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ernstpseems like something hangs when gdm starts to draw with latest xorg-edgers ppa on Lucid14:14
ernstpno error messages anywhere though14:14
Kangarooohello Sarvatt . what ackage i need to report for this problem: changing resolution to lower/or 1024x786 makes tty no opening. with higher it opens. the higher the better resolution for tty.17:48
KangaroooSarvatt: u alive? :)19:14
KangaroooSarvatt: for the same bug ive mentioned here just now i want to know to waht package i need to report about if i have nvidia? xserver-xorg-video-nv or xserver-xorg-driver-nv19:56
bjsniderKangarooo, go to the nvforums and report the bug to nvidia19:57
Kangarooobjsnider: problem is for linux. when i set resolution in xorg to be larger then 1024x768 then TTY can be opened. the larger Xorg resolution the larger TTY. if smaller in Xorg then 1024 then tty cant be opened.20:22
Kangaroooi think TTY still opens but somehow that tty shows too small resolution that comp/monitor can show..20:23
Kangarooo*cant show..20:23
bjsniderso everybody on all platforms are also having that problem? otherwise it's an nvidia issue20:23
Kangarooobjsnider: no only in linux. couse problem is for TTY(1-6) to show. and other os dont have TTY. so i thought problem maybe is for xorg or tty but in #ubuntu-bugs i was told to try also if its not kernel problem i tryd nomodeset and that didnt change anything for this problem.20:26
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