kcInfl8ableSoulm8: pastebin the output of "dmesg | grep saa7164"  I have a feeling you don't have the firmware image00:59
Infl8ableSoulm8I would paste it, but it's empty01:13
Infl8ableSoulm8let me pastebin you something different to lok at though...01:13
kcErmm, I was it with the 225001:16
Infl8ableSoulm8results of "dmesg | grep cx23885"01:16
Infl8ableSoulm8if I set card=3 option in /etc/modprobe.d/cx23885.conf, it gives different errors.01:18
Infl8ableSoulm8btw, the card I'm using is a Hauppauge HVR-1250, according to the box.01:19
Infl8ableSoulm8according to lspci:  05:00.0 Multimedia video controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. Hauppauge Inc. HDPVR-1250 model 1196 (rev 04)01:19
kcTry setting card=2001:21
kcoptions cx23885 card=2001:21
kcInfl8ableSoulm8: If you didn't try that yet, let me know.  We can just unload then reload that module to test01:35
Infl8ableSoulm8that seems to have made it work :D01:36
Infl8ableSoulm8at least, I have a /dev/dvb01:37
kcAnd you should have a clean dmesg01:37
Infl8ableSoulm8sorry I didn't get back to you sooner... had to go pick up pizza order :/01:37
kcgrep for cx2388501:37
Infl8ableSoulm8I did01:37
Infl8ableSoulm8looks much nicer, now.01:37
Infl8ableSoulm8registered frontend, and all... etc01:37
kcYou should be good to go for mythtv-setup now :)01:38
Infl8ableSoulm8now I will eat the pizza, and get back to work with mythtv-backend-setup01:38
Infl8ableSoulm8or whatever the setup deal is.01:38
Infl8ableSoulm8thanks for the help.01:39
kcYou're welcome01:39
anvI have odd stripes in my tv (composite) output, monitor is fine (vga) card is radeon X550 with vga and composite plugs, I use free drivers10:53
anvanswer to my own question:  xrandr --output S-video --set tv_standard ntsc15:43
qwebirc55426I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to control the background art displayed for a folder in MythVideo.23:53
qwebirc55426It seems that it just picks the art for the first item alphabetically23:53
tgm4883qwebirc55426, IIRC, if you name an image folder.jpg it uses that23:58
qwebirc55426It does use that for the folder icon, but in some themes also show a background image while the item is highlighted23:59
qwebirc55426that's what I'd like to control23:59

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