* DarkNemesis just created an EPIC password for facebook (60 chars long)00:05
DarkNemesisno more fun and games for theo00:05
DarkNemesisi'm proud :P chryptography class here i come00:07
phillwDarkNemesis: long passwords are quite easy: MyLeastFavouriteDayOfTheWeekIsMonday,IMuchPreferFridaysAsIItIsTheStartOfTheWeekEnd ==> MyL3@5tF@v0ur1t3D@y0fth3w33k1sM0nd@y...............00:49
DarkNemesisphillw, i have a odd situation here on my LAN00:49
DarkNemesisi can see my lappy from my dektop00:50
DarkNemesisi cant see my desktop from my lappy00:50
DarkNemesissamba share00:50
phillwi've not as far as playing with samba fully, I'm thinking of just getting a NAS drive00:51
phillwi'm not sure how running master & slave on the same machines work, I've read a bit of http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Remote_Access_to_the_Ubuntu_Linux_Desktop#Activating_Remote_Desktop_Access so may just use that00:53
phillwif you have the ip numbers, you should be able to directly connect?00:56
DarkNemesisthe issue is that i have a large screen on the desktop (3ft by 2 ish) and 8inch my 4 inch on the eee 701 4g phillw01:07
phillwwell, there's always ssh? tbh, I'm not really up on this connecting them up, I've enough problems getting samba to work between ubuntu and an XP machine :-)01:09
zkriessehey mathay duanedesign02:23
mathayhey zkriesse02:23
mathayhow's it going?02:23
win_2_linuxsomehow my facebook has been hacked with some ipad thing04:01
win_2_linuxyeah i don't know how they did04:02
win_2_linuxit posted wall to wall04:02
win_2_linuxon my friends list04:03
win_2_linuxchanged the pw right away04:03
zkriessehello charming04:26
charminghi zkriesse :D04:28
zkriesseand what brings ya here on this fine evening/afternoon/day04:29
tenachHello there, charming04:33
charmingi was just thinking which is better for making a tomcat server..04:54
charmingfrom the propriety package or the source?04:54
charmingmeaning from the apt-get package or the source .tar.gz from the tomcat website04:55
zkriessecharming: well you're gonna want the stable vs04:55
charmingoohh thats how it is then..04:57
zkriessewhat's how it is04:57
charmingi mean installing it from the apt makes it stable04:58
zkriesseWell usually the ones that you compile or install from the host site can be the unstable or "Beta" version04:59
zkriessenot always but sometimes they are04:59
zkriesseand sometimes the version in the repositories can be outdated or somewhat old too04:59
charmingbut still stable04:59
zkriesseAt least that's been my experience05:00
charmingok thanks :D05:06
zkriessecharming: no prob05:06
zkriessewelcome headcuter05:13
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Judifirst time ubuntu user, just installed 10.04, doing untoward things with the display for second few minutes before monitor signal dies. Repeatable. What info would be helpful to diagnose or fix this problem?06:54
Judiinstalled on Dell computer w Pentium 406:55
stlsaintJudi: your saying your video display does not work?06:55
Judithat's right.06:55
Judiit works well on boot, then degrades in first few minutes until bleep06:55
Judiwas an XP Pro computer before install06:56
stlsaintJudi: do you have the generic of propietary drivers installed06:57
Judino, can look06:57
andrei_How do i register my name?06:58
hobgoblinandrei_: on irc?06:59
andrei_It says something at the begining with NickServ06:59
hobgoblinandrei_: /msg nickserv register <your-password> <your-email>07:00
Judistlsaint, will have to get back to you. I don't know how to tell from drivers, was going to look at the card to see if it was a regular brand07:00
stlsaintJudi: run in terminal:07:00
stlsaintJudi: lspci | grep VGA07:01
Judithx, will do07:01
stlsaintJudi: post the output here07:02
ddecatormy money is on ati07:02
hobgoblinI'd do a cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |grep nvidia or cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |grep ati then07:03
hobgoblinlspci will not tell if the driver is being used07:04
stlsainthobgoblin: i was just looking to see what the card was07:04
hobgoblinthough I've no idea what has already been said so ignore me :)07:04
stlsainthobgoblin: looking in Hardware Drivers should solve the issue of what driver to install07:04
stlsainthobgoblin: :P07:04
Judithis won't be exact (ubuntu is in the other room): VGA Compatible: ATI Radeon RV 100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]07:08
stlsaintATI it is07:09
ddecatorwhat do i win?07:09
Judia smile from me!07:09
ddecatorhobgoblin: btw, i think there is a factoid for irc nick registration07:10
Judiso what do I do now? ATI has some kind of curse? developmentally ubuntu-disabled?07:10
ddecatorthe open-source driver on lucid isn't...working very well for a lot of people :p07:11
hobgoblinddecator: possibly there is but I don't use stupid factoids :)07:11
ddecatorhobgoblin: well then...fair enough :p07:11
hobgoblinno idea what they all are and it's easier to link to information if I already have it at my fingertips :)07:12
Judisuggestions? Go back a version or two? or is it the same driver in earlier vers?07:12
ddecatorJudi: take a look at System > Administration > Hardware Drivers and see if any drivers are listed, and if they are let us know if any are activated07:13
hobgoblinJudi: that card should be supported I think07:13
hobgoblinddecator: I got that from not a factoid :D07:14
Judino proprietary drivers in use on this machine07:14
ddecatorare any available to activate?07:14
ddecatorhobgoblin: i only use them for certain situations :p07:14
ddecatorwell, that's the extent of my ideas, i'm not great with graphics...07:15
Judithanks ddecator07:15
ddecatoroh wait, monitor signal dies, silver_fox helped someone with a similar problem before...and i don't remember what needed to be done :(07:16
Judiok, will poke around in the docs and likely check back tomorrow. Thank you for your help07:18
Judialso thanks stlsaint (who is now gone)07:18
ddecatorsorry Judi, if you try again at another time there will be others who may know how to help :)07:18
hobgoblinJudi: before you go can we have a quick look at logs see if something occurs07:18
Judimy logs or yours?07:19
hobgoblinmine are fine :)07:19
stlsaintJudi: im never gone! :D07:19
hobgoblinsecond thoughts if it dies you'll never be able to show them :(07:20
stlsainthobgoblin: LOL...check your logs goblin check to see if MY system is alright! :P07:20
hobgoblinJudi: so you know I am not talking about irc logs but the logs your system makes :)07:20
Judiinterestingly, system is still up and displaying. It's when I do mail or firefox that it dies07:21
hobgoblinJudi: ok do this please     sudo apt-get install pastebinit07:21
ddecatoroh, that's a known issue with the ati graphics driver..07:21
Judithx hobgoblin, lemme check to see if I can find ... ok, lemme run your sudo07:21
hobgoblinddecator: is there a fix for it?07:22
ddecatorhobgoblin: not sure, i'm looking for it07:22
ddecatorbug 53977207:23
Judicouldn't find package pastebinit.07:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 539772 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 3 other projects) "[MASTER] Lucid 2.6.32-16 crashed to login screen - miCopyRegion (affects: 46) (dups: 22) (heat: 341)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53977207:23
stlsainthobgoblin: im glad to see people using pastebinit, i made the wiki on it and at the time no one had heard of it :D07:24
ddecatorshould be fixed with recent xorg updates07:24
hobgoblinstlsaint: I've used it for a long time07:24
ddecatorJudi: is your system fully up-to-date?07:24
stlsainthobgoblin: well your the exception! :P07:24
JudiI got hard (whole system crash) in mail.07:24
Judifully up to date: I downloaded and installed today07:25
hobgoblinJudi: did you install lots of updates after the install?07:25
Judino, tried to config one mail account (crash) then rebooted and tried to use firefox.07:25
ddecatorJudi: try installing all of the updates first, that will hopefully fix it :) (System > Administration > Update Manager)07:26
Judithen rebooted  and used firefox and display went down07:26
stlsaintreinstall drivers07:27
hobgoblinddecator: +1 but I would make sure all the repos are set up in software sources first07:27
stlsaintor remove xorg and configure again....07:27
hobgoblinI would - software sources - update - reboot - check hardware drivers again  - in that order07:27
* stlsaint fades to *black* mist....07:28
ddecatorthe driver is in main at least07:28
Judiack. was running from bootCD, need to restart to install the updates.07:28
ddecatorgood luck :)07:28
Juditoday's download was 57 days old.07:28
Judithanks! rebooting now07:29
Judioh my, 203 files to install. This will take a few minutes.07:32
hobgoblinbe thankful you don't have dialup - if you do I am sorry for you :)07:33
Judithx hobgoblin, I'm on a decent cable line07:36
Judidownloaded, now installing.07:37
Judieternal gratitude for your collective helps. Tried installing Linux back several years ago and got sneered at a lot.07:38
Judinow have great appreciation for the works of ubuntu and supportive community.07:39
hobgoblinJudi: I have been there - I gave up at the time07:40
hobgoblinyou'll get no hassle in here nor should you in any ubuntu channels07:40
Judithank you for that.07:40
hobgoblinI tried when I had dial-up it was not easy at all - cam beakc once I had b/band - been here for 3 or 4 years now07:41
Judiworking my slow transition from too many years on macs.07:41
Judilooking forward to the full dump. :D07:42
ddecatorif you do get hassle in here, let us know, we won't have it :)07:42
hobgoblinindeed not - I'm not part of the team anymore but if I see it I know exactly who to go and get :)07:43
hobgoblinJudi: I dual-booted for a while but eventually the other install never got used so I used the space fro data :)07:44
ddecatori keep meaning to do that, but i'm not looking forward to going through a fresh install, haha. i probably will around a3 of maverick, i'll just fresh install that on the whole hdd07:45
Judigreat thank yous. My updates are going to take a while, so I'll sign off until tomorrow. Will report in fwiw. gratitude. Hoping this install works well, will upgrade to a netbook in several months. Then will abandon mac laptop shortly thereafter... or so goes the plan.07:45
Judimore gratitude.07:46
hobgoblingood luck07:46
hobgoblinalways nice to have happy people :)07:46
ddecatorindeed :)07:47
mmmmmmmmhi guys08:36
mmmmmmmmi need help08:36
shankarmmmmmmmm: shoot08:36
mmmmmmmmguys i need help08:37
mmmmmmmmI have swf and html file in the same folder, but only show the background of the html and nothing else... right click and the message of movie not loaded show up...     only on line, in my c/ folders run perfectly well, but as soon as I upload them doesn't works, even if I only update the swf file ...     I am  having this problem recently... I did this millons of time without problem and now I am getting crazy...     help08:37
DrawdecirleAre you here forestpiskie?09:00
hobgoblinjust got a different nick :)09:01
hobgoblinso how far have you got?09:02
DrawdecirleI just replied to your post.09:02
DrawdecirleYes for the check and verification.09:03
DrawdecirleAs for the manual partitioner, are you referring to GParted?09:03
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: no - I'm not09:03
DrawdecirleOk, then I'm not sure what you mean when you ask if I can see /dev/sda from the manual partitioner.  Do you mean when I click "manual" from the installer?09:04
hobgoblinlets just check some stuff out - I assume you've used the terminal - if not it is in the apps accessories menu - open that and run this command09:04
hobgoblinsudo fdisk -l09:04
DrawdecirleDisk /dev/sda: 640.1 GB, 640135028736 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 77825 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x1549f232     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1   *           1          13      102400    7  HPFS/NTFS Partition 1 does not end09:04
DrawdecirleOoh, that didn't come out very nice.09:05
DrawdecirleBy the way, I deleted the partition again just to try that a second time.09:05
DrawdecirleThat's why it's not showing up there.09:05
hobgoblinpaste.ubuntu.com = copy it there - put a name and paste - then give the new url09:05
* hobgoblin wonders if bodzilla happens to be wilee nilee - if not sorry :)09:06
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: ok sda3 is not being seen - did you use gparted to create that partition?09:08
hobgoblinhi bodzilla phillw09:08
bodzillaI'm actually wilee-nilee09:08
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: I think it will be useful to run the script that wilee nilee pointed you to in your thread - paste that information to the thread please09:09
DrawdecirleI did.  However, I deleted it again after wilee-nilee suggested doing it.09:09
hobgoblinbodzilla: I guessed earlier :)09:09
hobgoblinbodzilla: to get you up to speed - sda3 is not seen in fdisk09:09
DrawdecirleWhich script would that be?  I don't see one in my thread.09:09
DrawdecirleI can format it again if you'd like.09:10
hobgoblinin wilee's sig - post#309:10
DrawdecirleAs I said, I just unallocated it during this session.09:10
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: ok lets do that then - exit the installer if it is running and run gparted - delete sda3 which is the ext3 partition09:10
hobgoblinthen we can make some partitions - don't just make one - we'll be making more than one09:11
DrawdecirleOk, well, sda3 is gone right now (that's why it's not in the fdisk)09:11
DrawdecirleAlso, are you talking about the script in his signature?09:11
DrawdecirleI don't see one in his post.09:11
hobgoblinyes in his sig09:11
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: open gparted - point it at the unallocated space and create an extended partition - the whole of the free space09:12
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: for the moment don't worry about the script - let's do this it shouldn;t take long09:13
DrawdecirleOh ok.  Will do.09:13
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: how much RAM do you have - and are you wanting to suspend09:14
DrawdecirleOne sec.  I need to take a quick bathroom break.09:14
DrawdecirleOk, I'm back.09:15
Drawdecirle6 gigs.09:16
DrawdecirleAnd suspend?  Sorry, I'm not exactly a computer "whiz".09:16
hobgoblinsuspend to ram - sort of hibernate type thing09:16
hobgoblindo you turn laptop off completely or not is the issue I think :)09:17
DrawdecirleWell, I'll most likely always be shutting it down.  I don't typically use "hibernate" like features often.  Either I'll be using it for extended periods of time or I won't.09:17
hobgoblinok - well as you have lots of room we can make it so that the option is there for you - tell me when you've made the extended please09:18
DrawdecirleBy the way, I've got the extended partition now.09:18
DrawdecirleIt's /dev/sda3 with an unallocated portion inside it.09:19
hobgoblinexcellent - now - inside the extended make a logical partition - type linux-swap and make it 13Gb09:20
hobgoblinthen make another partition - type ext4 - 15Gb09:20
shankarhobgoblin: PM09:20
hobgoblinthen make another partition - type ext4 - using whatever space is left over09:21
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: then when you have done all of that - run the fdisk command again and paste it to paste.ubuntu.com again09:21
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: and ping me as I am afk09:26
Drawdecirlehobgoblin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/455366/09:28
Drawdecirleping hobgoblin09:30
DrawdecirleGuess that didn't work.09:30
hobgoblinyes it did - I saw - was just in the kitchen ...09:31
DrawdecirleOh haha.  Ok.09:31
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: ok - now start the installer - go to the partition stage - choose manual and ping me again then09:32
Drawdecirlehobgoblin: Yeah, it's still only showing me the /dev/sdb1 (USB drive) from the screenshots I posted on the forum.09:34
hobgoblinlet me think09:37
veononeI have downloaded NWN but I never installed a program manualy. Wich folder whould i put it in? Do i need to run any other commands? How do I put the program in applications drop down menu?09:38
DrawdecirleNo problem.09:38
veononenote - It's a tgz archive09:40
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: run the script from wilee's sig - post it on the forum please.09:43
DrawdecirleWill do.09:43
hobgoblinyou should be able to run it from the livecd09:43
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: does your machine have raid or anything like that09:48
* hobgoblin clutches at straws09:48
DrawdecirleI don't believe so, but looking over the boot info results (which are now posted), I do see "raid" pop up in there.09:49
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: ok - I've never played with raid  - I would suspect that is the issue here - though I could be wrong, not going to be of much more help on here09:51
DrawdecirleOk, well thanks for the help you could offer.09:52
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: as it stands the result of the script looks normal enough and is all ok - the raid thing is the issue - I would say that in a new post - those watching it will see the new information - what I would say is that you can;t have too much information :)09:55
DrawdecirleAlright, will do.  Hopefully it doesn't require me to wipe Windows 7, but if I have to, I have to.09:55
hobgoblinI'd not be doing that - there shouldn't be any reason to do so09:56
hobgoblinI shall keep an eye on the thread - if I think of anything I will post - good luck with it09:57
hobgoblinDrawdecirle: hang on 2 secs09:57
hobgoblinmorning ibuclaw09:57
DrawdecirleThanks again.09:57
hobgoblinibuclaw: you got a moment ?09:57
ibuclawhobgoblin, uhhh :)09:57
ibuclawhangover, but yes, I suppose. ;)09:58
hobgoblinlmao - I have some sympathy :)09:58
hobgoblingot an install issue - installer not seeing the partitions - just created - we know they are good - but it could possibly be raid - this is something I've not used so am all at see - if it's too much for the head I'm sure the user will just carry on with their thread09:59
hobgoblin/dev/sda                                                promise_fasttrack_raid_member09:59
hobgoblinubiquity only recognises a plugged in usb drive10:00
DrawdecirleI think I'm going to log out.  If you happen to figure something out, just post it back in my thread.  Thank you.10:06
hobgoblinok welcome then10:06
hobgoblinwelcome back bodzilla10:07
bodzillahey it was hard to tell from the script his setup but I'm sure you got it set, I don't use seperate homes or ntfs shred10:07
bodzillaI use a external for shared ntfs10:08
hobgoblinI think that there is raid involved - never had anything to do with it - he's gone back to the thread now10:14
hobgoblinwell I am off now - day starting10:16
CrazyPumahey all, some questions to a acer 1420p touchscreen. Someone here to help me get it working?13:57
duanedesignhello CrazyPuma14:01
CrazyPumahello duanedesign14:01
duanedesignwhat is your issue?14:03
CrazyPumai bought a acer 1420p a week ago and i am very interested to "learn" ubuntu14:04
CrazyPumai installed ubuntu on the acer 1420p and everything works very well, besides the touchscreen14:05
CrazyPumai can "click" on the touchscreen, but the mouse always went to the upper left corner of the screen14:05
CrazyPumai think i have to calibrate the touchscreen, but the evtouch driver calibrate.sh does not work, because i get an error: no evtouch device14:06
CrazyPumathe touchscreen is a MosArt device14:08
duanedesignare you felix?14:08
CrazyPumain kernel 2.6.34 the mosart driver should be included, but i don't how to install a driver14:08
duanedesignahh ok14:09
CrazyPumano i am not felix14:09
CrazyPumathis is the first time is use the ubuntu irc channel14:09
CrazyPumai found this website: http://lii-enac.fr/en/projects/shareit/linux-howto.html14:12
CrazyPumabut the /include/linux/hid.h differs14:12
CrazyPumaand i can#t find a hid-core.c or hid-mosart.c14:13
duanedesignyeah i was reading bug 511747 and it said you said "Support for the MosArt multitouch panel was introduced upstream in kernel 2.6.34"14:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 511747 in xf86-input-evtouch (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 1 other project) "support for Acer 1420P (affects: 3) (heat: 22)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51174714:13
CrazyPumayes on https://launchpad.net/bugs/511747 is a *.patch14:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 511747 in xf86-input-evtouch (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 1 other project) "support for Acer 1420P (affects: 3) (heat: 22)" [Medium,Triaged]14:14
CrazyPumabut how to apply a *.patch14:15
CrazyPumabecause the xf86-input-evtouch-0.8.8/evtouch.c does not exits14:15
CrazyPumait is a xf86-input-evtouch-0.8.8/evtouch.py14:15
duanedesignheh, oops :/14:18
duanedesignthere is a PPA that is newly created to backport the Maverick kernel to Lucid14:19
CrazyPumai used sudo update-manager -d14:20
CrazyPumaand installed the 10.10 alpha14:20
CrazyPumayou mean this?14:20
duanedesignahh ok14:21
duanedesignthen you likely have the 2.35* kernel14:22
CrazyPumabut the touchscreen does not work14:23
CrazyPumaor okay it works in the upper left corner14:23
CrazyPumait always clicks on the ubuntu logo14:24
duanedesignCrazyPuma:  I think the module is called hid-mosart14:24
duanedesignif it is a module....try:   sudo modprobe hid-mosart14:25
CrazyPumanothing happens14:26
duanedesigndoes this return asnything:   lsmod | grep hid-mosart14:28
CrazyPumalshal shows me the Mosart device14:30
CrazyPumaand lsmod | grep mosart14:30
CrazyPumahid_mosart        3345   014:30
CrazyPumausbhid          42222     1 hid_mosart14:31
CrazyPumahid           84070      2 hid_mosart.usbhid14:31
duanedesignCrazyPuma: must be built in and not a module.14:33
CrazyPumayes its an convertible notebook14:34
=== ZachK_ is now known as zkriesse
duanedesignCrazyPuma: what do you get when you run: uname -a14:40
duanedesignCrazyPuma: I installed xf86-input-evtouch and i see an etouch.c14:56
duanedesignCrazyPuma: just  in case you havent seen this page. It looks pretty good. http://blog.bureado.com.ve/?p=66815:02
CrazyPumasorry, i was away15:37
CrazyPumaduanedesign: i installed the xserver-xorg-input-evtouch package in synaptic15:38
CrazyPumathis refers to the xf86-input-evtouch15:39
CrazyPumabut if i search for evtouch.c, i only see evtouch.conf15:39
CrazyPumauname -a shows: Linux ubuntu 2.6.35-5-generic #6-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 21 21:56:12 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:42
=== bgs000 is now known as bgs100
geirhaapt-get source xserver-xorg-input-evtouch15:46
CrazyPumaokay, this means that i have to download the source, change the lines as shown in the patch and recompile the driver?15:47
geirhaI've seen a guide on how to patch a source package and create a new deb file. Let me see if I can find it15:48
CrazyPumathank you15:49
geirha7.13 and 7.1415:52
geirhaI seem to remember seeing a more descriptive guide too, but I'm not finding it atm.15:53
geirhaAnyway, you follow the steps in 7.14, and before running dch, you put your patch in debian/patches/15:56
CrazyPumai will try it15:57
geirhaLook at the other patches ain there, and alter your patch to be on the same format.15:57
geirhaAh, seems to be commands to do that for you.16:00
=== mohi57o9 is now known as mohi1
CrazyPumai applied the patch manually to evtouch.c, because only two lines are changed16:06
CrazyPumabut i get an error while compiling16:06
CrazyPumait shows: Unapplying patches ... failed! ... Exitstatus 216:07
geirhaHm. I'm not an expert on this area. I did it once with nethack myself; took a lot of trying and failing before I eventually managed it.16:10
geirhaI don't think you can manually patch it. Because it untars the tar.gz file before building I think.16:11
CrazyPumahmm i am going to play around with it, maybe i get a working touchscreen today16:12
geirhaTo start from scratch, just remove the source dir and run apt-get source again.16:13
geirhaI did that alot :)16:13
CrazyPumait is a good way to learn16:13
r3c0nI have a proposal to write and I can not find what I am looking for. What I am trying to find out is that if a T1 line connection will work for a company that wants to use the t1 line shared between two company's. the company has a total of a 136 employees plus they need as many VoIPs plus VPN access, will a T1 line connection work?16:22
paultaghey [reddit]ductions17:33
paultag[reddit]ductions: sup, my friend17:33
[reddit]ductionsstill having problems i'm afraid17:34
paultag[reddit]ductions: so, how's the ati config going?17:34
paultag[reddit]ductions: aye, what's up17:34
[reddit]ductionswell i ran aticonfig in the root prompt of recovery mode17:34
[reddit]ductionsthe command was successful, but unfortunately didn't solve my issue17:34
paultag[reddit]ductions: OK. Let's make sure you have the driver17:35
paultag[reddit]ductions: do you know how to use pastebin ?17:35
paultag[reddit]ductions: Oh shoot, the machine is not on the intertubes17:35
paultag[reddit]ductions: can you boot up the computer normally until the GUI fails. Then hit Ctrl + Alt + F117:35
paultag[reddit]ductions: that will bring you to a TTY to do work on the CLI17:36
paultag[reddit]ductions: run `lsmod | less` and see if you have your ati module installed17:36
[reddit]ductionsI've tried that. after plymouth has finished, i just get a blank screen, i.e. i dont get to the login screen17:36
paultag[reddit]ductions: wait, really?17:36
paultag[reddit]ductions: but plymouth works?17:36
[reddit]ductionsyeah plymouth displays how it always has done17:36
paultag[reddit]ductions: one sec.17:37
[reddit]ductionsvery briefly17:37
[reddit]ductionsyeah and from the blank screen, i can't do anything but restart the computer17:38
paultag[reddit]ductions: does REISUB work?17:38
[reddit]ductionsim not familiar with REISUB?17:38
paultag[reddit]ductions: http://kember.net/articles/reisub-the-gentle-linux-restart/17:38
paultag[reddit]ductions: if that works, then it's userspace, if not the kernel has an issue ( or a driver )17:38
[reddit]ductionsok brb17:39
paultag[reddit]ductions: could you give that a try whilst I do a bit of research?17:39
[reddit]ductionssure thing, thanks mate17:40
paultagI need to find out why plymouth runs17:40
paultag[reddit]ductions: np, anything for another redditor :)17:40
[reddit]ductionshaha good man17:40
paultag[reddit]ductions: ddecator here is one too17:40
[reddit]ductionsah glad to see you representin'17:41
paultagw00t w00t17:41
paultag[reddit]ductions: yeah, there is no way plymouth should be running. IIRC it uses X11. ibuclaw poke17:42
paultagibuclaw: can plymouth run without x11? does it use the FB?17:43
ibuclawpaultag, think about it. =)17:45
Puck`hi team17:45
ibuclawKMS is kernel space. Xorg is user space.17:45
paultagibuclaw: it's post initrd17:45
[reddit]ductionsREISUB does nothing :/17:45
paultagibuclaw: it could run on x11 after initrd loads, and that's what I thought it did17:46
ibuclawpaultag, nope. it starts way before X loads. Try looking at your bootchart graphs if you don't believe me. :)17:47
paultagibuclaw: I believe you, that's why I asked you17:47
paultagibuclaw: what does it use, the fb ?17:47
ibuclawpaultag, KMS17:47
ibuclawKernel Mode Setting17:47
paultagibuclaw: [reddit]ductions here has an issue. Something broked his X11 and is locking up the kernel. Sounds like a gfx card driver issue to me. What do you think?17:49
ibuclawnvidia card?17:49
paultagibuclaw: ati17:49
ibuclawprobably then...17:49
paultagI don't know shit about ati17:49
ibuclawis he able to boot into recovery mode ?17:49
[reddit]ductionsand into low graphics desktop17:50
paultagibuclaw: but not F117:50
ibuclaw[reddit]ductions, does /etc/X11/xorg.conf exist ?17:50
[reddit]ductionsill just reboot into recovery mode hold up17:50
ibuclawmv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.orig17:50
ibuclawiirc, there should be an option to 'Fix X' in the simple recovery menu.17:51
paultagibuclaw: he did a reconfigure -phigh and the ati tool that is nvidia-xconfig17:51
ibuclawthat does pretty much the same thing...17:51
ibuclawpaultag, no, the nvidia tool is nvidia-xconfig.17:51
paultagibuclaw: read my line again17:52
paultagibuclaw: he tried the ati tool that does what nvidia-xconfig does17:52
[reddit]ductionsxorg exists yeah17:52
ibuclawpaultag, =รพ17:52
paultagibuclaw: that was so not UTF. that came out =? ( but the nasty ? )17:53
ibuclaw[reddit]ductions, mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.orig17:53
win_2_linuxif I have a 160 gig hard drive what is the best way to divide that up for linux for root home and swap?17:53
ibuclawpaultag, fix your font packages!17:53
[reddit]ductionsibuclaw, i've ran that command17:54
ibuclawwin_2_linux, how much RAM is on your system?17:55
ibuclaw[reddit]ductions, kk, reboot (ctrl+alt+del should do).17:56
ibuclaw[reddit]ductions, X _should_ start with failsafe defaults. Be that good or bad.17:56
win_2_linux2 gig ram17:56
ibuclawheh, Samsung N110 ?17:57
ibuclawwin_2_linux, if you like to hibernate your system: root=20G home=135G swap=rest17:58
[reddit]ductionsibuclaw, that has fixed my issue, i now have my login screen back.17:58
win_2_linuxno don't hibernate17:58
win_2_linuxsuspend it17:59
ibuclaw[reddit]ductions, aye, but you won't have any compositing enabled.17:59
win_2_linuxsometimes but normally just turn off the monitor17:59
ibuclawwin_2_linux, well it's not much of a difference either way.17:59
ibuclawwin_2_linux, if you like to hibernate your system: root=20G home=136 or 137G swap=rest17:59
win_2_linuxok thanks18:00
ibuclawforgot to remove some text from that. ;)18:00
ibuclawwin_2_linux, 2GB of RAM is usually ample fine for usage. And the system should barely touch the swap. Unless you use it for, ie: VMs.18:01
ibuclawwith hibernate, is good practise to have swap 2x the RAM size. Else, 1.5x or equal to if you have >=1GB RAM.18:02
win_2_linuxso i'll just add the swap for precaution18:02
ibuclawthat's what it is there for. =)18:02
ibuclawto save your system from crashing when you run out of memory.18:03
[reddit]ductionsibuclaw, I should be able to take it from here though. Thanks again18:03
win_2_linuxmaybe thats the trouble with my laptop maybe i didn't give it enough swap so when it suspends it wont come up18:03
geirhaWell, actually, when you run out of memory, the kernel starts killing arbitrary processes :)18:03
geirhaswap has nothing to do with suspension18:04
ibuclaw[reddit]ductions, with nvidia - I used to just uninstall everything with the name *nvidia* in it's package-name. Then reinstall nvidia-common.18:04
win_2_linuxi have to restart i just got updated lol18:04
ibuclawfrom there a simple go to System->Admin->Hardware Drivers and reinstall the restricted module.18:05
win_2_linuxlol thats faster than windows has ever been18:07
win_2_linuxmy laptop wont come b6ack from suspend after i re open the lid ubuntu 10.04 1 gig ram 1.6 g processor18:09
holsteinwin_2_linux: thats a drag18:11
holsteini got a couple netbooks around here18:11
holsteinone is an EEEpc18:11
holsteinits very well supported18:11
holsteinthe other one has VIA chips18:11
holsteinand i just dont 'sleep' it18:12
holsteinusually, the sound just wont come back up18:12
win_2_linuxit is have to shut it down but i guess its not biggie, would like to beable to carry on where i continue but it could be an ubuntu thing or the way its handling18:12
holsteinwin_2_linux: you could poke around a little in the forums18:12
holsteinbut sometimes, with certain hardware, that is the path of least resistance18:13
win_2_linuxyeah i have no one has a solution yet18:13
win_2_linuxits not biggie really its a back up computer18:13
win_2_linuxno biggie rather18:13
win_2_linuxhowever the biggie is my touchpad just wont disable, i've done everything to disable it18:14
win_2_linuxit disables for a minute or two then comes back on18:14
holsteinthats strange18:14
holsteinwhat it the unit?18:14
win_2_linuxi prefer a mouse to touch pad, and i'm afraid to turn it off in bios because then it may shut off all mice18:14
holsteinwhat IS *18:14
win_2_linuxmouse when i'm home touchpad when i'm out18:15
holsteinwin_2_linux: i would check the bios18:15
holsteintsome of the older bioses had 'internal, external, or both' setting IIRC18:15
holsteinyeah, you dont want to be in the bios all the time18:16
holsteinwin_2_linux: is there a problem with leaving the touchpad on18:16
holsteinand using an external mouse?18:16
holsteinthats the way i do it18:16
win_2_linuxwell no and yes, my thumbs fly over it sometimes when i'm typing and find i'm typing words within words already typed, i guess i'll just tape something over it until i need it18:18
holsteinwin_2_linux: theres a 'disable touchpad while typing' option18:18
win_2_linuxyes it works for a  minute then comes back on18:18
win_2_linuxits checked18:19
holsteinthats the 'disable' that is not persisting18:19
win_2_linuxyes, and the disable itself doesn't persist either lol18:20
win_2_linuxits just a stubborn touchpad i guess lol18:20
holsteinwin_2_linux: how about unckecking 'enable mouse clicks with touchpad'18:20
win_2_linuxthats unchecked18:21
r3c0nhow many computers can one server run18:24
ibuclawr3c0n, depends on the server =)18:25
ibuclawand what you are using it for18:25
r3c0nstoring data and customer info18:26
holsteinwin_2_linux: you want to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ the output of lspci18:26
holsteini would probably note the hardware and driver being used, and look for a bug report on launchpad18:27
win_2_linuxwill do18:27
win_2_linuxits a dell d600 computer18:28
holsteinwin_2_linux: you might want to try hardy on there18:29
holsteintry an ubuntu 8.04 live CD18:29
holsteinif everything works well18:29
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: holstein: Here's a couple: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/24073818:30
holsteinyou can make note of what is being used18:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 240738 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "syndaemon sometimes fails to disable the touchpad (heat: 4)" [Low,Triaged]18:30
win_2_linuxright my pc's har drive is down, I have two 160 gig drives on a raid 0 arrary which i didn't know what it was or give much thought to when i bough it and well i didn't know when one started doing the click click click click then two clicks it wouldn't boot18:30
holsteinthanks nUboon2Age :)18:30
win_2_linuxone is stil good shows up in the bios the other18:31
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: holstein: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/45983218:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 459832 in acpi-support (Ubuntu) "Touchpad is re-enabled after typing (affects: 6) (heat: 42)" [Low,Triaged]18:31
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: holstein: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/40069718:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 400697 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "Cannot disable touchpad buttons (affects: 1) (heat: 11)" [Undecided,Triaged]18:33
holsteinhopefully win2lin bookmarked a few of those nUboon2Age :)18:34
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: holstein: in comments this one includes a work-around: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/touchfreeze/+bug/50118118:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 501181 in touchfreeze (Ubuntu) "does not disable touchpad in vaio vgn-n330fh karmic i386 (affects: 1) (heat: 19)" [Undecided,New]18:35
win_2_linuxlol hitting fn f8 gave me a white screen had to go into18:35
win_2_linuxttl or whatever it is and reboot from there18:36
win_2_linuxctrl f118:36
holsteindoes the script at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/touchfreeze/+bug/501181 work for you win_2_linux ?18:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 501181 in touchfreeze (Ubuntu) "does not disable touchpad in vaio vgn-n330fh karmic i386 (affects: 1) (heat: 19)" [Undecided,New]18:38
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: holstein: I just checked and I don't have altouchpad on my dell.  Is that specific to Vaio?18:39
holsteinwe'll know when win_2_linux gives us the output of lspci :)18:39
win_2_linuxdidn't work18:46
win_2_linuxi'll turn it off in the bios later18:46
win_2_linuxor just tape over it18:47
stlsaintwin_2_linux: whats not working?18:48
win_2_linuxthe xint to disable it18:51
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: holstein: just btw, reading some of the bug reports it sounds like it might be a problem w/ syndaemon.18:52
holsteini would assume that script only works with an ALPS touchpad18:52
win_2_linuxits an alps dualpoint touchpad, i researched it and a lot of people were complaining of flakiness none were complaining of not being able to disable it as of wht i read18:52
holsteinand we dont know what hardware win_2_linux has18:52
win_2_linuxit is an ALPS18:52
holsteinso that is relavant to your set-up18:53
win_2_linuxmaybe the bios is over riding the software?18:53
win_2_linuxyes its a dell d600 laptop18:53
win_2_linuxactually i can just tape something over that until i find a fix. however the suspend does bother me, i have to research that18:55
win_2_linuxi like to close the lid and reopen it again18:55
win_2_linuxbut since it doesn't work that way18:55
holsteini had a dell18:59
holsteinnewer than that one18:59
holsteinwhen i closed the lid19:00
holsteineven if it didnt sleep19:00
holsteinjust making the screen go blank19:00
holsteinwould make the WHOLE screen return in a smaller square in the middle of the screen19:00
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: holstein: this person had a .sh file that started the syndaemon and they modified it to use XInput to toggle the touchpad on and off.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/30052319:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 300523 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "syndaemon turns disabled touchpad back on after typing (heat: 7)" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:00
win_2_linuxits a kernal problem seems like a lot of people are having this problem19:03
win_2_linuxwith the suspend hibernate thing19:04
win_2_linuxso i'll turn it off in the bios and then turn it back on when needed i just have to remember too lol19:05
win_2_linuxis it my imagination or does a laptop run cooler with linux than it does with win19:05
win_2_linuxooh two conversations..i mean i'll turn the touchpad off in the bios19:06
win_2_linuxand the un suspending thing is a kernel problem19:06
holsteinmy VIA graphics chip runs hotter19:09
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: I'd like to think its cooler in Linux.  Penguins certainly are cooler. :-)  Maybe its a 'your mileage may vary' kind of thing.19:10
win_2_linuxits seems this bug of suspend and hibernate both work fine its just unsuspending and unhibernating that doesn't work, it may be an X thing because people are us alt. ctrl. f719:17
win_2_linuxso i recomend that you don't do a raid 0 on your drives but maybe a raid 1 where you do have a back up drive19:23
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holderHow do I search for broken packages? While updating my packages, an alert popped up telling me I had broken packages and that I should find and fix them.19:28
stlsaintholder: you can do it either thru the terminal or thru synaptic package manager19:31
stlsaintholder: for synaptic go: Synaptic Package Manager>Edit tab>Fix Broken packages19:32
holderstlsaint: How do I know that it worked?19:34
stlsaintholder: run an update19:34
holderstlsaint: Worked perfectly. Thanks!19:38
stlsaintholder: no prob man, glad to help19:38
zkriessehey stlsaint and hi! holder19:39
stlsaintzkriesse: sup19:39
win_2_linuxok another miner issue, nothing to do with this but compiz fusion whenever i turn the cube around --neat effect--the screen darkens then lightens up gain when dt is in view i have negative turned off19:41
stlsaintwin_2_linux: check your power settings19:41
stlsaintwin_2_linux: oh wait you said effects, yea compiz does that slightly19:41
win_2_linuxoh because on youtube where i've seen it demonstrated its remains very bright19:43
stlsaintwin_2_linux: i will set my effects and check to see what your takling about19:44
win_2_linuxlets see if i can describe it better, when the cube turns the screen darkens and then lightens again when it sets on the next desktop19:45
stlsaintwin_2_linux: aye, mind does not do that19:46
newboon2ageoh, now its my turn to ask for help.  I've got a major problem.  My computer just did a distribution upgrade and when i reboot I get grub2!!!19:48
stlsaintnewboon2age: thats actually a good thing right??19:49
newboon2agenot when I'm expecting to boot to Ubuntu19:49
newboon2ageI mean I'm getting the grub prompt19:49
stlsaintnewboon2age: you cant boot into ubuntu from grub?19:49
stlsaintnewboon2age: grub is just a bootloader...you can set it to not show and boot directly into your os (ubuntu)19:52
win_2_linuxmy computer boots directly into ubuntu19:53
newboon2ageI don't know much about grub2.  I know that booting to a grub2 prompt is definitely not normal.19:53
stlsaintnewboon2age: on the contrary it is quite normal19:55
stlsaintactually if grub doesnt load without you specifying it not to is a bad thing19:55
newboon2ageI'm taking about the grub2 recovery console or whatever they call it.  Not normal.19:55
stlsaintnewboon2age: so when you reboot you boot directly into grub recovery interface?19:56
newboon2ageImmediately upon reboot after upgrade this problem started.19:56
newboon2agestlsaint: yes that sounds like the right description.19:56
stlsaintnewboon2age: have you tried fixing the system from the recovery? and do you get any errors?19:57
newboon2agestlsaint: i don't know how19:57
newboon2agestlsaint: at the moment i rebooted it w/ ubuntu netbook Ed. live CD. (its what I had handy)19:58
newboon2agestlsaint: but if need be i can reboot to the grub2 recovery interface.19:59
newboon2agei'm ircing from a different machine (that's running wubi Kubuntu btw win_2_linux)20:00
stlsaintnewboon2age: hrm, do you get any errors?20:00
stlsaintnewboon2age: == win_2_linux ?20:00
newboon2agestlsaint: (goes back to an earlier conversation w/ win_2_linux)20:01
newboon2agestlsaint: so should i reboot into grub2 recovery interface?20:01
newboon2agestlsaint: i didn't notice any errors previously, but then again I don't know how to check unless they pop up on the screen.20:02
newboon2agestlsaint: should I reboot to grub2 recovery interface, or stay in Ubuntu Netbook Ed livecd?20:03
stlsaintnewboon2age: if you did an upgrade and get this than i suggest that you do a fresh install to be on safe side20:03
win_2_linuxwhat is the super key20:03
stlsaintwin_2_linux: the little key that has the windows logo on it20:04
holsteini have one machine with no windows logo on my super key :)20:06
holsteini was stoked20:06
* newboon2age slapping forehead. Just at the crucial moment i lost my connection. Did anyone reply to whether i have another option than to reinstall.20:19
newboon2ageDid anyone reply to whether i have another option than to reinstall.20:20
stlsaintnewboon2age: there are probably various options...20:20
stlsaintbut the safest would be a fresh install20:20
newboon2agestlsaint: if i could avoid that i would prefer it.20:21
newboon2agestlsaint: actually i'd like to know more about grub2 so if i ran into this again i would have some idea of what to do.20:22
ubot2GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub220:23
newboon2ageright now i'm going to try to burn a Lucid i686 CD20:23
newboon2agestlsaint: yes?20:23
zkriessestlsaint: beat ya too it20:23
stlsaintnewboon2age: check out my link i posted20:23
stlsaintzkriesse: on the contrary you posted a rather, non-fufilling wiki20:24
zkriessestlsaint: damn20:24
newboon2ageokay i'll start w/ that.  I'll be back though cuz i've tried that page before and didn't get all i needed from it.20:25
richow do I adjust the screen brightness20:33
newboon2ageokay I'm going through the 'Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD from that page, using the UNE disk (while downloading the desktop version).20:33
paultagric: it might be in xrander. Do you have a button for it on your laptop?20:34
newboon2ageCan someone follow it w/ me?20:35
newboon2ageguide me on it?20:35
ricdon't follow you I'm a novice user20:35
zkriesseric: one sec20:35
paultagric: I have to run, but newboon2age, ric wait around :)20:35
newboon2ageme too20:35
andrei_witch is general chat channel?20:36
zkriesseandrei_: #ubuntu-beginners-team20:36
andrei_hey. my xchat settings werent saved20:36
andrei_how come20:37
zkriesseandrei_: Do you mean just a regular chat channel or the team chat channel?20:37
ricI'll ask again my screen is very dim, is there a simple way to adjust the screen brightness?20:37
win_2_linuxfixed the dimming thing20:37
pedro3005ric, Try System -> Preferences -> Display20:37
zkriesseric: Patience please :D20:37
stlsaintsup folks, whats all the huppla about?!!?20:38
zkriesseric: is it a desktop monitor or a laptop/netbook20:38
andrei_why some of my settings aren't beeing saved? like xchat and rythmbox20:39
win_2_linuxwhat version xchat do you have20:40
win_2_linux2.8.6 has a bug in saving channels you have to uptdate to 2.8.8 i had this problem too20:40
andrei_latest i think. i installed it through software center20:40
andrei_2.8.6 xd20:40
win_2_linuxthat one has the bug, its fixed in 2.8.820:41
andrei_but it didn't store my name20:41
andrei_how do i update20:41
andrei_no command?20:41
win_2_linuxyou have to go to that page and down load it20:42
paultagwhoh whoh20:42
paultagno win_2_linux20:42
paultagandrei_: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade20:42
newboon2agewin_2_linux: That was directed to ric, yes?20:42
paultagandrei_: if it's not in there, wait and do it later20:42
win_2_linuxno andrei20:42
paultagBRB, I have to go20:42
andrei_that updates whole system no?20:43
win_2_linuxi don't think its a deb or in the repositories...i compiled it form source with the help of the #xchat20:43
andrei_and i dont have to uninstall this one am i right?20:45
win_2_linuxyou know what try sourceforge they may have a deb20:45
win_2_linuxin that case you wouldn't have to compile it, it was fun though but20:46
andrei_another thing. it's only for knowledge. i installed neverwinter nights why the application doesen't launch (nwmain) - it says it does not exist and i have to fire it with ./nwn20:47
win_2_linuxdo you have wine installed or playonlinux20:48
andrei_i got the linux files20:48
win_2_linuxhow do you make a deb anyway from source20:48
win_2_linuxoh neverending supports linux but wow wont whats with that20:49
veononeok i updated/upgraded and still 2.6.820:51
veononelets see if i find that deb file20:51
veononei can't use rpm can't i?20:51
veononesays it's unstable release20:53
newboon2ageric: did you get your answer?20:54
win_2_linuxthen you'll have to go to the xchat website down load the tz file and compile it from source20:55
win_2_linuxor wait til there is  a deb20:55
newboon2agewin_2_linux: veonone: how about using alien to convert .rpm to .deb20:56
win_2_linuxor is this someone new i thought it was andrei under a different nick lol20:56
veononeill look into it20:56
veononeyou're right20:56
newboon2ageokay I'm going through the 'Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD from that page, using the UNE disk (while downloading the desktop version).20:58
newboon2ageCan someone guide me on it?20:58
ricI found the answer in a forum:PRESS Fn key and arrow up or down to adjust screen brightness21:00
newboon2ageric: and it worked?  Great!21:00
holderHow do I install tarball files? Specifically http://www.stereopsis.com/flux/.21:09
stlsaintholder: untar it and run the installer21:10
holderstlsaint: With archive manager?21:11
stlsaintholder: use the tar command in terminal...or right click the tar and choose to extract it21:12
holderstlsaint: What's the command?21:12
stlsaintholder: tar -xvvf <name_of_package.tar>21:13
stlsaintholder: make sure your in the dir of the package before running that command21:13
holderHow do I do that?21:13
stlsaintholder: the change directory command21:14
stlsaintholder: cd /Documents/blah/blah21:14
stlsaintholder: are you sure that install package is linux compatible?21:17
holderbut you are going to have to walk me through the changer directory command21:17
stlsaintholder: where did you download the package to21:18
stlsaintholder: ?21:19
stlsaintopen a terminal21:19
stlsaintholder: ^^21:19
stlsaintholder: type in the terminal: cd Downloads21:20
holderDo I just use the tar command now?21:21
holder-rwxrwxr-x mike/mike    523644 2009-02-21 06:19 xflux21:22
holderWhat does this mean?21:23
stlsaintit means that the file: xflux has the permissions of read/write/execute21:23
stlsaintby the user mike21:23
holderthere is no user mike on my laptop.21:23
stlsaintlast time that file was modified was 2009 feb 2121:24
holderO ok, mike modified it21:24
holderwho ever that is21:24
holderWhat do I do now?21:25
stlsaintinstall it21:25
stlsaintwhat are the contents of the folder?21:25
holderAn executable file21:27
stlsaintwhich one of those did you download,the windows one or the mac one?21:27
xsaiddxhello guys can someone please tell me hoe ican kno if have the latest driver for my display card thanks21:28
stlsaintxsaiddx: go to your: System>Admin>Hardware Drivers21:28
stlsaintxsaiddx: on second thought21:28
stlsaintxsaiddx: open a terminal:21:28
stlsaintxsaiddx: type in the terminal: lspci | grep VGA21:29
holderthe linux one21:29
stlsaintthen look at the nvidia site to compare the card to your driver in the Hardware Drivers tab21:29
stlsaintholder: please tell me again what is it you are trying to isntall?21:29
holderabout an inch below the mac and pc download, on the front page, there is a linux download21:30
xsaiddxstlsaint: it give me this 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility 9200 IGP21:33
stlsaintxsaiddx: what do your hardware drivers menu say?21:33
stlsaintholder: run in terminal: ./xflux21:34
xsaiddxnethin only a modem driver that i dont wanna use cus i already have one installed21:34
holderWelcome to xflux (f.lux for X)21:36
holderThis will only work if you're running X on console.21:36
holderUsage: ./xflux [-z zipcode | -l latitude] [-k colortemp (default 3400)]21:36
holderprotip: Say where you are (use -z or -l).21:36
holderalright, I think i set it up. Is there a way to check if it's working?21:40
stlsaintholder: i dont know this app cause i dont use it but you can check via the site for faq21:40
xsaiddxstlsaint: infact all this its about a not workin game speed dreams21:43
holderThanks stlsaint21:49
stlsaintholder: no prob21:50
stlsaintxsaiddx: you should go to the ati site and get the latest driver for your card21:50
KentrelHi, I want to run a script from a crontab. Is there a way I can store the output of the script so I can view it later?21:53
phillwKentrel: http://kevin.vanzonneveld.net/techblog/article/schedule_tasks_on_linux_using_crontab/ covers storing it and emailing it (if you're so inclined)22:11
phillwgrrrrr :-\22:11
iceflatlineKentrel: could you simply append output to a file using cat?22:22

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