_pg_does anyone here use ubuntu studio for anything other than audio?02:14
_pg_like graphics or video02:14
_pg_or web02:14
holsteini know they do02:14
holsteini think the audio guys tend to be in here more often though02:15
_pg_im trying to find out if there is any advantqage over a vanilla ubuntu plus the apps installed after02:15
holsteinits the same end result02:15
_pg_then what eh hem is the point lol02:15
holsteinthe vanilla on is for normal folks02:16
holsteindesktop folks02:16
_pg_or anyone not doing audio=02:16
holsteinand the studio version is for us02:16
holsteinso we dont have to install all the extra packages02:16
holsteinthey just come on it02:16
holsteinand its an official distro02:17
holsteinwith a nice theme and all that02:17
holsteinbut, you end up with the same thing02:17
_pg_holstein: i guess. it just seems like 90% for audio and 10% for everything else02:17
holsteinits getting better02:17
holsteinBUT for a while, thats about how it was02:17
_pg_how so?02:17
holsteinfor all opensource software available02:18
holsteinmulti-media wise02:18
holsteinabout %10 video and graphics02:18
* zus likes it, and is still downloading his favorite programs that werent included with ubuntustudio nor lucid...02:18
holsteinzus: you can suggest ont he mailing list i would think02:19
zuswould have been nice if the threw kdenlive in there,...mailing list02:19
holsteinsometimes they just dont get included if they are not stable02:19
holsteinzus: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio02:20
zusyou should have sseen my applications list when i first tried ubuntu...02:20
holsteinthe mailing list info is there somewhere02:20
holsteincant hurt to ask :)02:20
* holstein gotta run to the store before it closes :)02:21
zusi had just about 3 of everything trying what i liked  and whathaveyou....the vanilla cut 80% of that in half the hunting for thins that is,..02:22
zusthins= things or should have been..02:22
holsteinwe have a channel for audio02:56
holsteinit would be nice to find those kind of channels for video and graphics02:57
holstein_pg_ is gone anyways02:57
zusholstein,  i have heard some  sample demos from lmms, i find it a bit too how can i put it "computer-y" not bad though maybe with equipment i can get more natural sound...least i got this far03:15
holsteinzus: try and get [lsd] talking about gear03:15
holsteinover in #opensourcemusicians03:15
holsteinhe does VERY nice musical sounding things with sequencers and MIDI03:16
holsteinall in FOSS03:16
zuswhat is lsd? and im in the chan now03:16
LalithaHi. How do i install ubuntustudio on my ubuntu lucid lynx with all tools and plugins ?05:26
LalithaP.S : I am an absolute beginner.05:27
holsteinhey Lalitha05:27
holsteinwhat are you running now?05:27
Lalithaholstein, Hi05:27
Lalithaholstein, ubuntu lucid lynx 10.0405:28
holsteinyou can add whatever you want to your current lucid install05:28
Lalithaholstein, i just want to record a music that is played in a site.05:28
holsteinread this05:28
holstein!vanilla | Lalitha05:28
ubottuLalitha: To install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation05:28
holsteinLalitha: you dont have to get all of that though05:29
Lalithaholstein, but i don't have vanilla. I have lucid lynx05:29
holsteinthats what that refers to05:29
holsteinjust plain old vanilla ubuntu )05:29
Lalithaholstein, Ok. Thanks.05:29
holsteinnot ubuntusutio or kubuntu05:29
Lalithaholstein, ok.05:29
holsteinLalitha: your wanting to record the audio from a site?05:30
LalithaLalitha, yes.05:30
holsteinyou might want to just try audacity05:30
holsteintheres really nothing in ubuntustudio that will make that easier05:30
LalithaLalitha, to record the audio played by firefox 3.6's plugin.05:30
Lalithaholstein,  to record the audio played by firefox 3.6's plugin.05:30
holsteinwe have a pretty heavy sound server called JACK05:30
holsteinand right now05:30
holsteinthat suspends pulse audio05:30
holsteinthat will not allow FF audio to be recorded05:31
holsteini would suggest trying audactiy05:31
Lalithaholstein, ok. Does audocity record from firefox?05:31
holsteinor just gnome sound recorder05:31
Lalithaholstein, thanks for helping me05:31
holsteinits going to be an issue of routing05:31
holsteinand that all depends on your hardware really05:32
holsteinand how ubuntu interfaces with it05:32
holsteini would fire up 'sound preferences'05:32
Lalithaholstein, i installed audacity.05:32
holsteinand look at the switches05:32
holsteinand sliders05:32
Lalithaholstein, sound preferences is in system > admin > ?05:33
holsteinyou can get to it from 'soudn recorder' too05:33
Lalithaholstein, in sound preferences icon in task bar ?05:33
Lalithaholstein, hardware is : internal audio 1out/1in analog stereo duplex05:33
Lalithainput is "internal audio analog stereo"05:34
Lalithaoutput is ^05:34
holsteinyour going to have to figure out how to get the output of your sound card to the input of audacity05:34
holsteinor sound recorder05:34
Lalithaholstein,  How ?05:34
holsteinthis is the way to go05:34
holsteinubuntustudio is really not for this kind of thing05:34
holsteinnot that you shouldnt check it out :)05:35
holsteinLalitha: im not sure05:35
Lalithaholstein, I must go to #ubuntu ?05:35
holsteinyou'll have to google around for your specific hardware i think05:35
holsteinLalitha: try #ubuntu-beginners05:35
holsteinthats usually a little slower paced05:36
LalithaI asked both in ubuntu and in beginners channels05:36
Lalithaholstein, Is there a simple app that just records output in one click ?05:37
holsteinnot from the web like that05:37
holsteinit could be a copy-right violation05:37
holsteinbut, sound recorder will do it05:38
holsteinyou just have to figuer out how to get whats coming from your speakers to go to your input05:38
* holstein has never tried05:38
holsteini just create :)05:38
zuswith audacity i tried to record what was being  played through the sound card for captureing streaming music, (like lastfm) but i didnt understand the tutorial enough and it wasnt working for me, how ever  you could  use a cable that plugs into your headphone and then plug the other end into the mic, and have audacity record that,....didnt have a cable for that either so i cant confirm. but i imagine it should work05:42
holsteingood call zus05:45
holsteinthat would work05:45
holsteinshould be a software solution though05:45
* zus nods05:45
zusit just used gnomes default sound recorder through the mic,05:46
holsteini wanted to grab an idea real quick earlier05:47
holsteinand i used the gnome sound recorder to make an ogg05:47
zusi got to learn how to cut up an mp3 and move the sections around,05:49
holsteinaudactiy is probaly the easiest way05:50
holsteinardour does all that too though05:50
holsteincan be overkill for editing a little stereo file though05:50
zuslol its a movie trailer,...05:54
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ubufoolhow do i update from 10.4 to ubuntustudio?08:02
zusubufool,  from ubuntu 10.04?08:17
zusyou can use synaptic package manager and install the ubuntustudio packages,08:21
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation08:22
zusubufool,  i just did it myself... :)08:23
ubufoolyea i tried yesterday, but ran out of space and completely messed up the previous install.. i had to re-install ubuntu just to do anything..08:25
ubufooli feel this is a bug.. it should have attempted to use swap to resume function..not crap out on me...08:26
ubufoolmaybe a furter version will think ahead about running out of hd space and ask to incorporat other partitions or free up sapce =c08:27
zusit seemed to me it just added extra applications and themes and what not, i still retained my lucid items,... but then thats why its vanilla, plain old ubuntu withnothing else....08:28
ubufoolit installs a real-time kernal and many other multimedia geared apps and modifications..adds 2gb+ to the kernal, includeing media apps08:30
ubufooltheres probably more i haven't found out about it yet xD08:30
zusyeah ya should have seen my ubuntu when i first began,... i had like every music player just to try em all out,  i wish i'd  known about ubuntustudio before..08:31
ubufoolyea me too...plain ubuntu can be slow..it chooses what to handle first etc.. runs stuff in bg... conserves swap ...not exactly performance oriented08:33
ubufooli wonder if it even uses all cores available..08:34
zusnot too sure, ive been on karmic for 4 months and kubuntu for2 and now this,...its still new to me..08:35
=== Dominus is now known as Guest77012
ubufoolsame..been around since ubu 8.04 used xubuntu...but still learning how to unlock things and check things..08:36
ubufoollinux comands are very new to me...08:36
ubufoolthe caps thing has messed me up numerous times08:37
ubufooland i've  chmod-x my /home directory once xD it will denied access to everything and pretty much locks whatever isnt already open08:38
zusi dont mess with the cli  much.08:38
ubufoolthankfully some leet ubuntu geek gave me a command to run in console to fix it lol08:38
ubufoolonly updated to 10.4 cause it is said that it is more secure?08:39
zusit is a very good comminity i tell you that08:39
zusin my opinion, everyone one will say that,..08:40
zus10-10 will be more secure than 10.04,....08:40
zuswhat got fixed or is new that wasnt around  6 months ago or can be implemented in older releases..?08:41
ubufoolthat and my 8.04 machine made an un authorised ping to my windows pc during a dos attack...i have yet to upgrade that machine tho..it's an old cleron 800mhz.. hp on a cognac board.. so i'm not sure if it will run 10.408:41
zushow ever,.. i wouldnt take security lightly either08:42
ubufoolnope never have...i'm thinking about takeing some ethical hacker courses to better protect myself and friends08:43
ubufoolobviously whatever i knew is no longer good enough..08:44
ubufoolthe newst exploits and "storm" use linux to attack xp =c08:44
ubufooli found out later the "storm" is more then just a ddos attack...08:45
zusi dont use windows anymore, really08:45
ubufoollol.. i only used it for gameing08:46
zusand i have to say i've been quite lucky in my run with windows.-08:46
ubufooli thought the attacks originated from KOS but it first breached IE...08:47
ubufoolwhich is needed to load the game, and you can't close IE until after the game loads...08:47
ubufoollol i disconnected the nic, physically.. and it install PPPOE08:47
zuslol ie has always been a magnet for trouble hasnt it08:48
ubufoolafter that i powered down the router...and called my isp...and they said yea,buddy ...who'd you piss off?08:48
zussoon as i heard about FF i used it outta curiosity08:49
ubufoolit wasnt just me...media outlets were also attacked the same way.. glen beck's website was shut down via "storm"  poweroutages...w/e the hell "storm" is... it's not good and very very lethal..08:50
ubufoolit seemed to of found vulnerabilites in syn packets.. to initiate attacks before IE failed..08:51
ubufooli'm told ubuntu is protected from these kinds of attacks in many ways xD08:51
zuswhen this all occur?08:52
ubufoolum, maybe 4 days ago..thurs-friday last week...i'd been shut down everyday that week...eventually i could no longer install anti-v or fw's in xp...08:53
ubufoolso i deleted all permissions in the registry xD and locked myself out..hehe now i need a new xp cd...08:54
ubufoolbut if my favorite games get ported well...i'll stay with ubuntu xD08:55
ubufoolcombat arms is one of my favorite f2p mmo games08:56
zusyeah wow is the only game i played,...08:56
ubufoolmetin2 is pretty good too..kinda like wow08:56
zusid like to try a fps on linux..08:57
ubufooli'm trying to find ways to get game time in wow08:57
zusfor ubuntu?08:57
ubufooltremulous is worth checking out08:57
ubufoolit is both windows and lnux08:57
ubufooli love that hehe08:57
ubufoola bit of a leraning curve but very addictive i think08:58
zusare these in the repositories?08:59
ubufoolyes, but the new beta version, which is not required to play.. is available on the website...and needs to be installed manually08:59
ubufoolmost people still play 1.109:00
ubufoolit is very much a work in progres non-the less.. but is very playable...sometimes huge relentless battles xD09:00
zusi'd like a good online offline game,,, should see if neverwinternights is able to work09:00
ubufoollol, thats a paid to play too isnt it?09:01
zusi dont know  i only played it offline,....but now that wifi is more popular,...09:02
ubufooli've been focusing on free to play for the past year...and promoting the good ones09:02
zusrunes of magic,....with wine,...i was actually gonna download it  but i never got to it09:02
ubufoolwifi n is good enough for gaming...anything less is pointless09:03
zusmost ppl still have g cards from what i understand  n slows down to the lowest speed ,...other than the extra range n gets you i wouldnt go for it just yet.09:04
ubufoolanyone know anything about re-installing an onboard nic?09:04
ubufoolg card won't go above 54mbps...most do not have dual-band /dual channel....and often don't keep 100% signal strengths09:05
ubufoolthis is what lags out09:05
ubufoolmost online games will not be playable09:06
ubufoolwifi-n has speeds up to 10gigbytes...are designed for hd media...and constant signal...09:06
zuslol usb here im at 54% signal i dont know the speed  though,...09:07
ubufoolwifi-n is more then just range dude09:07
zuswe've got a n router but everone's laptop has g cards and my pc has the usb key.09:08
ubufooli tried to play all kinds of games with wifi-g..even at 100% signal and very low distortion... i was warping everywhere...popping up on people..and it was horrible...09:08
ubufoolthat should be good enough there09:08
zuslol untill we update the boxes the n router is a bit  of a waste.09:08
ubufoolthe router should keep a great signal and bandwidth...09:08
ubufoolnaw naw.. it'll actually be able to help regardless wifi-n is backward compatable.. and much better equiped to handle media..even if the adapter end is wifi-b/g09:09
ubufoolit'll actully be able to work on both b and g over the wifi-g adapters... improveing everything...09:10
ubufoolwhich is probably why you can game with your wifi xd09:11
ubufooli've been able to load multiple wifi-g cards in ubuntu and have them wrk as well..09:12
zushmmm, prolly so. didnt think of it that way..09:12
zusubufool,  i had no idea just how late it is...09:18
ubufoolyea man...09:18
ubufooli'm sopposed to beup at 6am lol09:19
zusi hate the internets sometimes, they rob you of so much...09:19
ubufoollol, it's your pernal responsibility not the internet or game makers lol09:19
ubufoolor me xD09:19
zusnot me but i do have a lot to do, and im not an early kinda guy09:19
ubufoolme neither...09:20
ubufooli'ma go to sleep now tho09:20
zusaint no ones fault09:20
ubufoolpeaces tttyl09:20
zusone minute it's 5pm next dinner then email nextthing you know  the alarm is going off and you  coffee makers goes on,...09:21
zusim outta here too, laters  all09:21
ubufoolhow do i check and make sure ubuntu studio is properly installed and configured?11:51
ubufoolhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu < i installed from this11:51
ubufooland followed all steps11:51
ubufoolk i'm back ^^^11:53
AutoStaticubufool: what is it you'd like to do with Ubuntu Studio?12:02
ubufoolanything possible xD digital content creation..video, 3d models, animation, sound editing, video editing12:03
ubufoolgame level design..structureal design, schematics...12:03
ubufoolvideo must have cpu priorities...12:05
ubufoollast i checked before ubuntustudio install it had a set latency of 255 =c12:05
AutoStatic255 seconds, hours, milliseconds? ;)12:06
AutoStaticAnd how did you check?12:06
ubufoolprobably nanoseconds...using a program called tweakd?12:06
ubufoolthis is how the os scheduals cpu priority of it's devices...12:07
AutoStatictweakd? never heard of it12:07
ubufoolin windows i would make video devices 1..nic's 2 audio 3 / 4 most other devices are automatic and variable12:07
AutoStaticThat's possible with Ubuntu too12:08
ubufooli haven't been able to save it yet tho...probably needs to be run as root to do so12:09
AutoStaticSave what? What needs to be run as root?12:09
AutoStaticCan't find no reference at all on tweakd12:10
AutoStaticWhat is it that you're trying to achieve?12:10
ubufoolwhat is ubuntu studio control?12:11
AutoStaticIt's a tool to set some basic settings12:11
AutoStaticLike raw access to Firewire devices12:11
ubufoolaww digital vibrance glitched...12:12
ubufoolyup..it consistantly glitches...12:13
AutoStaticWhat glitches?12:14
ubufooli can't adjust my digital vibrance in nvidia xconfig setting gui... it's glitches and closes12:14
ubufool^nvidia xserver settings^12:14
ubufoolnvidia 5500 fx12:14
AutoStaticThat's something completely different12:15
AutoStaticI know close to nothing about configuring nvidia GPU's12:15
AutoStaticSo I'm sorry, can't help you with that12:16
ubufooljust letting people know xD12:16
ubufooli'll repeat it later xd12:16
ubufooland you'll need to use synaptic to get tweaked12:23
ubufooloh crap..it's not there?12:25
ubufoolone downside to updateing to ubu10...we lost 3rd party downloads....12:28
ubufoolhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu <<>> do i need to restart after i do this?12:31
ubufoolhey this is niice12:53
ubufoolstill can't adjust digital vibrance tho12:53
ubufoolit crashes12:53
ubufoolwhat would enableing nice do in ubuntu studio controls?13:18
Blank__i think that allows you to change process priorities...?13:19
* Blank__ doesn't really know13:19
AutoStaticNice doesn't really do much13:29
AutoStaticThat's why it's uncommented by default13:29
AutoStaticsorry, commented out13:30
AutoStaticso for audio one should stick to using rtprio13:31
AutoStaticnot sure about video13:31
AutoStaticGuess the same adaggio applies, also because rtprio is the strongest method of the two13:32
ubufool8this already with linux or do i need to d/l it?13:33
AutoStaticnice you mean?13:33
ubufool8rtprio...pci latency timeings??13:34
AutoStaticyou don't need an actual rtprio program13:35
AutoStaticit does exist somewhere,13:35
AutoStaticbut you don't need it13:35
AutoStaticrtprio is part of the kernel scheduler13:35
ubufool8it's sooo nice having a gui to do it tho.. i had one named tweakd...13:36
AutoStaticYou probably mean Ubuntu Tweak?13:39

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