RaggsVenim,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146763800:00
Viking667hm. Does the xubuntu iso provide for a _update_ rather than a _install_?00:03
RaggsViking667, i dont believe so, but there are ways of upgrading from one to a newer one00:05
VenimRaggs: hmm, that seems like it would be the issue00:05
Venimbut i when i press S, nothing loads00:06
Venimjust black screen00:06
Viking667I want to actually install xubuntu to a existing Ubuntu 10.0400:06
Viking667but I have a bit of a problem.00:06
RaggsVenim, sorry, i just happened upon that, never had that error00:06
Venimhmm ok00:06
Venimi'll see what i can do00:06
RaggsViking667, what is the problem?00:06
VenimRaggs: he wants to turn ubuntu->xubuntu00:07
Viking667things aren't .... working right. 3D programs don't work, and firefox doesn't want to start up either.00:07
Viking667most other programs seem to work, but those don't. Oh yeah, and Skype gets killed on startup.00:07
RaggsViking667, what have you tried so far?00:07
Viking667Not a lot, as it's obviously something I installed that threw things out.00:08
Raggsbut no idea what that would be?00:08
Viking667I tried installing the "official" ATI drivers, but they didn't recognise my video card (9550)00:08
Viking667Well, then I took that back out, then installed something to do with mesa. That's when some of the 3D programs stopped working for me.00:09
Viking667I don't know what started killing off skype.00:09
Raggsswitching from ubuntu to xubuntu isnt a huge thing00:10
VenimRaggs: yeah, now i get just blackscreen :/00:10
Raggstry running skype from the command line00:10
RaggsVenim, that aint good00:10
Venimugh... stupid graphics drivesr00:11
Venimi really should've gotten ati drivers :p00:12
Venima nvidia card*00:12
Venimanyone using 10.6 drivers for ati cards?00:12
Viking667sorry, already tried that.00:20
Viking667Oh yeah, and the flaming framebuffer doesn't show anything until Xorg comes up00:21
Viking667back in 9.04, it used to ... can't remember about 9.1000:21
Viking667hm. A:ctually, that's SIGABRT00:23
Viking667(for Skype)00:24
Viking667and as I haven't got the source code, I can't exactly say what's killing it off.00:25
Viking667the other thing is, the install is a standard Ubuntu, packed out with the Studio packages and quite a few others.00:26
RaggsViking667, not sure, sorry00:31
Viking667no, neither am I.00:31
Viking667That's why I thought i'd try with installing an Xubuntu over the top of a standard Ubuntu... but I somehow don't see any upgrade in-place option00:32
RaggsViking667, do you have a seperate /home?00:32
Viking667no, in this case.00:32
Viking667The drive was only 80Gb, and only 60Gb was Ubuntoid.00:33
Raggs8G / and the resst  /home would be ok00:33
Raggsdoesnt help you now though00:33
Viking667heh. I'm not sure. Hang on a minute, I'll check.00:33
Viking667Hm. Seems my / takes up more than 8Gb, even if I remove /home and /VM00:38
RaggsViking667, show me the output of df -h00:39
Viking667Ah well. It's not helped by the fact that my DVD burner no longer seems to work right, and I've no idea why.00:39
Viking667it's on the other machine, give me a minute.00:39
Viking667/dev/sdb2             64522916  57645864   3599392  95% /00:39
Raggsforgot the -h00:40
* Viking667 blinks00:40
Viking667Sorry, I'm so used to using the real figure.00:40
Viking667comes from being in the Linux world for so long some things set in concrete...00:41
Viking667like usig grep as arg to find command:  -exec grep pattern {} /dev/null \;00:41
Raggswell, no seperate home there00:41
Viking667hm. I meant to add a -n in there somewhere00:42
Viking667Raggs: that's right. There's no separate home on that drive.00:42
Raggshow new of an install?00:42
Viking667It's been around since ..... 8.10, I guess, though I cleaned stuff out.00:42
Viking667I could always strip back to the bone again, try reinstalling.00:43
Viking667But that's a good three or four days work to get it back to rights.00:43
Raggsi would suggest asking in ubuntu first00:43
Viking667i.e. remove bloody pulseaudio cos it does'nt work jack on my computer.00:43
Viking667Tried there, no real answers.00:44
RaggsViking667, i will say that xubuntu is nice00:52
Viking667I know. I installed it on my wife's computer because it's a bit lighter than the normal fare.00:52
Venimwhat's the best way to reinstall x02:11
IncrStormI don't need samba server running, I just need to have client access to SMB type shares, any thoughts?03:29
RaggsIncrStorm, hi again03:45
Raggscan you remove just the server?03:45
Venimso... the xubuntu 10.04 install CD doesn't work for me03:56
Venimperhaps that's why the upgrade didn't work for me as well03:56
RaggsVenim, from ubuntu right?03:57
Venimto xubuntu03:58
Viking667I've managed to fix Firefox (removed moonlight-plugin-mozilla) and Skype (enabled the partner repository, and upgraded Skype)03:58
Raggsok, so that install is messed up?03:58
Viking667now I'm just working through the 3D issues.03:58
RaggsViking667, great03:58
Viking667Well, not so great. I don't know how to troubleshoot this one.03:59
VenimRaggs: yes, but i can't even run the live CD03:59
Venimwhich shouldn't have anything to do with whats on my HD03:59
RaggsVenim, have you a flashdrive handy?03:59
Raggsi have an idea03:59
Viking667ATI Radeon 9550 (rv350), I tried the ATI drivers but they didn't recognise my card. Things went south from there for 3D.04:00
RaggsVenim, look at this  http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/04:00
Viking667Oh yeah. And framebuffer has been blank for me since I upgraded to 10.0404:00
RaggsViking667, i have intel stuff on most all my computers04:00
Raggsbrb, need a reboot04:01
Viking667Heh. It's not ATI or NVidia, so a lot of games don't like me04:01
_Techie_Viking667, for a radeon 9550 you will want to use the ATI driver04:01
_Techie_Viking667, rather than fglrx04:01
Viking667hm? You mean "ati" from opensource?04:02
Viking667heh. I ad to go back to that04:02
Viking667weird thing is, I didn't have issues until I tried to install fglrx (as that had worked for me before)04:02
Viking667Now, my direct rendering speed is a quarter of what it was, and my glxinfo strings differ from what I used to have.04:03
_Techie_well, with  a card like a 9550 fglrx is bad news.. its aimed at the HD cards04:03
Viking667wb, Raggs04:03
_Techie_i use to use a 9600XT and i ran into huge problems with fglrx04:03
Raggsthanks Viking66704:03
RaggsVenim what do you think?04:05
VenimRaggs: i'm tring it now04:06
_Techie_Venim, may i ask why you need to re install Xubuntu?04:06
Venim_Techie_: 10.04 upgrade got shitfucked04:06
_Techie_i see04:06
bazhangVenim, watch the language04:07
Viking667heh. I struck that with a 10.04 upgrade of Ubuntu 9.10... things changed, and not for the best.04:07
Venimbazhang: sry, i'm just quite frustrated04:08
Venimit seems that my graphics card doesn't work with the 10.04 installer04:09
* Viking667 knows how Venim feels, but hey. 04:09
bazhangVenim, alternate installer tried yet?04:09
Venimbazhang: that other iso?04:09
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal04:09
bazhangVenim, that does well when the live cd chokes04:10
Venimok, i will try04:11
VenimRaggs: yea... live cd doesn't work period with my graphics card04:12
Raggssorry Venim04:13
Venimstupid ati...04:13
Venimwhy did i pick it :p04:13
Venimi guess i will put an nvidia card in there04:13
_Techie_Venim, which card is it?04:15
Venimradeon 575004:15
_Techie_aah, nice04:15
Venimworked just fine in 9.1004:15
_Techie_i guess ill have to see how the crossfired 5770's go in my new rig when i get the parts04:16
Venimgood luck getting it work <_<04:16
Venimto work04:16
Venimi thikn i'm just gonna go and install 9.1004:19
Venimand forget about updating04:19
Raggs_Techie_, have you ever used docky?04:22
_Techie_Raggs, nope04:25
Raggsok, trying to figure out how to get a newer version installed04:26
Venimok i'm giving up04:41
Venimi'm just going to reinstall 9.1004:41
Venimand forget about 10.0404:41
Viking667Hm. Does anyone actually _have_ a /usr/lib/libGL.so symlink pointing anywhere?04:42
Raggshi xubuntu_newbie05:07
xubuntu_newbiehi @lighta are you still here?05:07
xubuntu_newbiehi @Raggs05:07
xubuntu_newbieI'm still looking a way how to change refresh rate to like 85GHz05:07
xubuntu_newbie:( it's 60GHz now and blinking so fast that I'm going to be blind05:07
Raggsi am not a great xorg guy, sorry05:07
xubuntu_newbiehaha.. @Raggs, that's fine, it's still good to know there is someone who chats and response even if he/she cannot help much :D05:08
xubuntu_newbieso @Raggs, this refresh rate has something to do with the XORG?05:08
Raggsyes, i cant do much, i make a mean cocoa though05:08
xubuntu_newbiewell, friends, I have downloaded the Intel Graphics Controller Driver from Intel.com05:09
xubuntu_newbiehowever I really donnu how to install it05:09
Raggsyou have intel?05:09
xubuntu_newbiei use a Mac and Windows, first time I use Xubuntu. just downloaded it to my computer a few hours ago05:09
xubuntu_newbieyes, my old PC uses an Integrated Intel Graphics Card05:09
Viking667heh. 815 or 810 ?05:10
xubuntu_newbieno, it's a 845G05:10
* Viking667 blinks... wow.05:10
xubuntu_newbiemy computer was bought in around 200405:10
xubuntu_newbiewell, my desktop is now not with me. i'm at office now05:10
xubuntu_newbiesearching for possible solutions05:10
xubuntu_newbiebut it didn't say how :(05:13
Raggsi remember havint to install 915 resolution05:14
xubuntu_newbiewhat is 915 resolution?05:16
Raggsan app to use intel 945 equipment05:16
=== Raggs_ is now known as Raggs
_Techie_Raggs, did you bail because of xubuntu_newbie?05:47
Raggsgod no05:47
Raggsi like to help, however i am easily distracted05:48
Raggsadhd is a pain05:48
Raggsi hope it didnt look that way, but clearly it did05:49
_Techie_nah, not really05:53
_Techie_its what i woulda done though05:53
_Techie_also he was trolling i do beliefve05:54
Raggs_Techie_, ok, i would not like to run someone off linux, but if he were a troll ...05:54
_Techie_Raggs, theres 2 reasons why i didnt even bother talking to him... 1) an intel card couldnt output anything near 85Ghz    2) if it could... the display would just go into standby05:56
Raggsok good to know, my intel stuff works well05:57
=== kr4zy10 is now known as kr4zy10^zZzZz
Raggshi all, can someone give me a hand with chroot an installing grub?07:28
Raggsi am in a live cd07:29
Viking667mount /dev/hdnX /your/dir; cd /your/dir; chroot . /bin/bash07:29
Viking667you'll have to tweak the mount line of course07:30
Raggsi have ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo chroot /media/67e26105-b997-4ddb-af4e-63d6c50bb225/07:30
Viking667start with "sudo su -"07:30
Viking667then go: cd /media/bloody-long-string; chroot . /bin/bash07:30
Raggsubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo su - root@ubuntu:~# cd /media/55f999f4-7258-48eb-b186-8a11cec81f37/ chroot . /bin/bash root@ubuntu:/media/55f999f4-7258-48eb-b186-8a11cec81f37#07:31
Viking667Then edit your /etc/grub.d/stuff07:32
Raggslost me07:32
Raggsno, i mean i dont know how07:32
Viking667you don't do it all in one hit.07:32
Viking667i.e. cd /media/55f999f4-7258-48eb-b186-8a11cec81f37/07:32
Raggscant just reinstall grub huh07:32
Viking667now do:  pwd07:32
Viking667Well, you could... I'm trying to walk you through.07:33
Raggsroot[/]# pwd / root[/]#07:33
Viking667ah huh. Is that INSIDE the chroot?07:33
Viking667good. That lsook correct.07:33
Viking667bah. Looks.....07:33
Viking667now go edit /etc/grub.d/* to suit your setup07:34
Viking667you may also have to check /etc/default/grub to see if you need to change anything in there too...07:34
Viking667I recently went through this when I upgraded the (%)(*@ machine's grub, which was 0.97 at the time.07:34
Raggshold on, no grub07:35
Raggsdamn, wrong drive07:35
Viking667type exit then...07:37
Viking667that exits the chroot07:37
Raggsand start over07:37
Viking667means you'd better umount 55f99....07:38
Viking667At least you haven't had my problem...07:38
Raggsroot@ubuntu:/# pwd / root@ubuntu:/#07:39
Viking667I wanted to boot the BSDs natively, only problem is, when I boot the respective kernels bare, they complain they're missing certain information that only seems to show when they're actually booted using their boots.07:39
Raggsok here we go again07:39
Viking667right. Check out /etc/grub.d/*  and /etc/default/grub07:39
Raggsroot@ubuntu:/etc/grub.d# ls 00_header  05_debian_theme  10_linux  20_memtest86+  30_os-prober  40_custom  README root@ubuntu:/etc/grub.d#07:40
Viking667does 00_header and 10_linux look like it should?07:41
Viking667Remember, there's programming in grub now, to do the probing of Linux kernels07:41
Raggsdont know what they should look like07:41
Viking667that's what 10_linux shows. Any other OSes you want to show up? i.e. Winblows?07:41
Raggsno, another linux, but we can worry bout that when i can get back into buntu07:42
Viking667If It's another Linux, it may be picked up and added by 30_os-prober07:42
Viking667I don't know, I don't have more than one Linux on a machine07:43
Viking667... so that's something I've never had occasion to test07:43
Raggswe still need to add grub to the mbr ?07:43
Viking667check out /etc/default/grub now07:43
Raggswhat am i looking for?07:44
Viking667Not sure. Check out that the LINUX and LINUX_DEFAULT lines are like you want them to read... especially the UUID of the drive you're booting off.07:45
Viking667Personally, I'd use root=/dev/hda instead of UUID, but hey.07:45
Raggsthe rest is commented07:46
Viking667hm. I'd remove that quiet and splash07:46
Viking667that way, you get to see text.07:46
Raggsi just want it to boot07:46
Viking667brb... closing door07:46
Viking667try running "update-grub2"07:47
Viking667see what results you get in /boot/grub/grub.cfg as a result07:47
Raggsroot@ubuntu:/etc# update-grub2 /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?). root@ubuntu:/etc#07:48
Raggsthat isnt good07:48
Viking667check if /dev is mounted then07:49
Viking667type "mount"07:49
Viking667see if one of those is a /dev07:50
Raggslong output07:50
Raggsa few are07:50
Raggsi cant chroot into a unmounted drive can i?07:50
Viking667what does ls /dev/[hs]d[a-d]* show?07:51
Raggsshowed i am an idiot07:52
Raggsls /dev/[hs]d[a-d]*  /dev/sda   /dev/sda2  /dev/sda6  /dev/sdb   /dev/sdc /dev/sda1  /dev/sda5  /dev/sda7  /dev/sdb1  /dev/sdc107:52
Viking667hm. no fstab?07:52
Viking667oh!  run blkid07:52
Viking667see if THAT turns up anything recognisable07:52
Viking667then you may need to 'tweak' /etc/fstab07:53
RaggsViking667: where do you want me to run the comands, in the chroot right?07:54
Viking667If you don't see blkid working, then you may have to check out the non-chroot's version07:54
Raggsroot@ubuntu:/etc# blkid /dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"  root@ubuntu:/etc#07:55
Raggsuff isnt good is it?07:55
Viking667you have sda etc, which drive is your /07:55
Viking667hm? A logical partition?07:56
Viking667not a primary?07:56
Raggsprimary i think07:57
Viking667sda6 isn't primary07:57
Raggsi am beginning to think a reinstall would be better huh07:57
Viking667only sda1-4 are primary07:57
Viking667I'm not sure that would fix it07:57
Raggssure it would07:57
Viking667let's work with what we have. I'm sure we can fix this07:58
Raggshold on, i have an  idea to give you what we are working with07:58
Raggsmy drive layout   http://imagebin.ca/view/aoqMkPPX.html08:00
Viking667Ahh, so you're dealing with sda5 then.08:01
Viking667or sda6?08:02
Raggs5 is buntu /08:02
Raggs6 is /home08:02
Viking667what does your /etc/fstab show (inside the chroot)?08:02
Raggs7 is Salix/08:02
Viking667Salix, huh? That Slack-based or something?08:02
Viking667heh. Thought so. I hadn't heard the name before, thought I'd take an educated guess.08:03
Raggspasted in other place08:03
Viking667wow. Your fstab's been run over by a steam train08:04
Viking667Right. INto that file, add something like this:    /dev/sda5  /  defaults  1 108:04
Viking667oh, hang on. I missed a field08:04
Raggsbuntu does that08:04
Viking667something like this:    /dev/sda5  / ext4  defaults  1 108:04
Viking667We'll get the device showing once we're booted into the OS itself.08:05
Viking667You may want to add /dev/sda7  /home  ext4  defaults,ro  1 108:05
Viking667(so you have any /home files you need)08:05
Viking667oh, hang on, sda6, not 708:05
Viking667My fingers are cold08:05
Viking667Write out the file, see what update-grub says now08:06
Raggsshould i take out the other dec/sda5 and 7?08:06
Viking667huh? Y ouhave them in?08:06
Viking667show me that fstab again?08:06
Viking667and paste them as separate lines08:06
Viking667oh, too late08:06
Viking667actually, that looks good, I suspect. If you can paste it to a pastebin so I can look at the lines?08:07
Viking667Ahhh. stick a # in front of lines 15 and 1608:09
Viking667We won't possibly need those for the moment.08:09
Raggsyou just had me add those08:09
Viking667the / uuid looks correct08:09
Viking667Yeah, now I can see the lines you pasted, they actually look good for the moment.08:10
Viking667Right, so the fault's not with fstab.08:10
Viking667What's in /proc/mounts  ?08:10
Raggsok, good08:10
Viking667Well, maybe. We've still got to get grub to agree.08:10
Viking667Actually, go check out what /boot/grub/grub.cfg says.08:10
Viking667You'll have to pastebin that, it's  long.08:10
Raggsnothing in proc08:11
Viking667mount -t proc /proc proc08:11
Viking667I _think_ that'll work08:11
Raggsmount: mount point proc does not exist08:11
Viking667ls /08:12
Viking667see if proc is at the top of the tree08:12
Viking667I could have it the wrong way around... that'd figure08:12
Raggsit is08:12
Viking667right.   mount -t proc proc /proc08:12
Viking667see if THAT works08:12
Raggsit did08:13
Viking667cat /proc/mounts08:13
Viking667that'll be why grub can't find anything to mount08:13
Raggshold on08:13
Raggsgrub got removed when lilo was installed08:14
Viking667You have lilo in place... and you want grub back???08:15
* Viking667 shakes his head... ours not to reason why...08:15
Raggslilo is broken08:15
Raggsso i need to install grub again08:15
Viking667That mounts comes from the outside of the chroot, I suspect08:15
Raggsdont know08:16
Viking667It does. I can tell.08:16
Viking667but anyhow, try running update-grub again08:16
Raggs> /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).08:17
Viking667see what's in /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:17
Viking667and pastebin that, please08:18
Raggsbrb. need a drink08:19
Viking667seems like it's grub-probe that's complaining08:21
Viking667Right. I think I've gained a little expert assistance, so I'll drop that into the channel when you come back08:23
Viking667Try this:   grub-install --recheck /dev/sda08:24
Raggs> /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).08:25
Viking667yeah. That's the error we got the last time.08:25
Viking667Right. exit the chroot. I think we can do this a different way.08:25
Viking667You'll need to reboot08:25
Raggsi bet there shouldnt be a /08:25
Viking667there SHOULD be a /, your problem is, your mounts shows you have TWO of them08:26
Viking667... which is about right for a chroot08:26
Raggsok, this isnt a quick fix it seems08:26
Viking667Might be, might not be.08:26
Viking667Exit the chroot anyhow.08:26
Raggslol, it is 3:30 here08:26
Viking667... I found a guide that may help us out08:26
Viking667and it's only 19:30 here.08:27
Viking667(on Saturday)08:27
Raggssaturday here too08:27
Viking667So I've been up for longer than you have...08:27
Viking667So. Have you managed to exit the chroot?08:27
Viking667Right. You'll have to tailor this next one to fit, replace mnt with media/67-bloodylongstring08:28
Viking667mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev08:28
Viking667i.e. you're mounting your live CD's devtree onto the same place as /media/67e26105-b997-4ddb-af4e-63d6c50bb225/08:29
RaggsViking667 i thank you for all the help. but itis 3:30 am, i am running out of steam08:29
Viking667Aww. Almost THERE!!!08:29
Raggswe will see08:29
Viking667yup. Feel like rebooting?08:29
Viking667it'll keep the /proc stuff straight.08:29
Raggsas root rightt08:30
Viking667as in, reboot the LiveCD and boot off it again08:30
Raggsdo that other stuff first?08:30
Viking667not yet08:31
Viking667'llo, and wb08:33
Viking667right. you're booted, obviously08:33
Raggsmust be08:34
Viking667got your mountpoint set up?08:34
Viking667i.e. is /dev/sda5 mounted?08:34
Raggsi have nothing set up08:34
Viking667Ah well, go mount your /dev/sda5 if it isn't already on /media/67xxyyzz....08:34
Viking667# mount --bind /dev  /media/67e26105-b997-4ddb-af4e-63d6c50bb225/dev08:35
Raggsthey are mounted08:35
Viking667# mount --bind /proc  /media/67e26105-b997-4ddb-af4e-63d6c50bb225/proc08:35
Viking667# mount --bind /sys  /media/67e26105-b997-4ddb-af4e-63d6c50bb225/sys08:36
Raggsas root?08:36
Viking667er, yeah.08:36
Viking667otherwise they'd have sudo in front08:36
Viking667but you'll need to be root to chroot anyhow08:36
Raggssudo ...08:36
Raggswhat was that command?08:36
Viking667which one?08:36
Viking667"sudo su -"08:37
Raggsthat one08:37
Viking667I don't usually stuff around with commands-by-commands-sudo... I generally just su into root, do the stuff I need to, then get the )**$% out.08:37
Viking667So. As root, have you done those three mounts?08:37
Raggsdid it wrong the first time08:39
Raggsount: mount point /media/55f999f4-7258-48eb-b186-8a11cec81f37/proc does not exist08:39
Raggsi am just going to redo the hdd08:40
Viking667yeah, you need that other digity thing I typed out all for you to type08:40
Viking667hey he hey.08:40
Viking667I'm three commands away from updating your grub08:40
Viking667so, you'vedone the three mounts, to the CORRECT mountpoint?08:40
Raggsmount --bind /dev  /media/55f999f4-7258-48eb-b186-8a11cec81f37/08:41
Raggsi did that08:41
Viking667no no no08:41
Viking667you've got the wrong UUID08:41
Raggsi know08:42
Raggsno i dont08:42
Raggsthat is sda508:42
Viking667sda5 is your root?08:42
Viking667or sda6 is your root?08:42
Raggsi dont know anymore08:42
Raggsi am going to bed08:42
Raggswe can finish in about 7 hours08:42
Viking667According to the picture you pasted back when, 67e2xxxx is your /08:42
Viking667I wont be here in seven hours08:43
Viking667I'll be tucked up in bed08:43
RaggsViking667: seriously ty08:43
Raggsi needs sleep08:43
Viking667then I'll give you a link08:43
Viking667That's what I used to help you through, afore you piked out with sleep <grin>08:44
Raggsgood talking with ya, maybe see you tomorrow evening08:44
Viking667You have a good sleep08:44
_Techie_heya slow-motion, how are you tonight?12:32
slow-motionthe night was fine. here is bright day at the moment12:32
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Venimi just reinstalled xubuntu, and networking is having issues22:31
Venimmy usb dongle won't connect to anything22:31
Venimi had this similar situation when i was trying to get it working with arch, where I have multiple drivers trying to work22:32
Venimso i was wondering how to blacklist some drivers22:32
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »22:33
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Raggshi Venim23:28
Raggsanother day of ubuntu fun huh23:29
Venimeh sorta23:29
Venimi tried arch23:29
Venimthen gave up because i'm too lazy to mess with graphics23:29
Raggsmaybe archbang sometime23:31
omega333Hello everyone23:34
omega333I have few questions about partitions. I hope someone will be able to help me23:35
Raggspartitions are goood23:35
omega333I've got installed opensuse 11.2 beside xubuntu23:36
omega333I was wondering could be possible to use suse /home partition in xubuntu?23:37
Raggsyes it is possible23:37
omega333I mean mount as new home partition and delete old one23:37
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omega333ok I think I have found some guidelines about mounting partitions23:42
omega333I'll try it now23:43
omega333see ya23:43

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