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leagrisGot a Fritz!BOX 7270 replacing the asthmatic Livebox from Orange. I am so impressed Work like a charm with Ubuntu or any Linux. Everything from IPv6, SIP phone line, DECT station, fast wireless. Good job from the Germans AVM.00:14
leagrisDownloads reach 2500Kb/s instead of the almost 1100Kb/s from the crapware rented à 3€/months.00:16
penguin42you have a DSL provider that does IPv6 ?00:16
leagrispenguin42, used to with nerim, but now just using SIXXS00:16
Daekdroom3euros/month for 1100kb/s ? O.o00:17
leagrispenguin42, do a /whois leagris00:17
DaekdroomThat is cheap.00:17
penguin42yeh I saw it was IPv600:17
leagrisDaekdroom, only for renting their box. DSL line subscription is 39€/months00:17
DaekdroomWell, still sort of cheap.00:17
leagrisshort line of 700m00:18
leagrisgot near the maximum of ADSL2+ ATM rate with low errors00:18
leagristheir Livebox synked at same ATM speed but the cheap CPU heavily limited usable IP bandwidth.00:19
DaekdroomI understand you, I used to run a USB ADSL modem over USB 1.1 D:00:20
penguin42Daekdroom: One of the old stingray/frog alcatels?00:34
Daekdroompenguin42, Yeah!00:35
penguin42yeh I used that for a while00:35
DaekdroomI still have it somewhere in here.00:35
DaekdroomIt looks like an oversized mouse :P00:35
leagrisAlcatel merged with Lucent, seems they no longer brand end-user modems now.00:37
leagrissorry for the long OT, was meant to ubuntu-offtopic ;D00:49
penguin42is anyone running maverick in a VM system other than kvm?00:52
LostwfHello all02:10
LostwfCan any one point me to where i can find the pool for maverick meerkat? I have tried archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu and I still need 214 files to complete my iso02:11
BUGabundo(2010-06-26 22:23:32) jpds: debmirror lets one specify --arch'es and --releases if I recall correctly.02:12
BUGabundoLostwf: try that02:12
LostwfThanks BUGd will try02:13
LostwfDoes debmirror download the complete pool for the release?02:16
BUGabundoVLC just memory leaked :(02:19
BUGabundoLostwf: it should, I think02:19
LostwfI dont have enough bandwith limit to download the whole pool. I just need some (200) files which are not in the current archive pool to complete the iso that I am downloading via jigdo02:20
BUGabundowhy don't you use zsync intead?02:23
CrazyHyenawill the next version of ubuntu continue to be lightweight in resource usage?02:48
alex_mayorgahow do I get a listing of bluetooth devices paired to the computer with mac addresses?04:22
psusiis anyone else still having the issue with the bluetooth and power manager icons showing up all the time, or did it get fixed?04:29
DanaGalex_mayorga: you can ask bluez over dbus.04:52
DanaGdo "pidof bluetoothd"... and then a dbus send I'm digging up.04:53
DanaGargh, I've forgotten what the command was...04:55
DanaGdbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.bluez /org/bluez/22211/hci0 org.bluez.Adapter.ListDevices04:55
DanaGwhere 22211 is the pid of bluetoothd.04:55
DanaGAnd for each device, you can04:56
DanaGdbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.bluez /org/bluez/22211/hci0/dev_00_02_72_A9_2B_03 org.bluez.Device.GetProperties04:56
alex_mayorgaDanaG: is "00_02_72_A9_2B_03" the MAC address?05:09
DanaGYou can get the full device string from the ListDevices.05:10
alex_mayorgaDanaG: guess I'm messing up at some point05:12
alex_mayorgadbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.bluez /org/bluez/1205/hci0 org.bluez.Adapter.ListDevices05:12
alex_mayorgagets me Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "ListDevices" with signature "" on interface "org.bluez.Adapter" doesn't exist05:13
DanaGtry installing d-feet, and you can dig around in the stuff Bluez is offering.05:14
DanaGIt's also possible you have hci1 instead of hci0.05:14
alex_mayorgainstalling d-feet05:15
DanaGBluez is on the "system" bus.05:15
alex_mayorgaDanaG: thanks, really appreciated hopefully I could be able to extract the mac address of my stolen bluetooth devices :(05:16
DanaGargh, this new Unity thing, in my experience, seems to only have a panel on the left side.05:16
alex_mayorgais d-feet a gui?05:16
alex_mayorgaBus Address?05:17
DanaGGo in the File menu... there's "system" there.05:18
DanaGYeah, that UI seems to suck.05:18
DanaGNo button for "system"05:18
alex_mayorgaseems I had the pid wrong05:19
alex_mayorgawhy might that be?05:19
alex_mayorgaps -fea | grep bluetoothdroot      1205     1  0 21:14 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/bluetoothd --udev05:19
alex_mayorgabut object paths are /org/bluez/1203/hci005:20
alex_mayorgais that a bug?05:20
DanaGah. weird.05:22
DanaGThat IS weird.05:22
DanaGah, all I get when running Unity is a panel on the left.05:23
alex_mayorgaDanaG: Thanks immensely I found the address05:25
alex_mayorgaI think being unable of seeing the MAC address in the GUI is a gnome-bluetooth bug, your take?05:25
DanaGProbably a "feature".05:26
DanaGKeep things simple.... to the point of uselessness.05:26
DanaGWith gnome-bluetooth: Okay, I've paired my device.  Now what can I do with it?05:27
DanaGWith gnome-bluetooth, the answer is approximately "nothing".05:27
DanaGTry "blueman" instead -- it actually lets you CONNECT to devices -- imagine that!05:27
alex_mayorgayep, BTW does 10.10 now does 3G over bluetooth?05:27
alex_mayorgafinding it hard to do on 10.0405:28
DanaGBlueman can probably do it even in Lucid.05:28
alex_mayorgacan they co-exist?05:28
DanaGI'm not sure.05:28
DanaGLooks like the main repo blueman can coexist with gnome-bluetooth.05:29
DanaGargh, stupid unity... demands using Mutter.  Well, I want to use Compiz.05:34
coz_DanaG,  :)  too bad it wont happen :)05:35
DanaGI say, things shouldn't be that tightly integrated... it's the sort of thing my classes have said are bad design.05:35
coz_DanaG,  ah  perhaps you are correct... I personally would rather run compiz but... being a netbook...doesnt that automatically mean fewer resources at hand yes  ?05:36
DanaGI have compiz tweaked to be reasonable.  No wobbly on the netbook.05:36
DanaGLamp animations for minimize and menu create/destroy.  "dream" for window-create, and "sidekick" for window close.05:37
coz_eeww  no wobbly??  I forget what static windows feel like :)05:37
DanaGOr wait, maybe I re-enabled that.05:37
DanaGYeah, I think I did... the other "snapping" is way too forceful.05:37
DanaGOh, and random gripe: try pressing arrow keys while using a touchpad.05:38
DanaGApparently arrow keys are considered "typing".05:38
DanaGIt disables the touchpad.05:38
DanaGGood luck typing anything with just arrow keys.05:38
coz_DanaG,  I have been playing with kde's netbook edition   much nicer than gnome's << my opinion05:38
coz_DanaG,  compiz doesnt seem to disable there but of not much use it seems05:39
DanaGLast time I tried KDE, it was too bulky for my liking.05:39
coz_but let me check again hold on while I 'scoot" over to the maverick machine05:39
coz_DanaG,  the beta kde is really  and I am a kde hater :)05:39
DanaGOh, and bulky != bloaty.05:40
DanaGBulk is "too many pixels".05:40
DanaGI'll try KDE on the netbook.05:40
DanaGheh, my GDM panel is too wide for my netbook's screen.05:41
DanaGGets cut off at "sh (United States)"05:41
DanaGAnd the accessibility "tray" icon overlaps the right dropdown.05:41
coz_DanaG,  yeah compiz stays enabled with kde's beta netbook  at least here it does05:42
DanaGAnd kwin is nice enough on its own that, worst case, it's better than Mutter, for sure.05:43
coz_DanaG,  well I was surprised at kde netbook.. it is nice looking...nothing off screen  no crowding etc etc05:45
DanaGweird... somehow my KDE gets a gnome panel.05:49
DanaGah, it's in autostart.05:51
DanaGsite: your valid user.  username: (text box).  password: (text box).05:55
DanaGWhat is that?05:55
DanaGArgh, if I hold it in the exposé thingy, I see two windows appear, disappear, appear, disappear, appear, disappear, appear, disappear, appear, disappear05:56
DanaGah, fixed it by cleaning out autostart.05:57
DanaGWhat is "this site"?05:58
DanaGit wants me to log into something.05:58
coz_DanaG,  in the netbook?06:00
coz_DanaG,  not sure other than maybe bug reports06:00
coz_DanaG,  seems to happen here each time I log into netbook06:00
coz_DanaG,  the interface is much nicer  yes?06:01
coz_well it is 1am here...need to go to bed06:03
DanaGugh, system monitor widget is buggy... it keeps spazzing between small and big.06:06
DanaGugh, yeah, netbook thingy is buggy.06:09
DanaGwow, this "netbook" session is lame... there's a menu button that does nothing, and a blank desktop.06:25
DanaGHow useless.06:32
DanaGAnd alt-f2 doesn't work.  And there's no "terminal" shortcut.06:32
DanaGargh, what a broken shell.  There's no way to start anything that's not on the list on the left!07:01
Jordan_UDanaG: I think it's safe to say that you are outside the target demographic :)07:40
szoneki have a problem installing 10.04 on fakeraid, i know this bug was fixed lately (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/grub-installer/+bug/568050), is there any ISO that integrates this fix?09:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 568050 in grub-installer (Ubuntu Lucid) "Ubuntu 10.04 can't create partition on fakeraid" [Undecided,New]09:15
ikoniaszonek: 10.04 support is in #ubuntu - not #ubuntu+109:16
szonekyeah i know.. i tried to find 10.04 daily builds or something like that but all i found was daily builds for 10.1009:17
szonekso i thougt i can make sure there is none daily builds for 10.0409:17
ikoniaok - so again, 10.04 support is in #ubuntu - not #ubuntu+109:18
szonekokay okay09:18
sylonwhy does kernel modesetting actually increase CPU usage when playing video in xine and cause artifacts? also increases CPU usage in gstreamer based players to the point where video stutters,  i thought KMS was supposed to fix tearing issues with video...  I have a X2300 RV535 radeon by the way12:17
DrHalanhey all14:32
penguin42fun bug that's in Maverick (from 2.6.35) - the sysrq code is a bit screwy - so you can trigger a reboot by doing; press&release right-alt, p&r print-screen, p&r b15:29
DaekdroomWhat the?15:32
penguin42I noticed on lkml and just gave it a go on my maverick install15:33
IdleOnepenguin42: alt-F2 triggered a reboot for me about 2 days ago :/15:47
penguin42IdleOne: It may be unrelated, but if sometime previously you had used printscreen and b ....15:48
IdleOnepenguin42: could be. my kitten has been having a good old time irc'ing lately15:49
penguin42they seem to be very good at that15:49
IdleOneactually my computer did not reboot. it locked up. I had to hit the reset button to get it to reboot15:50
penguin42oh, that's a different case15:50
IdleOnekeyboard lights were flashing15:50
penguin42that was  a panic15:50
IdleOnemouse and kb were not responsive15:50
IdleOnebut it seemed to happen when I did alt-F215:51
penguin42quite possibly triggered something15:51
IdleOneTemporary solution: don't do alt-F215:52
BUGabundo[12631.533610] ata6: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x990000 action 0xe frozen16:00
BUGabundo[12638.313896] EXT2-fs (sdb1): previous I/O error to superblock detected16:00
BUGabundonot in a good luck week16:00
BUGabundoLong Live MPLAYER....17:08
BUGabundosince mplayer is sooo broken17:08
BUGabundoand gstreamer too that even vlc memory leaks17:08
BUGabundomplayer keeps going and going and going.... and going17:09
dupondjeSD cards broken ?18:26
dupondjeGot command interrupt 0x00030000 even though no command operation was in progress.18:26
* penguin42 finds something fixed in Maverick! dcraw's new version can read my cameras files18:42
DanaGSomehow I'm ending up with /dev/fb0 being uvesafb, and /dev/fb1 being radondrmfb.19:39
DanaGAnd gdm isn't even trying to start.19:39
knittlhi, why is xulrunner-1.9.2 kept back?19:41
DanaGOn a fresh install, why is gdm not even trying to start?19:46
om26erknittl, because you are using the development release of ubuntu. :)19:50
knittlom26er: lol ^^19:50
knittli'm aware of that19:50
knittlit's been almost a week now, that's why i ask. usually i can remove some other packages19:50
DrHalanhow do i get non-free packagse for maverick?19:51
DrHalanmeidbuntu seems to have nothing yet..19:51
DanaG"Use default (generic) configuration"20:00
DanaGI press OK on that, it takes me nowhere but where I just was.20:00
DanaGIt's insisting on going into failsafe mode, yet the "view log file" is ENTIRELY EMPTY!20:00
dupondjeDrHalan: lucid packages may work20:01
dupondjemedibuntu gets in @ beta1 normally20:01
DrHalanmh i have the lucid packages still installed so they dont i guess20:01
DrHalanmh beta1 is stil a long way to go20:03
DrHalanmplayer works atleast20:03
DanaGsomething keeps writing that to my serial console.20:06
SwedeMikehttp://www.anotherurl.com/library/at_test.htm says it's fax related20:07
guntbertDanaG: that something tries to talk to a modem20:09
DanaGyeah, looks like it's NetworkManager.20:09
DanaGIt does it exactly 3 times every boot.20:10
DrHalanare we already in freeze for alpha 2?20:15
mxe5Installed 10.4 on a friends computer - Been a few months since I installed the correct version of Java for Frostwire to work - anyone help on this?20:41
penguin42mxe5: This channel is for Maverick (10.10) - try #ubuntu please20:42
mxe5oh ok - sorry20:42
penguin42mxe5: Thanks, but try checking under the partner repos20:43
mxe5I do have #ubuntu - clicked on wrong one - thx20:43
mxe5penguin42: Ok wil do - thanks20:43
dupondjeubuntu-one seem to kill nautilus speed:(21:14
BUGabundoit does?21:18
BUGabundoI don't see the top bar21:18
BUGabundobut the bug wasn't closed21:18
DanaGI tried the new Unity, and found it useless.21:19
DanaGIt had about 5 shortcuts on the left bar, and no way to launch anything not in those 5.21:19
BUGabundoI need to try it again21:20
BUGabundobut I never logout :(21:20
BUGabundo*if* it would allow multi session users , I could test it a bit more21:21
BUGabundojcastro: ^^^^^^^^21:21
DrHalanhow does unity compete with the old netbook edition performance-wise?21:21
DanaGWell, performance is irrelevant, when it's 100% useless.21:21
jcastroDanaG: the applications thing just landed, click on the ubuntu logo21:21
DanaGThe desktop is entirely blank.21:21
DanaGLast time I tried clicking the logo, it just went into "exposé' mode.21:22
dupondjeBUGabundo: is nautilus also so EXTREMELY slow for you ? :p21:22
jcastroyou need to update21:22
DanaGThis time, it did showdesktop.21:22
BUGabundoDrHalan: from my early testing it was MUCH faster21:22
BUGabundodupondje: no21:22
DanaGAnd I don't like having my panels locked down to be uncustomizable.21:23
DrHalani have the Eee 701 (first one released) its already to slow for the normal netbook edition21:23
dupondje 7814 jl        20   0 90072  16m 4128 R   10  0.8   0:00.32 ubuntuone-syncd21:23
dupondjeand 50% cpu load21:23
dupondjewhen opening a directory with 500 JPEG's21:24
DanaGyeah, ubuntuone sucks... it devours my CPU quite completely.21:24
DanaGTry it with your pidgin logs.21:24
dupondjebeen opening for 30 seconds now21:24
dupondjestill don't see thizzle :(21:24
DanaGDevours 100% of one Core 2 Duo core!21:24
gnomefreakdupondje: stop it from loading21:24
DanaGAnd I can't delete folders with u1sdtool... it doesn't work.21:24
dupondjegnomefreak: how exactly ?21:24
gnomefreakdupondje: System>Preferences>startup applications21:25
gnomefreakdupondje: look for it and uncheak it21:25
DanaGThat's not enough -- I had to actually dpkg-divert ubuntuone-syncdaemon out of the way.21:25
gnomefreaki have all ubuntu1 set not not load21:26
gnomefreakdupondje: it works for me fine21:26
dupondjelets see :)21:26
dupondjecause its loading the directory for 2 minutes now21:26
dupondjethis is to crazy imo21:26
gnomefreakgnomefreak@development:~$ ps aux |grep ubuntuone21:26
gnomefreak1000      8743  0.0  0.2   1928   524 pts/3    S+   16:26   0:00 grep ubuntuone21:26
gnomefreakill be back testing firefox release21:27
DanaGthe delete-folders method on dbus doesn't actually work.21:28
DanaGNope, still blank desktop when I run "unity".21:29
DanaGer, wait, lots of packages in need of updating.21:31
penguin42DanaG: Are you running it in a vm ?21:32
dupondjegnomefreak: no ubuntuone process running, but it still gets loaded when opening a directory :(21:32
DrHalanagain my question. is there some knid of alpha freeze right now?21:32
gnomefreakdupondje: that is a bug in Nautilus21:33
gnomefreakunless it was fixed21:33
dupondjeit takes damn 3 minutes to open a dir :(21:33
DanaGNope, native.  Will try after update.21:34
geserDrHalan: according to the topic in #ubuntu-devel no, and no freeze announcement was send to the ubuntu-devel-announce mailing list yet for alpha221:34
DanaGAnd I do not like the fact that it REQUIRES me to use compiz... what ever happened to the idea that unnecessary tie-ins are BAD DESIGN?21:34
DrHalanDanaG: isn't it using mutter?21:35
DanaGYeah, that's what I mean.21:35
DrHalani also think a lot of its design needs compositing (like the expose for example)21:35
DanaGI want to be able to use Compiz.21:35
DrHalanyeah i feel for you. mutter is rather ugly at the moment21:37
DrHalandon't liek the minimize effect at all21:37
DanaGweird... in Lucid, my touchpad's middle button is being treated as a left button!21:54
DanaGin Maverick.21:54
DrHalanmy mouse isn't able to scroll sidewards anymore :( (logitech g5)21:58
gnomefreaknautilus is slow as hell22:18
DrHalannot for me..22:18
DrHalanbut i am using elements22:18
dupondjehéhé gnomefreak, same issue ? :p22:21
gnomefreakdupondje: not sure what your issue was but i have to re-test a bit later so i can mae sure if it is U1 or if it the downloads im doing22:21
gnomefreakok ill be back a bit later i have to cook dinner and eat22:22
dupondjelo: Disabled Privacy Extensions => somebody knows what this means exactly ?22:30
dupondjesomebody that has vsftpd installed ?23:23

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