oli1980Hi all, i have a strange issue inside an linux vserver guest: when stopping ssh with "stop ssh" nothing happens, ssh simply get's not stopped18:00
ionI take it ‘status ssh’ lists the correct pid?18:11
Steveegood evening20:46
Steveei`ve a question to the upstart feature to dealing with profiles20:46
Steveei`ve found an article in the wiki, but if i try to execute the command "initctl profile <profilename>" i got the error invaild command20:47
ionNot implemented yet.20:48
Steveeso is this feature full included or will it be included or has it been removed... ?20:48
Steveemhm, any idea when this feature will be inplemented ?20:48
Steveethe idea to deal with such profiles is very great !20:49
ionI’m not exactly sure what features will make it into 0.10 and what won’t, but that will be a major release and it hopefully happens in time for Ubuntu 10.10.20:52
Steveethat sounds great21:02
Steveethanks man21:02
Steveeand is there any deadline planned for the release of the 0.10 ?21:04
Steveewill be that in a half year, year, 5 years....21:05
Steveeit would be great to know that for planning in future etc21:06
ericholscherI just added my own job to /etc/init (which didn't exist before), and 'start jobname21:32
ericholscher' is saying it doesn't exist -- do i need to do something for it to re-read my jobs?21:32
ionYou’ll probably find a parse error in syslog.21:34

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