glyphI've been using bzr-svn02:50
glyphon the SVN repository on svn.twistedmatrix.com02:51
glyphany time I do a 'pull' on any branch where I've done a 'push' though, I get a02:51
glyphConflicting tags:02:51
glyph    release-2.0.0+win32installer02:51
glyphcan anyone help me out with an explanation of why that particular tag is always conflicting, and/or what I can do to fix it?  I don't really care about tags at all, I'm just using bzr-svn for offline commits.02:52
lifelessglyph: pull --overwrite03:00
micahghow do I include the changelogs of the merged revisions into the new branch?04:19
glyphmicahg: changelogs?04:52
micahgglyph: sorry, commit messages :) (packaging on the brain)04:52
glyphmicahg: that's just what happens when you branch in bzr04:53
glyphmicahg: have you done 'bzr visualize' or 'bzr qlog'?04:53
micahgglyph: no\04:53
micahgglyph: I wanted them merged for the merge commit message04:54
glyphmicahg: you want all of the commit messages in the branch to show up as one *giant* commit message for the merge revision?04:55
micahgglyph: no, just the revisions that are being merged in04:56
* micahg thought there was a flag04:56
glyphI don't know if there's a flag04:59
glyphbut there's no reason to do that04:59
glyphsince you can always access the earlier commit messages in the revision log04:59
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samgeeI have a branch foo to which I added subtree bar. Then I did some commits on foo/bar (and nothing on the rest of the tree). Now I want to put bar into its own branch, keeping just the history starting from when it was added.09:36
samgeebzr split seems to copy the whole history. I found https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr/+question/106791, but it looks like bzr-rewrite hasn't been updated in a while and doesn't work with bzr 2.x. Any solution for this?09:37
lifelessmoin moin19:21
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mneptoklifeless: ahoyhoy19:50
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