gbillingswill ubuntustudio run well with an integrated ATI graphics card 2gb ram 1.6ghz processor and 250gb hd?03:03
zuswhat program do i run to hook up an M-audio midi controller my buddy is using ubuntu 9.1004:13
holsteinhey zus05:31
holsteinwhat controller?05:32
zushostein hey bud05:32
zusit was an M-audio05:32
zuswas just talking about ya05:32
zusi believe so it's my buddy's midi controller he wanted to record something and was on a friends mac05:33
zusbut he rools ubuntu 9.1005:33
holsteinit might just plug and play05:34
holsteinyou can plug it in05:35
holsteinand run lsusb05:35
holsteinand if it shows up, you can go from there05:35
zushe is the only ubuntu user in my town, that i know of..05:35
holsteini use a package called madfuload05:35
zusbut he dont care about anything else about the "opensourceness"05:35
holsteinfor an maudio transit USB device05:36
holsteinif it doesnt just show up automagically05:36
holsteini would try that package05:36
holsteinand then go from there05:36
tucemiuxmust be a really really small town 0_o05:38
holsteinthe local LUG here is just blowing up really05:38
holsteinwe probably average 12 at the meetings05:39
holsteinwe had about 18 linux users though at one of the meetings05:39
tucemiuxgreetings holstein05:39
holsteinhey tucemiux :)05:39
zusyeah i want a lug but id have to start it and well one other person who isnt interested aint gonna work05:39
tucemiuxthat must've been a record05:39
holsteini helped a couple guys in hte LUG get JACK running in ubuntustudio05:39
holstein                         the* ^^05:40
holsteinim going to see if i can figure out how to use the projector there05:40
holsteinwith my portable rig05:40
holsteinand do a presentation05:40
zusi tried to open frebirth notthing happened and then zynaddsubfx wasnt making any sound,... so what began as looking for tutorials resulted in watching videos on billy sheehan play bass. with steeve vai05:41
holsteinyou got JACK running right?05:42
holsteinzynadd is funky05:42
holsteintheres a new one, yoshimi05:42
holsteina fork of it05:42
holsteinbut, i still havent gotten it to build ;P05:42
zusi dont know if jack is running right05:45
zusi had it open too and nothing came out05:45
tucemiuxso it's Idiots Dont Play Loud Music At Lakes?05:45
holsteintucemiux: yup :)05:45
holsteinionian dorian phrygian lydian mixolydian aeolian locrian05:46
holsteinbut the names dont matter much really05:46
tucemiuxI got the ionian, which one do you suggest I shoot for next?05:46
tucemiuxdorian it is!05:47
holsteinand mixolydian are both used alot05:47
holsteinmixolydian probably a little more often than major05:47
holsteinzus: we should troubleshoot your JACK set up sometime05:47
zussplendid holstein05:48
holsteinhaving that running solid can really simplify things05:48
holsteinsome of the software is set up to depend on JACK05:48
holsteinand either wont work, or wont start without JACK running05:48
holsteinim not sure, but freebirth could be one of those05:49
zushmm. that would be a problem hehe05:49
zusif we do it tonight, gimme a few minuites  i have to finish up some work...05:52
holsteinwe'll get it sometime for sure05:52
holsteini might crash here in a bit05:52
tucemiuxis it normal for the dorian mode to give you deja vu memories?05:53
holsteinsure, why not05:54
zustucemiux,  what are you guys talking about? scales?05:54
holsteinin a good way?05:54
tucemiuxzus, yes05:55
tucemiuxim just looking at the numbers and i think ive seen that pattern before, just never practiced it05:55
holsteinits handy05:55
holsteinminor scale with a flat 705:56
tucemiuxi still havent covered that yet, first ill learn the basics and practice it, then start figuring out what a 7 is05:56
holsteinsay we're in C05:57
holsteinthe key of C05:57
tucemiuxi got lost somewhere05:57
holsteinwe use roman numerals to talk about the chords05:57
tucemiuxcan you translate it into spanish?05:57
holsteini'll go slower though05:57
holsteinand try to be more clear05:57
zusall i know of scales are th pattern for cmajor is the  same patern  for all the major notes05:58
tucemiuxyeah we can continue next week, i got my day's lesson already05:58
holsteintucemiux: :)05:58
tucemiuxzus, do you play an instrument?05:58
holsteinzus: its really the same shapes on the string instruments05:58
holsteinlike bass05:58
zusi play bass and guitar, but only began teaching myself music theory  3 months ago05:58
holsteinyou want to transpose05:58
holsteinyou just move up a frett05:58
holsteinit gets more complex on a piano05:59
holsteinwell, different05:59
holsteinarguably more complex05:59
zusby teahcing myself music theory i mean going beyond playiong my favorite songs and jamming with friends, i want to know  what (for example) the band leader means when he shouts "play till the 5" in the middle of a progression06:00
holsteinyou know what 'the five' means?06:01
zustucemiux,  what do you play?06:01
tucemiuxzus, once you know the scales and their modes it gives you a very good arsenal to work with06:01
tucemiuxzus, im learning guitar06:01
zusholstein,  i belive that means play to the fitfth in a I IV V prograssion06:01
holsteinpretty much06:01
holsteinthe five would be the V chord06:02
holsteinin the key of C06:02
holsteinthe V is G706:02
holsteinits a little confusing06:02
holsteinbecause of the 2 number systems going on06:02
zusoops  was i missing a finger?06:02
holsteinwe use roman numerals for the chords06:02
holsteinand numbers for the scale degrees06:03
holsteinand you would say 'five chord'06:03
holsteinand would probably say 'the fifth'06:03
holsteinif you want to talk about the 5th note of the scale06:03
holsteinFOR EXAMPLE06:03
holsteinin C06:03
zusthe 7 means its the 7th tone of the scale so one would know where on the fret board to look for and not hit the "E" on the 3rd fret?06:03
holsteinF is the 4th06:03
holsteinif you go up the the 'five chord06:04
holsteinto G706:04
holsteinC is the 4th then06:04
holsteinzus: pretty much06:04
holsteinin C06:04
holsteinB is the 7th06:04
holsteinand Bb is the 'flat 7th'06:04
holsteinwe call chords with a flat 7th 'dominant 7th' too06:05
holsteinits al just terms though06:05
holsteinno big deal06:05
holsteinjust take them in when you can as you go06:06
zusi spent all day teaching my self wild word by cat stevens, the song was looped 8 hours of "oh baby its a wild world" which is in c06:06
holsteinOH yeah06:06
holsteinI V IV06:06
tucemiuxholstein, you still havent told me how long you believe i should practice scales? 30 minutes? 45 minutes?06:06
holsteini like that tune06:06
holsteintucemiux: just keep it fun06:06
holsteinyou dont want to get burned out06:07
zusif i may suggest,06:07
holsteinand i suggest to students to spend an equal amount of time making music06:07
tucemiuxholstein, im not getting any younger06:07
holsteinnot just ramming scales06:07
holsteinif you play scales for 10 minutes06:07
holsteinplay a tune for 10 minutes06:07
holsteinin time06:07
holsteinwithout stopping06:07
holsteinjust like your performing it06:07
tucemiuxholstein, i notice that when I practice scales I can play better, my ear improves as well06:08
holsteinits good practice06:08
tucemiuxso a song that i practiced and practiced and practiced and somehow it didnt  sound right?  Then I practiced my scales then went back and tried the song again, all of a sudden the sound sounded more proper, more in time, crispier06:09
zustucemiux,  play as long as ya can but not till your fatigued it does more damage when your fingers cant move...06:09
tucemiuxzus, i cant get to that point, i usually fall asleep before I feel any pain06:10
holsteinthats great zus06:10
holsteintucemiux: ^^06:10
holsteinthats the way it should be06:10
holsteinyour practice time helping your performances06:10
zuslol more drills and practice the less bloodshed in the war06:11
tucemiuxwhat I really enjoy is practicing my scales and then when little nephew comes around and he starts singing a little tune of his own  i look up for the tab and can play along with him, im going to record him the next time he comes and visit06:11
zusi get board on scales though, to be honest06:17
zusi need to learn them though06:17
zusapparently i can get a grove but my rhythm suffers...i dont get playing with a click track, i feel its a distraction ( i dont know how to play with one lol) but if i had a great drummer i fall in to the pocket06:17
holsteinif you can keep it interesting somehow06:18
holsteinscale practice06:18
holsteinget a funk groove going in hydrogen or something06:19
holsteinand play scales along with it in syncopated rhythyms06:19
holsteinor something to keep it fresh06:19
tucemiuxwell good night, time to hit the sack06:20
zusyeah i was messing with hydrogen,06:22
zus i like drums its a  un - investigated curiosity. i have no rhythm lol i'd be lost behind a kit, though i should be much more in tune with drums than i am now.06:24
zusnighters holstein06:33
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c7phello all10:22
c7pWhere can I find the conexant fusion  878a tv card drivers ?10:22
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databridgehey guys13:19
databridgei want to connect tuxguitar with zynasubbfx - it works but only the first instrument is played13:20
rlameiroi never used tux guitar13:29
rlameiroi dont know how to help you13:29
databridgedo you know something else?13:32
rlameirowhat is tuxguitar suposed to do?13:32
databridgeits a guitar tab software with midi output13:33
rlameiroso, you want to play sounds from the tab in zynaddsub? is it?13:33
databridgejust want to hear how it sounds13:34
rlameirook, why do you want to use zynadsub? any special reason?13:34
rlameiroahh, ok13:34
rlameirowell, zynaddsub is a synthetizer13:34
rlameiroyou have some sound patch already there, so you may choose them from the instrument button13:34
rlameirobut, when you say the first instrument are you refering to the tablature?13:35
rlameirobecause if you need more then one sound at a time, you need to setup the synth to receive each instrument on each midi channel13:36
rlameiroelse the synth will never guess wich instrument to play13:36
rlameiroi do not now if zynaddsub supports multichannel13:36
databridgei also don`t know13:36
databridgebut maybe i need so select the channels i didnt do thast13:36
rlameirowell, usually they go to channel 0 or 1 by default13:37
databridgei have not too much knowledge of midi13:37
databridgei got it working with fluidsynth now13:38
rlameiroif you start another and connect it to tuxguitar, you need to change the second zynaddsub to match another channel, so it could play another voice13:38
rlameiroyea, fluidsynth does that13:38
rlameiroi was going to recommend you that13:38
databridgecan i send the instruments to my keyboard so that it does the playback?13:38
rlameirobut if you want to play zynaddsub, i dont know another way13:38
databridgeits a very old one from 199013:38
rlameirois it midi?13:39
rlameirodoes it have some GM logo13:39
databridgeits from general music13:39
rlameirono, general midi13:39
databridgeyes its also general midi13:39
rlameiroit should play13:40
rlameirobut, i dont know if it will use the correct sounds, but it should play413:40
databridgei connect it with jack but there comes no sound13:40
rlameiroat least with piano sound13:40
rlameirowell, make sure all you cables are well connected13:41
databridgei can play on my keyboard through zynasubbfx13:41
databridgethat works fine13:41
rlameiroso, it works13:41
rlameiroyou need to connect tuxguitar midi out, to your keyboard midi in and it should work13:42
databridgei did that but maybe the keyboard has its midi in disables i don`t know i also have no manual for it13:43
databridgeits too old :D13:43
databridgei got it from my old school 10 years ago13:43
rlameirowell, maybe you should check in with channels is tuxguitar sending out midi info13:44
rlameiroand then send the info to channel 013:44
databridgeok i try13:45
rlameiroif you have problems hang on this channel13:46
rlameirosomeone wil eventualy answer and help you13:46
databridgeyes thx13:46
rlameiroi am sure that here are people better suited to answer midi questions than me13:46
rlameirowell, i need to go now13:47
rlameirocya and good luck13:47
Mahjongghello, I am looking for an application to manually decode conversations in an audio. I am specifically looking for the future to play the audio faster and slower than normal. Would you recommend me any application that can do this?14:50
Mahjonggwhat's that feature called that enables playing the voice slower or faster?15:04
Mahjonggis it the pitch15:04
Mahjonggany voice recorder applications that can do faster/slower play that you may suggest?17:07
holsteinhey Mahjongg17:24
holsteinone of the easiest i could suggest is using audacity17:25
Mahjonggholstein, audacity speed adjustment is not the easiest17:29
MahjonggI am looking for a knob to slide for speed17:29
holsteindo you use JACK?17:30
Mahjonggno, I have default ubuntu installation17:30
holsteinin my opinion, audacity is the easiest way for you17:30
Mahjonggis this not something trivial, I am surprised that noone ever needed this feature17:31
holsteinthe other ways require learning other software to get to the pitch correction tools17:31
Mahjonggholstein, I am absolutely looking for the easiest way, this is for my mom17:31
Mahjonggin audacity you change speed through the effects, am I correct17:32
holsteinif i remember correctly17:32
holsteinyou import the file you want to look at17:32
holsteinand you can select the area you want to effect17:32
* holstein looking17:33
Mahjonggthank you17:34
holsteinunder effects17:35
holsteintheres change pitch17:35
holsteinand change speed too17:35
holsteinand a preview button17:35
holsteinthere are plenty of other tools really17:36
holsteinsome real time processing options17:36
holsteinbut nothing i feel like i could even explain the functionality of to my mother ;)17:36
holsteinMahjongg: let us know if it doesnt work out, and we'll try something else17:37
Mahjonggholstein, all right thank you for your help but I think audacity will not cut it17:39
Mahjonggwhen I cahnge the speed it resamples the source17:39
MahjonggI do not think it is usable for decoding conversations17:40
Mahjonggholstein, could you let me know what real time processing options are there17:44
MahjonggIt is ok if they allow only raw data17:45
MahjonggI can convert17:45
holsteinMahjongg: what do you mean my 'resamples the source' ?17:48
Mahjonggthe change in speed is not instant17:48
Mahjonggit processes the source file17:49
holsteinyeah, you'd have to apply it to the track17:49
Mahjonggand only then you hear it, she will need to constantly change the speed she is working on the file17:49
MahjonggI really need a know that she can keep her hands on17:49
Mahjongga knob...17:50
holsteinyou going to be around for a bit?17:50
holsteini'll look around17:50
Mahjonggthank you very much, I really appreciate it17:50
holsteinJACK and the other pro-atudio tools are just not an option in my opinion17:50
holstein                       ^^ audio*17:51
MahjonggI would certainly not prefer since they would scre her17:51
holsteinMahjongg: SO17:53
holsteinjust to be clear17:54
holsteinshe doesnt need to really save the file correct?17:54
Mahjonggjust play17:54
holsteinMahjongg: do you have VLC installed?17:56
Mahjonggdoes it do that?17:57
holsteincheck it out and see17:57
holsteinits speed control17:57
Mahjonggyep, I am checking17:58
holsteinyou can get to it from the playback menu17:58
holsteinthe 1.00x17:58
holsteinyou click on that and you get a slider17:58
Mahjonggholstein, cool, thanks so much I should have tried VLC the first place, it is such a cool project17:59
holsteinyeah, i like VLC17:59
holsteinMahjongg: you think that'll do it?17:59
holsteinif not, a player plugin is probably the way to go18:00
Mahjonggit'll certainly do iy18:00
Mahjonggactually, exactly what I was looking for18:00
holsteinand that should be mom-friendly too :)18:00
MahjonggI couldn't come up with the correct keywords for searching18:00
Mahjonggspeed I searched pitch I searched but both are very broad keywords18:00
holsteini actually saw an xmms plugin in my first search18:01
holsteinand that made me think to check VLC18:01
Mahjonggcool, thanks again18:02

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