xnoxis it just me or uploads to ppa are down?11:51
VK7HSEHmm... getting this error when attempting to login to REVU ...  http://pastebin.com/Amr74ZTP  any ideas ?11:54
wgrantVK7HSE: REVU has little to do with Launchpad. Try #ubuntu-motu or perhaps #ubuntuwire.11:58
VK7HSEwgrant: OK thought it may have had something to do with the open-ID ...11:58
geserwgrant: do you by concidence know if uploading with SFTP to the main archive really works? I tried it yesterday and got an "open failed" error from dput. Uploading to PPA with SFTP worked.12:17
wgrantgeser: It's running on both, but I've not personally tried either.12:20
geserok, will ask on monday when the person who can look at it are here again12:20
superflyHi folks, I'm looking for some help with regards to getting a package into my PPA20:58
superflyMore specifically, it's being rejected, and I'm not entirely sure why20:59
lifelesswhat does it say the issue is?21:01
superflylifeless: the e-mail says, "Files specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification."21:02
superflyI've uploaded the same package for karmic successfully, but the lucid one fails21:02
lifelessok, please file a bug about that first, its not informative enough.21:02
lifelesson launchpad.net/soyuz21:03
superflybefore that, it says, "File openlp_1.9.2.orig.tar.gz already exists in Release Packages, but uploaded version has different contents."21:03
superflylifeless: if you want, I can pastebin the whole e-mail21:04
superflylifeless: http://pastebin.com/MTC1VcDY21:05
lifelesssuperfly: hi21:21
lifelesssuperfly: so it sounds like you've got a different tarball for the lucid version, which won't work.21:22
lifelesssuperfly: the earlier line should be changed to say "Error: ..." or something21:22
lifelessanyway, thats whats going wrong.21:22
superflywell, it shouldn't... it's exactly the same build process for both the karmic and the lucid packages21:23
superflylifeless: did you get the link to the pastebin of my e-mail?21:23
lifelesssuperfly: if your build process creates the tarball, it will create a new tarball, and that won't work.21:26
lifelessorig tarballs have to have the same byte-for-byte content if they have the same name.21:26
superflylifeless: would the timestamp on the tarball make a difference?21:27
lifelessin the directory ? no. Inside the tarball? yes.21:27
lifelessas does the timestamp in gzip, file ordering etc.21:28
lifelessYou *cannot* make a new tar file as part of the build and have it work.21:28
lifeless[you can use pristine tar, but thats not strictly a new tar file, so ignore it for now]21:28
superflyah, ok21:28
superflythanks for the help, lifeless, I need to get to bed... I'll see if my friend who helped me set that all up can help me tomorrow21:29
lifelessok, good luck.21:29

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