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mkarnickiverterok: have a look please http://paste.ubuntu.com/455218/ I'll retry in the meantime.00:10
mkarnickiverterok: strange.. worked this time. I don't why I hit that one.00:11
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duanedesignhello kermiac_09:07
kermiac_hey duanedesign :)09:08
duanedesignlast couple of days i have been trying to close some old bugs09:08
kermiac_yeah, I saw that. I think it's a good idea09:09
duanedesigni noticed a lot of the bugs under ubuntu/Ubuntu One are more likely to be assigned to someone than the 'upstream' Ubuntu One bugs09:11
duanedesignmight just be how i am searching for them, :P09:12
kermiac_I hadn't really noticed that, but to be honest I wasn't really looking for it. Yes, it could be - Launchpad search is *really* painful. I resort to using google to search for bugs - it works a *lot* better09:13
duanedesignlol, yeah that is a good idea 'google'. The GMANE search is pretty good.09:15
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kermiac_duanedesign: I use this in google - site:bugs.launchpad.net "enter search term here"09:16
wligtenbHi, whenever I rename a conflict file to its original name, it immediately is turned into a conflict file again. How do I resolve this?09:22
duanedesignwligtenb: that is strange09:22
duanedesignwhat type of file is it wligtenb ?09:24
wligtenbduanedesign: it is a java file, it contains code which has changed in multiple places. So that might be a cause of merge conflicts09:26
duanedesignwligtenb: is it a BZR directory?09:27
wligtenbduanedesign: no, I was considering to do that in the future. Does that causes problems?09:28
wligtenbduanedesign: mmm, apparently it was still synchronising, at this moment there is a normal .java file as well.09:28
wligtenbLet's see if that is the correct one09:29
duanedesignwligtenb: i have not tried bzr, but i have heard their might be issues09:29
wligtenbduanedesign: the normal .java file is outdated09:29
duanedesignwligtenb: so it was still syncing and it changed on disk, you think?09:30
wligtenbduanedesign: maybe... it was probably syncing while I opened Eclipse. And eclipse whined about it not being there, but only the .conflict was there at that time...09:31
duanedesignwligtenb: a couple of commands, on Lucid, that can give you more info...09:34
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-metadata09:35
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-content09:35
wligtenbok thanks. Will check those first before taking action :)09:35
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duanedesignthose can be good for judging 'progress'09:36
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l09:36
duanedesignthat will give you the number of items waiting09:37
duanedesignwhich should decrease over time ;)09:37
duanedesignunrelated to your question, but a good way to see if things are stuck09:38
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mkarnickiHi guys, I got this error:14:27
mkarnickiE/AndroidU1.Main(  290): java.net.UnknownHostException: Host is unresolved: one.ubuntu.com:44314:27
mkarnickiE/AndroidU1.Main(  290): at java.net.Socket.connect(Socket.java:1037)14:28
mkarnickiE/AndroidU1.Main(  290): at org.apache.harmony.luni.internal.net.www.protocol.http.HttpConnection.<init>(HttpConnection.java:62)14:28
mkarnickiany guesses why?14:28
mkarnickiit may not be fault of U1 though.14:28
mkarnickithe app works fine on Android 1.5, but not 2.114:28
* mkarnicki looks into it14:28
mkarnickianybody has Android phone + Android SDK installed? I need a beta beta run on Android 2.0+ with debugging on15:58
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funkyHatSo ubuntu one has decided to put one of those little alerts in *every single nautilus window* telling me whether the folder I'm looking at is enabled or disabled in Ubuntu one.17:24
funkyHatPretty obnoxious17:24
duanedesignfunkyHat: what version of Ubuntu are you running?17:34
funkyHatduanedesign: 10.1017:34
mkarnicki10.10 here and nothing like that o_O I'll upgrade.17:35
mkarnickican't help. i use some simple-nautilus mod or something.. if I could remember what it was :)..17:38
mkarnickianyone has Android phone + Android SDK installed? I need a beta beta run on Android 2.0+ with debugging on17:40
funkyHatmkarnicki: I have a G1 with 2.1 on it... I've got the sdk but haven't actually used it so I might need a couple of hints ⡈)17:45
mkarnickifunkyHat: ooo cool! have 5 minutes for me and AndroidU1 alfa alfa beta run :) ?17:46
funkyHatmkarnicki: yep17:46
mkarnickifunkyHat: sent you priv msg :)17:47
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ABCD1234Does Ubuntuone work behind a Proxy?23:41
duanedesignhello ABCD123423:42
ABCD1234Hi duanedesign23:42
ABCD1234Am sorry if i feel a lilttle odd.. I dont know the ethics of using IRC Chat and Help.23:43
ABCD1234I guess you just enter and ask a Question.23:43
duanedesignABCD1234: yep23:46
duanedesignusually its best just to ask your question and if someone knows they will speak(or type) up23:46
ABCD1234Thanks! :)23:46
duanedesignthere was talk of adding proxy support at the last UDS23:47
duanedesignnot sure what the status of that is23:47
duanedesignhowever one user did get it to work, i believe23:47
duanedesigni have not tried it but the blog post is:  http://popey.com/blog/2010/02/25/proxies-in-the-way-of-testing/23:48
ABCD1234Yeah! I read a few bug reports that said it will be added soon and they were from 2009 so i thought if it is added or not coz for me UbuntuOne is not working.23:48
ABCD1234thanks, let me try it.23:48
ABCD1234Well, the article tells about sort of bypassing the proxy by tunneling traffic.23:54
ABCD1234and that to a rmeote pre-configured host.23:55
ABCD1234not possiblle for me.23:55
ABCD1234The error i get is : [errno socket error] [errno 1] .....GET_SERVER_HELLO: unknown protocol23:56
ABCD1234is this because of the Proxy I am behind? or something else? ANYONE!23:57
duanedesigni think it is23:57

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