zkriessehello nisshh02:22
nisshhzkriesse: hey02:23
zkriessenisshh: and how are you this fine day/afternoon/evening02:24
nisshhzkriesse: really good actually, im planning on playing some urban terror then im going out and then ill be writing some code02:24
nisshhzkriesse: how about you?02:25
zkriesseeh editing some manual stuff, trying to move my knee as little as possible02:25
zkriesseI'm Zach btw...new 'round the manual team02:25
nisshhzkriesse: right, didnt think id seen you in here before02:26
zkriessejust popped in the other night02:26
nisshhzkriesse: im Ryan, iv been working on the manual since the start02:26
zkriesseWell nice to meet ya's02:26
nisshhyou too02:26
zkriesseFortunately I know a few of ya's on the project02:27
zkriessecjohnston: for one02:27
zkriesseand pleia202:28
zkriesseI work with her on the Learning/Classroom stuff02:28
nisshhoh cool02:29
zkriesseI think so anyway02:29
nisshhits like 3 teams in one now, huh?02:29
zkriesseLeast she asked me to do a User Day course so....02:29
zkriesseSad part is I had the outline for my "speech" all written up, switched back to my 'buntu after a windows period and forgot to save the darn file02:30
zkriesseso now i gotta start over02:30
nisshhzkriesse: oh, that happens i guess, i dont even use windows anymore02:31
nisshhnever needed it02:31
zkriesseI was for a while02:31
nisshhzkriesse: yea, doing stuff like that was what taught me the importance of backups02:32
zkriessevish: ya round?02:40
zkriessenisshh: how bout u02:41
nisshhzkriesse: whats that?02:46
nisshhsorry i was busy02:46
zkriessenisshh: ok fixing a manual bug02:47
zkriesseI'm using Bazaar Explorer02:47
zkriesseTo commit the bug fix what do i put in the "Bug" field02:47
nisshhzkriesse: oh, i have no idea, iv never used BE02:48
zkriesseok what about the terminal02:48
nisshhzkriesse: oh thats easy02:48
zkriesseI'm typing in bzr commit but now i don't know what to type02:48
nisshhzkriesse: bzr commit -m "Fixed bug LP:<bug number from launchpad goes here>02:49
nisshhzkriesse: bzr commit -m "Fixed bug LP:<bug number from launchpad goes here>"02:49
brandonjalso you can add the --fixes option02:49
zkriesselemme try that02:49
nisshhbrandonj: good point02:49
brandonjbzr commit --fixes=lp:<bug #> -m "Fixed bug lp:<bug #>"02:49
nisshhyea thats it02:50
zkriessebzr commit --fixes=lp:<bug #596853> -m "Fixed bug lp:<bug "596853>" that look right?02:51
brandonjno no02:51
brandonjno <'s or >'s02:51
brandonjand don't put02:52
brandonjbug #59685302:52
brandonjjust do02:52
brandonjbzr commit --fixes=lp:596853 -m "Fixed bug lp:596853"02:52
brandonjsorry for the confusion02:52
zkriesseOk i did that...now how will i know it's fixed?02:55
brandonjdid you push it?02:55
brandonjit should show up here: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e202:56
brandonjare you sure you did `bzr push`?02:56
zkriesseI think so02:57
zkriessenope i did the commit part02:57
zkriessenow i need to do bzr push02:57
brandonjso after you commit you need to push02:57
zkriesseUsing saved push location: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/02:58
zkriessebzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()02:58
zkriessefixed it02:58
zkriessei think02:58
brandonjwhat was the issue?02:58
brandonjit seems to be working, the page says 'updating branch' now02:59
zkriesse6. Finally, run:02:59
zkriesse   bzr push02:59
zkriesse   If you've never pushed code to this branch before, bzr will02:59
zkriessecomplain.  You can run:02:59
zkriesse   bzr push lp:ubuntu-manual/lucid-e202:59
zkriesse   to satisfy it.  From that point on, bzr will remember the location02:59
zkriesseand you should be able to simply run 'bzr push'.02:59
zkriessethat bzr manual on lists.lp02:59
zkriessegodbyk: sent that to me02:59
brandonjyou've got revisions 115 & 11603:00
brandonjoh I see.  You did a commit earlier today, but didn't push it afterwords03:00
zkriesseI thought i did03:00
zkriessestill learning03:00
brandonjno big deal03:00
zkriesseso now i can change the bug status of the one i fixed03:01
brandonjto "fix commited"03:01
brandonjnot "fix released"03:01
zkriessei guess i'll just skip using that Bazaar explorer and just use the terminal03:03
zkriesseTerminal is better anyway is it not03:03
brandonjI haven't used a gui for it, so I can't really say03:04
brandonjbut the cli gets the job done03:04
zkriessewell i need to take a shower..when i come back i'll have some more questions if that's ok?03:04
zkriessethanks dude03:05
brandonjno problem03:06
zkriessebrandonj: ping04:25
brandonjzkriesse: pong04:27
zkriessebrandonj: when i try to unlock my ubuntu-manual to update i get "The lock for '/home/zach/Projects/ubuntu-manual' is in use and cannot be broken"04:28
zkriesseAny idea on how to fix that?04:28
brandonjI've never encountered that problem04:29
brandonjmaybe it has something to do with the gui you're using?04:29
zkriesseeh not using it now04:30
zkriesseusing terminal04:30
brandonjwhat command did you use that produced that error?04:30
zkriessewasn't a terminal command at first04:31
zkriessein the ubuntu-manual folder i choose to update and it caved04:31
zkriessebut i think that update button is there cause of the GUi04:31
zkriesseso i think i'm gonna uninstall that04:31
brandonj'bzr pull'?04:31
zkriessebzr pull produces no issues04:35
zkriessei think it's the GUI causing issues04:35
zkriesseI'll just use the terminal04:36
brandonjI once tried a similar gui for svn and it just caused me problems04:36
zkriesseAny commands that you can give me?04:36
brandonjwell basically the only commands you really need are pull, commit, and push04:36
zkriessepull does what04:36
brandonjyou can always type 'man bzr' to read the man page04:36
brandonjbzr pull downloads newer revisions from launchpad04:37
zkriessehow do i edit pages and such via the terminal?04:37
brandonjyou don't have to do that in the terminal if you don't want to04:37
zkriesseWell how do i edit a page04:38
brandonjjust open them in gedit or whatever04:38
zkriesseAre the pages in the different folders in /Projects/ubuntu-manual?04:38
brandonjevery chapter has a folder04:39
brandonjso you can see there are folders for "installation" "commandline" "around-desktop" etc04:39
brandonjeach of those corresponds to a chapter04:39
brandonjeach folder has one or more .tex files that contain the actual text04:40
brandonjyou're familiar with latex?04:40
zkriesseah no04:40
brandonjso if you open up one of the tex files you'll see they're all writen in latex04:41
zkriessethat's the format04:41
zkriesseI wondered about that04:41
brandonjlatex is what generates nice pdfs04:41
brandonjso there is a style guide somewhere that will give you a quick intro to what you need to know about that04:41
brandonjlet me find it04:41
* zkriesse waits04:42
brandonjso theres some basic latex stuff there04:43
brandonjoh ignore that style guide04:44
brandonjthis is the better one04:44
zkriesseyup  got that already04:45
brandonjso theres basic latex stuff in there04:45
zkriesseok cool04:45
brandonjyou should be able to build the manual by typing 'make ubuntu-manual-en_US.pdf'04:46
brandonjits usually a good idea to test that it still works after you make changes04:46
zkriesseI keep seeing alot of LaTeX Marginpar error on page ""04:47
zkriesseis that bad?04:47
brandonjthere will be lots of warnings04:47
brandonjdid you install the latest version of latex like is says on the website?04:47
zkriesseyou mean the one to compile from source? yes04:49
brandonjok.  did your pdf build correctly?04:50
brandonjdid it say "Success! Wrote 165 pages"?04:50
zkriesseoh yeah04:51
brandonjok, good04:51
zkriessesorry for being such a noob at this04:51
brandonjnot a problem04:51
zkriesseAll I really edit is wiki stuff04:51
brandonjoh look at that04:53
brandonjthere is a readme.txt file that has some useful info in there04:53
zkriessepardon me for just a few, i've got to go ask my team if theyve been doing anything for the SoD project lately04:54
zkriessewas going to change that Mac OS X issue05:02
zkriesseI think it should be caps05:02
brandonjhm i dont know much about that05:03
zkriesseI think godbyk is working on it anyway05:03
zkriessewhat do you think about that one05:18
brandonjif you'd like to start working on it go ahead05:19
brandonjI think the idea for the maverick release is to be more noob friendly05:20
zkriessewhich is good05:20
brandonjilya haykinson is the author coordinator, so you might give him a heads-up too05:20
zkriesseany way that you know of that i can contact by?05:21
brandonjon here05:21
brandonjor email05:21
JamesMRpost on the book stats05:53
JamesMRby humphreybc05:54
humphreybcOriginal stats gathered and summarized by godbyk :)05:54
JamesMROmgBot announces when new posts are made on the OMG!05:55
brandonjit would be silly of him not to05:55
humphreybcpossibly the most useful thing OmgBot does, apart from the ability to give people a beer05:55
brandonjif only they were real05:56
JamesMRthere is another one that he does which I forget05:56
JamesMRI should know, I wrote it05:56
JamesMRthat's the one05:58
abhi_navis kevin godby here?06:50
nisshhooh: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/pytask-task-manager-is-simple.html thats my app08:08
nisshhhumphreybc: that was a touching comment on omgubuntu, thanks for that!08:20
c7pHello, do anyone have the pictures of the upcoming personas stuff that humphreybc showed us a month ago ?11:05
nisshhc7p: personas?11:24
nisshhc7p: i have no idea what you mean11:24
nisshhsomeone else might know11:25
c7pnisshh: I'm not sure if that's the word (i.e persona) that he mentioned, "personas" (or whatever he called it) are some quickstart guides for different imaginary characters e.g Student, Entrepreneur, teenager etc11:28
c7pnevermind :)11:31
c7pcu later11:32
dutchiehttp://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2010/06/26/s03e10-the-fresh-air-cure/ # featuring our very own humphreybc12:40
thorwildutchie: does he say anything new or outrageous in there? :)12:47
dutchienot really12:53
=== ZachK_ is now known as zkriesse
humphreybcgodbyk: ping15:13
dutchiehumphreybc: he's probably still on the train15:22
dutchiewhy am i in a permanent state of having no battery? :(15:23
humphreybcwhere's godbyk off to/15:23
dutchiewonder what i should do about the buttons for my dad's new 10.40 install15:23
dutchiehumphreybc: TeX conference in SF15:24
humphreybcahh, yes, he's super excited about that15:26
humphreybcread the comment about the german translation: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/some-fun-stats-from-ubuntu-manual.html15:26
humphreybcWe need to get translated editions out ASAP15:26
godbyk-androidI have AC power on the train, but no Internet.17:34
godbyk-androidSitting at the Denver station right now.17:35
ubuntujenkinshey godbyk-android17:38
godbyk-androidHey, ubuntujenkins.17:38
dutchie15:13:56 < humphreybc> godbyk: ping17:39
dutchiedunno what he wanted17:39
dutchiei suspect:17:39
dutchie15:26:42 < humphreybc> We need to get translated editions out ASAP17:40
godbyk-androidI don't think my net connection (via my phone) will last for too long once we leave Denver.17:40
godbyk-androidAh, so nothing new. :-)17:40
dutchieX appears to have heplfully crashed 79% through the install of 10.04 onto my dad's computer17:40
godbyk-androidI might try to work on some of the latex coding things for the translations while I'm on the train. We'll see how it goes.17:41
dutchiesomeone was complaining about RTL support in an OMG Ubuntu comment17:43
godbyk-androidYeah, I haven't designed the rtl version of the manual yet.17:44
godbyk-androidIt's a lower priority given the state I'd those translations, I think.17:45
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-android: I worked out that we are using differnet drivers to build some parts of the manual. One of them being that h* word17:45
zkriessehey gents19:35
ubuntujenkinshello zkriesse19:38
zkriesseah hi ubuntujenkins19:38
ubuntujenkinsquite in here19:40
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: is there a meeting tonight?19:43
zkriesseubuntujenkins: there was a meeting the other day19:43
zkriessedon't know if that's the one you're thinking of19:43
zkriesseI'm thinking of the docs meeting19:43
ubuntujenkinsno worries19:43
ubuntujenkinspleia2: are we having the docs/manual/learning meeting soon?19:45
zkriesseah vish ya round?19:59
zkriessegodbyk: how bout u19:59
ubuntujenkinszkriesse: godbyk is on a train as far as i know19:59
zkriesseubuntujenkins: Well I'm Zach..just started out wit you guys19:59
dutchieubuntujenkins: no idea20:00
ubuntujenkinshello Zach Kriesse right?20:00
ubuntujenkinswhat would you like help with?20:00
ubuntujenkinsif anything :)20:00
zkriesseWell the https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/+bug/55642520:00
zkriesseI'm trying to figure out how much info do we want on the actual kernel itself20:00
zkriessetoo much can overwhelm the person(s) reading it...and from what godbyk told me it's going to start getting aimed at the much newer noob user20:01
ubuntujenkinswell personally i would say very little the manual is for people who are moving over from windows /getting started.( what godbyk said)20:02
ubuntujenkinssomething like...20:02
zkriesseand describing a kernel is going to be like, an overload of huge proportions20:02
brandonjcome up with simple analogy & stick with that20:03
zkriesseah hey brandonj20:03
ubuntujenkinshello brandonj20:03
zkriesseI found that....think you could pull the good info and i'll paste it in there?20:04
zkriesseI'm not too familiar with the kernel myself20:04
zkriesseI know WHAT it is but not a whole lot20:04
brandonjthe reader doesn't need to know a whole lot, or even a little lot20:05
ubuntujenkinshmm best to write it yourself. i think about three lines is all we need if anything20:05
thorwildo our readers need to know anything about the kernel, actually?20:05
ubuntujenkinsthats what i am thinking20:05
zkriesseLet me think of what I'd write then I'll paste it here for review before i commit it20:05
ubuntujenkinsthey just need ubuntu to work20:05
ubuntujenkins8thinking/leaning towards20:06
brandonjI think they should be aware of its presence, so if somebody else mentions it they aren't completely confused20:06
zkriesseUsing Ubuntu itself is going to be a lot itself so a little will still be quite a bit20:06
ubuntujenkinszkriesse: we write in us english which has confused me as i am in the uk20:07
ubuntujenkinsjust in case no one had said :)20:07
zkriesseubuntujenkins: ah20:07
ubuntujenkinsI can't write anything that makes sense20:09
ubuntujenkinsall my stuff would just confuse people more than not telling them about it20:11
brandonjis UK english more confusing than US english?20:12
ubuntujenkinsthey are very similar but some spelling is different, which is harder to rember20:13
ubuntujenkins*remember if you forget spelling easily like me.20:13
brandonjyeah but that wouldn't confuse and reasonable person20:13
ubuntujenkinsof course not but we try and make it all the same and then we translate to english uk20:14
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: how is the english uk manual going?20:15
brandonjbuilds.u-m.org says 100%20:15
ubuntujenkinsyea but then there is lots of extra tweaks and adjustments to get the layout spot on20:16
ubuntujenkinswe like it looking smart and neat20:16
ubuntujenkinslike margin note in the correct place they can some times be slightly out of place. also we don't want them over two pages also there is a whole list of other things20:17
ubuntujenkinsthats the list of stuff20:19
ubuntujenkinsplus check fonts, and i have to sort the index rules if it is not supported by xindy20:19
pleia2ubuntujenkins: let me touch base with doctormo and get back to you re: meeting... hopefully I'll plan it on a day which isn't a holiday this time :)20:49
zkriessehey pleia220:49
pleia2ubuntujenkins: sounds like none of the teams have settled on document format, I've been working with docbook some though20:50
pleia2morning zkriesse20:53
zkriessebrandonj: hey21:43
zkriessetrying to convert a .tex file to .pdf21:43
zkriessemy own file of course21:43
brandonjread 'man pdflatex'21:45
dutchiezkriesse: does "pdflatex <file>.tex" not work?21:45
zkriessedutchie: no21:45
zkriesseit says it can't find the file21:46
zkriesseI cd'd to my desktop where the file is21:46
zkriessewait hold on21:46
zkriesseone sec21:46
ubuntujenkinshello again all21:47
zkriesseThis is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-1.40.10 (TeX Live 2009)21:47
zkriesseentering extended mode21:47
zkriesseLaTeX2e <2009/09/24>21:47
zkriesseBabel <v3.8l> and hyphenation patterns for english, usenglishmax, dumylang, noh21:47
zkriesseyphenation, german-x-2009-06-19, ngerman-x-2009-06-19, ancientgreek, ibycus, ar21:47
zkriesseabic, basque, bulgarian, catalan, pinyin, coptic, croatian, czech, danish, dutc21:47
zkriesseh, esperanto, estonian, farsi, finnish, french, galician, german, ngerman, mono21:47
zkriessegreek, greek, hungarian, icelandic, assamese, bengali, gujarati, hindi, kannada21:47
zkriesse, malayalam, marathi, oriya, panjabi, tamil, telugu, indonesian, interlingua, i21:48
zkriesserish, italian, kurmanji, latin, latvian, lithuanian, mongolian, mongolianlmc, b21:48
zkriesseokmal, nynorsk, polish, portuguese, romanian, russian, sanskrit, serbian, slova21:48
zkriessek, slovenian, spanish, swedish, turkish, turkmen, ukenglish, ukrainian, upperso21:48
zkriesserbian, welsh, loaded.21:48
zkriesse! Undefined control sequence.21:48
zkriessel.3 \chapter21:48
zkriesse            {Wiki Editing}21:48
zkriesseok what do i do?21:48
brandonjrather than pasting that in here can you use a pastebin?21:48
zkriesseoops sorry21:48
brandonjheh its ok21:48
zkriesseas many times as i've told people to use pastebin i should know better21:49
brandonjcan you post your .tex file as well?21:49
zkriesseyou mean the one i wish to convert?21:49
dutchiei bet you need to \documentclass{book}21:50
brandonjthat could be it21:50
brandonjyes, add \documentclass{book}21:52
dutchiezkriesse: you need a load of stuff around that21:52
zkriesseok what21:52
dutchie\begin{document} wouldn't go amiss21:52
dutchiehang on21:52
zkriesseUgh...hate being a noob21:52
dutchiehttp://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Absolute_Beginners#The_LaTeX_source for a minimal LaTeX document21:53
dutchiethat wikibook is rather good iirc21:53
zkriesseok so what do i do21:54
zkriesseI'm more than new to this so...21:54
zkriesseah wait21:54
zkriessehold on lemme look21:54
dutchiezkriesse: you want something like http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/455628/21:56
zkriesseit still didn't work21:57
dutchiewhat was the error now?21:58
zkriesseone sec21:58
brandonj\gls isn't defined I don't think21:59
brandonjso that should give you an error22:00
brandonjdid it work?22:04
brandonjit says Output written on WikiGuidelines.pdf22:05
zkriesseyeah but the pages are all messed up22:05
dutchietry running it a few times22:05
dutchiethat sometimes sorts it out22:05
zkriesseit's all messed up22:06
zkriesseblank pages and such22:07
brandonjthose are meant to be there I think22:07
brandonjfrom the book class22:07
zkriesseI really didn't want a book22:08
zkriessejust a page22:08
brandonjtry \documentclass{article} instead22:09
zkriessei did and it said it's missing a slash22:09
brandonjremove the table of contents22:11
brandonjand change \chapter to \section22:11
brandonj\chapter doesnt exist in the article class22:11
brandonjyou can change the other sections to \subsection22:12
brandonjand \subsubsection as appropriate22:12
zkriesseok now it's getting there22:14
zkriessehow do i add a text link?22:15
zkriesseor is that not possible22:15
dutchiea text link to what?22:15
brandonjif you put \usepackage{hyperref} in the preamble (the part before \begin{document}) you can use \url{url}22:16
brandonjor you can do \href{url}{text}22:17
zkriesseok think i got it22:19
zkriesseI want to push it up to my project on lp22:20
zkriesseoh it put WikiGuidelines.toc on my desktop.22:20
zkriessecan i delete that stuff?22:21
zkriesseok pushing it up to lp22:21
brandonji don't know a whole lot about launchpad22:22
brandonjdo you already have a branch you're using?22:22
zkriesseTHink i got it22:23
brandonji think you can just do bzr add file.tex22:24
zkriessemany thanks getns22:25
brandonjI'm off to study for the gre22:31
godbyk-androidPassing through Glenwood Springs, Colorado, now.23:51
godbyk-androidWill see how long the cell phone reception lasts.23:52
zkriessegodbyk-android: cool23:53
godbyk-androidSome mother keeps screaming at her baby to stop crying; the baby's paying no mind.23:55
godbyk-android(Not entirely sure how she expected that to work.)23:55

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