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DanaGsay, in "arm-none-linux-gnueabi", what is "none"?06:28
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jo-erlendI could use some help. I have an IGEPv2 board, which is based on a Cortex-A8 CPU. It has a SDHC card reader. I've formatted a 8GB SDHC card with Ext4, set the bootable flag, created a tar-file with rootstock which I extracted to the ext4 filesystem. It still won't boot. What am I doing wrong?07:52
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DanaGhmm, if IGEPv2 is like the Beagle, you need a fat16 (preferably) partition for the boot files.08:47
DanaG/dev/mmcblk0p1 should be fat16, and mmcblk0p2 should be ext4.08:48
jo-erlendoh, ok. Can I put the entire root filesystem on a fat16 partition?08:55
tmztjo-erlend: not without loop image09:12
jo-erlendthen I'd only put the boot directory onto the fat partition and the rest on the ext-partition?09:31
tmztbut that depends on the bootloader on your board09:40
tmztthe omap3 mentioned has a bootloader capable of booting from fat, you may have to use nor or nand or some other method09:40
tmztI'm not familiar with your board09:40
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