_athif anyone knows anything about xorg/fglrx, I'd appreciate it if they took a peek at this and, if they can provide it, give some advice: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151855600:15
TaskbarGoneJames147:  Thanks for the kwallet info. :)00:18
ocatacoodoes anyone know a decent resource on GSSAPI Authentication00:24
TaskbarGoneIs there a way to mashup "apt-cache search <SearchTerm>" & "dpkg -l" - so that given a SearchTerm, it would find all the related package names in the cache, then do a "dpkg -l" on those package names?00:48
Typos_Kinghehe, wrong shot ^_^00:51
Typos_Kingcrap, even wronger channel hehe00:51
bazhangTypos_King, please /msg ubottu00:52
Typos_Kingohh, I can, thanks00:53
_athTo those with ati driver experience, please have a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151855601:33
newboon2ageandyis: i'm here, but am a beginner at kubuntu.  what is your situation?01:43
andyisOh, I am too. I was wondering if anyone could help me get the Opera Beta to work.01:44
newboon2ageandyis: i probably won't be too much help, but why don't you describe where you're at...01:45
andyisAh, ok. Well, nvm... I think I got it to work by going on a mirror to download it.01:45
newboon2ageandyis: great. :)01:46
andyisthanks. You probably arent familiar with wine though right?01:46
newboon2ageandyis: a little01:47
newboon2ageandyis: i've played around w/ it some.  got some things working.01:47
andyisYeah. There porobably isn't a way to get your dual-booted PC to just run stuff using wine on the windows side of the partition01:47
andyisthat you know of01:47
andyisawesome :)01:47
newboon2ageandyis: interesting question.  I could imagine it working.  PlayOnLinux gives a configuration for each windows program and maybe by using that???01:49
andyisAnd yeah, Opera is awesomely being awesome.01:49
andyiso/ again01:50
newboon2ageandyis: linux can see the windoze partition.  thing is i've only done it where i was installing the program through wine or through wine+playonlinux.01:50
newboon2ageandyis: so if it didn't go through that install process I'm not sure how it would work.01:51
andyisI havent tried anything yet, but I have plenty of windows stuff I wouldn't mind NOT having to install again.01:52
newboon2ageandyis: believe me I'm just a beginner w/ that too.  but i wouldn't be surprised if there was a #wine irc channel01:52
newboon2ageandyis: i just looked it up.  There's one at #winehq01:53
newboon2ageandyis: good luck!  That'd be cool if it is possible.01:55
andyisNot going to go too far now, still ahve plenty of other stuff to try.01:55
c3lhow do I reset all panel settings to plain default?01:55
andyisI can tell you the default values if you can tell me where this pannel settings is01:58
cannonfodderanyone herre get driftnet to work with wireless?01:59
cannonfodderive got the aircrack-ng suite runnign just fine01:59
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ZeikDoes anyone know what would cause Cairo Dock to kill out the video playback in Dragon Player?02:30
=== daniel is now known as DanielEads
goodtimeits like nothing going on...02:59
andyisNo one says anything in half of these IRCs03:02
EzrosHey, is anyone there to help me with a problem I am having with kubuntu?03:02
andyiswhats your trouble?03:02
EzrosI am trying to play Heroes of Newerth03:03
EzrosAnd after loading into kubuntu for like...03:03
EzrosA minute or two03:03
EzrosI get a message saying windows thing is going slow, press ctrl alt f12 to resume03:03
EzrosAnd then I can't play HoN03:03
EzrosAnd then my screen freezes and blinks every so often03:04
andyisIs it a Linux specific version??03:04
EzrosI don't think it's a problem with the game03:04
andyisKK... Hmmm03:04
EzrosI think it's something with my hardware/kubuntu03:04
andyisWell, it would be a problem with03:04
EzrosBut I can't figure out what03:05
EzrosIs there any way to see a log that is causing the slowdown?03:05
andyisIts probably on the level of execution that theres a problem03:05
andyisGo to your applications03:06
andyisSystem Logs03:06
FloodBotK3andyis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:06
andyisOh, sorry. My apologies03:06
EzrosThere's a lot of logs here -_-03:07
Ezros"Compositing was too slow and has been suspended. If this was only a temporary problem, you can resume using the alt+shift+f12 shortcut"03:08
andyisYeah. was that in the logs?03:09
EzrosI... don't know.03:09
EzrosThere's a ton of stuff in the logs.03:09
EzrosIs there any way I can just send my logs to you? lol03:09
andyisAnd yeah03:28
andyis(@erzos) You take the log, select everything, copy/paste it into an email to acecipherzero@gmail.com03:28
ner0xHow can I install wireless drivers with no internet connection? I have the .deb and the firmware it needs already on the system.03:30
Ezrosandyis: why cant i write to my xorg.conf file?03:31
andyisUhhhhhh.... I don03:31
andyist know....03:31
ner0xIt's a configuration error.03:31
EzrosI did it, damn I'm good03:31
ner0xandyis: Define "can't write it"03:31
ner0xWrong person.03:32
ner0xAnd they figured it out. TWo negatives.03:32
andyislol. There are worse things to happen.03:32
EzrosSo I googled my problem03:33
EzrosAnd I think I fixed it03:34
EzrosI turned RenderAccel off in my xorg.conf03:34
andyisLOL, nice. Yay google!03:34
EzrosHeroes of Newerth just froze on me :(03:34
EzrosLinux + graphics = fail.03:34
andyisIs it taking up too much memory or something?03:34
EzrosNo idea03:35
ner0xLinux + graphics = just fine.03:36
ner0xDepending on the card.03:36
EzrosThat's not what I like to hear.03:36
jaksinyeah, theres a ton of stuff the installer didnt pick up on mine03:36
EzrosI am using the hardware drivers video driver.03:36
EzrosVersion "current"03:36
jaksinnero... howd u know?03:36
ner0xWon't necessarily detect it. Nvidia has great support though. Right from their website.03:37
EzrosI tried installing their drivers before.03:37
EzrosTotally borked my computer.03:37
jaksinlook in my defense ladies and gentlemen... I had no idea about linux when i purchased my laptop03:37
ner0xEzros: Been on linux long?03:37
ner0xEzros: There's your sign. :)03:38
EzrosIf you are trying to make an OS mainstream03:38
EzrosIt's good to make it as user-friendly as possible.03:38
ner0xYou can't make everything "dumb proof" or you sacrifice power.03:38
jaksinits not mainstream because people suffer from apathy03:38
ner0xAnd no, I didn't call you dumb.03:38
EzrosIt's not apathy as much as people aren't masochists.03:39
EzrosConfiguring every little thing for every single program = waste of time03:39
jaksinnobody wants to know what a shell is.... or sudo apt-get03:39
EzrosAnd is super annoying03:39
ner0xEzros: You obviously have no idea what linux it. lol03:39
Ezrosner0x: I know plenty of what linux is.03:39
EzrosThat's why I opted for Kubuntu03:39
jaksinI found out about linux and installed it within a week... just for the knowledge03:39
andyisShells are fun.03:40
EzrosIt is an attempt at a user-friendly linux OS.03:40
ner0xEzros: If you have to configure every program, then no, you do not.03:40
jaksinwell kubuntu has less support and funding than ubuntu.. right?03:40
jaksinso i.e more bugs?03:40
EzrosI was using an exaggeration to prove a opint, ner0x.03:40
ner0xFIrst, it's a distro, not an OS.03:40
ner0xSecond, just because the learning curve is steep doesn't mean it isn't worth it.03:40
EzrosWhen did I say that.03:41
EzrosI know that it has max potential.03:41
ner0xYou spoke of a "user friendly" "OS"03:41
EzrosBut that max potential is pretty much not obtainable by the majority.03:41
jaksinI took a weeks vacation just to sit at home and drink mt dew while i played on ubuntu03:41
ner0xEzros: Only for the dumb. :)03:41
ner0xEzros: So, google the shit out of everything. lol03:41
EzrosIt has nothing to do with being dumb.03:41
EzrosThat is hyper-inconvenient.03:42
ner0xIf you can read, you can learn linux.03:42
andyisLol, what happens when the majority are dumb?03:42
EzrosAnd most people don't want to be bothered.03:42
ner0xandyis: You use windows. :)03:42
andyisI ALSO use windows.03:42
EzrosIf you have to jump through a loop of fire to get your system to work, it's really inconvenient.03:42
ner0xEzros: It takes me 5 minutes to get a system up and running.03:42
jaksinactually.... the standardized iq tests say that the gen pop reached their max iq in the early to mid 90s03:42
andyisBut there is no reason why people cant use both like me03:42
jaksinand now our intelligence is declining03:42
Ezrosner0x: You are not the average user.03:43
jaksinI use 7 and ubuntu03:43
EzrosThe common case must be the one that is used, otherwise there's no point.03:43
EzrosI can say that a god would just make his own OS.03:43
EzrosAnd it would be a joke03:43
EzrosWith full support03:43
andyisSame jaksin03:43
ner0xEzros: My point is, I used to be. Just as lost as everyone else. Keep at it, it gets easier.03:43
EzrosYa, obviously.03:44
EzrosBut it's just annoying.03:44
jaksinI actually downloaded kubuntu, but didnt really like the GUI03:44
ner0xEzros: Then don't use it. lol03:44
EzrosAnd if I really wanted to learn linux, why would I use kubuntu?03:44
EzrosWhy not use Gentoo.03:44
andyisAndroid is the perfect Linux OS03:44
jaksinpraise the words nero..lol03:44
ner0xHaha you think Kubuntu is hard don't even think about gentoo.03:44
EzrosLinux is linux.03:44
andyisEzros: So that you don't nuke everything within 5 minutes.03:44
ner0xEzros: Of course, distros greatly differ though.03:44
EzrosKubuntu nukes stuff within 5 minutes.03:45
jaksinhey, i understand the curve is steep, thats how i roll tho holmz03:45
EzrosI understand that the learning curve is steep03:45
EzrosBut it should be easier.03:45
EzrosThere is no point for a common user to have to know linux.03:45
ner0xTrue, it's not for the common user.03:45
ner0xKubuntu, Ubuntu, SuSe, mandriva, etc.03:46
ner0xAll make it easier.03:46
jaksinhahaha and thats what linux users wanna hear. it keeps their community; Small, effective, and intelligent. without all the stay at home dads hitting up the irc to ask how to change their tcp/ip settings03:46
EzrosThen it loses out on a comparative scale of other OSes.03:46
ner0xGentoo is cutting edge compile everything.03:46
ner0xEzros: For personal computing. How many webservers do you think actually run a windows product?03:46
EzrosEh, that depends.03:46
EzrosA lot, I would say.03:47
ner0xOr database server, or a render farm. Or anything for computational mathematics/comp sci03:47
andyis88% are Linux servers03:47
ner0xEzros: You need to read more.03:47
EzrosIt entirely depends on the situation.03:47
jaksin12% home use in linux and almost 80% business use03:47
EzrosThat's fine.03:47
ner0xOkay. The situation is the world. And linux runs the server department.03:47
BenPAhi all need help with screwed up video on 10.04 I made changes to special effects and now I cannot boot into x11 how do I repair it03:47
EzrosThat's fine, ner0x03:48
ner0xBenPA: What graphics card?03:48
jaksinask one of them!!!03:48
andyisOk, what is screwed up in the special effects?03:48
EzrosBut if linux wants to branch out, it needs to become more user friendly.03:48
EzrosThat is my point.03:48
BenPAner0x :how can I tell03:48
EzrosIf it doesn't want to branch out, that's fine.03:48
andyiswell,what did you change?03:48
EzrosBut that is incredibly stupid.03:48
jaksinthis is still actually my first day with ubuntu running as my dual boot instead of cd boot03:48
ner0xBenPA: You should know your graphics card?03:48
ner0xjaksin: Dual boot for gaming?03:48
andyisLOL jaskin03:48
jaksinno my dual boot is cuz i produce dubstep and i like my flxxl 9 studio03:49
andyisLOL, dual boot for functionality. f.lux, Notepad++, yeah...03:49
ner0xEzros: Linux is stronger than ever without "branching out". Because the people who want the power will do the reading. Simple enough.03:49
ner0xjaksin: Don't need a dual boot for that.03:49
jaksinnero... 100% dude03:49
BenPAner0x : sorry it's not my machine bud03:49
andyisI think we should all get Android :P Then we will all be able to use linux and be better off for it.03:49
jaksinI know, i read about the in system things and wine.03:50
jaksinim getting there man03:50
andyisOr if iOS could help people get used to unix-like OSes03:50
jaksini promise03:50
jaksinits only been a day03:50
FloodBotK3jaksin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:50
BenPAner0x : sorry it's rare I ever have this problem03:50
ner0xBenPA: It's cool. do an "lspci" and see if it mentions your card.03:50
ner0xjaksin: VirtualBox for the win.03:50
jaksinyeah, virtualbox03:50
ner0xjaksin: A fill windows environment "native".03:51
andyisWhat exactly does virtualbox do?03:51
BenPAner0x : I just booted into the windows cause I dual booted the darn thing03:51
ner0xandyis: Lets you install other OSes on top of linux/ma03:51
andyis... :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd03:51
andyisBut is it slow?03:51
ner0xandyis: How long is a piece of string?03:51
jaksinI really wanted to just dual boot, since i do have 500g to just toss around. for now ne ways.03:52
ner0xBenPA: Can you figure out the card on that side?03:52
andyisyeah. Either way kubuntu doesnt recognise my built in wireless hardware on my labtop03:52
andyisGo into system it should say something03:53
ner0xandyis: It does if you use the "hardware driver" setting.03:53
jaksinI had to configure it in kubuntu, but not in ubuntu03:53
ner0xjaksin: Different maintainers.03:53
ner0xandyis: It's as fast as your machine will allow it to be.03:53
jaksinsee, you guys are comp wizards... I'm working on it fellas03:53
andyisAlso nerox, where do I get to that menu?03:53
andyisAh ok.03:54
ner0xFor me, it's only slightly slower than native install.03:54
ner0xjaksin: Kubuntu -> Applications -> System -> Hardware Drivers03:54
ner0xSorry andyis*03:54
ner0xandyis: If you have a good amount of ram, you can run anything. :)03:55
jaksinits ok, i wiped kubuntu from the drive and reinstalled with ubu03:55
andyisOK, awesome. Shoudl 4GB be good03:55
ner0xDepends on the OS your installing.03:55
ner0xVista or 7 you'll be cutting it closer.03:56
BenPAner0x : Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV GRAPHICS CONTROLLER03:56
ner0xBenPA: Onboard integrated intel. Blah.03:56
andyisnerox, (HUG) THANK YOU03:56
ner0xandyis: Do read up on it first.03:57
andyisah ok.03:57
andyisIntegrated intel isn't the worst :P03:57
ner0xRadeon is. :)03:57
jaksinisnt radeon supported?03:57
ner0xBenPA: It should be auto-detected. What does "Kubuntu -> Applications -> Systems -> Hardware Drivers" say?03:57
BenPAner0x : UGH should I disspare03:57
BenPAner0x : it won't boot to anything but a prompt03:58
ner0xBenPA: Did you get through an install?03:58
BenPAner0x : oh yes03:58
BenPAner0x : only boots to a tty203:59
ner0xBenPA: Type "X -configure" in a shell.03:59
andyisnerox, do you know how to get to the windows side of a partition in bash?03:59
ner0xandyis: Depends on which disk it's install on. You won't be able to write to that partition.04:00
BenPAner0x : hold a sec ner0x04:00
jaksinthe ubuntu disc has gparted on it, u could use that04:00
jaksingparted is how I erased kub and put ubu on04:01
BenPAner0x : ok I had to use sudo04:02
ner0xBenPA: That's fine. Did it work?04:02
jaksinwheres the yayo04:03
ner0xandyis: jaksin: Either of you program?04:04
BenPAner0x : it said to run X -config /home/name/xorg.conf.new and it didnt work04:04
jaksinno, i just downloaded some software to help me learn04:04
ner0xjaksin: Help you learn what?04:04
jaksinhow to read and write program code04:04
ner0xjaksin: Uh... what kind?04:05
ner0xBenPA: Hm... What was the error?04:05
jaksintheyre applets on linux04:05
ner0xjaksin: What language?04:05
ner0xjaksin: Better question, what languages do you know?04:05
jaksini dont know any04:06
ner0xThen you aren't writing any applets any time soon. lol04:06
jaksinim teaching myself html, python, and perl right now04:06
andyisAlso, if I use both the hardware wireless and a USB wireless adapter to connect to wifi, will I get more bandwith?04:06
BenPAner0x : fatal server error .... failed to submit batchbuffer: Input/output error04:06
jaksinnooo nero, i downloaded it04:06
andyislol, what if we know HTML, CSS, and shell script?04:06
andyisoyo, that isnt good04:07
jaksinoh andy, i read an article on that the other day. using an old wireless box as a slave to boost your main one04:08
andyislol. this is just the receiver.04:09
andyisYeah. Do you think it would work? I have both active04:09
jaksindont you think one would trumph the other?? sorta like when you have ethernet plugged and wireless on, it chooses the fastest04:10
andyisNo, not on linux. It uses both.04:10
andyisYeah, you are right.04:10
andyisAnd well, good04:11
jaksini have tried to screw comcast for an extra bit or 204:11
andyisThe hardware reciever is faster.04:11
jaksinso how long did it take you to learn program languages?04:12
andyisWhat if you have 2 different wifi networks that you are connected to? This might be worth investigation...04:12
jaksinthat is worth investigation04:12
andyisWell, HTML I learned by working with it, its part of my job.04:12
andyisJust play around with new features on a webpage. if you dont ahve a webpage opera has some kinda server thingy04:13
BenPAner0x : can I reinstall X11 somehow?04:13
jaksinshould be a download under the apps ubuntu software dropdown04:13
BenPAjaskin : I only have a prompt04:14
jaksinandyis: you try the 2 networks set up?04:15
andyisDoing so now04:15
andyisIm using my droid to make another wireless network, forgot to turn wii on for a second04:15
jaksinlol... lemme know how that goes. Im interested04:16
andyisOh wow04:17
andyisOK, I have successfully connected both different hookups to different wifis04:17
andyisOK one is up...04:17
andyisYeah, this connection might take a while... its only a phone with 2Mbps connection04:18
andyisNope, not with the weak wireless it looks like04:18
andyishmmm gonna try to swap hardware, retrying...04:19
andyis:P oh, its the netgear USB stick thats making the slow 1mbps connection04:22
andyisnope, was just a bad wifi connection. Will have to find another router...04:23
andyisie, phone wifi didn't work.04:24
jaksinthats crap man, so I googled the wireless bridge and its all over the place, on apcmag and home computing. give it a look see04:25
andyisYeah kk04:26
andyisWait, was that at me jaksin?04:26
andyisOK, I will04:27
jaksinhow do you guys do that? make your letters turn red? that means its private or at least directed at someone huh?04:27
andyisDid I just do it?04:27
jaksinyep, you do it out of habit, and i cant do it at all. thats a broad spectrum04:28
andyisI dont know how I do... it doesnt display that way for me.04:30
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andyisOK, does anyone know how I can find out which version of the OS I am using is 32 bit or 64 bit?04:35
jaksinare you in windows or linux?04:36
andyisI know Im using 64 bit in Win7. If not I will slap someone04:36
jaksinlol system>admin>system monitor04:37
jaksinoops... that doesnt work04:39
jaksinim running the 32bit ubuntu. My chipset supposedly doesnt run the 64 bit04:40
andyisMine came preinstalled with 64 bit vista, so I know mine CAN run it.04:41
jaksinwell that may not be true04:41
andyiswell does anyone know what wubi installs it as?04:42
jaksinI thought the same thing until i installed the kubuntu 6404:42
jaksinthe wubi would install it just how you clicked to download it i assume04:43
jaksinyou dont remember which one you clicked when u hit download?04:44
jaksinI would say, since you seem to prefer the 64 bit, u installed the 64 bit.04:44
andyisWell, wubi didnt have an option04:45
jaksinthe wubi you downloaded onto your desktop? You click your choice of 32 or 64 before you download it to desktop04:46
andyisHmm, I downloaded it through wubi...04:46
andyisIt seems to prefer the 32-bit, so i shall try that. If not I will try to download 64-bit skype04:47
jaksinoh.. see i got mine from kubuntu.org but it still said wubi when i scrolled over it on my window in windows04:47
andyisDo you know the IRC stuff for this specific room? Adress is irc.freenode.net yes?04:50
andyisKK.Any idea on the port?04:52
andyisI am using a labtop :P04:52
andyis            huh04:54
andyiswhat do you know, I am using 64 bit :)04:55
katcitait says here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx I need to activate the module in 'System > Administration > Hardware Drivers'04:58
katcitawhere would that be in kubuntu?04:58
andyiswell, you go to the K wiht the gear in the bottom left of the screen04:59
andyisThat is the system04:59
sidHartkatcita: you just install b43-fwcutter04:59
andyisthen go to the administration tab in the bottom of that bar05:00
andyisAnd go to hardware drivers in that menu.05:00
andyisSimple :) just activate everything and youre good to go05:00
katcitaandyis: I just installed bcmwl-kernel-source as it says on that page, should I remove it?05:00
andyisUhhh... since it says kernel, I wouldn't/05:00
andyisIDK how experienced you are, or how well versed you are in computer science, but your kernel is really sorta important >.>05:01
andyisOh, katcita, you have to go to the system directory after administration05:03
katcitaandyis: ok, I did what you said and it's downloading and installling fwcutter, I guess I did the right thing05:03
andyisyeah :) I actually had the same problem earlier05:03
katcitaandyis: ok I'll reboot because I think kernel updates need that05:04
katcitabrb and thanls05:04
andyisYeha, it does. Welcome05:04
andyisit works? good.05:20
katcitathe firefox installer says it's already installed, but when I start firefox it starts the installer05:24
katcitaanother bug, I chose to 'login and decrypt05:32
katcitaanother bug, I chose to 'login and decrypt home directory' during installation, now when I login from kdm it doesn't work, I need to open a console sessions and login from there first, then kdm will work05:33
andyisI don't know quite how to fix that.05:41
andyisAnyways, I will now restart to work on the toehr side of my partition. Nights all05:41
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eagles0513875hey guys whats a good app for website development07:44
bazhangeagles0513875, like dreamweaver?07:44
bazhangaptana studio07:44
eagles0513875thank you07:44
bazhangno problem07:45
eagles0513875it doesnt exist in the repos does it07:45
eagles0513875bazhang: is that due to its licensing07:49
bazhangeagles0513875, not sure, sorry07:49
eagles0513875no worries07:49
eagles0513875might be something else to consider packaging for upstream as well as ubuntu07:49
eagles0513875bazhang: this is interesting you can get it as a plugin for eclipse instead of downloading the whole studio07:56
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Gelianybody knows about running 10.04 netbook edition in MSI wind U100 (cmpatibility etc.)08:40
Gelii'm just foun about 9.x08:40
Gelibut 10.04 nowhere08:40
_athTo those with ati driver experience, please have a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1518556To those with ati driver experience, please have a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151855609:33
choppahello, i've installed kubuntu on some toshiba laptop, but the wired network card has not been detected, what can i do?09:35
choppahi, i've just installed kubuntu 10.04 but my wired network card (interface eth0) is not detected; also i don't have a /boot/grub/menu.lst but i don't know if that's the problem10:27
skramer_choppa: a fresh install of 10.04 comes with grub2 which IMHO does not have a /boot/grub/menu.lst10:41
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fabcalhi everybody11:06
talesbunwthere is who can help me? please, i have a problem, I installed Kubuntu 32bit 10.04 and using ATI HD4890 and then installed ATI Catalyst 10.6 oh nicely installed, but no enabled compositing , so then no visual effect and slowly, idk whats wrong with it , my point is , it was fine before Catalyst 10.6 ... Kubuntu 10.04 dont supporting Catalyst 10.6??12:20
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James147anyone knoticed kaffeine not displaying videos on kde 4.5 beta? Dragon player works fine and kaffeine worked on 4.4.x13:36
toshihi, i've just installed kubuntu 10.04, but i have a proble with knetworkmanager (or nm-applet) whenever i try to connect on wifi it fails; if i try on ethernet, and then ask to connect on wifi, then it succeeds (same behavior on knetworkamanager and nm-applet); how can i avoid this? :(13:38
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James147toshi: you can try wicd instead of NetworkManager13:39
toshiJames147: thanks i'll try and tell you13:40
toshiJames147: should i use 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 from ppa?13:41
James147toshi: 4.4.4 will have more bugfixes in it13:41
__Adam__hello, i just updated from 9.04 to 9.10 now i can not accept inbound connections13:55
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__Adam__hello, i just updated from 9.04 to 9.10 now i can not accept inbound connections14:07
CQhello, I have a MSI g45m mainboard (ms7521) with intel chipset and don't get any audio... any ideas?14:13
James147!sound | CQ14:14
ubottuCQ: If you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP314:14
CQmore info here ... http://pastebin.com/DZXFx2cC14:15
CQJames147: thanks, I'll have a look14:15
__Adam__why cant i accept inbound connections anymore :(14:20
James147__Adam__: connections from what?14:20
__Adam__any other device to my kubuntu box running http server etc14:21
__Adam__i cant even ping it14:21
__Adam__it was fine in 9.04 then i upgraded to 9.1014:22
James147__Adam__: is the box able to ping your other boxes?14:22
__Adam__yes outbound is fine14:23
CQhere's the error message... sudo aplay gives the same result ... any ideas? http://pastebin.com/c876whDn14:24
James147__Adam__: do you have the firewall enabled?14:24
__Adam__not that i am aware of14:24
__Adam__is there one which is enabled by default in 9.10?14:24
CQ__Adam__: upgrade to 10.04 and see what happens?14:24
James147__Adam__: dont think its enabled by default14:25
James147!ufw | __Adam__14:25
ubottu__Adam__: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.14:25
__Adam__ufw is disabled according to ufw status14:25
__Adam__so why has updating to 9.10 screwed up my inbound connections?14:27
James147__Adam__: Dont see why it would :S are you pinning the right ip?14:28
__Adam__you can try viewing www.witwicki.co.uk if you like14:29
James147can acess that site fine14:32
* __Adam__ blinks14:32
__Adam__then i have a new problem14:34
__Adam__i cant access the box from the internal network14:35
__Adam__that is really odd14:35
kleopatrahi lokking for the file where struct task_struct is defined, cant find it in /usr/include/linux/sched.h14:39
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alanHi! When i run the user account management tool in kubuntu, the "add" and "modify" buttons are not active and i cannot click them. I believe this is because i am not running it with root privileges, can somebody help me?15:08
James147alan: what version of kubuntu and kde are you using?15:10
alanJames147, kubuntu 10.4, i believe it is kde 4.3 or something15:11
James147alan: 10.04 should have 4.4... how are you running the account manager?15:12
alanJames147, i just installed kubuntu, the account manager tool is installed out of the box15:13
James147alan: are you running it from system settings?15:14
alani think running it with sudo from the command line would work but i don't know what the command is xD15:14
alanalakoo, yes :P15:14
alanerr no15:14
alanJames147, yes, i'm running it from the system settings15:14
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James147alan: try it from sys settings (i think its nder the advanced tab)15:14
alanJames147, awesome :D it asked for my password and i can add users now, thanks15:15
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niteyewhen i try to set a transparent desktop background in konsole or xchat it says that i use a noncompliant desktop that doesn't support it16:41
niteyeeven though it's pretty much kubuntu with KDE4 vanilla16:42
niteyewith propriatery drivers for 2D acceleration16:42
James147niteye: are desktop effects enabled? (and transparency?)16:42
* niteye goes check16:42
niteyeit's enabled, but it says "Compositing is temporarily disabled", i clicked on resume compositing, let's see if it works now16:44
niteyenow it works!16:44
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applemanjersey girls rule!16:53
applemanwhats a good IRC client for ubuntu that has most of ircs servers already built in and rdy to connect to?17:07
BluesKajappleman, kvirc17:12
lfaraoneI'm copying some files in Dolphin from a compact disk into a folder in tmp and every time I attempt it Dolphin crashes. As I go to report the bug, I find there are no debugging symbols for Dolphin in Ubuntu. How should I go about getting them?17:14
BluesKajappleman, due it's (IMO) ugly graphics I removed quassel, not sure if it auto-lists irc servers or not17:16
applemanthanks bluekaj17:22
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kynarionhi there18:48
kynarionim trying to build my own kernel, but i get a kernel panic while booting; the last message is something like please give working root= parameter / unrecognised block device on hda(0,0)18:56
kynarioni'm kinda surprised to see that, because the this kernel gets the same parameter all working generic kernels do18:57
kynarioni thought i could have misconfigured the kernel, so i tried an oldconfig build without any changes19:00
kynarion-> same error19:00
nerdy_kidwhat package do i install to get policykit configuration in systemsettings? thanks :)19:03
James147nerdy_kid: last I heard they where migrating to a newer version that dosent have a gui front end yet... although that was last version.19:05
nerdy_kidJames147 ah ok.  dont really need it, but was kinda wandering what happened to it.  thanks :)19:07
nerdy_kidhow do i add encoders to the audio io slave? i currently have mp3 and ogg but looking for flac.19:08
DarthFrognerdy_kid: Use "apt-cache search <pattern>" to find what19:39
DarthFrog's available.19:39
DarthFrogi.e. apt-cache search flac19:40
nerdy_kidDarthFrog ive used synaptics search function, i have the flac program/encoder installed, but i still dont see it in the audio cd io config section of systemsettings19:49
RobertLaptopMorning at least in the US.  I just reinstalled my Kubuntu laptop from scratch using 10.04 and 1st thing I did was start and update but noticed a notification of additional support items like flash but after the reboot the notification went a way.  What program is that so I can bring it back up?19:49
James147RobertLaptop: Just install kubuntu-restricted-extras to get everything it would install19:51
RobertLaptopThanks James14719:51
udayhi would this be the right place to ask questions about a failed upgrade to 9.1 ubuntu?20:00
DarthFroguday: For Ubuntu support, you'll want to "/join #ubuntu",20:01
LeeJunFanWhy does every dolphin add-on I try to add from the services menu add-on installer fail?20:02
James147LeeJunFan: what add-ons are you trying to install?20:03
LeeJunFanJames147: service menu add on's like mountiso, attach to thunderbird, etc. Right click actions.20:03
LeeJunFanJames147: if you go to dolphin settings under services, you can "Download new services", always fails.20:04
James147LeeJunFan: what version of kde are you using?20:04
LeeJunFanJames147: 4.4.420:05
LeeJunFanJames147: does it work for you? If so I'll try with a new user and then figure out which config file is hosed.20:05
James147LeeJunFan: dosnt see to be working here either (kde 4.5 beta)20:06
LeeJunFanJames147: okay, thanks. It has NEVER worked for me, I keep thinking it will get fixed, and never does.20:07
James147LeeJunFan: you should be able to go to kde-look.org (or kde-apps... cant remember which one does the service menus) get the ones you want and install them manually20:07
LeeJunFanJames147: yeah, I've done that with others, would just be nice if that one-click solution worked.20:08
James147LeeJunFan: they have been improving on the get new stuff thing for a while, its working better in other application then it use to20:08
_2anyone know some hotkey that works after device selection and before kernel loading  ?    i can't boot either of the 10.4 install cd's20:20
_2wow....   ^C   did it.      heh  now i got to the boot menu in the install CD20:21
DexterFgot 2 identical monitors and an nvidia gf9500 card with two heads. I want the same picture on both monitors. possible? if: how?20:25
DexterFproprietary driver20:25
James147DexterF: you can do that in nvidia-settings20:30
DweamerHi, all!20:36
DweamerAnyoune can help with XFS?20:36
DexterFJames147: yup, thanks20:39
pgeylegcan anyone help with grub?20:54
pgeylegi reinstalled windows and my linux boot menu is gone20:55
ikoniapgeyleg: you need to re-apply grub20:55
ikonia!grub2 > pgeyleg20:55
ubottupgeyleg, please see my private message20:55
BluesKaj!grub | pgeyleg20:56
ubottupgeyleg: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.20:56
ikoniapgeyleg: check the link ubottu just pm'd you20:56
pgeylegalrite, i am ruuning 10.420:57
pgeylegi ran the live cd20:57
pgeylegSo my previous linux version wsas 8.04, so does that mean i cannot use live cd with 10.4??21:02
lmojzisHi, i have Kubuntu, but this is generic KDE issue. I added my ftp server to network places in dolphin, authenticated and saved password to wallet. Whenever i try to edit anything with kate, it keeps on asking me to enter password for the server, but in the auth dialog, password is already written in and even remember box is checked. I tried to delete passwords from KWallet, but after i save it in the wallet again, it repeat. It does not ask when i hit CTRL-21:31
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raindogkdm will lot let me select another session.  This is driving me nuts.22:01
draikHello everyone.22:03
draikAre there any apps for learning Japanese?22:04
James147draik: kiten is probally the closest your going to get to one22:06
draikJames147: Thanks. I'll give that a try.22:07
glaucehow can I remove wallpapers downloaded through system-settings from de hdd?22:12
glaucewhere are them?22:12
DarthFrogglauce: Right-click on the desktop, and poke around in settings.22:13
bendersteedThey're in /usr/share/wallpapers/22:13
glaucebendersteed: let me see...22:13
amichairmaybe ~/.kde/share/wallpapers22:13
glauceamichair:  that's it! =)22:14
amichairglauce: :-)22:15
DNSmithHow to register my nickname i can't find anything in help ?22:15
Unksi /msg nickserv help22:15
DNSmithhah tnx :)22:15
Unksiyw :)22:15
amichairDNSmith: or http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration22:17
georges-albertjoin #namurlug22:18
nUboon2Agenewbie question: i just turned on my (pretty new) kubuntu wubi installation and for some reason it says 'network management disabled' although it was working earlier this morning.  What do i do to reenable it?22:20
James147nUboon2Age: stop networkmanager  then edit /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state so that "NetworkingEnabled=true" is true not false then start networkmanager again22:22
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nUboon2AgeJames147: ty, i'll try that. once again you're a great help22:23
DNSmithcs help22:23
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amichairwhat's the difference between network-manager-kde and plasma-widget-networkmanagement?23:47

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