snarkstertrying to compile something and getting an error. error as follows: CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindKDE4.cmake:98 (MESSAGE):00:09
snarkster  ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found in00:09
snarkster  /home/snarkster/.kde/share/apps;/usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/share/apps;/usr/share/kde4/apps.00:09
snarksterwhat does this all mean?00:09
FloodBotK1snarkster: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:09
snarkstermy bad on the flooding00:10
snarksteris there anyone alive in here?00:13
Torchsnarkster: install the kde devel packages00:13
snarksteroh man that easy huh?? thought i had already done that00:14
Torchsnarkster: you didn't, or else you wouldn't get that error00:14
snarksteris that a meta package00:14
Torchsnarkster: there should be one, kde-devel. maybe.00:15
* Torch is on windows currently.00:15
bobbeshi all00:27
apparlejussi: you there00:46
snarksterhahahahah i go to install kde-devel so i can compile the animated background package, the whole package is like 800 kb while the kde-devel is 302 Mb01:04
snarksterprobably find out that the animated background thingy will not work on 64bit. Ill really laugh then01:05
evilsherpahey all, any luck in integrating kontact with google calendar?01:17
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gigasoftmy ctrl+c and ctrl+v doesn't  work, help !02:13
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kalp_plasma desktop giving me problems in my kubuntu 10.04, it comsumes too much ram (400mb) after my screen locks and i unlock it, sometimes system is hanging because of this too03:58
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ganeshpHi all, I am using Kubuntu Lucid AMD64 desktop with Nvidia Geforce 7100 / nForce 630i card. After I did fresh Lucid installation, sound in few applications has stopped. for example I am unable to hear sound when I play mp3 song from VLC. Online radio such as in.com I am unable to hear. Fortunately Amarok is playing very well. Kindly suggest.05:19
Ganymederobert__, try "/quit"05:21
orghola que tal05:43
orgwow a lot of personas por aca..05:44
w83Do u also get error #721 while sending from gmail ?06:30
vadi01guys how do i replace knetworkmanage with gnome networkmanager?06:34
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w83anyone managed to start MySQL Workbench on kubuntu08:09
nobarkingdoes anyone know how i can change the bootup screen resolution on Kubunut?08:23
nobarkingdoes anyone know how i can change the bootup screen resolution on Kubuntu?08:23
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alakoonobarking: startup manager may have such configuration08:29
nobarkingalakoo: thanks08:31
nobarkingi think there's a bug08:32
nobarkingtoo much work just to get a proper bootup screen08:32
alakooyeah there are many flaws with adjusting them but dunno if it's a bug08:33
alakooor at least it'd be a very known one and probably fixed as well08:33
nobarkingit's this one, right here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/52689208:37
nobarkingbut the work around is too much08:37
nobarkingcan't* access my tty08:37
ganeshpHi all, I am using Kubuntu Lucid AMD64 desktop with Nvidia Geforce 7100 / nForce 630i card. After I did fresh Lucid installation, sound in few applications has stopped. for example I am unable to hear sound when I play mp3 song from VLC. Online radio such as in.com I am unable to hear. Fortunately Amarok is playing very well. Kindly suggest.08:42
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aykay(running livecd) - can anyone help me remove an nvidia driver via terminal?09:42
aykayI updated through hardware drivers app, but upon restart no visuals load!09:43
aykay(kubuntu IS loading though, I get the startup music.  Screen goes black at splash screen though)09:43
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ganeshpi wanted to how to connect my digital still camera (cannon power shot a75) to my Kubuntu Lucid amd64 desktop.  When I connected through usb port, OS did not detect the camera. Ubuntu use to detect it automatically. Not sure why.10:08
huawiseI installed KUbuntu in Ubuntu 10.04 by the command "sudo apt-get install kubuntu", and after somedays, I removed it by the command "apt-get remove kubuntu", however, it seems lots of the softwares that came with kubuntu never will get out of my system. What should I do?10:45
huawiseany one here?10:49
kubysudo apt-get start engine11:31
kubyeni1 know a best site for plasma themes?11:33
janmaltekde-look.org ?!11:34
kubytnx its not best too11:35
kubyeni of you have problems with kubuntu?11:36
janmalteno, we don't11:38
kubydont lie11:39
kubyubuntu have problems all time11:39
janmaltefor me everything is working :P11:39
kubyyou r lucky then11:40
kubymine its blocking11:41
bendersteedWell I don't have problems either.11:41
janmalteso, ask us if you have problem, so we can help xou. just blaming about it doesn't solve anything11:42
kubyi have problems with ubuntu all time i wait opensuse 11.13 end live ubuntu11:43
ngong_ problems with installation of Samsung clp-510n: http://dpaste.com/211669/, may I get help here?11:44
kubysorry 11.311:44
kubyi lisent music end its stuck dont reboot i have to shut-it down that sucks11:47
kubyi have problems with ubuntu kubuntu xubuntu lubuntu all sucks11:48
kubyi dont undestend why ppl love ubuntu so much mine dont work11:49
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kleopatraMoin, kann man Rhythmbox so einstellen, dass es beim hinzufügen von Liedern in die Wiedergabeliste sich nicht pausiert und in den Vordergrund drängt?12:50
Mamarok!de | kleopatra12:51
ubottukleopatra: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.12:51
Mamarokkleopatra: also, Rythmobox is a Gnome application, please ask in #ubuntu12:51
kleopatraohh im kubuntu, sry ^^12:52
Mamarokno problem12:53
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DiegoSubNederlands ?14:14
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl14:14
niteyei moved my home director from /home/blah to someplaces else (and changed it in /etc/passwd), everything appears to work except sometimes when i hopen amarok or k3b it gives a message saying (cannot find /home/blah), though appart from that message it all seems to work but i find it a little annoying still14:20
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dbc254what imaging/cloning program are you guys using.14:55
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »14:55
bazhang!it | ivan_14:56
ubottuivan_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:56
ivan_come posso scaricare i film?14:56
bazhangivan_, here is english14:57
bazhangivan_, /join #ubuntu-it14:57
BluesKajdbc254, do wish to clone your HDD ?15:00
BluesKaj!pm | dbc25415:01
ubottudbc254: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.15:01
dbc254!pm | blueskaj  I have an external drive. I'd like to clone my drives(2) onto my external.15:02
ubottublueskaj  I have an external drive. I'd like to clone my drives(2) onto my external.: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.15:02
BluesKajdbc254, install ddrescue , here's a tutorial to clone your disk, http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/8225-clone-your-ubuntu-installation-onto-a-new-hard-disk15:09
NaktibaldaHi, I just installed kubuntu 10.04 on my new notebook.16:20
NaktibaldaI downloaded and installed broadcom drivers successfully ( I think so), but I can't find any wireless network16:21
James147!wireless | Naktibalda16:24
ubottuNaktibalda: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:24
James147!broadcom | Naktibalda16:24
ubottuNaktibalda: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx16:24
NaktibaldaI installed drivers in both ways16:25
NaktibaldaIn iwconfig I see eth1  Link Quality:5 Signal level:0 Noise level: 016:25
James147Naktibalda: is the card being detected?16:25
Naktibaldayes, it is16:26
Naktibaldait displayed errors about firmware before, but after I installed firmware it don't display any errors16:26
James147Naktibalda: does "iwlist eth1 scan" report anything?16:27
NaktibaldaInterface doesn't support scanning16:27
Naktibaldaoh, if I run it as root, I get eth1  Failed to read scan data : Invalid argument16:33
James147Naktibalda: how did you install the driver?16:35
NaktibaldaI used b43-fwcutter16:35
NaktibaldaI installed bcmwl-kernel-source too16:37
NaktibaldaI see that b43.ko and b43legacy.ko drivers are loaded16:38
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kr3wis there a windows 7 style dock widget17:00
kr3wfor the taskbar17:00
James147kr3w: smooth tasks17:00
kr3wwhere would i get it frlom?17:01
James147kr3w: I think its in the repos in lucid (plasma-widget-smooth-tasks)17:01
NaktibaldaI removed bcmwl-kernel-source17:02
James147kr3w: otherwise its on kde-look.org17:02
Naktibaldaand now I see wlan0 instead of eth117:02
James147Naktibalda: can you scan on wlan0?17:02
Naktibaldait says network is down17:03
James147Naktibalda: try "sudo ifconfig wlan0 up" then scan17:03
NaktibaldaSIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory17:04
Naktibaldaoh, it removed my firmware too17:04
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Naktibaldaok, it work17:14
Naktibaldathanks for support17:14
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appleseedWhat's this weird grinding noise I hear when I hold in Alt+Tab?17:43
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appleseedThis is just the strangest thing, I'm running Kubuntu Lucid on an SSD and 8 GB ram, but when I hold in Alt+Tab, then my pc makes a grinding noise? Does my DDR3 ram have gears in or what? Could someone else just try holding in Alt+Tab and listen for a sound?17:53
James147appleseed: normally its the hhd that makes the moist noise (unless your using a cd rom) but ssds should be silent :S17:55
James147appleseed: could it be a loose/broken fan?17:56
James147appleseed: although not sure why you only hear it when you alt+tab :S17:56
appleseedJames147: I do have some storage hdd's and a cdrom connected, but when I Alt+Tab I can hear a distinct sound in my PC, very distinct, on each Alt+Tab press.17:56
appleseedI actually remember hearing such a sound on XP too on an older computer years back, but only when pressing Alt+Tab17:57
James147appleseed: does it happen when you do anything else? (copy files or large processing?)17:57
appleseedJames147: No never, only Alt+Tab, It must probably be a hdd access on each Alt+Tab, like a single hit or something, but I can't see the hdd light flashing in those instances though.17:58
appleseedI think I'm going to have to make a YT video of it someday and post it under PC anomolies or something, but thx James147 anyway.17:59
James147appleseed: dont see any reason for your comp to access your hhd when you alt+tab (execpt swap, but I doupt its that)18:00
appleseedJames147: yes it seems unlikely for me too, and the swap is on the SSD as well, so it's strange.18:01
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aykayIs there anyway to access an install of kubuntu while on a livedisc session on that machine?18:26
James147aykay: yes18:27
James147aykay: to access the files you just need to mount the drive somewhere18:27
grifo74remastersys work in kubuntu?????????????????????????''18:28
Peace-grifo74: why not?18:29
Peace-i used often18:29
aykayhow do I do that?18:30
henniehi every one18:30
James147aykay: it should be listed in dolphin or the device manager... you should be able to click on it to mount it18:30
avihayI've mounted an NTFS drive from the installer to /windows , but I can't set read, write or execute permissions18:31
aykayjames147, I installed some Nvidia drivers through the hardware drivers app, but now my screen goes black at the boot splash.  Kubuntu is still loading though, it still plays the startup chime18:31
henniecan any one help me to install a video mate x30 tvtuner drivers on kubuntu18:31
henniei want to change from windows to linux, but its only my tv tuner preventing me to change18:32
James147aykay: try renaming /etc/X11/xorg.conf and restarting x18:33
aykayjames147: I've mounted the hard drive, but I'm not sure what you mean by renaming the file18:37
aykaydo you mean in dolphin?18:37
hennie   are there any way to see if kubuntu automatically installed my videomate x30 drivers, in other words, are there any way i can see all my hardware like in windows18:38
James147aykay: sudo mv /path/to/mount/etc/X11/xorg.conf /path/to/mount/etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak   will do it (replacing /path/to/mount with the actual path)18:38
James147hennie: sudo lshw   will show all your hardware connected modprobe -l   will list all loaded modules18:40
henniecool, thanx, will have a look18:41
avihayI've mounted an NTFS drive from the installer to /windows , but I can't set read, write or execute permissions for others18:42
grifo74i use ubuntu but i like kde and a go change to kubuntu, ihave some questions, getdeb and play deb work in kubuntu???18:42
James147avihay: ntfs uses a different premissions then ext... I think you need to set them when you mount the drive18:42
sona_hey now, I'm having this sound issue where I can get everything except flash in firefox to play through my usb headset. Any ideas ?18:43
avihayJames147:  with ownmask=0000?18:44
aykayjames147: what's wrong in this command? ubuntu@ubuntu:/media/disk/etc/X11$ sudo mv xorg.conf /media/disk/etc/x11/xorg.conf.bak18:44
aykaymv: cannot move `xorg.conf' to `/media/disk/etc/x11/xorg.conf.bak': No such file or directory18:44
aykaysona_ what version of firefox & kubuntu?18:44
sona_aykay: firefox 3.6 and kubuntu 10.0418:45
avihayaykay: sounds like you don't have a folder called /media/disk/etc/x1118:45
moetuneslittle x in that X1118:45
sona_it's a flash issue, flash in konqueror also dont play in my usb headset18:46
sona_but in me regular loudspeakers18:46
aykaysona_, have you checked the headphone volume in the mixer?18:46
sona_volume is on18:47
apparleguys can I make such a setting that touchpad turns off as soon as I plugin an external mouse18:47
aykayavihay, I'm on a livecd session.  I mounted the disc in dolphin, and opened the /etc/x11 folder in terminal and then used the command james gave me18:48
sona_I can hear sounds in my headphones from all applications except flash in a web browser. Flash in the web browser outputs to my regular loudspeakers18:48
aykayavihay, james147, If i have /etc/x11 open in both media and root folders, is there a way to just replace any files on the hard disk so that it'll load as default upon restart?18:50
James147aykay: it X11 not x11   but if you are in the directory you can use relitive paths (sudo mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.bak)18:51
okoroaforjeHello everyone18:52
aykayi input that in terminal, but it didn't seem to do anything...18:52
James147aykay: sucess wont give any output  "ls" to see if it worked18:53
aykayalright, so just try restarting as normal now?18:54
James147aykay: yup18:54
aykayokay, thanks!  Hopefully you've saved my install :)18:55
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avihayJames147: thanks for the confirmations, just changed the mask to all zeros in fstab, rebooted, and finaly, after two years, shareing works!18:57
henniewhere can i find a file to show me all console commands and what they mean and how to use it19:02
James147hennie: ls /bin and ls /usr/bin  to list all commands (well all the important ones)  "man <command>"  to show its manual19:03
James147hennie: there is also /sbin19:03
henniesory for al the stupid q's, i am just fed up with microsoft and still need to learn alot on linux to get things done19:04
James147hennie: no problem :) lunix is well documented, searching google will often give alot of info about it :)19:05
DarthFroghennie: You need a book. :-)19:05
hennieDarthFrog: i know19:06
DarthFroghennie: Linux is extremely well documented and you will be able to do much more at the command line than you were ever able to do in Windows.19:06
James147hennie: http://mally.stanford.edu/~sr/computing/basic-unix.html  << gives you the common commands19:06
DarthFrogThat's useful but outdated.19:09
sweetwat up19:10
amnecaheya; I just installed kubuntu 10.04 LTS, but I'm having trouble booting it; I get a grub error 15; fdisk -l shows: http://codepad.org/kNDQkfAT19:10
DarthFroghennie: "Linux In A Nutshell" from O'Reilly is a good one.19:10
ubottuWant to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks  More information available in #freenode19:10
amnecawhere sdb2 is /, and sdb3 is /boot19:10
amnecaanyone got any ideas?19:12
apparleamneca: try supergrubdisk19:15
James147amneca: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Error%2015%20-%20File%20not%20found19:15
amnecathanks apparle, i'll have a look at that19:18
amnecai'm just curious why a fresh kubuntu install is setting up grub broken19:18
James147amneca: look at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Error%2015%20-%20File%20not%20found19:19
amnecai'm looking James147, been on that page before i reinstalled19:19
amnecachecking again19:19
amnecabefore i reinstalled kubuntu again*19:19
James147amneca: it shows how to deal with error 15 and why it occuers19:20
draikHow do I change the font size for the login screen to my computer?19:34
draikAlso, not sure if related, but the font to synaptic is also just as small19:34
James147draik: system settings > advanced > login manager  to change the font of the login manager19:35
James147draik: not sure how to change the font size of gnome apps though19:36
draiksynaptic is a gnome app?19:36
James147draik: I beleave to, its default on ubuntu... kubuntu uses kpackagekit19:36
draikJames147: Oh. I didn't know that. Thanks.19:37
draikJames147: I can't modify the font size other than the General portion.19:39
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James147draik: think its linked with the theme you are using... not entirly sure how it works... you can try disabling the theme or using a different one19:41
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mvkcan i map a sftp location to a mountpoint somehow?20:19
Torchmvk: yes, with sshfs20:20
mvkTorch: thank you : )20:22
apparlehello guys I want to seperate the proxy settings for quassel and everything else, can I do it20:41
_athI know ATI's proprietary drivers are a touchy issue, but does anyone have any thoughts as to why installing fglrx && using an xorg.conf that uses it causes the machine to completely hang? I installed it using that jockey front end, 'hardware drivers'20:54
apparle_ath: what do you mean using xorg.conf? what is in it20:55
_athboth the one that that frontend creates, and using aticonfig --initial;20:55
_athone moment, I'll paste it./20:56
_athapparle: http://pastebin.ca/188998220:57
_athas it just locks up the machine, I unfortunately don't have any errors that'd be useful in identifying what's wrong..20:59
_athone sec, i'll see if i can get anything again21:02
grifo74hello i a ubuntu user but now i install kde (kubuntu) i dont like kpackagekit exist other software to install package i search in intenet and find adept manager exist other better?????'''21:03
TaskbarGoneHelp! - The taskbar at the bottom of my display has disappeared.  How do I get it back?  KUbuntu 10.4  - Note: I didn't do anything special which I can think might have made it disappear.  I was just doing normal things - web browsing in some Firefox windows, when suddenly the task bar doesn't appear when I move my pointer to the bottom of the screen.  -   Thanks21:07
grifo74hello i a ubuntu user but now i install kde (kubuntu) i dont like kpackagekit exist other software to install package i search in intenet and find adept manager exist other better?????'''21:13
James147TaskbarGone: the taskbar is a widget... rightclick the panel > add widgets > look for task manager > drag it back21:19
TaskbarGoneJames147: Where do I drag it back _to_? thanks21:21
James147TaskbarGone: to where you want it... probally on the panel21:22
James147TaskbarGone: if you get rid of the paenl by accdent right click the desktop > add panel21:22
TaskbarGoneJames147: what is meant by "the panel"? thanks21:22
James147TaskbarGone: the bar at the bottom of the screen21:23
James147TaskbarGone: that normally holds the task manager, app launcher systray etc21:23
TaskbarGoneJames147: hm, trying to get the terminology correct:  When  said "task manager", I meant "the bar at the bottom of the screen, which holds ... ap launcher, systray, etc", so perhaps my original help should have said "my _panel_ is gone", using your terminology.  It is the popup bar across the bottom of my screen showing my running applications, &etc, that no longer pops up.  - Are we thinking the same concept here?  Thanks21:26
James147TaskbarGone: yes, the panel holds the task manager (or task bar) you should beable to right click on the desktop and click on "add panel" to get the panel back (it will be empty) you can then drag the widgets back onto it (widgets are things like the app launcher, task manager, system tray, clock, etc)21:28
James147TaskbarGone: or you can reset the desktop to the default settings by deleteing the files that start with "plasm" from ~/.kde/share/config/21:29
James147TaskbarGone: (note: you will need to logout and log backin to see the changes after deletin the files)21:30
TaskbarGoneJames147: 1) That doesn't work,  2) I'm also working with someone in the #kde channel on this, if you care to follow that info as I try to discern what the solution is, Could you check that there right now?  Thanks :)21:32
TaskbarGoneJames147: further suggestions?21:33
_athwhen trying start X using the fglrx provided for 10.04 in xorg.conf, the entire machine freezes and has to be reboot by powercycling, it doesn't get far enough to write anything to the logfile, anyone got any ideas?22:07
Sa[i]nTWhere do I get a list of the current repositories?22:12
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c3lhow do I get esound drive into wine in kubuntu?22:34
newboon2agequestion: i'm new to Kubuntu, and am trying to use the disk burning program to burn an ubuntu liveCD.  What are the right settings?  I tried what i thought was right, it had no errors, but is not bootable.22:39
James147newboon2age: k3b usually picks up the right settings, although I would turn down the burning speed to the lowest (less likly to screw up the burn) and make sure the "bootable" checkbox is checked... if you have a usb flash drive >1gig that you can wipe then you can create a live usb instead using "usb-creator-kde"22:43
James147newboon2age: ^^ assumes you already have an install22:44
newboon2ageJames147: thank you for responding.  I have a Kubuntu wubi install on one machine, while on another i have ubuntu lucid and that one after going through a distribution upgrade booted to grub2 recovery interface.  Need to boot that one w/ an ubuntu lucid disk and trying to burn it now.22:46
TaskbarGoneWhat are the plans for putting KDE 4.5 into KUbuntu?  Will it go into KU 10.4?  10.10?22:47
newboon2ageJames147: oky when i first turn k3b i'm presented w/ New Data Project, New Audio CD Project, Copy Medium,  and More actions.  Which one do i want?22:48
James147TaskbarGone: 4.5 wont be included in stock 10.04 but will be availble via additional ppas... http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.5-beta-2 to see instruction about getting kde 4.5 beta 2 on lucid22:49
James147newboon2age: none, you want to open the .iso...22:50
James147newboon2age: think it might be under more actions (you can normally just click the .iso in dolphin)22:50
newboon2ageJames147: (trying to figure out how)22:51
ytooxhow do I run an .rb file?22:51
JontheEchidnaytoox: at a guess "ruby myfile.rb" in konsole22:52
ytooxit didnt work22:53
newboon2ageJames147: sorry, i'm trying to figure out dolphin, i don't see where to go to click on the empty disk.22:56
ytooxI get this error22:56
ytooxruby customize-gui.rb22:56
ytooxcustomize-gui.rb:64:in `require': no such file to load -- gtk2 (LoadError)22:56
ytooxfrom customize-gui.rb:6422:56
FloodBotK3ytoox: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:56
James147newboon2age: you click on the .iso file, not the emprt disk (note: you cant find empty disks in dolp[hin as they have no filesystem and so cannot be mounted)22:57
newboon2ageJames147: ah, okay let me try...22:58
newboon2ageJames147: okay it brings up an archive manager...22:59
James147newboon2age: rightclick > open with > k3b (or other and pick k3b)23:00
newboon2ageJames147: okay that brought up k3b23:01
James147newboon2age: with a burn image dialog?23:01
newboon2agei see where to turn down the speed but not where to make it bootable.23:02
newboon2ageJames147: yes23:02
James147newboon2age: one sec,23:02
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James147newboon2age: cant see one either... but I dont have any cd drives :S I think it should automatically make it bootable though ( it always did for me)23:05
newboon2ageJames147: okay here goes nothing...23:06
newboon2ageJames147: got it at 10x23:07
newboon2ageJames147: w/ simulation23:07
James147Simulation wont burn anything, it will just pretend to23:08
newboon2ageJames147: in brasero it simulates first, then burns if okay.  i usually use that in brasero to give me some assurance it is on the right track.23:09
James147newboon2age: normally running a simulation just makes the process take alotlonger then it should :)23:10
newboon2ageJames147: you may be right. :)  i've just been having so many problems w/ this ... too many non-booting disks.23:11
James147newboon2age: uaully  I find a problem with the disk after its burnt, not during the burn/simulation (also consider using a usb flash drive... since I starting using them I havnt had any wasted cds and alot less hassel with the process of creating one)_23:12
newboon2ageJames147: that's a good point.  I don't think i have a handy bootable usb pendrive though.23:14
newboon2ageJames147: actually i think i just learned something.  it looks like that 'simulation' setting doesn't follow w/ a real burn, but just pops out the disk, giving the mistaken impression that its written when its not...23:16
James147newboon2age: I think any pendrive thats more then 1 gig will do (dont think there is anything spical that makes them bootable..) its normally what computer you want to use them with that is the bigger problem (older ones cannot boot from usb)23:17
James147newboon2age: dident think it did (but I havnt actually burnt anything in a few months) I think it might do that because there is little point in simulating before every burn23:18
newboon2ageJames147: wow, i'd consider it a bug because it really gives the impression its done something unless you study the feedback info.  Whats worse is it doesn't give a 'okay let's really do it now' option.23:19
James147newboon2age: not a bug... if you check something called "simulation" I would invistagate into what it actually does... but you are right a new feature to offer an option at the end of a burn would be a good idea23:21
newboon2ageJames147: imo a bug especially since it pops the disk(!) which really lends a false impression and since a number of other programs work w/ a simulate first, then burn pattern.23:23
newboon2ageJames147: so since i was unsure of the options I quit the program and restarted it as you'd instructed...23:23
newboon2ageJames147: now burning...23:24
newboon2ageJames147: hopefully anyway...23:24
James147newboon2age: a warning before starting when simulation is checked would be a good idea but other then that it should od everything a normal burn does (except burn)23:25
James147newboon2age: if you want it changed consider filing a feature request23:25
newboon2ageJames147: and not pop the disk23:25
newboon2ageJames147: yes, i agree.23:25
James147newboon2age: I think it should... its part of the simulation...23:26
newboon2ageJames147: the only real clue i got was that the simulation choice was mutually exclusive from the 'verify data' choice.  This confused me, but now i understand why.  Nonintuitive imo.23:28
James147newboon2age: either way there aint much point in discussing it here... yiu should file a feature request23:30
newboon2ageJames147: now its verifying.,,23:31
TaskbarGoneHow can I create an encrypted single text file, in my home directory, easily accessible via a text editor like kate?  Purpose: I'll store some account names & passwords there.  Thanks :)23:31
newboon2ageJames147: yes, it'd be a good request.  So that first disk is just blank probably.  Its kinda a relief to know the disk wasn't wasted.23:33
James147TaskbarGone: you can always store that info in kwallet23:33
wilow04hi friends ;)23:34
wilow04(i'm french)23:34
James147!fr | wilow0423:35
ubottuwilow04: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.23:35
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newboon2ageJames147: is there a default package for bootable usb pen drive creator in Kubuntu?23:37
James147newboon2age: usb-creator-kde23:37
newboon2ageJames147: that burn worked!  Yeah!  ty for your help.  i didn't see usb-creator-kde on the menu, is that one i start from the CL?23:38
newboon2ageJames147: i just looked again and found it...23:39
newboon2ageJames147: thanks for your help and dedication!!!23:40
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