falktxhi guys10:38
falktxgood news10:38
falktxi was able to get the nvidia-256 driver to work on 2.6.33-realtime kernel10:38
falktxtesting it right now... (not me, another user...)10:58
falktxanyone here has an nividia card?11:23
jussime, at home11:34
falktxjussi: i have patched the ubuntu's nvidia driver package  to work with v2.6.33-realtime11:38
falktxjussi: i can give u a link to the deb(s)11:39
falktx32bit - https://launchpad.net/~falk-t-j/+archive/lucid/+build/1809710/+files/nvidia-current_256.35-0ubuntu1withrt+ppa1_i386.deb11:40
falktx64bit - https://launchpad.net/~falk-t-j/+archive/lucid/+build/1809709/+files/nvidia-current_256.35-0ubuntu1withrt+ppa1_amd64.deb11:40
falktxI am able to compile them in 2.6.33-rt, but I can't test it11:41
scott-workrakarrack 0.5.8 is now in Launchpad...yay!21:48

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