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erUSULbazhang: ping?15:25
Jakergjvjubnt vyt gkbp15:27
Jakerпомогите мне плиз15:27
bazhangerUSUL, thanks!15:29
erUSULno problem15:29
bazhangJaker, hi15:29
JakerHi, i am  the Russian15:30
bazhangJaker, support in #ubuntu-ru15:30
Jakerim problems15:30
bazhangJaker, you are in there already15:30
erUSULbazhang: said it can't send to channel. maybe has a ban15:30
Jaker#ubuntu-ru disconect error15:30
Jaker#ubuntu-ru :Cannot send to channel15:31
bazhangnope you are not quieted there15:32
IdleOneprobably wasn't identified to services17:13
rwwhe wasn't. format_identify.pl, as usual, is wonderfully useful at making that obvious ;P18:21
IdleOnerww: I just us /msg nickserv info  nick aliased to //info19:37
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