SiNiESTrOhello guys02:51
SiNiESTrOis there any launchpad admin here?02:51
SiNiESTrOLaunchpad rejects my debian package02:53
SiNiESTrOin my PPA02:54
SiNiESTrOI deleted the previous version and reuploaded the same version without success02:54
SiNiESTrO"File fritzing_0.3.19b.tar.gz already exists in Fritzing, but uploaded version has different contents."02:55
wgrantSiNiESTrO: The identity of the file is remembered forever.02:57
wgrantYou need to change the version.02:57
wgrantBut why are you creating a native package?02:57
SiNiESTrOwgrant: Can I delete my PPA and create it again with the same name?02:58
wgrantBut you can fix this by not creating a native package.02:58
SiNiESTrObut i understand that it is a native package...02:58
SiNiESTrOmy debian code will be part of the main repository of the project02:59
wgrantIt's almost alaways a mistake.02:59
wgrantEven if the debian/ directory is in the main repository (which is generally regarded as a bad idea), it still shouldn't be a native package.02:59
wgrantBecause the distribution may need to change things without making a new upstream release.03:00
wgrantNative packaging is for when a package exists solely for the package.03:00
wgrantRather when a *project* exists solely for the packaging, in a single distribution.03:00
wgrantIf you think you want a native package, you very probably don't understand the purpose.03:01
SiNiESTrOif the distribution needs change things without making a new upstream release, the package will converts in a non-native package, I think..03:01
wgrantYou can't just convert it to non-native.03:01
wgrantYou need an upstream tarball for that.03:01
wgrantSo you should make it non-native in the first place.03:01
wgrantThe mere fact that you tried to upload the same version twice suggests that it shouldn't be native.03:04
wgrantSince you changed the packaging without changing the upstream version number.03:04
SiNiESTrOso... where can i place my debian code if it can't to be together with the project of upstream code in Launchpad?03:05
wgrantFor my main project, I have a separate branch of trunk with debian/ in it.03:05
wgrantWhen I want to push out a release of the package, I produce an orig.tar.gz from trunk, merge trunk into the debian-packaging branch, add a new changelog entry, then build the source package.03:06
wgrantIt means I can keep a nice distinction between the upstream stuff and the distribution stuff.03:09
wgrantAnd have sane version numbers.03:10
SiNiESTrOI don't know why we can't place the debian code with the upstream code if we can create our own branches to make a new upstream release.03:11
SiNiESTrOI think that everything can be together03:12
wgrantUpstream packaging is often broken, because upstream is an upstream developer, and not normally a distribution developer.03:12
wgrantSo it's handy for distributions to be able to insert their own packaging, without having to reverse the brokenness of the upstream packaging.03:12
wgrantBut even if you do choose to keep the packaging in trunk, that's still no rationale for creating a native package.03:13
wgrantHaving packaging in trunk is a reasonable decision that you can make.03:13
wgrantCreating a native package is simple incorrect.03:13
wgrantAhem. simply.03:13
SiNiESTrOok, i understand...03:15
SiNiESTrOdo I need necessarily a tarball?03:19
wgrantDo you have another distribution method?03:19
SiNiESTrOlintian complains that i'm trying to create a native package even i set non-native versions of package03:20
wgrantYou need to create a tarball of an upstream release.03:20
wgrantAnd name if $PACKAGE_$VERSION.orig.tar.gz03:20
SiNiESTrOIs there a wat to automate that?03:21
SiNiESTrOI mean...03:21
SiNiESTrOautomate the creation of new tarballs if there is a new upstream release03:21
wgrantUpstream should be publishing tarballs for their releases.03:22
wgrantAre they not?03:22
SiNiESTrOyes, but the tarballs has not a $PACKAGE_$VERSION.orig.tar.gz name03:24
wgrantRight, they'd normally be $PACKAGE-$VERSION.tar.gz.03:25
SiNiESTrOand I mean to automate wget's and rename's within dpkg-buildpackage03:25
wgrantBut a simple rename or symlink fixes that.03:25
wgrantYou could use 'uscan' to help with that.03:25
wgrantBut the workflow combining that with bzr branches is probably not optimal.03:26
wgrantI normally rename it manually.03:26
SiNiESTrOok, I seen uuscan but I was not sure of its usefulnes.03:27
wgrantIn the watch file you normally specify an upstream URL and a URL pattern to look for. It will identify the latest tarball and its version, grab the tarball, and rename it appropriately.03:28
wgrantAll from just running 'uscan'.03:28
SiNiESTrOthanks for your help wgrant03:31
SiNiESTrOerh... a last question, how should I name my branch in Launchpad?03:33
SiNiESTrOthere is any conventions to create branchs for debian packages?03:33
SiNiESTrOI think that ~ehbello/fritzing/debpackage is correct...03:37
bartbesas some of you may remember I used to have a problem with lp not importing my hg repo, since we switched to bitbucket this problem disappeared, however, I now get a KeyError, is there a way for me to tell what is wrong?11:20
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jmlbartbes, can you provide more information about the error?12:45
bartbesjml: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/50983132/love-devs-love-main.log14:05
jmlbartbes, that looks like a bug in bzr-hg. I would recommend filing a bug at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-hg14:06
bartbesthat's the second time hg imports fail..14:06
bartbesI hate bzr-hg..14:06
* abogani2 waves17:01
abogani2My PPA upload is stuck on the last bit...17:01
abogani2Anyone know what is the problem? Perhaphs because it is a big package (~85MB).17:02
abogani2Or there are other reasons?17:02
lfaraoneI'm a member of ~motu, and I'm trying to upload to https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/memtest86+/maverick , but i don't seem to have the permissions. Shouldn't this branch be uploadable by MOTUs?18:47
lfaraoneoops, it's in main.18:48
MuscovyWhat's the difference between a team and a project?19:07
MuscovyThey seem to do the same thing.19:07
tsimpsonwhat do you mean?19:07
tsimpsonteams are groups of people, projects are things19:08
SeySayuxHi, I tried to upload a few packages to my PPA. dput showed no errors. So why doesn't launchpad show that there are packages in my repo? https://launchpad.net/~seysayux/+archive/libsylph (PS I think it's strange that it didn't ask me for a password while uploading)20:02
geserSeySayux: did you got a mail from LP that you upload got accepted or rejected?20:04
SeySayuxgeser: nope, no mail20:05
geserSeySayux: did you use the same for signing of the package that you added your LP profile?20:06
gesers/same/same gpg key/20:06
SeySayuxgeser: I didn't sign my package at all. Could that be a problem?20:06
lifelessit has to be signed20:07
lifelessand LP only sends mail to the key that signed the package [to avoid spamming folk]20:07
SeySayuxokay, I seem to have a key on LaunchPad... However, i don't think I've got the private key anymore, and you probably can't recover it without brute forcing... Can I just use another key, and do I have to sign the CoC again?20:08
geseryes, brute force is the only option; yes, you can use an other key20:12
SeySayuxOkay, I got my new key to launchpad... Now i need to decrypt that stupid message20:17
SeySayuxOkay, so far, so good...20:22
SeySayuxOkay, it rebuilt the package, it asked me for my gpg keyphrase, I entered it, it said it was sigh^Hning my package, and created a dsc file. But dput now starts complaining my package is unsigned! wtf?20:32
SeySayuxOkay, it seems to work now, will check if it works, thanks guys20:37
SeySayuxHmm, my project failed to build on launchpad, while it works for me... What could be the problem?21:03
SeySayuxRelevant part of the log: http://pastebin.com/vBbLeXnP21:03
SeySayuxoh, 64 bits right... Hmm, I'll check this later... Strange...21:08
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