zusif one has to subscribe then there is no ubuntu one account yet correct? i am able to login with my old email and my name does come up but i go to https://one.ubuntu.com/plans/ page00:03
zusok  now when i entered my name  and email address, it lists sites lst authenticated with the days,..how do i remove that info?00:05
zussweet, i found all three - now to remove two of the not used accounts. thanks  guys..300:16
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zusya cant use the music downloads for the free 2gig accounts? can ya?05:44
duanedesignzus: you can access the music store with the 2gb account.05:46
zusin my little window from the memenu its greyed out under services, -05:47
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duanedesignzus: the package that has the plugin is:  sudo apt-get install rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store05:51
zusso the music is it free or pay for play? i just found out about the music im looking it up now05:51
zusduanedesign,  shiny, thanks - brb,..05:52
duanedesignzus: its a DRM free music store. the songs are like 77-99 cents a piece05:52
duanedesignzus: there are some free downloads05:53
zusis is like the radio type section thats there now?05:53
duanedesignzus: you can see which artists and albums have free tracks here http://us.7digital.com/cms/free-downloads-usa/free-downloads.aspx05:53
duanedesignzus: that is where you find it yes05:54
duanedesignin the left column of Rhythmbox05:54
zusappearently i already had it installed...:)05:57
zusWOW chickenfoot! the melvins?! dead kennedys and a bunch i never even heard of.. how do i buy these ?06:16
zusis one limited on how many free tracks one can down load? or is 7digital something different from ubuntuone?06:21
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overclockerhi, my couchdb is not working, so ubuntuone doesn't work, anyone could help me please11:21
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ryeaquarius, are you using rhythmbox? Do you have assisted technology/accessibility turned on?12:00
aquariusI am, and I don't know, respectively12:01
aquariushow do I find out12:04
ryeaquarius, quick question - when you adjust the volume using multimedia keys does rhythmbox hang?12:08
aquariusno; itworks fine for me12:09
aquariusI'm using lucid, though.12:09
aquariusI don't know how to know about accessibility settings. I assume I could poke through System > Preferences to find out?12:11
aquariushm. "Enable assistive technologies" is ticked in system > preferences > assistive technologies12:11
ryeaquarius, if you enable accessibility through system/preferences/assistive technologies then rhythmbox will hang if you start changing sound volume when it has focus. Also all other gtk apps hang as well12:12
aquariusnope. I have that enabled, and my volume hardware keys work fine, even with rhythmbox focused.12:12
ryeaquarius, x86 or x86-64  ?12:14
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CardinalFangaquarius, rodrigo_, has rhythmbox' automatic install of codecs ever worked?13:06
rodrigo_CardinalFang, it used to, I think13:06
aquariusit should work. What's not working about it?13:08
CardinalFangI'm testing a patch, and both the new code and the old code say the same thing at the end, "There was a problem installing, sorry. ..."13:09
CardinalFangrodrigo_, aquarius, if you remove your codec package(s) and try it, let me know.  I have to transport the kid to school soon.13:18
CardinalFangrodrigo_, aquarius, there's this bug13:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 594450 in rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "rhytmbox unable to download the mp3 codecs (affects: 2) (heat: 16)" [Low,Confirmed]13:19
rodrigo_CardinalFang, ok, I'll try13:19
CardinalFangbut I don't know if that's the same problem.  Even after the patch, something is screwwy.13:19
CardinalFangrodrigo_, aquarius, I have the new post-patch plugin in my PPA, for testing after the other end.13:21
CardinalFangAfter patch, I see that it does install "gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3", but that message still appears.13:22
CardinalFangOkay, AFK now.13:22
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rodrigo_CardinalFang, hmm, it might be the invalid signature thing I get when running apt-get update always13:23
rodrigo_so, it installs fine, but raises an error13:24
rodrigo_I'll have a try at both versions after lunch, now need to go cooking :)13:24
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wayeasthello all13:54
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wayeasti would like to throw out a general question about sharing files on ubuntu one.  is it possible for someone to share files or share a folder with another person, then relinquish write permissions, or even ownership, of those files or folder?13:56
wayeastthe situation i have in mind is of students submitting their work to a teacher by sharing a folder with teacher.  But students would have to be able to give up ownership of their shared files/folder to teacher for this to be worth anything.13:57
wayeastby "give up ownership" i mean making it impossible for the student to modify or delete files once they have been submitted.  Ideally, they should still be able to read them (in order to get the teacher's comments)13:59
jdobrienwayeast, if the teacher copied the files out of the share. It would work14:00
jdobrienwayeast, but unfortunately, once a share is created, the permissions can't change, the share can be revoked complely though14:02
wayeastjdobrien: thanks.  but as i understand, it is the original sharer, and only them, who can revoke sharing.  is this right?14:04
jdobrienwayeast, if you share something with me, I can later delete the share too14:05
wayeastjdobrien: i see.  so that means that BOTH the one who initiated the share AND the one with whom a file is shared have read/write privileges?14:06
jdobriendeleting the share and deleting the files are two different things14:07
jdobriena share is only a reference to a folder, but deleting the share does not delete the folder14:07
wayeastjdobrien: ok, so person A can initiate a share, person B accept, then person B revoke the share, keeping the shared files on their hard drive?14:09
jdobrienwayeast, yes.14:09
wayeastok thanks14:10
wayeastjdobrien: do you know if there are any plans/any way to make such a scenario possible in ubuntu one?14:11
jdobrienwayeast, you mean giving up ownership?14:11
jdobrienwayeast, I doubt it. sounds like a very rare need since there are different ways to accomplish the same thing14:12
wayeastdifferent ways, meaning other filesharing programs?14:13
wayeastnot filesharing -- things like U1?14:14
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CardinalFangrodrigo_, that rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music- package in my PPA does indeed work for new installations.  I verified it in virtualbox.16:03
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rodrigo_CardinalFang, and not for already existing installs?16:05
CardinalFangrodrigo_, I don't know that yet.  I don't have any lucid boxes.16:05
CardinalFangI'm re-testing with it.16:06
duanedesignmorning all16:11
rye_duanedesign, morning!16:11
duanedesignrye_: i asked [b]euno the other day about mobile sync bugs and what team they should be assigned to. Unfortunately i did not write it down :P  I think it was ubuntuone-web?16:18
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rye_duanedesign, yep, mobile/web team = ubuntuone-web16:23
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duanedesignI will update the wiki page that references the Ubuntu One Teams unless some one sees a reason not too. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Bugs/WorkFlow#Assignment16:30
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CardinalFangrodrigo_, on 10.04, I don't see a problem with the codecs at all.  Works for me, with and without this patch.16:53
rodrigo_CardinalFang, yeah, I remembered it used to work on lucid for me16:54
rodrigo_CardinalFang, but then, it's broken for maverick or what?16:54
CardinalFangrodrigo_, I suspected the "partner" archive was broken in some way, but I guess not.16:55
rodrigo_CardinalFang, hmm, there were missing 64bits packages once I tried, although there should be now bot 32 and 64, have you checked what the user has?16:55
CardinalFangrodrigo_, yes, 64-bit user.16:56
rodrigo_and there's a 64bit package on the partnet repo, right?16:56
CardinalFangI don't know.  I didn't consider word size until now.  Looking.16:57
rodrigo_well, once I tried, since I was on 64bit, it just tried to install the package for that, and since there wasn't, it failed16:57
rodrigo_is the user on maverick?16:57
rodrigo_there seems to be a maverick-64bit repo16:59
DaedylusCan someone assist me with a download problem? I purchased a track through the Ubuntu One music store several days ago and its stuck on the "Queued..." message. 7digital tech support suggested its because of an ampersand character in the filename.17:00
rodrigo_hmm, or not:17:00
rodrigo_$ apt-cache policy gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp317:00
rodrigo_  Installed: 0.10.14.debian-117:00
rodrigo_  Candidate: 0.10.14.debian-117:00
rodrigo_  Version table:17:00
rodrigo_ *** 0.10.14.debian-1 017:00
rodrigo_        500 http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick/universe Packages17:00
rodrigo_        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status17:00
rodrigo_CardinalFang, what's the bug # again?17:00
CardinalFangrodrigo_, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/+bug/59445017:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 594450 in rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "rhytmbox unable to download the mp3 codecs (affects: 2) (heat: 16)" [Low,Confirmed]17:01
CardinalFangrodrigo_, right, so the old plugin was "gstreamer0.10-fluendo-plugins-mp3-partner".17:01
CardinalFangdeb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner17:02
rodrigo_CardinalFang, ah, we indeed need to install that one, afaik, right aquarius?17:02
CardinalFangrodrigo_, I don't think so.  Either the one in universe or the one in the partner pkg.17:03
aquariuswe need to install the partner one, yes17:03
CardinalFangBoth work, at least for 10.04 and for 32-bit.17:03
rodrigo_CardinalFang, there was some legal thing, that's why we need to install the partner one17:03
rodrigo_ok, so the problem seems to be a missing gstreamer0.10-fluendo-plugins-mp3-partner package for maverick17:04
CardinalFangThen this patch is wrong?  It drops the partner archive addition and installs from universe instead.17:04
rodrigo_CardinalFang, yeah, seems so17:04
CardinalFangMaybe we should send this up to Legal to make sure.17:05
rodrigo_aquarius already knows afaik17:05
aquariuswhich patch?17:05
aquariuswe need to install the version from partner.17:06
rodrigo_aquarius, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/+bug/59445017:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 594450 in rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "rhytmbox unable to download the mp3 codecs (affects: 2) (heat: 16)" [Low,Confirmed]17:06
rodrigo_$ apt-cache policy gstreamer0.10-fluendo-plugins-mp3-partner17:06
rodrigo_W: Unable to locate package gstreamer0.10-fluendo-plugins-mp3-partner17:06
aquariusyeah, that patch can't be used; we need to install the version from partner17:06
aquariusis that because you're on maverick?17:07
rodrigo_aquarius, yes, seems so17:07
CardinalFangHuh.  So archive update, perhaps.  Looking.17:07
aquariusk, so it needs to be in the maverick partner repository17:07
aquariusI#ll ping the dude about it :)17:07
CardinalFangOh, good.17:07
CardinalFangWe don't have a bug assignment for the archives, do we?17:07
aquariuspinged the guy responsible :)17:08
DaedylusCan someone assist me with a download problem?17:09
aquariuspolicy is that partner packages are not migrated to the new distro repos until beta117:09
aquariusbut we're looking to fix it17:09
CardinalFangAh.  I'll update the bug, aq.  What's a concise reason for not using the universe plugin?17:09
aquariusCardinalFang, rodrigo_, the bloke responsible is iamfuzz17:09
DaedylusCan someone assist me with a download problem? 7digital support referred me here.17:18
duanedesignhello dendrobates17:21
duanedesignoops sorry17:21
duanedesignhello Daedylus17:22
DaedylusI purchased a track through the Ubuntu One music store several days ago and its stuck on the "Queued..." message. 7digital tech support suggested its because of an ampersand character in the filename.17:22
duanedesignDaedylus: what seems to be the problem17:22
duanedesignDaedylus: ok17:22
duanedesignalecu: ^^17:23
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alecuhi duanedesign, we should ask pfibiger about it; I'm working on the ubuntuone user interface right now17:25
alecupfibiger, ^^^^17:25
duanedesignalecu: thank you :)17:28
alecuduanedesign, thank you!!!17:28
Daedylusduanedesign: let me correct my previous statement. The ampersand is not in the filename. It's in the name of the album, hence the folder being created.17:30
pfibigerDaedylus: let's get that sorted for you. What's the song title?17:30
* CardinalFang hopes it's embarassing.17:30
dobeyWaka Waka Waka17:34
dobeyevery time i see that song title, all i can think of is the muppets band17:35
CardinalFangOkay, confession time:  I have a Lily Allen tune in my library.17:36
duanedesignha ha. Music Library confessions17:39
CardinalFangpfibiger, your turn.17:40
dobeywho is Lily Allen?17:42
dobeyis that Beyonce's real name?17:42
CardinalFangPop.  Glittery, over-mixed pop.17:42
dobeyah, like beyonce, but not as popular17:43
ryeduanedesign, it looks like in Maverick the client is a bit broken - bug #598168, users will need to install ubuntu-sso-client17:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 598168 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-client must depend on ubuntu-sso-client (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59816817:45
CardinalFangdobey, http://ubuntuone.com/p/7v7/17:46
dobeythat's not too bad17:47
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duanedesignkermiac: FYI see rye's comment ^^17:53
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Daedylusduanedesign: Were you able to get anywhere with my problem?18:07
duanedesignDaedylus:  pfibiger will be able to help you18:13
duanedesignDaedylus: what was the song title?18:13
Daedylusduanedesign: Never mind, I see it went through. If it was something you did, thanks!18:16
duanedesigngreat Daedylus!18:18
dobeyi ♥ problems that fix themselves18:20
pfibigerdobey, duanedesign: we did fix it.18:21
pfibigerand we're setting it up so that it will fix itself a few times a day, until the underlying problem is truly solved18:21
dobeyshhh, a magician never tells his secrets!18:22
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gnomefreakwhy does it say on all Nautilus windows im not synced to Ubuntu1 but when i try to enable it it tells me i cant20:41
gnomefreakand how do i get rid of it if there is no way to do it20:41
duanedesigngnomefreak: I think there is a bug report on the Nautilus extension showing the wrong state.20:46
gnomefreakduanedesign: thanks, ill see if i can find it a bit later/tomorrow20:47
duanedesigngnomefreak: if i come across it i will let you know20:52
gnomefreakduanedesign: thanks20:53
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mkarnickihi duanedesign :)21:01
mkarnickiservers up? there's maintanance or I have a bug :D21:01
* beuno votes for bug21:01
* duanedesign looking21:01
mkarnickibeuno: ;)21:02
mkarnickiAndroid is nasty..21:02
beunoI can't believe that21:02
beunounless it's made of software21:03
mkarnickibefore it dismisses "Connecting" Dialog and shows "Authenticating", u1-storage client thread steals from UI Thread, and21:03
mkarnickiit authenticates before "Authenticating" dialog pops ;]21:03
duanedesignmkarnicki: yeah, looks ok here21:03
mkarnickiduanedesign: thanks :)21:04
mkarnickiguess I should leave those dialogs for now and focus on real stuff.21:04
mkarnickifor starters, I'll have some sandwitches :D21:04
* mkarnicki fetches some food from kitchen21:04
nullspace_workanyone else having issues with signing into the ubuntu one iphone app21:31
* beuno checks21:31
nullspace_workyes I am typing in the right username password21:31
beunonullspace_work, have you synced before?21:31
* rye checks syncml...21:31
nullspace_workbeuno: not on the iphone but on my desktop yes21:32
* rye confirms that syncml works21:32
beunonullspace_work, and have you generated your mobile user/pass for it?21:32
beunoin https://one.ubuntu.com/phones/21:32
nullspace_workthere is a mobile username password seperate from the one you use to get onto the site?21:32
nullspace_workbeuno: not sure why having two different usernames and passwords makes and sense of any kind for the same service21:33
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snap-lIs there a way to tell what Ubuntu One is trying to sync?21:33
snap-lI seem to have something big going through my tiny upload pipe21:33
beunonullspace_work, it doesn't make sense, no. It's a technical limitation we haven't managed to get around yet21:33
dobeyu1sdtool --current-transfers21:34
snap-ldobey: Thanks21:34
snap-lCurious why it's trying to resync some files that it previous synced.21:34
dobeyit thinks they changed21:34
dobeyor it thinks it didn't finish syncing them perhaps21:35
dobeynot sure exactly :)21:35
snap-lYeah, no worries.21:35
snap-lThat's a handy command, though. Thank you!21:35
snap-lAlso, when are contacts going to be live? :)21:35
dobeyand --waiting-content will show you what it intends to sync21:35
dobey(which if you have a lot of files, may be a VERY large list)21:35
beunosnap-l, are you using evolution for contacts?21:35
beunowe're working in enabling it for everyone these next weeks21:36
beunoit's working for some users, but we haven't opened it up for everyone yest21:36
nullspace_workbeuno: thanks, when I am less busy I might want to see if I can help get around that limitation21:37
snap-lAny way to put my name in the hat to getit enabled? :)21:37
snap-lI promise I'll file bug reports. :)21:37
beunonullspace_work, we have a plan to do so!  hopefully for Maverick21:37
beunosnap-l, unfortunately it's not by user, rather it's by userid21:37
snap-lAh, by ranges?21:38
beunowe're doing all kinds of upgrades21:38
snap-lNo worries, then.21:38
beunoand as they kick in, we can open up replication to more users21:38
snap-lThanks for the tips, and thanks for a great service!21:38
beunowe hope to not have to turn replication off ever again after this upgrade21:39
overclockerhi, my couchdb is not working, so ubuntuone doesn't start, anyone could help me please21:39
ryeoverclocker, what distribution are you running?21:41
overclockerfresh install21:42
snap-lInteresting: I restarted Ubuntu One to change the bandwith limits, and it restarted the transfer from scratch21:49
snap-lAny possibility for using something like rsync?21:50
beunosnap-l, it probably didn't restart the transfer from scratch21:54
beunoonce it uploads a file, it shouldn't be uploading it again21:54
dobeywe're looking into providing versioning and diff-based transfers in future versions, though probably not for a while will that happen, since it's a vary large amount of work :)21:55
snap-lIt's sure acting like it's uploading it again. :)21:57
beunosnap-l, you could install magicicada to see the progress22:00
beunoit's available in that PPA22:00
beunoand should give you a nicer visual report of what's going on22:00
snap-lOK, this is nuts... the file is re-uploading again22:21
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williamlfs How do I add a computer to my ubuntu one account, the tutorial says "click on the add this computer button" but does not specify where it is23:50
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williamlfsIm using 9.1023:51

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