lifelessmars: don't suppose you're around ?07:28
lifelessanyone know where the code for zope.app.publication is (upstream)07:33
UserI have a few questions..13:07
lifelesshmm, I need a zope.interfaces quick-answer13:26
user___Hey, I have some questions for you guys.. Anyone care to help me out?20:12
user___I need some help with getting it, building it, etc.20:17
user___Ok, I'm trying to download the latest stable revision of Launchpad, and I plan on integrating this into a production environment, and I need help with the config files to download it. And also the Apache setup. I'm using webmin and virtualmin if that makes any difference.20:44
user___I also read that the Launchpad images should be changed as they're copyrighted (makes sense), but does this include the ENTIRE image theme too?20:44
lifelessyes, all the images are custom20:45
user___What do you mean?20:46
user___So I have to replace the entire image theme then?20:46
lifelessI'm not sure what you mean by 'entire image theme'. So I can't answer that question20:48
user___Ok, let me see if I can explain this clearly.20:48
user___"The images/icons are still copyrighted traditionally, to protect Launchpad's visual identity."20:49
user___That states that the images are copyrighted, and I know that that statement includes Launchpads logo, which makes sense.20:49
user___But the images/icons also covers the little things too, like the plus buttons, user icons, etc.20:50
user___So since it20:50
lifelessthey were all custom designed to generate the look and feel20:50
user___So since it's copyrighted, that means I'll have to use different icons, and thus replace all of them.20:50
user___Ugh, that's frustrating, but understandable.20:51
user___I'll have to make a replacement then..20:52
user___Anywho, now that question is cleared. Can anyone help me with getting the latest stable source and building it?20:52
lifelesshave you folloed the wiki pages for running launchpad on dev.launchpad.net?20:53
user___Yes I have. Multiple times, and they keep resulting in problems and errors for me.20:53
lifelesslets work through the problems20:53
user___I also noticed that the rocketfuel-setup script downloads the latest development, and I don't want it, because it's not the stable source. Is there a way to get the stable source (I'm sure it could work through getting a certain revision)?20:54
user___Or am I stuck with the development one?20:54
lifelessI suggest getting going with devel before worrying about particular revs20:55
lifelesssimply because if you're having trouble, adding variation to the happy path will make it worse, not better.20:55
user___It'll take awhile to download and build.20:55
user___Ok, I'll be back with a few errors and whatnot.20:55
lifelessif I'm not here - at a conf this weekend - I'm sure someone will be able to give you a hand20:56
user___I've seen that Bazaar is closely linked with Launchpad, as you can download branches with commands like lp:21:06
user___How would one go about making it possbile to work with another similar site (that uses Launchpad code)21:06
user___Just curious.21:06
user___Ok, the problems I get are these. It's everytime I try to make schema. What I'm trying to do is put the installation under /home/website/, have all the subdomains work with Apache (with a main page at dev.website.com), then have Launchpad startup everytime the server starts.23:13
user___I figure it's better to get the stable release because of this anyways, it should be more stable, therefore more likely to build right, less bugs, etc.23:14
user___Maybe it's best I give up and try to use Trac?23:16
user___I wanted to use this because it's clearly superior.23:16
wgrantuser___: Why do you want to run your own instance?23:37
user___I have my own server and website, and I dislike using other software on other sites. I like it when it's on my own.23:38
user___It's 'prettier'.23:38
wgrantLaunchpad is not simple to run.23:38
user___Besides, it gives me more knowledge.23:38
user___Haha, so I've figured.23:39
user___But worthit is also a good word too choose.23:45
lifelessmoin, agian.23:46

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