Server 10.4 ?06:45
rod1anyone know how to fix blue tint in video playing ?06:45
abhi_navddilinger, :)06:45
ddilingerdmg: is your system on 24hrs a day?06:45
rod1recently appeared06:45
dmgon my netbook I have both, but on the server I want to choose one06:45
ddilingerdmg: anacron is for systems that go up and down, cron is for servers06:46
ddilingerwell, generally anyways06:46
dmgddilinger, does the use the same config files?06:46
ddilingernot entirely sure06:46
trask_ddilinger: how do I see what /dev is my external? It's currently still mounted.06:46
dmgbecause I don't now if is it ok if I have both installed on my netbook06:46
ddilingertrask_: type 'mount'06:46
ddilingertrask_: should be listed06:47
trask_Simple. Thank you.06:47
=== alpenrose is now known as TNA-fx
ddilingerdmg: well, they arn't marked as conflicting packages so i guess its not the end of the world.  prob wouldn't hurt to remove cron though06:47
Guest15891do u recommend using windows and ubuntu06:48
ddilingeri recommend using what works for u06:48
ddilingerif it aint broke, dont fix it :)06:48
bullgard4Synaptic: "libgdata-google1.2-1  --  Client library for accessing Google POA through SOAP interface. This package is a client library to access Google services through a SOAP interface." What does 'POA' stand for?06:48
trask_ddilinger: "fsck: fsck.ntfs: not found. fsck: Error 2 while executing fsck.ntfs for /dev/sdb1"06:48
Guest15891not enough good software for ubuntu06:48
jayneWhat's a good socks5 proxy (server) with authentication?06:49
ddilingertrask_: its an ntfs drive?  you will prob have to to a check from windows then,  not usre what the command is called06:49
red2kicddilinger: Okay. Do you happen to know if I were to install KDE on a new user, would GNOME apps and KDE apps overlays each others on new user? What about XFCE? I don't want to resort to figuring out which icon/package/settings belongs to.06:49
dmgddilinger, that's weird, in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto i read that anacron itself is invoked from the /etc/crontab file, but when I run "aptitude show anacron" in dependencies I see "libc6 (>= 2.7), debianutils (>= 1.7), lsb-base (>= 3.0-10)" and not cron...06:50
abhi_navred2kic, they will now overwritge each other. but you wll have all aps for gnome and kde desktop. i.e. no of aps will increase06:51
ddilingerred2kic: well, i'm actually using a very simple fluxbox install, no kde/gnome, but iirc they play pretty well together06:51
rajguys is there anyway to get 150 MBPS bitrate on an N adapter. im only getting 54 MBS? i have a TEW 644UB06:51
red2kicabhi_nav: Meaning if a user bob installed opera browser, it'll show up in user dave?06:51
ddilingerdmg: interesting, yea i just peeked at the anacron package it does suggest having cron installed, but doesn't require it06:52
ddilingerred2kic: no, you would have to install opera as root06:52
ddilingerred2kic: should be a .deb package you can just 'sudo dpkg -i opera.deb' on06:52
abhi_navred2kic, what we installed from admin account wll show up in every normal account in both kde and gnome06:52
Lalithaddilinger, what do i enter as sink ?06:53
abhi_navwhat is the name of that text irc? irrc? iiirc? or iirc? which one?06:53
dmgoh, maybe it's an old article and in the meanwhile anacron was rewritten not to use the cron deamon06:53
abhi_navjayne, ok06:53
ZweiHi, I'm using gnome photo printer, is there anyway to re-arrange how the pictures are laid out? I have about 30 photos but the application seems to order them by filename.06:54
ddilingerLalitha: actualy, with pulseaudio try this: http://www.outflux.net/blog/archives/2009/04/19/recording-from-pulseaudio/06:54
ddilingerabhi_nav: text irc, i use irssi06:54
trask_ddilinger: it's a 1TB external HDD, is there a way I can format it to something else?06:54
abhi_navddilinger, hmm06:54
red2kicabhi_nav: I understand. I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to have all DE system for experiments without having them tied up together? I want the experiences of native KDE, native XFCE, native GNOME, etc...? Physical hard drives to swap around is one alternative. I don't want any virtuals.06:54
ddilingertrask_: well certainly can reformat to ext3 or something, but you will lose the contents06:54
ammarAnybody knows how to do a VPN in Ubuntu??06:55
abhi_navred2kic, what is de?06:55
trask_ddilinger: Fat32 wouldn't work since it's 1TB, right?06:55
red2kic!de | adamx06:55
ubottuadamx: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.06:55
ddilingertrask_: note that if you make it ext3 you cant read it from windows06:55
ddilingertrask_: well, actualy there was a driver to load ext2 on windows maybee you can, but its not default installed06:55
red2kicadamx: Sorry.06:55
ddilingertrask_: thats my understanding, yea06:55
red2kic!desktops | abhi_nav06:55
ubottuabhi_nav: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors06:55
Guest15891trask_, free software/06:56
ddilinger20 years in almost and linux still doesn't play that well with windows filesystems :P06:56
trask_Guest15891: ?06:56
abhi_navred2kic, so you want to install gnome,kde, xfce but you dont want their aps to be grouped toghet? thats not possible.06:56
Guest15891trask_, what is lames06:56
trask_ddilinger: ext2/3 are easy enough to read (and write?) on Windows, but still..06:56
red2kicabhi_nav: Meh. So every users will have to see any new packages that are installed from other users.06:57
abhi_navred2kic, not by other standarad users. but by other admin users06:57
Lalithaddilinger, I do not understand how to use that page.06:57
Lalithaddilinger, i must enter the commands one by one ?06:57
abhi_navred2kic, e.g. if bob install some software and bob is NOT admin then nobody else can see that software.06:57
Lalithaddilinger, but it does not have a place to enter the webapge link ?06:57
Matrice64hi everyone, has anyone been sucessful at getting itunes to work?06:57
abhi_navred2kic, but if bot IS admin and he install any software then all wll see that software06:57
ddilingerLalitha: copy the script(the numbered lines in the middle) into a file.  chmod +x the file, the run it with the command line option being the name of your output wav file06:58
Guest15891Matrice64, why do you want itunes06:59
red2kicabhi_nav: Alright, I guess I'll opt for virtuals (for now). Maybe bunch of hard drives.06:59
ddilingerthey dont make a linux itunes do they?  doesn't seem like apple's style06:59
abhi_navred2kic, hmm06:59
Matrice64Guest15891:  I have an ipad and I want to be able to access it when I'm on ubuntu06:59
ddilingerMatrice64: depending how beefy your computer is you can load virtualbox and run winxp in seamless mode, run itunes that way07:00
ddilingerMatrice64: be sure to use real virtualbox, not virtualbox-ose because the ose version doesn't do usb port forward07:00
Matrice64ddilinger: I was hoping to avoid doing that :-\07:00
ddilingerMatrice64: complain to apple :P07:01
abhi_navred2kic, best way to learn such things is not theory but is practical. do it yourself try with gnome and kde. try to remove software of gnome you dont want in kde etc. Alwasy experimetn and learn. thats the more knowledgeable07:01
ddilingeri'm sure they will make a linux client :P07:01
hdevalencehey, looks like I'll have to upgrade my X server to the unstable version from the xorg-edgers ppa to get my graphics to work; is there any other info about this process?07:01
jimhi, with grub2 how would I boot a live cd and install it again07:01
red2kicabhi_nav: Yes. I want to avoid metapackages, is all. :)07:01
Matrice64sure would be great if they did07:01
jimalso, say I want to install it to a different place07:01
abhi_navred2kic, hmm07:01
Guest15891Matrice64, do you have windows07:01
Matrice64well.. rather change the dependency on using itunes altogether to manage it07:01
red2kicabhi_nav: But if I have to remember what packages I installed after I purged users. Meh.07:02
abhi_navred2kic, ohh07:02
ddilingeri absolutly hate that these media devices no longer connect to a pc as a dumb hard drive.  That wsa by far the best way not these silly itunes and zune apps that abstract it all away07:02
Matrice64Guest15891: yes, I dual boot , its just an inconvience to have to reboot just to do that expecially if I have alot going on07:03
ddilingervirtualbox :)07:03
trask_How do you give names to external HDDs and USBs?07:03
ddilingeryou can do winXp with a 256M VM07:03
Matrice64thats also an option07:04
mikedraven27how can i changethe workgroup (network name) in ubuntu07:04
ddilingeri dont particularly like it as an answer either, but when i wanted to root my android phone and the software didn't work in linux, running it from virtualbox was perfect :)07:04
ltspadminon thin client machine not getting 1024x768 resolution ubuntu thin client. motherboard is intel 865gvlf and monitor is 500G07:05
=== Hering is now known as broy-
Matrice64ddilinger: even the android doesn't support direct connection without an app?07:05
ddilingerthis was reflashing the phone07:05
ddilingerthe flash allowed it to be rooted, but the flash software was for window07:05
ddilingersoftware came from motorolla, not google07:06
Matrice64ah I see07:06
inspironDoes anyone know how to use sed to remove anything but the version number of the kernel? I have a list with strings such as linux-headers-2.6.??-??-generic ...... and I only want to keep the 2.6.??-??07:06
moodyanyone ever have a problem with their wallpaper glitching up and splitting in half, like this? : http://www.moodylamb.com/Screenshot.png07:07
Matrice64mikedraven27: this might help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27249907:08
kostmoWithin the last week or so, the "Window List" component of my Gnome Panel has not been behaving properly.  Certain windows will decide not to react when clicked, but others will.  So either I'll play whack-a-mole until one window finally opens, or I have to use the scroll wheel of the mouse to switch windows.07:09
tsimpsoninspiron: "sed 's/linxu\-headers-\(.*\)\-generic/\1/g'" should work07:09
kostmoHas anyone else encountered this?07:09
rajhttp://pastebin.org/355852  IS what i get on my card. I should be getting 150M - 300M bitrate .. help i have N wifi and i only get 54M.. N card and N adapter .. no luck HELP07:09
Guest15891does it work on windows07:10
christ__can i install ubuntu 8.04 on ma pentium 3 computer07:10
christ__does it support pentium 3 computer07:11
christ__can someone just help me out07:11
alskhow with apt-get do i install all of the suggested packages i ignored ?07:11
kostmochrist__: old hardware might accept a smaller distro, like "Puppy Linux", better07:12
inspirontsimpson: It doesn't - I managed to get it delete the 2.6.??-?? but can't invert the behaviour07:12
christ__kostmo: so do u think it will not support ma desktop07:12
tsimpsoninspiron: that works here, eg "echo "linux-headers-$(uname -r)" | sed 's/linux\-headers-\(.*\)\-generic/\1/g'" gives me "2.6.32-22"07:13
kostmochrist__: no hurt in trying07:13
ubutom_raj, are you sure your wireless router is using n?07:13
christ__kostmo: ok.. in that case ok07:13
kostmobut another backup distro to try is "DSL"07:13
alskhow with apt-get do i install all of the suggested packages i ignored ?07:14
inspirontsimpson: it doesn't work with me. I'll try it again don't worry07:14
New_UserHowdy to all.  I am a new user to Linux and wanted to know if Linux has a feature similiar to what Windows 7 has, or what you can add to XP with extra software.  What I am looking for is a way to select text and have Linux speak it aloud.  Is that possible?  I am going to be installing Ubuntu.07:14
rajubutom_:  yes :) its a TEW 644UB i had to get wireless backport modules to get it working07:14
edei just set a panel to "auto-hide"...and now it wont appear even when i move my mouse to the edge =(07:14
indusNew_User, of course. its called espeak07:14
Guest15891New_User, sure07:14
indus!info festival07:15
ubottufestival (source: festival): General multi-lingual speech synthesis system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.96~beta-10ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 865 kB, installed size 2540 kB07:15
edeis there a way to get a list of panel?07:15
kanhiyahello everybody07:15
New_UserAfter installing Ubuntu I go and install espeak to get that then?07:15
New_UserThank you.  I appreciate the comments.07:15
ubutom_raj, no, I meant the router, not the adapter, some devices tend to use a mixed mode or something, for example my router'S default behaviour was to use b/g and I set it to just use g07:16
indusNew_User, which language do you want it in07:16
kanhiyai  have downloaded edubuntu10.04 and tried to take a look but after booting it asks for a password07:16
hrishihi kanhiya07:16
indusNew_User, try festival07:16
kanhiyahrishi: I WAS using Live CD07:16
New_UserIs this a good system for Linux: Old Dell Dimension 2Ghz with 1GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive.07:16
rajubutom yes its a b/g/n linksys07:17
indusNew_User, sure its good enough07:17
Guest15891New_User, sure07:17
mneptokNew_User: *if* the hardware is supported, which a Live sesssion will tell you.07:17
=== Guest75267 is now known as karthi
New_UserWonderful.  I am installing ubuntu now.07:17
hrishikanhiya: lucid ?07:17
indusNew_User, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TextToSpeech07:17
ubutom_raj, you could try disabling the other modes, maybe that'S enough to fix it :)07:17
indusdo read that link07:17
Jerusalem420I want to set  Site Name   in Global Config to something containing a quotation mark (") and this is a special character (of course) and it messes up the display of the word. any suggestions?07:17
Jerusalem420wrong chat room07:18
Guest15891free software is free but you have to make it work07:18
Jerusalem420soo sorry07:18
kanhiyahrishi: yes ,Edubuntu10.0407:18
rajubutom will try that thx07:18
mneptokJerusalem420: escape the space with \07:18
New_UserI am using a DVD to try out Linux and I like it.  Much cheaper than Windows and since I have not much I want to do on the PC I think Linux is a perfect choice.07:18
Jerusalem420lol. thanks mneptok. ubuntu people are good people07:19
bh3wsynaptic does not have KDE desktop environment as option for install, how would i go about installing that environment?07:19
mneptokJerusalem420: i have my moments.07:19
alskno apt users ?07:19
indusmneptok, :)07:19
hrishikanhiya: howz it?07:19
Guest15891New_User, free software is free but you have to make it work07:19
mneptokNew_User: Linux is not for people with "not much they want to do on the PC"07:20
Guest15891mnemon, y07:20
Guest15891mneptok, y07:20
ubutom_mneptok, depends07:20
LLLLLyea, I figured it wasn't x86 so I trashed it but it's still on my computer. Should I try it. What's the worse it can happen if I don't have x86 ......talking about Nero for Linux 4.007:20
hrishiNew_User: if u have lot to do then also linux is the best choice :)07:20
kanhiyahrishi: how do i know? when i am unable to login as live user,same is the case when i tried to install,it takes me to login screen and asks for user name and password07:20
ubutom_mneptok, surfing, writing emails, using an office suite, etc, all no problem with linux ;) gamin on the other hand...07:21
Guest15891gaming is fine if u like pacman07:21
mneptokubutom_: sorry, i got serious about gaming and bought a PS3.07:21
Guest15891mneptok, ps3 is not serious07:21
ubutom_mneptok, that'S what my windows is for ;D07:22
Guest15891ubuntom yeah07:22
kanhiyahrishi: this DVD become useless for me and i have lost a lot of time downloading it07:22
hrishikanhiya: by default?07:22
indusGuest15891, whats with the random comments ?07:22
hrishikanhiya: u didn't set any password ?07:22
kanhiyahrishi: what?07:22
LLLLLyea, I figured it wasn't x86 so I trashed it but it's still on my computer. Should I try it. What's the worse it can happen if I don't have x86 ......talking about Nero for Linux 4.007:22
kanhiyahrishi: i was trying ubuntu without any change to computer07:23
Guest15891indus what comments07:23
indusps3 gaming etc etc07:23
kanhiyahrishi: means as a live user07:23
MrPPShey, i tried installing a package (xplico), and it didn't properly install (from a .deb file), and now i want to remove it, but the standard ways and all the variations of dpkg forcing i've tried don't work07:24
Guest15891just stating the obvious07:24
MrPPSany ideas?07:24
hrishikanhiya: then u tried to install?07:24
kanhiyahrishi: so no question arise for user name or password without installing07:24
Jerusalem420thanks mneptok. it worked07:24
* mneptok bows07:24
Jerusalem420still lol that i asked my question in the wrong channel and still got a valid answer07:25
kanhiyahrishi: i also tried that option but same result07:25
abhinav_singhHi i am using ubuntu version 10.04.....when I lock the screen it gets hanged.....what to do............07:25
leowangvirtual machine?07:25
hrishikanhiya: try booting from that disk07:25
kanhiyahrishi: what?07:26
abhinav_singhHi i am using ubuntu version 10.04.....when I lock the screen it gets hanged.....what to do............07:26
leowangwhat do you mean "hanged"?07:27
hrishikanhiya: just try to boot from the DVD and then install07:27
Lalithaddilinger, Hi. the link that you gave , i saved , changed to +x , and i run it "./file -output.wav"07:27
Lalithaddilinger, but it says an error07:27
abhi_navabhinav_singh, same prblem I encountered in 9.10 and 9.04. but now I dont have that prob in 10.0407:27
Lalitha./savemusic output.wav07:27
LalithaRecording to output.wav ...07:27
LalithaClose this window to stop07:27
Lalitha./savemusic: line 17: sox: command not found07:27
LalithaStream error: Invalid argument07:27
FloodBot3Lalitha: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:27
hrishileowang :hang= system crash lol07:27
kanhiyahrishi: i was doing the same but after chosing option to install ,setup automatically takes me to ,that login screen07:28
Lalithaddilinger, are you still there ?07:28
abhinav_singhabhi_nav :its strange ..you are also using the same version but your are not having this problem07:28
Guest15891no one is07:28
abhi_navabhinav_singh, yah :P07:28
abhinav_singhabhi_nav : so did you look for any solution for that problem in your previous versions???????????????????07:29
hrishitried 'root' and 'password' ?07:29
ennuiIf I want to change the icon for an application in metacity's window switcher, do I need to mess with the source code? :/07:29
abhi_navabhinav_singh, i looked in launchpad bug. but dont know the solution. you look in launchpad again is they solved this bug you may get solution07:30
kanhiyahrishi: what password07:30
hrishikanhiya: tried 'root' and 'password' ?07:30
kanhiyahrishi: do you mean user name root and password is password07:30
hrishikanhiya: username :'root' and password :'password'07:30
abhinav_singhabhi_nav : i am new to linux...is launchpad is a website?07:31
abhi_navabhinav_singh, lanuchpad.net07:31
abhi_navabhinav_singh, sorry launchpad07:31
abhinav_singhabhi_nav, thanks buddy07:31
abhi_navabhinav_singh, sign  up there. and keep eye one bug. if its solved great! not then you wll get some solutin some day. :P07:31
abhi_navabhinav_singh, also you can contribute in lots of projects there and can submit bug there07:32
kanhiyahrishi: i will try this also! i will be back again07:32
abhinav_singhabhi_nav ,sure07:32
abhi_navabhinav_singh, :)07:32
hrishikanhiya: ok07:33
Guest15891u can submit a bug but real men fix it themself07:35
arunkumar413hi, i tried to compile a package from  source.it returned some error.dont no how to solve the errors07:35
mneptokreal men spell "you"07:35
ltspadminon thin client machine not getting 1024x768 resolution ubuntu thin client. motherboard is intel 865gvlf and monitor is 500G07:36
VanessaEgood morning.  Is there some simple way to issue a command to turn the power on to all USB ports on a laptop?  (Intel 82801 chipset)07:36
ennuican anyone suggest a ipod manager? I use guayadeque as a player and it's great but it doesn't have any ipod support yet07:36
mneptok!info gtkpod07:36
VanessaE(they're defaulting to forced-off, not even a USB mouse lights up)07:36
ubottugtkpod (source: gtkpod): manage songs and playlists on an Apple iPod. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.99.14-2ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 252 kB, installed size 660 kB07:36
mneptokVanessaE: could there be a BIOS setting for that?07:37
Guest15891ennui, itunes07:37
VanessaEmnemon, I've looked through the BIOS on this machine already.  There's no such option07:37
indusennui, doesnt rhythmbox do it07:38
VanessaE(for a search of this type, the web is all but useless)07:38
ennuiindus: oops, I had removed rhythmbox because I wasn't using it as a player07:38
indusennui, it works fine for ipods , now also with ipod nano and touch i believe07:39
abusadoI need help07:39
kanhiyahrishi: same result authentication failure07:39
VanessaEI thought maybe it was a power management issue, but I can't find any clearly-stated way to turn the ports back on (shouldn't the port in use do this automatically?)07:40
abusado <---- how to get rid of this bug in bash?07:40
Guest15891abusado, what bug07:40
abusado/usr/bin/python: can't find '__main__.py' in '/usr/share/command-not-found' <-- how to get rid of this bug?07:40
abhi_navkanhiya,  go to root prompt and from there command line create enw admin user set its username and password and then login to it and form there manager your pc07:40
indusVanessaE, they do it auto , infact they all have power on even if not connected to it ,07:40
indusas far as i know,07:40
kanhiyahrishi: this is biggest bug that i have ever seen,this DVD become useless for me07:40
indusVanessaE, what exactly is the issue07:41
abhi_navkanhiya, ^^07:41
jimhow do you chainload using grub2?07:41
kanhiyaabhi_nav: root prompt in live CD/DVD07:41
abhi_navkanhiya, yes07:41
kanhiyaabhi_nav: how?07:42
abhinav_singhabhi_nav well in all the forums there are only questions abt that problem but no site contains solution07:42
abhi_navabhinav_singh, then they ddnt have fixed it yet07:42
abusado/usr/bin/python: can't find '__main__.py' in '/usr/share/command-not-found' <-- how to get rid of this bug? it should only say COMMAND NOT FOUND not that error07:42
abhi_navkanhiya, can you please repeat your question?07:42
VanessaEindus: the system does not recognize my plugging in either of the two USB devices I have: a standard-issue USB hard drive (with its own power supply), which I normally use with my PC, and an optical mouse, which I was testing with (since it should light up)07:42
indusjim hi]07:42
nomad77jim: same as old but use real partition number,not 1 less as in grub-legacy07:42
indusjim by editing grub config file07:43
indusjim what do you want to do07:43
abhinav_singhabhi_nav then why to use ubuntu..........i will install fedora1307:43
Guest15891abusado, ok07:43
VanessaEno messages of any kind in dmesg other than that which the kernel adds initially when it scans for device drivers to load (it loads OHCI and UHCI automatically)07:43
abhi_navabhinav_singh, sure. you do as you like. its 'free' world ;)07:43
jimI'm stuck, I dunno grub2 well (or at all even) and trying to help someone, we got somewhere but not everywhere07:43
kanhiyaabhi_nav: my EDUBUNTU 10.04 DVD boots well but after booting it takes me to login screen and asks for user name and password07:43
abhinav_singhabhi_nav yes07:44
yudi1I am unable to connect to a wireless printer, but can connect to wireless network, it just keeps disconnecting. help07:44
jimhe has ubuntu on hd1 but this grub hasn't seen hd1 yet07:44
abhi_navkanhiya, so it diddnt even allow you to install it? and you havnt installed it?07:44
jimnot in its device map or somehting07:44
abhinav_singhabhi_nav ,do u know any flavour of linux which has superb graphics.?07:44
Guest15891why use fedora when you bun too07:44
ljsoftnetyudil:can u login to your wireless router?07:44
kanhiyaabhi_nav: -i also tried to install it but same result07:44
abhi_navabhinav_singh, channel for fedora is #fedora. you can get info about major linux distro in distrowatch.org and linux.com read there  or ask in  #linux07:45
yudi1lj, i have no router07:45
ljsoftnetyudi1: can you login to your wireless router?07:45
abhi_navkanhiya, hmm dvd is waste07:45
indusjim well,. grub config file are in diff locations, grub default options are in /etc/default/grub , then conf file s in /etc/grub.d/40_custom etc07:45
yudi1i use ad-hoc network, not infrastructure07:45
indusjim in last one you can add the custom stuff07:45
jimright now we got the machine to boot from grub07:45
kanhiyaabhi_nav: it does not allow me to select fie systems and location etc07:45
jimand we're in an old menu07:45
ljsoftnetyudi1: maybe u need to wireless network cards, 1 for the network and 1 for the printer07:46
abhi_navkanhiya, what about downloading fresh iso and creating new dvd? ;)07:46
yudi1ljsoft, I believe it's got something to do with the print server, its set to APIPA07:46
indusjim hmm i guess copy grub2 instructions to a pen drive o r something ?07:46
indusjim or note down on paper ;)07:46
yudi1ljsoft, no I do not need any cards, It works like a charm on vista, same laptop daul boot07:47
arunkumar413indus: hi07:47
kanhiyaabhi_nav: than what to do? i have downloaded it from EDUBUNTU OFFICIAL SITE and used a download manager07:47
indusarunkumar413, hello07:47
VanessaEindus, is there a way to test the ports to see if they even work?07:47
arunkumar413indus: i installed the qt3 dev tools07:47
indusVanessaE, if you put your finger in it , a nice shock should be received :D07:47
abhi_navkanhiya, there is a facility to check 'checksum' and aother is 'check installation media' you go to both of this option and see what they say07:47
indusVanessaE, well , is this the front ports on the case ?07:47
arunkumar413indus: and tried to compile a package from source.it's giving errors07:48
kanhiyaabhi_nav: right now i do not have a broadband connection, to download it again07:48
abhi_navkanhiya, ^^07:48
indusarunkumar413, hold on, iam with some other user07:48
abhi_navkanhiya, where do you live?07:48
kanhiyaokay! i will see that option also07:48
VanessaEindus: I assume you mean to ask whether they're even connected to the mainboard.  This is on a laptop, and they're on the side actually, but I've also tried the ones on the back.07:48
kanhiyaabhi_nav: i am from India07:48
ljsoftnetyudi1: im a bit confused about, your problem, try to ask again07:49
indusVanessaE,ah ok my mistake07:49
abhi_navkanhiya, I know that dear. I mean city07:49
indusVanessaE, so none of your usb devicse work ?07:49
jsoftWhats some interesting-ish program to install.07:49
kanhiyaabhi_nav: Panipat (Haryana)07:49
AAAjsoft  what are you interested in? apt-cache search <string>07:50
indusVanessaE, ok try this, first check dmesg | tail07:50
VanessaEindus, not exactly07:50
ubufooli think a cat pee'd on my motherboard...one of my nics isnt working right...how do i test it?07:50
abhi_navkanhiya, ahh ok. what I was suggestin was if some ubuntu userfrm same city can help you by downloading iso for you. i am from mumbai07:50
indusVanessaE, then plug a device and check dmesg | tail again07:50
jsoftAAA: im just bored atm, is all.07:50
Guest15891ubufool, really?07:50
ubufoolyea =c07:50
jimjsoft: inkscape, gimp, scheme07:50
Guest15891ubufool, hahahaha07:50
notee39who is borring07:51
ubufoolno more super seeding -.-07:51
indusubufool, how can a cat access the motherboard ??07:51
yudi1ljsoft, it's a networking issue, my laptop is not connecting to the printer wirelessly, no routers, it's direct. i just want to figure out where and what is going wrong, once if I can connect, i will be able to print,07:51
VanessaEI just checked my USB card reader - it powers on, but dmesg shows nothing of consequence.  my USB mouse doesn't even light up, and none of the three actually *do* anything07:51
=== notee39 is now known as spongebomb
ubufoolmy pc is open..air circulation =c07:51
indusVanessaE, can i see your dmesg output07:51
kanhiyaabhi_nav: there are very few linux user in Panipat07:51
VanessaE(i.e. no windows popping up or status messages in the log, or even so much as a flicker of the access light)07:51
VanessaEsure one sec.07:51
indusVanessaE, both on connecting and on removal of device please07:52
abhi_navkanhiya, yah ok you go to that checksum and check installation media option see what they give. if error then dvd is of no use.07:52
indusjim you there ?07:52
AiffeHello, can anyone help me? I have no sound on a new install of Lucid, and I've checked alsamixer/unmuted everything/checked the groups.07:52
indushave you readgrub 2 docs jim07:52
ubufooli cleaned some of what i could see. but i'll probably have to take the board out and open the metal case..clean the connections...I would like to know the command to see if it can be re-detected/installed07:52
kanhiyaokay i am also going to check that also!07:53
indusubufool,  if the urine dries, it might leave deposits maybe :D not sure07:53
jimno not yet07:53
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:53
jimwe may not need to yet07:53
VanessaEindus:  http://pastebin.com/hbkaRtyN07:53
ubufoolyea.. dried pee is a gooey mess07:53
ubufooland wil eat away the insulation..07:54
jimI'm trying one more thing and then giving up for tonite :)07:54
indusVanessaE, only dmesg | tail please07:54
VanessaEwithin that should have been at least three or four plug-and-unplug events, but I don't see anything of interest beyond the initial device scan07:54
VanessaEoh, sure07:54
ubufoolis there a way to re-install the nic? i can't remove it physically..like a card it's on board so...07:54
indusjim also, simple chainloading definition http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Applications_GUI_Multimedia/Chainloading_in_Linux07:55
AiffeI'm sorry to bother people, I just really don't know how to fix this, I followed the sound troubleshooting guides and nothing works. :(07:55
VanessaEindus:  http://pastebin.com/2jRV92vs07:55
VanessaE(as you can see, no reaction at all from the kernel)07:55
demitriusAiffe - you're not a bother. Don't have any ideas for you, sorry.07:55
kanhiyaabhi_nav: how to compare checksum07:55
MoMoif i have about 20 linux machines a good amount of ubuntu with some redhat here and there .. and I want to run a bash script on ALL of the machines ... i was smart enough to put a root password that is the same on all the machines, but i don't have a list of all the machine ips ... what is the easiest way to scan the ip ranges, ssh run script from a common server share and move onto the next server?07:56
indusVanessaE, ok bad usb device or port, but mostly device ?07:56
vu1kandoes anybody know why the 'pop-up notifications' in prefs doesn't seem to apply changes?(specifically i'm trying to get the pop-ups to show in the lower right corner, but even though i've selected that option, they still show in the upper corner)07:56
ubufoolalso would like to know how to update to ubuntustudio from original 10.4?07:56
abhi_navabhinav_singh, try linux mint07:56
AiffeThanks anyway, demitrius.  I appreciate  the answer.07:56
indusVanessaE, or a kernel issue, which version of ubuntu is this07:56
VanessaEindus: three different devices, no reaction on any of them.07:56
demitriusAiffe - have you run the "Hardware Drivers" program?07:56
VanessaEThis is Lucid.07:56
indusVanessaE, netbook , laptop ?07:56
VanessaElaptop, Dell Inspiron 920007:56
abhi_navkanhiya, from whre you downloaded iso on that page they give its checksum. download that and there is a text base program something called md5 you check with it07:56
abhi_navkanhiya, you have to install md5 its very small program07:56
abhinav_singhabhi_nav:what is linux mint?07:56
Aiffedemitrius - how do I run that?07:57
brickyVanessaE broadcom07:57
rwwvu1kan: I believe that preferences thing is for GNOME's notification daemon, which isn't notify-osd, which is what Ubuntu uses.07:57
VanessaEbricky: eh?07:57
C\my issue was that every tim i join large channels my computer freezes07:57
brickythe network card07:57
C\this don't help07:57
abhi_navabhinav_singh,a derivative of ubuntu with multimedia and other software preinstalled07:57
indusVanessaE, does it work in windows !???07:57
VanessaEoh, for the wireless?  no idea.  That part just works. :)07:57
VanessaEI don't have windows on this machine.07:57
vu1kanrww is there a way(gui or cli) to modify where notify-osd pops up at?07:57
jimso how do you mount /dev, I'm going to try a chroot07:57
ubufoolwhats the model and maker of the wii?07:57
demitriusAiffe - System > Administration > Hardware Drivers07:57
abhi_navabhinav_singh, linuxmint.com07:57
indusVanessaE, that is the only way to check ,or another distro might beof use07:57
rwwvu1kan: I'm not aware of notify-osd having any preferences whatsoever, actually :(07:57
squareBOXmorning all07:57
abhinav_singhabhi_nav and ubuntustudio?07:58
indusVanessaE, otherwise usb header gone bad maybe inside07:58
Aiffedemitrius - yes, I ran that first thing, to get my wireless working.07:58
VanessaE02:03.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection (rev 05)07:58
abhi_navabhinav_singh, ubuntustudi is for artists, musician, advertise field, etc you read more in ubuntustudio.org07:58
VanessaEthere it is.07:58
indusVanessaE, in bios ??07:58
vu1kanrww. thanks, but knuts...i found a guide on ubuntuforums to recompile it, but i'm not comfertable doing that, yet07:58
indusVanessaE, double check bios options07:58
demitriusAiffe - oh, okay. that's all I can think of, sorry.07:58
VanessaEindus: no BIOS settings that affect USB, other than offering a boot order option07:58
squareBOXhey all, can yoiu tell em does ubuntu use ss to replace netstat? im writing a script for redhat based OS's but want to make sure it works on ubuntu/debian based os's as well07:58
AiffeIt's okay, thanks for trying. I appreciate it.07:58
abhi_navabhinav_singh, ubuntustudio for multimedia, audio and video filed e.g. cinema, etc07:59
demitriusSure thing!07:59
VanessaE(it apparently could boot from a USB fob if I had one)07:59
jimVanessaE, could you show the same line from lspci -nn07:59
abhinav_singhabhi_nav ok07:59
indusVanessaE,tried that ?07:59
indusVanessaE, at least the usb port can be tested07:59
VanessaEJim:  02:03.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection [8086:4220] (rev 05)07:59
MoMoi was thinking i could make a script to ping and then increment the last octet by 1, and for every live IP ... add it to a flat file07:59
indusVanessaE, but since you said the device lights up etc, seems more complicated07:59
indusVanessaE, only way i say is use another linux distro and check this08:00
VanessaEI would try, but I don't have any  bootable USB devices :-/08:00
indusVanessaE, or if possible a windows os08:00
VanessaEwell I guess I could check with the Gentoo CD, I have that handy and I'm well versed with it.08:00
VanessaEWindows, G*d forbid no.08:00
AAAjsoft  nmap, tcpdump, nc08:00
jimVanessaE, modprobe ipw220008:00
indusVanessaE, omg gentoo :)08:00
VanessaEJim: the wireless works fine.  I'm using it now.08:00
jimoh nevermind then :)08:01
VanessaEJim:  The problem is the USB ports.08:01
abhi_navabhinav_singh, read my pm08:01
indusVanessaE, how about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/56445908:01
angelete2i've instaled 10.04 server08:01
* VanessaE looks...08:01
angelete2and during instalation process i set up my raid and lvm volumes08:01
angelete2but i've tried to change them manually later on08:02
indusdont think its the right solution but can try , its for usb hdd i believe08:02
angelete2but any time i boot my manual config is overriden with the installation one08:02
VanessaEI have a USB HD as well, same issue08:02
jimVanessaE: oh, if you use the usb cables as wireless antennae...08:02
vu1kan!enter | angelete208:02
ubottuangelete2: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:02
angelete2where is this config stored in order to erase it?08:02
AiffeOh, if it helps, I have a forum post with some more info here-- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1516526 basically, everything says it should be working, I just don't hear anything.08:03
jimhow do you mount the devfs a second time?08:03
jimI want the thing mounted on /dev to be also mounted on /mnt/dev08:03
kanhiyaabhi_nav:  i am confused ,i went to site from where i have downloaded it and get MD5 Data for link that i have downloaded but do not know from where to download comparator08:03
angelete2 i've instaled 10.04 server. during instalation process i set up my raid and lvm volumes, but i've tried to change them manually later on. but any time i boot my manual config is overriden with the installation one.where is this config stored in order to erase it?08:04
=== Cariyla is now known as Gerwin
angelete2vu1kan: better this way?08:04
interanutabhinav : if you open K3B it will check MD508:04
kanhiyaabhi_nav: 5eccab9d5956956c3dc28d5a6c4a2e69 *edubuntu-10.04-dvd-i386.iso08:04
VanessaEok, no good by adding the usb-storage module.  Also of note: the USB card reader, when it powers up, shows both the power light and the "card is mounted" light - even when empty.  This is not the usual behavior of this device on my PC.08:05
vu1kanangelete2 makes for less noise in the channel; but this is the ubuntu desktop channel, you might have better luck in #ubuntu-server08:05
AAAjim  just mount /dev/sdaX /mnt/mntpoint08:05
abhi_navkanhiya, i am busy with another user you ask here that how to check checksum08:05
kanhiyahow to check that while using windows08:05
angelete2ook, thankyou08:05
yillkidI am reading the nvidia official document: http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/195.36.24/README/installedcomponents.html I think, too much unuse and dependency packages for me. If I want to install this driver minimize (I don't need any develope packages), how I should do? Just copy the files in this like from a driver install already OS?08:06
VanessaEbbiab, let's see what this does under Gentoo.08:07
abhi_navinteranut, ask you question here08:07
ubufooldo not install nvidia drivers...they wont work like the linux offical drivers..08:07
kanhiyaanybody knows how to compare checksums08:07
AAAVanessaE  does $ dmesg | tail -n 20 show you the device?08:07
kanhiyausing windows08:07
AAAkanhiya  md5sume <file> && md5sum <another file> then compare08:08
arunkumar413indus: r u there08:08
industrialI have compiz installed but dont want to use the gnome display manager compiz settings. Where do I find the settings to enable the cube etc? it's not running atm either.08:08
kanhiyaright now i am  using windows08:08
ubufoolupdate-manager -d <<< is this how i should update from 10.4 to ubuntu studio??10.10????08:08
AAAkanhiya  windows is not supported here. cygwin may help you08:08
abhi_navinteranut, what happend>08:08
kanhiyaAAA: i do not understand? what is cygwin08:09
phawxi just downloaded a rar file, and clicked open instead of save and i get a 'associated helper application does not exist'08:09
ubufooli've already asked in #ubuntustudio..but they sleeping...08:09
abhi_navabhinav_singh, you there?08:10
vu1kankanhiya it's a program for windows that emulates a terminal interface, allows you to preform many linux commands in windows08:10
phawxwhats the associated helper application for rars08:10
sweetpikanhiya: http://www.md5summer.org/08:10
n3m3s1s4uHi All08:10
yillkidubufool: I say, the nvidia driver package by ubuntu official is better ?08:10
vu1kan!info rar08:10
ubotturar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.9.b2-1 (lucid), package size 542 kB, installed size 1164 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)08:10
n3m3s1s4uPlease o please - I am desperate for a answer to a dual boot problem with windows 7 64 bit and ubuntu 10.04 64 bit08:11
industrialvu1kan: clearly thats not a gui app and not what he wants08:11
yillkidubufool: You say, the nvidia driver package by ubuntu official is better ?08:11
n3m3s1s4uI have looked everywhere and no answers that clear this up :(08:11
ubufoolyillkid yes...08:11
vu1kanindustrial i thought the command would return something else...i use archive manager, myself08:11
=== Srpski is now known as Dannyboy
phawxvu1kan, i know what a rar file is....and this error just started happening.08:11
industrialI have compiz installed but dont want to use the gnome display manager compiz settings. Where do I find the settings to enable the cube etc? it's not running atm either.08:12
yillkidubufool: Really? Why? Can you give me something for proof it ?08:12
ubufoolthe ubuntu nvidia drivers are built for ubuntu/linux.. the ones from nvidia webste or others.. usually don't work properly08:12
rww!ccsm | industrial08:12
ubottuindustrial: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz08:12
ubufooli have an nvidia gfx card.. they don't work..it usually doesnt detect properly08:13
indusyillkid, ubufool is right, the ubuntu package is better and doesnt break things08:13
yillkidubufool: but the version of nvidia driver in ubuntu is very old.08:13
n3m3s1s4uNew Asus Laptp - Windows 7 64 bit, installed Ubuntu 10.04 - boots fine into Ubuntu - but now it gives me a BSOD in Windows 7 after the little balls on the screen appear.... the error is 0x0000007b (it will go into safe mode but not normal mode now that I have installed ubuntu )???08:13
indusyillkid, why do you need a new driver in linux anyway08:13
ActionParsnipn3m3s1s4u: what does the stop code mean?08:13
n3m3s1s4uI have reloaed all twice - but still doing the same thing!08:13
ubufoolyillid the ones provided for your detected card, are the most stable release ubuntu has built for ubuntu08:13
arunkumar413indus: hey08:14
indusarunkumar413, yeah08:14
vu1kanphawx gimme a min, i'll search through my installed packages and get the package name for archive manager08:14
yillkidOK . I just think the newer is better .08:14
indusubufool, its not necessarily stable08:14
n3m3s1s4uI get many different answers... some say it is raid related (?? I am on a laptop) and some say it is to do with the partition / drive resizing...08:14
arunkumar413indus: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/iBLBjbhX08:14
ubufooloften "newest" is not the best and still has bugs that have not been reported to nvidia or ubuntu, and they will continue to work to bring newer ones to us08:14
phawxvu1kan, should just be archive manager?08:14
indusubufool, i mean its stable , but newer ones might fix some bugs08:14
phawxive got it installed08:14
yillkidOK . I know .08:15
vu1kan!info archive manager08:15
ubottu'manager' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, partner, stable, testing, unstable08:15
n3m3s1s4uI am busy reloading again now - in hopes to try a different method of installing ubuntu dual boot...08:15
ActionParsnipYillkid: the nvidia vdpau may give later drivers, or (risky) xorg-edgers ppa08:15
n3m3s1s4usomething goes wrong with the resize / grub - but not sure why safe mode works though08:15
ubufoolindus..when 173.00 first came out, it fried many cards...08:15
rww!info file-roller | vu1kan08:15
ubottuvu1kan: file-roller (source: file-roller): an archive manager for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 257 kB, installed size 6532 kB08:15
n3m3s1s4ui have tried all the repairs on the win 7 console08:15
phawxvu1kan, i can double click the rar file and it opens in archive manager, but not when i click open instead of save, from a website08:15
n3m3s1s4uno difference though08:15
indusubufool, i used the 173 for a long loing time,08:15
ubufoolit is now the most stable release provided..08:15
indusubufool, it worked best for me08:15
ActionParsnipn3m3s1s4u: you should look at what the stop code means. The system is telling you what's going on08:15
leifwso I'm trying to remove evolution, evolution-data-server, and all its plugins, but apt-get and aptitude both think that packages that recommend those need to be removed as well (or, in aptitude's case, keep recommending me that I should keep them or just downgrade them).  how do I tell it that yes, I really want those packages, and just those packages, removed?08:16
indusubufool, ubuntu doenst change any thing in the driver08:16
tgywawhich module is required by .htaccess ?08:16
tgywaon apache 1.308:16
ubufoolindus thx to all the testers who knew what to look for and helped debug it...i was one of them08:16
indusubufool, so no way it fried cards befoer and stopped it later08:16
ActionParsnipleifw: one of the packages is a dep of gnome-panel so watch what you remove08:16
ubufoolubuntu did not get the release that fried cards..08:16
leifwyeah that was one of them08:16
leifwwhy on earth does gnome panel depend on evolution components?08:16
indusubufool, so a 173... something then08:17
vu1kanphawx it sounds like you need to set up firefox to use file-roller as a helper...08:17
indus173.some point release08:17
n3m3s1s4uI have - but it keeps telling me it is drive / sata related - but why only after install ubuntu??08:17
n3m3s1s4ubefore I have no problems...08:17
ubufoolit was an early release...that later got corrected... i'm sure you could google around and find plenty of piee'd off people making posts about it..unless they were removed..08:17
indusanyway, lets move on08:17
ActionParsnipn3m3s1s4u:  is your bios the latest?08:17
ubufoolyes xD08:17
yillkidBut I still have problem. The size of nVidia driver package by ubuntu is total 334 MB, it's too big. I refer the document, I found too many unuse and dependency packages in it, I want to install the driver only, I don't need develope packages, how I should do? Install the driver in one pc, and copy the file I need to tthe other pc ?08:18
n3m3s1s4uits a brand new notebook?08:18
ubufoolit no longer does this and is fixed..so no need to worry about it08:18
ActionParsnipn3m3s1s4u: means nothing, check it08:18
indusubufool, i moved on to an ATI08:18
n3m3s1s4uok - but how will this solve something that happens after ubuntu gets installed?08:18
n3m3s1s4uubuntu works perfectly08:18
ubufoolyea thats the route most went..08:18
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ActionParsnipn3m3s1s4u: can you type my nick if your text is aimed at me. The highlighting of your name isn't accidental08:19
ubufoolyillid you are not soppose to d/l the dev packages08:19
ActionParsnipn3m3s1s4u: use tab to complete the nick08:19
vu1kanphawx it should be in edit>preferences>applications08:19
n3m3s1s4uActionParsnip, ok08:19
ubufoolyillid nvidia glx new.. is all you need...08:19
ActionParsnipn3m3s1s4u: i'd ask in ##windows too as the issue is with windows. Someone may have had the same issue08:19
phawxvu1kan, its under Applications, rar's are set to always ask08:20
n3m3s1s4uActionParsnip, will do quickly becaue this is soul destroying!!08:20
ubufoolthis is automatically selected and installed once you first start ubuntu with the card installed08:20
ubufoolyou just have to activate it08:20
ActionParsnipn3m3s1s4u: could just ditch windows ;)08:20
magicdroidnickserv down?08:20
yillkidubufool: But I don't need some develope packages, for example, I don't need kernel header, because I will not develop anything with nVidia driver, I think the kernel header dependency is just for cuda develope.08:20
arunkumar413indus: did u get anything?08:21
icerootmagicdroid: #freenode08:21
indusarunkumar413, for what08:21
leifwugh that is annoying08:21
ActionParsnipmagicdroid: I'm identified so I doubt it08:21
leifwwhatever, good enough08:21
arunkumar413indus: i mean did u understand anything in the link i gave08:21
indusarunkumar413, didnt see08:21
ActionParsnipyillkid: you'll need the headers to compile the kernel module as part of the driver install.08:22
arunkumar413indus: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/iBLBjbhX08:22
ActionParsnipyillkid: its part of dkms which automagically occurs08:22
leifwand this dependence on couchdb is ridiculous too08:22
ubufoolright.. you don't need anything else...just un-install everything related to it...reboot and xserver will load in low graphics...continue like that..then install the "restricted" drivers when prompted...these are all you will need..and aren't really "restricted"08:22
n3m3s1s4uActionParsnip, I would like to but, business will not permit this as yet...08:22
AAAyillkid  apt-get intall build-essential08:23
yillkidActionParsnip: OK, but when I compile the module done, I can't purge the kernel header! because it's the nVidia driver dependency.08:23
magicdroiddamn.. been too long... had to do it @ freenode. thx08:23
ActionParsnipn3m3s1s4u: ok well you have stuff to run with now :)08:23
ActionParsnipyillkid: yes, it will be needed next time you get a new kernel via updates08:23
ubufoolyour card may need that08:23
ubufoolpls follow their advice as i'm quite noob and my method is not best08:24
ActionParsnipyillkid: you can uninstall old kernels to free up space and the headers for that kernel will go with it08:24
yillkidAAA: I know build-essential is need, but I want to purge it when I have install nVidia driver done. Can it?08:25
indusarunkumar413, sorry but iam a noob at compiling stuff, have to trouble shoot yourself08:25
jimso re182 was askiing me about how to recover, and we got part of it done (it boots into grub)08:25
brickyhey when I try to build my bcm wifi driver from module-assistant I get the error http://paste.ubuntu.com/454312/08:25
arunkumar413indus: will uploading the code to launchpad get some attention from others08:25
re182yes. windows = main drive, ubuntu = secondary08:25
AAAyillkid  if you installed it as a deb, then yes. if you installed via source then it will be manual. there is usually a make deb in the source, fyi08:26
re182it boots into grub but not past that08:26
indusarunkumar413, ah heh no launchpad is not for that purpose08:26
ActionParsnip!grub2 | re18208:26
ubotture182: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub208:26
indusarunkumar413, ask the devs of the product for help08:26
brickydoes anyone know how I can make that error stop? :)08:26
ActionParsnipRe182: look at the grub config files using that guide. It will help08:26
sweetpibricky: install dpatch08:26
brickysweetpi: sick!08:27
brickyI shall try that now08:27
yillkidAAA: You say even if the "build-essential" is depend on "nVidia driver", but if I install "build-essential" before "nVidia driver", then I can purge build-essential", and won't break "nVidia driver" ?08:28
AAAyillkid  no, you are confused08:29
=== gatto is now known as Guest94046
yillkidAAA: You say, I must install "nVidia driver" and use 334 MB, that's all ?08:29
arunkumar413indus: the author didnt provide any contact details08:30
AAAyillkid  build-essential will only give you the tools to build drivers and programs and such.  however, if you have all the tools to build the nvidia code from source, you should be able to also make a deb for your system. once you install that deb you will be able to --purge those files when you choose08:30
arunkumar413indus: ok got it08:30
indusarunkumar413, why do you need this software >08:31
Guest79408how do I change bg color in lynx?08:31
arunkumar413indus: it is  a schematic editor to draw electronic schematic diagrams08:32
yillkidAAA: I know, but if I excute #aptitude install nvidia-glx-185, then I install the driver, and I will spend 334MB space for HDD, I have no choice for minimal install ?08:33
indusarunkumar413, well, try dia, its a good tool;08:33
indus!info dia08:33
ubottudia (source: dia): Diagram editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.97.1-2ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 197 kB, installed size 572 kB08:33
industhe best indeed08:34
yillkidAAA: I just want to install the driver as mini as I can, because I don't want to update anything for the PC, it's just a embedded product.08:34
AAAyillkid  ah, it sounds like you want apt-get clean then (removes old debs)08:35
=== sree is now known as sreR
bullgard4Synaptic: "libgdata-google1.2-1  --  Client library for accessing Google POA through SOAP interface. This package is a client library to access Google services through a SOAP interface." What does 'POA' stand for?08:35
yillkidAAA: no no.08:35
AAAyillkid  I misunderstood08:35
arunkumar413indus: dia is for drawing general drawing. for creating electronics circuit diagrams we need a special program.there are many but i dint like them. So i want to try this and customize to my needs08:35
* VanessaE grumbles at her computer.08:35
yillkidAAA: I want to insatll nVidia "driver only", I want to install the other unuse package. Because it's a embedded product, the HDD space is very precious.08:36
yillkidAAA: I want to insatll nVidia "driver only", I DON'T want to install the other unuse package. Because it's a embedded product, the HDD space is very precious.08:36
VanessaEWell the Gentoo CD didn't do any better.  *igh*08:36
VanessaE*sigh* too08:37
AAAyillkid it doesn't look like more than 48M here08:37
VanessaEAAA, to answer your question from earlier, none of the USB devices I've tried show up anywhere in dmesg.  The only mention of USB-anything is during the initial system probe when the kernel initializes the various drivers.08:37
AAAVanessaE  anything in lsusb ?08:38
scar_I've got a problem with old geforce cards (anything from 2 mx up to mx 440), with nouveau I can't change my screen to 1280x1024, with proprietary nvidia-96 x is broken (known issue with old cards), with vesa i have same problem as nouveau and finnaly with nv driver it works under 1280x1024 provided that i use a custom xorg.conf but still no 2d rendering08:38
VanessaEAAA: four "root hub" entries.08:38
VanessaE(each at a different address, three 1.1's and a 2.0)08:38
yillkidAAA: Sorry, I don't understand want are you talking about, sorry my poor English .08:38
=== Guest79408 is now known as gryllida
AAAVanessaE  sounds like it doesn't see your usb _at all_ hrm... unplug and replug with nothing new?08:39
yillkidAAA: The nVidia driver will spend my 334MB HDD sapce, It's exaggerate .08:39
VanessaEAAA: nope, nothing new.08:40
AAAyillkid   apt-cache show nvidia-glx-185  <--- Installed-Size: 4808:40
ubufool??? thats one old hd?08:40
VanessaEneither the mouse nor the card reader elicit a response.08:40
yillkidAAA: yes, yes. But the dependency package is very very lot and big.08:40
VanessaE(nor does my USB HD for that matter)08:41
AAAVanessaE  hrm... are you sure usb is turn on in the bios? is this a newer computer? what does $ lsmod | grep usb say?08:41
VanessaEAAA: there is no USB setting in the BIOS.08:41
yillkidAAA: The key point is the dependency packages, :'(08:41
AAAyillkid sorry. I don't think I can help you there :(08:42
yillkidAAA: Ok, thank you. :)08:42
VanessaEAAA: lsmod|grep -i usb returns nothing at all.08:42
AAAVanessaE  and you are saying that no usb device insertion into your laptop/pc shows anyting in dmesg | tail nor lsusb ?08:42
VanessaEgrep'ing for "hci" returns five entries, none of which are USB related.08:43
VanessaEAAA:  that is correct.08:43
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=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
VanessaEinserting a device gets no kernel/dmesg reaction whatsoever08:43
AAAVanessaE  pastebin this please. $ lspci -v && lsusb -v08:43
AAAVanessaE  with usb plugged in08:44
cutiyarwhy i cant access to youtube with my ubuntu ?08:44
ActionParsnipcutiyar: you dont have flash installed08:44
doylecutiyar: you need the ubuntube version for that08:44
ActionParsnipcutiyar: and / or javascript enabled08:45
cutiyarnot this , the will not open08:45
cutiyarafter a few minute will gateway timeout08:45
doylecutiyar: error message or just blank white screen?08:45
oddalotyou need to install flash to watch youtube08:45
AAAVanessaE  and is this ubuntu 10.4? and have you messed with udev on this box?08:45
cutiyarerror messege08:45
doylecutiyar: what error and can you access other sites?08:46
VanessaEAAA: this is 10.4, yes.  I have not messed with udev.08:46
cutiyardoyle ,yes i can access to other sites08:46
VanessaE(I haven't had much time to mess with anything on this machine)08:46
ActionParsnipcutiyar: what if you go to
cutiyardoyle, but yesterday was opened08:47
cutiyarbut i dont y now do not open08:47
VanessaEAAA: I had the USB card reader plugged in when I took that snapshot, btw.08:47
ActionParsnipcutiyar: reboot your router and / or modem08:47
cutiyari did it before08:47
VanessaE(works fine on my husband's Ubuntu 10.04 box)08:47
doyleVanessaE: You've tried usb ports on both the front and back of the PC?08:48
ActionParsnipcutiyar: if you ping www.youtube.com, what IP do you get?08:49
VanessaEdoyle: this is a laptop, but yes I've tried both sets of ports (side and back).08:49
doylecutiyar: the error message is "Gateway Error"? Is there a number with it?08:49
doyleVanessaE: other devices work in the usb ports?08:49
indusarunkumar413, hi08:49
VanessaEdoyle: nothing works at all in the USB ports.08:49
cutiyarno number08:49
VanessaEthat's the whole problem.08:49
indusarunkumar413, so dia doesnt not fit your needs?08:49
arunkumar413indus: no it doesnt08:50
indusVanessaE, the #ubuntu-kernel team might be of help08:50
AAAVanessaE  is there a card in the reader? if not can you put one in? do you have an usb mouse or another usb thing to plug in?08:50
VanessaE(these are devices I use quite frequently with another linux box)08:50
indussorry i lost connection08:50
VanessaEAAA: I have tried my USB mouse, no dice.08:50
cutiyardoyle,actionParsnip, http://paste.debian.net/78595/08:51
indusarunkumar413, something called electric08:51
indus!info electric08:51
ubottuelectric (source: electric): electrical CAD system. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.09-1 (lucid), package size 10191 kB, installed size 11032 kB08:51
=== Guest1330 is now known as Deb
TheExplorerHello everyone, how are you today? ***I'M SORRY, PLEASE IGNORE THESE CAPITAL LETTERS AND ASTERIXIS.  IT IS VERY RUDE OF ME.*** Does anyone know where i can find details on what is or how to, install Ubuntu arm on a device using only HaRET and a 2 x 2g sdio/CF?08:51
=== Deb is now known as Deb000
DudeESI have ubuntu based system and i want to read window 7 through USB08:51
ActionParsnipcutiyar: what is the output of: lsb_release -a08:51
AAAVanessaE  i'd like to see lsusb -v with the mouse in08:51
ActionParsnipcutiyar: use your pastebin again please, there will be a lot of data08:52
VanessaEok, I'm on the other channel now, though I'm reluctant to ask my question there (I don't wish to sound repetative)08:52
arunkumar413indus: i tried many but not interested in any of those. Thats why i zeroed on this and trying to customize08:52
VanessaEAAA: one second.08:52
red2kic/ignore TheExplorer08:52
AAAVanessaE  also, you have 3 usb1 ports and 1 usb2 port. you might try changing the usb port you plug into08:52
indusarunkumar413, did you try this one though08:52
TheExplorerand here i was going for a joke.08:52
doyleVanessaE: http://pastebin.com/tpyftjD708:52
GneaTheExplorer: being annoying on purpose is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. good luck getting that bandaged up.08:52
brickyis there a way to either flash my wifi card drivers, tried multiple headers, whatever that is, since they are 'installed' but  not quite08:52
arunkumar413indus: which one electric or BSch08:53
ActionParsnipbricky: how do you mean flash?08:53
indusarunkumar413, i dont understand why dia doesnt fit in , i heard its good for this work08:53
indusarunkumar413, electric08:53
Gneabricky: depends on the card08:53
VanessaEAAA: http://pastebin.com/fivngzuX08:53
cutiyardoyle,actionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/nzsWkmgG08:53
TheExplorerFrankly ive been scouring the net for a couple years off and on trying to figure this out. Frankly im starting to think its as close to impossible as im willing to admit08:53
ActionParsnipcutiyar: what country are you from?08:53
VanessaEdoyle, that's my paste from earlier.08:53
arunkumar413indus: no didnt try.But does it allow customising the components and IC symbols08:54
ActionParsnipTheExplorer: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/ubuntu-netbook-edition-1007-demoed-on.html08:54
cutiyarActionParsnip , iraq08:54
brickyActionParsnip: just jremove them, perhaps if the system could figure out which drivers failed maybe because I cant. :P08:54
Amoshey could someone help me? on ubuntu and cant make a  freebsd 8.0 bootable usb from a iso :(08:54
Gneaoh look, it's not there.08:54
doyleVanessaE: was just looking at it. Looks fine to me. When was the last time your usb ports functioned?08:54
brickyGnea: broadcom 57x ;p08:54
indusarunkumar413, dont know that08:54
ActionParsnipcutiyar: try: www.hidemyass.com   and try youtube there, your government may be blocking youtube08:54
Gneabricky: hmmm... built-in?08:55
cutiyarbut yesterday was opened08:55
brickyGnea: or maybe perhaps install generic wifi drivers, for it08:55
brickyGnea: yes its PCI08:55
indusActionParsnip, i thought iraq has a whitehouse today :)08:55
arunkumar413indus: thats why i need a basic program that i can customize. So i choose the BSch for compiling08:55
VanessaEdoyle: I've only just received this laptop a couple of weeks ago, this is the first time I have tried to use the USB since receiving it.08:55
indusActionParsnip, arent they ruled by americans08:55
ActionParsnipcutiyar: tey may hav implemented it overnight. there must be a time before and after the implementation mustn't there08:55
brickyGnea: I can remove it, its not built in to the motherboard which is good, im tihnking thats what Ill have to do08:55
Gneabricky: I don't understand - pci cards aren't built-in, they're pci cards... therefore, they're removeable08:55
TheExplorerActionParsnip, I am to understand that Ubuntu has made its way to the Android phone series (arm) rather recently.08:55
ActionParsnipindus: no, they have their own democratic government08:56
abusadoeverytime I flush my iptables remotely my server freezes :(08:56
brickyGnea: its a laptop I guess,08:56
indusActionParsnip, yeah right08:56
doyleVanessaE: New dell computer. Was 10.04 the system that came with it, or did you install it?08:56
Gneabricky: oh ok - sec08:56
ActionParsnipTheExplorer: that is offtopic here08:56
cutiyar<ActionParsnip> , opened08:56
ActionParsnipcutiyar: if you can use youtube there then there is some filtering on your web access some place08:56
brickyI will just pick up a laptop wifi card if things dont work out,08:57
VanessaEdoyle: I bought this used actually.08:57
VanessaEI don't know what it originally shipped with, but I received it pre-loaded with Karmic.08:57
cutiyarActionParsnip,yes right may be , thanks for ur help08:57
VanessaE(my Karmic CD gives the same results as Lucid)08:57
doyleVanessaE: in a termainl run 'tail -f /var/log/messages' (without quots), then insert a usb device08:57
indusi dont think this channel provides advice on how to circumvent gov blockages08:57
AAAVanessaE  yes, what doyle just said08:57
Gneabricky: what driver are you using?08:57
ActionParsnipcutiyar: np man08:58
brickyGnea: I dont even know anymore that's the problem lolz08:58
ActionParsnipindus: its just to test08:58
doyleVanessaE: onc eyou have some stuff in your screen, do a pastebin for us08:58
VanessaEAAA, doyle:  zip, zilch, and a whole lotta nada.  No reaction.08:58
indusActionParsnip, ok but a dicey situation none the less08:58
mneptokcutiyar: are you Iraqi, or foreign military or diplomatic staff?08:58
Gneabricky: ah, perhaps you can get your info together and try asking again then, so that way you won't seem so... trollish :)08:58
AAAVanessaE  and you are positive there are 0 usb settings in the bios?08:58
indusActionParsnip, is he trying to use flash ?08:58
cutiyariam iraqi08:58
doyleVanessaE: how old is hte computer?08:59
ActionParsnipindus: can't even get to the page08:59
mneptokcutiyar: ah, so then it is not a military or foreign government Internet access.08:59
induscutiyar, you work in some company ? behind a proxy etc08:59
* doyle is former Smell tech support... 08:59
VanessaEAAA: I've been through the BIOS settings left, right and sideway.  If there are USB settings, they are well hidden.08:59
brickyGnea: I installed some ng-wlan generic crap after giving up on the BCM drivers ,08:59
brickyWhich failed to install properly, I can run module-assistant and see which ones I have08:59
brickyGnea: also when I log off or shut down, the 'screen' should be blank, (black) but theres error messages about my bcm drivers08:59
indusVanessaE, sometimes pressing ctl f1 unhides those settings08:59
rkavalapHi, does changing the username "abc" replace "abc" in all files in '/' partition09:00
Gneabricky: got a log of those errors someplace that can get to pastebin?09:00
mneptokcutiyar: WXQ  ;)09:00
cutiyar<mneptok> , iam not working in any company , but a company gaved me wireless09:00
ActionParsnipbricky: you could add a logout script which unloads the driver, you may get issues if you use a multiple user system though09:00
cutiyarinternet service09:00
mneptokcutiyar: that company may have implemented a filter.09:00
VanessaEdoyle: I'm not sure of the machine's age, though the labels on the bottom seem to put it in the 2003-2004 range.09:00
ActionParsniprkavalap: the name is a representation of a UID so it should be ok09:00
induscutiyar, so when you try youtube what happens09:00
brickyActionParsnip: not a bad idea09:00
serciki need a little help to start ubuntu09:00
industhisis not an ubuntu question is it ?09:01
brickyGnea: Sure, I wll try to look them up for you09:01
VanessaEindus: ctrl-F1 while looking at the BIOS?09:01
serciki'm in textual mode i can't start normally09:01
indusVanessaE, yeah09:01
VanessaEhrm, ok09:01
indusVanessaE, iam sure dell hides most options from users09:01
sercikwhat can i try?09:01
cutiyar<indus> , what u meant?09:01
VanessaELet me go take a look.09:01
Gneabricky: that'd be great09:01
indussercik, try booting in safe graphics mode09:02
doyleVanessaE: OK, ultimate test, get a usb key, install a bootable piece of software on it, then try to boot to it.09:02
indussercik, i mean, have you finished instalaltion >09:02
rkavalapActionParsnip: I agree with you. But I would like everything including home directory name, and etc to be replaced with the new username09:02
sercikindus could you explain me?09:02
doyleVanessaE: OR, grab a keyboard and watch the lights on it to see if they flash durring boot09:02
=== Sebas310_ is now known as Sebas310
indussercik, what graphics card do you have09:02
indussercik, which ubuntu version etc09:02
=== kinks is now known as Kyuu
sercikati radeon hd485009:03
indussercik, excellent me too09:03
ActionParsniprkavalap: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6402109:03
doyleVanessaE: this'll at least tell us if your computer detects the device at the hardware level.09:03
sercikubuntu 909:03
serciki think karmic09:03
indussercik, did you install any driver for the card?09:03
AAAdoyle  if the kernel saw it on the hw level dmesg/syslog will say so09:03
serciki only installed ubuntu09:03
sercikand then i start it09:03
indussercik, and you never saw a desktop ?09:03
serciki had some problems also for installation09:04
indussercik, what problems09:04
ActionParsniprkavalap: you may have to run: cd /home; sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ./$USER    to set the ownership to the name (covers all bases ;))09:04
AAAVanessaE  doyle i agree, try to boot from a usb device and that will rule out the kernel09:04
ActionParsnipsercik: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?09:04
indussercik, press ctl -alt f1 and see if any messages are seen09:04
indusActionParsnip, ya thanks please help him , i have to go have lunch :)09:04
sercikindus system hangs completely09:04
serciki can't press anything09:04
=== Kyuu is now known as kinks
serciki also try to remove quiet and splash from grub commandline before start09:05
=== eric is now known as Guest80211
doyleAAA:  exactly. Seperate hardware and software issues then resolve.09:05
ActionParsnipsercik: did you verify the ISO you downloaded was good before using it?09:05
brickyGnea: umm, my /var/log/messages file only has june 20-24th hmm09:05
sercikwait me that i try to restart normally and try to obtain some information09:05
abuayyoubHello, I was wondering if someone could help me with a video encoding problem? I have some video files ( avi ) that I downloaded and they have 2 audio tracks (German, and English) Apparently they are encoded with GErman as Default. Is there some way I can change this? If so, how and what program do I need?09:05
brickyGnea: my bad it is the 24th09:06
bullgard4Synaptic: "libgdata-google1.2-1  --  Client library for accessing Google POA through SOAP interface. This package is a client library to access Google services through a SOAP interface." What does 'POA' stand for?09:06
doyleVanessaE: Good luck. I'm going to sleep. If the system just flat out doesn't see the usb device, it's just bad luck, but if the system sees the device then your installation of Ubuntu can be fixed to do the same.09:06
ActionParsnipabuayyoub: i believe vlc can do that sort of thing09:06
doyleGood work AAA. Peace09:06
Gneabricky: good thing there's a /var/log/messages.0 and /var/log/messages.1.gz, right?09:06
Gneait may be .1 and .2.gz09:07
VanessaE_nope, no good.  There are definitely no USB settings in there other than an emulation setting for keyboard/mouse09:07
AAAdoyle  sleep well09:07
VanessaE_(nothing that would turn the device on/off)09:07
abuayyoubActionParsnip, I have tried to change some VLC settings but I couldn't come up with anything. I changed the prefered audio to English but it still defaults to German. This wouldn't be a problem but it kinda ruins the idea of making playlists.09:07
brickyGnea: its just throwing me off since it doesnt have any bcm43xx not found09:07
brickyGnea: Yeah09:08
AAAVanessaE_  do you have a) usb keyboard b) usb stick ?09:08
VanessaE_AAA: no and no.09:08
sercikwow this time works09:08
VanessaE_I have only a mouse, a card reader, and a HD.09:08
sercikit is very strange09:08
[mu]keiserrany clue http://pastebin.com/vaKzjggJ09:09
serciki have a question.. where is menu.lst ?09:09
AAAVanessaE_  can you boot to the install CD with usb mouse plugged in and see if dmesg/lsusb see's it?09:09
VanessaE_AAA: I could try, sure.09:09
ActionParsnipabuayyoub: mencoder can do it but the syntax escapes me, see what you can find online while I help09:09
ActionParsnipsercik: grub2 doesnt use that file no more09:09
ActionParsnip!grub2 | sercik09:09
ubottusercik: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:09
AAAVanessaE_  and do you have a card for your card reader? anything you could put in it?09:09
abuayyoubmencoder, great thank you.09:09
doyleAAA: thanks, u2. Yea! Boot to the install cd and see if you can use the mouse! You'r a genus AAA09:10
AAAmencoder ++09:10
VanessaE_Sure, I have a couple of cards to try09:10
ActionParsnipabuayyoub: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63984309:10
serciki can't understand why is neede to change that works very good09:10
sercikthis is the biggest linux problem for me09:10
antonio_i don't want to update a program, how can i do it?09:10
AAAVanessaE_  before reboot. unplug the reader, put a card in it and re-insergt09:10
toothdecreethanks but no thanx09:11
VanessaE_did anyone see where I put my Karmic CD? :)09:11
ActionParsnipabuayyoub: better: mencoder yourvideo -audiofile youraudio -ovc copy -oac copy -o result.avi09:11
cam2camsexany girl for sex camm2cam09:11
vu1kanantonio_ find the program's package in synaptic and you can flag it to not update09:11
mneptokcam2camsex: stop that09:11
VanessaE_get lost cam2cam09:11
toothdecreewrong room cam2camsex09:11
AAAVanessaE_  you said 10.4? karmic is 9.1009:11
vu1kancam2camsex i'm certian that's offtopic09:11
VanessaE_I don't appreciate sex advanced by privcate msg09:11
rkavalapActionParsnip: Thanks for the link.09:11
ActionParsnipabuayyoub: just change "yourvideo" and "youraudio" with the files you have09:11
mneptokVanessaE_: apparently that's already been done09:11
_slax0r_hi, how can I check on ubuntu for installed packages?09:12
VanessaE_AAA: indeed I did.  I am running Lucid, but at present I only have a Karmic disc handy to boot from09:12
ActionParsnip_slax0r_: dpkg -l | less     will show all installed packages09:12
VanessaE_(if I can figure out where I put it)09:12
FatosHi there09:12
abuayyoubActionParsnip, but the audio's are in the AVI file. all i know is track 1 is german ( which I want to remove) and track 2 is English. I don't have any specific information on the audio track file names or formats09:12
AAAVanessaE_  I'm very curious to see dmesg and lsusb when the card is in the usb reader09:13
ActionParsnipabuayyoub: do you not have 3 files, the video, the german audio file and the english audio file?09:13
abuayyoubActionParsnip, no, I just have one AVI file09:13
mneptokabuayyoub: IIRC, VLC can strip out particular audio tracks.09:13
ActionParsnipabuayyoub: not sure then09:13
abuayyoubmneptok, You can do it with VLC? how?09:14
Robin___I have bad sectors on my hard drive.09:14
Robin___It passed the SMART assesment.09:14
mneptokabuayyoub: i *think* i remember doing it with VLC.09:14
Robin___But I don't know what to do about the sectors.09:14
AAAabuayyoub  you can tell mencoder which audio track to use pretty simple09:14
VanessaE_ok, located my boot CD.09:14
Robin___317 bad sectors.09:14
ActionParsnipRobin___: the drive is dying, grab a new one asap09:14
Robin___Is that the whole hard drive?09:15
abuayyoubAAA,  ok I will try Mencoder now.09:15
ActionParsnipRobin___: they will spread and the drive will become uselesss. Make sure your backups are recent09:15
ubufoolwhat does the webclient do in "transmission"???09:15
AAAabuayyoub  -alang de09:15
ActionParsnipyou can connect to the web interface and manage your torrents09:15
sercikif you like transmission you could try transgui09:15
vu1kanRobin__ i used a 30gb drive with about 3gb worth of bad sectors for about a year under 8.04...worked fine for me, it's just some of my files would get corrupt09:16
Batchhi guys09:16
sercikbut if you only use transmission loically weg gui or transgui is not needed09:16
Batchim trying to use program from milworm09:16
AdvoWorkhow can i tell if port 10000 is open, or if webmin is running? its installed, normally works, but if i goto ip:10000 it doesnt work today09:16
Batchbut says09:16
ActionParsnipubufool: some apps plug into transmissions we interface like transdroid for Android phones and you can even click links in the browser and it will tell the server to download stuff09:16
ubufoolvulkan...you could defragment and fix that?09:16
FloodBot3Batch: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:16
cam2camsexwants a dad show me how I can install the Adobe Flash Player09:16
VanessaE_AAA: ok, before the reboot as requested - plugging the reader in with the card already inserted does nothing at all - no response from the kernel in dmesg09:16
OpenSourcedNickwhat's the big woop about dropbox? I don't get it...09:16
ActionParsnip!webmin | AdvoWork:09:16
ubottuAdvoWork:: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.09:16
nauticusRobin__: check reallocated sector count in SMART09:16
vu1kanubufool i never tried, i just upgraded to a 130gb09:17
ActionParsnipcam2camsex: can you use http://pastebin.com to give the output of: uname -a; dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep swf    thanks09:17
AdvoWorkActionParsnip, its an old ubuntu system though.. why would it stop working overnight?09:17
ubufooli almost never trash hd's.. unless it gets a virus i can't remove or format over...09:18
ActionParsnip!ot | OpenSourcedNick09:18
ubottuOpenSourcedNick: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:18
AAAVanessaE_  crazy.... try to reboot to the CD and see if lsusb/dmesg sees it. it is really starting to sound like a hw problem.  that chipset is new enough to work with a 2.6.2x kernel09:18
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: its not compatible with the config file system ubuntu and debian use09:18
ubufooli've got like 4 barracuda's that need new pcb...xD09:18
VanessaE_AAA: here's lsusb, before I reboot:  http://pastebin.com/3FLP3pcF09:18
VanessaE_(the reader is still plugged in)09:18
vu1kanubufool i didn't trash it...i'm using it on an old compaq as a webserver...but this is ot09:18
AAAVanessaE_  also, can you change your bios boot order to boot from usb? try that with the reader and a card plugged in09:19
AdvoWorkActionParsnip, but, its worked for 2 years, every day with no problems, theres no changes, so why would it fail now09:19
brickyGnea: I found some errors if you would still like to take a look,09:19
VanessaE_AAA:  The card contains no bootable imagery.  Will that matter?09:19
vu1kandoes anybody know the syntax of the command to quit and restart the panel?09:20
gryllidaI want to change background color in lynx. Can't find such an option.09:20
AAAVanessaE_  shouldn't to the bios, no09:20
gryllidavu1kan: reboot09:20
gryllida!ru | Monah09:20
ubottuMonah: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:20
VanessaE_ok, brb09:20
ubufoolpeace out guys09:20
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: i can only tell you what the bot says dude09:20
AAAVanessaE_  the excercise is to see if the bios sees the device09:21
brickyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/454327/     <--- fixable perhaps? maybe? :O if not im done :)09:21
vu1kangryllida which background are you trying to change?09:21
EvilTrekhi i have a question.  I'd like to run byobu when i start the terminal, unless byobu is already running in which case i want it to run byobu -r.  How can I do this in .bashrc?09:21
gryllidavu1kan: webpage background in lynx, I want it be white09:22
AAAEvilTrek  you'll need an if then statement. I don't have the rc entry for you though09:22
mneptokEvilTrek: ps + grep + if/else?09:22
vu1kangryllida i think that's in system>prefs>appearance09:23
EvilTrekmneptok:  how exactly would i do that, as in what's the if's conditional statement?  (NOTE: I am not familiar to .bashrc's if statement :P)09:23
gwdais there a programming chan specific to linux?09:23
ActionParsnipgwda: #linux09:23
AAAmneptok  I think it is easier than that. bash has a builtin for determining if a proc is running EvilTrek09:23
AdvoWorkActionParsnip, thanks for the help.. it was somehow stopped, i did /etc/init.d/webmin start and its fine now..09:23
gwdagtk to be specific09:24
mneptokAAA: wouldn't know. i'm a zsh user.09:24
ActionParsnipgwda: i'd ask in #gtk if it exists or #gnome09:24
EvilTrekAAA: question is how would I go about setting that to check in the if09:24
rkavalapActionParsnip: Quick question, I can't login as root to using the login screen to change the username. How can login as root using the login screen ?09:24
mikubuntui installed 10.04 on my friends machine, which has a cd drive top, and a dvd drive below.  the manual eject button on the dvd drive seems to be broken, and there is no pinhole to open it with a paper clip.  how would i set a panel launch command to open that drive?  on my laptop i set one just with the command 'eject' which works to open my singular cd/dvd drive, and it works great.09:24
Gneabricky: okay09:24
AAAEvilTrek  it's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't pull it off09:24
ActionParsnip!noroot | rkavalap09:24
ubotturkavalap: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.09:24
ActionParsniprkavalap: you dont need to log in as root and it isn't advised09:25
brickyGnea: that's the error I got after installing that previous file09:25
EvilTrekAAA: could I do like " if [pidof byobu | grep = ""] "  or something, or am i completely crazy and that won't work09:25
ActionParsniprkavalap: you have sudo and gksudo if you need any admin access as your user will be in the admin group09:25
yskasGood Day Guys09:25
VanessaEok, back, this time using the PC09:26
yskasi just moved over to ubunut for various reason09:26
yskasand i am finding that it is very unresponsive09:26
rkavalapActionParsnip: without logging into root how can I change my username which is the only other user on the machine ?09:26
yskaswhy is this and how does one sort it out09:26
VanessaE(hm, hands got used to the laptop keyboard...the regular one feels weird now. :-)  )09:26
Gneabricky: what's the error?09:26
icerootrkavalap: its not good to login as root on the shell, because sudo is doing the job but using root with gdm is the badest idea you can have in the gnu/linux world.09:26
ActionParsniprkavalap: use sudo and gksudo as I said09:26
bullgard4Synaptic: "libgdata-google1.2-1  --  Client library for accessing Google POA through SOAP interface. This package is a client library to access Google services through a SOAP interface." What does 'POA' stand for?09:26
Gneabricky: oh, just saw the url09:26
AAAEvilTrek  yeah, you are on the right track.  define that as a new function in your bashrc09:27
VanessaEthe laptop gave no indication that it had tried to boot from the card reader.09:27
brickyhehe okay09:27
Gneabricky: you're on 10.04?09:27
vu1kanbullgard4 i think it means 'point of access', but i'm not sure09:27
appleseedHello happy friends, I've a little problem and I hope someone could give advice. You know after you've done a kernel update, then you have to re-Activate the NVIDIA drivers through Hardware Drivers. When I open Hardware Drivers however, I get a Jockey crash. How can I re-activate my NVIDIA drivers in the Shell?09:27
brickyGnea: yes09:27
AAAVanessaE  does the install see the usb stuff?09:27
Gneabricky: and where did you download the source from? repository or broadcom's website?09:27
rkavalapActionParsnip: I agree logging into root using gdm is bad idea. But I can't change the user which is running according to the usermod manpage.09:27
AAAVanessaE  ctl-alt-f4 I think for  a new shell09:28
bullgard4vu1kan: hm09:28
brickyGnea: yes it was a repo09:28
Gneabricky: bcm5700-source ?09:28
brickyGnea: .. yes09:28
ActionParsniprkavalap: i'd make a new user then to use and change the user that way, make sure it is a member of admin so it can use sudo etc09:28
brickyThat's correct09:28
JoshmuffinHello is anyone able to help me: I have 3 partitions sda1 with backtrack installed sda2 with ubuntu 10.04 and sda3 with ubuntu 10.10 and i cant boot to any of them09:28
vu1kanbullgard4 just an semi-educated guess09:29
Gneabricky: odd, it should have installed everything you'd need... are you sure your build environment is fully setup?09:29
VanessaEone sec09:29
brickyGnea: not sure09:29
bullgard4vu1kan: I am trying to get a confirmation on your guess.09:29
Gneabricky: well I just installed it and it looks like I'm missing my kernel source tree :)09:30
yskasalso why is compiz using up 90 percent of my one cpu09:30
brickyGnea: ahh, oh,09:30
yskasnever had that with gentoo09:30
JoshmuffinHow do you repair a broken grub configuration?09:30
VanessaEAAA: please stand by, rectal-craniotomy in progress. :)09:30
vu1kanjoshmuffin lifehacker.com has a great guide on that...it might be out of date for 10.04 tho09:30
ActionParsnip!grub2 | Joshmuffin09:30
ubottuJoshmuffin: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:30
Joshmuffinthats no help09:31
Joshmuffinits not grub 209:31
appleseedHow do I activate NVidia Drivers from the shell??09:31
Joshmuffinwell im not really sure what version it is09:31
AAAVanessaE  that procedure solves lots ;)09:31
brickyGnea: I updated my software regularly, but I hope I am missing deps or something09:31
VanessaECD takes a while to boot.09:32
=== napster_ is now known as napster
vu1kan!grub | Joshmuffin09:32
ubottuJoshmuffin: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.09:32
vu1kanthat might do ya09:32
EvilTrekAAA: mneptok:  help?  http://starfleet.pastebin.com/pjgbDJW609:32
n3m3s1s4uActionParsnip, I have loaded again, in windows 7 I have shrunk the drive to give me 100 gig for linux. rebooted all good. Please note the bios sata mode is set to enhanced.... I read something about this...09:33
abuayyoubAAA,  if I wanted to do this as a batch how would I do it using mencoder? I found a program called AVIDemux which can easily remove or change the default audio track, however it will take me 20 years to do the 300 or so files I need to edit.  Is there a way I can batch edit an entire folder??09:33
gryllidavu1kan: lynx bg color? in system prefs appearance? can't see it there09:33
AAAEvilTrek  ;09:33
meatbunamazon down or just me09:34
AAAabuayyoub  for i in *.file ; do mencoder -options ; done09:34
Gneabricky: okay, I'm installing the source tree - in the meantime, you should go through the checklist to make sure your environment is setup correctly to compile09:34
Gnea!compile | bricky09:34
ubottubricky: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)09:34
AAAEvilTrek  errr. s/else/then?09:34
VanessaEok, CD is booted.09:34
brickyGnea: okie on it09:35
Gneabricky: just make sure you took care of those steps and try again09:35
ennuiany linnux friendly portable music players?09:35
AAAVanessaE  dmesg | grep -i usb09:35
VanessaEAAA: same stuff as before09:35
Gneaennui: 'portable'?09:35
brickyGnea: I will do that and then Ill let you know :)09:35
AAAVanessaE  your hw is b0rk09:35
icerootennui: any not from apple09:35
Gneabricky: okay - just an FYI, I have to sleep soon09:35
VanessaEit scans the USB chips, loads the driver, enumerates the ports and hubs, and that's it.09:35
IceGuest_75i need help please09:36
ennuiiceroot: yeah I have an iPod 6G and I can't get any alternate firmware to get it to play flac :(09:36
vu1kangryllida in the apperances dialouge, if you hit customize on the theme tab, then hit the colors tab there's a 'windows' parameter...is that set to #FFFFFF?09:36
GneaIceGuest_75: please explain your problem and someone will likely try to help09:36
AAAVanessaE  you can try and load some usb modules with debug, but it really sounds like you have bad hardward09:36
brickyGnea: okay, well its downloading stuff so that's good09:36
VanessaEAAA: I was afraid you'd say that :(09:36
brickyfrom auto make and whatnot09:37
AAAVanessaE  does the mouse and the card reader work on other computers?09:37
Gneaunpacking the source now09:37
IceGuest_75okay, after a partial upgarde I no more able to install any software09:37
EvilTrekAAA: sorta there... one last issue: http://starfleet.pastebin.com/PsqTJ40K09:37
VanessaEAAA: yep.  I am using that very mouse now on this PC, and the card reader gets used every couple of days on my husband's box (both run Linux)09:37
vu1kangryllida if that doesn't do it for ya, i dunno what would...you might wanna try re-asking the channel09:37
AAAVanessaE   *gasp* have you booted this laptop with windows and seen the usb stuff work?09:37
abuayyoubAAA, so " mencoder -i *.folder  ???09:37
Malevolencegryllida, Just right click desktop and set the background09:38
abuayyoubAAA, sorry I lost the last command you sent09:38
VanessaEAAA: no, I have not.  I don't suppose there's a Windows LiveCD out there somewhere? :)09:38
VanessaEG*d forbid I have to install that OS for any reason :)09:38
vu1kanMalevolence gryllida wants to set webpage backgrounds to white, do you maybe know where you would do that?09:38
EvilTrekVanessaE:  such things (Windows CDs that are free) are normally illegal.09:39
AAAabuayyoub  no, a for loop. if you just encode everything in the folder, you'll get one bit -o output.file. for i in files ; do mencoder --stuff ; done. it is a bit more complex than that, but that is the jist09:39
vu1kanVanessaE check out livecd.com(i think that's it...gonna check here)09:39
=== jtheuer_ is now known as jtheuer
VanessaEEvilTrek, I know.  I already have legit copies (leftover from my husband's last days as a windows user)09:40
Gneabricky: okay, I know my environment is setup correct, but I'm looking at the Makefile and it's so full of fail it's not even funny09:40
meatbunamazon down or just me09:40
AAAabuayyoub  for i in file ; do mencoder --options -o $file.convert ; done09:40
EvilTrekAAA: any ideas?  http://starfleet.pastebin.com/PsqTJ40K09:40
DudeEShow can i change or assign file system while running Window7 setup through USB on Ubuntu based system?09:40
AAAabuayyoub  or -o $i.convert rather09:40
vu1kanmeatbun check at http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com09:40
EvilTrekmeatbun:  http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/amazon.com09:40
IceGuest_75if i run sudo dpkg --configure -a i get error processing mysql server09:41
vu1kanVanessaE i was wrong...it's livecdlist.com09:41
* VanessaE looks09:41
Gneasebsebseb: hey09:41
AAAEvilTrek  sorry, too late tonight for me to debug bash09:41
c3lhow do I print physical discs?09:41
EvilTrekAAA: :(09:41
brickyGnea: so that means, its a bunch of balogne?09:41
EvilTrekAAA: its only the first part that seems to be the issue... it reads the second part well.09:41
sebsebsebGnea: Hey09:41
meatbunvu1kan: EvilTrek okl down for everyone09:41
EvilTrekanyone able to help me with bash debugging? http://starfleet.pastebin.com/PsqTJ40K09:42
Gneabricky: no, broadcom just doesn't directly support it, and, as is usual when linux software is developed, things change that these companies can't keep up with, so they have to hire someone else and no one knows what's going on anymore09:42
Gneasebsebseb: you any good with broadcom drivers?09:42
AAAEvilTrek  try to s/"/'09:42
brickyGnea: Thanks for the help so its not totally my fault woohoo, thanks man, I have had plenty of fails09:42
sebsebsebGnea: no09:43
corpsei just got a new router today, i have gotten most of my services working again except my ssh. when i try to log in via putty i get "server unexectedly closed the connection" and when i try to restart ssh i get "ssh: connect to host restart port 22: connection timed out"09:43
Gneabricky: well, it can probably be worked around, I just don't have the time to do so right now, perhaps someone else around here does09:43
EvilTrekAAA: nope, still doing it, says "missing ] character"09:43
Gneabricky: anyway, good luck :)09:43
brickyGnea: Thanks alot09:43
Gneasebsebseb: ah ok - gotta sleep09:43
brickyHave yourslef a good night09:43
brickyyup lol09:44
VanessaEwell I think I better just put this down for the night.  I'm getting too tired to argue with this machine :-/09:44
AAAEvilTrek  I don't grok your 'grep =' syntax. try without the =. like $ grep ''09:44
EvilTrekAAA: nope same issue09:45
EvilTrekAAA:  i'll ask in #bash09:45
AAAVanessaE  that laptop is possessed by demons I say!09:45
EvilTrekor ##linux09:45
VanessaEAAA: I hope not! :(09:45
VanessaEbetter to be possessed by daemons anyway.09:45
sercikit is possible to install gcc 3 ?09:46
serciki can't find the package with apt-cache09:46
AAAEvilTrek  maybe if -x ? I'm guessing...09:46
EvilTrekAAA: hence why i'm asking in bash's channel09:46
IceGuest_75if i run sudo dpkg --configure -a i get error processing mysql server09:48
TheExplorerHow do I stop X from starting on boot? Id like to be command line and decide between Xterm, XFCE, Gnome etc or TUI09:49
MrEgg964Hi all. As a non-privileged user, I cannot automount (in /media) a cdrom when inserted. Which group should I belong to for this to work? I tried being member of cdrom group, but it doesn't seem enough. Thanks.09:49
indusarunkumar413, any luck?09:50
sercikTheExplorer: you only need to disable autologin09:51
tsimpsonMrEgg964: plugdev, which users are usually in by default09:51
arunkumar413indus: mailed the author of the program for help09:51
AAAMrEgg964  did you log out and log back in?09:51
indusarunkumar413, ya thats good09:51
indusarunkumar413, is he a jap?09:51
TheExplorersercik, I mean I want my login propt to be commandline not GUI (GDM)09:51
sercikindeed you told how to choose from xfce gnoe etc etc09:52
sercikif you want commandline you could disable gdm in init.d09:52
MrEgg964tsimpson; AAA : yes, I did log out and back in. Am also part of plugdev. The cdrom does automount when I log in with my admin account.09:52
indusarunkumar413, its a qt app09:52
indusarunkumar413, give me that link again of the software09:53
sercikTheExplorer: try ctrl-alt-f1 then login and then sudo telinit 309:53
AAAMrEgg964  what does this say? $ cat /etc/group|grep cdrom09:53
arunkumar413indus: http://www.suigyodo.com/online/e/index.htm09:53
sercikTheExplorer: in runlevel 3 graphic is not started by default ok?09:54
AAAMrEgg964  and are you able to sudo into root from that same account?09:54
TheExplorersercik, i understand09:54
indusarunkumar413, according to the link, it says no compile needed09:54
indusarunkumar413, with the may 5 release09:54
MrEgg964AAA : cdrom:x:24:fred,philippe   --> fred is admin, philippe is user09:54
arunkumar413indus: its needed09:54
arunkumar413indus: without compiling how does it work09:55
hypercityisit posible to have mail notification in the memenu withbout evolution window opened?09:55
indusarunkumar413, well the run time libs are included it says, so its an executable probably09:55
Ssalif00wireless keyboard won't work at GRUB level, won't let me choose available OS, HELP09:55
MrEgg964AAA: and here is my fstab entry : /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       009:56
appleseedThe answer to how to reconfigure Nvidia drivers in the shell is : sudo nvidia-xconfig  <--- that worked for me, thanks for all your help...09:56
indusarunkumar413, just have to move the runtime libs to folder or something , have you read that09:56
arunkumar413indus: may be it only works on windows09:56
arunkumar413indus: no09:56
indusarunkumar413, try09:56
alexh10So im having a problem with ubuntu lucid. with integrated intel graphics. something to do with the xserver. so should I downgrade to Ubuntu jaunty???09:56
indusarunkumar413, doesnt mention if its windows or linux09:56
indusarunkumar413, The runtime library included in this package doesn't need the installing process. After you copy the runtime library folders into the same folder as the executable files, BSch3V is ready to use. It is useful to carry the BSch3V environment in USB flash memory.09:56
arunkumar413indus: those run time libraries may work only on windows09:57
indusarunkumar413, maybe09:57
* gryllida waves to EvilTreak and reads up09:57
AAAMrEgg964  and $ mount /media/cdrom0 as phillip doesn't work?09:57
=== omayer is now known as DaHopi
arunkumar413indus: can u try for me.i have slow internet connection09:57
indusarunkumar413, lol ok09:58
MrEgg964AAA: Manual mount, you mean? I'll give that a try.09:58
indusarunkumar413, but the download is stuck for me09:58
gryllidaso! how do I change bg color in lynx?09:58
indusarunkumar413, ill try at home latre on09:58
indusarunkumar413, and update you tomorrow here09:58
* indus hates compiling stuff :)09:59
arunkumar413indus: ok,thanks09:59
EvilTrekAAA: thanks for your help10:00
AAAEvilTrek  you beat. ctrl-a r <-- reattach in screen10:01
MrEgg964AAA: nope, it doesn't work. Maybe there is something wrong with the cd itself.10:01
AAAMrEgg964  anything useful in $ dmesg | tail -n20?10:02
skoefguys, i've update my kvm-host, and now my kvm-client suddenly has apt-get issues10:03
indusarunkumar413, maybe you are just missing some qt files10:03
indusarunkumar413, wait for answer from author10:03
MrEgg964AAA: not really. I'm doing this remotely, I can't actually see what kind of cd they've inserted into the drive.10:03
arunkumar413indus: ok10:03
EvilTrekAAA: i can easily ignore the "Attaching inside of screen?" thing, because that's not an issue.  Getting byobu to run was the big thing :)10:03
skoefin fact: my kvm-client has all sorts of network issues, and apt-get update segfaults10:03
arunkumar413indus: r u free now10:03
indusarunkumar413, yea why10:04
MrEgg964AAA: but what you're saying is, with cdrom and plugdev membership, I should be good to go, right?10:04
AAAMrEgg964  if you are remote, then ssh in and run that command10:04
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.10:04
arunkumar413indus: just for some pesonal chat10:04
skoefanyone ever experienced such a thing?10:04
indusi dont necessarily agree with that factoid10:04
indusarunkumar413, no sorry iam not10:04
arunkumar413indus: ok10:04
AAAEvilTrek  attaching inside of screen is typically a 'non error' it just means you are trying to attach the same screen session to you current screen10:04
sebsebsebskoef: Server Edition?10:05
AAAMrEgg964  I would think so yes. but if it is an audio cd you can't mount it10:05
skoefsebsebseb: yes, kvm-host is 32bits 8.04, kvm-client is 32bits 9.1010:06
arunkumar413indus: do you think a 16 bit processor can be used for word processing using linux kernel10:06
skoefalso, the client complains about: kernel: [40713.005075] no vm86_info: BAD10:06
sebsebsebskoef: #ubuntu-server10:06
skoefsebsebseb: ok, thanks10:06
MrEgg964AAA: ok, thanks. I'll bring my own data cd with me next time I'm at the computer, and run the test there. Thanks for your time.10:06
sebsebsebskoef: np10:06
indusarunkumar413, lol no idea10:06
AAAarunkumar413  vim/emacs yes10:06
indusarunkumar413, trying to build something /?10:07
BeelsebobI'm having a bizzare issue with mysql10:07
AAAMrEgg964   good luck10:07
Beelsebobif I run sudo start mysqld, it fails to start properly10:07
indusarunkumar413, which processor is this10:07
arunkumar413indus: ya,an e-reader10:07
Beelsebobif I then run mysqld manually myself, it works10:07
sebsebsebskoef: try there10:07
j800rguys, does ubuntu have the same kde version in the repos as kubuntu. wanna try out kde again but would sooner install it on top of ubuntu rather than install a completely diff distro10:07
icerootBeelsebob: error-messages are welcome10:07
Beelsebobsubsequently to running mysqld myself, the server starts10:07
icerootj800r: yes10:07
arunkumar413indus: for reading word,txt,doc,html files10:07
sebsebsebj800r: uhmm10:07
Beelsebobit leaves *nothing* in it's error.log10:07
rwwj800r: yes, they use the same repositories10:07
Beelsebobnor in mysql.err10:07
indusarunkumar413, probably is enough10:08
sebsebsebj800r: Kubuntu is Ubuntu just with KDE instead10:08
Beelsebobiceberg: as I just said – no error messages10:08
Beelsebobjust sudo start mysql hangs10:08
icerootj800r: kubuntu is ubuntu with the package "kubuntu-desktop"10:08
Beelsebobuntil I run mysqld manually myself10:08
sebsebsebj800r: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop10:08
j800rah, ok. thanks for that. i'm constantly torn between kde and gnome10:08
sebsebsebj800r: oh and I suggest KDM when it asks which log in screen to use, since its way better than GDM 210:08
icerootBeelsebob: use the binary not the service10:08
indusj800r, just keep in mind, the menu will be completely cluttered with both kde and gnome apps, i dont recommend it10:08
Beelsebobiceroot: useful...10:09
AAABeelsebob  you can start mysql in debug mode and have it log to the terminal10:09
indusj800r, do a multi boot with either desktops10:09
fishcookerhow to make automated cd installer ubuntu server installation without any prompt, anyone?10:09
sebsebsebj800r: indus is not giving good advice10:09
Beelsebobiceroot: as I just said – the problem is with the service, not mysqld10:09
sebsebsebj800r: no reason to dual boot Ubuntu and Kubuntu10:09
icerootBeelsebob: sudo /usr/bin/mysqld (or where mysqld is stored10:09
Beelsebobmysqld starts if I run it myself10:09
indussebsebseb, thanks10:09
sebsebsebj800r:  just have htem both installed, and log in to the one you want from the log in screen10:09
Beelsebobiceroot: again, for the third time – mysqld starts if I run it manually10:09
icerootBeelsebob: ah ok didnt read that10:09
Beelsebobbefore I run it manually sudo start mysql doesn't work10:09
AAABeelsebob  start it in debug with log to the term10:09
Beelsebobafter I run it manually sudo start mysql does work10:09
gryllidaj800r: you don't dual boot them, just install both gnome and kde gui packages and choose when logging on, they still share same kernel10:10
sebsebsebindus: dual boot is silly for that, a virtual machine on the other hand could be good,  since that way can run Gnome and KDE at the same time10:10
BeelsebobAAA: AGAIN! The problem is *not* with mysql – it's with upstart10:10
gryllidasebsebseb: hey, any idea how to change lynx webpages background to white, it10:10
j800rtbh, only reason i ever really kept comming back to gnome was for gwibber. but i think i have a way round that now10:10
gryllidas black now10:10
icerootBeelsebob: sometimes its better to write everything in one line so we dont have to search for the usefull/important infos in the whole channel10:10
sebsebsebgryllida: uhmm?10:10
AAABeelsebob  ah, sorry. sys v here. no hablo upstart :(10:10
n3m3s1s4uanyone know how to fix nvstor64.sys blue screen after installing ubuntu 10.04 on a windows 7 64 bit machine???10:10
anodesniI'm outside in the heat, my HDD becomes hot! hdparm is on 254. By setting it to 128 I have 90 load cycles per hour, too much. Can I fix this?10:11
icerootn3m3s1s4u: ##windows10:11
sebsebsebj800r: you can run Gwibber in KDE as well, also there is a facebook  applet or whatever for KDE10:11
gryllidasebsebseb: I opened google.com in Lynx web browser, it has dark background :-(10:11
j800ris the ubuntu one store available in amarok as well or is it Rhythmbox or bust?10:11
sebsebsebj800r: Facebook has something social as well,  some sort of widget or whatever they are called in KDE10:11
ddilingerBeelsebob: so what happens? where does it get stuck?  does the mysql process ever get started, does the /etc/init.d/mysql script get run?  throw some debugging lines in there its all shell script :P10:11
sebsebsebgryllida: Lynx is text only, its meant to be black background, with white text10:11
sebsebsebgryllida: runs in terminal10:11
ddilingeralthough i always found lynx to be blah,  try w3m :)10:12
gryllida sebsebseb, but the default for this terminal is black text, white backround10:12
AAAGytis  links2 has graphix support10:12
sebsebsebj800r: only Rythombox,  and Banshee with another program10:12
Beelsebobddilinger: sudo start mysql hangs, and does not start any mysqld process10:12
sebsebsebj800r: you can run those in KDE as well10:12
ddilingerBeelsebob: does it run the script /etc/init.d/mysql?10:12
ddilingerBeelsebob: does it start if you use /etc/init.d/mysql start instead of start mysql ?10:12
indussebsebseb, what you said is another option , but read what i said before you comment, the menu clutter is a fact10:12
j800rcan you still use ubuntu one music store via web browser alone?10:12
sebsebsebgryllida: uh I don't know, been quite a long while since I used Lynx10:12
duxbuzanyone help with Xwindows prob, cannot start x unless i run as sudo10:13
Beelsebobddilinger: no, it says "oh hey, you should use the upstart script, not the init.d one"10:13
indussebsebseb, a vm takes resources btw10:13
sebsebsebindus: having quite a lot in a menu, isn't really a big deal, for most of us :)10:13
ddilingerBeelsebob: typically they say that then start anyways10:13
ddilingerBeelsebob: its more of a info statement that an actual problem10:13
AAAsebsebseb  gryllida links210:13
j800ri mean, if i could purchase and download through my browser i'd be perfectly happy10:13
jozefkthis would delete last 22 lines of all html files in directory: sed -e :a -e '$d;N;2,22ba' -e 'P;D' *.html   but the change is not permanent. how can I make it permanent?10:13
indussebsebseb, thats the plague called kde isnt it why people stick to gnome10:13
sebsebsebindus: no10:13
indusanyways moving on10:13
gryllidasebsebseb: I would find it good if there was a way to forbid any apps use non-default colors in Terminal at all, or find a pref in Lynx, I wasn't able to do either; but black background isn't a thing I can read though10:14
ddilingerBeelsebob: if you look through the /etc/init.d/mysqld script you can see its still a full start script10:14
Beelsebobddilinger: well, the init.d script produces that output, *doesn't* hang, but also doesn't start mysqld10:14
sebsebsebindus: some like KDE, some like Gnome, some like other stuff like LXDE and XFCE10:14
yoyonedduxbuz: do you get an error message?10:14
ddilingerBeelsebob: hmm,10:14
sebsebsebindus: and people that use Ubuntu, use their edited Gnome, because thats what Ubuntu comes with10:14
sebsebsebindus: that will be the main reason for most users10:14
gryllida sebsebseb: "edited" Gnome?10:14
Chymera1hi guys, how can I copy all the hidden files in my home dir to a backup folder without ~/. and ~/.. being pulled in as well10:14
duxbuzyoyoned:  ye. dcopserver not running10:15
sebsebsebgryllida: yeah changes that aren't upstream here and there, in 10.04, will be even more in 10.10, and only a little bit in 9.04 and 9.1010:15
ddilingergryllida: ubuntu customes their distribution, they dont just compile the released code10:15
gryllida Chymera1: cd ../ <- do it several times to get out of home folder to a more topmost directory10:15
duxbuzit starts as sudo, tried changing file chmod on ICEAuthority and others mentioned10:15
gryllidaok sebsebseb10:16
ddilingersebsebseb: but thats kinda the point of open source.  If you think you can do it better you can, if you think it only needs a tweak to be better you can do that too.10:16
indusnever heard of an edited gnome before now10:16
sebsebsebgryllida:  ddilinger  Yeah Ubuntu developers are starting to do much more of their own thing with Gnome.10:16
gryllidaindus ^10:16
indussebsebseb, like what10:16
ddilingerit starts with integration10:17
sebsebsebindus: see above, and if you don't understand, find out what upstream Gnome is, and how most other distros for the desktop do Gnome :D10:17
j800rtbh i like what Ubuntu are doing with Gnome, it's the only thing remotely attractive about it for me10:17
c3lwhats the best tool for creating automatic backups on my external drive? rsync seems to be for remote syncs only10:17
ddilingerindus: starts with things like network configuration and whatnot that are not the same across distributions.  Then they find other little things they want to change :P)10:17
AAAChymera1  rsync --exclude '~/.*' ~user/ /mnt/backup/user10:17
ddilingerc3l: rsync does local too10:17
indusubuntu hardly changes gnome , i atleast havent seen it10:18
sebsebsebj800r: well they got to do something I suppouse, or people will lose interest in Ubuntu,  and Gnome hasn't changed that much since 200410:18
yoyonedduxbuz: are you starting kde?10:18
sebsebsebindus: they have a lot in 10.04, but this is off topic,  however if you want to know the details pm10:18
AAAChymera1  --exclude is the rsync arg you want, the other rsync params are very particlular10:18
indussebsebseb, sure10:18
rajhey guys there there anyone who can help? I found the best WIFI driver for my wifi and i blacklisted everything else that interferes  however everytime to get my network going i have to type this: sudo modprobe rt2870sta WHy is that?10:19
* j800r waits for kde to install10:19
ubutom_anyone using minitube? Can't skip through the videos with the slider, using 64 Bit, maybe a flash issue or is it generally not possible to seek with minitube?10:19
ddilingerraj: add that to /etc/modules10:19
AAAraj  I don't know. you can add it to /etc/modules and it will load at boot10:19
ddilingerraj:  echo rt2870sta >>/etc/modules as root10:19
j800rwhat is minitube? :\10:20
ddilingermake sure its a double >>10:20
j800rsounds like something you'd get on a phone10:20
fishcookeranyone any experience on installing ubuntu on 100pc... ?10:20
rajddilinger:  how can i load it in modules?10:20
ddilingerraj: open up the file and look at it, it will be very obvious10:20
fishcookeri need to create cd installer, the automated one... without any prompt... or interactive mode10:20
ubutom_j800r, a youtube player in the repos10:20
j800rwow, never heard of that10:21
j800ri just watch youtube through chromium10:21
=== out`Mike- is now known as Mike-
rajddilinger:  so i would add echo rt2870sta    on that page?10:22
ddilingerraj: did you read the text at the top of that file?10:22
* ddilinger always forgets people use linux with a gui and not the command line :P10:22
AAAraj  >> adds to a file. and you need to add that rt* line to the bottom of /etc/modules10:22
AAAddilinger  d0h!10:23
rajddilinger:  yes i did. but it doesnt tell you how to add it? what should i type in there?10:23
ddilingerraj: hmm, i thought it said something like 'Put the modules you want to load in this file 1 per line"10:23
nmvictorhow do i download an entire website using wget?10:23
AAAmneptok  -r. man wget10:23
ddilingerraj: so just add a line and type in your module and save it, reboot should be all loaded without modprobe10:23
AAAnmvictor  -r. man wget10:23
ddilingerif you have a fast network connection, aria2c much better :)10:24
rajddilinger:  so you just add: rt2870sta    and then save and reboot?10:24
AAAddilinger  better than curl?10:24
ddilingerraj: yup, on a line by itself10:24
ddilingerAAA: by far, aria2c does parallel downloads10:24
ddilingerAAA: either from same server, or multiple servers10:24
AAAddilinger  hot10:24
xmagixxxcan anyone help me with my microphone, it aint working in ubuntu, i can't select it in sound settings so i guess it's the driver10:25
AAAraj  any module listed on 1 line in /etc/module will be loaded on boot10:25
DaHopihello, grub2 needs 10 seconds to boot after bios screen.. with grub1 i handt these problem..10:25
ddilingerAAA: you could point it at 10 mirrors for the same kernel source, and it will download from all of them in parallel, i can often get 4x the speed with aria2c (my net maxes as 2MB/sec though, if u have a slow connection might not be so noticable)10:25
j800rok, time to boot into kde. catch you on the flipside10:25
rajddilinger:  AAA  THANK YOU BOTH :)10:25
AAAddilinger  so it handles files similar to a torrent then?10:26
ddilingerAAA: kinda, it also does torrents :)  and ftp, http, metalink, prob a few more10:26
ddilingernever tried using it for torrents though10:27
AAAraj  np. fyi, you can also put special module params to the drivers there. ex. thinkpad_acpi fancontrol=1  <-- you can find out all the special params by doing $ modinfo <module name>10:27
rajaaa thx10:28
ubutom_hhm, minitube just froze, seems to be something wrong here, will remove the config files :)10:28
nmvictorI have a dream, that one day, computer users will judge and preffer an OS by its content and attributions and not by the time it has been around, fooling and monopolizing the entire market. I HATE WINDOWS!!!!!10:28
rajAAA:  thank you this means i can get 150 MBPS bit rate? on this N?10:28
ddilingernmvictor: linux is about as old as windows, of course DOS is a little older10:29
AAAraj  that is another discussion. my first thought is to try : $ rmmod <mod> && modprobe <mod> special=foo10:29
nmvictorddilinger: i certainly meant around and doing good in the market10:30
KriSkoo :)  i luv my win 7 cuz all games and programs are make for windows not mac os not linux10:30
rajAAA i only get 54M on an N network and N card :S10:30
KriSkoobut linux and mac r more secure10:30
ddilingernmvictor: hmm, i guess it depends on the market, i had a linux box before win95 came out.  linux was certainly big back then but only online10:30
AAAraj  if there are special ways to modprobe your driver that will give you more speed, then try it! and check $ dmesg afterwards10:31
ddilingernmvictor: i guess the difference is noone else but me at my school knew what online was at the time :P10:31
rajAAA thank you10:31
nmvictorGnome 2.30.2 is out, wow10:31
zoidberg-/win/win 5710:32
AAAkrafty  linux and mac are NOT more secure. It's just that the vulerabilites require more thought than the average kiddie can provide...10:32
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indusnmvictor, whats diff in that10:32
sebsebsebnmvictor: I guess 10.10 will be using something like that, since they aren't going to do Gnome 3 by default.10:32
unsequitursebsebseb: I don't see a Gnome 3 adoption even in 11.04, to be hoest10:33
sebsebsebunsequitur: from what I read it seems, they will use 11.04 and 11.10 to get Gnome 3 ready for the 12.04 LTS10:33
ddilingerkrafty: it also comes down to market share.  If your trying to build a giant botnet you can get 100x more clients by writing a win virus than a macos one10:33
induswe need a new environment10:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:34
unsequitursebsebseb: Well, IMO, I find the pilosophy behind the GNOME shell to be a little confusing10:34
AAAsebsebseb  I thought I was hearing, just the other day, that ubuntu and gnome releases were darn near in sync10:34
unsequitursebsebseb: The upheaval in terms of code is huge as well10:34
xmagixxxcan anyone help me with my microphone, it aint working in ubuntu10:34
Joshmuffincan anyone help me i cant boot 2 of my 3 partitions - grub210:34
unsequiturAAA: In the sense? 6 month release cycles?10:34
unsequiturxmagixxx: onboard?10:35
AAAunsequitur  yes, that seem to 'sync' to one another10:35
nmvictorwhat options can i pass to wget so that it does not try to download a file it already downloaded if the download is interupted? It wastes time waiting for wget to try download 100 files it already downloaded10:35
AAAnmvictor  man wget10:35
xmagixxxunsequitur, yes and ubuntu 10.0410:35
unsequiturnmvictor: wget incirporates it already if the download if not interrupted by you10:35
Joshmuffinhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9503735#post9503735 - grub2 issue10:36
unsequiturxmagixxx: Can you PM me?10:36
mavishow do?10:36
AAAnmvictor  I know that exist, but I'd man to give you the answer.10:36
nmvictorAAA: id appreciate, reading manpages will sometime require some expertise to understand what to do with the info10:38
ubun7ui am in deep trouble10:38
ubun7ui just restarted my ubuntu lucid and it doesnt boot10:38
AAAnmvictor  pretty sure it is the -c --no-clobber option10:38
abhineshwhat happen10:38
ddilingernmvictor: yea, but it cant hurt to type man wget then '/continue' to search for continue download10:38
ubun7uit just hangs10:39
ubun7unothing shows up10:39
abhineshat first restart10:39
Joshmuffinsorry to spam but can anyone help me with grub210:39
ubun7ui am using livecd now10:39
nmvictorthanks guys10:39
ddilingerubun7u: how big is your HD?  my system looks like its stuck sometimes but its just fsck'ing a large HD10:39
ubun7uno problem with hD10:39
abhineshyes hell me ur ram10:39
ubun7ujust 160gb10:39
ubun7ui think it is trying to resume10:40
abhineshtell me10:40
ubun7uactually i directly pressed the power button10:40
ubun7u2.5 gb10:40
teixeiraI need help, gnome-language-selector crash during language change, and now I neither can select a new language (program crash see paste) or run almost any python program (see locale definitions at paste) http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/Laru4tuL10:40
ubun7uthen whenever it starts it just initializes few thing then blank10:40
AAAnmvictor  yeah, -c continues a dl and -nc doesn't overwrite your files. man is _so_ your friend :)10:41
ubun7ucan i make some changes to the hd files?10:41
ubun7uso that it would boot up normally10:41
abhineshubun7u: ram is good10:42
abhineshat first restart system10:42
ubun7ui have done that10:42
ubun7utell me more10:42
ubun7uplz i dont want to do a fresh install10:43
abhineshat first restart system10:43
ddilingerubun7u: whats the last thing it says when booting?10:43
abhineshuse root->restart10:43
AAAubun7u  is this an SLC or MLC drive?10:43
ddilingeri think its a nortmal HD, he said 160G10:43
AAAubun7u  ok, not slc10:44
AAAor maybe10:44
ubun7uddilinger it just initializes virtual network drivers10:44
ubun7uthen just hangs10:44
ubun7uabhinash i am on a live cd10:45
txwsqkintroduce me a web camera software , except  cheese, thans10:45
br33ziehey guys -- i can't start my ubuntu partition, i resized my root partition and the remained free space i added it to my home partition10:45
AAAubun7u  what do you want to change? the way it's mounted or....? what do you mean hd change?10:45
ddilingerAAA: his system wont boot10:45
ubun7ui am on livecd10:45
JoshmuffinGrub2 - You must load kernel first error, anyone willing to help - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9503735#post950373510:45
AAAubun7u  on livecd and it will not reboot after finishing install? or?10:46
ddilingerbr33zie: whats it say when you try and start?10:46
ubun7uno installed already working fine10:46
br33ziei get the error, fsck /home [376] terminated with status 810:46
AAAubun7u  installed fine. then your question?10:47
br33ziean error occured while mounting /home ddillinger10:47
ddilingerbr33zie: hmm, try booting into single user mode and running a manual fsck10:47
ubun7uafter i pressed power button it doesnt reboot10:47
ddilingerbr33zie: to boot single user append " 1" to your kernel options in grub10:47
ubun7uAAA is there a way to make it boot nstead of resume10:47
txwsqkexcuse , who knows any other software about web camera ?10:48
fishcookerapt-get install cheese10:49
AAAubun7u  if you want to make your computer reboot do this $ shutdown -h now :: to reboot $ shutdown -r now10:49
txwsqkexcept cheese ?10:49
yoyonedtxwsqk: you can also use vlc10:49
AAAubun7u  $ halt <--- will also stop your computer  $ reboot <--- will reboot your box10:49
ubun7ubut how can i boot again10:49
Ssalif00wireless keyboard won't work at GRUB level, won't let me choose available OS, HELP10:49
ubun7ui cant login to ubuntu10:49
ddilingeraaa: dont think thats the problem, i dont understand fully but it seems if he tries to boot from the HD instead of the live CD hes on right now the system just hangs10:50
AAAubun7u  press the power button.  sometimes you need to hold it for 2seconds10:50
br33zieddilinger: dont i just hold shift while booting up?10:50
ddilingerbr33zie: to get single user mode?  i have no clue about shift, but appending " 1" to the kernel options has worked for about 15 years :)10:50
ubun7ui am on live cd10:51
AAAddilinger  like grub isn't installed proper?10:51
ubun7ui cant do anything10:51
br33zielet me try hold on10:51
abhi_navreinstall grub10:51
ddilingerAAA: not sure, i havn't been able to determine what actually is wrong, besides that his system will only boot from the live cd10:51
AAAubun7u  does the install complete?10:51
br33ziewait, what do i do again after getting into singlue user mode10:51
br33ziewhat command do i run in terminal?10:51
Joshmuffinubun7u, when you reboot can you get to login screen? where you type your name and password?10:51
ddilingerbr33zie: when you boot in single user mode it will drop you straight to a root console, no X or anything like that10:51
ddilingerbr33zie: from in there you want to run the fsck program against the hard drive partition that has /home on it10:52
br33ziewhat command do i run10:52
AAAbr33zie  depends on what you're debuging?10:52
br33ziehow can i make sure its the right partition10:52
br33ziewhat's the command to list all the partions10:52
ddilingerbr33zie: well, the thing is it wont be mounted yet10:53
jkalex05what i like about ubuntu10:53
abhi_navbr33zie, fsck10:53
txwsqkyoyonde  vlc  seems  a media player10:53
br33zieAAA -- can't boot into my parition, an error occured while mounting /home10:53
jkalex05is i can access my files in my partiton for vindows10:53
abhi_navubun7u, reinstall grub10:53
ddilingerbr33zie: to see which drives map where you should be able to check '/etc/fstab'10:53
BeelsebobI've installed php5-gmp, but php is still exploding at gmp_init() with "undefined function"10:54
Tony_Harrisonanyone got ubuntu dual booting with arch linux?10:54
ddilingerbr33zie: although typically that has UUID's instead of disk numbers, have to use /dev/disk/by-uuid/{uuid}10:54
=== mathk_ is now known as mathk
Beelsebobanyone know how to *really* get php5-gmp?