Nitsugasomeone else has a big memory leak from nowhere?00:49
Nitsugagnome-system-monitor reports 2,1 GB used, and when i add up al the "memory" values in the processes tab (I'm showing all users processes) It is less than a gigabyte00:50
patdk-wknitsuga, I notice that, but only after a initrd/ureadahead update01:14
patdk-wkif I reboot again, it's back to normal01:14
Jordan_UWhere can I get a daily alternate install CD for maverick? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ is empty.03:25
psusisay umm... is anyone still having the power manager and bluetooth icons show up on the indicator applet when they shouldnt?03:25
Jordan_UAlternately, is it possible to install to a btrfs root from the Desktop CD?03:27
gwhipi only have mail in evolution in maverick, no calendar or anything else05:00
Jordan_UWhere can I find daily alternate install CD isos?06:09
bazhangJordan_U, there was a delay in posting them I had heard06:09
Jordan_Ubazhang: I can't even find any old ones (I just need one new enough to have the option to install to a btrfs root)06:11
bazhangJordan_U, yep, many have been looking for them the past two days06:11
* Jordan_U wonders if he can create his own with jigdo.06:12
Jordan_Uhttp://cdimage.xubuntu.com/ "It works!"...06:17
geserJordan_U: the alternate images are there now but oversized (if you planned to burn them on a CD)08:49
gwhipthe evolution install in maverick is only showing mail08:49
Jordan_Ugeser: Is there a netinstall image?08:50
geserI don't know of any, but there is a netboot directory: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/netboot/08:54
Jordan_Ugeser: Thanks.09:01
cwillu!info liferea09:50
ubottuliferea (source: liferea): feed aggregator for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.3-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 229 kB, installed size 756 kB09:50
cwillu!info liferea-data09:50
ubottuliferea-data (source: liferea): architecture independent data for liferea. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.3-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 436 kB, installed size 2784 kB09:50
jfiHello, since yesderday I fail installing liferea: liferea: Depends: liferea-data (= 1.6.3-1ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed09:56
jfiI guess that is a temporary issue that maintenair already know and don't need to be reported09:56
cwillujfi, sorry, that was more of an "in the future" thing :p09:57
cwilluif you still can't install it by monday, file a bug09:58
cwillualthough make sure you update your package lists before each attempt09:58
jfiof course I do:)09:58
cwillufixing bugs while drunk is _fun_!  \o/10:02
DrHalannvidia-current just broke for me..10:54
DrHalanor is x using nouveau by default?10:54
arandUnless you've installed the nvidia blob it is10:55
DrHalani have installed the nvidia blob10:56
DrHalanif you mean nvidia-current wit it10:56
arandThen I guess nvidia would be used and nouveau blacklisted. THe configuration which comes with that installation.10:57
arandIf you're using the blob I think you'll have a custom xorg.conf ...10:58
DrHalanmh i don't know i even reinstalled nvidia-current and updated to the new kernel but didn't helpß11:02
arandWoho, alternate is up! icantbelieveitsnotbutter!11:04
DrHalanim thinking about just removing nouveau..but the kernel modules stay anyways right?11:13
Ian_corneoops :p11:32
BUGabundogwibber fixed12:38
BUGabundobroken the next day12:38
BUGabundoI'm starting to think this is a race condition12:39
DrHalanmay be12:48
DrHalani would like to see my nvidia stuff to work again12:49
BUGabundoWorks For Me (nvidia)12:51
DrHalanah okay12:54
DrHalanwell i have nvidia-current installed but it boots nouveau12:54
DrHalanand the 3d performance really sucks... cant use docky nor compiz12:54
DrHalanare you using proprietary or nouvau BUGabundo?12:57
BUGabundoare you using Jockey?12:58
DrHalanyeah and it says "driver installed but not in use"12:58
BUGabundoactivate it ?12:58
BUGabundotime for some sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade ; sudo aptitude full-upgrade love?12:59
DrHalanxorg.conf even has even set nvidia as driver13:04
DrHalanbut this is more a kernel related issue i guess :P13:05
htorquedo you have a /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf file?13:06
DrHalanlets see whats in it13:07
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DrHalanit blacklists nouveau and the drivers < current13:07
htorquehm, i have the same13:08
htorquedoes 'dkms status' list nvidia-current for the kernel you use?13:08
htorquethen i'm outta ideas, sorry :(13:10
DrHalangrub bootet mit into 2.6.35-5 instead of -6 dunno why o.O13:10
DrHalani have a general problem with grub btw. it directly boots instead of giving me a second or so to choose13:11
DrHalani think startupmanager doesn't work with grub2 properly13:11
htorquehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Where did my Grub2 boot menu go!?!?!13:12
htorquethe whole thing is the url :P13:14
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DrHalanoh okay13:14
DrHalanah i see the problem my grub has both timeout and hidden timeout13:14
DrHalani have a lot of memory leak warnings when i call update-grub13:15
DrHalanis that normal?13:15
DrHalanbrb try rebooting ^^13:16
DrHalanstrange grubs still doesnt show up. but at least it booted into the new kernel13:19
DrHalanstill not using nvidia but nouveau is a lot faster now. can live with that13:19
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sebsebsebpenguin42: hi14:52
vishhmm , someone pls highlight me :D14:52
avuvish, no14:52
sebsebsebvish: bing14:52
sebsebsebvish: bong14:53
vishthanks :)14:53
sebsebsebvish: Why did you want highlighting anyway?14:53
vishtesting if it worked right..14:53
sebsebseboh right been messing around with your client?14:54
vishseemed like i had a bit of a problem with xchat , but it works fine :)14:54
sebsebsebWhat problem?14:54
vishthought i was not getting alert notices/sounds14:54
sebsebseboh ok14:54
penguin42sebsebseb: Do you happen to know, now that the free Radeon driver pretty much works solidly, is there any other interesting improvments happening to it?14:57
sebsebsebpenguin42: no I don't use ATI, but I know they released a new propritary driver recently14:58
penguin42sebsebseb: I'm quite happy on the free one, although I don't do any heavy 3D stuff14:58
sebsebseboh ok14:59
penguin42It'd be nice to try some of the OpenCL stuff sometime though15:00
sebsebsebpenguin42: What is this OpenCL anyway?15:00
penguin42sebsebseb: programming language to drive the hardware in a GPU to do parallel programming stuff rather than graphics15:00
sebsebsebparallel programming stuff?15:01
penguin42sebsebseb: Yeh, the graphics cards typically are a few hundred specialised Floating Point processors with a bunch of fast RAM attached - you can misuse them to do high performance compute stuff15:01
sebsebsebfolating point processors?15:02
penguin42sebsebseb: Do you know about the vertex and pixel shaders?15:02
sebsebsebnope I guess not, since I don't know much about graphics cards15:03
penguin42sebsebseb: OK my understanding is they're little processors you can load a program into; the program might do something like the maths to do a really cool texture or wiggle the surface of a solid to be bumpy15:03
Ian_corneI want my % in the battery indicator back!16:39
vishhmm , so Unity does not work in virtual box?17:32
penguin42vish: Out of interest what do you see?17:36
vishpenguin42: nothing :(17:36
penguin42black screen?17:36
vishit doesnt do anything  ,i just see the wallpaper17:37
vishno launcher/dock17:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598849 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "After reboot after update, alot more memory is used" [Undecided,New]17:37
Ian_cornepatdk-wk: can you confirm?17:40
Volkodavanybody compiled Thunderbird 3.1 for 64 bit yet ?19:19
penguin42Ian_corne: Can you define 'used' in that bug report?19:49
Ian_corneI rebooted my laptop already, but got an unrebooted box20:02
Ian_corneIt's really used, but it doesn't show in top which application, so it must be something kernel memory?20:03
penguin42it would be good to include the output of I guess free and say /proc/slabinfo that if it's kernel I think should show where20:04
penguin42Ian_corne: I mean that's 1200-764 buffers/cache - which isn't too bad20:11
Ian_corneit's still way to much20:12
Ian_cornefor what it should be20:12
Ian_corneA normal boot uses 150mb20:12
Ian_cornea boot after an update uses 750mb20:12
Ian_corneand that's without cache20:12
penguin42I'd include the output of ps -eaf or the like in there as well so people can see what the actual discrepency is20:14
BUGabundoneed a bit of Audio help20:14
BUGabundoand crimsun_ is not around20:14
BUGabundohow do I make a second sound card?20:14
BUGabundolike a virtual one?20:14
Ian_cornedone penguin4220:16
Ian_corneshould I reboot now and show what the situation is like on a normal boot?20:16
BUGabundojpds: how much disk space for an offline mirror of the archive, for a single release/arch?20:16
penguin42Ian_corne: Sorry, can you try with a capital F - it includes memory usage20:18
Ian_cornecdone :)20:19
BUGabundoanyone knows?20:21
Ian_corneBUGabundo: I tried to check but I've got no idea how to check :p20:21
penguin42Ian_corne: So by eye I guess there's about 250-300MB shown in that process list, and 760MB of buffers, so about 300MB not accounted for?20:23
Ian_corneyeah something like that20:24
Ian_corneI've added the same files after another reboot20:28
* penguin42 can't see anything more than about 30MB in the slabinfo20:29
penguin42Ian_corne: Any idea how long stuff on pastebin stays around?20:29
Ian_cornelong time i guess20:29
Ian_cornewant me to put the files into textfiles?20:29
penguin42Not sure, I suspect it will be easier for whoever eventually debugs it20:30
penguin42Ian_corne: So on that second boot, it's not actually that much different on the output of free20:31
Ian_corne7xxmb compared to 2xx mb20:32
Ian_corneso 500 mb difference20:32
Ian_cornethat's a whole lot, no?20:32
penguin42Ian_corne: Well 1st one is 1209-764=445, 2nd is 821-235=58620:33
penguin42Ian_corne: High buffers is not bad20:33
penguin42if anything wants it it'll get pushed out20:33
Ian_corneI'm not seeing this20:34
Ian_corne-/+ buffers/cache: 764 238520:34
Ian_corne-/+ buffers/cache: 235 291320:34
Ian_corneso the real usage is 764mb for the first20:34
Ian_corneand 235 for the second,20:34
penguin42no, those are just temporary (I can't honestly remember what the difference is between buffer and cache)20:35
Ian_cornewell, anyways, my laptop laggs ALOT after the first reboot20:35
Ian_cornebecause so much more memory is used20:36
penguin42it's not because of that buffers/cache line I'm fairly sure - I suspect during the early boot it's doing something ith the disc a lot and that's why so much is in memory, but if you ened the memory ofr anything else that will disappear20:37
Ian_cornewhy does it keep lagging then?20:38
penguin42ah, well that's a good question20:38
Ian_corneIt really stays at high memory usage20:38
Ian_corneand doesn't free space for more cache20:39
Ian_cornewhich is pretty vital in a netbook with a slow hdd20:39
Ian_corneIf a process leaks, and is terminated, does the leak memory return to free?20:41
Ian_corneor does it remain there?20:41
penguin42no, if process leaks and the process dies the memory gets freed20:42
zniavre_good evening20:42
zniavre_does unity works without composite ?20:42
BUGabundoWatching The IT Crowd S04E0120:44
pARAd0X85how to install the last ubuntu Maverick dev with unity desktop ?21:07
poutineHello, in power management, 'when battery is critically low' does not have a 'do nothing' option21:43
poutinehow do I disable ANY action on a critically low battery21:44
poutineI hate when I ninja swap outlets on a very low battery, happy that it worked out, then to discover it goes to hibernate (which doesn't seem to work with my laptop)21:44
penguin42poutine: Not sure, but can you set what it means by critically?21:45
penguin42or fix the hibernate21:45
poutineno, and no21:45
poutineI just don't want it doing anything, I don't want to turn off power management21:46
poutineit just seems like someone left out a feature here21:46
penguin42yeh I can understand that, although I guess it's trying to be protective of itself21:46
poutinemaybe it's just a GUI shortcoming, I'll see if I can work with whatever it's a frontend for21:46
penguin42I was expecting to find somnething in either udev or pm-utils but can't21:51
DanaGSay, once I've installed Maverick with ext4, how do I convert to btrfs?21:53
BUGabundoDanaG: ask patdk-wk21:54
BUGabundohe _tried_ the other day21:54
BUGabundonot sure he was that lucky21:54
penguin42filesystem conversion is pretty much black magic!21:55
BUGabundono, that worked fine21:56
BUGabundoit was the booting that didn't , afterwards21:57
DanaGah.  I do have /boot separate.21:57
DanaGugh, ubiquity crashed.21:57
DanaGCrashed with OSError in configure_apt()22:01
DanaGI'm trying again... if it crashes the same way, I'm going to file a bug.22:05
jpdsBUGabundo: Which release/arch ?22:06
BUGabundoall still supported22:06
DanaGI really wish you could just click in the "mount point" column and get a text cursor right there.22:07
BUGabundojpds: ^^^^^^22:09
jpdsBUGabundo: Doing the calculations now. ;)22:12
DanaGIt's irritating how any time I tell it to mount one partition, the installer thinks it has to rescan all partitions.22:16
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DanaGIt makes that step take about 5 times as long as it really should take.22:16
DanaGOr more like 10 times.22:18
penguin42Does anyone know where the section in the Ubuntu Software Centre is set?22:20
penguin42sine stuff in System is not22:20
jpdsBUGabundo: Reading the Size: variables in all the Packages.gz's concerned, that comes out at 199222671402 bytes.22:20
BUGabundojpds: arigato22:21
BUGabundojpds: do you have any tips on the easier way to mirror it?22:22
BUGabundoa friend is going on a mission to Africa22:22
jpdsBUGabundo: debmirror should do it.22:23
BUGabundoand they are now trying to offline a mirror copy22:23
jpdsdebmirror lets one specify --arch'es and --releases if I recall correctly.22:23
BUGabundojpds: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Offline/Repository aint very helpful22:23
jpdsBUGabundo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Debmirror22:23
BUGabundothat's outdated too :(22:24
jpds[Although I don't recommend debmirror for official production mirrors].22:24
jpdsBUGabundo: But it should still work?22:26
BUGabundojust local, offline22:26
BUGabundoin the middle of nowhere in africa22:26
jpdsWell, debmirror using that guide should get everything onto a disk.22:26
jpdsBe back in a bit, /me → food.22:27
DanaGah, I fixed my ubiquity.22:32
DanaGsudo rm /target/cdrom22:32
DanaGIt was crashing because /target/cdrom already existed.22:32
DanaGAnd it was a symlink to somewhere.22:34
DanaGugh, why does maverick use vga16fb?  vga16fb is hideous!22:42
DanaGuvesafb looks far, far nicer.22:42
DanaGNice garbage on my serial console when I hit escape:23:22
DanaG[-1;-1f[-1;-1fUbuntu 10.04[-1;-1f.  .  .  .[-1;-1fUbuntu 10.04[-1;-1f.  .  .  .[-1;-1fUbuntu 10.04[-1;-1f.  .  .  .[-1;-1fUbuntu 10.04[-1;-1f.  .  .  .[-1;-1fUbuntu 10.04[-1;-1f.  .  .  .[-1;-1fUbuntu 10.04[-1;-1f.  .  .  .[-1;-1fUbuntu 10.04[-1;-1f.  .  .  .23:22
penguin42what are you using as a terminal?23:31
* penguin42 gulps23:32
* penguin42 suspects those [ are escape codes for positioning, possibly rather confused23:38
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DanaGPlymouth is writing its text-mode splash to both the local console and the serial console.23:42
DanaGWhat it really should do, show the GRAPHICAL splash on the local system, and no splash at all on serial!23:42
DanaGRight now, I have no splash on either... and when I press a key (such as escape), it switches to showing text-splash on both.23:43
penguin42well, an Ubuntu 10.04 :    would do no harm23:43
DanaGWell, it does harm by suppressing boot messages.23:43
penguin42oh, I wouldn't want it to suppress anything23:44
DanaGhmm, I try to give win7 installer the vboxvideo driver...23:49
DanaGit failed once... but now it worked.23:49
DanaGer, wrong channel.23:51
DanaGIt's easy to do that with tabbed chat apps.23:51
BUGabundowe know23:56
BUGabundowe all did it once or twice23:56

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