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lamotheHi, I am the maintainer of me-tv in Debian but my sponsor hasn't responded in a week. The version of Me TV in sid/maverick currently has some significant issues and I would like to update it to a known stable version.  Is the revu process the correct one to use?09:41
ari-tczewcan I run testbuild by pbuilder for 64bit architecture on maverick 386?11:31
ari-tczewfabrice_sp: ping11:32
geserari-tczew: no, as you can't run 64bit apps (even in pbuilder or any chroot) with a 32bit kernel11:35
ari-tczewfabrice_sp: do you test build on bug 598684 on 64bit? on my 386 built fine. going to attach a buildlog11:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598684 in libdecodeqr (Ubuntu) "Sync libdecodeqr 0.9.3-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59868411:37
VK7HSEHi I've been requested to upload me-tv-1.2.6 to REVU as the Debian maintainer has been too busy to update this package within Debian it's self. This version addresses some critical issues that are in the current version that has been synced from Debian. Please see Bug #598782 for details ...11:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598782 in Me TV "Please review me-tv_1.2.6 for inclusion into Maverick" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59878211:48
dupondjeari-tczew: tried to build it, it fails11:55
ari-tczewdupondje: could you attach a buildlog on pastebin ubuntu?11:56
VK7HSEHmm... getting this error when attempting to login to REVU ...  http://pastebin.com/Amr74ZTP  any ideas ?11:59
dupondjeari-tczew: http://paste.ubuntu.com/455414/12:02
ari-tczewdupondje: full buildlog!12:02
aretrfre34how to cross compile, normal auto package12:05
BlackZaretrfre34: the best way would be forward it to debian12:06
aretrfre34ok, how do i do it?12:06
BlackZif the maintainer can't, just do a Non-maintainer upload on mentors.debian.net -- I think somebody will review your package, or ask the maintainer directly12:06
BlackZaretrfre34: http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/welcome12:07
BlackZalso, the sponsorship for packages on REVU is a separate process, marking the bug as "Invalid"12:08
BlackZor if you want to "keep" the bug I think unsubscribing the MOTU and the REVU team would be the solution12:09
BlackZand you should file the bug under the me-tv package in ubuntu, not upstream12:10
aretrfre34thanks, for info BlackZ12:11
aretrfre34BlackZ: is it right if add this to my sources list deb http://www.packages.debian.org lenny12:16
aretrfre34i mean which debian packages repository to add, stable one12:17
BlackZaretrfre34: no, the right one is deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian/ lenny main contrib non-free -- but why do you want to add it?12:17
aretrfre34I'm going to add to my nokia12:19
aretrfre34BlackZ: couldn't update nokia, they changed wifi pass12:33
ari-tczewdupondje: still waiting12:34
dupondjesudo pbuilder --build libdecodeqr_0.9.3-3.dsc --logfile buildlog.txt12:35
dupondjebut no buidllog :(12:35
geserdupondje: sudo pbuilder build --logfile buildlog.txt libdecodeqr_0.9.3-3.dsc12:35
dupondjebleh ok :)12:36
geserthe options are to be placed between (--)build and the .dsc file12:36
ari-tczewdupondje: lucid/maverick?12:38
ari-tczewdupondje: and?12:50
ari-tczewdupondje: 64bit?12:56
ari-tczewdupondje: could you graciously answer in normal type and highlight me in future?12:57
geserdupondje: grab the config.log from within the pbuilder and check what exactly makes that check fail12:58
ari-tczewdupondje: could you also check build current existing package?13:01
dupondjeari-tczew: the current fails with same error13:07
ari-tczewdupondje: strange, launchpad built package fine. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libdecodeqr/0.9.3-2ubuntu113:11
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dupondjeari-tczew: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opencv => check last changelog :) Change install path of python-opencv. (Closes: #565121)13:14
dupondjethe official build: Unpacking libcv4 (from .../libcv4_2.0.0-2ubuntu1_amd64.deb13:14
dupondjejust doesn't build with current version of opencv13:14
ari-tczewhm, we can upload a patch to fix it on opencv, or don't sync libdecodegr and don't touch opencv13:20
dupondjeari-tczew: or patch libdecodegr ?13:36
ari-tczewdupondje: don't have an idea for patch libdecodegr. 386 built fine.13:39
ari-tczewcan I find a changes in Debian e.g. between -3 and -4 revision?13:40
dupondjeari-tczew: apt-file show libhighgui-dev13:49
dupondjecan you do it ?13:49
ari-tczewdupondje: and?13:50
dupondjegimme output :)13:50
ari-tczewdupondje: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/4iSNvwxL13:53
dupondjeari-tczew: please install it and run it :) should give the files in the package then13:53
ari-tczewdupondje: yea and what's next?13:57
dupondjewhat files you see ?14:00
ari-tczewdupondje: please don't waste our time. say directly what you're going to14:02
dupondjeI don't have the la file14:02
dupondjeari-tczew: and I bet its in the 32bit one ...14:04
ari-tczewdupondje: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/8DEW1dMW14:13
dupondjethats weird, and you can build it without issues ? :s14:14
frankoHi all14:14
ari-tczewdupondje: yea, 386 fine14:14
ari-tczewhi franko14:15
frankoI've a small question for the smart guys here...14:15
ari-tczewfranko: just ask14:16
frankoI'm author of a software and I was looking the HowTo page to create an ubuntu package...14:16
frankoI can't understand how it can be so complicated to create an ubuntu package!!!14:17
frankoI wondering if I'm not going to give up, it seems that you need to invest a lot of time.14:17
frankoI'm actually able to create debian packages but with ubuntu seems so much more complicated...14:18
franko... but my question is: I need to adopt autoconf in my project to build a proper Ubuntu package ?14:19
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frankonobody knows about autoconf ?14:22
dutchiefranko: no, you don't need autoconf, just a way to build your project. Hand-crafted Makefiles are fine, if that's all you need14:23
frankodutchie: I was reading about CDBS and it seems that you need autoconf...14:24
dutchiei think CDBS is deprecated in favour of debhelper 714:24
ari-tczewsome packages has got 99_autoconf.patch14:25
ari-tczewdupondje: please see debian/rules in package libdecodeqr at line 3014:26
frankothere isn't any simple up-to-date howto page to build ubuntu packages ?14:26
dutchiefranko: i think you're better off doing a package in debian and allowing it to filter down from there14:26
dupondjeari-tczew: thats the OpenCV version it needs or ?14:27
ari-tczewdupondje: I think so14:27
ari-tczewdupondje: debian/rules require 2.0.5, but in repository 2.0.0 exist14:28
ari-tczewdupondje: did you check what geser want to show?14:28
frankodutchie: I see... the problem is that I was dreaming of a proper beautiful ubuntu package for my project :-)14:28
dupondjeneed to find out how to pull out the config, but first I gtg and do some work14:28
dutchiefranko: a proper beautiful Debian package is better than just an ubuntu package14:29
dutchiefranko: it will end up in lots more distros without any extra work14:29
frankodutchie: I see... I guess you're correct14:32
coolbhavihi which is the server used in reportbug.conf to report bugs to debian?14:42
coolbhavivia submittodebian?14:43
frankoone last question: is there any chance that someone adopt my project to make an ubuntu package ?14:50
dutchiefranko: try submitting a needs-packaging bug in launchpad or one agaist wnpp on bugs.debian.org14:54
coolbhavireportbug.debian.org temporarily greylisted any other servers to be used? please help15:12
ari-tczewcoolbhavi: what's the problem? do you want to send bug to Debian?15:13
coolbhaviyep ari-tczew15:13
ari-tczewcoolbhavi: I use a mail to create a bug15:14
ari-tczewcoolbhavi: submit@bugs.debian.org15:15
coolbhaviyep ari-tczew but i want to know if there are any alternative servers15:16
shadeslayeroh wow... http://pastebin.com/9JNsqVcN15:33
shadeslayercan someone have a look at that issue? (package is in main)15:34
jpdsYou might get better speeds from a US mirror, like mirror.anl.gov.15:36
shadeslayerjpds: oh its not that i didnt have a good download speed... i was downloading something else too15:40
jpdsJust a suggestion.15:41
* jpds doesn't really understand why people use the master archive machines.15:41
shadeslayerjpds: :)15:41
shadeslayerjpds: im in india..so the US archives are too far.. also notice which version im using15:42
jpdsOh, in.archive is based in India.15:42
shadeslayerthe indian servers lag behind by about a day to sometimes a week15:42
shadeslayerand then sometimes the MD5sum is  bad15:43
jpdsLovely... :(15:43
ari-tczewlool: ping16:33
* tumbleweed wants a second opinion: Is it ok to merge xsane-doc back into xsane-common now that it's in Universe? I assume the split was made for CD-space reasons16:44
Laneydoes -doc depends on -common? and is that what Debian has?16:45
tumbleweed-doc doesn't have any relations to other packages, but it does put it's files in /usr/share/xsane-common/html/16:47
tumbleweedyes, debian only has -common, we made the split to -common (locales) + -doc (HTML docs) in gutsy16:47
Laneyyou need to make the upgrade path work out16:47
tumbleweedyes :)16:48
highvoltagehey tumbleweed nice to see you here :)16:49
tumbleweedBlackZ: Laney seems to agree: ^16:49
tumbleweedhighvoltage: ugh, it's a time-sink of note16:49
Laneyalternatively you could see if Debian will take the split16:50
tumbleweedLaney: yeah, maybe that's the best thing, forward it and ask them what tehy want to do16:52
Laneycheck the existing bugs and see if someone already did it16:53
tumbleweedwhoops *slap*16:54
ari-tczewsyncpackage script oficially released in ubuntu-dev-tools \o/17:33
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=== ScottK changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: Maverick DIF is complete - Time to whip the archive into shape! | Want to get involved with the MOTU? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Sponsor queue: http://is.gd/2y76G | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs | http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ | latest rebuild failures: http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_ftbfs.cgi
ScottKFYI, the latest rebuild test is post DIF, so that's all ours to fix.18:00
ScottKlucas: Thanks for the rebuild test.18:00
loolari-tczew: pong18:07
ari-tczewlool: did you see an e-mail from libsmbios maintainer?18:10
ari-tczewLaney: have time for sponsoring?18:28
loolari-tczew: I'm still walking through my email slowly -- came back from a week of leave19:04
loolari-tczew: If everything is in email, I should get back to you / the author RSN19:04
ari-tczewlool: what is RSN?19:04
dutchieari-tczew: Real Soon Now19:05
ari-tczewah, thanks dutchie19:05
lool(yep - thanks)19:05
ari-tczewlool: so in this place I can say you, that maintainer of libsmbios gives you a free hand to fix package (new upstream take from Ubuntu as well)19:06
shadeslayeranyone know what the channel for cleansweep is?19:09
Laneyari-tczew: if it's so urgent that it can't go through the queue, sure19:13
loolari-tczew: Read the email now19:14
ari-tczewLaney: this is no urgent question, just want to see sponsorship by you :>19:15
ari-tczewlool: Inbox is clean. :>19:16
loolari-tczew: Not sure what you mean; inbox is far from being clean here still  :-)19:20
loolari-tczew: So I'm happy to discuss specifics for the future of libsmbios19:20
loolari-tczew: Do you have some plan already, or would you like me to offer one?19:21
loolI have no strong personal interest in libsmbios; I picked up uploads in Debian at some point because there were some serious issues to address and the maintainer was looking for sponsorship (the package was needed for important hardware, but none of mine)19:21
ari-tczewlool: my plan is following: I've packed new upstream release and package is waiting for sponsorship19:25
ari-tczewLaney: note: I asked you for sponsorship just _for me_, not in general19:25
loolari-tczew: Do you want to host it under some Vcs?19:25
loolari-tczew: I would personally suggest that if you do, you put it under collab-maint in some way19:26
ari-tczewlool: at this moment not planned. never uploaded to Vcs19:26
loolari-tczew: That's ok; the advantage of the Vcs is to keep fine-grained history of smaller changes than full uploads; notably packaging changes19:26
loolari-tczew: Do you want me to sponsor it?19:27
ari-tczewlool: it would be nice, because you are a co-maintainer for libsmbios, glad if you'll sponsor my patch propose19:32
ari-tczewlool: and about Inbox: I use Evolution and Inbox is field for incoming messages19:33
loolari-tczew: Ok; I'll write a review of the debdiff over email19:40
ari-tczewlool: it's in bzr branch19:41
loolari-tczew: Sorry, which one?19:43
ari-tczewlool: https://code.launchpad.net/~ari-tczew/ubuntu/maverick/libsmbios/lp-591017/+merge/2699219:45
ari-tczewbdrung: any ideas for fix bug 598684 ?20:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598684 in libdecodeqr (Ubuntu) "Sync libdecodeqr 0.9.3-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59868420:23
bdrungfabrice_sp: ^ do you tried to build it on i386 or amd64?20:27
bdrungari-tczew: can you update maverick and build it again?20:28
ari-tczewbdrung: dpkg-genchanges  >../libdecodeqr_0.9.3-3_i386.changes20:33
ari-tczewbuilt fine20:33
ari-tczewbdrung: have you tried use sbuild?20:34
bdrungari-tczew: i used pbuilder20:34
ari-tczewbdrung: did you use sbuild ever?20:35
ari-tczewI ask because it's possible that sbuild will build fine20:35
bdrungari-tczew: really?20:36
ari-tczewbdrung: really20:36
bdrungfabrice_sp: ^ did you use pbuilder or sbuild?20:36
ari-tczewI can dig a discuss with kees, mdeslaur and ScottK20:36
ari-tczewlog of discuss of course20:37
ari-tczewbdrung: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/UJRcK2M420:39
ScottKa|wen: Thanks for taking care of boost1.40.20:48
a|wenScottK: no problem ... i've been fixing up boost before, so why not do the merge as well20:51

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