dipankardfarning, around?02:36
dipankarlfaraone, around?02:36
dipankardfarning, ??02:52
dfarningdipankar, goodmorning03:13
dipankargoodmorning dfarning03:13
dipankarjust saw your email03:13
dipankarhappy that work has been divided03:14
dfarningDoes it make sense?03:14
dipankaryup sure. Actually Manu Sir explained me before hand on phone03:14
dfarningAh great.  I really didn't understand until I wrote it down.03:15
dfarningdipankar, whenever you are ready we can start poking at the mouse patch.03:16
dipankardfarning, we can start right now. I think we have an hour or so.03:17
dipankarbefore you and Luke go to sleep :)03:18
dfarninggreat are you familar with the patch system?03:18
dipankarno dfarning, I am not aware of that. Have documentation by Chirag, but not clear.03:19
dfarningdipankar, ok the standard way to share modification in linux is via 'patches'03:20
dfarningthe little piece of code that we solveing the mouse issue was called a patch. do you still have the link for it?03:20
dfarningdipankar,  can you review the explanation of patch at   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patch_(Unix)03:22
dipankardfarning, I lost the link. Let me check the logs03:25
dfarningok I found the patch example at http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1544#comment:1603:25
dfarningdipankar, found it ^^03:26
dipankardfarning, got it03:27
dipankaroops.. didn't see yours.. :)03:28
dipankarok dfarning, I went through the wiki page03:32
dfarningdoes it make a little sense?03:32
dipankarI guess I got the idea. Its similar to patches for computer games. They release patches to fix some bugs. [PS: I used to play __a lot__]03:33
dfarningif we look at the existing patch we see that the changed file is in /usr/bin/sugar-session03:34
dfarningso we need to get the source for that package03:34
dfarningwe can use the command apt-get -u source sugar-session-0.88 to get it03:35
dipankarone second David. I need to be on desktop03:35
dfarningdipankar, ok just ping me when you are ready03:35
dipankaractually USR installed on Desktop03:36
dipankarDavid.. how about icome in 5 minutes..03:36
dipankarddfarning, I am on my desktop :)03:44
dfarningok try download the source with the command given above.03:45
dipankardok.. dfarning let me first check the sugar-session file03:46
dipankarddfarning, something opened up, but nothing is coming onit03:47
dfarningdipankard, what do you mean?03:47
dipankarddfarning, Its like, when I did above $cd /usr/bin/03:48
dipankardthen $sugar-session03:49
dipankarda window opened up03:49
dipankardlike the sugar03:49
dipankardbut icons on it03:49
dfarningok you went to the /usr/bin dir and ran the command 'sugar-session'03:50
dfarningand the session failed to start?03:51
dipankardit started03:51
dipankardbut with no icons03:51
dipankardonly gray background03:51
dipankardAhh.. I see its the bug you told me03:51
dfarningahh. are you in a terminal in gnome?03:52
dipankarddfarning, I am not getting the directory you are mentioning03:53
dfarningok then that is the problem sugar-session will not run properly inside gnome.  Instead you have to sugar-emulator03:53
dfarningsugar-emulator is a thin 'wrapper' which set up the sugar session with the existing gnome session.03:54
dipankardok.. sugar-emulator is working great03:54
dfarningwhen you sellect the sugar 'session' from the log in screen it directly calls sugar-session03:56
dfarningok lets use an editor to look at the sugar-session file03:57
dipankardgot it03:57
dipankardopened it03:58
dfarningok now let's look at what changed in the patch03:59
dfarning    client.set_string('/apps/metacity/general/mouse_button_modifier',03:59
dfarning7-                      'disabled')03:59
dfarning8+                      '<Super>')03:59
dfarningthe - and + mean that the stuff on line 7 was replaced with the stuff on line 804:00
dfarningso now we need to go to the sugar-session file and look for that line04:00
dfarninghmmm looks similar to line 233.04:01
dfarningwhat in on line 232 and 233 in your file?04:01
dipankardI lost track dfarning, Let me rewind a bit. The first part line 7 and 8 are from patch file?04:02
dipankardmy bad.. I was looking at sugar-session file :(04:02
dfarninggot it now?04:03
dipankardyup. on both files04:03
dfarningwhat in on line 232 and 233 in your file?04:04
dipankardyes David. 232 and 23304:04
* lfaraone is back.04:04
dipankardhi lfaraone04:05
dfarningdoes line 233 contain 'disabled')04:05
dipankardyes David. 233 contains 'disabled'04:05
dfarninghey lfaraone glad you are back I was starting to explain patching a packaging by show what we are trying to change in the /usr/bin/sugar-session file.04:07
dfarningdipankard, the entire point of our patch is to change that line to '<Super>') :)04:07
dipankardok.. :) But why? I mean what does client.get_string() actually do?04:08
dfarninglfaraone, would you mind walking dipankard though the process of creating a package patch?04:09
dfarningdipankard I am not exactly sure, in this instance we are just using a existing patch written by alsroot to fix our package :)04:10
dipankardohk.. dfarning..04:10
dipankardI guess the file name in consideration is written on the top of the patch file04:11
dipankardfollowed by the line no. where the modification is to be done04:11
dipankardand finally what is the modification required.04:11
dfarningyes and the third line is the line number of the orginal changes04:12
lfaraonedipankard: yes. rather than being written by hand, it's generated programmatically.04:12
dfarninglfaraone, ok I'll shut up and listen:)04:12
dipankardok lfaraone, like we have dch for changelog entry04:12
lfaraonedipankard: yes. git has built-in support for patch generation.04:13
lfaraonedipankard: so you have the unpacked sources of the Debian package in your current directory, right?04:14
dipankardlfaraone, : I think no. which package shall I download?04:15
dipankardusing debcheckout?04:15
dfarninglfaraone, we were look at the file in /usr/bin (its final install detestation) rather than as part of a package04:15
lfaraonedipankard: sugar-0.88, I think.04:16
dipankardok lfaraone just a minute04:18
dipankardbtw lfaraone, how do you delete whole folder in Ubuntu?04:20
dipankardI always get a msg : 'Folder not empty' while doing 'shift + del'04:20
lfaraonedipankard: I have not seen that message.04:21
dipankardlfaraone, It will take sometime (slow internet speed here)04:22
dipankard^^ Package downloading04:23
lfaraonedipankard: okay, in the interim, I'll go into some explanation.04:25
dipankardsure lfaraone, that will be great04:25
lfaraonedipankard: there are a variety of ways to modify upstream sources in Debian packages. The most obvious is to change the file directly in the source package.04:26
lfaraonedipankard: This is seen as a poor practice by many because it both creates problems when rebasing on a new upstream version (you lose the changes) and makes it harder to inspect the chagnes made.04:26
lfaraonedipankard: therefore, a number of patch systems have been created.04:27
lfaraonedipankard:  a quick overview of them is at http://wiki.debian.org/debian/patches04:27
lfaraonedipankard: the one that people seem to be standardizing on now is "3.0 (quilt)"04:28
lfaraonedipankard: this uses a patch system called quilt that Debian's dpkg now supports natively. Therefore, it requires no additional dependencies during build.04:28
lfaraonedipankard: when you look at the page I linked, you see a column, "Accepts diff -u output"04:29
lfaraonedipankard: diff is the program typically invoked to create diffs. (and is used by git to create diffs). What does the '-u' option do?04:29
dipankardI think it is to decide the file type or something related to unicode04:31
dipankardI am unable to recall it 'unicode' or 'unified'.. something like that lfaraone04:32
lfaraonedipankard: well, according to the man page for diff(1), it outputs a "unified diff". This is what we're seeing in the patch that was linked.04:32
lfaraonedipankard: in the future, if you're unsure about a command option, running "man <Name of Command>" and looking through the resulting page is usually a good way to start.04:32
dipankardgot it lfaraone04:33
lfaraonedipankard: so according to the table, 3.0 (quilt), the patch system we're using in sugar-0.88, accepts that output without any modifications.04:33
dipankardlfaraone, a doubt here.. by 'accepts' what are you referring?04:34
dfarning:) lfaraone runs a tight ship when he is teaching. I wouldn't want to miss and assignments for him:)04:34
lfaraonedipankard: you can provide that as a patch to the application.04:35
lfaraonedipankard: We store patches for Debian packages in a folder debian/patches/04:36
lfaraonedipankard: so since we know that the patch that we're working with is accepted natively by 3.0 (quilt), we can just include the file in debian/patches/.04:37
lfaraonedipankard: so that quilt knows the order in which to apply patches, we also have to add the patch file name to debian/patches/series.04:37
dipankardgot it04:38
lfaraonedipankard: I'll be back in 15 minutes. Try and download the patch, add it to the series, and attempt a build of the pacakge. (hint: for the package build you'll need to use "git-buildpackage --git-ignore-new" to avoid git complaining about the lack of a commit)04:38
dipankardok lfaraone I will try04:39
dipankardfarning, I am setting up clocks to be in sync with you04:41
dipankarcan you please tell me your city04:42
dipankaralso time zone can be useful..04:42
dfarningI am in the same time zone as chicago -- Central Standard Time04:42
dfarningdipankar you can set the clock in gnome to point to several areas.04:44
dipankardfarning, done that.. :)04:44
dipankarI have set clocks for Luke and yours04:44
dfarningcool I use it all the time (no pun intended)04:45
dipankarmy.. you have one hour time difference among yourselves.. :)04:45
dfarningyes nearly neighbors. well halfway across the country04:47
dipankardfarning, How do make a .patch file.. its so confusing04:49
dipankarhave to take care of line numbers too04:49
dfarningdipankar in this case I think that you can just download the one alsroot make and stick in the the /debian/patches/ dir04:51
dipankarwhere is the download dfarning ? I seem to not find it on that page04:51
dfarninglfaraone, might have a clever way of doing it.... but I would just click 'raw blob data' and cut and paste the results in to a file on my local machine04:53
lfaraonedfarning: I just cd'd into the releveant directory and did "wget http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/jhconvert/repos/mainline/blobs/raw/fad664ab8f1b068f4f38a3871944a7dd3aa6284b/patches/0.86/1544.patch"04:54
dfarninglfaraone, you must forgive me. I am almost 40 and technology confuses me:)04:57
dipankarok dfarning, copied the patch04:57
dipankarnow shall I add it at the end of the series file?04:58
dfarningthen I think you will be ready to run git-buildpackage with the proper flags.05:00
lfaraonedfarning: add the file name to the series file, yes. putting the patch itself in its own file in debian/patches/ :)05:00
lfaraone* dipankard05:00
dfarninglfaraone, Then the build system just iterates though the list of patches in the series files and applies them in order when the package is being built?05:02
lfaraonedfarning: Yes.05:02
dipankarok lfaraone / dfarning : done with the first two steps:05:03
dipankarnow to run the packaging05:03
lfaraonedipankard: aside, you should read http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/howto/quilt.html at some point so you understand how quilt works in general.05:03
dipankarhey lfaraone : shouldn't we use -S too with the flags?05:05
lfaraonedipankard: use -S when you want to do a source upload. In this case, we want to check that the patch was applied when the package is built.05:05
dfarningdipankar you are going to have to slow down. You are nearly done with you and  neeraj's work queue:)05:09
dipankarok lfaraone : some error on dependencies.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/455295/ I think I missed something05:09
lfaraonedfarning: okay, so install the missing dependency listed, right?05:10
dipankari suppose luke is referring to me :)05:10
dipankarpython empy05:11
dfarningthat is correct05:11
dipankar:( How do I add the dependency now. I only know they are in debian/control file05:12
lfaraonedipankard: you should install them on your local system using apt-get.05:12
dipankarlfaraone: What is the use of 'python-empy'05:13
lfaraonedipankar: that's a good question. I've no idea off the top of my head, but it's needed for Sugar to build :) To find out the utility of a package, use "aptitude show <Package Name>"05:14
dipankarlfaraone: ok.. :) This is very __big__ package..05:15
dipankardfarning: I had a talk with neeraj05:17
dfarningdipankar yes05:17
dipankarlast night05:17
dipankarhe told me he may not be able to join us before 4pm IST05:17
dipankarso he told if patching is urgent then I continue with it05:18
dfarningok, that is fine it will give you the chance to teach him how to upload a package:)05:19
dipankaryeah sure05:19
dipankarI always to document every new process that I learn here so that team members can go through it too. :)05:20
dipankar*have to05:20
dipankarok lfaraone: I am left with signing now05:20
dipankardebsign :)05:20
dfarningdipankar on my matrix I tried to identify special skills so that person can teach others as the team grows.05:21
dipankardfarning, I guess from next week (after this week's work) we will have to stick to the matrix then :)05:22
dipankarno problem :)05:22
dfarningdipankar well we still need manu to agree that it is a sane way of organizing our efforts:)05:23
dipankardfarning / lfaraone : I had a question in mind : the dependencies that the packages are associated with. Are they needed to be installed on my local machine while building?05:23
lfaraonedipankar: build-deps do.05:24
dipankarok that means there are more than one dependencies : packages and build..05:25
dfarninglfaraone, I thought build-deps were automatically installed at build time if they are listed in the control file?05:26
dipankarpackage dependencies are not required to be installed on local machine while building a package05:26
lfaraonedipankar: on the build daemons, yes. but on the machines of us mere mortals, no.05:26
lfaraonedipankar: Yeah. There are a set of deps for the source package, and a different set of deps for each bin package.05:26
dfarningdipankar there are two types of dependencies build time and run time05:26
dipankardfarning, I am done with the package.05:27
dipankarneed some one to try it (test) for mouse bug removal :)05:28
dipankarkandarpk, are you around?05:28
dfarningdipankar you can just install the package in our your own system and make sure that line 232 of /usr/bin/sugar-session is the new value.05:29
dipankarhi kandarpk Sir, can you please try the package? I am sending it over to you.05:29
dfarningWe proved that change worked a couple of hours ago.05:30
lfaraonedipankar: you can also use file-roller to inspect the deb. all a deb is is an archive with some other files worked.05:30
dipankaroh yeah..05:30
dipankarforgot about file roller05:30
lfaraonedipankar: basically, inside a deb, there is a data and a control archive. look in data then in usr/bin/sygar-session.05:30
* lfaraone is out for the night, it's 00h30 here. 05:31
dfarningkandarpk, are you going to try to install a debian test system today?05:32
kandarpkdfarning, yes05:32
dfarningdipankar how does the archive look?05:32
dipankarlfaraone, : what was the syntax for file roller? file-roller <package name>05:32
kandarpkI'll install a debian system05:32
dfarningkandarpk, great ping me if you have questions05:33
kandarpkdfarning, thanks05:33
kandarpkI'll ask if face any problem05:34
dfarningdipankar yes that is correct05:34
dipankardfarning, strange it is not opening..05:34
kandarpkdipankar, couldn't receive the files you sent05:34
dfarningdipankar try clicking on the file in the file manager.05:35
dipankarI am sending it through here, It is showing me connection error05:35
kandarpkdipankar, are they meant to fix the mouse problem ?05:36
dfarningdipankar I think you have to install the binutils for fileroller to open .deb files05:38
dfarningbinutils package05:38
kandarpkdipankar, my problem was fixed yesterday so wont be able to test them05:38
kandarpkyou can mail them to ankur05:39
dipankardfarning, this is strange.. which tarball to open??05:39
dfarningdipankarit will be named something like sugar-.88 and end with .deb05:41
kandarpkdfarning, shoould I install the stable release or the testing distribution of debian ?05:43
dipankarchecking done05:43
dipankarpatch was successful05:43
kandarpkdipankar, well done :)05:44
dipankarthanks kandarpk ,05:44
dfarningkandarpk, we want to test against the testing distro05:44
dipankardfarning, lfaraone : I am signing the package and uploading them to ppa05:44
dfarningdipankar nice. did you edit the changelog to indicate that you added a patch and then increased the version number05:45
dipankardfarning, nope.. just tested. I guess I have run the buildpackage again with source only so that it can be uploaded to PPA.05:48
dipankar*have to05:48
dfarningdipankar those build flags confuse me:(05:49
dipankar:) I am too confused with them a bit05:50
dipankarI guess -S is for the source only.05:50
dipankarand is important for ppa upload05:50
dipankardfarning, I see you sent it new tasks :)05:53
dfarningdipankar I had to add the activity circle or you would be done by noon:)05:54
dipankarhaha :) I was thinking of taking sometime off05:54
dipankarno problem05:55
dipankarI will work a little bit slower this time05:55
dfarningI sent manu a list of other bugs that I think he will assign today or tomorrow.05:55
dipankarok dfarning :)05:56
dipankarI guess you should have some sleep :) dfarning Its nearing 0000 hrs there05:58
dfarningdipankar I was going to stay up until you uploaded the package and then go to bed:)05:59
dipankarI am changing the changelog05:59
dipankarmaking the source only package06:00
dfarningdipankar your successes are creating the momentum for the rest of the team and project.  It does not hurt that Luke is a savant:)06:01
dipankardfarning, I am glad that I am living up to team's expectations. Luke and you are very experienced. I am very happy to be working with you guys06:03
dfarningdipankar yes, I think that I will go to bed now so that I can be up by 6 in case anyone else needs help tomorrow.06:05
dfarninggood night06:05
dipankardfarning, the package is rejected.. :P06:05
dipankarI will try to solve this myslef now06:06
dipankaryou can have some rest :)06:06
dipankarggod night06:06
kandarpkdfarning, good night06:07
dipankarkandarpk sir, you around?06:08
dipankarwill you try patching?06:08
dipankarand uploading the package to ppa?06:08
kandarpkwont be able to do that06:11
kandarpkhave to leave at 11:1506:11
dipankarno problem :)06:11
kandarpksend me the link06:11
kandarpklets to the package06:11
dipankaractually its all in IRC (here only)06:12
dipankaryou have open-up the log and follow up the steps :)06:12
kandarpksend me the package then06:12
dipankarI guess I should handle it :), after all its already 10:4506:13
dipankarI hope you don't mind that :)06:13
dipankarsee you in the evening then :)06:14
dipankarbye sir06:14
dfarninggood afternoon neeraj_gupta11:49
neeraj_guptagood afternoon dfarning11:51
neeraj_guptaI am ready for completing the mouse-bug task.11:53
neeraj_guptaPlease let me know exactly how should I proceed..?11:54
dfarningneeraj_gupta, hmmm how far did dip get this morning?11:55
neeraj_guptahmm.. I don't know.. I haven't talked to him since last night..11:55
neeraj_guptahmm.. should I ask him? and if lfaraone guided him.. then I can look at the ubuntu-sugar seeta log..11:56
dfarningneeraj_gupta, looks like he uploaded the package and it sucessfully built about two hours ago:)11:57
dfarningsee https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+packages11:57
neeraj_guptaoh.. great :)11:57
neeraj_guptaI will ask  him the procedure.. or read the documentation to clear my doubts :)11:58
dfarningYes, we worked then channel so everything should be logged.11:59
dfarningneeraj_gupta, do you have something else you want to learn or work on?12:01
neeraj_guptadfarning, I am going through the log and will try to do these things first.. I guess it will take max to max 20-30 min..12:07
neeraj_guptaIf u have something on which I can work or learn right now12:08
neeraj_guptathen tell me..12:08
neeraj_guptaI have a lots of free time till Monday morning :)12:09
dfarningneeraj_gupta,   ok, I will be around most of the day, just ping me.  I am looking into the the issue of why starting the usr.desktop leaves the desktop grey. we can start on that when you are ready.12:10
neeraj_guptaI am ready now :).. I don't think I have any important work for the next 6-8 hrs :)12:11
neeraj_guptaWhenever you feel like that we can start fixing then ping me :) preferably first on seeta id.. My vm remains minimized mostly :)12:12
dfarningneeraj_gupta, ok :)  Can you start by upgrading your system so we pull in the latest packages.12:13
neeraj_guptahmm.. I just updated my whole lucid and USR.iso installation..12:13
dfarningneeraj_gupta, have you updated lucid since dipankar upload the new sugar session package?12:15
neeraj_guptaI updated my lucid(on which USR is installed) like 3-4 hrs ago.. let me run it again.. apart from running upgrade and update command do I need to check anything?12:17
neeraj_guptalike in software sources?12:18
dfarning neeraj, have you update software sources to include ubuntu-proposed to fix the gdm bug we were talking about yesterday?12:19
neeraj_guptasugar-session package is getting upgraded..12:22
neeraj_guptaubuntu-proposed ? pre-released update?12:22
neeraj_guptadfarning, for including ubuntu-proposed fix, which filed I should check in software-sources..12:24
neeraj_guptaAs far as I am able to figure out, you are telling me about pre-released updates(under updates)12:24
dfarningneeraj_gupta, I would select -updates, -proposed, and -backports12:24
neeraj_guptak.. :)12:25
dfarningneeraj_gupta, yes that is correct -proposed is the bleed edge fixes, -updates is stuff that has lived in -proposed for a couple of weeks and not caused any problems and -backports is work that has been done for the next release of ubuntu (10.10) and then backported to 10.0412:27
neeraj_guptaok.. thanks for elaborating :)..12:28
neeraj_guptaI will get dc for a min.. I am switching to high speed connection for downloading these updates..12:28
dfarningdipankar, good after noon:)12:39
dipankarhi dfarning, good morning :)12:39
dfarningdipankar,  are you ready to help neeraj fix the problems with the usr.desktop?12:40
dipankardfarning, okay, but is it possible if we could move slow a bit?12:41
dfarningdipankar, I can explain what is wrong and you can work together to fix it.  With the emphasis on you explaining and neeraj doing:)12:41
dipankardfarning, okay..12:42
dfarningdipankar, sure. is your mind full from working with lfaraone?12:42
dfarningdipankar, neeraj the problem that we are working on is the fact that when you run usr.desktop the desktop is grey.12:43
dfarninggoing to the logs it shows that some thing is wrong with the icons12:44
dfarningthis makes us wonder why the Sugar desktop works while the usr remix fails12:44
dfarningfor this we track down where the files which start the xsession live.  /usr/share/xsessions12:46
dipankardfarning, how do we run usr.desktop? is it similar to running sugar-emulator?12:46
dfarningfrom there we compare the contents of Sugar.desktop and usr.desktop and see that the problem is the sugar.desktop correctly calls a 'wrapper' script called sugar instead of directly call sugar session.12:48
dfarningchange the calles to sugar-session to sugar and it will work:)12:48
dfarninghow was that for slow:)12:48
dfarningdipankar, you run usr.desktop from the login screen... the package ubuntu-sugar-remix must be installed12:49
dipankargot it12:50
dipankarhas the session bug been removed?12:50
dfarningsugar is actully a thin wrapper to sugar-session the exact same way sugar-emulator is a wrapper to sugar-session.12:51
dfarningdipankar, if you update to -proposed the gdm bug is automatically fixed12:51
dipankarconfused :(12:52
dipankarI am running updates12:52
dipankardone dfarning12:52
neerajdipankar, make sure12:53
neerajyou have checked pre released updates12:53
dipankarhow do I log out now?? :)12:53
dipankarI am stuck in the icon less environment :P12:53
neerajSo to system->administrator->software sources-> pre-released updates12:54
dfarningdipankar, I just power cycle the machine when that happens :(12:54
neerajSo*-> Go12:54
dipankarneeraj, I will try that in a minute12:55
dfarningneeraj, I will be here to answer any questions.  But let's see if you guys can work through this issue together.  to debuggin and fixing process is almost the same as what dipankar did yesterday and earilier today to fix the mouse button issue.12:57
dfarningneeraj, while we are waiting for dipankar to update.  Can you:12:58
dfarning1 clear your log dir12:58
neerajdfarning, for this also, we will need to create patch after making necessary changes..12:59
dfarning2 restart the usr.desktop.12:59
dfarning3 check the status of the logs to see what went wrong12:59
dipankarneeraj, I will tell you the patch13:00
neerajdipankar, k..13:00
dfarningneeraj, yes we will need to create a patch and rebuild the package.13:00
dfarningdipankar, ok i'll shut up and leave you guys alone until you have questions:)13:00
dipankarneeraj, i still am unable to find the GDM update..13:01
neerajdfarning, ok.. dipankar  my interned connection is giving me problem.. update process will get finish in 1hr or so :(13:01
neerajtry sudo apt-get upgrade gnome-session13:01
dipankarokay working13:03
neerajbut running only this upgrade will not solve the purpose(as my gnome session is still crashing)..13:03
neerajCurrently I am updating/upgrading my whole system after selection the pre-release packages about which I told you earlier13:04
neerajhopefully that will help :)13:04
dipankarthat would take me ages to complete13:05
dipankardfarning, what exactly we have to download for session bug removal13:06
dfarningneeraj, yes you may have to update a lot of stuff.  The session bug was fix upstream as part of a fix to the package GDM (gnome desktop manage)13:06
dfarningsee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Display_Manager for more info.13:07
dfarningI think the required package name is gdm :)13:08
dipankardfarning, there's no package coming by that name :P13:09
dfarningdipankar, can you try apt-get install gdm ?13:10
dipankaractually I am installing gnome-sessino13:11
dipankarright now13:12
dfarningdipankar,  is it still download ? if so you can just kill the process -- once it starts installing it is rather danerous to kill :(13:14
dipankarkilled it :)13:14
dfarninghello manusheel dipankar finished the mouse bug and now neeraj and he are working on the usr.desktop is grey bug.13:14
manusheeldfarning: Great to hear.13:14
dipankarhi manusheel sir13:14
manusheeldipankar: Hi Dipankar.13:14
manusheelGreat work.13:14
neerajgood afternoon manusheel sir :)13:14
dfarningwe are currently going thought the update process to insure our machines are upto date.13:14
manusheelneeraj: Good afternoon Neeraj.13:14
dipankardfarning: I have started the gdm update :)13:15
dipankarokay dfarning it worked.13:15
dfarningthere is nothing more frustrating than spending all day working on a bug and finding out someone allready fixed it....13:16
dfarningdipankar, great13:16
dipankar:) Thats ture13:16
dfarningneeraj, how is your update coming?13:16
neerajdfarning, still 20 min.. should I kill it and update gdm only?13:17
dipankarI am in sugar right now and my brother has started playing with the robot activity :P13:17
dipankaron desktop13:17
dfarningneeraj, better finish the entire update just to be safe.13:19
neerajdfarning, ok.13:20
dfarningbut while you are waiting you can download the source to ubuntu-sugar-remix and look at the contents of /usr/share/xsessions/13:20
dipankardfarning, you mean download the source of usr.13:21
neerajdfarning,  I tried sudo apt-get source ubuntu-sugar-remix13:22
neerajbut its giving an error.. unable to find the ubuntu-sugar-remix meta package13:26
dfarningdipankar, the source of the package ubuntu-sugar-remix from the ppa13:26
dipankarneeraj you can do one more thing too..13:26
dipankardebcheckout ubuntu-sugar-remix13:26
dipankarokay dfarning.13:26
dfarningneeraj, sometimes that fails for files in the ppa, dipankar can explain a differerent way of downloading the source that works better with the PPA13:26
dipankardfarning, just a confusion. Is usr in debain universe. Otherwise debcheckout may fail13:26
dfarningdipankar, oops I forgot to mention the ubuntu-sugar-remix only exists in the ubuntu ppa and not upstream in debian.13:28
dipankar:) Looks like I am getting the hang of both the universe :)13:30
dfarningdipankar, neeraj  :) I am going to get a cup of coffee while you sort this out. I'll be back in 15 minutes.13:30
dfarningdipankar, neeraj  :) I am back from my coffee break.  how is the source download coming?13:46
dipankarwe are confused dfarning13:46
dfarningdipankar, about what?13:46
dipankarwe are not getting the u-s-r package exactly.13:46
dipankarit is supposed to be downloaded from here : https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+packages13:47
dipankarbut it has u-s-r-meta package13:47
dfarningdipankar, are you able to download the -meta package?13:49
dipankardfarning, : I have downloaded that13:50
dfarningdipankar, oops it looks like you want the -default-settings package13:51
dipankarWhat we are looking for is the sessions I guess :)..13:52
dipankarno problem I will download that package too,13:52
dipankarneeraj, please follow dfarning's advice13:52
dipankardone dfarning13:53
dfarningdipankar, can look in the source package and see the /usr/bin/xsessions dir?13:54
dipankardfarning, I have looked in all directories13:55
dipankarbut did not find the one above13:55
neerajdfarning, finally my lucid is updated :)13:56
dfarningdipankar, what command did you use to download th -settings source13:56
neerajdipankar, ok.. lemme download it13:56
dfarningneeraj, +113:56
dipankardget -xu https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+files/ubuntu-sugar-remix-default-settings_0.0.1ubuntu1.dsc13:56
dipankarI think I missed on the source13:56
neerajdfarning, quick review.. We are fixing the bug of mission icons.. which occur when when we select usr as session at starting14:01
dipankardfarning, I am getting cannot find source of package of 'u-s-r-meta'14:02
dfarningneeraj, yes that is correct.14:02
dipankarwhen using sudo apt-get source u-s-r14:02
neerajNow for fixing it.. first we look at the sugar.desktop file present at usr/share/xsessions14:02
neerajand the usr.desktop file from the package we just downloaded14:02
dfarningneeraj, yes both correct14:03
neerajwe see whats missing and make the changes in the default settings usr.desktop file14:03
dfarningdipankar, I followed you command and got a ubuntu-sugar-remix-default-settings-0.0.1ubuntu1/ dir14:03
dipankaryes dfarning14:04
dfarningdipankar, in that dir there is a usr.desktop file .  the developer (me) took a short cut when creating the package:(14:04
dipankarhow ?14:05
dipankardfarning, I changed some permissions of the file usr.desktop and it changed to Ubuntu Sugar Remix!14:06
dfarningdipankar, because the package is so simple I put everything in the base dir rather than making a full directory tree inside the package.14:07
dipankar:) dfarning, so what's now?14:07
neerajdfarning, we have to change every occurrence of sugar-session to sugar only in usr.desktop?14:08
dipankarokay neeraj, got it14:08
dipankaroops, my bad. i thought you said we have to do the above :P14:09
dfarningyes, that is correct14:09
dfarningdipankar, do you know how to make a patch by hand14:10
dipankarI think I can.14:10
dipankarbut have to refer one14:11
dipankar*refer to one14:11
dfarninghmmm. since there is no upstream to this package, you can just make the change to the code, update the , changelog and rebuild the package.14:13
dfarningdipankar, no need to patch this one.14:14
dipankarohk dfarning, I think I got what you are saying.14:14
dipankarFor patching we need a source tar ball from Debian Universe14:15
dfarningdipankar, yes14:15
dipankarcan't we push this package to debian?14:15
dfarningdipankar,  nope it is 'Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix-*' It contains specific settings and configurations to make Sugar work correctly on Ubuntu. Debian does not care about ubuntu stuff because ubuntu is downstream from debian14:17
neerajdfarning, is there any significant difference between sugar and ubuntu sugar remix option which is given at the start?14:18
neerajdfarning, got it from ur last reply :)14:18
dipankardfarning, you mean to say, Debian doesn't care what we do with it's packages?14:19
dipankarI mean, anyone can use them for any purpose (I guess thats why it is Open Source) :)14:20
dfarningdipankar, +1, Ubuntu does a lot of polishing to debian packages to make them more useable and friendly.  debain developers are less concerned about the polish than there are about technical stuff.14:21
dfarningdipankar, yes as long as the downstream abides by the GPL anyone can do what every they want with an upstreams code.14:23
dipankardfarning, so we are using the same codes of sugar and making some of our own (emulator) to produce u-s-r??14:23
dipankarbut keeping the system as Ubuntu is mind.14:23
dfarningdipankar, Yes, we are using 99% of the same code and 99.9% of the same code as debian.  We are only making slight modification to a) make it run better on ubuntu b) make it look more polished and c) fix bugs.14:25
dfarningdipankar, and as often as possiable we will try to push b and c upstream... ever change or patch we maintain is an expense.  We want to keep expenses down by working as closely as possible with upstreams.14:27
neerajdfarning, I will go through the log in which lfaraone explained about patching.. After that I will try to patch this with dipankar  :)14:28
dfarningdipankar, a couple of years ago RedHat was maintaining over 10,000 local patches to their version of the kernel!  Very expensive.  Now they try to keep the  patch count down to a couple of hundred14:29
dfarningneeraj, great.14:30
dfarningneeraj,   did you edit the file as use.desktop file as necessary?14:30
neerajApart from replacing "sugar-session" to "sugar", in usr.desktop file, do we need to make any other change?14:30
neerajI did that..14:30
dfarningneeraj, in the bottom line I would change usr.desktop to Ubuntu Sugar Remix14:31
dfarningneeraj, what do you think the bottom line does?14:32
neerajI was about to ask you the same ques..14:34
neerajas when I log in into ubuntu sugar remix14:34
neerajit was written there as ubunut-sugar-remix14:34
neerajnot usr.desktop14:34
neerajI am not sure what exactly the last line signifies ..14:35
dipankardfarning: I have joined through chatzilla14:38
dipankarneeraj: you there?14:38
dfarningneeraj, sorry about that, dipankar was having some trouble with lag.  I was looking into it and loged myself off by mistake14:39
neerajdfarning, np :)14:39
dipankarneeraj: dfarning : am I on IRC?14:40
dfarningneeraj, when ever you see something of the form en_US it probobly refers to a translation.14:40
dfarningdipankar, yes I see you14:40
dipankarthank god :)14:40
neerajBut what was the exact need of putting that translation line..14:40
neerajI mean default was en only..14:41
neerajk.. I think i got it.. If some one explicitly select en_us.. then he might see usr.desktop?14:41
neerajam i right or wrong?14:41
dfarningin this case since my LANG setting is en_US I get the ugly 'usr.desktop' in my log in screen.14:41
dfarningso if you fix that it will be prettier for me.14:42
neerajdfarning, got it..14:43
dfarningneeraj, next you will need to make a entry to the changelog14:43
dfarningneeraj, and bump up the version number14:43
neerajIn the change log.. what should I write.. Till now I was just bumping the version no.14:44
neerajhmm.. * Fixed no icon issue in ubuntu-sugar-remix session?14:44
dfarningdipankar, are you back without too much lag?14:45
dipankardfarning: Now its much better14:46
dfarningdipankar, good, I think you can set which freenode mirror you connect to.  some are really slow, but I am not sure how to do that.14:47
dfarningneeraj, are you using dch to edit the change log?14:47
neerajhmm.. naah.. doing it manually..14:48
neeraj0.0.1.ubuntu1 -> 0.0.1ubuntu214:50
dipankarneeraj: try using dch -i, otherwise it is a pain to add the date :P14:50
neerajhe he.. date - R14:50
neerajwill give date in required format.. :)14:50
dipankaryup.. but the copy paste and the format..14:50
neerajtell me how should I do it using dch -i :)14:51
dfarningneeraj, yes I think dch is handy.14:51
dipankargo to the source tree of the package where you will find the debian dolfer14:51
neerajI have used it once which fixing browser bug :)14:51
dipankarin terminal14:51
dipankarnow run 'dch -i' in that directory14:52
dipankarsee its ready made :P14:54
dfarningneeraj, are you ready to build the package?14:55
neerajwait.. for 1 min.. :)14:55
neerajsorry.. was on phone..15:01
neerajk.. I have made the changes15:01
neerajdfarning, there is an extra file with name changelog.dch.save15:03
neerajshould I delete it?15:03
dipankar_how did that generate?15:04
dfarningneeraj, yes anything ending in .save is a temp backup15:04
dfarningdipankar_ I would guess that neeraj left the dch editor open for over 10 minutes (while he was on the phone ) and it made an autosave.15:05
dipankar_dfarning, ok15:05
dipankar_dfarning, I tried to apply this fix manually15:06
dipankar_but somehow usr got deleted from the login sessions option15:06
neerajdfarning, finally I have made the following changes15:06
neeraj 0.0.1.ubuntu1 -> 0.0.1ubuntu215:07
neeraj* Fixed No icon issue in ubuntu-sugar-remix session15:08
neeraj*New upstream release15:08
dfarningdipankar_ did you power cycle the computer.  It is safer to power cycle when working with the session.15:08
neerajchanged the Maintained field in control file15:08
dipankar_will try that15:08
dfarningneeraj, that looks good. time to build the package.15:09
neerajdebuild -S?15:09
dipankar_debuild -S -sa15:10
dipankar_dfarning, no use :(15:13
neeraj_ok.. build successful..15:13
neeraj_but still I have nt done something related to patch (quilt 3.0).. (I m yet to read the complete log :()15:14
dfarningneeraj_ can you email the .deb to test before you upload it. neeraj said he was having trouble.15:14
dfarningopps dipankar_ did you say you cnanged a permission a couple of hours ago?15:15
dfarningdipankar I just tested the manual changes and they worked fine.15:15
dipankar_quilt is different method15:15
neeraj_err..  deb file?15:16
neeraj_I got tar.gz file.. that should work.. should I sent it to u?15:16
dipankar_send .deb file :) across to me.. through IRC only15:16
dipankar_right click on my name and send files option15:16
dipankar_use the dipankar_15:17
dipankar_dfarning, didn't get you15:17
neeraj_hmm.. dipankar when I build the package.. I only got tar.gz file15:17
neeraj_not *.deb file15:17
dipankar_oops I forgot.15:17
dfarningdipankar_ does neeraj have to do anything special to create a .deb as opposed to sources15:17
neeraj_I guess tar ball file will do the same work as of deb file..?15:18
dipankar_-S/ -S -sa make only source packages for ppa upload15:18
dipankar_for debian upload you need to run debuild15:18
dipankar_do one thing copy only the u-s-r-default-settings folder to another directory15:19
dipankar_and run debuild once again15:19
dipankar_on that folder15:19
dipankar_dfarning, I changed permission on laptop :) I am trying things on virtual box on desktop15:20
dfarningdipankar_ hmm I am going to log off and test again. back in a minute.15:21
neeraj_did u got the deb file?15:21
dipankar_neeraj, can you please send it again?15:22
neerajI logged of..15:22
dipankar_hmm :)15:23
dipankar_dfarning, I did it away with some changes here and there :P15:23
dipankar_now it is starting15:24
dfarningdipankar_, I just tried again and it worked great.15:24
dfarningdipankar_, great.15:24
=== dipankar_ is now known as dipankar
dipankarneeraj, send the file across15:25
dipankar.deb one15:25
dipankarI want to try it after intentionally screwing the file up :P15:25
dfarningneeraj, as soon as you have the new package uploaded we can close this bug.15:26
neerajhmm.. should I dput the *changes file right now?15:26
neerajdipankar, sending u the deb file in a min15:26
dfarningneeraj, before you do that dipankar can show you how to fix .dput.cnf to prevent a class of upload errors.15:28
dfarningdipankar, do you remeber what you changed the incoming line to?15:29
dfarningdipankar,  and why:)15:29
dfarningneeraj when that change is done you are ready to upload:)15:31
neeraj_k.. I read the conversation between u ppl.. when lfaraone told the exact problem :)15:32
neeraj_dipankar, yes15:32
dipankarit is always not necessary to change the changelog file15:32
dipankarjust to get it passed through ppa software15:32
dipankarwhile uploading15:32
dipankarso we use the method of override method in dput15:33
dipankare.g the s-p-s service which went faulty by our experiments15:33
dipankarso we downloaded the package source by jonas15:34
dipankaractually we downloaded the s-p-s package from Debian15:34
dipankarand repacked it as it is with out making any change in changelog15:35
dipankarfile and control file15:35
neerajhmm.. control file?15:35
neerajI mean u didn't build it up..?15:35
dipankarin which we change the maintainer name15:35
dipankarin debian folder15:35
dipankarneeraj, we have to build it again for sure15:36
dipankarbut from the unmodified source15:36
dipankarthats why we used git-packaging15:36
dipankarit added an advantage that we need not worry about the .orig tar ball15:37
dipankarunlike debuild15:37
dipankarI will send a detailed documentation by tomorrow :).15:38
neerajhmm.. ok15:38
dipankarBut for now lets concentrate on the override in dput method15:38
dfarningdipankar, this package is not set up to use git-buildpackage.  I didn't know how to do it when I created the package:(15:38
dipankardfarning, I guessed so :). To be able to use git on a package we must have the package on git15:40
dipankarwhich I guess is not there.15:40
dfarningI was just suggesting to add ubuntu/lucid to the incoming var to prevent all the cant find unstable errors:)15:40
neeraj_hmm.. just wondering.. should I try to put the changes file right now and see the error message? I guess,it will do no harm..15:41
dipankarfor the current package we won't require the override method15:41
dfarningneeraj_ +115:41
dipankaras neeraj has already changed the changelog15:41
dipankarneeraj_ give it a shoy15:42
dipankardfarning, in the meantime, whats the next bug?15:42
dipankarneeraj_ : whats the status?15:45
neerajgot mail.. accepted15:45
dfarningneeraj yep it is building at https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+build/181348315:48
dfarningdipankar, since you are rather ahead of scheudal:)  how about you chose between a) building a new iso. b) fixing the missing activity circle or c) fixing the (sometimes) borken f1-f4 keys?15:50
dipankardfarning,  :) I have already tried making an iso15:51
dfarningneeraj it is done build at https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+build/181348315:51
neerajdfarning,  I would like to try building new iso .. I have n't tried it yet ..15:51
dipankarI would take up the activity circle.15:52
dfarningsounds good for both.15:52
dfarningdipankar, I'll let you poke around on your own15:53
dipankardfarning, just need a starting pointer.15:53
dfarningneeraj sounds good lets get started.15:53
dipankarwhere is the display file kept (in which directory?)15:53
dipankardfarning : I mean where will I find the display config files?15:54
dipankarjust this pointer15:54
dfarningdipankar, my best suggestion is to ask alsroot on #sugar he is the guy that wrote the activity_bundle installer:)15:54
dfarningdipankar, if he is not around I'll try to help:)15:55
dipankarisn't he here too :)15:55
dfarningdipankar, yes, he is,  but becuase this is closely related to sugar it make more sense to ask it there,  that way someone else might jump in and help.15:56
alsrootdfarning: activity_bundle?15:57
dipankarsee alsroot is here :)15:57
neerajdipankar, please send me the documentation for building iso.. I m unable to find it..(still searching)15:57
dipankarno problem just a sec15:57
dipankarneeraj, sent it15:58
neerajdipankar, ty :)15:58
dipankarhello alsroot15:58
alsrootdipankar: hi15:58
dfarningalsroot, dipankar is working on a bug where the activites don't show up in the activity circle but are visible in the list view....15:58
dipankaryes alsroot, some pointers on how to start will be helpful15:59
dfarningneeraj, ping me when you have reviewed the documentation.  And we can get started.15:59
alsrootdipankar: does shell.log contain any errors?16:00
dipankarlet me check16:00
neeraj_dfarning, I will ping you after 15 min.. dinner time :)16:03
dipankaralsroot: there is an import error : No module named xklavier16:03
alsrootdipankar: thats an error but may not interfere with activities list, are there any over errors?16:04
dipankardalsroot: I have pasted the log file here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/455514/16:06
alsrootdipankard: hmm.. something is really bad, 38 line16:09
dipankardalsroot: line 38.. hmm..16:10
alsrootdipankard: could you pastebin `python -c 'import sugar.datastore; print sugar.datastore.__dict__'` output16:11
alsrootdipankard: sorry, python -c 'from sugar.datastore import datastore; print datastore.__dict__'16:13
dipankardalsroot: ohk just a sec :)16:13
dipankardalsroot: The link : http://paste.ubuntu.com/455518/16:14
dipankardalsroot: btw it would be nice if you could provide some info on the error16:15
alsrootdipankard: no ideas..16:16
dipankardalsroot: then it is really bad16:17
alsrootdipankard: could you pasterbin list of installed packages?16:18
neeraj_dfarning, I am ready for building new iso..16:19
dipankardalsroot: you mean under sugar?16:19
dfarningneeraj_, lets swith to #seeta so we don't disturbe alsroot and dipankard16:19
alsrootdipankard: not sure how sugar packages are named in deb, so just entirely output of `dpkg-query -l`16:20
dfarningalsroot, we are installing activity bundles that same way that soas stick does it.16:21
alsrootdfarning: dipankard: I mean, that in python cmd output, there is "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/sugar/datastore/dbus_helpers.pyc" and I can't find datastore/dbus_helpers.py in sugar sources16:22
dfarningalsroot they are currntly in one big package called sugar-activities16:22
alsrootdfarning: looks like datastore/dbus_helpers.pyc relates to glucose16:23
dipankardalsroot: a big list :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/455522/16:23
alsrootdipankard: btw what package contains /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/sugar/datastore/dbus_helpers.pyc ?16:24
dfarningalsroot, ok thanks, it must be a build error.16:24
alsrootdfarning: dipankard, btw "python-carquinyol-0.88 0.87.1-1" is really old, what about using 0.88.1 release16:25
dfarningalsroot added to this weeks task... if you see anything else we need to do please let me know and we can work on it next week.16:27
alsroot..debian peopel really like to rename upstream packages.. not so useful at the end16:28
dipankardalsroot: during sugar installation there were some problems encountered which I ignored16:28
dipankardbut they were all related to acitivities16:28
dipankarddfarning, alsroot: btw how to check for a particular file's package?16:29
dipankardalsroot, dfarning: there is another problem coming up:16:31
dipankardsucrose-0.88 is unable to be installed16:32
dipankard*installed -> upgraded16:32
alsrootdipankard: to find package by file "dpkg-query -S <file>"16:33
dipankardthanks alsroot16:33
alsrootdipankard: whats the full output with "sucrose-0.88 is unable to be installed" error?16:34
dipankardalsroot: unresolved dependencies16:35
dipankard^^ dependency list16:35
alsrootdipankard: looks like the problem is python-xklavier16:37
dipankardalsroot: but it's saying xklavier is not installable16:39
alsrootdipankard: the probelm is xklavier?16:40
alsrootdipankard: btw what package contains /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/sugar/datastore/dbus_helpers.pyc?16:40
dipankardI am getting package not found on terminal16:40
dipankarddpkg: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/sugar/datastore/dbus_helpers.pyc not found.16:41
alsrootdipankard: what about /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/sugar/datastore/dbus_helpers.py then16:41
dipankardalsroot: not found16:42
alsrootdipankard: dfarning: at the end I think datastore error is about really outdated sugar packages e.g. "python-sugar-toolkit-0.88            0.87.1-1"16:44
dipankardalsroot : ok.. thanks for helping us out16:45
dipankarddfarning, around?16:45
dfarningsorry, looks like we should start by updating python-sugar-toolkit to the latest version in debian16:46
dfarningdipankard are you up to that?16:47
dipankarddfarning, what about tomrrow ? I am really tired today16:47
dipankardafter dinner I am planning to sleep16:47
dipankardthat will first thing in the morning16:47
dfarningdipankar that would be great.  I'll see you tommow thanks for your great work16:48
dipankardthanks dfarning. See you tomorrow. Have a nice day16:49
dfarningdipankar thank you and see you tomorrow16:49
dfarningkandarpk, how is it going with the debian test system?17:15
kandarpkI am downloading it17:16
kandarpkwill install it in about an hour17:16
dfarningkandarpk, ok i am going to lunch and will be back in about an hour17:16

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