lewis1711hi, I'm new to wireless linux. I set up a new wireless profile in the networks connection app thing, now how do I, er, use it?05:12
lewis1711iwconfig is giving my wlan0 address as power down05:14
mikubuntuhelp!!! i have been having so much problems with the nvidia drivers on my friends install of 10.04, seemingly from problems between nouveau and lcd monitor.  so i just brought her a HUGE crt, but i still can't get the driver to work properly, only giving me 800 x 600 resolution.05:31
mikubuntuso i installed 9.10 instead, but still can't seem to activate the drivers, wont give me better than 800 x 60005:32
xubuntu039soy nuevo06:59
xubuntu039de esho estoy instalando el xubuntu06:59
KuwangerHow do I launch the KDE configuration tool from the command line?07:29
moetunesit used to be kconfig but someone in #kubuntu might know do /j #kubuntu if you need to07:30
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mikubuntui installed 10.04 on my friends machine, which has a cd drive top, and a dvd drive below.  the manual eject button on the dvd drive seems to be broken, and there is no pinhole to open it with a paper clip.  how would i set a panel launch command to open that drive?  on my laptop i set one just with the command 'eject' which works to open my singular cd/dvd drive, and it works great.09:24
KuwangerI wish this upgrade hadn't broken so much. :(09:37
ablomenmikubuntu, something like eject /dev/cdrom10:23
ablomenor the actual hd* or sd* device10:23
mikubuntuablomen: so, i would check the exact hardware name, and make the command eject 'hardware'11:01
mikubuntui should be able to go back and try that tonite11:02
ablomenyep should be easy11:03
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ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/13:16
fazelanybody who can help me14:42
knome!ask | fazel14:42
ubottufazel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:42
bazhangfazel, ask a question14:42
fazeli have a problem wiht HDMI cable14:43
fazelcan't display with HDMI cable14:44
fazelbut it gives display with normal analog cable14:44
fazeldid you get me14:44
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.14:48
KuwangerFor some reason, on first startup, my system reports about 49MB free with "free -m" (the right column of the "-/+ buffers/cache:" line).  If I restart the system, my system reports about 160MB free with "free -m".  It's like the first startup is leaking ~110MB.15:18
fuyaomy top bar is gone, anyone here to help?16:11
schlaftier!panels | fuyao16:12
ubottufuyao: Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/16:12
fuyaois this a tiny bug of xubuntu or something?16:12
schlaftierfuyao: Not a bug AFAIK. It might be that the panel crashed, for whatever reason, and was not automatically restarted. Xubuntu only loads the panel on startup when it was running earlier.16:13
fuyaoi remember the last time i start xubuntu the panel are running, along with my cairo bar16:14
fuyaonah w/e, is running now16:14
schlaftierXubuntu saves the session everytime you reboot, so it should start the panel next time16:15
fuyaogot it16:16
fuyaoand one more thing, how do i install the chinese software QQ on xubuntu, it's an instant massage software, i tried Eva, but it load for 10 seconds and then quits16:17
schlaftierfuyao: Pidgin seems to support QQ16:19
fuyaobut my QQ account on Pidgin seems to be disables16:19
schlaftierWhat happens when you enable it?16:20
schlaftierWhat happens when you try?16:20
fuyaoTercent disabled my QQ account whenever i go on QQ in pidgin16:20
fuyaois there anyway to use wine to install the windows version of QQ on xubuntu?16:21
schlaftierI have no idea what Tercent is...16:21
fuyaoTercent is the company that made QQ16:21
fuyaoall QQ account are controled by them16:21
schlaftierI see. Well, try asking in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-cn as there are probably more people familiar with QQ16:22
fuyaothank you for the help, bye bye16:23
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PavitraI seem to have borked an upgrade to 10.04.17:05
PavitraI can see the GDM background image and cursor, but no window where I might give my username and password.17:06
PavitraI tried googling, but either I can't think of the right terms or it's not a common enough problem.17:07
Sysipress ctrl alt f617:58
Sysiyou get terminal where you can log in17:59
Sysii think you should try 'sudo aptitude dist-upgrade'18:00
PavitraThank you, I'm trying that now.18:02
Pavitra...and nothing happened.18:03
PavitraMy package manager seems to think everything is okay.18:03
KuwangerHmm...that's a weird bug. :/18:05
Sysisudo service gdm restart18:05
PavitraIt comes back up the same as it was before.18:07
Sysisudo aptitude --purge reinstall gdm18:07
Pavitra(first stopping gdm)18:07
Sysidid it give error to terminal?18:08
Sysiyou can get back there pressing same keys as before18:09
PavitraIt's the same as before, and I didn't get anything that looks like an error to the terminal.18:10
PavitraThe only interesting-looking message was: "Processing triggers for ureadahead ...18:10
Pavitraureadahead will be reprofiled on next reboot"18:10
Pavitrashould I pastebin the whole thing?18:11
Takeasythis is my first time to use linux OS18:12
Sysihmm, it seems that your system think it's all right18:12
Sysi!hi | Takeasy18:12
ubottuTakeasy: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!18:12
Takeasyi tried 10.1018:12
Takeasythe one without installation18:13
Takeasybut i got some problem18:13
Sysi10.10 isn't gonna be stable for a while18:13
PavitraAre you sure? I thought 10.10 wouldn't be released until October at the earliest.18:13
Sysihelp for alpha/beta/rc is in #ubuntu+118:14
Takeasyoic, so i uninstalled it18:14
Takeasyi tried to install 10.0418:14
PavitraYou probably want 10.04. And, if this is your first time with a Linux OS, you probably want Ubuntu proper, rather than one of the variants like Xubuntu.18:14
Takeasynot install, i use 10.0418:14
Takeasyum.......i use xubuntu because of my laptop configuration18:15
Sysixfce ♥18:15
Takeasymy laptop18:16
Takeasywith only 256 MB ram18:16
Takeasywhile i tried to use 10.04 without installation, i can see the xubuntu logo18:17
Takeasyafter that, the screen went black18:17
Takeasyand the computer has no response18:18
Takeasywhat is the problem?18:18
Sysilive may not work with that little ram18:18
Takeasythe situation is same after i install it18:18
Sysithat intel graphics might not work properly18:19
Takeasyis it recommend to install it in windows?18:19
Sysiafaik not18:19
Sysiit should work, but it's different than norman installation18:20
Takeasyyes, the logo of ubuntu in 10.04 is less color than that at 10.1018:20
Takeasyany suggestion?18:22
PavitraNo idea.18:32
Takeasywhile i use 10.10, there are two apps keep poping up18:33
knomeTakeasy, there isn't bug reporting for 10.10 yet, since it's a development release18:33
Takeasyknome, alright18:34
knomeTakeasy, 256 ram is low even when system is installed18:34
pupuser25f294so i just DL Xubuntu, and it worked awesome out of the box... but when i ran the update, the system wont load up X any more18:34
pupuser25f294it just sits like a shit after the log in screen18:35
knome!language | pupuser25f29418:35
ubottupupuser25f294: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:35
pupuser25f294anyone know of this issue?18:35
Takeasyknome, actually, my graphic takes few MB away18:36
pupuser25f294it has done this now on 2 machines of radicly different setups18:36
knomeTakeasy, that definitely won't help.18:36
pupuser25f294well i am just saying it is not a machine issue18:37
Takeasy245MB is not enough, right?18:37
pupuser25f294its a broken packet18:37
pupuser25f294takeasy, are you talking to me?18:37
knomepupuser25f294, which xubuntu version18:37
pupuser25f29410.04 LTS18:37
knomeTakeasy, tbh, it's really quite a little.18:38
Takeasyknome, yes i know, thats why i change to linux OS18:38
knomeTakeasy, please remember that even xubuntu 10.04 is from 2010, so it definitely has more features than the old OS'es, like windows 95, which work well with 256 RAM18:39
knomepupuser25f294, have you tried booting with the old kernel?18:39
pupuser25f294yes i hae18:40
SysiTakeasy: you could try lubuntu or crunchbang18:40
knomepupuser25f294, 10.04 works when installed and not updated though?18:40
pupuser25f294but there are like 155 updates for me to systematicly isolate18:41
knomepupuser25f294, i'd suggest you to 1) search if there is known problems with your card + lucid 2) ask #ubuntu, since this isn't a xubuntu specific issue 3) file a bug.18:41
pupuser25f294i was hoping this issue was documented18:41
knomepupuser25f294, 2) because somebody there might know since there's clearly more people helping people out18:41
pupuser25f294try the #ubuntu channel?18:41
knomepupuser25f294, yes. as i said, it's not a xubuntu-specific issue18:42
dimkinwhere i can find boot editing tool in xubuntu ?21:20
dimkingrub editor or something21:20
knomedimkin, see /etc/default/grub21:22
dimkinok, 10x21:24
PavitraWell, this is... interesting. GDM is starting up on tty1 instead of tty7. Is that normal for 10.04?21:41
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pc104hi everyone22:12
pc104is there anyone can tell me which is better xubuntu or lubuntu?22:13
gnomefreakn/win 1022:13
bazhangah he quit22:14
pc104hi everyone22:15
bazhangpc104, there is no best. use what works for you22:15
pc104thanks bazhang.. actually i'm working as xubuntu..i need to improve it esp. when using twinkle22:17
pc104is there anyone using twinkle here?22:18
yesitisjustmenetwork manager is not connecting to 3g broadband anyone know why?22:29
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PavitraThis looks informative re: my can't-log-in problem: pastebin.org/35706323:02
_Techie_Pavitra, ill look at that and see if i can make anything of it23:18
_Techie_Pavitra, what version of Xubuntu are you using?23:20
Pavitra10.04 iirc23:22
PavitraI just discovered I get a different message if I run gdm from a root prompt instead of with sudo: pastebin.org/35709123:23
_Techie_hrmm, can i get you to drop back to a recovery console and use "sudo service gdm stop" "sudo service gdm start"23:24
PavitraIs a recovery console different from just going alt-ctrl-f2 or so?23:25
_Techie_you should be able to get away with doing it in a TTY23:26
PavitraIn that case, I've tried that and it didn't have any effect.23:26
_Techie_can you please paste your xorg.log23:28
_Techie_it will be located in /var/log/23:29
Pavitrajust a minute, I need to figure out how to get this into pastebin23:29
Pavitraworking from console mode23:29
_Techie_you can use <command> | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us23:29
Pavitra/var/log/Xorg.0.log right?23:31
_Techie_just a wild stab here, update your kernel and re install the intel drivers if your using an intel video chipset23:42
PavitraHow would I do that?23:44
_Techie_im not 100% sure23:46
_Techie_and im gonna have to go very soon23:46
_Techie_Sysi, you around... i need you to take over when i leave23:47
Pavitraall right, I'll poke around in aptitude a bit23:47
Sysi_Techie_: i'm going to bed soon also, and i tried earlier23:48
_Techie_Sysi, i discovered the reason and a possible fix23:48
_Techie_his seat problem is only a symptom, not the main error23:48
_Techie_i pulled this relevant information from his xorg.lol http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/Yg4fN6u823:49
Sysii'll see23:49
_Techie_i suggest to update kernel, re install the intel video driver and packages related to xorg23:49
Sysikernel is up-to date, reinstall it totally?23:50
PavitraI don't know.23:51
_Techie_Sysi, if its up to date, then dont bother with the kernel23:51
Sysii wonder if that could be one of many problems with older intels23:51
_Techie_but theres definitely a problem with his xorg and possibly the intel driver23:51

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