psusibloody hell, bootchart is filling the ureadahad trace buffer with tons of opens to /proc/pid/stat03:50
* psusi wonders where Keybuck is... not seen him on irc lately03:54
jmarsdenpsusi: I think his name lacks the 'c' :)03:55
psusiI think you're right ;)03:56
* psusi dives back into the ureadahead sources to battle the deamon03:58
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wapadminтут одни долбоебы или нормальные тоже есть?12:19
BlackZwapadmin: please, write in english12:22
wapadminBlackZ: сосни лучше12:23
elafroshinobiwapadmin: check your font settings12:24
wapadminelafroshinobi: да ты охуел? у меня охуенные настройки шрифтов! русские бля!12:26
elafroshinobiwapadmin: your chat looks like you are using a non-english font. Try using the default fault12:30
wapadminelafroshinobi:ну ты молодец.....12:31
elafroshinobiwapadmin: sorry man, I cant understand a thing you are sayin12:32
* YokoZar wishes there were a "notify" terminal command so he could say: "compile && notify" and then get a message when it's done so I don't have to keep glancing back at a terminal...12:33
YokoZarwapadmin: there that sounds better ;)12:33
wapadminThe truth?12:34
elafroshinobiwapadmin: now you are back on12:34
elafroshinobiwhat truth?12:35
wapadminthere that sounds better12:35
jpdsYokoZar: Use Terminator with split terminals?12:35
elafroshinobiI think he meant he can now read your chat12:35
elafroshinobihow did you fix it?12:36
YokoZarjpds: strangely enough, I'm doing work not on a terminal ;)12:36
dokoScottK: python2.6 is in the archive for ia6412:39
geserYokoZar: sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin && notify-send "Installation done."12:39
YokoZargeser: ah hah, it really is that easy, thanks12:40
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ScottKdoko: I saw that.  I'll try to get to defaults today.  Also I'll drop the priority on the gcc-4.4 bug.  It's a lot less important now that there's a work around.16:59
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daveyjanyone here use glade for gtk application design?20:08
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ebroderI'm sort of confused by bug #538912. Why does xlinks have a higher priority than firefox for x-www-browser? This seems too...obvious for there to not be something more sinister going on20:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538912 in links2 (Ubuntu) "xlinks shouldn't replace Firefox as /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53891220:44
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